Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 24, 1900, Image 5

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    Jlns n full line of
Drugs , Paints and Wall Paper.
Also a Fine Line of Books , Stationery , Toilet Articles , etc , Store on
corner of Fifth avenue and Main street , Broken Bow , Neb.
CHAB. K. FUKD , I'rctldcnt , Omahn , Neb II. 0 , HOOKHS , Cofhlcr , Ilrokcn now.
J. it , KIMUEIiLING , Vlcrrci , Uroken How. B. It. 1IUYT , ABB'I Caehlur
uiuKCTong :
Chai. E , Ford. J. M. Klmborllng. S. II. Hoyt. H. G. Kogera. V. 11. Caldwgll
Make a specialty of loaning money on cattle.
r EL WANT to say to th °
W Public that our health
is fairly good , and hav-
inf > luid aside our winter clothes ,
taken oil our high collar and
with our eyes turned in the di
rection of businopri. We are
1 t i ready ta serve our customers with the boat of LUMBER , LATHS ,
I POSTS , in faot * ANYTUING usually kept in n FIRST CLASS
LUMBER YARD. We make our own SHINGLES and we know
t'aey are GOOD. We have the FINEST SCREEN DOORS of the
Season. PRICES ! WELL THEY ARE LOW. Oh pay I Try our
$4.00 COAL for cooking. Remember
I Once Was Lost , but How I Have
Found It.
Where ? At my door. At the Eagle Grocery. What in the
world is it , my dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a mammoth -
moth stock ef Groceries ; and at the lowest prices you ever
hoard of. The Eagle has been reading the papers and keep
ing pested on what was being offered for sale. They don't
say anything about Terbacker and Candy , and other good
things like that , tt is not pickle dishes you want now , it is
Candy. The Eagle has 2,000 pounds oi candy for sale cheap ,
iistmas committees are invited to call and get my prices.
. .member the place , on the big corner , jnst east of First
. S. SWAN , Proprietor.
Equality , Economy , Security , jtljj ;
'I he true teit for Llfe Inmirance ID
found In the Equity of the Contruct ,
thi Economy of ManBgemeut'tmd tlio
Security for thejl'ayment.
Bankers Life Association ,
Iowa. 'i
Orgonlrcd.July.let , 1879.
Guaranty Fnnd for > nfoty. ;
Harplai Fund for protection.
I Supervised hy 3.C80 depository Imnks
Becarltleg deposited with the , etuto X. * , :
Conservative Neb.'i
Preferred HUiLow Hatca
Quarterly I'uymente.
For ratci and fnll Information , call
on or.addross
Agent for Onetcr County , Nub
Ofllco at FuriuerH Hunk of Cut > er
County , Broken liow , Neb.
WANTKD Several persons for
DiHtriul OlHoo Managers in thin
state to reproHcnt me in their own
and Hurronuding oountioH' Will ,
ing to pay yearly $000 , payable
weekly. Desirblo employment with
undual opportuitioe. KuferenueH
exchanged. Enclose Holf-addrcsocd
Htar/ped onvelopo. S. A , Park ,
820 Caxtcu Building , Chicago.
Worse Than War
Hundreds are killed in war. but
hundreds of thousands are killud by
consumption. There would bo no
deaths at all caured by this terrible
disease. If people could bo made
to understand that Sliiloh'a Cou li
and Consumption euro in a Hiiro
cure remedy if taken in the early
Htages. 2f > otH. , 50 ots. and # 1.00 a
bottle. Druggists will return the
money if a euro is not affected.
Tor Hatching.
Cboico bard Plymouth Rook eggs
for sale at $1 per fifteen. Two
settingH $1.75. Two miles west of
city , W. M. VANNICK ,
tf Broken Bow , Nob.
STKAYBD A bay pony with throe
white feet and white stripe in face
hail on a blue web halter ; weight
about 850 pounds. W.D. GBANT.
COLT STKAYKD From my prem
ises heveral weeks aye a lignt bay ,
with white hind legs below knees ,
coming yearling. Information of
him will be appreciated.
IsThibrialn Enough ]
If you have a nagging cough and
are losing ilesh , go to a drug store ,
and f.-ct a bottle of Shiloh's Con
sumption Curo. Take two thirds
of it , nnd than , if you are not bone-
tittod , return the bottle to the
druggist , and he will return youi
money. Isn't that fair ? No one
could ask more. 25uts. , 50cts. and
* 1 00 a bottle. Sold by II. G.
Itiihliols ot Money.
Thrown away by women annually
in the purchase of cosmetics , lotiont
aud powders , none of which ovei
accomplis its objcut. Beauty de
pends on healthy blood aud good
digestion , such as Karl's Clovoi
Root Tea guarantees you for 25cis
and 50cta. per package. Take it
and wo guarantee your complexion
Nothing Like It.
You should remoinboi that no
otiior medicine > like Shiloh'ri Con
suptioii Cure in any respect. '
other remedies have failed to relieve
your cough or cold , that is all the
more reason why you should try
Shiloh's. Always bold under i
positive guarantee. If it does no
help you , the druggist must givi
back your money. 25ots. , 50ots
and $1.00 a bottle.
Lincoln , Denver ,
Omaha , Helena ,
Chicago , Unite ,
St. Joseph , Portland ,
Kansas City , Halt I.nko City ,
St. Louie , and all Ban Francisco ,
points eait aud sooth. and all points west ,
Mo. 4U-Vestlbultd cxpreti dftlly , Lincoln , Otna *
ha , St. Joseph. Kansas City , St. Louis , Chit
cage and all pilots enstiood south 1094 pm
No. 44 Local express dally , Lincoln , Omaha ,
Ht. Joseph , Kaiisoa City , Ht , Louis , ChlcaKO
and all polnta east and south . . . . .0120 am
No. 40 F.eight dally , Ha\onnn , Grand Island ,
Aurora , Sowardand Lincoln 6oOam
No , IS Freight , dally except Sunday , Itaveuna
and intermediate points , . 1 C6 pm
No. 41 Veatlbnlod express dally , Helena , Beat-
tie , Unto , Portland and all Paclflc Coait
polnU 414am
No. 43-Local express dally , Black llllls and
Intermediate points 463pm
No , 46 Freight dally , Anielmo , Haliey , Bencca ,
Whitman aud Alliance 1068am
No. 47 Freight , dally except Sunday , Seneca
ana Intermediate points l3bpm ;
Sleeping , dining and reclining chair car ( Boats
free ) on through trains. Tlckoa told and bag-
gage chocked to any point In thi United States
ana Canada.
No. 48 has merchandise cars Tuesdays , Thurs
day and Saturdays.
No. 46 will carry passengers for Auselmo , IIal
ley , Seneca , Whitman and Alliance.
No , 40 will carry passer gora for Ilavouns
Grand Island , Scvrard and Lincoln.
Information , maps , time tables and ticket
call OB or wrUo to II. L. Ormsby , agent , or J
I'raucli , O. P. A. , Omahv , Nebraska.
II. L. OnMsar , Aeent.
Pouch for west will close at H p. 111 , , oxcspt
unday when It will close at 7pm ,
Poach , cast for train No. 4J olosos at 5.30 a in
nd foi No. 44 closes nt , 11 a m. Mail for Ansley
nd points oust of Grand laluud c rrlud ou train
No. 44.
Oconto jla , of Ityuo and Tuckervllle , dally ox-
opt banday cloeea , at 7 a in : returuluR eumo day
Ctillawiy via , Alc'Kluley dally except jjunday
loses at 7 a m , returning eanio day.
Kound Valley via Grein and Elton close at 7 a
in , Mouday , Wednetdy aud Fridays , rctnrnlng
alto day.
Sunnier via Gurnsoy , Guurgetowu and Upton
rrrlvosatll 'M , Tnueduy Tnursday aud batur-
ay , returning leavci nt 18,30 eamo day.
Olllci hours from 8.00 H in to 8.00 u m Sun-
ay 8.30 to 0.80 a. m. Lobby open week days from
umtoSpiu L. U. JBWKTT , PM.
The Way to go to California.
la in a tourist Blooper , personally con
ducted. via tte iturlltiRton Konte.
1'ou dent , cliango cars. "You make fast
Imo. You eee the finest scenery on
tbo globe.
Your car is not as expensively fur-
ntBiiud us a place sleeper , but it Is juat
as clean , just as comfortable , just as
good to ride in and nearly $ 20.00
stieaper. It naa wide vestibules ;
'in tech gass hltfu back seats ; a unformed
'ullmau porter ; oleau bedding ; epacions
oilet rooms , tables and beating range.
iioiDg strongly aud heavily built , It
rides smoothly ; It is warm in winter and
cool In summer.
In chnngo of each excursion party is an
experienced excursion conductor who
accompanies it right through to Lose
'Jars leave Omahn , St. Joseph ,
jliieulu and llnstings every Thursday
nrrivluK San Frauclpco tolluwing Sun-
lay , LOBB Angeles Mouday. Only three
dnya from Missouri River to the Pacific
Joast , including two stop-overs of 1 %
lours at Denver and 2 } hours at Salt
. .aku City , two of the moat Interesting
Itles on the continent ,
For folder giving full Information ,
all at any Burlington Houte ticket
Illce , or write to , J . FJUNCIS-
Gon'l. Pass. Agt. , Omaha. Nob.
May 15 , June 5 and 10 , all points
a Indian Territory , Oklahoma Tern-
ory , Texas uud many points in Arizona ,
Arkansas , Louisiana and Now Mexico ,
it rate ol one fare plus two dollars for
he round trip.
Washington , B.C. , May 2 ? and 24 ,
000. Annual meeting Ancient Arabic
irder , Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ; tick
ets on sale May 10 and 20 , one fare plus
wo dollars for tbo round trip.
National Baptist Societies Anniversar *
es , Detroit , Mich. , may 23 29 ; tickets
on sale may 21 and 23 , one faro plua two
dollars for the round trip.
Annual moetlng German Baptists ,
mnkurde , Motth Manchester , Ind. , May
29 , June 8 ; tickets on sale May 28 and
29 ; one fare plus two dollars for the
round trip.
Biennlul meeting General Federation
Women's Clubs , Milwaukee , \Vls. , June
4-8 ; tickets on aale Juno 2 and 3 , ono
fare plus two dollars for the round trip.
People's Party National Convention ,
Sioux Falls , S D. , May 9 ; tickets on sale
miy 7 and 8 , one fare for the round trip ,
tickets good for return until may 14.
Nebraska Sl l G. A.K , Encampment ,
Ueatrice , Neb. , may 9 and 10. Tickets
on eale may 8 and 9 , ono furo for the
round trip , good for return until tnny ID
Ge teral assembly of the Presbyterian
church in U.S. , St. Loua , iuay 17 tu 31 ,
tickets on sain may IB , 10 , 17 and 22 ,
ono faro plus two dollars and tlfty cents
for the round trip , tickets good for rwturu
until Juno 2.
Burlington Iloute
Through Sleeping Cars to San
No cuaugea-no delays-no ehanuo
of tumping connoutions-if yon go to
California via the Burlington Route.
The Burlington runs through sleeq.
ing cars Omaha , Lincoln and Has
tings , to Salt Lake City and San
Francisco , daily.
Dining cars all the wey. Library
cars west of Ogdeii , Finest suouery
in the world.
See nearest Burlington ticket
agentor write 3. Francis , Q. P. A. ,
Omaha , Nebraska.
Gold At upo Nome.
If you want Information about the Cape
Nome country , bow to get there and
what It costs , write toj. Francis Gen
eral Passenger Agent , B & M R R R In
Nebraska , Oinaba 13
Burlington Route California Uxcurtloni
Cheap ; quick ; comfortable.
Leave Omahn 4:35 : p. in. Lin-
doln 0:10 : p. in. and llantingB 8:50 :
p. m. every Thursday , in clean ,
modern , not crowded touriHt sleep-
era. No transfers ; cars runright
through to Sun Francisco and Los
Angeloa over the Scenic Route
through j Denver and Salt Lake City.
Cars are carpeted ; upholstered in
rattan ; have spring seats nnd backs
and are provided with curtains ,
bedding I , towlos , soap , otu. Uni
formed f porters and experienced ex
cursion conductors accompany each
excursion , relieving passengers of
all bother about baggage , pointing
out sbjootH of interest and in many
other ways helping to make the
overland trip a delightful oxpor.
ionoo. i Second class tickets are
honored. Berths $5.
For folder giving full informa
tion , call at nearest Burlington
Route ticket office , or write to J.
Francis , general passenger nagont
Omaha , Nob.
Wo Have Added
to our shop a full line of wood work
ing machinery , and therefore would
ask a part of your patronage in this
line , in which we can save you
money. Also nsk carpenters and
contractors to lot us do their job
work , such us planing , ripping ,
scroll work , in fact everything that
is done in a first class job shop. In
our old line wo are upto-dato.
Wind Mills.
Wo carry all standard grades.
Wo carry a full and complete stock
of all styles. In pipe and well
material wo always have it'at the
lowest possible price. Fittings and
brass goods , hose , belting , tanks ,
feed grinders , horse powers , in faot
everything that belongs to our
trade. We carry in stock thu
for pumping or power. Also second
end hand gasoline engines , Hteam
engines in which wo can give you a
bargain. In hydraulio and casing
wells we have the belt aud quickest
machinery that is manufactured in
this day and age of the world , aud
can guarantee our work in this line.
Yours Very Rosp'y ,
f DK Shilohs
Cough and
( pnsumption
. 1 qnestlc
most successful Cough Medi
cine ever known to science ; n
tew doses Invariably cure the
worst cases of Cough , Croup
and Bronchitis , while Its won
derful success in the cure of
Consumption ii without a p&r-
nllel in the history of medicine.
Since ita flrut dlbcovery It has
been sold on n guarantee , a
test which no other medicine
can utand. If you have a
Cough , vre earnestly sk you
to try It. In United States and
Canada Ste. , 60c. and $1.00 , and
in Kncland IK. 2d. , ite. 3d. and
. . _ .
< ffa
Sold by H. G. Haeborle.
Try Wilson Bros , for all kinds
of herd aud soft ooal , and see if
they do not merit auoh favors in
quality , weights and price. tf.
Free Complexion Hcuuttlfler
Wo want every lady reader of the
REPUBLICAN to try D wight's Com
plexion BoautjGor , the moat exqui-
Hito toilet preparation. It is pure
and harmluHflmakes tbo face smooth
as velvet and fair as alabaster. To
induce a fair trial of it we will for
a short time only Bend FRICK a ful
si/.o , Fifty cent box to every lady
who will Pond us her post office ad
driHH silver dime to pay for packing
and postage. Only one KUUK box to
each address but ladies may order
for their friends. Each box mailoc
separately. Send this notice ant
your order at ONCE to D. W. CUBTKB
&Co. , Huntington W. Va.
'Write InoIoBinfftbtaftd.kndrXJo and we
will wend you Uil beautiful ilaiidollno
ly oiprnsi , C. 0.1) . eubjoct to cxiuilna- :
tlnn. If fount * exactly as ruprosuntod
you can pay the express iiRcnt our Sl'Kd'
1 M > OKFBR price , 8.00 lews tbo 60 cents ,
or $5.60 and express charges. This la a
regular 915 00 Instrument , solid rosewood
body , fancy pearl and ebony cbeckurud
cdKO , beautiful pearl tuturlly guard
plattroM vToodflnRerDoardBndnlcViltail
pli'ce. You can have either a Mandoline ,
Write for VR13B musical Catnlocue.
i , ' A. Uoipo , Onmliit , Neb
T mill l. irnnliy H'nllio
Krcn" * ' '
I'verputon nil lulu
Ho III UMTjulierw. Miulo liy
HTANI > AIlll Oil. CO.
J , J , SNYDER ,
Notary Public , -
ud Jnttlc * ot the Peace. Special attention clr-
n to collections. Deposition * taken , prnslon
onchen neatly aircutcd and all kinds or lognl
spars nrtten , Ufllro west sldn rqnaro ,
Droken llpw , Nub ,
Lund Counter ,
Er M alloy , Prop'r.
All kinds' if ttoft drinko. Host
> rand of cigars. 1st building cant
of Fartnort'banK.
J M.Scott
Attorney at Law
Wm. F. Hopkins ,
Plans and Spoclllcntlons on abort notice. Mn
orlal fui ntshod and buildings completed ohoapci
an any man In tliu state. SatlAfikCtlou guaran
od as to pUns nnu vpocldcatlonB.
Dr. E. M. Hogan ,
Graduate Dentist
Olllco over W. 8.Swan's Orooery store.
Broketi Bow , - Neb.
Clinton Day ,
Broken Bow , Neb.
Olllco over Hyoreon'a grocery. Kooly
once UUi houao west of Baptist church.
W , A. THOM 'SON ,
and oBtltnntofl' short no-
ico. Broken How , Nob.
Dr. Chas. L. Mullins ,
2d stairway from wont endin Realty
block ; residence , 3rd west J\l. E.
church , some side of Htroot.
tronn 8 U Itoalty block , llrokon How , Noli.
"We bare three children. Before the
birth of the last one my wife used four bottles
tles of MOTHER'S FRIEND. If you had the
pictures of our children , you could see nt
a glance that the last one
s healthiest , prettiest and
finest-looking : of them all
My wife thinks Mother's
Friend is the greatest
and grandest
remedy in the
world for expect
ant mothers. "
Written by a Ken
tucky Attorncy-at
prevents nine-tenths of the
suffering Incident to child
birth. The coming mother's
disposition and temper remain unruffled
throughout the ordeal , because this relax
ing , penetrating liniment relieves the
usual distress. A good-natured mother
Is pretty sure to have a good-natured child.
The patient Is kept In a strong , health/
condition , which the child also inherits.
Mother's Friend takes'a wife through the
crisis quickly and almost painlessly. II
assists In her rapid recovery , and wards
off the dangers that so often follow de
Sold by drugelsta ( or $1 a bottle.
Send for our free Illustrated book written
expressly for expectant mothers.
Convention Dates
Itcpubllcuu National Convention nt Philadel
phia Juno IV ,
1'op State Convention Grand Island Jnuo i.7 ,
Fusion Btnto Contention Lincoln July 0.
Democrats National Contention Kantag City
An Important
"Did you ever hear of St. Dun-
tan ? " aaketl the man who was chewIng -
Ing his lead pencil. "St. Uunstan ? "
What WRB mere so remarkable about
him ? " "What was there remarkable
about St. Dunstan ? Why , great Scott ,
man , don't you know that his nama la
the only thing In the English language
thnt furnishes a rhyme for 'Funston'I"
Washington Star.
tf. S. Land Ollice ,
AMK3 WHITE UK A * , - Ko a'to
F. H , YOUNG , . . . -
Notice IH hereby gtfon ( list ( ho following
nnincil collier tin * 111 ml notice of lit. ' Intention tc
nmko Iliml proof In capinirt of bit clnlm , niul ttint
unlil proof will bo rnailo lioforo County Judge nt
llrokcn llnw , Nobrnrka , on Jnno Id , 1900 , vM :
Totcr 0 Moltcrcon , It. i ; . No. 10)10 , fur Ilia tioU
new cc US , eH ok e > 4 110)4 ) nc. HI , town H ,
rnnjfnSl W.
8(10 ( immo.t tliu following wltncs ti" > j 'ore hi"
continued toplilmica niion and cnltlvnllon of § ld
Iflnil , vie : JCIlon wlmlen , KiUnrd Wlmlcn1
Christian Choruftiil , Kuguiiu .T. HoMlttn , nil-of
Uconto , Nub. URO. K. FHKNUI , Hogliter.
In the DlMrlct Court of CnR'or comity , Nebraska.
Hlclor do Skinner , I'liilnllir ,
v . ,
ItoBfinim Skinner , Defendant.
Btnto of Nobrnskn , I
Cimtor County , ( BB > .
To Hojnnun Mdmior , non roMdcnt defendant.
Yon nrn licrobv nnUlloil tint ou the 14th day ol'
April , 1000 , Kldorndo Skinner filed a potltlou
K Int yea In the District Court of Castor Co. ,
obriuku , tbo object and prayer Of which B ld
petition iiro to obtain a dlrorco from yon on tlm
ground tli it you liuvo wilfully nbnndonid tlio
plaintiff without Just C UHU for tbo turmof nioro
tlmn two JOIUB iiul pant.
You urn required to HIISWIT rnld petition ou ot
before Monday , tin .Will dny ot liny , 11)10.
Utttod IM Klb liny of April , HMD.
lly Cltitter ou , bin Attorney.
Notko to non rcMJcn * . dufomUnt. .
To Matlldn Zoeruyou urn bvreby nollUml Unit
on the lilnt day of April 1000 , 1'hlllp Zoorb lllod a
petition a iilni't vnu In tliu dlttilct court of Cm- ,
lor county Nebraska , lh object ntid prayur of
wtilch nro tooblnlii dhnrcn from ) on on tliu
Krouiidi that you willfully dlirt'Knfdud tbo wiir-
rlaKO contract mid retired to llvo with ptalntlir
MU | wan utility of cruel trmtmunt of plalntlll by
culling him vllu and wlcl d mimes without any
cmist ) or provocation on part of plalntltf. You
are retnilrunl to nusuur mild petition on or be
fore Monday tliu 18th dny of Junu 1UUI\
E. U'SoiiWiNU and N. T. QADU Ally's for 1'lff.
In thudUtrlct court of CiiHturcouuty , Nebrniku
John K. CAVOIIOO , 1'lnlutllT , )
T . >
Hells Cfivonco , ot l , Do'eiuloiu )
Notice In hen by glrtm , that In puraunnce ot an
order iiinile and onltirod in the nbo\e ontlltud
cniiio , by the hotiornblo Hoiuor At. Siilllvnn ,
JuilKunt the Dlxtrlcl court In and for ( Jimler
county. Nobrnekn , on tbu3Ut , dnyot March 1000.
the undi r IKI id lloftroo duly nppulntud and
qtltlllK'd In valil cnucu IIH required hy law , mid by
\ Irtuu of mid order HO imulo by nuld Court , will
otTer for PHIU at public Yondue. nt the cant front
ilnurof HID foiirt UoiiHeln thu City of llrokfu
How , CiiBtor Connlv. Nebraska , on Saturday the
10th day of Junu IUOU nt Dm hour of two o'clock
p. in. of puld day , thu following dOBcrllxidroul
tutu , Toull. ' 1 ho Norlh-oiiBt Qtiiirtor ( N. K. i < )
of Section Thirty flvo ( itt ) Townnhlp Fourteen
(14) ( ) North of lituiKO. Tuenty ( A ) ) weal nt ttio Gib ,
p. in , Kltutitod In ( JiiPtor county , Nebraska.
Thu torniH of raid sale IIH Uxeil hy llni nuld order -
dor of mild court , are for ciieli Dntod thin Dili
day of May IIHX ) , 6-10. '
\V A. GEOIUIK. ) .
Dun Wooiwtirr , > Itufcrcoi. ,
I'liim-F. UAWPIU.LL )
Open \Vell Motlcc.
To John Welch or whom U may concern. You
are hereby notified that tbure in an open * oil on
thu iunrt ] r poctlon , In the niiiiio of John Welch ,
on ruction II tp. 1ft IKO. 'M west lit CUBtur coun
ty Nebr. In n nd ( llHtrict No 1 of ( Jnster townnlilp
You to further nctlllud to llll or cniifo mild welt
to bo HcCiiruly ( uvvred within the next 110 days
afterdate of thl notice , it not the Bald well will
bulilllud and LOH'ofHHiiuonurK ) d according 16
law.Datul May UJrd 101)0. )
6-ai-lt W K.OWKN , Iload OverBcor.
Well Notice.
To Henry Keller or whom It may concern you
are hereby notified tlntt tin opnu well on quarter
section , In tlm niiino of Henry Kullar , section 11
touiifihlp lf > rmmu " 1 west In Custer county
NebniMkn , In road district Mo onu of Uusler
toNMiHlnii You nru further notlflu'l ' to ill ! or
cause mild well In bo cocurulj covered within 3lt
days after the ilato of thlK not Int. It not , thu
chid well Wll be tlllei ) nnd coat ot game charged
according to liuv.
Ditted May UJrU 1900. . .
li-UI It \V. K. OWKN , lloud Ovcrioor.
( her own * lrotlouto trtraukncrtl > r. Dtnutlful co > -
ortvl lllhoifr > ph il plitni and IIIu tlnlloiin. UrtKlnat.
UUit , arllitlo , axiiulillo unj itrlctljup to date i ! lfni.
fircnnmklncc conomlei , f noy work , liouubulii hlnU ,
thqrt itorlM , ourrtnt lopln. eto. Hubicrlbe to dar.
Jaljr Mo. jaulj. y OKIIHI w toted , liouil for tntat ,
, mlvf . trfrls unit llttln children. That c < < r-
itjlliili"cklu"rlTi > cl not nilHlni Jly tli n o of nr
patterns. iUvnuo cxiuul lontjloiiiid pcrfrct Uu
L 4 . ) .
L i -r- * I'-r ' isx
KiiEllHh Orewt Hugwr Kntori. ,
In 18G1) ) the English consumed , on
the average , forty-two pounds of sugar
per capita annimlly. says the Forum.
Thul thla Is euouRh 'or cither health or
reasonable onjoymcnt Is proved by the
fuel that few peoples uco co much to
day. For example. In 1S9C Itnly con-
Biinu'd 7.19 poundB per capita ; Spain ,
12.67 pounds ; Austria-Hungary , 1C.84
pounds , Belgium , 22.8 pounds ; Ger
many , 27.14 pounds , and Franco , 28 > 24
potinda. In the United States , where
tlio use of sweets IH suid to be-lnju-
rlotibly excessive , only thirty-ftve
pounds per capita wore consumed In
18GU. and slxty-ono pounds per capita
In 1898. In England during 1895-7
every human being , Including babies ,
Invalids and paupers , disposed , on the
average , of nearly four ounces of sugar
a day , or 84.77 pounds a year.
Iiuloriii Itnllvliii In SrhoolH.
The Chicago Pastoral Conference of
the German I2vnngollcal Synod ot
North Arnorlca.nt L.i session last wuek ,
Indorsed the recommendation of the
Rev. C. Krafft that pupils of the public
schools Bhould ho glvon the privilege
of an hour povi-nt limes In a week for
religious Instruction ,
IMiinnineut for Kpiinlnli War I > end.
ItcprcBentatlvo Fitzgerald of Massa
chusetts Introduced in the national
house a few days ngo a resolution ap
propriating $100joo for a monumenUn
Arlington cemetery to the know.n and
unknown dead of the Spanlsh-Amorl-
can war.