Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 17, 1900, Image 4

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Published orery Thnredny at tlio County Sent.
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tS-Ofllco In Caetcr Illock , Fonrth Atc.-oy
Enterednt tlio poetonico at Ilroken tioNeb. . ,
BB 6ccond-claotmaUcr [ for trnneinlrelon through
tbo U.S. Malls.
One Voar , In advance St.00
THURSDAY , MAY 17 , 1000.
For I'reutdcntUI Electors.
JOHN S NE5B1T , Hurt.
ED ROY'SU , OtiHler.
.J I , JACOHSON , Douglas.
, ) L KENNEDY , Douglap.
F V LANGER , S.ilino. .
I. W FLAGUE , Buffilo.
For Governor.
For Lliiit Govern.r ,
E P SAVAGE , Culler.
For Secretary ofBtnte.
G W MARSH , Richardson.
For Auditor.
ClJAci WESTON , Shcriilnu.
Eor Treasurer.
WM STEUFFER , Curaing.
For Attorney General.
For Com Pub Lands and Qldgs ,
ForSupt Pub Instruction.
W K FOWLER , WaBhiiigion.
Dnrlicr ami Donnelly. '
The middle of the road populistc
held their National convention.
Wednesday and Thui'jdiy of las1
wcok in Cincinnnati Ohio and nom
inated Wharton Baker of Pennsyl
vania for president and Ignatius-
Donnelly of Minnesota.
The convention was composed
of 780 delegates. They adopted
the following platform :
The I'lat form.
The platform was then adopted
BB read by chairman Felton , with
the additional plank presented b )
Parker. The esolutions follows ;
"Tho people's party of the United
State ? , Resembled in national convention
vontion this tenth day ot May 1900 ,
affirming our unshaken belief in i 1
the cardinal tenets of the peopleV
party , as sot fourth in the Omaha
platform ; and pledging ourselves
anew to continued advocacy of
those grand principles of human
liberty , until right shall triumph
over might and love over greed , do
adopt and proclaim this declaration
of faith :
' FIBST Wo demand the initia
tive and referendum and the imperative
tivo mandate , such changes of existing
isting 0 fundamental and statute
law as will enable the people in
their capacity to propose and
compel the enactment of such laws
ns they desire , to reject , such as
they deem injurious to their inter
ests , and to recall unfaithful public
servants. "
' Second Wo demand the public
ownership and operation of these
means of oommunntion , transpora-
tion and products uhich the people
may elect , such ad railrords , tele
graph and telephone lines , coal
mines , ole ,
f *
"Third The land , including a'l '
natural sources of wealth , is a herit.
ngejof the people and should not
bt monopolized for speculative
purposes , and alien ownership of
land frhonld be prohibited. All
hud now held by railroads and
other corporation * ? in excess of
their a clual needs and all lands now
o.vntd by aliens shou'd ' bo reclaim
ed by the goven.mont and hold for
actual KGltlcrn only.
"Fourth A Hoicntih'j and abso
lute paper monny , baised upon the
entire wealth and population of
the nation , not redeemable in any
fipouifij commodity , but made in
full legal tender for nil debts and
receivable for nil taxes and public
dues , and tEKiird by the goveintnenl
onlj * , without the intervention of
bankH , and in Hiilliuient quantities
to meet the demands of commerce ,
is the bosl utirrency that can bo do *
vised ; but until such a financial
system is bccured , which wo"
press for adopiion , wo favor the
free and unlimited coinage of both
silver and gold , at the legal ratio of
10 to 1.
"FifthVo demand the levy
and collection of graduated ii >
< : om''B .nd inheritances and a coi-
situlioi al amcndmnnt to Hucuru the
name if necessary.
"Sixth Wo demand the election
of president , vice president , federal
judges and United States senators
by direct vote of the people.
"Seventh We are appoaed to
trustaand declare the contention bo.
tween * the old parties on the mono
poly question is a bliani battle | and '
that no solution of this mighty pro
blem is possible without the adop
tion of the ptinciplo of public
ownership of public utilities.
The settlement of the -'trust , '
question is not a political one , but
it call for the concerted action
ind the best judgement of all legis
lators. Whatever the "trust" tends
to impair the rights and privileges
of citizens , it aims neither at Re
publican ? , Democrats nor Populiste ,
nut at all alike. Therefor * , the ro
proHoiUativcs of all the puople
should join hands for tbo protec
tion of all.
Tl o export tnido balance in
favor of the United States during
the first three years of President
iMoKinloy's Administration amount
ed to § 1,483,000,000. Moio than
one-half of that Bum represents
what was paid for labor in manufac
turing these exports , for which the
rest of the world paid. In other
words the republican policy has
obliged the world , in tie last three
years , to pay at lt < a&t § 740,000,000
to American labor , which wouH
employ 740,000 men for ono year
at a salary of §
1,000 per year.
This is ono reason why work is
plenty , wages good , and the home
consumption of American prodt ott
1.3H largely increased.
The now pension
bill that was
agreed upon by the G , A. R. at its
last cncimpmont , and which passed
the Senate on January 8 , is now
being disousso'i by the houfla of
Representatives , It proves that all
persons who nerved
ninety days or
more in the militaiy or naval
Borfteo of the United States during
the oivil war , who wore homrably
discharged , and who are now or who
may hereafter bo suffering from
any mental or nphytncal ( liability
or disabilities of a permanent chare-
tor , not the riiHtill of their own
vicious hiibilH. which incapacitates
them from the manual labor HO as
to earn support , thall upon making
proof of the f.iyt. bo placed i pen
the list of invalid pensioners of
the United Statcp , aud entitled to
receive a pension not exceeding
per month and not loss than & 0 per
month , protortioiifcd to the degree
of inability to earn a support.
The Treasury Department's latent
circulation statement shows the
total anount of money in circula
tion in the United States to have
been $2,000,525,408. A year ago
on March 1 , 1809 , it was only § ! , _
0-18,807.892 , having inooased more
than § 120,00',000 within a year.
When Mr. Bryan was nominated
in 1890 , it was $1,528,029,403 , and
has increason 35 pur cent fiinco that
The American Protective Tariff I
League's hheep census shows a gain
of 39.84 per cent in the number of
sheep in Oregon , einoo the free-
tradeinwool time of 1890 , and an
increase of 131 per cent in the
average value of each sheep ir that
This is going to bo the banner
year in our export trado. During
ninu inon < liB of the current h't'cal
period , up to March 31 , our export
exceeded $ Sl,054,800)OOC , an in-
urensu of more than 6100,000,000 .
over the corresponding period in' '
the | revious (1-oal ( year , and § 430 , '
000,000 moie than in 1895 undir
the Willson tariff. which was
claimed to bo especially conducive
to foreign trade.
The value of colonial possesss-
ioiiB to commerce if ? well indicated
by some ligiirc-H of the Hritinh
Board of Trade. In Jon years
Eng'aud's ' trade with her ooloii'ct *
was 389,000,000 greater than the
United States , . 924,000,000 greater
than with Germany , and . 1,100 -
000,000 greater than with France.
The balance of trade ia favor of
the United States during ; the present
sent Admimstiation has reached
tbo incredible man of $1,483,000-
000 , an amount that passes the
power of comprehension. The bal
ance of trade in favor of the United
States , during all the Administra
tions that preceded that of MoKin-
loy , from Washington to Cleveland
'inclusive , was $383,000,000. To
put the matter in another way , the
throe years of the MeKiuley Ad
ministration have seen a trade bal
ance $1,100,000,000 greater than
was accumulated during the cen
tury preceding his inauguration.
The advance agent of prosperity
has made good his promises , has
done ton times more than ho pro *
miaed , and the people who know a
good thiui when they see it will be
slow to change auoh a certainty for
doubtful promises.
The pnnngu of tlio Nicaragua
canal bill , in the llonso of Repre
sentatives , by thf < overwhelming
vote ol 225 to 3S ; is regarded as a
complete victory for the policy of
expansion. Its importance to
American commerce and its value
to an American navy ronclor its
construction an absolute necessity
to instiro our supremacy as a world
The or capita circulation of the
country was $20.58 on May 1st. It
was only $21.10 when Bryan was
nominated in 1890 The failure of
free silver haa certainly not chocked
the circulation.
Hurrah for Savage ! At tht Ne
braska Republican State Conven
tion , on the 2d , lion. Ezra P. Sav
age of Cuslor county , wan nomiua *
ed for Liontonant Governor by no-
clamation. lie has been in the
Senate there before and will bo at
homo an its president. All wo over
wanted to live it ] Nebraska lor won
to vote for Savage. At any rate ,
bore's congratulations. Clinton
[ Iowa ] Mirror.
Congressman Neville , who
represented the Sixth district flinco
the 4th of last December , ifi going
to have more trouble than ho
dreamed of in his effort to succeed
himself alter the expiration of his
brief tenure * . It in not alone that
ho haw a Htalo-wido reputation as a
perennial oflico Hooker , but those
who wore iieroo to gratify his am
bition have discovered that ho ban
an itching palm. Up to date of bin
taling : tbo oath of oflico , $3,600
had acoruod to the credit of the
member ot congress frjom the
Sixth district. W. L , Greene
passed from earth the previous
March. Up to the time his suc
cessor was elected and qualified
the salary , if duo to nny ono , should
have boon paid to the Avifo and chil-
Iron of the dead statesman. Ne-r
villo nailed it all , yet ho had rendered - |
dored to thn government no cquiv-
lent whatever. It hasn't been
liown that he tendered the widow
nd orphans of his dead prodo-
OBSor so tnutib as a , dollar of this
at rake-off. So far as ho was con-
orned it was just like "finding it-0 |
\nd ho ia not the sort of a states- .
nan to refuse gratuities of that
But the uicrct has leaked.d
ut aud some of bis constituents are
urious. btuto Journal. )
Friends of Col. Exra P. Savage of
Justor oountj , ! Ncb. , a former val-
icd resident ot Lyons , will regard-
OSH of politico , bo pleased to know
hat at the Nebraska Republican
Htatu convention the colonel was
nominated for lieutenant governor
by acclamation. The nominee for
governor waa Charles Dietrich , a
> anker of Hastings. Col. Savage
ias certainly done himself and the
old town o . Lyons "proud. " Clinton -
ton [ Domoorat ] Age.
The writer heard many
wordu for Hon. F. Mi Ourrio while
at Lincoln last week. Ho was of
ten mentioned as good srnatoiial
timber and wo believe that if the re
publicans get the . legislature the
woslorh part of the state will be
readily conceded ono nenator. If
so Senator Gurrio would surely bo
the man.
In 1895 wo exported 27,001,137
bushels of corn. That "was a Do"
mooiatio year. In 1899 we o'xport-
ed 174,099,094 bushels. That wasg
a republican year.
Chicago reports that nine trunk
line railroads will contract , thip
year , to spend more than $00,000-
000 for extensions , terminal im
provements and rolling stock. That
great republican warr.or , General
Prosperity , is still fighting for more
work for the wage-earner.
Porto Rioo has been importing
$2,000,000 worth of cotton good
every year , but only $275,000 Avorth
from the Uuitod States. The now
conditions will now give us this
trade and so > benefit our corton
growers and inanafaolurors , and
incidentally our whole npopulatiou.
Republican Candidate Fur Lieut. Uor :
Ezra P. Savage , the republican
candidate for Lieut. Gov. is a na
tive of Indinu , having beeu born in
Cornorsvillo Fay alt Co , that state
April 3rd 1842 in the same year
his parontH moved to Iowa. When
but seveu years old his father died
leaving bis mother with live child
ren to support , ho being the oldest
boy. When ten jears oldthoy wore
living in Iho city of Davenport , and
in order to lessen bin mother's bur
den with caring for so many on
meager moans , ho got her consent
to seek work on n farm where ho
could support himuulf. lie necurod
a place in a farm homo Hovural
miloH in the country where ho re- |
IDained for three years for his board
and olotliH. Ho then secured n job
through harvest in wh'uh ' he earned
$54. lie feeding the need ol an
education bought au ax and buck
saw went to sawing wood and Jcopt
liiiUHelf in Hchool until graduating
from u city high hohooi , and .iffcor-
wards attended college at Iowa City
and Gnniioll. August 10,1801 boon-
listed in Co. 13. 2nd Iowa cavalry.
Having sustained a rupture ho was
discharged lor disability and roturu.
t'd homo. Ho acted aa drill master un
til Oct. 1802 , when ho again onliiU- .
ed i'i Co. t 20 Iowa loft , but rtis re
jected bv the examing phjaoian ,
Boi.ig . determined not tj be h f t out
ontirly ho went with hU Co. nouth ,
and was given the position of as
sist nil provo marshal under Provo
nrrihfil Bakor. And when Gon.
Grant was sent to Vioksburg , ho
was detailed thore-on speenal duty.
It wan ho and Noble Pornn that
looked out the route for Gon. Grant
on .hat memorable siege * of 1803.
lie was then Hunt north on provo
duly with headquarters at Olnoy
Ills , wlioro he served until 1805 ,
After the cloae of the war ho loca
ted at Lyons losva where he started
a wholesale feed and implement
store. Bo remained there until
1873 , when ho moved to Crawford
fJmintv Iowa and started a stock
ranoho. The rapid settlement of
that county so greatly enhiuoed the
land of thiit vicinity thai lie dis
posed of his land , at § 55 an acre
and | came to Nebraska in 1879 and
located 1 on thn middle Louptin Cm-
tor ( cotintv wlure Sargent now
stands. In 1883 ho was a member
of the state legislature , having been
elected roproaoutativo from Custer
and Sherman counties. His wife
died in 1883 at Sargent. Feeling
the necessity of providing bettor
school ndvantJ gei tor bis children
ho moved to Lincoln where i'or
year ho was Superintendent of the
college farm. As the stock yards
of Omaha were then established re-
&igued bis position and wont into the
stock commission business at Omaha
whore ho remained until 1894 , when
bo returned to Sargent. Since
then ho has been engaged in farm
iuf ; ai d stock rsHsiug , He helped
or. , 'jiKa South Omaha aod was
president/of / the first village board ,
mid was elected its first mayor at'cer
S nth Omaha wasreorganised as n
city , by a majority of over 100.
This was at .a lime when there were
400 democratic votes to 110 republi
can votcp. While in business in
Iowa ho read law as opportunity pro.
aentcd and twenty-five years ago he
paesed eximintioo and was ad
mitted to the practice of law. lie
ban been admitted to practice in
both the state and fcdral courts in
Nobraaka but lias never ougai od in
the profession of law as a tjusineb
Aa will bo seen from the foregoing
he is a self made man in the ful eel
nenao of the term. While ho is not
termed rich he has largo property
iutcroHts and is well to do in thi
world's * goods. His attainments
and succous > duo wholy to bib
own efforts and marks him as ;
man of more than ordinary ability
Ho IP a man of largg executive ab
ility , well posted on tbo ISBUPH of
the day and is an able , logical and
forcible public speaker and if elect
ed will make an elliuienl president
of the senate.
The power of woman in politics
was shown at the Sioux Falls convention
vontion in the influence exerted
over that hody by the woman dele
gates from thu western atatep.
Mrs.Bigolow , of Lincoln was the
first to present Iho names of Bryan
and Towno conjointly to the con
vention. It was while waiting ou
the resolution committee that she
improved the opportunity to
press her self on the question of
nominating a vice president. The
male delegate * hud not b < : en able to
agree upon that .question. Doing
impatient with fcbo wangle s
gained the floor and stated that "if
you men eau not take hold of this
question for heavens ako turn it
over to us women and go home and
organiza your women and wo will
show Vou how we will elect Brynu ,
Wo of Nebiaska have go : it into our
heads that there is nothing in Min
nesota but one grand magnificent
Towno. , , . Thcsontmiinont met the
hearty apparo of the convention. It
was Annie Diggft of Kansas who kill-
( * d the boom of Adlai Stevenson for
vice president. Col. Mat Fitizgcald
of West Virginia was there to
soouro the nomination of Stevenson
for second place on the ticket ;
when ho remarked that Stovonson'H
nomination wolud bring 1,000,000
to the democratic campaign fund
the populist felt very muoh inclined
to him. But when the tempting
moraol reached the oars of Annie
.she sallied forth in her red fihirt
wfliflt and shontod "Nixiol Nixie !
, hat'e the voioo of Gorman and the
ntid of oiunorn democrats , no
SteveiiHon in ours. " The effect was
electrical and Fitzgerald loft for
iomo on the first train.
Bryan did not succeed in gotting.
tlio SouU FaHs convention to leave
the place of the vice-presi
dent vacant on thu ticket , but bis
henohmon got Towno , the nominee
to agree to withdraw from the tick
et after the 4th of July in case ho
was not endorsed'by the democrats ,
The RKPUPJ.IOAN predicts that
Towne will have to withdraw
which will leave the pcpulistn
without a candidate aa Bryan's waa
nominated us a democrat and will
not accept the nomination unll the
democrats nominate him.
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