Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 26, 1900, Image 7

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    What a story of suffering that one
word tells. It says : "I am all
tired out. It seems to me I
can hardly take another step.
> I haven't a particle of
ambition. I can't do half
the work I feel I must do.
I am weak , nervous , depressed ,
discouraged. "
Now you know what the trouble is , you certainly
know the cure , a perfect Sarsaparilla. "Sarsaparilla"
is simply the name of the medicine , for in a perfect
Sarsaparilla there are a great many remedies. Some act by
taking out the bad ; others , by putting in the good.
You want a Sarsaparilla that will make your blood pure
this spring , a Sarsaparilla that will make it rich and strong ,
a Sarsaparilla that is a powerful nerve tonic. You want
the strongest and best Sarsaparilla that can be made.
'The ' only Sarsaparilla made under the persona ! supervision of three graduates : a
graduate in pharmacy , a graduate in chemistry , and a graduate in medicine. "
v eeki
My hu
pat me on my feet and made a well woman of nie. " JANI : M. UKOWN , Ik-titonsport , Iowa , Jan.'Vg , i9oo' ' '
For starching fine linen use Magnetic
The minister is a paircr and the
policeman is a peeler.
Homes In Iilalio and Utah.
For full description and printed matter
write to C. E. Brainard , Ogden , Utah.
Lots of our real duty to the Lord
has to be done on the fcly , so it won't
hurt good people's feelings.
Use Magnetic Starch itluisnoequal.
When two men argue each usually
thinks the other is a fool.
Illrfl. Wlnslov's Soothing Kyup.
roi-clillclrcn tcethlnc , eoftuns tliu Rums , reduces In-
Uatuuiatlou , alleys pnl&c.uroii wluJ colic. 2.a a buttle.
After passing its natural limits am-
hition IB boundless.
Beautiful hnlr Is nlwnys plodilnR , nna PAIKCCH'S
HAIK lUi.fAM cxcr'n In producing It.
, the Uubt euro fur corns. IScts.
Women may have cigars named
after them , but most of the new dis
eases arc named after men.
Turkey owes us $90,000.
rum : ciirrs TO ACIXTS. :
We want 100,000 Agents , men and wo
men , boys and glrln all over the United
States to sell our wonderful Lrkko
Seoul Ing Soap , Lukkoene ami other Toi
let Sonpt < . Ulg profit , easy work. Ptlv.e
with every cake. Write today. C. II.
Marshall & Co. , Dt-p't 10. Chicago , III.
Factory 118-11G ! No. May St. Kef. , any
bank In Chicago.
Your clothes will not crack if you
use Magnetic Starch.
Every spring you clean the house you
live in , to get rid of the dust and dirt which
collected in the winter. Your body , the
house your soul lives in , also becomes filled
up during the winter with all manner of
filth , which should have been removed from
day to day , but was not. Your body needs
cleaning inside. If your bowels , your liver ,
your kidneys are full of putrid filth , and
you don't clean them out in the spring ,
you'll be in bad odor with yourself and
everybody else all summer.
DON'T USE A HOSE to clean your
body inside , but sweet , fragrant , mild but
positive and forceful CASCARETS , that
work while you sleep , prepare all the filth
collected in your body for removal , and
drive it off softly , gently , but none the less
surely , leaving your blood pure and nourishing , your stomach and bowels clean and
lively , and your liver and kidneys healthy and active. Try a JO-cent box today , and if
not satisfied get your money back but you'll see how the cleaning of your body is
25c. 50c , DRUGGISTS
To any needy mortal suffering from bow l troubles and too poor to buy CASCARETS we will tend a box free. Address
Sterling Remedy Company , Chicago or New York , mentioning advertisement and paper. < 23
Women In Politics Ho Yon neqm
to sympathize with the president.
She Indeed , 1 do ; he can't please any
body. If 1 were In his place 1M KO to
bed nnd stay until the country elected
another one. Indianapolis Journal.
STATE OK onto , rrrv opTOLnoo , i .
Lt'CAl ' CCM'N'l V , ( ss <
Frnnk .1 , Chciicv tmtUt-s onth that ho Is the
senior partner of the linn of 1 < \ ,1. Clionvy iVCo. ,
dolnif ImsltK'ss In llio t'lty of Toll-do , County
nnd Sliitc nforrvtld. nnd thnl suld llrm will tuv
the sum of ONK UUNDKnU DOLLARS for
i'ii'hnnil ( rvety cnso of C'nliirrli Unit cmmotbo
cured by the use of Unll'i Cninrrh Cum.
Sworn to lirforo mo and Hiibscrlbcd In inv
ptcsuncc , thlsCthday of Docrmbor. A. 1) . ib V
ts..A , , A. W.UI.KASON.
Notnry I'ubllc.
IliiU'Rrntnrrhruro Is tnltcii Intornully , and
nets dlrci-tly on HIP blood nnd inucous surfui-va
of the sl'Stt'in. Si-nd for u-stlmonlnK , f n-c.
] ' . .1. C1IKNI5Y & CO. , Toledo , a
Sold by DruffK'Ists. i ? > c.
Hull's Fumlly 1'llls mo the licst.
A German philosopher says the
beauty of n hot sausage Is more than
skin deep.
The man who never made n failure
is unable to appreciate success.
Try Orntn-ot Try Graln-at
Ask your grocer today to show you n
package of GHA1N-0 , the new food
drink that takes the place of eaffcc.
The children may drink It without InJury -
Jury ns well as the adult. AH who try
it , like It. GRAIN-O has that rich seal
brown of Mocha or Jnvn , but It Is mndo
from pure graluo , and the most delicate
Etomach receives It without distress.
One-fourth the prlco of coffee. IGo.
and 25c. per package. Sold by nit
The price of the Tninuvnll stxpense
in London Is now 5 shillings. Kruger
pennies , however , are relatively more
expensive. One London dealer who Is
now charging 18 pence for them re
gretted that he parted with four dozen
ut a shilling each the other day.
Do Your Ipcet Aclio nnil llnr.lT
Shako Into your shoes Allen's Foot-
East , a powder for the feet. It makes
tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures
Corns , Bunions , Swollen , Hot and
Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and
Shoo Stores , 25c. Sample sent FIU3I2.
Address Alien S.Olm.'ited.Lelloy , N. Y.
A pale moon denotes rain.
I'Ko's Cure for Consumption Is an Infallible
medicine for roughs nnd coUte N. W. SAMUM- ,
Ocean ( j to vc , N. J. , Fob. 17 , 1900.
An orange hit in the exact center
by a rillc ball wll vanish at once from
slight , scattered into inlintcslmal
The popularity of ex-Governor Pln-
grce , of Michigan , among the Poles
nnd Hungarians of Dctiolt Is In a large
measure due to his ability to speak
the languages of these people. When
lie started out to work among them
he first took lessons In their tongues.
Magnetic SUvrch is the very best
laundry starch In the world.
Senator Bnlley of Texas Is10. .
A lloolc of Ctinlco Ucclpcfl
Bent frcn by Walter linker > Cu. lAU. , Dorchester ,
Mas . Mention UiU papur.
Try Magnetic Starch it will last
longer than any other.
Some one recently showed ex Speak
er Heed n copy of n Manila paper In
which appeared this paragraph : "The
difference between 'Tom' Heed and
'Billy' Mason Is that when 'Tom' Reed
says he will resign he resigns. " "Ah , "
said Mr. Reed , reflectively , "a great
Journalist Is evidently wasting his tal
ents on the Filipinos. "
When a man spends so much buying
drinks for all his friends that his ? wife
can't keep the children dressed prop-
rrlci , it is said that "his heart is in
the right. place. "
The late Rabbi Wise used to tell
of hearing Henry Ward Beecher once
say to Mrs. Stowe that an Italian monk
who had translated her "Uncle Tom s
Cabin" had written him a letter sayIng -
Ing that If he could kiss the woman
who wrote the book he could die
happy. Mr. Beecher then added :
"Well , I sent him a picture of you ,
Mrs. Stowe , and nothing hus been
heard of him since. "
The enlarged portrait swindler who
has found so large and fruitful a field
in this country , has reached Paris.
The concierges of apartment houses
ii1 the Vcndomo quarter have been
worked to the extent of two hundred
francs each for frames to enlarged
photographs , which are never deliv
"The wonderful oil discoveries In
Southern California will , within a
hhort time , drive coal from the Pa
cific coast , " says Fred A. Hnrlnw of
Los Angeles. "It is a splendid fuel ,
and half of the householders are now
using it for cooking nnd heating pur
poses. "
Infallible Method. They had been
discussing methods of ascertaining
character. "I c-an tell you how to ( hid
a man out , " volunteered one who had
not spoken. "How ? " "Go to his home
when he Is away. " Plttsburg Chroni
Silk Is likely to go up in price as
there is an epidemic among the Ital
ian and French silkworms. They re
fuse to cat and are dying by myriads
on their mulberry leaves.
Bill "They ? ay there Is a good deal
to bo learned from bees. " Jill "So
there Is ; but , as a rule , people are not
anxious to take points from them. "
Yonkers Statesman.
Senator Tlllman Is not anly ambi
dexterous , but Is able to write with
both hands at once. The senator , as
many not be generally known , Is alto
something of a talker.
The productive capacity of the la-
bor-fatvlng machinery In the United
States , It Is estimated , Is equal to a
hard working population of 400,000,000.
The cost of preparing the American
exhibit at the Paris exposition has
ben $240,633. The largest item Is &al-
arlcs of experts $72,045.
In Java a small state exists which Is
entirely controlled by "women , with
the single exception of the sovereign
who is a man. He Is , however , entire
ly dependent on the three women who
form his state council.
If you have not tried Magnetic Starch
try It now. You will then wo no other.
Head Itnnowntcr'H Utopia 13rlllln.nt
Itomnnoc 25'clK. * Utopia Co ? , Omnha ,
Congress will adjourn In June.
Are You Doing Alton' * Fee
It Is the only euro for Swollen ,
Smarting. Burning , Sweating Feet ,
Corns nnd Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Aot-Eusc ) , a powder , to bo shaken into
ho shoes. At all Druggists nnd Shoo
Stores , 25c. Sample Bout FR13IO. Ad
dress Allen S. OlniBlcd , Lclloy , N. Y.
A , bridge trust IB the latest.
' , T i ii 'i ' i > i ii. n i ! vv. , ' y ruwwi. . , > < r <
A\'cgcable ( Prcparalionror As
similating llicVood aiulHcd ula-
ling lUcStoinucls atxtlBowels of
Promotes Digcslion.Chccrful-
ness ancIHcsl.Conlalns neillicr
Opium.Morphine norMincral.
NOT TtfAiic OTIC .
; ' /
nftfd ,
Apcrfccl Remedy forConslipn-
llon , Sour Stomach , Diarrliocn
Worms .Convulsions , Feverishness -
ness otnl Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSunito Stgnnlure of
' nclyrlto for list of prf mluou tro oHbr
* triih fnHlhftm
The favorite
I' '
For jCnfants and Children.
Kind You Have
Bears the
In view of the many mlsisr.dlng and unscrupulous Imitations of ' Baker's
Chocolate " which have recently been put upon the market , we find It ncces-
inry to caution consumers against these Attempts to deceive a
nnd to ask them to examine every package they purchase ,
and make sure that It has on the front a yellow label , with
our name and place of manufacture ,
and our " " °
trade-mark "LaBdleCIiocolatiere" |
If your grocsr does not keep the gsnulnc article , please let
us know , and we will endeavor to put you in the way of
gelling It. Send for a copy of our Choice Recipe book , mailed free to any ap
plicant vho mentions this paper.
ft ? WALTER BAKER & CO. Limited , Dorchester , mass.
* *
® & & § ! & & $
& '
The 'New York
( Effective April 29th , 1000. )
Lv. ST. LOUIS 8 : oo A.M.
Lv. PEOIUA 7 : 30 A. M.
Ar. COLUMBUS , O 8 : 10 P. M.
Ar. CLEVELAND , 0 9:55 P.M.
Ar. NEW YORK 2:55 : P.M.
Ar. BOSTON 4 : 50 P. M.
still leaves St. Louis at Noon.
Ask for Tickets via
Big Four Route.
C. L. HILLEAUY , Ass't Gcn'l Pass. Agt. WARREN J. LYNCH , Gcn'l Pass. Agt. , '
tit. Louis. Cincinnati.
) I f in , iprciilnlo luccrtrfully. Wo ran make you In one mouth more Intcrei t
< . | i your monty Ui'iu any Imnk will | < ny jou In a year , 120 will buy ! , ( )
liutlicli of wlicut urrorn anil marxlii ( hciauiov ! ccnU. Bend for our boolc
ou > | < eculatlou. IT IS KIIKK. All prolltH payable on demand.
Room 23 , Traders' Bide. , Chicago *