Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, June 28, 1900, Image 1

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'p'Tfe I
M fe ' ill { > A !
I When you teed plai ; > c .
They'll RlTo you warning you will
readily umlumtaiiil if you don't choose to
Ignore It.
lloie are few of the hlnlp ; S
Headache , dizziness aversion to bright
light.Bleepv feeilng while reading blurltig
of objttcts cither at close range or distance ,
frowning or tqulnllng smarting or burnIng - I
Ing sensation In or around the yo ,
fatigue or requirement of ilronxcr light
when readlut ! , dark spots Moating or
bright flashing bcfora the oyce. Thceo
are but few of the many symptoms.
Whoa your eye euggest a visit lo ino I
Ckti assure yon the best glaes and within
Ilia reach of hunan know lego , at modern J
Graduate of Chicago Opthalmlc College.
ififiW ,
This is the season of the
year , farmers should bethinking
thinking of protecting their
crops against bail storms.
The way to do this is to m
take out a policy of insur
ance in the old and reliable
St. Paul Fire & Marino In
aurance Co. of St , Paul ,
Minn. Their company has
been writing Hail Insur
ance for sixteen years and
is thoroughly reliable and jjij
pays cash in case of loss.
Consultation and testamo- ? ? ;
niala free ; patronage eolic- '
ited , % }
W. D. Blackwell , Agent | |
At Farmer's Bank. $
The Latest
- : - Paper
J. G. Haeberle's :
< *
L- '
en 'JJ
0 'JJH
0M H
0 = 3
fnS S W
ft. A
We will furnish the Kansas oitj
Journal and REPUBLICAN for | 1,2J
per year ,
Local Mention.
Dr. T , W. Bass , dentist , Broken
Fresh Saesafrass at ,
Anyone wishing parasols repaired
leave them at A. W. Drako'p.
Fou SALE A thoroubred hereford -
ford bull. WM. FIIKY. tf.
Foil SAbt' Two .good show
oases' W. II. OsnonoK. tf
Pepsin Gum , two packages lor a
Cannon City coal at Diorks
Lumber Co.
Go to Mike Scanlon's Restur-
ant for the best Chinch in town
and confectionery .
Call at Wallace's Restaurant
west side square , for meals or lunch
es , any hour from 5 a. m , to 10 p. m.
Remember that another invoice
of crgans will bo iu this week , iu
oak cases , tico them before buy-
ng. - A.W. DRAKK.
"A thing of beauty is a joy for-
ovcr ; " so are those ihcfouierred at
A. W. Drake's.
Spring is here ! Drink Sassafrass
Tea for your blood.
Call on or write Broken Bow Ab
stract Co. when in need of an ab-
atraot of title. E. Royse abstractor.
Write llayden Bros. , Omaha
Wholesale Supply House for price *
and samples. 2 8 lyr.
New frames and mouldings for
spring trade ; some of the finest ever
shown here ; all at low prices and
some still lower. At A.W. Drake's.
WANTKD Twenty-live letting
ieus. Address combination box
74 , Broken Bow , Neb.
t _ _ _ _
The rain has come ; BO have A.
W. Drake's folding beds. Call and
see them.
Abstracts compiled promptly and
accurately by the Broken Bow Ab
stract Co. E. Royso abstractor.
Those dandy snap locks , poles
and curtains are just in. All sizes
and lengihs at A. W. Dra e' * .
Buy bread tickets at Wallace's
Elesturaut , west side of square and
; et eight loaves of homemade
Dread for 25 cents ,
Do you want a fine table ? Look
at the Wisconsin , ball bearing slides ,
massive carved bracket legs , a child
can open and close it. A.W. Drake.
When in Broken Bow on the
Fourth , drop in and have your
picture taken Cabnets $2 00 per
West side square. It
Gee , Houtz can show some of the
best work of papering done in the
city this spring. If you want a
line pnd economical job of papering
or painting call on Goo. llontr.
Residence west of Catholic church.
Arc you g > ing to buy a buggy for
the 4th of July , if so call on Plin L ,
Motcalf at West Union Nebr. , Ho
has a oaf load and will sell as cheap
as good buggies can be sold. Wo all
so have Surrey's Spring wagons , and
lumber wagons.
Wanted Cattle to 1'astitro.
I have a line [ section of pasture
land and want at leapt 100 head of
cattle to pasture. Plenty of water
and salt guaranteed.
I am in position to sell you tw\nc
for legs money than you c ; n buy it
anywhere. C. S. MARTIN.
All rflnda of work In our line done
promptly and In llret-olaaa order. Red
Shop on the corner , west of the nose
uouio. Give uaa trial.
Notice of Disolutioii.
The co-partnership heretofore
existing1 between E. R. Douglas
and M. L Birney under the lirm
of Douglas and Birney is this daj
dissolved by mutal consent.
Dated June 20th 1900.
E. R. Douglas ,
M. L. Birney.
3t By W. R , Biruey Agent ,
Job printing at this oflioc.
IF. B. Andrews , of Ansolmo , was
a city visitor Monday.
.1 IP. Lindly , of Anselmo , was n
city visitor Tuesday.
,1. A. Harris was n Callaway visi-
tn Tuesday night.
Joe Haofoloand John Rhmohan' ,
ol Mo Kinloy , wcro oity visitoim
J. J. Wilson is again at home
afi < r spending several weeks at
( Jin ilia on the Grand Jury.
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Smith loft
Mi nday morning for their now bbrao
in California.
Mrc. E. G.Vato of Alliance was
an east bound passougor Tuoday
Tuesday was the hottest day of
the season. The thermometer
registered from 103 to 10S in the
Frank Cozad , of Now Ilolenan
wan a friendly caller at this oflico
Tuesday. Ho reports a good raiu
in his vicinity u week ago.
Holiday rates via the Burlington
Route , July 3 and 4 between Hta-
tions not more than 200 miles dis
Holiday rates via the > Burliagtou :
Route July 3 and 4 botwcon sta
tions not more than 200 miles dis
Holiday : atcs via the IBurlington
Route July 3 and 4 between flta-
lions not moro than 200 miles dis
tance ,
The Jndgo dismissed the jury
Tuesday evening as nU the jury
cases ready for trial were disposed
G. II. Turner of Kansas "City was
in town the first of the week looking
after the interests of his farm , Diorks
Lumber Co.
J. G. Painter , one of the princi
pal founders of the alhanco move
ment in this cotmty has a conxmunij.
oation in this istuu in defense of the
The eleventh annal reunion of the
old settlers of tba north west quarter
of the county will b ) held at Merna
July llth. See program in thip
Walter Wood , manager and oat'.le
s .lesman for Wood Bros , of South
Omaha was doing business in the
oity several > daya and visiting with
his many trieuds here to doy.
The case against C. E. JonoH of
Ansley , instituted by the Omaha
Cattle Co. oamo up forlast week but
WBB dismissed for want of prosocu-
lion. The oomphuug witness failed
lo put in an appearance ,
Col. E. P. Savage , Chas. Nicolai ,
Air. Phillips , manager of Diorks
Lumber Co. of Sargent , Mr. Cornell
of Ord spent several days in the
city , attending court last week , and
ihia. They returned homo Tues
Frank Doan , wlm for some rime
has tilled the portion of delivery-
min in J. C. Bowou's store has lieen
promoted lo the position of sales
man to succeed G. G. Duffiold re
signed and John Lyle has succeed
ed Dean on the delivery.
The trial in th't CBFO of Peter
Rapp and Fred "Ouinmingswhich "
was commenced this icrra of court ,
was continued , own ng to the lack
of important ovidonoc , which oould
not bo produced at HUH session.
11. K. Duftiold , a bc-nrd of Irado
broker at Chicago wari robbdd ol
$5&.000 Tuesday. He was oa the
street car on bis way to the 'bunk
to deposit his moaey when ha was
rtliived. The thoic is Huppoaed to
bo the work of a profosaioual pick
Dr , Clinton l > - jr left Monday
morning on a visio to Inn L'ormnr
homo in Wisconsin. While ho is
gone ho will try and induoa parties
who want to Hnd > < . good < duiry nnd
dtook country to como to Custer
county and invent vhero nature
provides feed of the best qualities.
Wo are informed by a rtioiaber ol
the committee who has u'hargo ol
the businosB.mon'tt p.ivaco < on the 4tb
of July that most of -merchants
have promised to have their busi
ness represented in thu parade.
This is as it should be , .Every onu
whoso business willndmit of it owes
it to the oity , the visitor as well as
hunsolf to inako xho beat display
possible for the occasion. It wil
bo an advertiscmout ior IILH business
as well as evidence of the < nterpriso
of the business men of BrojKon Bow.
WANTUD. A good man for two
months on my ranclic at Dunn
ing. Iv. II , JKWKTT.
1 itfmd leaving this piano on
or about Ang 1 t and wish to Invo
allpattioH indobf'd to nui t" > all and
settle by Aup. loth without fuither
notice , ai y paities having claims on
mo will please present * amo for pay
ment F. M. SllAISlMC.
KourlH Ol July. 1900.
Fare and one third for the round
trip. Tickets on sale July 3rd
and 4th , good for return until
July 5th , TJOO , between all points
not over 200 miles distant.
II. L. Osmsby , Agent
A Good Thing.
Our Great-Grandmother' garrets
containing the same herbs of all
healing found in Karl's Clover root
too. They gave our ancestor
Htrength , kept the blood pure , end
will do tie | , same for you If you say
no. Price 25 els. and 50 els. Sold
by H. G. Haeborlo.
FARM FOR SALK : At Upton ,
100 acres cf peed farm land , 80
acres in cultivation cud the rest
fenced in pasture , with three wires.
Good four room , sod house ; corn
crib and grainory , each 12x1(5 ( feel ,
connected ; stable and chicken
house oto. For particulars call on
JJ. . Snyder , Broken Bow , or
Stephen wUcox , on premises.35-3rn
Horse Stolen.
From my pasture Monday nig-lit
: wo miles southeast of Broken
Bow a bay mare , in fine working-
order , heavy mane and tail , wire
cut on left fore snouldcr , heavy
juilt , weight about 1100 pounds.
Information leading- her recov
cry will be thankfully received.
Hip ! Ilipl Hurrah let the Amer
ican eagle howl his beautiful
notes to tell you that J. C. Bower.
is still in the grocery business amj
that he extends an invitation to
one and all to make their head
- their lunch bas-
quarters. Bringtheir -
tets , their kids , best girl and cct.
[ Plenty of room for all.
North Side ,
Broken BowNcbr.
At the home of the bride near
Georgetown Nebr. Alvin II. Said
and Mhs ItaleeBryson , June 17th
1900. May success and happiness
be their lot through life' .
At the residence of E. D.
Eubank. SamuehD. Myers and
Miss Edna EIlarnet June 26th
1900. May joy and prosperity
crown their lives.
At the residence of the bride's
parents near Wcissert Nebr. on
June 24th 1'JOO , Mr. Ross D.
Picket to Miss Lydia E. Hilton ,
Rev. L. L. Epley officiating1.
The groom is well known in Cus
ter county , being the son of Dr.
J. I. Pickett , until receantly , for
many years one of Broken Bow's
leading physicians. The bride
is the daughter of one of our suc
cessful farmers , an old settler near
Weissert. The young couple
start in life with bright prospects
and the best wishes of many
friends. Among many presents
were the lollowing : Organ , Mr
and Mrs.David Hilton ; Lace Cttr-
tainsMr. ; and Mrs R.D Campbell ,
bowl and pitcher , George and
Leonard Hilton ; glass set , Fran
cis Hilton : berry spoon , Miss Cora
Pickett , Kokomo Ind ; check
for $10 , Lee Pickett. The happy
couple will make their home fit
Central City where the groom is
Professor of Commerce in the
Friend's College.
U. 11 , CIIUKCH.
Sunday July 1st , morning sub
ject "Divine Providence , " Even
ing subject "Lesson of Independ
ence , " Rev. L. L , Epley Pastor.
The U. B. S. S. rendered an ex
cellent ? program last Sunday even
ing. The program was entitled
"Lifes Golden Keys" and waswell
rendered by the children to a
crowded house. The church was
beautifully decorated and the
evening was profitable and enjoy
able. The S. S. is one of the live
liest in tho. city and the children
deserve much praise for the way
they worked and helped in the
The difference of cost between a
good and a poor baking powder
would not amount for a family's
supply to one dollar a year.
The poor powder would cost
many times this in doctors' bills.
Royal Baking Powder may cost a little
more per can , but it insures perfect ,
wholesome food. In fact , it is more
economical in the end , because it goes
further in leavening and never spoils
the food.
Royal Baking Powder used always
in making the biscuit and cake saves
both health and money.
You cannot , If you value peed health , afford
to use cheap , low-grade , alum baking pow
ders. Thejr nre apt to spoil the food ; they
do endanger the health. All physicians will
tell you that alum in food is poisonous
- . . - , P
.v1898 ; model , Columbins and Eft"ftV
' [ i glen at 33 1-lt per cunt discount. / ? /
y'iV I'Imeo wtioclH are not ebon worn
'ft. .ml k. . . . . mnri
elded to go to the University ol
: f.tiitNp.brnpkniU'XLyciir nnd am overf r *
.yi' ( sleeked with second linud hioy- if
-Sj clea. Thuso wheels lnivo 5/
. ! ; ' bpcn gone over carefully , :
iff ; uvery bearing oleum d ffij ;
( * n"d ndjiutcdi nil misaing or > ' ? 7 :
i , broken jiurtB rcplnced , nnd tlmJf. . }
.ytj'j franirs rt-oiiitnuiU'd , three coats : > ; ' , ' ;
iSg biUcd on 6uiuo n nt i'noturv , Sty
: , * ' : ' ) ( itul rubbed down by bund. 4r.
: * ' ? ' . TIIPBO MO "Good < H now. " .vrf : !
{ , Prices from 5 to 20 dollars. : /
.f ; Colubrato the -Uli r , Uroki-n r ; i
. * ! ? ' . Bow nnd call nnd HOC tUcau bur.V ; ; . :
is ! ; Rlna. Kdwin F. Myers , .I'l ? ] }
CB , Sundries L : ? :
nnd rL'pnirlug ,
m , . . . „ „ , . . . . . . , j
Not ln
OnTueHduy Mis Hnnglnnd received
word that her son Ames , wbo was a
nicnibor of the 1st Montnnnii raiment
was drowned In the Yellow Stone river
InBt Thurtdiiy Slio received nnoibor
lutter yesterday from the liisi Sergeul
of Co , C. of tba former regiment stating
that thii report wan false aud that her
son lett on the d y ho wna rt'poitcd for
S. D. Buiolior of li alert , went to
Omaha the tirrtt of thu week to make
arrangemenin lor yelling oul ihe
piospeotus for his Pioneer hislory
ol Ciialer county.
John Pornii1 , Snpt. of tlio county
poor hum wan a city vihitor Satur
day. llu reports the crops line on
the farnj. The pinill grain aH well
an the oorn nnd potatoes are in ex
cellent shape.
Gee G. Dullield who for the past
year or two lias HO i-fliiuionlly Tilled
the position of head clerk in J. C\
Howen's grocery Btoro left Tuesday
morning for Denver where he ex
pects to louato permanently. We
understand Mr. Dntlield haH a lu-
ciativo pouition awaiting him.
Lecture to young men in the
Baptiht church next Sunday at 8
o'clock p. m. A cordial invitation
is extended to everybody tb attend.
The Rev. S. W. Richards will
uommonce a HorieH of lectures to
young people in the Baptist church
next Sunday at 8 o'clock p. in. The
sorieH will contain tin following
Htibjeote : "True Manhood' " "Ad
vice to young ladies. " "Tho A
dornmonta of Character. " "Happy
Homes and how to make them"
Ifivorybody cordially invited to at
tend these loutnroH.
Foit SALK Three year old whit *
faoo bull,8ovon good yourg cow # ,
two Htcer calves.
Thet Sons and Daughters of
Protection will ine'ct Friday night
June 29th to elect officers , After
thin the'will meet the first Fri
day of each month.
'J'raln ' Ilobory.
This morning passengcJ trait *
No 41 was entered by three men
between Aurora and Grand Island
who took the conductor in charge
and went through the sleepers and
held up the passengers. Thujr
secured $180. When their work
was completed they left the traiu.
No clew.
Ama Amsberry has been rocke
ted teacher at Dunning for the en
suing 3Tcar.
F M. Curnc of Sargent wasja
visitor iu the city yesterday.
Mrs R Robinson and chil *
< lrenof Grand Island arc visiting"
with Mr Robinson's parcutsMr &
Mrs John Robinson.
K.V. . Baker of Ouster Confer
who has 200 acres in wheat and at *
much more in corn rcpoits hia
crops looking line.
Born To Mr and Mrs M. J.
Johnson , yesterday , in this city a
ten pound boy. Airs Johnson 19
at the home of her father , J J.Sny
'J ho attendance at Children's Day
HH'vicu at Burr Oak Presbyterian
church on Sunday was an overflow.
The offerings for Sunday school
work were ihe largut-t over taken.
Taylor Flick has moved a
building onto his -lot west of
Woods' furniture store. He 13
having a foundation laid for an ,
addition which when finished will
make a fine store.
j\'r. ' L. Cushman , two nu I en
south east of lowu had a valuable
IIOTHO stolen from his pasture Mon
day night. "Ed Wyeit who gave
the Khun IT thu slip that evening , it
is thought decided it easier to
ndo than to walk.
Goo. Mulvaney and Mies Haiti-
Spencer , of Mason City , wore mar
ried Wednesday of last week , ROT.
J. II , Woods ofliciating. The bride
for sevpril years has been one of
successful teachers of Ouster county
and is highly respected. The groom
has almost grown up in Ouster
county. Ho is the youngest son of
Mr. and Mrs. John Mulvaney , of
Mason and enjoys the esteem of all
who know him. The RHPUHUOAN
joins with ihoir many friends in
extending congratulations ,