Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 12, 1900, Image 5

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    V r. C. WOIWALL , PreMdent. J. A. \Iini3 Cftdbler.
A. J. , . . . . . . . , .
KOUEUTBON.VIco-Prc8. W. D. ULAUKWKI.L , AB 't Uatblor
Farmers Bank of Ouster County
Transacts a Qonoral Banking BuninesH. County Clnimfl and
Wnrrnnts Bnught.
Has n full line ot
Drugs , Paints and Wall Paper.
Also a Pine Line of Books , Stationery , Toilet Articles , etc. Store on
corner of Fifth avenue and Main atrcot , Broken Bow , Neb.
S. II. lltmmiAM , President , Lincoln , Neb II. 0 , 110QKR9 , Cashier , llrokcn How.
J. it. KIMUBRLINQ , Vico-PrcB. , IJrokon How. S. II. IICHT , Ass't CnMiIcr
DiKEOrong :
S. D. Uurnham ! J. M. KImberllug. S. n. lloyt. ; H. G. Kogora.
Jnltodl States Natlonil Dank , Omaha. PhonK "National Hank , ' Now York. FlrstJlNatiuna
, , ' .
Dank Lincoln N'ohra-ka.
rE WANT to Bay to the
WE nblic that our health
is fairly good , and hav-
r inplaid aside our winter clothes ,
t taken off our high collar and
with our eyes turned in the di
rection of business ) . Wo are
ready to'sorve our customers with the best of LUMBER , LATiJS ,
POSTS , in faot ANYTHING usually kept in a FIRST CLASS
LUMBER YARD. We make our own SHINGLES and wo know
fc'joy are GOOD , Wo have the FINEST SCREEN DOORS of the
Season PRICES ! WELL'THEY ARE LOW Oh 'aj 1 Try our
$4.00 COAL for cooking.
I Once Was Lost , tut How I Have
Pound it.
Where ? At my door. At the Eagle Grocery. What in the
world is it , my dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a mam-
nMh. stock ef Groceries , and at the lowest prices you ever
hoard of. The Eagle has been reading the papers and keep-
ILL , pested on what was being offered for sale. They don't
say anything about Terbacker and Candy , and other good
things like that. It is not pickle dishes you want now , it is
Candy The Eagle has 2,000 pounds oi candy for sale cheap ,
istmas committees are invited to call and get my prices ,
member the place , on the big corner , jnst east of First
W. S. SWAU , Proprietor.
-ft i The tree tcit forJLlfe Insurance Is 'jjjjf.
t- found In the Equity of the Contract , jJJ.'j
V " ; the Economy oPManagemenVand the $ * *
$ $ Security for thell'ayraent. $ [
' " " * '
> M"
| Bankers Life Association , b $
i'L . ,
i * py i"-.i
: 'ji Dos Malaca , Iowa. , ' .
EDWAUD A. TEMPLE , President. i' ?
j'.ift Organized July 1st , 1879. | . - '
" } * , Guaranty Fund for fafely. ' ?
y'i'S ' Surplus Fund f or prelection.fe
" Snpervl8Cdby3C60ilcposItorybanks.
.yf ] f Sccnrl'lcs deposltid with the state * \ ' . :
| | l5 dopartmcnt. ; . . * , /
jjTiM Conservative methods. 'j , ; ; *
/ V : Preferred KinsLow Rales. j }
* . ' . Quarterly Payments. ; ' . "r. | (
; > ' ; ! ; For rates and full Information , call . V
ife on or address ;
| J , A. HARRIS ,
" ' '
'V Agent for Ouster County , teb
! ' ODlcu ut farmers Dank of CuK er
> i &
5j [ | Cocnly , liroken How , Neb.
WANTED Several peraonH for
District Oflico Managers in this
state to represent mo in their own
and surrounding oountioti * Will ,
ing to pay yearly $000 , payable
weekly. Detiirblo employment with
uiiriual opportuitiea , lieforbncfh
exchanged. Enclose Bclf.addri'Hei'd
stamped envelope. S , A , Park ,
ISO Caxtcn Building , Chicago ,
Lincoln , Denver ,
Omaha , Huluna ,
Chicago. Hutto ,
bt Josuph , 1'orlland ,
KnnsjB City , Salt Lake City ,
bt. Louis , and fill ban Krancleco ,
points east and south. and all points weat.
' EAST ,
No. 42. tt rough csprrsB daily , Lincoln , Onmhr. ,
aud ull iioliit.s east . u-20 a.m. .
No.14. . Locnl pancnger , departs. .11:25 : a. m.
No 40. Through freight eaui luily..5UU : a. m.
No. 4b. Local Iiuight uaut arr. dally 1J.01 p.ui.
Veparti-at . : . 1.05pm.
No , 41. through express dally , Helena , Ilntte
i'ortlauU. iih points west . ! L'f : > 5p. m
No. 4.1 , i.ocal pacECngorarrlvea at. . 4:55 : p. in.
jNo. 4ft. " " wccl " 10'5 a m
No 47. " " " " 8:16 : p. m
Departs at . 2.45 p , m
Except tiunday ,
bleeping , dining and reclining chair cars ( Boats
tree ) un ihr < ugh trains. Tlckea sold and bag-
jugo checked lu any pi/lnl lu th United Btntet >
mu Canada.
> io. 48 has nitrchandlso cats Tuesdays , Thins
dnys audbulurdayH.
No. 45 will carry passengers for Aneelmo , Ha !
iuy , fceneea , Whitman and Alllaiao.
No , 4t ) ulll carry pi ei gers for Haveuui
Orand Inland , b'ewu.d aud Lincoln.
Information , mape time tublca and ticke
fall on ur urliu tu 11. L. Orinsby , agent , or J
t'ranch , Q. 1' , A. , Oinuhv , NeUraoka.
H. L. OnMsur , Agunt.
$115 For Letters About Nebraska
1 lu * { mast-uger ( luiirunout | ot the
U. and M. H. K. R. offeiH thirteei
caHh prizeu aggregating 115 for
letters about Nebraska , Participate
of the contest , which id open to all ,
can bo had by addressing J. F.anoic ,
W. P. A. , Omaha , Nob. March 8.5.
Try WilHon Bron. for all kinds
uf hard and noft coal , and see if
they do not merit such favors in
quality , weights and price , g26 4t
When the Paris exposition or/ena
on Easter Sunday next , the Ameri
can section will renifiin closed and
dark , thus.announoiug to the world
that , though fur from home , Amori
cane carry their rovoronoo for the
Sabbath with thorn and that on that
day they intend to carry out the
Biblical injunction ngninHt all labor
throughout the entire life of the
Fair. Orders to this effect have
boon issued to Commissioner Gen
eral Pock by the President , at the
request of the American Sabbath
Union , a delegation from that body
calling on him a few days ago aud
drawing his attention to the matter
The President replied that ho was
very glad that his attention
boon called to the subject , which ho
might otherwise havu overlooked in
the prcpH of businoHs. ITo al once
Ht-iit uiHtructionH to Mr Pi-ek to
prohibit all labor by clerks and
wt rktuun and to close the Amen
can pavilion and cover all American
exhibits on Sundays througi'oiit the
tair.-Btptist ; Record , ( lumuston la
Anolcy Chronicle.
Mrs , John ConiHtock wao taken
very ill Sunday morning , Dr ,
Young of Ansley and Talbot of
Broken Bow , was called.
Misses Mary and Alice Wright
Histor ot the writer , arrived last
Friday afternoon from Sterling.
Scotland , and will make their future
homo here.
C. A. Bunnoll , who was arrested
for selling mortgaged cattle , plead
guilty before Judge Sullivan last
week and wag sentenced to oni
year at hard labor in the peniten-
ti.iry ,
11 * A. Alberts has been at Broken
iJow most of the week , operating
the creamery plant at this place ,
while the permanent manager
attended a funeral.
Dr. J. W , Miller , of Gibbon , a
former resident of Algernon and
Mason City , has lately -purchased *
half section of land just North of
Mason , where he already had a haif
section. The Doctor oamo to thii
country from Wisoouson , in 1884 , a
poor man , but by faithful work and
economy , has acquired a large
amount of property.
"A wordUo thn wlao IB sufficient" and
n word from tlio wleo should be aiflbi
ent , but you nHk. who are tlio wine ?
Those who know. The oil repeated ex
patience ot trustworthy persons may be
taken for knowledge. Air. W , M. Terry
snys Chamberlain's Cough Remedy gives
butter satisfaction thau ncy other in the
market Ho hits been lu the drug bunl
nces ut Eiktun , Ky. , ( or twelve years ;
has eold hundreds of bottlup of thlH rem
edy ni.d nearly all other cough medicines
manufactured , which shows conclusive
ly that Chamberlain's ie the most satis
factory to tbe people , nnd' ie the bott.
For aaie by all Drugt-ists
Is This Plain Enough ]
If you have a nagging cough and
arc losing flesh , go to a drug store ,
aud a bottle of Shiloh's Con
sumption Cure. Take two-thirds
of it , and then , if you are not bene
fited , return the bottle to the
druggist , and ho will return your
money. Isn't that fair ? No ono
could ask more. 25ctB. . 50ots. anil
$1.00 a bottlu. Sold by II. G.
Burlington Route
Through Sleeping Cars to San
No changes-no delays-no chance
of miNping connections.if yon go to
Jiiliforniu via the Hurlingtun Route.
The Burlington runs through sleeq
ing cars Omaha , Lincoln aud Has
tings , to S.ilt Lake City and San
Francisco , daily.
Dining cars all the wcy. Library
cars went of O den. Finest scenery
in the world.
Sec nearest Burlington ticket
aupntor write J Ftanois , G. P. A. ,
Omaha , Nebraska.
3. 1. 8. 19.
Gold At Capo Nome.
If you want Information about > be Capo
Nome country , how to get there and
what It costs , write toj. Prnnola G u
oral PrtsdBdkcer Agent , U & M K It K In
Nebraska , Omutia 1'J
Nothing Like It.
You should remembei that no
other medicine it > like Shiloh's Con
suption Cure in any respect. If
ether remedies have failed to relieve
your cough or cold , that is all the
more reason why you should try
Shiloh's. Always sold under a
positive guarantee. If it does no'
help you , the druggist must give
back your money , 25cts. , SOctH
and $1.00 a bottle.
WANTKU Several purnonbfor district
oflicu managers lu this state to represent
me in their own and surrounding coun
ties. Willing to pay yearly $000 , pay
able weekly. Desirable employment
with unusual opportunities. Koferrn-
ceaexchanged. Enclose eulf-addresicd
stamped envelope * S. A ; Park , 320
Caxton Building , Chicago.
[ Beautiful !
i Wo men
There are f ew women as beautiful -
tiful as they might bo. Powder
and paint and cosmetics don't
make good looks. Beauty is
simply an impossibility without
health. Beautiful women are
few because healthy women are
few. The way to have a fair
face and a well-rounded figure
is to take
s BradiieM's
( Female Regulator
This is that old and time-tried
medicine that cures all female
troubles and weaknesses and
drains. It makes no difference
what the doctors call the trou
ble , if there is anything the
g matter in the distinctly feminine
> organs , Bradflcld's Fe
male Regulator will help
and cure it. It is good for ir
regular or painful menstruation ;
for leucorrhoea , for falling of the
womb , for nervousness , head
ache , backache and dizziness.
_ Take it and get well. Then
| your old-time girlish features
and figure will be restored.
Sold by druggist * for $ 1 a tattle.
Clubbing Kutcs.
The RRPUBLICAN offers the . best
latos on subscription you can got
anywhere. See our prices.
The Illustriitnl Bee . * . S2.00
The Wculily lice M 05
Tht ) Inter Ocenii „ 1.00
Tlie Kiirni Journal 1.00
The Globe Democrat. . . . l.UO
The Toledo Ulude 1.00
TheICepubllcau l.JU
Wo will furnish you the wholn
list one year for $3.05.
Or wo will give you
Tbo Hopublican and Illustrated and Weekly
15o > for 82.40
The Uepubllcnn nnd Inter Ocean for
Tno Itepubllcim nud Globe Democrat for .
The nnd Toledo Ulado forTe
To anyone who accosts any of
the above offer a botwoou now and
the first of January , 1000 , wo
give tlio Farm Journal for five
years f ee ; or to anyone who pays
up. Now is your liuio.
Burlington Koute Calllorma Excursion *
Cheap ; quick ; comfortable.
Leave Ouiahn ' 1:35 p. in. Lm
doln 0:10 p. m. and Hastings 8:50
p , m. every Thursday , in uloau
modern , not crowded tourist sleep
ers. No transfers ; oars run right
through to San Francisco and Los
Augulud over the Scenic Kouto
through Denver and Salt Lake City
Cars are carpeted ; upholstered iu
rattan ; have spring seats and backs
and are provided with curtains
bedding , towlos , soap , etc. Uni
formed porters and experienced ex
cursion conductors accompany each
excursion , relieving passengers o
all bother about baggage , pointing
out sbjocts of interest and in many
other ways helping to make th
overland trip a delightful oxper
lonoe. Second class tickets ar
honored. Berths $5.
For foidor giving full informa
tiou , call at nearest Burlington
Kouto ticket oflico , or write to J.
Francis , general passenger agent
Omaha , Nob.
The Way to go to t'ullforulu.
IB iu a tourist sleeper , pureormlly con-
ductiU.Ta tLO JJuilti'Ktun Jtouio
You Uou.t otmnyo cure , "i'ou muko fuel
time. You aeo the finest scuut-ry 011
tbe globo.
Yuur oar la cot as expensively fur-
nlmieci us a place sleeper , but it la just
KB oleiiujmu aa oomtortnblo , just us
oed to ride In und nearly $20.00
ubuaper It has wide vestlUulfH ;
PintecbgaeBblKli back euats ; n unformid
Pullman porter ; cleun bedding ; Bpiioiuna
toilet IOOUJB , tables aud UeMing ran u.
UuirjK BttoL' ly nud beuvily bulk , it
rides euaootlily ; it la warm in winter and
uool lu Bummur.
In obrvDgo of each excursion party is an
experienced excursion conductor who
accompanies it rlgut lhrou b tj Lote
Angeles ,
'Jars leave Omaha , St. Joseph ,
Lincoln und llaatiuxs every Thursday
nrrlvluK Snu FrauctBco followIUK tiuu
day , Loea Angles Monday. Only three
days from Missouri River to tbe Pacillo
Coast , Inoluding two atop-ovcra of l > a
hours at Denver and 2J noura at Suit
Luke City , two ot the moat Interesting
citlea on tue continent ,
For folder Riving full Information ,
call At any Burlington Koute ticket
oilco ) , or write to , J. FIUNCIS-
Gen'l. Pass. Agt. , Omaha. Neb.
Pouch ( or west will cloee at 8 p , m , , ezcep
Sunday when It will close at 7pm ,
1'onch , cast { or train No. 44 cloeei at 0,30 a m
and (01 No. 44 closca ut , It u m. Mall for Aneluy
and points east of Grand Island carried on train
No. 41.
Oconto Tla ot llyno and Tuckervllle , dally ex
cept Sunday closes , at 7 u in : returnloK iamo day
Cullawajr Tla , ilc'Klnluy dally except Sunday
closes at 7 a m , returning same day.
Hound Valley via Greea and Elton close at ? a
m , Monday , Wedneady and Krldaje , returning
nairo day.
Sumuer Tin Ournsey , Oeorpetown and Dptoi
arrrlven at 11 30 , Tuecduy Tuureduy aud tiatur
day , returning leave * at 1 ,30 , anio day.
OtllO ) hours from b.OO a m to 8,00 p m. San
day 8.30 to 9.30 a. in , Lobby open week daya frou
7 am to 8pm. L. II , Javmr , I'.U.
For onto. .
The Willinra fi. Wockorly farm ,
northooflt quarter , sootion twenty
tbroo , township tbirtoon , north of
range nineteen , west 0 principal
meridian , 0 room frame IIOUHO , small
ranary , nod stable , windmill and
oed well , Forty aoron in pasture ,
inoty.fivo acres in oullivation , bal-
nco unbroken ,
II , K. G I.ABO.
8 8 Broken Bow Nobr ,
We , the imdorBigncd , have loused
hat is knowu as Gaudy's Sand
Jonk. Parties wishing Hand can
avesamo by calling on us.
Z. O. & W. J. CnosB.
-10 Broken Bow , Neb
Nothing rl o nililn in niiirli
to tlin clinrmof thp drnnl' u
room or Itomloir n I ho miftly mill-
t llalit from ( 'OKIH > \ A " "
„ will contTllt'itp tn tlio
urtlollc hUCPMt < it III lltiiilipon ,
ti-ionllnner. Thu In1 ,
( "unlit * * for th hiinti t or tli
nunt I'lnhornlu fluid u ' \ fur rot *
r inniiHlon. Mnili i KII colors
ii nui t iliOlrntt. 11 4 liy
hT.V.MIAIl > Oil , < t > .
ami sold f TV ltoro.
J , J , SNYDER ,
- Notary Public
ml Justice of the Peace. Special attention RT-
n to collections , Depositions taken , p ni > ton
ouchori unfitly executed and all kinds of legal
igpora wrlton. Offlco west side rqnaro ,
llrokcn How , Nub.
Lunc } Counter ,
EC * MoUoy , Prop'r.
All kinds if aoft driukH. Beat
brand of ciyarn. 1st building east
of Farmon' bank ,
J. M Scott
Attorney at Law
Wm. F. Tiopkins ,
Plans aud Specifications on short notice
.ertal fui nlshod and buildings completed ohoapoi
hnn any man In the ttato. Satisfaction gutrin
cod as to pUna unu epoclflcatlons.
Dr. E. M. Hogan ,
Graduate Dentist
OlUcoovcr W. 8.Swan's Orooery store.
Broken Bow , - Neb
Clinton Day ,
Broken Bow , Neb.
Offloo over Kyor.flon'8 grocery. Realj
Uonoo Gth boueo west of Baptlat oliurcb
nnd oat I ma tea on abort no
tloe. ' Broken Bow , Neb.
Dr. Chas. L. Mullins
2d stairway from wont ondin Realty
block ; residence , 3rd weal M. E.
church , some aide of Btroot.
Write incloslnr this d. and Jpo and wo
will send you thu beautiful Hanclollno
t/ express , C , O. O. subject to examina
tion. If fount * exactly as roproseiitod
can pay tlio express agent our Hl'Ef-
fou , OKFK It price , 6.00cnu the 60 cents.
orSS.SOauilcxureag charges. This la a
rcRular $11.00 Instrument , solid rosewood
body , fancy ponrl and ebony checkered
cclKo , beautiful pearl butwfly cuard
pli-co. You can have either a Mandoline ,
Wrlto for I'UKBmusical Oatalouua.
AdilrcsB , A. Uo po , Omaha , 3Neb ,
[ tier own i lcatloDto ) T ry iuUcrlbtr. llc-autlful col
ored HthoKraphoJ plate * and llluHi tlon . OrlKtnul ,
Uit , rtl llo , eiquuito Di3 ttrlctiy up Co date ilitlgni
Dreiunaklnir tconomlM. foncy work , liouicliald tiluti ,
hart ttorlc * . current lojilrt. eto. SutiMrlbo today.
OalytOo. yearly , Lady Rgvnli wanted. Bond tor Urin *
For ladlM , mtuei , etrlt and little children. That cer *
Uln itrlUb " eklq " effect not attained bj tbe me of nT
other patt nu. lUteno equal ( or tyU and varied Ut.
Eullr put toiether , Only 10 and It ctoti eacli-noni
btr. Bold la npartyertry city and town , or by mall.
lot fnem. AUoluulyTerr Uttit up-UHluU
. * Twk Ctlr , .
U. S. 'iTid Office ,
Lund Offlco nt Broken How , Nb. ,
April 6 , 1000. f
Notion In hcrnby siren thnt the 'followlng-nam-
Pd settler hn filed notice of his Intention to mftXo
flnitl proof In rnpportnf hlncUlm , and that Md
proof will bo made before Hotclst r nnd llnoolTor
Urokon Ilow Nob. , on Mar 18,1000 , vln
ClinrlcH A , niontjsotiicrj ,
of Urokon How , Nob. , for Uio II , E , f.07 , nw Mi
* o. 7.twp. 18 , It. 20V. .
no immoa the following wltnoi > tea to 'proTOhls
continuous residence upon nnd cultivation of
aid iMirt , TZ : Molllo Walton , William A. lcy W Toolcy , Alfred Slotfgott , nil
of Urokon Ilow , Neb.
IliiOKKN Ilow. Not ) . , Feb. 28th , 1POO.
A cnfllclcmt content nftldavlt luring lioon filed
In this ofllco liy William II , rnmmnl , contcitant ,
Affalnil Albert A , Wachter , entry No. 18.10-1 , made
July 88,1809 for ' 0 M oeoll , township 18 , rnngo
31 , liy Albert \Vaclitor Contcstce , In which U
is alleged that said Wachtor Ima never broken ,
nor caused to bo broken ton acrca of ealil tract an
required by lair nnd hits norcr planted or canecd
to 1)0 planted to trees , nerd or culllliK more tu l
D acres of sold troct. That no planting or r j-
planting Imp been dona on said tract since the
year IB'.Mjor parltor. That said tract hat not liocn
plowed or cultlrntcd Bluco 18SM and that said en
try baa lu un abniuloncd. Thnt all rf tl.o dciccte
lion In coniiliilned | of exist at Ills trrcl Halt' par *
tloc tire hereby iiotlflcd to iiproir , reiioud | and
offer etIdence toiif.lilni ? raid allocution at tun
o'clock a. in on April f > , 11100 , ticloru the ItrKl'tcr
und Itccrlter nt tlio Cultod Slates 1 and OlUcu in
llroken How , Nebraska
The Raid contoftant ImTluK , > n a ( iropor nnuln.
vlt , filed January S , 1IHX ) , evt forth I ICIH which
thaw Hint aflur Uuo dllluonco personal porrlco ot
tbls I nctlco can uat bo made , ft Is huroly ordered -
nd directed that andi notlco be plvoa by dno
nd ptoper publication ,
KltANK II. YOUNU , Itccclror ,
LAND OEFIOK AT it'oura I'LATIH , Nen. , February
Mill. , 1900.
Nolle" la hereby given that ( ho follow ! nt ;
Ained sotllur hns iflou nullco of her Intention tt
unku Uual proof in support of bur clnlm , niut that
mid proof will bo niadu boforu County Judgu ut Ilow , Nebraska , on April < Ub , IWK ) , vlx. :
Kllzabctli F , SHOtH ) , ] [ , JJ , No. 171)03 ) , for the * U
\t eo U of section ia , town 10 , N Haivc , 81 W
Uli pr. M.
Bho niiinen the following wltnesuf.'oOTohor |
coutlniiOH lenluuucu upon and cultlviilluii ot ° unlit
iHiul , vlx : John Willis of llroken lit A , Neb , {
'an e § Kliin of llrokun Ilow , Nub. ; Job Smnlluy
t llrokvn Dow , Nub. ; Albert Hun e 1 1 llrukor
Ilow , Nob. UEO. K. FIIKNUI , Id 'tier.
At n iiMlon of the County Court , livid nt tli
: ounty court room , In and for gold county , a
broken How , on the Bill diiy of March , A. 1) . ,
'DUO. 1'roDunt , J. A. Armour , County Judge ,
In the mutter of the estate of John .M. llolcoinb
\ \ iiuitKAB , Lutteru of mlinlnlHtrntlon have thlu
dity bOi.ii Knuited to Aniiuiilu U. Uulcomb ua iid-
inlnlelrutrix ot thu uelutu ot John .M. llolcoinb
That BIX month * bo allowed for
cicilitorH to i > ifseiu tliiilr claims agalunt mild ea-
Into lor udJUHtmuut mid iillowunoe , and one year
be nil owed euld administratrix to nettle up uald
stale , from tlio loth day of March , 1UOU.
AND ir ia vuiiTiiEuouii&iiKi ) , That notlco bo
Ivcti to the crcdltora or siild estate , to npiiuar be-
ere mo , at thu county court room lu said county ,
u the lUtli day of May , 1UUO , on the lUlh day of
Inly , 1UUO , uuuou thu lUlh day ot September ,
OOU , nt ID o'clock , it. in. , each day , by publication
u tliu CUDter county KKruiiLioAN , u nuwopuper
lirlutcd in > uid county , four woukd guccexetvely ,
.prior to tliu lUtli day of May , 1WX ) , for tlie purpose
ot preceullui ; their claliiiD tor iidluutinunt nnd nl-
'owanco. . ) A. Ausioim , County Judge.
Ilow , Nicu , , March IS. 1000.
Notice 1 hereby KlYcn that t.iO loilowlnu
uutued Bottler hua Uled noticu of bin Intention to
mauo Unul proof iu support of lib claim , and Hint
said proof will ho linulu before reRlutur and re
ceiver at llroken Ilow , Neb. , on April 'M , 1TOO ,
vU : Walter Uosura of llroken Ujw , Nub. , 11.
K. No. ' > , fur tue w H nw , wt ttw , Bectl in ! 1A ,
tuwiibhlp ID N. , ruiigu M W. Ho uainea thu ioU
luwlug wltuussua to prove his cuiitlnnon roei-
ilenco upon ami culnvutlon ot tinld laud , viz :
William I bu Kent of Hound Valluy , Nob. , Albu.C
It. Chrlaiuiiu ot llroi.en How , Neb , , I'runk Wells
of Wnlwortb , Neb , , Itobort Allison of Lillian ,
Nub. JAUES WUITKUKAU , Ueglstor ,
Laud Oulco at Lincoln Nobr. , I
March 15 1UOU. f
Notlco IB hereby clvon that the following-
named nuttier butt tiled notice ol bin Intention to
make Html proof In miupurl of hla claim , unit thnt
Biild proof will bo nmUu bufuru Cuuiuy , ) ude | ,
Cuuter county , ut Urukeu liow , on April & ) , ItKW ,
viz :
H. K. 18170 , for thu o li MW U , nw X e\v > i , Soo.
! ! U and nw uw-U ' > 10 > lU w.
lie liameB the following wltncpscB to prova hli
continuous residence upon and cultivation ol enld
laud , viz : John if. tikinner of llurwyn , Neb. .
JorephB. llurnettof llerwyn , Neb , , Kdniiiud
lloughur ot llerwju , Neb. , Wurluy Miller of Jur-
wyu , Nob. J. W , JOHNBON , Itcglstcr ,
U. S Laud Oulco at llrokcn Ilow , Nob. , I
March 17 , 1.000. f
Noticu is hereby given that Clum.V.CImpman has
tiled notice ot Intention to make Dual proof bo
foru register and rocclvor.ut their olllcu Iu llrokeu
lliixv , Neb. , on Thuruduy , the UOthdayof April ,
11)00 ) , 011 timber culture application No. CO , for
ttio aw quarter of sectiou No. IU , In townehln No.
1(1 II. rflllfrn Nri. IU IV
wltiies > oiVllll < im Illttor of
Walworta , Nell. Frank Olirlsty of Wnlworth ,
Nob. , Wait Molrult of Wulwortti , Nobi , t'crry
Alutculf ot Wulwortli , Nub.
U , Itc'gUtor ,
I lilted HtatoH Innil Ulllco ,
North Pltttle , Neb , Al > rll a , 1000.
Notice IB hereby given tlmt
an fllnd notlco of Inluntlon t nmUu 11 mil proof
.cfuro ( jiinly Ju > u at his o'Hc ' in Itro'iun How ,
4ub.on Frliluy tlu II ill ( In y ol .May , lioo , on
lir.ljor cuUuru application < o 13U71. for the o J4
iu M uy koi quurlur < it section No. i , In town-
hip No 1-t n , rtiiiL'u No , til west 0.M. .
blic nitincH IIH wllnocHUH ; Hainuol K. Duvls ot
icunto , Nob. , I'utor Muttoracn of Oconto , Neb , ,
lolinJ Ilrt'imn ( if Oconto. Neb. , ifrunlc liov.d ot
Georgetown , Nub.
QBO , K FHKNCU , UugUter.
In tlio District Court of Ouster Count ; , Nubr.
leorgo Vuunrd , 1'lulntllt
John Vennrd , ot al .DufendMiX
Notice li hereby glren that in imrpancu to nn
order made nnil tnlvroil In fild alinvo ciuiec liy
Hun il , M btilllvuii , Judgu of the District Court
u anil forCustur county Nulirasitii , tlio ID day of
Feb. lifX ) thu nnilcrBlgiicd rcforcun duly uppoln-
ltd ftiidim.llltil in sulil CUUBU ns required bylaw
and tliu order of the fiiilil boiirtwlll oiler fur eulo
at public \endtiu , nt holroiit door of the court
liouso at llrokcn llo\v , In eald ountct county Nub.
ox buturday , thu Uth day nt May 1UOO ut the hour
of 10 o'clockia ; in , of raid dar the folli.wlnp described -
scribed real ( 'HtaU * . to wit , b i nwf itnd lutx 3
nnil-1 , sec 'JO rmiiu 17 , In i.'untcr county ,
Neb , aiid BoM nee. 'I , ' , tp " 1 , r 17 , In I.oup Co. ,
Nub Kiiu ternit" ut Biild Hiil tlxcit by thu order
of HiUl oou t uro an lollown , to-wlt ; One half ot
the pnrchubo price to be puld lu cnttli a ; the date
ofifioeoluHud ono hulf to Lu ( mid within thrco
yiaro from thu datu of fulu , raid deferrud pay.
munt to bo ei'oured by a 11 rat inortuagu up a the
property Hold , and to draw Interest ut the rate of
BUVOU percent per unmitu , Interest payable un-
nuully. I'rluli liromnlcb ,
( Jus llohy ,
UorncoL. Kenlff. )
HyA , 8. Moon and A , It. Humphrey , attorueyi
for plalntltf.
Noticu to * > WIICTH or Old
Notice U hereby ulven to the owners of tlio
following dcecribuil laitit lhat the old wells ou
eald InndinuH bu tilled up at once or cos1 will be
made for 1'lllng ' the name at provided by law viz :
John UGBU. B-15- ' , ' ( ) .
Juiuen Spoiielor , H-ID-'JO.
Harry Starboard. S.IS-'O.
William llarkitju , 13-io-yl.
W. Woods , O-IB-SO.
W. 15. Otttx.
Supervlear Kuud Dlat , No. 1 Cuslor Twp.
The KtTuiu.iuAN ami
for < s 1.50 , The KKI'UJH.UAN
State Journal for 11.85.