Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 05, 1900, Image 1

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Thojiconjiftr fdJUftmont of the ocnlr.r
ianec1 < M nifty l > o Miown bv holding this
picture directly In front of tlio crs < , nt ft
llstanco of about fourteen loctica ncd
I drawing slowly toward tie face. Tbcso
dollc.itc yet Ktrong muscl 8 will bold tlio
t > ) CB to a focus nnttl you reach tbo limit
of their power , when tbc cjes
cross end the ball goes Into the boy's
open mouth , Nearly all eye trouble Is
broughtnbonr by tasting the place of
'afty by pushing without gJod eyes or
rood ginfgce. 1 rnn nipply the latter.
You cnn have the former.
\ Gradtntu of Chlcneo Optbalmic College.
young calf three
four daya o < tf owner ) can have
by provinp "property " and pay
ing costs. O. W .BOOTH. ,
Broken Bow
WANTED Several peisosn for
district office managers in this state
to represent me in their own sur
rounding counties. Willing to pay
yearly $000 , payable weekly.
Desirable employment with uneual
opportunities. References ex
changed. Enclosed self-addressed
stamped envelope. 8. A. PATSK ,
320 Caxton Building , Chicago ,
11 3U-20t.
Bushels ot Money.
Thrown away by women annually
in the purchase of cosmetic ? , lotione
and powdera , none of which evei
aocomplis its object. Beauty depends -
ponds on healthy blood and good
digestion , such as Karl's Clover
Root Tea guarantees you for 25cts.
and OOota. per package. Take it
and wo guarantee your complexion.
JVIills ,
rtemoddelecrand in first class
order ,
, Cu&lom work or exchange a
specially. Satisfaction guaran
teed. Come and give us a
Business Pointers.
Dr. T. W , Baes , dentist , Broken
Freeh Sassafras at ,
Fort SALK. A thoroubred hereford -
ford bull. Wat FnEY. tf ,
Fen SALI : Two good show
caseH' W. H. OSBOKOB. tf
Pepein Gum , two packages for a
Cannon City coal at Dierks
Lumber Co.
Ti'e Quaker Bath Cabinet * will
give health. For sale by J. C.
Go to Mike Scanlon's Restur-
ant for the best lunch in town
and confectionery.
WALL PAPER All new aud
artistic designs. All 1000 paterns
at J. C. BOWENB.
Spring is here ! .Drink Sassafrass
Tea for your blood.
24 good stamps for 25c ; at H. L.
Fiazier's studio , west side square.
Call on or write Broken Bow Ab
stract Co. when in need of an ah.
Btract of title. E. Royso abstractor.
Write Ilayden Bros. , Omaha.
Wholesale Supply House for priced
and samples. 2 8 lyr.
In 1800 there was ono telephone
orlovery sixty-six person m the
United States .but when ring up
fall for No. 5.
Abstracts compiled promptly and
accurately .by the Broken Bow Ab
stract Cov E JRoyse abstractor ,
FOB SAXE Three year old white
face bullseven good yourg COWP ,
two tteer calves.
$35,000,000 is the cost of the
New York uuderground railroad
QUU it tak"e thioo years to do the
work. What an amount of money
can be saved by dealing at J. C.
Gco. Ilontz can nhow aomo of the
best work of papering done in the
city this spring , If you want a
fine pnd economical job of papering
or painting call on Goo. Hontr.
Residence west of Catholic church.
Wanted Cattle to Pasture.
I have a h'ne [ section of pasture
land and want at least 100 head oi
cattle to pasture. Plenty of water
and salt guaranteed.
All rfinds oi work in our line done
pioinptly and in flrat-olaas order. Red
Shop on the corner , weet of the hose
houBO. Give ua a trial.
I intend leaving this place on
or about Aug 1st and wish to have
allpartics indebted to mu to call anc
settle by July loth without further
notice , aiy parties having claims on
mo will please present sjrne for pay
ment. F. M. SHAUPE.
A Good Thing.
Our Great-Grandmother'
- garrets
containing the same herbs of all
healing found in Karl's Clover root
tea. They gave our ancestor
strength , kepi the blood pure , end
will do the same for you if you Bay
so. Price 25 ots. and 50 cts , Sold
by U. G , Haoberlo ,
FAEM FOB SALE : At Upton ,
100 acres cf good farm land , 80
acres in cultivation rnd the rcat
fenced in pasture , with three wires.
Good four room , sod house ; corn
crib and grainory , each 12x10 feel ,
connected ; stable and chicken
house etc , For particulars call on
J. J. Snyder , Broken Bow , or
Stephen wilcox\fmpremiseB,85-3m
Bugyies ! Buggies !
Now is the time to buy a
buggy or spring- wagon before
the fourth of July. I have the
Racine and Bradley make , new
styles for 1900.
Having to make room for a car
of Deering- binders and mowers
must reduce my stock before
July fourth. Have prices that
will sell them all , Call on
4t Gno , WIUJNG.
Local JVIen.ti.ori ,
Job printing at this ollicc.
We will furnish iho Kansas oily
Journal and REPUBLICAN for 81.25
icr year ,
A four room Louse to trade for
lorees or land. Enquire of A. D.
Bangs. H.
Ed son Palmer oaine up from
Lincoln Tuesday lo celebrate Iho
FOUND A boy's hnt on the Kb ,
: he owner can get it by calling at
Baiach's oi ar stoic.
Thn pie contest was all right ,
Alre. A , P , Smith ably read the
declaration of Independence.
Ono of Iho most interesting
features ofIhe celebration , yester
day , many thought wan the address
of Rev. C. H. Savage of Omaha.
P. M. Dady , of Mason City ac-
oompained by J , P , Leason of
Ottumway Iowa are visitin g in the
city guests of ye scribe ,
Wilbur Barks who has so ably
presided over the Ansley Advocate
for the past few months has dis
posed of his interests in that paper
and will turn over the business to
hia successor about the 15 of this
The Misses Denslow of Dodge
Co. Nob. nieces of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Y. Sutton arrived in the city Mon
day evening for a visit of several
Rev. J. R. Teagardet and family
of Anbleyoamo up Tuesday even'
iu to celebrate the 4th. Mrs.
Tcigardenand boy will remain a
week or ten days visiting her par
Rev. S. W. Richards will deliver
the second lecture of the series lo
young people in Iho Baplist church
next Sunday at 8 o'clock p. m.
subject : "Advice to young ladies. "
Everybody kindly invited to attend.
Goo. Richtmyer , ex-county clerk ,
who has just returned from a visit
of four months in New York State
says that Bryan does not stand a
ghost of a show m that state
against McKmley and Roosevelt ,
Mr. Riohtmyer is one of those .for
mer pops who is not a supporter of
the Sioux Falls ticket.
A fire broke out at the Ocean
docks at Iloboken New Jersey last
Saturday wh'ich destroyed property
to the amount of $10,000,000 and
200 lives were loet , ono hundred
and twenty of those burned were of
the orcw on Iho steamers along
The evening service at the Epis
copal church will bo omitted
through iho month of July. The
morning services will bo held as
The Sunny Deli Sunday school
will give a Harvest Homo picnic
July 20th. Parties are requested
to bring their baskets well filled.
Tlio Sunday school will furnish ice
cream and lemonade.
The subject of the sermon at the
Methodist church Sunday morning
will be : . "The Raging Heathen ,
tbo Situation in China. " Evening
theme : " The Man With the Hoe. "
Every body cordially invited to these
Ernett A. Knight Pastor.
Fred Rino had a light alroko of
paralysis Sunday affecting his limbs
on his righl side , lie was laken lo
Iho hospital Monday where ho is
receiving special medical care aud
nursing. It is to be hoped that ho
may coon bo able to bo out again.
It is reported that a fiend in hu
man form at Ana ley beat his wife
and daughter last week most unm
ercifully. The wife bad her nose
broken in the melee and was con
fined to her bed for two or Ihreo
days DB the result of the beating
Tbo daughter who attempled lo
prolect her mother was aldo pound
ed terribly. A coat of tar and
feathers might do such a person
A Timely Italn.
This vicinity WPB visited Sunday
night with two and five-twelth
inches of rain. It was accompani
ed by neither hail nor wind , but
was a steady down pour for nearly
six hours , BO the ground absorbed
it as fast as it fell , It came in good
time for the corn , millet and past
ures , but a little late for the wheat ,
yet it will moke thousands of bush
els of wheat for the county in lo
calities where the drouth had not
been EO severe as in other parts ,
LOST A liuneu lap robe hem
stitched all around. The Under will
bs rewarded by leaving it at this
oflioc. It ,
One youujj man from
Caster counlv , Nobr , lo pnpnTo fr > r
the coining liAILWAY MAIL
SERVICE examination , Wo fur
nish everything , including BOOKS
and MAPS. Addrcup , enclosing
stamp , Inter State Correspondence
Institute , Ccdai Rapids , la , It ,
Preaching at Christian church
Jtnday at 11 a. m. and 8 p. in.
ylorning subject. "What is the
ospel ? " Evening subject. "Thu
two CovemantP. " All are cordially
invited to be present.
T. B. McDonald , Pastor.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will give a lawn party at the
home of Mrs. L. If. Jewell on
Wednesday oyoning July llth a
fine program will bo given by the
best talent in the city. '
Rev. S. C. Green , district miss
ionary will occupy the pulpit in iho
Baplist church Sunday morning at
11 o'clock. The pastor Rev. S. W.
Richard's will preach in the even
ing. A special invitation is extend
ed to both theao services. Sunday
school al 10. a. m. B. Y. P. U , at
7. p. m.
MAHUIED At Ansley Juno 27th
Geo. L-jnninger , Co. Supt. of Sher
man counly and Miss Ethel Burn ? ,
Rev J. R. Teagarden offioialing.
On the following day RPV. T6agar-
den uciled iu marriage Ernesl
Taylor and Miss Minnie Moore ,
both of Ansley.
Xoticoof Dlsolution.
The co-partnership heretofore
existing between ER. . Douglas
and M. LBirney under the firm
of Douglas and Birney is this day
dissolved by mutal consent.
Dated June 20th 1900.
E. R. Douglas.
M. L. Birney.
3t By ; W. R , Birney Agent.
Wisconsin Correspondent , Omaliu
Bee June 28th 1900.
During the last thirty days the
total receints of milk at the Kimball -
ball creamery amounted to 810,008
poundf , for which 'ho farmers
furnishing it received $1,820.53.
During the month of May , 1808 ,
285 tubs of butter were made at Iho
Alexandria creamery , for which Iho
patrons received the sum of $2,745.
During Iho same monlh of this year
395 tubs were made for which the
patrons received 84,430. This is a
fair indication of the increase in
business at all South Dakota cream-
Not Guilty.
Monday Judge Armour's court
was engaged m the preliminary
trial of Joe Morris , ono ot the par
ties charged , with having robbed
Pink Brown on the night of the
22nd of 0140. and valuable papers.
The preponderance of the evidence
was to the effect thai Mr. Morris
was not guilty and the court , after
taking Ihe matter under advisement
until the next morning so decided.
Ed. Penn who was ono of the oo-
oused staled lhat Morris had lakem
the money and had given ho and Ed
Iloglaud each a portion of the
money to leave the town BO suspic
ion would rest on them. Morris
had several witness to prove thai he
was nol al Iho barn where Brown
was wilh Iho money from iho lime
ho ale his supper about 7 p. m. un
til 11 or 12 that night , which was
after Penn had exhibited some
seven bills of paper money to Will
Hersh and others that evening.
Upon the evidence developed in the
prcaeoution of Morris the county
attorney decided thai it would be
useless to proceed with the trial
against Ed and Charley Collins
who had been arrested on the charge
of complicityhouco they wore both
Headquarters Department of Nebraska ,
Grand Army of The Kepubllc.
State House , Lincoln , Neb. ,
Juno 25 1000.
General Order No. 3.
1. The Thirty-fourlh Nalional
Encampment of the Grand Army
of the Republic will bo held at
Chicago , 111. , on the 20 to 3lst
2. Ou account of its favorable
location , its many atliaolions , and
the e/Iort / the loyal citizens of Chicago
cage are making , that the men who
stood at the front during the Sixties
their friends , and comrades in later
wars may have a week of camp life ,
-I f VI' tf
Absolutely Pure
Makes hot breakfast-breads wholesome no
yeast germs , no alum. . Makes ' cake/ biscuit
pastry of superior fineness , flavor and deli- |
* Makes food that will keep 'moist and
sweet. | Is most economical , because it is the1
purest and greatest in leavening strength. In
the easy , expeditious preparation of the finer
cakes and pastries , Royal is indispensable.
Care must be taken lo avoid baking powders made
from alum. Such powders rue sold cbcnp , because
they cost but a few cents per pound. Not only
will they -spoil the cake , but nluni Is a. corro
sive acid , which taken In food means Injury to health.
and oiico more mcdlhur oomradop.
This may bo the last aud only time
that wo will bo BO favorably BJtuat-
3. The Department Commander ,
believing that there would bo a
great numbur of the comrades and
their frioudu attend the coining Eu-
oampraent , made a personal viuil to
Chicago , and has secured rooms < t
the Leland hatel On Michigan Ave ,
fronting on the lake and the beauti
ful park in which is located the
monument of our illustrious and
bclovod commander , John A. Lo
gan , for Departraont Headquarters ,
which will bo tbo homo of all the
Nebraska people during the week
of the encampment. Every person
that attends should register nnd let
his presence bp known. The rates
at the hotel will bo $3 per day , in-
eluding room and board. There
will bo free quarters for all com
rades that come and have oortifioaloa
from their post commanders show
ing that they are members cf the
Grand Army of iho Kepublic. The
quarters will bo in fine , commodious
buildingp , near the railroad station.
The rooms will bo furnished with
now cots. The pirlios occtipiug
them will furnish their own blank
et ? . There will bo attendants at
the rooms to care for them and check
the baggage.
4. Each post commander should
at ouoo canvass his post and ascer
tain the number of persons that are
going and that will want accommo
dations allho ( hotel and frco quar
ters , Vnd send their names to the
Assistant Adjutant General , Lin
coln , Net ! ? . , no that there shall bo
no confusion and disappointment
on their arrival in the city.
5. The comrades and citizens of
Chicago are doing all they can to
make this a time to be remembered
by all that attend.
"Let us attain gather and moot
our old comrades , and clasp their
hands in memory of the days of our
youth , when
"Friendships that tlmo cannot sever ,
Mystic and blood-stained the tie.
Friendships wore formed and cemented ,
Friendships that never can die. "
0. The time for holding the State
Reunion is upon us. 'Iho 13tb ,
14th , 16th , 10th and 17th of August
will soon bo hero. There will bo a
meeting of the Reunion Committee
on July 10,1:00 : p. m. at this office ,
at which time the program will bo
prepared and published in Gnnsral
Orders , The local committee are
at work and know bow to give the
comrades a royal time on the old
camp ground. Ilurry op your
harvesting and the spring chiokoue ,
and come to ths State Reunion at
Lincoln , Remember the time Au
gust 13 to 18 , The usual low rail
road rates have boon secured.
7 , The attention ot post com
manders is directed to the necessity
of being prompt in forwarding their
reports to the Assistant Adjutant
General , to enable the Department
to make its reports to national
headquarters on time ,
6. The following aide-de-camp
upon the Department Commander's
Staff have been appointed :
David Jack , Peru , Post No , 301. .
W. II. Comstook , WoBOott , Post.f
No. 274.
John Gillaty , Fairburg , Post No
77. -
Will M. Gifford , Lewiston , Post
No. 172.
H. W. Davis , Lincolnt Post No ,
214. f
P. Wymoro , CMlaway , Post No. " * 4i
201. ' '
J.D , Garner , Lincoln , Post No.
And they will bo obeyed and re
spected accordingly , -AH comrades
securing appointment us aids will
report to tbo Assistant Adjutant
General their acceptance , and se
cure their badges from B. P. Cook ,
Assistant Quartermaster General ,
Lincoln , Nob.
By order of JOUN RBKSB , Depart
ment Commander.
Oflioial : JAMIES D. GAGK , Assis
tant General.
L. O. Roblco , who a month ago
bought twelve head of cows of the
Beatrice Creamery Co. received a
letter yesterday from W. W , Mar-
plo complementing him upon the
record his cows are making in but
ter fat. Oi'ly eleven of the twelve
wore giving milk the past month
and eight of the twilvo will bo
fresh before January. But tha
cloven averaged $3,20 per head for
the month. At this rate the twelve
cows , all giving milk which is the
case now , would make $38.40 p2i
month from the cream product
alone , which only laoka 00 cents of
being the price paid per head for
the oows. This is a practical test
of Iho business at.d demonstrates
that it will pay any ono who will
engage in it , and give the business
his personal attention ay Mr. Robleo
is doing. It must bo remembered
that in addition of the butter fat ,
the owner of the cows has the in I
crease of his cows and the milk loft f ,
to use ,
Chief Source of Amber.
Gold of the Baltic sea , as ambor-is
often called , Is found In various places
on the glebe , but nowhere In such ,
abundance as on the shores of the
Baltlo from Memel to Danzig , and
there principally on the coast of tlio
oblong piece of land Jotting out into
the sea between the Kurlsche and the
Frlscho Haff. It Is. In fact , a vege
table product , a fossil gum of a coni
ferous tree , and from tlmo imme
morial It has boon used as a jewel
by many a fair lady.
A Natural Inquiry.
"Papa , " said Tommy Treadway.
"Now , Tommy , " replied Mr. Treadway ,
"I shall answer only ono more ques
tion today. So bo careful what you
ask. " "Yes , papa. " "Well , go on. "
"Why don't they bury the Dead eea ? "
Household Words.
A AVomuu's Discovery.
Isabella "I used to sacrifice myself
for ether people. " Belinda "Doa't
you do it now ? " Isabelle "No , I've
quit It ; p.eoplo seem to lllco mo just as
weH and I know I'm more amiable and
better looking * " Detroit . . _ Free Presa ,
. % * , , , . 4
- - * * - * - * - - * * 4 J