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    Kor Nonrly Sixty Yoivrfl
- Thu LeiullnR Niitiorml Knmlty
Kor I'rojjrepfltvo Farmers and
, Villagers.
An old , stanch tried and true friend of the American People ,
from the Pacific , and the poineer in every movement calculated to
advance the interest and increase the prosperity of country people
in ever State in the Union.
For every half centuy farmers have followed its instructions in
raising1 their crops , and in converting' them into cash have bee , ,
National authority.
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Kutercd at tUu postomco at llrokeii Dow , Nob. ,
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thoU. 8. Walls. *
One Year , In adruncu Jl.OO
TllUHSUAY , MAY 24 , 1000.
For I'rcildontlal Elector ! .
JOHN H NK8B1T , Hurt.
ED ROYSK , Custer.
J LJACOBSON , Douglas.
J L KENNEDY , Douglas
F F L ANGER , Saline.
L VV FLAGUE , Buffalo.
8 P DAVIDSON , JolmHon.
For Governor.
For Lluut. Qoverntr.
E P SAVAGE , Custor.
For Secretary ofBlntc.
G W MARSH , Richardson.
For Auditor.
OH Ad WESTON , Sheridan.
Kor Trttiurer.
For Attorney General.
For Com Pub Lands and Bldg * .
G D FOLLMER , Thayor.
ForBupt Pub Initruction.
W K FOWLER , Washington.
The Tiiluo of u Cow.
The American eow lias been
feeling the cffoot of good times ,
and has oomo in for a good share
of tha prosperity that now exists
in evoiy conior of our uounty.
Note the following iigurcH of the
total value of all cows in the 'Unit
ed States , and the average value rf
eaoh , as aho n by the Department
of Agriculture :
Jan. 1 Total Value. Pur Head
1804 * ,357,008,001 $21 77
180f 302,001,720 2170
1800 303,055,5.10 22 55
1807 303,230,00s , 2310
1808 434,812,720 27 35
1800 474,283,025 , 2000
1900 014,712,100 3100
' Cowa on the American farm were
worth only from $21.17 to $23 10
eaoh under the Democratic Administration -
ministration of President Oleve-
land. Less milk was bought when
our factories wore closed. But
busy factories moan money to
spend and more milk for the
family ; so the farmers' cows are
worth more under the protection of
the Dingley tariff , which gives the
homo market to the homo worker.
A difference of § 10 in the value o !
cow , between froa trade and pro
tection tirncH , i * an "object lesson'
for the farmer.
The receipts of the Philippines
Islands from dale of occupation i to
January 31 , 1000 , reported ns hav
ing been deposited with the trea
surer of the islands , wore
Customs # 5,020,273 , 01
Internal Revenue. . . 540,30310
Siezad Funds 470,507 17
Miscellaneous 303,25/5 / 00
Total $7,2M,600 ) 17
The disbursements during the
same period amounted to the mini
of $5,8-27,488.44.
During January , February and
Unroll of this year the totnl cus
toms rcocip were fcl.,008 370 , the
March receipts exceeding tlioso of
either January or February by
SI 15 037. 'i hero are now tlnrty-
two parts opened to trade in the
The first stale election IhiH year
will be held in Oregon June 4th.
I'lio State gave MoKinly a plurality
of a little morj than two thousand
n 1800 and is no less republican
now than it was then. Other
mates holding elections before
November are North Carolina
August 2 , Alabama August 0 ,
Arkansas Sopctembcr 10 , Georgia
October 3. Ex.
An advance of 10 per cent in the
wages of the employees of the West
Virginia oil companies is announc
ed. This will hardly mix with the
cold water the Democratic editors
are trying to throw on prosperity ,
In 1894 there were only 231,848-
500 bushels of wheat retained for
home consumption ; in 1890 the
quantity retained was 452,530,286
bushels. In 1804 there wore thous
ands cf people too poor even to buy
bread. In 1800 every body could
l > uy bread. These two comparisons
represent the different conditions
of the country under Democratic
and Republican administrations.
In 1805 the world's production
of gold was $17OCO,000 less than
the world's production of silver.
In 1808 the production ot gold was
$73,700,000 greater. Not much
danger of a scarcity of the yellow
metal ,
The foreign 'lotnaud for eorn meal
is becoming quite a factor , thanks
to the efforts ot the Department of
Agriculture , under this administra
The World Herald is making a
great too do over the price of ice in
that oily which is beine controlod
by a trust. The rates in Omaha
charged by the trust is 2j to 3 mills
a pound or $5 or $0 per ton , In
Broken Bow where we have no
trust , ice is soiling f , r half cent per
pound or $10 per ton. That is the
usual price and no body kicks.
t'nriu Products And Lnlior Higher.
"We arc radically opposed to
'union as n principle , jet we cannot
see our way clear to oppose the
election of Mr. Bryan , iindi r prr-
Hnit conditions. Under republican
rule prices of nearly all manufact
ured articles have increased very
materially , while the prices of farm
produrlH and labor linv been do-
clhing " Callaway Independent.
The above from over esteemed
contemporary of Galloway is it
simple of the argument given out
by fusion papers throughout the
country to mislead the farmers and
labores who do not think for them
selves. Such matter may have the
do tired effect upon those who read
nothing but pop papers or those
whose memory fails to revert back
to the conditions of prices and labor
four years ago.
In the aitiolo there is one grain
of truth whilu the rest is fabrica
tions. All manufactured articles
are higher than they were under
democratic rule , when Bryan was a
candidate four years ago , But in ,
stead of the price of farm products
being lower they ara higher , possi.
bly wheat excepted and so are
wages for all classes ol workmen.
AH a matter of fact , thousands who
were out of implsymont for want
of a job and many thousands more
who were being fed at soup house-
now have employment ut reuiunera
live wages , ' 1 he price of cattle ,
hogs , corn , hay , lard , hides , beef ,
sheep and mutton , cotton , wool and
horses are bringing good prices and
are in demand in the markets.
Not only every farmer but every
biiB'noHS ' man knows that products
of all kinds have advanced in prices
in the past four years under a re
publican administration and that
the condition of finance has been
greatly improved. The American
Ifioonmist in speaking on the condi
tion of t' < o farmers as compared
with Iroc trade days , says. "There
is a pleasing contrast in the returns
received by tro farmers at the pre
sent time ns compared with the
period of two years preceding the
election of President MuKiulcy.
The 'American Agriculturist" pre
sents figures to show the gr at im
provement thai has taken place ,
estimating that the produce of the
United States farms for the past
year was worth to tlio farmers over
1,000 millions of dollars more than
in either of the depressed years
noted , which is an avarage advance
of 31 per cent , in values compared
with the low point. The live stock
of the country is said to bo worth
700 millions of dollars more than
during the hard times ; the staple
crops 400 millions of dollars more ,
other crops 200 millions of dollars
more , and the produce of live stock
such as moatp , dairy products , hides
and pelts , etc. , 370 millions of dollars
lars more.
This change for the better in the
value cf farm pioduots has completely
plotoly altered the condition of the
agricultural classes. They have
made money and have excellent
prospects for the future , while their
property has aljo appreciated in
value. "
The Independent will find before
it in many months older that his
argument in favor of fusion ia as
much in error as are his statements
relative to the present prices of farm
products and laborer. The split
now in the populists ranks is a
small affair compared with the
dissatisfaction tint will result from
the democratic convention at Kan.
riaaCity. WhetL-r Towno is en
dorsed or rejected a split will fol
low , as the western populist and
eastern democrats differ too greatly
to bo satisfied. Tlio democrat can
not endorse Towno and his 10 to 1
theories neither will the populist
submit to Towne being "thrown
over the transom" as was Clem
Denver and a Cleveland democrat
substituted. Fusion will not fuse
when the elements are antagonistic.
Ex provident Cleveland in his
letter to the Brooklyn "Democrat"
says the only , , sane thing the demo
cratic party can do is to rot it e
Bryan. " That is something the
democratic party does not serin
able to do , but the republican party
will do ineffectually this fall.
Kosowatcr Anil Tlio Supreme Court.
'I ho World Herald of the 17th
ra'fl : The supreme court before
adjourning yesterday issued an
order , based on an infoimattou pro
minted by Attorney General Smyth ,
summoninir Kdward Rosewatcr and
the Bee Publishing company to
appear before the suprernu court on
Tuesday , Jnne 5 , at 0 a. in. , to show
cause why they should should not
be puniHhed for contempt of court.
In the attorney general's informa
tion Rjsowator and his paper are
charged "with falsely , unlawfully ,
wilfully , maliciously and contemp
tuously causing to bo printed and
published and printing and publish
ing ccitain scandalous , defamatory
and Hcandalous falsehoods of and
concerning the supreme court of
the state of Nebraska , and certain
of the judges thereof , with the in
tent mailciousoly to sully the hon
or and impair the tfiicioncy of said
court and cause it to be brought in
to public scandal , disrepute and
odium , and to iniliu nee unduly ant
obstruct the pioccedings and hinder
the duo administration of justice , '
in the Omaha iire and police commission
mission case
The Omaha lire and police com
misbion was appointed by Gov
Holcomb under the provision o
the charter for Omaha , passed by a
pop legislature , which deprived the
citizens of Omaha of the right to a
voice in selecting there fire and
police commission. The supreme
court , hold the appointment irregu.
lar'and the governor's commissioners
ware ousted.
Since the change of the political
complexion of the Supreme court
the case has been reopened and the
court is aiked to review it. City
attorney Conns ! ! , of Omaha raised
tbe point that Judge Holcomb is
disqualified to review the case , as ho
was an interested party. ' Under
the heading "Worthy of serious
consideration , " the Omaha Bee on
the 10th of April contained the
following in support of city at
torney Council's objection , viz.
'lluve you formed or expressed
an opinion in this case ? " is the
question asked of every juror before
he is Bworn. If he answers in the
affirmative , the question is asked
whether he still retains the opinion
( \prcsseri. If ho says he does , the
juror is promptly excused troiu
teiving by reason of being dis
Thu lest of impartiality applied
to jurors is equally applicable to
judges. It is an established prin
ciple that it is not proper for a
judge to try an indictment signed
by him as prosecuting attorney.
The same principle iinds expression
in tin constitutions of many states
that disqualify judges from sitting
in any case in which they have di
rect or indirect interest or in which
they had an interest before they be
came judges.
The point raised by City At
torney Conuell in the Omaha police
commission case that Judge Hol
comb IH disqualified from taking
part in its hearing is worthy ot
serious consideration. While act
ing as governor Judge Holcomb
was a party to the proceeding
which the Hiiprome court , of which
he is a member , is now asked to re
open and review. Governor Hol
comb was not merely a party to the
appointment of the displaced board ,
but he was a partisan in its behalf.
His views en the validity of the
police commission law that was
declared unconstitutional by the
supreme court were published
while that case was pending , giv
ing in an exhaustive lonn the rua
sons why he believed the court
to bo wrong.
Having prejudged the case ,
Judge Holcomb must certainly
realize that it would bo in conilut
with the spirit , if not the letter , of
the constitution and the laws for
him to use his judicial position to
sustain himself in his former de
clarations. To sot the precedent
by participating in this case , after
having formed and expressed an
opinion , would lower the standard
of the tribunal in which impartial
and equal justice is expected to be
administered and whose unbiased
interpretation of the constitution is
the bulwark of our free institu
tions. "
Wo are all more or less prejudi
ced palitioally , and may be , wo are
in passing judgement on this con-
trovcrsity , between Rosewater and
Smyth or the Supreme court. Wr
are among those who boleivo , that
the liberty of free speech can and
is often abused and that there
should be a more stringent law
against sodicious and unpatriotic
utterances , against oui courts and
others of the nation , high in office.
Vet a fair and honoat discussion cf
[ ueetiotm at issue is duo the public ,
and 'in effort upon the part of any
one in authority , to prohibit the
open and fair discussion of matters in
which the public is interested seeks
to abridge the right of an American ,
Editor RoHewater his not , in our
opinion exceeded his rights as a
pub iehor , in the above article. Ho
relates matters of history and do-
duotm therefrom , logical conclus *
ions. The court is neither defied
nor censured. It was only a tew
days ago that Gov. Poynter is
credited with having made a throat
to defy the injunction against him ,
by the courts , and in case he was
imprisoned for contempt , to pardon
himself out.
Such a sentiment IP very
close akin to Shrador's memorable
denunciation of the constitution and
the supreme court , upon the floor of
the House of representatives , a few
years ago while serving as a mem
ber of that body , from Logan oour-
ty. If populist can defy the court
and dam the constitution with im
punity , wo are unable to see why
a republican should be held liable
for reciting history and drawing a
logical conclusion therefrom.
Another Ticket.
A political party known by the
name of "chrietian union , " hold a
convention at Rock Island Ills May
Ut and nominated a national ticket.
The platform embraces , prohibi
tion , equal suffrage , initiative and
referendum direct proportionate
representation cot. They r.omiua
ted Swallow for president ant
Wooley for vice-president.
Jerry Simpson who twice has
hern defeated for congress , by Long
states in an interview that the de
mocrats will eventually swallow
the populists , and that they would
in this campaign if it were not for
the Cincinnatti oonvnnlion. "
Simpson is a candidate for tin
United States senate and has helped -
ed the democratic candidates for the
Kansas legislature to got the popu
lists nominees in the several dis
tricts to withdraw in favor ol demo
The populist congressional con
vention will be hold in Broken
Bov/ July 0 at 2 o'clock p nr A
lively time is anticipated as there
arc a number of pops in the dis
trict who will try to defeat Nc-
villo's renomnation unless ho gets
them reconciled before that date.
Western packers paid $4 80 per
100 pounds for beef in 1800. But
they paid $0.20 in 1800. The far
mers got the increase. Do they
want to go back to Democratic
prices ? ,
There were nearly 7,000,000 rnoro
telegraph messages seat over
United States wires in 1800 than in
1805. That indicates hotter busi
ness conditions , last year , because
people had huduess to do and could
better afford to pay telegraph tolls
than two-Jont postage.
Tut to the Test-
The republican policies ol pro
tection and sound money have once
more boon put to the test of prac
tice and have demonstrated in opera ,
lion their efficiency in promoting
the wolofaro of the whole people.
Once more , then wo enter a com-
paign in which the voters will bo
co ( fronted by a condition in op
position to the theory. A wide
spread prosperity prevails in in the
land , and every form of industry is
benefited by it. That prosperity
is guaranteed by the legislation of
the land , whiuh protects it from
the tinkering and the blundering of
incompetent and discontented poli
ticians. So long as the Government -
mont is in safe hinds so lone will
the welfare of the people bu pre
served , but it would not take the
Bryanites long to precipitate a
period of financial disaster , indus >
trial depression and commercial
stagnation. The very menace of a
free silver act would send gold into
retirement , ( .suddenly restrict the
currency and plunge the nation in
to a stnte of confusion in compari
son with which the disasters of the
Wilson Tariff would seem like good
times. San Francisco "Cull. "
The World.Herald corrospondot V
11 Washington gives the straight
of the Neville-Greene salary matter
which has boon exploited so prom-
noiitly by the Holt oou ity Inde-
) cndent. He states that the
general deficiency bill which passed
the house on Monday continued an
tern of $3,845.80 for Mrs. Greene
wife of our late congressman. The
correspondent states that Mrs.
Greene has already received $1,250.
From this statement it will bo in
ferred that Congressman Neville
drew tin salary for full term , as
has been stated , but the difference
is that Mrs. Greene is not the
looser , because congress has OB
tablishcd the precedent us the Hub
understands it of making de
ficiency appropriation as has been
done in this instance , Kearney
Having beaten 'all the records of
the past those thirty days wo call
April , 1000 , sleep the sleep of the
industrious. The Uuited States
exported during that month $118-
000,000 of products to the world at
large. It is eighteen millions more
than over exported in April before.
An increase of 18 per cent is cal
culated to open the eyes of the
pops but the trouble they were
born blind.
Tou know the pops said that the (
Dingloy tarjff would most certainly j
ruin our foreign trade. They said /
that oil or nations wouldn't buy ' {
anything of us unless wo bought as j
or a little more of them than wo
wanted to stll them. And so the
democrats , the 'reo ' silvoitos , the
two sorts of prohibs. the social
democrats and overbody but the
stalwart republicans. But what
they say doaen t go any more today
than it did four years ago. Ameri
can Economist.
The better class of populist who
have boon sere at themselves ever
since last fall beoaure they voted
for Neville instead ot Judge Kin-
kaid for congress will have an op
portunity to partial correct their
error by voting for Kinkaid this
CUm Deavcr's middle of the road
conyont'on had 200 more delegates
than the fusion convention at Sioux
Falls. It is plain that all of the
pops are not ready to sacrifice prin
ciple for ofiioc , and wo predict that
before another two years rolls
around that the middle of the read
ers will be all there is loft of the
populist party. The fusion crowd
will have boon wholy swallowed by
the democrats or will have cast their
lot with tLo followers of Clora
Senator Clark from Montana , who
HO recently tender hie resignation
as a member of the senate to escape
the humiliation of having the re
cords show that he wanoxpollo'J for
obtaining his seat through bribery
attempted to play a shrewd game
but failed. Immediately upon
tendering hit * resignation , Lieut.
Gov. Spriggs , who was acting gov
ernor in the absence of Governor
Smith , appointed Senator Clark
Senator , to till the vacancy made by L
his own resignation. The scLemo
was well planed and had not Gov.
Smith been true to his convictions
the appointment would bavo doubt
less worked. Gov. Smith had been
induced by outside parties to go to
California to look into the title of
some property i < > which miles.
Finlon was interested , and in his
absence the Lieut. Governor was
acting governor. Gov. Smith on
returning took immediate steps to
have the appointment revoked and
instead appointed Martin Maginuis
to fill the vacancy of United States
Senator from Montana.
The democrats who are now com.
planing that the national treasury
is "bulging with money" and as
a conioquonoo there is a lack of thr
circulating medium are reminded
that is the same complaint they
made eight years ago when Cleve
land was elected. As a result the
treasury was not o ly emptied but
$200.00,000 were harrowed to meet
the deficit and the circulating med
ium ran down to about $0.00 lest )
per capita than it is today.