Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 26, 1900, Image 5

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    ( F. 0. WOIWALt , President. J. A. lUItltIS , Cathltr.
. . . . .
A. J. KOBKHT60NVlco-Prc8. W. D. 11LACKWELL , Asu'l Cahl0f
Farmers Bank of Ouster County ,
Transacts a General Banking Business. County Claims nndJA (
Warrants Bought.
Has n full line of
gs , Paints and Wall Paper.
no Line of Books , Stationery , Toilet Articles , etc. Store on
or of Fifth avenue and Main street , Broken Bow , Nob.
; , President , Lincoln , Neb , II. 0 , HOCIERS , Cashier , Broken Bon ,
NO , Vice-Pro * . , llrokon How. S. H. 110XT , Ass't Cashier ,
MpriW olAIJi
a. H. Barnhamj J. M.Hlmbcrlluij. S. O. lioyt. n. Q. Honors.
connEeroNDKNTS :
\Jnlted | State * Nation * ! Bank , Omaha. I'honlx National bank , Now York. First.NauunR ]
Dank , Lincoln , Nebraska.
'E WANT to aay to the
Public that our health
is fairly good , and hav-
inqlaid aside our winter clothes ,
taken off our high collar and
with our eyes turned in the di
rection of businosd. Wo are
ready to servo our customers with the best of LUMBER , LATHS ,
POSTS , in faot ANYTHING usually kept in 'a FIRST CLASS
LUMBER YARD. We make our own SHINGLES andtjwe know
they are GOOD. Wo have the FINEST SCREEN DOORS of the
Season. PRICES ! WELL THEY ARE LOW. Oh say ! Tryour
$4.00 COAL for cooking. Remember
I Once Was Lost , tut How I Have
Pound It-
Where ? At my door.1 "At the Eagle Grocery. What in the
world is it , my dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a mam
moth stock ef Groceries , and at the lowest prices you ever
hoard of. The Eagle has been reading the papers and keep-
int ; posted tm what was being offered for sale. They don't
say anything about Terbacker and Candy , and other good
things like that. It is not pickle dishes you want now , it is
Candy. The Eagle has 2,000 pounds of cundy for sale cheap ,
i iiatmai committees are invited to call and get my prices ,
. member the place , on the big corner , jnst east of .First
Nstional Bank.
W. S. SWAN , Proprietor.
F.-T :
Equality , Economy , Security , m
Tbo true test forlLlfe Inanranoe < !
found In tbo Equity of the Contract , A
tha Economy ot Managementand [ the
Security for theJPayment. $ f
" | |
S Bankers Life Association ,
jjj.5 : Boa Molnoa , Iowa. 1
IJlEg BDWAUD A. TEMPLB , President.
jfl'f ! OrganlzodJJulyilst , 1879. Vtii
j ; * ! . Guaranty Fand.forleaf ety. VtiiI
jAt/i / Barplni Fund for.protectton.
Supervliod by 3,000 depository banks. i
Becnrltlea dopoeltedwltli tUe.etftto ]
departrocDt. IS
Coniervatlve inothodR. m
Preferred Ills < sLow Hates.
Quarterly Payments.
; * : , - : For rates and full Information , call mm
iiJ.S on or address
| J , A , HARRIS , m m
! & $ Agent for Ouster County , Neb.
KtJ Ofllco at Formers Hank of CUBtcr
ISlf County , Broken Dow , Neb.
$ *
* "
# m
WANTED Several persons for
District Office Managers in this
state to represent mo in their own
and surrounding counties * Will
ing to pay yearly $000 , payable
weekly. Desirble employment with
.lingual opportuities. References
vVxobnngod , Enclose eelf-addresccd
tamped envelope , S. A , Park ,
890 Oaxtcn Building , Chicago ,
Lincoln , Denver ,
Omalm , Helena ,
Chicago , Untie ,
Ht Joseph , Portland ,
Kunsaa City , Salt Lake City ,
St. Louis , and all Han Kranoleco ,
points east and south. and all polnta west.
No. 43. tbrougli express dally , Lincoln. Omaha ,
and all polnla cast. . . o:20 : a.ui-
No. 44. Local piifscngcr , departs. . 11:2ft a. m.
No. 40. Tlirougli trolgbt east lally..6:80 : a.m.
No. 48. Local freight east arr. dally 13.01 p.m.
Voparte at 1.03 p.m.
" - - ' Except tiunday.
No. 41. through czprcse dally , Ilclona , Datto
Portland , all points west 105p. : m
Mo. 4J. Local pueecnger.arrlveB at..4:65 : n. m.
No , 45. " " wed " 10'6 u. m
No. 47. " " " " 2:16 : p. m
Departs at _ 8.45p , m
Except tiunday.
Slcoplnu , dining and reclining chair cara ( Boats
( rco ) on tbrougli trains. Tlckua Bold and bag *
gaga checked to any point In tb United State *
and Canada ,
No. 48 has murchondlBo cars Tneaday * , Thurs
days and Saturdays.
No. 45 will carry passougurs for Aneelmo , Ila !
icy , Seneca , Whitman and Alliance.
No. 4(3 ( will carry passocgord ( or Ravenna
Draud lelaml , Sewaid and Lincoln ,
laformatlon , mnps , time tnblca and tlckel
call oa or wrtto to 11. L. Orrueby , agent , or J
Frauds , 0. i' . A. , Oimiliv. Nebraska.
II. L. Onueor. A cnt.
IJiirlliib'tou Kouto
Through Sleeping Cars to San
No changes-no delays-no ohacco
of ruiBpin coniiQCtions-if yon go to
California via the Burlington Route
The Burlington runs through sleoq
ing cara Omaha , Lincoln and lias-
tings , to S.Ut Lake Olty and Sr.i
FranoiBoo , daily.
Dining oars all the wey. Librai y
cars west of Ogdon. Finest floouei \
in the world.
See nearest Burlington _ tioke ,
agentor write J. Francis , G. P. A , ,
Omaha , Nebraska ,
U a by No Meant U rd th
l4Ut Of It.
Wo have by no means hoard the last
> f Madagascar , says the London Times.
The French have sent out an army of
officials. Indeed , the fouctionnalrcs for
utnumber the civil population , and
they arc making themselves beloved
if nono. The law allows ouo month' *
orced labor , but the officials are * n-
orclng as much as six months , BO the
aborers have taken to the bush and
rlvato employers cannot got hand a to
work for them. The taxaa are opproa-
Ivo and in some cases downright
oollsh o. B ; an annual tax on every
head o ! cattle and every hectare of rlco
ultlvated. The result Is thai the cat-
la arc being slaughtered , BO that beef
B already scarce and dear ; whllo rloo ,
which was formerly exported , haa now
o be Imported. The natives are cut-
Ing down the India-rubber trees and
the whole country Is unsettled. About
nine or ten oitlclals have been hilled
and the northwest coast Is In more or
ess open revolt. All the residents
agree that If Franco found herself nt
war or In difficulties , there would bo
a general massacre of French officials.
Trade Is languishing. The two chief
American firms have left or are Icav-
ng 1. e. , they are merely liquidating
old stock. The French have imposed
a differential duty which , gives French
manufacturers an advantage of about
12 per cent. French goods are charged
per cent , and English goods CO per
cent , of their value. The coasting
schooners employed by the largo firms
to supply their branch trading stations
md to como under the French flag by
l , 1899 , nnd the Germans arc
sending theirs home rather than sub
mit to this law. Proctora , the Bng-
lab. firm , is doing good business , but
only by Importing French goods In
stead of English. Altogether Mada
gascar furnishes an instructive object-
esson in the methods of French col-
onlzatlon , and might repay further
study from those who contend that the
lag has nothing to do with the trad * .
Aa Organ That Performs Mciny Funo-
The liver is the
jack-of-all-tradea of
the body. Most organs are satisfied
with doing their own particular busi
ness , 'one man one job , " but there
would seem to bo quite four or live dls-
inct functions tor this Important or-
: an. In the first place , each one of its
millions of minute cells acts as a filter ,
guarding the portals of the blood from
Intrusion. Our food may have under-
jono the ordeal of digestion , but be-
lore It IB allowed to circulate and
nourish the body It must bo carried to
, ho liver , which examines and prompt-
y eliminates any particle likely to be
Injurious to the health. Then again ,
as a tonic manufacturer the liver la
without n , rival. It prepares a special
medicine , and every now and again
oends a dose to the stomach to induce
It to work properly. Whenever the
hn a little tlmo to spare from its
other duties It manufactures a stock
of this medicine ( the bile ) and saves
It up In the gall-bladder until required.
Moreover , the liver selects all the In
soluble fats of our food , and by divid
ing them Into very tiny globules nnd
making a soap of them with an alkali ,
o liquefies them that they can be ab
sorbed in the ordinary way. The super
fatted livers of the Strnaburg geese
( used In making the famous pate de
fole gras ) have been so overworked
that they have entirely lost this soap-
making power. One of the most curi
ous things done 1'v the liver Is to deal
with any starch v nubstances that are
insoluble , and gradually transforming
them Into a strange material that ia
found nowhere else In nature namely ,
animal sugar. This sugar ( glycogenj
cannot be Imitated by the most clever
chemist , and It Is carefully saved In
the body so as to compensate for any
deficiency in the supply of the ordinary
kind. Whether we consider tbo liver
tui a filter or a soap-boiler , or an apoth
ecary or a sugar-maker , we find it
doing oaoh kind of work as though that
on were Its soH care.
Wewipapw f r the Itltlcra.
A dally English newspaper Is to
started in the Riviera. About 250,000
people visit the RlvUra during th
winter months , and of these at least 4
fcsd are English or Americans , who
Spjretoforefufa forced to sand to Paris
&r Bowsp&pers in thfllr own language.
fthe new pubVUafctan Trill bo called tbe
Hklera , Dattn.
Aa Afterthought.
e # V "It vould be a good
for ? if you thought twin
speafclfts onoo. " Mr. Ooadley
It's too late now.I , should hnvo pur-
that n& * fcfcforo I proposed to
Gor. Roosevelt on
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt , the
newly elected governor of New York
Is something of a "rough rltU-r" In
. He has ridden
peace as well as In war.
den roughshod over old prejudices bj
recommending woman suffrage In hi 1e 1
Inaugural message to the legislature
This lias stirred up a great commotion
In New York. No governor of that
state ever did such a thing heforc.
Governor Roosevelt , however , has o.c o.a
precedent and a good one. Our secretary
retary of the navy , Hon. John D. Long ,
before being promoted to his present
dignity , was governor of Massachusetts
setts for several terms , and he always
recommended woman suffrage to hoer
leghlntnro In his messages. Other
Massachusetts governors who have
recommended It were Claflln , Wash-
burn , Talbot , 'Ames and Greenbalco.
c ' ' '
SV lttoni.
Tha bonei of an average male skela-
ton weigh twenty pounds , while those
of a female are about ilx pounds
44 We have four children * With the flnt
hree I ( tittered almost unbearable pate * from ,
2 to H hours , and had to be placed uadu
be Influence of chloroform. I ued three i
wttles of Mother's Friend before our last
child came-which
s a strong , fat and
lealthy boy , doing
my housework up
o within two hours
> f birth , and luf-
pains. This Unl-
ment 2s the grandest -
est remedy ever
made , "
will do for every woman what It did for the
Minnesota mother who writes the above let *
cr. Not to use it during pregnancy fa a
mistake to be paid for in pain and Buffering ,
Mother's Fritnd equips the patient with a
strong body and clear intellect , which in
turn are imparted to the child. It relaxes
be muscles and allows them to expand. It
relieves morning sickness and nervousness ,
it puts all the organs concerned in perfect
condition for the final hour , so that the actual
abor is short and practically painless * Dan *
' , tt of rising or hard breasts to altogether
avoided , and recovery is merely a matter oi
a few days.
Druggists sell Mother' * Prlend for $1 a battle.
The Bradfleld Regulator Co. , Atlanta , Ga.
Send for our free Illustrated book.
Clubbing Kates.
The REPUBLICAN offers the boat
ates on subscription you oan got
anywhere. 800 our prices.
'ho Illustrated Dee „ _ . . $2.00
'ho Weekly Uee „ „ OS
'ho Inter Ocean „ . . 1.00
'tie Farm Journal 1.00
Ttie Globe Democrat „ . l.UO
The Toledo Hlado 1.00
? be Itepubllcan „ . . „ 1.00
We will furnish you the whole
ist one year for $3.95.
Or wo will give you
'ho Ilepublicuu and Illustrated and Weekly
Ueifor „ 82.40
'ho Itopubllcan and Inter Ocean for 1.60
'no llcpubllcan and Globe Democrat for. . . . 1.60
The Itopubllcau and Tolvdo Olado for . . . . „ _ l.H )
To anyone who accents any of
ho above offers between now and
the first of January , 1000 , we will
; ivo the Farm Journal for five
years fioe ; or to anyone who pays
up. Now is your time.
Burlington Koute California Uxcuraloni
Cheap ; quick ; comfortable.
Leave Umahii 4:35 : p. m. Lin-
doln G0 p. m. and Hastings 8:50
m. every Thursday , in cloau ,
modern , not crowded tourist sleep
ers. No transfers ; cars runjight
through to San Francisco and * Los
Augeloa over the Scenic Koute
, hrough Denver and Salt Lake City.
Cars are carpeted ; upholstered in
rattan ; Lave spring seats nnd backs
and are provided with curtains ,
jedding , towlos , soap , etc. Uni
formed porters and experienced ex
cursion conductors accompany each
excursion , relieving passengers of
all bother about baggage , pointing
out sbjeots of interest and m many
other waya helping to make the
overland trip a delightful exper
ience. Second class tickets are
honored. Bertha | 6.
For folder giving full informa
tion , call at nearest Burlington
Route ticket office , or write to J.
Francis , general passenger agent
Omaha , Neb.
The Way to go to Collforulv.
la in a tourist Blceper , personally eon-
ducted , via the Burlington Koute.
You don.t change ours. You make fast
tluio. YOU see the finest eoenery on
tbo globe.
Your car Is not as expensively fur-
nlsued as K place sleeper , but it IB Just
aa clean , just AS comfortnblo , Just as
good to ride In and nearly $20.00
cheaper. It line wide vestibules ;
Pintfich gaea high back seats ; a unformed
Pullman porter ; clean bedding ; epaoiona
toilet rooms , tables nnd beating range.
Doing strongly and heavily built , It
rides suiootbly ; it is warm in winter and
cool in summer.
In cuitngo of each excursion party ia an
experienced excursion conductor who
accompanies It rigbt through to Loss
( jars leave Omaha , St. Joseph ,
Lincoln aud Hastings every Thursday ,
arriving San Franclpco following Sun
day , LOBS Angeles Monday. Only three
days from Missouri River to the Pacific
Coast , including two stop-overs of 1 %
hours at Denver and 2 } hours at Salt
Lake Olty , two of the most Interesting
cities on the continent ,
For folder giving full ( information ,
call at any Burlington Itoute ticket
ofllce , or write to , J. FiUNCiS-
GeaM. Pass. Agt. , Omaha , Neb.
1'ouch for west will cloao at 8 p. m. , except
Sunday when It will cloto at 7 p in. iptm
Poach , east for train No. < U oloiee at 6.30 A m
and ( oi Mo. 44 cloeos ut , 11 a m. Mall ( or Aneluy
and poluU oust of Qrand Iiluud carried on Lrtlu
Oconto rla ot Ityuo and Tuckervllle , dully ex
cept Sunday closes , at 7 a m : rtsturnluff came day
CalUway via , ilc'Kiuley dally ozccpt 8undnor
cloici at 7 a m , r tarnlng tame duy.
Hound Valley via Green and Elton oloie air u
m , Mouday , Wedoeidy aud Kridayi , retnrnlni ;
8nuio day.
Bumner Tla Uarniey , Georgetowu and Upton
arrrlrot at ll.Stf , Toeedsy Thuredny aud Satur
day , returning leavei at 12,30 tama day.
Oflloiliouri from 1.00 H in to 3.00 p m. San-
day 8.30 to 9.SO a , HI. Lobby open week dayi from
7 a toJS p m.r 'L. U. JJHTITT , I'.M.
[ For Bale i
' I The William E. Wcokorly farm ,
I northeast quarter , eootion twenty-
three . , township thirteen , north of
.range nineteen , west 0 principal
| meridian , 0 room frame houao , email
granary ' , sod stable , windmill and
.good ( well.5 Forty acres in pasture ,
' ninety-five ' aoros in cultivation , bal-
'anoo unbrokengpSSJ
B , E , Gr.AS
8 8 Broken Bow Nobr ,
Notice. (
Wo , the undoraignod , have leased
what ia kuown aa dandy's Sand
Bank. Parties wishing sand oan
have same by calling on us.
Z. O. & W. J.CllOBB.
4-10 Broken Bow , Neb
Nothing ! MI adds no mnch
to thnrlinrmof the drunluit
room or boudoir it * tlio nuUIr mill-
tnt light from OOUIWVA Onndlm.
, Nothing will oontrllmtK innrn to Ihn
artl tlo tucoe * of tlio Imirhron ,
j ton or dinner. The liriit ilt > riirattn
candle * fur tin liiu'lrnt or thn
niont rlaboratt fund Ion for rot-
, t g or m/Mnltm. Miidn In nil cotura
and tlio tiin < t diMlrnto tintH liy
hT.VM > Alll > Oil , OI.
nnd unld nvt'rjnrliero.
J , J , SNYDER ,
- Notary Public ,
ami Jnatlc * of tbo Peace , Special Attention clr-
en to collection ) , Depositions taken , pnntlon
vouchers neatly pxccutod nnd all kinds of legal
papers wrltcn. Ofllco west sldo square ,
lirokcn How , Nob.
Limcl Counter ,
Ec Mnl'.oy , Prop'r.
All kinds if soft drinkH. Best
brand of cigars. 1st building east
of Farmori1' bank.
J. M Scott
Attorney at Law
Wm. F. lQ.opkins ,
Piano and Specifications on short notlco. Ma
terial ( in nlshcd aud buildings completed choapei
ban any man In thu itnto. Satisfaction gu r n
cod ai to plan a mm Rpcclflcatlonfl.
Dr. E. M. Hogan ,
Graduate Dentist
Onico over W..B.Swan's drooury stora.
Broken Bow , - Neb.
Clinton Day ,
Broken Bow , Neb.
Oflloo over Uyoreon's grocery. Rcaly
denoo ( Mi houeo west of Baptist ohurob.
and estimates on short no-
tlco. Broken Bow , Neb.
Dr. Chas. L. Mullins ,
3d stairway from west ond,5n Realty
block ; residence , 3rd west M , B ,
church , same Bide of street.
TV nw > inoiOBinif tWfl d. nd Mo rad wo
will lead you tu" beautiful Mando Ino
by oxprcji. C , O. D. dubloct to examina
tion. If founO exactly ns represented
you can pay the express agent our SPbO-
lA.tor/EttprIo . * 8.oo less the 60 cento ,
or 85.60 and exoress chartea. This Is *
regular 15.00 Initrument , eulla rosowooa
body , fancy pearl and ebony checkered
cdito. boftutlful pearl butwrny guard
plate.rosowood flngeropara nnd nlcUol tail
pleeo. You can hvo cither nMftudolluo ,
aultar.BanJoorVlolIn on t e BametermB.
Write for TREE musical Catalogue.
Addreas , A. Hoaye , Otunha/Meu.
* > - 3- & " y- "
ip-j& yis - -
li r own i l otloptp ) rtrr i ljprib r. B utlful 09) ) .
r d Ilth0ifr pn d pl t < i ind llluiiiotloni. Oflglii * ) ,
, rtlitlo , iqxliltfl and itriotly up-to-dnta dcilf ni.
coonomltf. fanojr work , houitboltl titnt * .
torl , ourr nt topics. to. Bubicrita to-d y.
I > dr geut w ntia. Bend lor t rm * .
Tor ladlM , mlHM. ( rfrli and llttlA ohlldnn. That e r >
t lnilrlua'"clilq" , , ? irtc not attained bjr Hit nit ol in *
oUw * f > itUrii . IltTtoo AnllAl fnrfltTlB&Ild ptfftct Oi.
r put jtntr. Only 10 II c.nti eadi-nav
> r > r nv
XT. S. 'iiand Office ,
F. n. YOUNG , .
Land Offlco at llrokon How. Neb. , I
April 0 , I POO. f
Notice IA hereby glrcn tlmt ttift'folInwInK-nntn.
* d settler hns filed notlen of hid Intention to tnako
final proof In cnpnort of hi * claim , and that mid
proof will bo nmilo before ItoglKtor and ReeClrer
llrokon How Neb. , on May 18 , 1900 , Tin
Clinrlen'A. SIOMfjrotiiery ,
of DroVon How , Neb. , for'ttio'H.'K. 007 , nw Ki
ico. 17 , twp. 18 , It. 20 , W.
Ilnimmos the following witnesses to 'proTOliln
contlnnoiu rcsldonoo nnoti and cnltlvntlon ot
laid Inml , rUi Molllo Walton , William A.
Tooloy , Woiloy W Toolcy.'AlfredJ.SlOKgolt , all
ot Vroken How , Neb ,
4 18 Of " "JAKSS W1ITBHKAD ! , KoEHtor. _
c At a irvslon of the County Ccurt.l-hold fat tb
county court room , In and for sola county , n
llrokon How , on the 5th dny of March , A. D. ,
1900. Proeoiit , J. A. Armour , County Judge ,
% In the matter ot the catnto ot John. M. Holeomli
WHKHEAB , IxjUoraof mlmlnlatrntlon Imvo thin
day bean urantcd to Amanda U. Holcomb as nd *
tntnlttratrtx ot thu catato of ( JolmLM. Ilolcomb
OiinicnsD , That nix inontlm bo allowed for
creditors to piesont tlinlr claims ngnlnst raid ea *
tate for adltiatraout and nllownnoo , nnd ono year
bo allowed vald administratrix to soltlo up ald
e tate , from the 10th day ut March , 1UOO.
AWD ir IB rimTitBiiouuuiiKU , That notlco bo
Riven to the crcdllora of antil cutnto , to nmicar before
fore tm > , at the county court room In aald comity ,
on the HHli day of May , 1000 , on the lOtU day ot
July , 1000 , and ou thu 10th dnv of September ,
1000 , at 10 o'clock , n. in. , each day , by publication
In the Cnstcr county HKPUDUOAN , a nowipapor
printed In mid county , four wrakj successively ,
prior to the 10th day of May , 1DOO , for the purnoau
ot presenting their claims for adjustment nnd nl-
lowanco. J. A. Austouii , County Judgo.
[ BEAU ] U-8
UKOKBN UoW..NKii. , Btiiroh 18. 1000.
Notlco ; U hereby glren that the following
unmcd xcttlor lias tiled notlco ot hla Intention to
inako ilnnl proof In tupport of tils claim , nnd thnt
mid proof will bo mndu before ieal ti > r and ro-
colvcr at Urokuti How , Nob. , on April 80. 1000 ,
viz : Walter lOK ! r8 of llroKen How , Nob. , U.
U. No.sXH , for the w I * nw , w > 4 sw , acctltin a , ill ]
township 10 N. , range 'M W. Ho names the lol.
lowing wltucaaua lo proroihU contlnuo * rei > l- II
deuce upon and culltrallon ot aald land , vU :
William 1 Satientof Itonnd Vnll y.Nol ) . , Albeit
H. ChrUmiin of UroUon How , Nob. , Frnnk\\ | CUM
of Walworlh , Neb. , Uoburt Alllcon of Mlllftti ,
Lund OlUdii at LlncoirT'Soljr , , I
March 16 1000. I
Notlco i horoliy' clvon tlwt'UhotttollowhiK ' *
named settler haa died notlco of hla lutcntlon to
moko niml proof In support of his clalm..aud'lhat
maid proof will bo Hindu boforu County Judge ,
C'UBter.county , nt Uroken How , on April l8-JwO ! ,
viz :
H. 1C. 18170 , for the o > ,4 HW } f , W BW X , SoO.
20 and nw nw-ai-10-10 w.
Ho nninea thu followtiiK wltnoi > ioH to prore 111 *
continuous rvMdetico upon and cultlrallon of nn'.il
hind , rlz : John K. Skinner of Horwyn , Neb. ,
JoHophS. Hurnettof llorwyu , Neb. , Kdmnnd
llotmhur of llorw.u ) , Neb. , Wecloy Miller of Uor-
wynTNob. J. w , JOUNBON ,
U. B. Land Oulco at Hrokon Uow , Nob. , I
Mnrch 17,1000 , f
Notice IB hereby glvuu that Clms. NV.Chnpman h *
flltid notlco ot Intention to nwko Unal proof bo
foru rculatcr anil roiclvor.ut their ollloo In Urokon
Uow , Noli. , on TlmrBdny , the Wth day of April ,
1000 , on timber culture application No. 00 , for
the aw quarter ot section No. 10 , In towaahlp Mo.
llonamcBus wltnosaos : William Illttor of
Walwortft , Nob. , Frank Christy of Walworth ,
Nob. , Walt Motcalf ot Wnlworth , Nob. , Terry
Motcalf of Walworth , Nub.
II nltod States Land Oltlco ,
North 1'luttu , Nob. , April 3 , 1000.
Notlco la hereby ( jlven that
ImB nlod notlco of Intention to mnko Unul nroot
before Comity Jurtgu at Ills ollku Hi Hrokon How ,
Noli. , on Friday the 11th day oi May. 1000 , on
timber eulturu opplloiitlon No. 13071 , for the o V5
no M eW BO W quarter of t-cctlon No. 'iJ , In lowu-
Fhlj ) No. H n , runuo No. ' , ' 1 west 0 I * . M.
Hhe nanioi as wiuionson ; Samuel K. Iavl ot
Ocouto , Nob. , 1'eter Muttorfluu of Oconto , Nab. ,
John J. Uronoii of Ooonto , Nob. , Frank Uav.a ot
Georgetown , Nob.
QEO. K. FBENOII , Iterator.
In the District Court of Cuiter County , Nobr.
Oeorgo Vennrd , Plulnttll
John VenftrU , ot alUefendant ,
Notice Is hereby glTou that In pnrnanco to nn
order wade and outerod In said above causu by
lion : U , 11. HnlliTan , Judco of the IJlBtrlctCourt
In and for Cnstor county NobrBBkn , thu 11) day of
Feb. 1000 the undoralenod roforecs duly appoin
ted anduallQed In BalclcmiBo as required by law
nnd thu order of the said bonrtwlll offer for ealo
at nubile vonduo , at t ho front door of the court
homo at Urokuu How , In eald nutlet county Neb.
ox Saturday , tlio lUth day ot May 1000 at the hour
of 10 o'clocki : * in , of unld dar , the following dt-
scribed real cBtntc , to-WIt ; SJi uwM "d lota U
amH , BOC. 5 , li > ) . rnngu 17 , in Ouster county , soM HCC. IS , tp 'JJ , r. 17 , In Loup Oo. ,
Neb fiho ti-riiiB of said nalo flxc < l by the ordtr
of eald court are us lollown , to-wlt : Ono half of
the purchase price to bo paid lu cneh ni the date
of thosolo and oriu half to bo paid within thrto
years from the date of Bale , mid deformd pay
ment to bo aecnrod by a Urst mortRBSo. upon thu
property sold , and to draw intercut at the rate ct
sevou per cent per annum , interest payablu an
nua" ' . Uriah Ilromwlcb ,
OUB Hohy ,
Horace L. Henlff.
( lefcrevB.
Ily A , 8. Moon and A. It. Humphrey , attorneys
for plaintiff.
Notice to Owncru of Old WcllB.
o Notice IB hereby glvun to the owner * of the
following denorlhcJlaud tlmt the old wolla 00
PttlUl luuiVmnH bo filled up at oncti or coat will bo
made for nmuK thu anuio aa i > rovli by Uw vU :
John Hash , 3-15-SO.
JaiiieB Sponolor , 8la0.
Harry Htnrboard , a-15-L'O.
Wllllnra llarkHos , 13-16-3I.
B2.W. Woods , 0-10-iM.
W K. OwEK ,
Buiiervlior Head DUt. , No. 1 CuetorTwp.
The RPPUULICAN aud Inter Ocean
forlf 0. The Rui'unuCAM < nd 31
State Journal for fcl.85.
I This 1'lnlu Enough !
If you have a nagging cough and
arc losing ilcsh , go to a drug store ,
and get a bottle of Shiloh's Con-
Hiirnption Cure. Take two.thirda
of it , and then , if you are not bono-
iittod , return the bottle to the J
druggist , and ho will return your
money. Isn't that fair ? No one
could ask more. 25otn. , SOots. and
fcl.OO a bottle. Sold by 11. G.
STKAYED A bay pony with three
white foot and white stripe in face
had on a blue web halter ; weight
about 850 pounds. W.D. QUANT.
A Good Thing.
Our Groat-Qranduiother' garrets
containing the name herbs of all
healing found m Karl's Clover root
tea. They gave our ancestor
strength , kept the blood pure , end
will do the same for you If you say
no. Price 2B ots. and 60 ota , Sol
by U. Q , tlaoberlo.
Try Wilson Bros , for all kinds
of hard and soft ooal , and BOO if
they do not merit suoh favors in
quality , weights and price. tf.