Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, August 30, 1900, Image 10

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    These are sweet words , but how much
pain and suffering : they used to moan. It's
Different now. Since Mother's Friend has
'become known expectant mothers have
been spared much of the anguish of child
birth. Mother's Friend Is a liniment to be
applied externally. It Is rubbed thoroufhlv
Into the muscles of the abdomen. It gives
elasticity and strength , and when the final
great strain comes they respond quickly and
easily without pain. Mother's Friend Is
never taken Internally. Internal remedies
at this time do more harm than good If a
woman Is supplied with this splendid lini
ment she need never fear rising or swelling
breasts , morning sickness , or any of the
discomforts which usually accompany preg
The proprietor of a large hotel In Tampa ,
Fla. , writes : "My wife had an awful time
with her first child. During her second
pregnancy , Mother's Friend was used and
the baby was born easily before the doctor
arrived. It's certainly great. "
Get Mother's Friend at the
drugstore. $1 per bottle.
Atlanta , Gn.
Write for our free Illustrated book , " Iltforo Uabj
ll Born. "
[ Omitted Inst week.1
Farmers nro very busy haying and
C. H. Lamlrcth hns commenced
threshing near Ryio. Wheat yields
nbout ilno bushels per acto.
TLo lutunpe lieut was broken ycBtordny
Tuesday ) nlternoon , by two light
uhowerP , reviving corn and pastures.
Natiby acknowledges a pleasant vlul
on Monday from Alexander Orltlon
formerly of Hyno , Nobr. , but now o
Galenn , Kimsna. Ills health is good
having nged very little In appearance
during bla live years' residence In Kun
Ci II Landrcth ia threshing nen
Ryno , Wheat yields from four to nine.
buBhelfl per aoro.
O. G. Empllcld nnd his mother , nnd
Bister Nellie Blurted on last Saturday
enroute to Pennsylvania , to visit among
Instead of going to Yoik county to
thresh , Metiers. Plckett.Polkoy and Rtnl
went to Morna valley nnd Glister Center
finding work at remunerative wnges
They Inform us that wheat yields fron
8 to 17 bushels per acre.
What'B tlio matter with Nrbraelca
four fnir rains Hlnco liiBt writing , nod i
wind starm last Thursday evening
thrown In to cool the atmosphere
Ground thoroughly Bonked , paatures
remind us ol May ; corn better than ex-
pooled. No hauling ; nil busy hnying ,
cutting corn and threshing. Stand up
fur Nebraska.
MAUKIUD At the residence of the
bride's purente , In Turner valley , Aug
ust 22(1 ( , Mr. Hoes George and Miss Pan
110 Scott , Judge MoMnllim ofllclatlng.
Tlu'Bo young people nro well and favorably -
ably known , nnd start life's weeded
bliss with the bent wishes of their many
friends. They were kindly runrmberud
with many presents , both n eful and
1. . M. Plckott showed us some corn
ttiat is hard to boat. Ho planted one
grain in n hill , at dlstanco usually
planted. He says it wns In roasting cnrs
before other corn showed earn. lie
husked two hills , caoh stalk hail two
II C'UB n foot long ; one Btullc had six euck-
urs , with iivojjooJ iars and n fair sized
nubbin ; the otlur Imd three mokers and
a largo ear on each.
Now Is The Time To Subscribe.
The State and National campaign
for 1000 is now on. Every body
should keep posted. The National
campaign as well as the state's bids
fair to bo both exciting and interest
ing. No body who has any inter-
oat in the result of the campaign
should bo without , : i county and
state paper In order that every
citizens in Custer county may keep
posted , wo have dooided to make a
special price on iheliBruuLiOANSoas
put it within the reach of ovorbody.
To all new subscribers as well as to
all who pay up arrearges wo will fur
nish the RirunucAN for 25 cents to
the first of January 1001 , or the
REPUBLICAN and State Journal to
Jon. 1st 1001 for 50 ; the How York
Tribune or Bee and RKPUULIOAN for
05 cents to January 1st 11)01. ) Kansas
City Journal and RKPUBLICAN 60
cents ,
On and after September 1st and
2d I will bo ready for your game ,
grouse and prairie chickens. No
quail will be received until after
November 1st. I nave a freezer
that will bold seven thousand birds ,
one-half mile west of Tappan valley
echool house. I will receive the
above at tb.3 old Elands in Broken
Bow , Kyeraon'fl and Bowen'u.
g23-4t B. 0. TAITAN ,
District Court.
District ( ourt cor.vcncd Monday
alUTiioon , Judge Sullivan | residing.
Thi ) first O'lHu ' culled up wan that of
Thop. Haley and Win , Redding ,
A ho are charged with burglarizing
the ( store of Airs , L5. J. Tiurnc ) , of
AtiPicy , on the night of the 24th
of Inly. The eat > c is buing proHe-
cutt-d by County Attorney Kirkpat-
rtc-k and C. U , llolcomb. J. B
Smith is attorney for the defend
ants. The trial of the cnso w miot
concluded until I tiusday afternoon.
The jury brought in a verdict ot
guilty after being out three hours.
The names of the jurors in t'io
ODBC are J ( ) Taj lor , J A. llnll ,
D. C. Konklc , VV. W. Tool.ty , John
Klin n , A. Gustafson , Knuto Lee , Joe
Weoth , Gro. Williams , A. D Mar
lins , J. M. AinoH and W. A. Hence.
NebrasU , A. U Car.
' 1 ho Nebraska G A. R car for
Jrokon Bow started Saturday morn-
ng for Chicago , accompanied by a
lumber of the members of the G ,
\ . R , of the county and their fatni
ion. The names of those who
tartcd from hero , as near as wo
vero ublo to loam , wnro State Com
nandor John Ruobu , Gco. Carr , G.
i , Rawfion , Jan. booley , C. W.
3ooth , A. 11. Shoemuker , J. B.
Clump , II. W , Goorfto , A. W.
Jrako and wife , C. M , Blowers and
wife , A. U Brown and wito , W. 11.
Thompson and wife , Enoch Now-
jurn , Mesdames P. A. Walton , A.
J. Robertson , Ed. MeComas and
lid die Mayer. Mrs. McComas will
jo on to Bellfontaiue , Ohio , to visit
it her old homo while i-ono. Eddie
Mayer will go on to Now York , to
his mother's people , to go to school.
The follow who was arrested on
the 18th inst , on complaint of 8. P.
Great , charged with attempt to
rtoal a buggy and team , was released
from custody on the 2Cthon motion
of County Attorney Kirkpatrick ,
for lack of evidence. The man ,
while in the city , gtwo two or throe
different mimes , but wan arrested
under the name of F. M. Williams ,
lie lured a team at the Gront barn ,
slating that he had u ranch near
Arnold , and nas going to tell some
cattle. Ho had no money to pay
ior his lodging or for the team , but
suggested that bo bad a draft for
$180 , but the proprietor declined to
ojtsh it. After Williams had been
gone with the team for a short
tune , Mr. Great saw eomo parlies
from Arnold , and on learning that
no such man or ranch was in that
vicinity , had a warrant issued for
Williams' arroRt. He was over
hauled near Morna , and brought
back. Being unable to soctiro any
evidonoo against him , he was re
Resolutions of Respect and Condolence
by the Mason City llantist Church.
Sister May Jackson-Wood was
horn April 14 , 1880 , died ' July 7 ,
1000 , ago 20 years , 2'months and
23 daj'H. She professed faith in
Christ , aud was baptized into the
lollowship of Maron City Baptist
rhuroh by Uev. Lewis , July 15 ,
1804 , where she remained faithful
and consistent in all relations of
life , until death claimed her as his
own. May was a true and noble
Christian woman , and was resigned
to the will of God.
ItcHohed , That In her death the church and
family BUB tallied n Croat loia , the church a faithful -
ful member and a devoted \vorkur , the family a
lovablu duuijlitur and ntlcitlounto fUtcr.
Tim' the chnrcli enter Into dee | > vympathyltli
tlio family nnd ( rlond ot the deceased. To the
huebnnd , ftithor , mother and thrto Hislers wo say ,
\veup not for Mnr , for Mio U at rest , but follow
In r example , as ahu followed Clirlnt.
That n copy of thiso resolutions bo I'ri'flentcd
to the riiuilly , slid coplett ent to the .Mnnon City
Truuiurlpt aud C'UBTKII COUNTI KtruiiLilUN.
"Tlioro Is a ItinU of pnro doll | > ht ,
Where enluts Immortal rolgn ,
Intlnlte day excludes the ulKnt ,
Aud plcaitirus baulth piiln. "
J. It. WOODS ,
$1,50 Vcr ituulicl lor a I.untl of
The Callaway Milling nnd Manu *
facturing Oompany will pay $1 r 0
per bushel for the load of wheat
that in sold to thorn this season ,
that upon examination and compari
son by three competent judges , is
pronounced the bust.
No ontiy will be made of less
than 25 bushels.
No one person allowed more than
two entries.
All wheat entered shall bo hard
spring wheat , fairly well cleaned.
Entries will close on Deo. 1C ,
1000 , and the award made before
Jan 1 , 1901.
( Cut this out and save it. ) a30-4
Woscott & Gibbons have seventy ,
live head of trotting cells from four
to six years oldby our Onward and
Electioneer horses all up treaded ,
stylisb , with good action , all bays ,
cheslnuta and biowns. Their dams
are by sons of Almost (33) ( ) , Exile ,
Van Zaiit , and other liuoly bred
stallions. It will pay anyone want
ing such to come and see them ,
t'loy are the best bred lot of horses
in Nebraska. We also have twenty-
five head of olydo colts same ages
for sale and wo will sell one or all
at extremely low prices.
VVosoott , Nobr.
i. . .7.
Pair Prices , Best Material , and Best
C. B. BETTS 5 fiuitor
Workmanship. . . , Decorator
Perrv Bauer & Ennis ° MAnA > Nwm
1 ClU AV
ilJ > - LrflllllQj ,
& Wholesale Butter , Eges , Poultry and Game
We own nnd occupy the tallest merrnntilf building In tlie world. We have
over 3,000,001) customers. Slxtern hundred clerks nre constantly
mean1I'llinR ' out-of-town orders.
OUR OnNHRAICATAIOOUr u the beak of thf people It quotei
VVIiolc'S.iIe Prices to Everybody , limovtr 1,0-0 pices , illustrations , nnd
6oii i descriptions of articles with prices. It costs 71 cents to print and mail
laihcopy. We want you t > I'avo oiw SE.ND TIFTEIiN CENTS to sho\/
your cotd faith , nnd we'll ct .id you n LP * y 1'iICC , with nil charges prepaid
of SouMifceiitli Annual
ot Custt r Baptist Association ,
To meet with the Baptist church at
Maeon City , Nebr. , August 31 static ]
September 1st and 2d , 1000 :
A. II ConNIxit.Modurntor. A. L. PIKIICK , Clerk
VltlDAY , AUG. 3Uf.
8:10 : p. m. Opening serviceconducted by John
A. Hull , of Miii-oii Oily.
8:15 : Reports from Sunday School * .
UM5 Address Christian Stewn dalilp , by Rev.
O. A. Duzzull , of Gaudy Church.
315 Annual addri sc. IIH appointed by Astocln-
lion , Huv. J. U WooclH.
I:00-Pnpcr What Method of Tcnchliig l Hest
to Hecnro Itlblo Kuowledgo ? Sire A. U.
Cornldti. UlectiDclon , K L. Carusa.
Klcollon of olllcora.
7:30 p in. opening Service , conducted by Mrs.
Joe Hunlntjtoii.
7:15-ltuvlcwol : Year's Work of H Y. P. U In
Ouster Association , by II L. Fnizler t'rC3.
8 CO Election of olllcors in d bunliioi > B cei < Blon ,
In what \V y Is the Church licneflttod by n
II. Y. 1' U r-MrB W T. I'owora. Itrtkon
Duw , Lli < cim od oy Hurt Hi 11 , Mauon City ,
10:30 : n. m.--Sermon RH dlructed by AHROdutlon ,
Uev S.t ! . Cadwoll.
( JnllliiK of AfBOc'lutlon to order and en-
Eli'ctlou of olllcers
lUaillni ; of order of bmlnosu , by clerk.
Uxtendiivj usual Invitation to visiting
Heading of Mnjoti City church letter ,
Appointment ot commlttuca on resolu
tions , admlitelnns , obitmules , time and
placu of next ineoiln .
LflttrB from churches ,
11:00-Adjournment. :
S:00 : n. in. What must n Man Uellcvo to bo n
Mlfslomiry Ihiptlut' Willie Oilwoll Itro-
ki n How.
2L'0--llecii6hlon : by Nc Cioorgc , Win. Klou , Kev.
2:30 : Iteports of commltteta.
J 10Wtmmn'u Meotlnc Homo Missions , Mrs ,
U , M. Aeaoclatlonnl director. Torelen
illusion i , Mrs. K. 1' . .MeGrcw , AsiocU-
tlonal secretary.
HoTlow of Work and "Our Need * , " Mrs.
J. il. Kcrr , bttttu fcc'y ,
3:50 : Adjournment ,
7-00 p. m. Unfinished Imsliiccs.
Sermon , W. D Hall , of Bargont.
Hundsy morning music , an prcpurod by
Mrs. Willis oudwill.
Strmou by Itov. U W. llrluatad , Oenernl
ltl-i 16iury , omulia
S'M : p. m. Duet , BlrH. K. II. Ilurrows and Dr.
Herinon by Uev. H. W. Hlchards , pastor of
Droken llou church ,
Honort from Ornnd Island Collvgo.
All etato workers given n lioMty welcome , and
Invited to distribute literature and rocoho dona-
tlone to their work.
"Home Visitors' " Excursions Sept , 10 and 36 ,
NebrtiBkanfl can go e flt very cheaply
SBptumbi'i 10th nnd 20h ;
On tticre dntcs I lie Uurlington Route
will Boll tickets to all poiuts in Iowa ,
WlBOOiiBlu nud Northern Peninsula of
Michigan , nt rnto of one fnre plus $2.00
( or I he round trip.
Sixmo low rate will apply to points in
Southern Minnesota , Northern Missouri ,
and Central and Western llllitolR.
TIckotH will ho good to return any
time wlililu thirty days from date of
Issue , For fnrthor Information , consult
nvarcet tiokt-t ncfnt , or write to J.Fniu-
cle , Ueuernl Puesonger Agent , Oainba ,
Nebr , og23-4t
We Have Added
to our shop a full line of wood work
ing machinery , anil therefore would
auk n part of your patronage in this
line , in which wo can save you
money. Also ask carpenters and
contractors to lot us do their job
work , such as planing , ripping ,
Boroll work , in fact everything that
in done in a first class job shop. In
our old line wo are upto-date.
Wind Mills.
WTo carry all standard gradeH.
Wo carry a full and complete stock
of all styles. In pipe and well
material wo always have it at the
lowest pOHflible price. Fittings and
brass goods , hose , belting , tanks ,
feed grinders , horse powers , in fact
everything that belongs to our
trade. Wo carry in stock the
L.ITri..i : JA.CK OP At , ! . Til A.DKH
for pumping or power. Also second
end hand gasoline engines , steam
engines in which wo can give you a
bargain. In hydraulic and caging
wells we have the best and quickest
machinery that is manufactured in
this day and age of the world , and
can guarantee our work in this line.
Yours Very Rcsp'y ,
All slmla of work In our line done
promptly : uid In llrst-olnas order. Red
Shop on the corner , weet of ibe hoeo
house. Give us n trial.
To Tlie itocUluH.
Low rate ; to Golomdu aud Utah of
fered by the .Burlington route. Four
red letter days.
On August 7 and 21 , and on Septem
ber 4 Hiul 18 , the Hnrlingtou will soil
round trip tickets to Denver , Pueblo ,
Colorado Springe.Ogilon.yalt Lake City ,
Deadwood and Hot Springs for one fare
plus $2.
Tickets sold at those remarkably low
ratoa will bo good to return till Ootober
The nearest agent of the Burlington
Route will be pleaded to toll you trie
cost of a ticket and to help you plan
your trip. Descriptive lit raturo free on
application. S-6-4t.
Wholesale and Retail
. .AND. .
Clocks , Pickles ,
Lamps , Extracts ,
Patent Pickling
Medicines , Vinegar ,
will not break with heat ,
will not rust or corrode
Tea and Coffee Pots , Boasters , Etc.
Use tliis VLTetre for Health.
CHAS. E. FOUD , President , 0 in aim , Nub. II. Q , HOQKIIS , OaBhtor , Hrokcn Bow.
J. M. KIMUEHLING , Vlco-Prca , Broken Bow. S. II. IIOYT , Aus't Carkler
General Banking Business Transacted ,
Cliae. E. Ford. J. M. Klmberllng. B. It Itoyt , H. Q. Rogers. V. D. Caldwell
Make a specialty of loaning money on cattle.
* iy-
THEm - fefi
m Commercial Hotel " " .
/A ? !
" > ' < *
1 Southwest corner Square ,
* ' ' :
1 I \ .
The Hotel has been refitted and refurnished . .v .
* M * "
. / throughout. Sample rooms for Commerical men. Bath J/ ]
- & rooms in connection. Free Bus to and from all trains. ' * . (
Try us once and you will come again ,
; ? H&i iw ; : * iC
We have purchased the stock of BICYCLES , etc. , from
Edwin F. Myers. We have moved just across the street
from the old location , where we are better situated , have
more room , aud can show you what we havo. In addi
tion to our stock of
Bicycles , Sundries , etc. , we have employed
the BEST GUN REPAIR MAN this side of Omaha.
If yon have an old gun that won't shoot , bring it in ,
and we will fix U for you. Wo still have a lew EAGLE
BICYCLES left , and can sell you one on easy tf-rme.
Also we have a full line of AMMUNITION.
Repairing of all kinds. Bicycles and Guns for rent.
Stack & HoEcomb ,
F. C. WOIWALL , President.
A. J. UOIIKUTSON Vlco-1'res.
Farmers Bank of Custer County ,
Trausacts a General Banking Business. County Claims and ,
Warrants Bought'