Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 13, 1900, Image 2

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Lincoln , Nob. , hhowB a population
of a little over 40,000.
The Fourth brigade has been ordered
to proceed from Simla to China forth
During the month of August them
were ninety-three deaths In the city
of Omaha.
"Dullet-Proof Dill , " the mysterious
elk king of the White river country , In
Colorado , is dead.
James Mix , 80 years old , who was
nn Intimate friend of Stephen A. Doug
las , Is dead in Chicago.
The Pittsburg & Baltimore Coal
company has received a contract for
715,000 tons of coal to be sent to Eng
At Sallna , Kan. , the Sallna South
western and Solomon Valley railroads
were sold under the hammer to the
Union Pacific Interests for $400,000
The steamer Queen brings news from
Bltka that the Sltka and Wrangel In
dians will hold a great potlateh nnd
formally end a feud that has existed
COO years.
William C. Whitney han sent a
letter to the secretary of the Coney
Island Jockey club in which Mr. Whit
ney expresses his dcslro to have a race
arranged between Ballyhoo Hey and
the Keene colt. Tommy Atkins.
At Capetown the arrival of four of
Lord Roberts' chargers Is taken to be
nn Indication that the coninmndor-ln-
chief of the British forced In South
Africa will soon return to England.
Ragtime has been declared out of
time , and the American Society of
Professors of Dancing , In annual con
vention at Saratoga , has resolved to
encourage the revival of the old-fash
ioned "barnyard" tunes sot to a good
march time. , '
M. Gupnthor , United States consul
at Frankfort , Germany , In a report to
the State department , tays the motor
factory at Ohorursol , near Frankfort.
is exhibiting Its new alcohol plow lo
comobile. The plow locomobile SB
twenty horse power.
At Lancaster , O. , Mrs. Mary E. Reese ,
oistor of Gen. William T. Sherman and
ox-Senator John Sherman , died from
the effects of a fall down stairs which
happened a week ago. Her husband
died some years ago.
The state 'department ' announceo
that \V. Irving Shaw , United States
consul nt Haranqulll , Colombia , who
was reported to have died of yellow
fever , is alive -and well. Mr , Shaw
entered the service from Pennsylvania.
The Kansas City board of police com _
missloners must discharge twenty-Jive
policemen as a result of the disappoint
ing census returns. Under the law gov
erning the police department th'o city is
entitled to one policeman for every
1,000 inhabitants.
At San Francisco the United States
transport Thomas arrived twenty-nine
days from Manila with 201 sick nnd
wounded , 31 military prisoners , Cl
cabin passengers , 171. in the steerage
nnd 7 stoawaya. Seven deaths occurred
( luring the voyage.
Near Peeton , 111. . William Krleg and
Crls Miller wore Injured and Gcorgo
Krleg fatally Injured by the collapsn
of a largo corn crib on the farm of t
August Wolchon. The men were shov
eling corn In the crib and were crush-
oil under the falling beams.
The smallest estimate of the loss al
ready caused to the southern cotton
crop by the heat which has prevailed
for the past seventeen days Is $3f > 00.-
000. General rains at this tlmo would
prevent further disaster , but could not
repair the damage already done.
The Agent of the Mexican Interna
tional railroad reports that a $20,000
package was stolen from the Well-
Fargo Express company at Trevono ,
Mexico , and recovered in a peculiar
manner. The thief was escaping north
into the United States on a train ,
when the package accidentally 'fell
from his coat while ho was stooping
Mrs. Nancy Wcsso of Demotte , In'l. ,
was bitten by a rattlesnake , dying : n
terrible agony In five hours.
Colonel Wllleock'B forces are oper
ating in small columns in all direc
tions In West Africa , breaking up war
camps and destroying stockades and
Chief Charger , the noted Indian of
the northwest , Is dead.
Thomas Moore Jackson , nephew of
Stonewall Jackson , who was last week
nominated for congress by the demo
crats of the First district of West Vir
ginia , has declined the honor and hta
successor will bo appointed by the con
gressional committee.
The "Big Aetna , " said to bo the
largest furnace In the 'United ' States ,
closed down at Asland , Ky. , throwing
1,500 people out.
Archibald Haynes , supposed to bo a
wealthy resident of New York City ,
was found dead in bed at Chicago ,
his mouth blistered with carbolic acid.
Wiyiam J. Morgan of Buffalo , comp
troller of the state of .New York , nn > i
who was rcnominated for the ofllco ,
died the next day.
Lord Ampthlll , the private secretary
of Mr. Joseph Chamberlain , the secre
tary of state for the colonies since
1897 , succeeds Sir Arthur Havclock as
governor of Madras.
At Middlesboro , Ky. , all the mines
In that district will shut down , the
miners' union having ordered the men !
out until the 10th of the month , the
date set for a conference to bo hold ,
when an agreement will probably bo
reached and a scale fixed for the com
ing year.
General Delarey , the Boer command
er , is reported dead.
During August 12,700,000 coins7 of
the face value of $1,324,160 were the
product of the mint in this city. Of
this amount there were 6,194,000 coins
in silver of a value of $1,136,000 ami
6,512,000 in the base metals , valued
at $188,160 ,
Qalvcslon , Texas , Almost Destroyed by
Wind und Wave ,
At Leant Tour Tlionianil Homes Swept
Away by Swirling Wnlorii Hnllro
Imputation of City In Dancer Only
Oluugro HotnllN ,
HOUSTON , Tex. , Sept. 10. The
West Indian storm which reached the
gulf coast yesterday morning has
wrought awful havou In Texas. Re
ports are conflicting , but It Is known
that nn appullng disaster has befallen
the city of Galvcslon , where it 'l re
ported 1,000 or more lives , have been
blotted out and a tremendous property
damage incurred. Meager reports
from Sablno POSH and Port Arthur
also Indicate a heavy loss of life , but
thcso reports cannot be conflrme-
this hour.
The first news to reach this city
from the stricken city of Gnlveston
was received tonight. James C. Tlm-
mlns , who resides In Houston and
who is the general superintendent of
the National Compress company , ar
rived In the city at H o'clock tonight
from Galvcston. Ho was one ol the
first to reach hero with tidings of the
great disaster which has oomllen the
city , and the magnitude of that disas
ter remains to bo told because ol his
endeavors to reach home. After re
maining through the hurricane on Sat
urday ho departed froiri Galveston on
a schooner and came across the bay
to Morgan's Point , where ho caught
a train for Houston.
The hurricane , Mr. Tlmmlns said ,
was the worst over known. The esti
mates made by citizens of Galvcston
was that 4,000 houses , most of them
residences , have bccu destroyed and
that at least 1,033 people have been
drowned , killed or arc missing. Some
business houses were also destroyed ,
but most of them stood , though badly
The city , Mr. Tlmmlns avers , Is a
complete wreck , so far as ho could sec
from the water front and from the
Tromont hotel. Water was blown over
the Island by the hurricane , the wind
blowing at tho. rate of eighty miles an
hour straight from the gulf and forc
ing the sea water before it In big
Waves. The gale was a steady one ,
the heart of It striking the city about
C o'clock yesterday afternoon and con
tinuing without Intermission until
midnight Saturday night , when it
abated somewhat , although it contin
ued to blow all night.
Of his own knowledge Mr. Tlmmlns
knew of only QUO house succumbing
with fatal results , though ho heard
of many residences being carried away
with Inmates. The house that ho saw
destroyed was Rlttei8 ; saloon and res
taurant , at 210'J Strand street , a prin
cipal business street of the city. This
three story building wan blown down
and nine men prominent citizens
were killed.
Among the dead arc : Charles Kel-
ncrs , a cotton buyer for an English
firm ; Stanley C. Spencer , general
manager of the Elder-Womster steam
ship line ; Richard Lord , manager for
McFttdden'a cotton company , whose
body is still In the ruins.
Secretary Bailey of the wharf com
pany and several waiters and custo
mers saved themselves by jumping
from the upper story Just before the
crash came.
It was reported that the orphan asy
lum and both the hospitals wcro de
stroyed and If this proves true the
loss of life will bo great , as these in
stitutions were generally crowded and
as they were substantial buildings the
chances arc that many had taken re
fuge In them.
The water extended across the Isl
and. Mr. Tlmmlns said it was three
feet deep in the rotunda of the Tro
mont hotel and was six feet deep In
Market street.
Doftperatu Hut tin Hetween llcbnln ami
KINGSTON , Jamaica , Sept. 10.
Mall advices received today from
Colon , Colombia , say that the rcbola
seized the town of Turbaco , near Car-
thagena , as well us the inlhvay , last
Monday. The following day the Co-
lomblau war ship Cordoba urrlvo-l
with 400 troops and heavy fighting
ensued. There was great excitement
in Curthagena when the mall steamer
loft Colon.
May ( lot Promotion.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 10. It is be-
llovcd that the president will accept
the recommendation of General Chaf-
fce and promote Colonel Aaron S.
paggott of the Fourteenth Infantry to
the vacant brigadier generalship which
will follow from the retirement next
i Monday of General Joseph Wheeler. If
I this is done General Chaffco will be
only temporarily sot back in his own
advancement to the brigadier general
( loli ! anil Sliver Uzporti.
NEW YORK , Sept. 10. Exports of
gold and silver from this port for last
week aggregate $964,428 silver bars
nnd coin , nnd $9,800 gold. Tun Imports
of specie wcro $30,228 gold , and $136- >
109 silver. The imports of dry goads
and merchandise were valued at $10-
Incrruaon It * Army ,
SALT LAKE , Sept. 10. A special tp
the Trlbuno from Pocatello , Idahq
eays :
From information originating hoie
It would appear that Japan Is trying
to mobilize a still larger army for her
wars In Asia. For a week past every
mall from the west has brought letters
from the Japanese laborers on the Or
egon Short Line Instructing thorn to
return to Japan for service in the
army. There are about 1,300 Japan
ese in the service of the Oregon Short
CoininlRHlon Will DlnctiM Appropriation
of ! J,000OOO .Soon.
MANILA , Sept. 10. The Philippine
commluslon nt Its flrtt public session
to be held next Wednesday will dis
cuss the appropriation of one-third ol
the trcamiry'n $6,000.000 for the con
struction and repair of roads and
brldgcH lluoiiKlioiil the nchlpolago.
The people profess to be much grati
fied at the prospect of this work of
The revenue authorities of Manila
collect under the Spanish laws a tax
of 5 per cent upon the Balarlcs of
American civilians earning $1100 per
annum and upward. The tax Is un
popular and provoked protests among
them. The Filipinos and foreigners ,
who are used to It , do not object to
the levy.
The rcportci of the military opera
tions show that of Into HICHO have been
trivial. Manila Is now experiencing
the heaviest typhoon known for years.
IlrltUh Unncral CritMOH tlia Manchherff
nnd Continue * the Advance.
CAPETOWN , Sept. 10. Sir Redvors
Buller continues his.advance. . . Ho
crossed the Mauchbcrg , ten miles east
of Lydenburg , nnd came into action
with the Boers.
The occupation of Lydenburg , which
took place last Thursday , Is regarded
as marking one of the last stages of
the war. The Boers now talk of trek
king Into German territory. Lord
Mcthucn . is marching on Llchtonburg
from Mafcklng.
It IB said that papers seized at Pre
toria show that the Netherlands Rail
way company In many wnyo actively
assisted the Boers. It converted Its
workshops Into arsenals and provided
the Transvaal forces with horseshoes.
Alilo to Convey Sound.
BRADFORD , England , Sept. 10.
At today's session of the physical sci
ence section of the British association
for the advancement of science , now In
annual session hero , Sir William
Henry Prceco , consulting engineer to
the British postoffice , made the inter
esting announcement that as a result
of his experiments with wireless telegraphy -
egraphy ho had found It quite possible
to convey audible speech six to eight
miles across the sea without wires.
Coal In Needed In franco.
PARIS , Sept. 10. The coal famine
Is being felt more and more through
out France. All the gas , railroad and
steamship companies are now dis
patching agents to the United States
to study what can be done to roliovi
the situation , with full power to sign
huge contracts if conditions are fa
vorable. Many industries are suffer
ing from lack of fuel and great suf
fering Is anticipated among the poor
er classes.
Ship Collided nnd Sin ltd.
SAN FRANCISCO , Sept , 10. The
American ship May Flint collided with
the bark Vldette tonight in the bay
off the mall dock and sank. After
'the ' collision she drifted down onto the
bows of the battleship Iowa anchored
off the mall docks. After bumping
the Iowa she split open , filled and
sank. As far as known no lives worn
lost. The cause of the collision Is un
Celebration May HrliiR Trouble.
HONG KONG , Sept. 10. Owing to
anticipations of disturbances at to
night's celebration of the Feast of
Latens elaborate preparations hav.i
been made to cope with eventualities
The-troops have been served with ball
cartridges. Six Maxims nro also In
readiness. The police have been or
dered to suppress the "Dragon pro
cession , " but the Chinese declare they
must hold it in spite of the authori
Report Quiet.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 10. Acting
Secretary of State Hill authorizes
the announcement that the telegram
from Commissioner Rockhlll , dated
Shanghai , September 7 , states that
missionaries arriving from the went
nnd northwest report quiet every
where along the routes. Only four
northwest provinces Indicate signs of
Conger COIIK-H Out for I.I.
TIEN TSIN , Aug. 30. ( Via Shang
hai , Sept. 7. ) United States Mlnlser
Conger la said to Insist that Earl LI
Hung Chang shall bo allowed to pro
ceed to Pekln for n conference.
Orders have been received frora
Washington that 5,000 American
troops shall bo divided between Po-
kin , Tien Tsln nnd Taku for Uio win
n Shutdown.
JOLIET , 111. , Sept. 10. Several de
partments of the Illinois bteel com
pany have been closed because of low
'water ' In the drainage channel. The
controlling gate at Lockport is closed
and the flow is ohut off to permit tearIng -
Ing out of the cofferdams at the now
water power.
l'oiiilutlon of Cltte * .
WASHINGTON , Sept. 10. The cen
sus bureau announces that the popu
lation of Portland , Ore. , is 90,426 , as
against 46,385 In 1900. These figures
show for the city as a whole nn in
crease In population of 44,941 , or 94.95
per cent from 1890 to 1900.
Hull * for Oliluu ui Special Diplomatic
MARSEILLES , Sept. 10. Major
Marchand , of Fashoda fame , embark
ed hero today on a steamer bound for
China , where ho Is going to ropro-
sentt Franco on the International
commission , composed of officers' en
trusted with the settlement of diplo
matic questions and any difficulties
arising between the different portions
of the foreign corps. An Immense
crowd gave him a rousing send-off.
Out to Pieces With n Knife in the Hindi
cf a Whitd Man ,
The Murderer Appreucndail nt Ilnncroft
Two Youni ; Ulrls Fatally Shot by
Iluuten Farmer DritCK < l to Heath
Miscellaneous Nebraska Mutters.
LYONS , Neb. , Sept. 5. An Omaha
Indian from the reservation brought
the news that an Omaha Indian named -
ed James Wood was killed upon the
reservation Saturday by being almost
cut to pieces with a knlfo in the hands
of a white man , whom ho did not
know. Ho claims Wood when drunk
IB very quarrelsome nnd ho supposed
the murder was the result of a drunk
en quarrel.
An Indian policeman from the agen
cy reports that the Indian , named
Wood , who was disembowled by a
white man , Is still alive. Thrco other
Indians who brought him to the agen
cy were cut , but not seriously. The
man who did the cutting walked here ,
arriving Sunday. He hired a livery
man to take him eight miles into the
country. Ho told the liveryman that
ho had paid Wood a portion of a lease
on land and having further business
to transact with him Saturday he
hunted Wood up nnd found him at
Ncary's ranch with three other In
diana. After quarreling , the Indians
nil Jumped onto him , but he succeed
ed in getting away. He ran a mile ,
but was overtaken nnd surrounded
nnd compelled to cut his way out with
a pocket knife. , The white [ man's
name was not ascertained. Last year
ho made his homo with Ott Copple on
the reservation. The police report the
man capturea at Bancroft.
Arrnxtrd for Itootlegirlnt : .
PLATTSMOUTH , Neb. , Sept. 5.
Sheriff Bronson came down from Lin
coln nnd took C. D. Brlnkman back
with him. Brlnkman admitted that he
conducted ! a restaurant In a small vll-
lago ] seventeen miles south of Lincoln
and was arrested for alleged bootleg
ging. j Ho gave bond and skipped out
before the case came up for trial.
Brlnkman has resided in this city for
Bomo ' time with his wife and their two
children. His wife had him arrested
last week for being drunk and abus
ing his family , and Police judge Ar
cher sent him to Jail. His wife then
Informed the officers here of the boot
legging business , and they Informed
the Lancaster county authorities.
ncsnlt of nn Kxporlmcnt.
COLUMBUS , Neb. , Sept. 5. John
Lawson , a farmer of Monroe township -
ship , experimented with Irrigation this
season. Ho had two small fields of
wheat , one of nine acres , on which
ho threshed out fifty-ono bushels to
the acre , machine measure. On anoth
er ten-ncro field ho got forty-two
bushels to the acre. The wheat tests
slxtyono pounds to the bushel , which
would make the yield larger than ma-
chlno measure. He Is very enthusias
tic over the subject of Irrigation and
believes it Is destined to soon work
wondrous changes In Nebraska farm-
TUooilhonnilfl Trnll n
BEATRICE , Neb. , Sept. 5. The Ful
ton bloodhounds were telegraphed for
from Holmesville to trail burglars
who attempted to enter the house of
J. Simmons at that place. The dogs
took the track from the scene of the
burglary and followed it to the house
of Frank Lilly , living about six miles
from Holmesvlllo and against whom
suspicion had been directed.
Two Yonnir Olrlg Are Shot.
ARAPAHOE , Nob. , Sept. 5. Lena
Stagemeler and Mlnnlo Noltemetor ,
two girls about 14 years old , were shot ,
supposed to be accidental , by two boys
named Halloway , who were hunting.
The Stagemoler girl was dead when
found and the other girl in a serious
condition. The boys left the vicinity
at once. But little definite informa
tion Is obtainable , asto the accident ,
as the wounded girl is too weak to
Farmer Drugged to Death.
LODGE POLE , Nob. , Sept. 5. L. D.
Thomas was killed twenty miles north
of here on the ranch of his son-in-law ,
Walter Bower. Ho was raking hay
and the team ran away , throwing him
under the rake nnd dragging him
about 300 yards. Both legs were brok
en and his head crushed. He was dead
when the team was caught. He was
76 years old nnd came hero from Kan
sas four years ago.
Kilt Toadstool * .
WOLBACII , Neb. , Sept. 5. Little
David Edison , the son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Lowe , died from the effects of
eating toadstools. The child's mother
saw him with what she supposed were
mushrooms. lie Buffered great ag
Want Kami Free Delivery.
WEST POINT , Neb. , Sept. 5. A pe
tition is being signed for the estab
lishment of a rural free delivery mall
route in Cuming county. The pro
posed route will bo west of the river
tc Monterey and Aloys , and will cover
twenty-eight miles of the thickest set
tled portion of the county.
Mystery of n Maniac.
COLUMBUS , Neb. , Sept. G. Sheriff
Byrnes took Andrew Maloney to the
asylum at Norfolk , Thla unfortunate
man's case seems to be shrouded in
much mystery. August 20 ho applied
ut St Mary's hospital nnd was in
in and cared for. In a short time to
manifested violent symptoms of In
sanity and was a few days later re j |
moved to the county Jail. Even in
his most rational moments he cannot
tell whcro ho belongs and ho has giv
en several various names. He iis
Irish , about 86 years old , slightly hea
vy build.
I'urchaicR of Land lleliiR Made by Them
1'roven Iti
OMAHA , Neb. , Sept. 10. "The sale
of railroad lands continues with nn nc-
tlvity that suggests two things , " said
tid . L. Lynch of the Union Pacific land
department. "One Is that the people
who have been in the stock business
in the west for the last few years
lin lie now beginning to reap the benefits
of their early labors and are enjoying
an unprecedented degree of prosperity.
The other Is that the cattle and sheep
men realize the necsslty of securing
possession of the ranges required for
feeding their cattle and sheep. "
Applications have just been : ccelved
at headquarters In this city for two
tracts of land , of which two syndicates
of sheepmen in Carbon county , Wyo. ,
wish to get possession In order to have
plenty of range for their sheep. J. A.
Schoonpas , representing one of the syn
dicates , has made application for 7,480
acres of land nnd P. J. Quealy , repre
senting another syndicate , is negotiat
ing for the purchase of a tract of land
in area 17,280 acres.
C. A. Forsllng , traveling agent of
the land department , came In from
Klmball , Neb. , accompanied by a couple -
plo of applicants for land. One of
the men , L. C. Kinney , wants to get
hold of 5,000 acres of land near Klm
ball to furnish pasturage for cattle
owned by himself and others Interest
ed with him In the business. N. C.
Soarles of Wlsner , Neb. , has Just taken
about 10,000 sheep into the vicinity of
Kimball , nnd ne , too , Is making ar
rangements to purchase some land.
The State Fiilr.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Sept. 10. The state
fair closed with a small attendance at
the grounds , almost all the visitors
from outside' Lincoln having left. The
management declares that the fair was
in every respect the most successful
ever held in the history of the state.
The large attendance has been espe
cially gratifying.
It Is believed that the total number
of paid admissions , which will be an
nounced soon , will be almost If not
quite fully 40,000.
Financially the fair has been very
successful , and all premiums will b'e
paid In cash , In full , and at once. Pay
ment will be begun today , when the
management will commence mailing
checks to successful exhibitors. The
last payment , It Is claimed , w'll bo
made by September 20.
CliniitiiuqiiH n Success.
BEATRICE , Neb. , Sept. 10. W. W.
Duncan ] , In his annual report of the
doings ( of the Chautauqua association
recites 1 a few facts which are interest
ing. 1I 1 Among the items of receipts are
1i the I following : Sale of tickets , J4.650.-
50 i ; rent of tents , $ < J96.50 ; concessions ,
$175 ; the other miscellaneous items
making a total of $5,855.80. The dis
1I bursements 1 amounted to $4,374.76. Of
1I this I $1,746 was paid for talent , $880 for
music I , $520.50 for labor. The ticket
sales were $418.30 greater than in 1899 ,
and ! the various items of expense all
show ! a reduction. After paying all
debts ( the association has a cash bal
ance I of $1,054.39.
1'onnd Dead.
SARGENT , Neb. , Sept. lO. George
Lovejoy , a prominent young school
teacher living near West Union , acci
dentally shot and killed himself while
out hunting. He began teaching school
near West Union Monday. Tuesday
evening , after school was out , he came
home to his brother's , where he was
boarding , and hitching his horse to a
wagon , took his gun and went down on
the bottoms to hunt , where he was sub
sequently found dead.
Company H. to Muster Out.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Sept. 10. Company
B of the Second regiment , Nebraska
National Guard , stationed at Ord , will
be mustered out of the etate's service
so soon ns Captain Carson can collect
and turn over the state's property. This
action is taken by Adjutant General
Barry on the report of Captain Carson ,
who said he couldn't get his men to
gether for drill , nnd that they were
not in condition to participate in the
Ilrulcomnn's Fatnl Ship.
BROKEN BOW , Neb. , Sept. 10.
Phillip Jones , a brakeman on freight
No. 18 , was riding on the front of the
engine nnd as he was In the net of
jumping off to turn a switch he slip
ped nnd the engine passed over both
limbs , crushing them off about six
Inches above the knee. He was taken-
to Ravenna at once to his home. He
died from his wounds.
Geneva Wins Third I'lacc.
GENEVA , Neb. , Sept. 10. The citi
zens of Geneva and Fillmore county
are Justly proud of third place given
them at the state fair. Credit for the
display Is duo to a number , who worked
hard to secure and place it , among
them being Dr. Herrlot , P. Youngers ,
George Flnley , George Kenycn , A.
Stevens , F. M. Flory and John Mills.
Many premiums were taken by Mrs.
Emma Kelley.
Indian Dies From IVonmlH.
LYONS. Neb. , Sept. 10. Word has
been received here that the Omaha In
dian , Wood , who was disembowled with
a knife in the hands of a white man
last Saturday on the reservation , has
slnco died and the man that did the
cutting is still at large , with bur little
hopes of ever being captured. The
amount of money involved in the quar
rel and which led up to the murder ,
was $2.
Itlnodliountlo Truck a Hey ,
CAMBRIDGE , Neb. , Sept. 10. A
Cambridge lad was badly frightened
by the city bloodhounds. He had been
appropriating for his own use some
watermelons that belonged to one of
the suburban citizens. The owner of
the melons started In pursuit of the
young midnight marauder , but he cs-
raped for n while. The bloodhounds
were taken out and soon ran him
down. The boy confessed the theft and
was allowed to go free after a mock
The Arch Fmul Ilutinlng llehlnd.
Only J300 has been added to the
Dewey or naval arch -fund in Now
York since the 1st of May , and not n.
cent since August 1. The expenses or
the committee In charge are now ex
ceeding current collections.
A llarrlnon with Cromwell.
One of ex-President Harrlson'n an
cestors was the Thomas Harrison who
served under Cromwell and signed the
deatli warrant of King Charles. On ,
the Restoration ho wag executed iu
We humble ourselves before others ,
not for others.
A Dutch Remedy , or How to Make
Your Own Bitters.
Farmers , Laboringmen anil Every
body use thebe Hitters for the euro of
Dyspepsia , Loss of Appetite , Dizziness ,
Blood Purifier , Headache , Kidney antt
Liver Diseases. A perfect stomach ;
regulator. Now Is the time to use them.
On receipt of 30c United States post
age stamps i will send one package and.
receipt how to make one gallon Hitters ,
from Stcltetce's Dry Bitters. A deli
cious flavor. Made from Imported.
Hoots , Herbs and Berries from Holland
and Germany. Be your own doctor
and use these Dry Bitters. Send to.
Geo. G. Stekctee , Grand llapids , Mich.
For sale by druggists.
More than one-third of all manufac
tured goods are in France made by-
women. ,
I4tdlos Can Wenr Shoe * .
One ulro smaller nf tor using Allen's Foot-
Ease , a powder. It makes tight or new
shoes easy. Cures swollen , hot sweating- , .
aching1 feet , Ingrowing' naHs , corns and
bunions. All druggists nnd shoe stores ,
25c. Trial package FREE by mail. Ad
dress Allen S. Oiinstod , Lelloy , N.Y.
There Is but one love that lasts
unhappy love.
For starching fine llneu use Magnetic
If looks could kill murder would get
to be a habit with some women.
Ilest for the Itowolg.
No matter what alls you , headache
to a cancer , you will never get well
until your bowels are put right.
CASCARETS help nature , euro you.
without a gripe or pain , produce easy-
natural movements , cost you just 10 >
cents to start getting your health back.
CASCARETS Candy Cathartic , the
genuine , put up in metal boxes , every
tablet has C. C. C. stamped on It. Beware -
ware of imitations.
Kindness out of season destroys au
thority. Saadi.
Ten Greatest American Railroads.
A table showing the mileage con
trolled by the principal railroad com
panies of this country on July , 1900 ,
has been compiled by the Railway Ago.
The ten largest systems are as follows :
New York Central 10.430
Pennsylvania 10,392
Canadian Pacific 10.01S
Southern Pacific 9,363
Chicago and Northwestern 8,463
Chicago , Burlington and Quincy 8,001
Southern Railway 7,887
Atchison , Topeka and Santa Fe. . 7,880
Chicago , Milwaukee and St Paul 6,437
Union Pacific 5,584
From the New York Sun.
Living in China has its advantages.
Five dollars a year will clothe a Chi
nese husband nnd wife something ;
more than decently.
The Wonder
of the Age
No Boiling No Cooking
It Stiffens the Goods
It Whitens the Goods
It Polishes the Goods
It mokes nil garments fresh and crisp
an when first bought new. '
Try a Sample Paokaso.
You'll like It if you try It.
You'll buy It If you try It.
You'll use It if you try It.
Try It.
Sold by all Grocors.
Ke ps fcoth rider and saddle perfectly - -
fectly dry In the hardest storms.
Substitutes wllldlsappolnt Ask for
iBoT Fish Brand Pommel Slicker
It Is entirely new. If not for sale In
your town , write for catalo
A. J. TOWI-R. Boston. ,
Hnflllctrdwith uroeiei. uee [ Thompson's Eye Water.
TOEGUMto.l . ? rl ° rggl5ts-
W. N. U.-OM AH A. No. 37-1900