Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 12, 1900, Image 3

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    PLOT .T 0
Sipido Oeems Inclined to Make Ooiifession
of the Whole Buimecs ,
r > > i i
He Admit * That Jftv Solil , n ItrxoUrrto
the I'rlsoiu'r Slptilo lsii' r < % * 1'ntlnT' *
Appeal * lo. Continues III * DHIiint Al
titude , hat 'IV IN nn liiiMllli-rciit Tn If.
BRUSSELS , April 0. One of Slpldo's
f.ccompllces been ah'estcd and in-
te-rrogatcd by the commissary of police.
blpldo seems inclined Uo'pimke a con-
and Judging ' frohi his latest.
I j
statements the. outrage kwas the outcome
; |
come of a plot. ' '
Three of the associates are known.
One of the'person's arrested 1ms con-
.fi.s < ? cd that he sold the revolver to
iMpido. His name is Meort.
He admits that he had , n .conversa
tion with Slpldo on the subject of the i
outrage on the prince , but protests that i
the words were spoken In jest.'Tlic po
lice are seeking other accomplices.
The attempt at the assassination of
the Prince of Wales yesterday was the
* .ole topic of conversation in the
.streets , in the cafes and theaters last
evening , i Everywhere regret- and deep
indignation wore manifested an'd satia-
J-ac'tion n't the failure ot the L'rJni\nL's \
attempt was unanhnously expressed.
at is said that whtSn the crowd rushed
ri ( ' Slpldo he received a blow from
someone's jlst In the ; face nyhlch drew
blood. * *
> * ;
One version of Slpido's gtateniqnt is
that he declared thutj he committed the
act because he wasum anarchist and
1 6 did not allude to South Africa.
The , Patriote says : "Investigation
proves premeditation. The Interroga
tion of the prisoners lasted four , hours
nnd It shows that he was instigated by
an unknown person , who pers i'tied
him tO'buy a pistol on .Sunday in the
Old Market for : ' . francs. Accompanied
i ; > tills person , Sipiilo went on Tuesday
to a meeting iii the Flemish theater
and then to the Malden dn Peuple ,
where they had drinks. Then they
\vent to a wine shop , where Sipldo
wrote a letter say ing he had obtained
employment. He then went to the rail-
v aylsta ion and asked the hour of the
: urlyahof the train. Later he entered
a ca'fe and loaded his revolver In the
lavatqrjSipido rqfrsed to give the
nflnie'of Ills .companion . , who , ho said.
was a young man' some years older
than himself. After Sipido was locked ,
up' . .the magistrates went to the house'
of hts parents.
According to the Etpile Boise. Sipido
explained his motive as follows : "For
n long' time I have tlfoughl tna' the
ambitious men who are unchaining ,
Avar sacrifice so many lives that they
deserve to be punished. Those men
should sulTor the penalty of retaliation.
When I learned by the papers that the
prince was going to pass through Brus
sels I Immediately resolved to become
the avenger of humanity and to , kill
this 'assassin. On Sunday I made up
my mind to carry out my project. [
regret that I have not accomplished It
as * I desired. "
The magistrates , struck by the incoherency -
herency of the story , arc convinced
that Slpldo does not tell the whole
truth and wishes to save someone. Jite
magistrates arc going to verity the
prisoner's statement. The commitment
charges the prisoner with an attempt
at assassination.
Jean Bapti&te Sipido was not sub
mitted to ajm''her . ' examination today.
His attltnilo' Is 'dejected and he appears
very tired , having had little sleep. He
expressed no regret at bis crime , but
has repeatedly asked pcrniissib'n to see
Ms mother. No interview between
them" will be , allowed for some days.
I ! ' '
Edlrt.i\cliidlii : Atiicrlciin Tork ItrliiKti
HII lOinpliallc IS'oli' .
WASHINGTON , April 'G. Secretary
Hay has addressed a vigorous 'protest
to the Turkish government against the
pioposed application of an.edlcUcxclud-
ing American pork from , Turkey. The
note entered an emphatic donirtl of the
pretense of \inwholesomeness set
up against pork as a basis for the ex
clusion nnd pointedly makes it neces
sary for the Turkish government to
support Its contention by adequate evi- ,
dcnce before It can enforce the edict
without serious rear-Its , .fl'he1 officials' '
hero are confident , because of the ro-1
suit of the complqte failure of the Ger
man health officers to malic"good suck I
assertions respecting our meats .be ! I
lieving that the Turkish government
can make no better showing. ! 1
Hill for Mlllliir.v C , , , , , , , . ,
WASHINGTON , AprlUC. A bill was
introduced In the senate today by Huw-
le > authorizing the secretary of war'to !
make surveys for the 9stabllslunent of , | 1
camp grounds in the north , eas't , south ! I
and west for the training of soldiers oi i I
the United States and , the .national
guard. The bill provides that the
cnmps when established shall be * &up
piled with all modern conVemences' . j
Credentials of .Senator PrrNentrd.
WASHINGTON , April 6. In the senate -
ate today Sonalof'Mnnes1 lit Arkansas
presented tlio credentials of , K C. S.
Dluckhurn as a senator from Kentucky
for Iho term of six years , beginning
March , 1901. Mr. Joijes baftri&atl \ \ $
ciedentials'wore long hp would -ask
that they bo printed In the Record as
a document.
.v fr Ilin.Cjr
WASHINGTON. D. C. , April G. The
naval appropriation bill was today
re ported-to the house by Acting'Chair
man Foss of the naval committee. Th 1
amount carried by the bijl is $01.219-
91G , the largest'eVei reported to the
house from the naval committee. Asiilo |
f loin this the report which amirn ?
panics. tie ) hil } , ig rcni-irkable for. ia {
arrayal of facts regarding sea powei1
the world over , foreign naval proi
grams and the comparative : strengil J
of the nnvles of the great powers i ,
nccompanled by colored charts showing
th ? unbuliiiig arjous great navies. i
llel.itcd Itrport Cuptnre of a Sijimdroii
or CrllUli UiiMtlry.
LONDON , April G. TUo Capetown
corrospondcnl of the Standard , , tele
graphing Tuesday , gives the details ,
hitherto obacurc , of the surrender of
i .squadron of Kitchener's Horse on
February 1 , " ;
"It was the day of the r Hef of Klin-
Itcrley. The stuitidron hud been left
Jo guard u farm on the Illet river
while General French advanced to the
besieged town.
"The object of leaving them on the
river was to hold a well pondjng tle )
arrival of another column. The latter ,
however , never c-amc , and the 'troop
ers found themselves besieged for four
days by a body of 400 Doors. There
were but fifty men. but they pierced
holes In the walls of the farm honso
and made a desperate stand for three
"They fought gallantly .1111,1 , alj the
time wltho.ut ' foqd . , Bn.t an. tl\e \ fourth
day they managed to catch a goat ,
which they quickly devoured. There
was not a blade of grass on the neigh
boring veldt , and all their horses died
ot starvation. The stench In and
about the farm house was something
"On the fourth day General DeWIlt
.sent a message calling for them to
Mil-render within a few minutes. The
fcUnntlon was hopeless. The Boers
hud two twelve-pounders with them ,
and the squadron was In the last stage
of exhaustion. Seeing there was no
( hnnco of relief , they agreed among
themselves to surrender. "
The war office issued no news yes
terday and little was allowed to come
through from the correspondents at
Uloemfontoln. According to the Stand
ard's representatives there is no sign
that the Doers Intend taking the of
fensive. General Clement is so ills-
loosing of his forces as to guard against
any surprise attack , which , although
improbable , is evidently not regarded
n * impossible , judging from the prepa
rations of Lord Roberts.
As Is usual where .there is a cheek
in the progress of the British cam
paign , the war oflice is being severely
censured for failing to send the noces
wiry supply of remounts for the army.
If is believed Lord Roberts has dif
ficulties other than remounts with
which to contend.
l'eir : ixir : < . < ( ! Unit Them N TollMcnl
( Ibjvet In tliu C'.ill.
CHICAGO , 111. , Aprlll G.--Mombcrs
of the Dewey reception committee will
hold a formal meeting next Tuesday
to decide whether the celebration
planned in honor of Admiral Dewey
on the occasion of the Jatter's visit
to Chicago May I shall be abandoned
or carried out in accordance with the
original idea. In the meantime prep
arations are being actively pushed for
the celebration and the work of col
lecting funds Is progressing satlsfac-
toiily. The committee apparently Is
divided as to the wisdom of abandonIng -
Ing the fete , many of the members
stating that the reception to Admiral
Dewey should arise above partisanship ,
while others wish to hear from Ad
miral Dewey as to whether or not his
visit to Chicago is to have any politi
cal significance.
He DcH.iriM Ilo HUH Sulil Nothing Jtcln-
tlio to Deuce's t'umlldiiev.
PRINCETON , N. J. , April G. For
mer President Orover Cleveland today
declared that he hud not given an
interview to any one on Admiral
Dcwey's candidacy. Referring to pub
lished expressions of his views , Jic
dictated the following :
"This statement is outrageous. It
in false from beginning to end. A
number of young men representing
different papers called on mo yesterday
for my opinion in relation to Admiral
Dowey's announcement of his candi
dacy and f invariably declined to say
anything whatever on the subject. If
by any possibility I should see fit In
Iho future to give any expression on
this subject , it will be done in a way
that will leave no doubt as to its au
thenticity. In the meantime it is safe
tti calculate in advance that any less
t'uthoritativc statement which may be
attributed to me will be an unjustifi
able fabrication. "
tll < > l-'ll-st SllOt
VANCOUVER , n. C. , April G. The
war toward which Russia and .Japan
pro believed by oriental papers to bo
drift Ing , was almost precipitated by
an Incident of which Japanese olli-
cials have vainly end > avoiod to sup-
press. On March 2-4 a Japanese bat-
tlcshlp encountered a Russian cruiser
iir tlrc-'iielglihorlioftd , 'of Iiaitoflato.
Without any warning tin- Russian
discharged a torpedo agalnut the bat
tleship , but missed aim.
'lit Hiiiulle SiiinllioCIIHCH |
WASHINGTON , April Ii. The ofll-
cers of the marine service have con-
sc tiled to handle the smallpox suuai.on
on the Nez Percys reservation in Idaho
They \vlll establish detention camps
and do whatever olno is necessary to
htamp out the disease' . Commissioner
Jo no's of the Indian bureau said tcduy
that thq se.tiousnqsfv.of tbe situiitloi
evidently has been overestimated. He
thinks the' Indians have become'panic-
The annual meeting of the stockholders -
| holders of the American Beet Sugar
company was held In Jersey City. The
old board of directors was r.e-eieeted ,
and it will re-elect the old olliccrs. No
report was given out.
Will right to thn Knd.
LOriSVlLLK. Ky. . April G.-Gov-
einor Taylor spent today in this city
in consultation with personal and po-
litical friends. Adjutant General Col-
Her came down from Frankfort to meet
' Hie governor. Genet al Collier reiterated -
, ated that Goveinor Taylor will not re-
' linquiKh ills position until lite United
States hupremo court passes on tlio
ci-fco. .Tho latest report from the court
' of appeals is that a decision in the
t Eovornorhhip case may be expected
' Mcnday.
A Manila Pnpor Publishes a Long Article
Concerning Him ,
lilHlfttril ( in Slii.vliiK lit III * Tout iif Duty
\Vlilln SiilTrrltii ; frinii DNpunp , liven
TluitiKli t'rKi-il t < > Knlcr tinIliiipllnl
A 'Mull IVurlc-n In riirroriiiiinci * of Kilt.T.
PLATTSMOUTH , Neb. , April 9.
Hon. Samuel Waugh of this city has
received the Manila Freedom contain
ing the following :
"While temporarily Insane fiom the
effects of Intermittent brain fever ,
contracted during the severe cnnipalgn
it south Luzon , Second Lieutenant
John R. Wnugh of the Thirty-ninth
Infantry shot himself through the heart
at Clamba. early Tuesday morning.
He died almost Instantly and yester
day his body was brought to Manila
by nn cscotl from Company H of the
Thirty-ninth , under command of Lieutenant
tenant Harry 1C. Courtney. The re
mains will be transported to , the sl'ttes
on the Sheridan.
"Lieutenant Waugh was one of the
bravest of the young officers of Bui-
lard's fighting regiment. He hud buiT-
ly reached his majority and for one
so young In years had gained a name
for personal bravery and devotion to
soldierly duty. He was slight of stat
ure and a fit candidate for Iho hospital
when Langhorn's battalion reached
Calnniba a week ago from Its record
breaking 'hike' through the provinces
of Lagnna , Batangas and Tayabas , but
he continued 'for duty' with his com
pany and on Monday collapsed from
nervous exhaustion. He recoverd
within a few bouts and appeared u >
bn on the high road to complete recov-
01 y , but in the early morning of Tues
day he ended his llfp by his own hand
while suffering the tortures of disease.
"He had been talking in a sort of
distracted way with Captain Joseph P.
Coughoy of the Thirty-ninth at his
eiuartors in Cnlambu an hour before
If ? fired the fatal shot , and the captain
urged him to enter the hospital for
treatment. Young Waugh refused and
added that he would feel better HOOII.
Captain Cotighey kept a watchful eye
over nim until breakfast had been fin
ished and then Waugh appeared to
have entirely recovered. About 9JO :
o'clock a shot rang out and the officers
quartered In the building rushed out
upon the veranda and saw the young
officer lying there gasping for breath.
An army revolver had ended his life.
He died within ten minutes. A mili
tary escort , made of infantry compan
ies from Hie Thirty-ninth and Sum-
meraH's artillery , with a troop of cav
alry , did military burial honors over
the body of the dead lieutenant at
Calttinba yesterday.
"Lieutenant T. M. Cobb , jr. , said : "A
more impetuously brave young ofllcer
I have never known. I have seen him
have his platoon into the hottest
of the fight and no one ever saw Dick
Waugh flinch. I know bis people in
Nebrasaka , and 1 can truthfully say
they have lost a noble son. ' "
.School Unmix
FRI3MONT , Neb. , April 9. A special
mooting of the school board was held
here , and Mr. W. .1. Conrtrlght , the
attorney employed by the board to rep
resent them in the district court , sub
mitted ills opinion that the school
bonds were invalid for several reasons ,
one bping Unit not one-third of the
legally qualified school electors signed
the petition for their submission at
the election last fnl. His opinion was
a good deal of surprise , ns it practical
ly conceded the points fact out in the
petition for the injunction. The board
instructed their attorney to file an an
swer admitting that the petition for
the submission of the bonds was not
signed by a Hiilficient number of clec-
A .Mllr anil n Hair a Day.
OMAHA , April 9 At the Union Pa-
ofle shops , a force of carpenters and
blacksmiths has begun building a Rob
ot ts steam track layer. This is a giant
mechanical- device to take place ot
hand work In the distribution of both
tics and steel , whereby one steam
track layer with a force of sixty men
can lay a mile and a half a day , an
amount far in excess of what the .mine
crew could do without it. The equip
ment of the steam tracK-laying train ,
a. , planned to lay tbrco-quarters of a
mile for each half day trip , consists
of a pioneer car , eight lie cars , then
the engine , and then the thioe cars
wltn rails.
Komi ! ( < lit Norfolk.
NORFOLK , Neb. , April 9. A bicycle
road race was hold here under the
manugomimt of the Young Men rf
Christian league. The course was
from Stanton to this city , a distance of
fourteen miles. The race was won by
George Davis , with Clyde Williams
second an- ' John Kuhl third. Best
tune , 40 minutes 11 seconds. W. W.
Hughes collapsed at the finish and wa : <
carried home. Ills condition is not
considered soiioiiH.
StirvUorH of Slilln.
SC1IUYLHR. Neb. , April 9. The sur
vivors of the battle of Shlloh met
hero and held a camyfire. which was
addressed by Rev. C. H. Miller of this
place , T. J. Majors of Peru and Rev.
PrcHhon of Stromsburg. About forty
visitors wore present and an interesting
meeting was held. Rev. Mr. PrcHson ,
o.\-ovenor ! Thayer and John L. Webs
ter were the principal speakers on the
Will Itulxn ItrHK.
SOUTH OMAHA , Neb. . April 9.
President Fynn of the Commericial
clul ) says that no doubt remains as
to the utility of raising beets on the
vacant land adjacent to the city , and
that a great many laboring people have
expressed a desire to cultivate them
if given an opportunity. For that rea
son , u number of the leading business
men , headed by President Fiynn nnd
Secretary Watklns of the Commercial
club have termed an association which
will provide the seed and cultivators
for a number of responsible people
who desire to go Into the.beet raising
business ,
Hand Down Their Dicliuin In It
Nuinhur of CIUCK.
LINCOLN , Neb. , April ( i. The su-
promc co\irt handed down decisions In
Mcven cases. Considerable time wn
spt-nl'ln listening to arguments on the
motion of the attorney general for rt
writ of mandamus compelling Judge
HiiUcr of thiy'district court of-Donglas
( cnnly to set aside the Judgment In
the case df the State < if Nebraska
against the Omaha National hank and
for a mandate ordering a new trial of
the suit. In < tho' Btnto ex rel Christy
against Stubby the election contest
ctt&e from the Seventh judicial district ,
the defendant -WJIH given n weelc's time
to prepare for a hearing on the de
Several questions of Interest to at
torneys and fire Insurance people In
Nebraska are decided by the court for
the first time In the case of the Ijui-
rashtru Insurance company against
Hush. Under the valued policy law of
this stnto the wortn of property in-
wired Is fixed conclusively at the vain-
lion written jn Iho contract- Insur
ance and in case of total Iocs that sum
1& the measure of recovery. Under such
r. policy In case of paitial loss the no
f'lal damage Is the measure of recov
ery. In the decjalon handed down .to .
day the court rules that if , under n
valued policy , the property Insured Is
totally destroyed as the result of two
or more llrqs , the. measure of recovery
foi the final loss is the amount written
in the contract less amounts paid In
settlement of previous losses.
The court further rules that after a
partial loss under a fire policy which
renders the building unten\bl | < thn In
sured Is not guilty of a breach of the
vi.cancy clause of the contract where
lie permits the property to remain un
occupied pending the period during
vblch the Insurer Is authorized to ex
ercise Its option to repair the damaged
building and that there Is nothing .In
the constitution of the United States
or of this state wnlch forbids classifi
cation of subjects for the purpose of
legislation. It is held that the power
to classify Is subiect only to the limi
tation that the classification must not
lie arbitrary.
"Tho provision of section 3 of the
valued policy law ( section \ \ , chapter
I. ! . Compiled Statutes , l&fl ! ) ) , permit
ting the taxation as costs of a reasona
ble attorney's fee upon rendering the
judgment against nn insurance corn-
puny on a contract Insuring real
estate , " it is hold , "Is grounded on
consideration of public policy and is
constitutional. "
( Joiiill.v'H MortciiKe Iti'cnril.
SI2WARD. Nob. , April ' . The far
mers of Snwnrcl county oroko the rec
ord during March In reducing the
mortgages on their farms. The record
shows tliat fifty-seven mortgages were
filed , amounting to $75,580.20 ; released ,
! )0 ) ; amounting' to $120.804.09 , a reduc
tion of $ .T1,218.10 for the month. City
mortgages filed. 8. $2,831.50 ; released
two , J080.85 : chattel mortgages filed
10 , ' ! . $2:1,580.22 : : released 81. $44.'A192. \ \ .
making a total reduction of $0.9,855.49.
AliiHuorlh CliTiinu-r.v A Korittlnu. |
AINSWORTH , Neb. , April 0. The
stockholders of the proposed Ains-
worth creamery association met and
incorporated with the following offi
cers for the ensuing year : President ,
It. S. Honing : secretary. II. O. Paine ;
treasurer , C. L. Hrlggs ; board of direc
tors. George Carpenter. W. H. Coltrin.
Dr. W. 13. Loom is , J. W. Shaner and
C M. Ilnlchlnson. The plant Is ex
pected to bo in operation within sixty
days. Much Interest Is felt In the en
lilt liv n Trill n.
GUANO ISLAND , Neb. . April 0.
At Henry Carson , a farmer of St. Lib-
ory , aid his daughter , were crossing
the Burlington track in this city the
engine of the east bound passenger
Htriick the tall end of the wagon. Both
occupants were1 hurled out of the
wagon. Carson's leg was broken badly
and bruised , and < he daughter w
bndly cut and bruised.
A Untile C'ldxCH.
LINCOLN. April 0. The state bank
ing board has taken possession of
the Citi7.pns' State bahlc 'of ' Cambridge
Examiner Wilson took possession of
the- bank Monday and the state board
authorized the attorney general to ap
ply to the district court' for the ap
pointment of a rocoivo.r. The cause
of the' failure is said to have been 'toe
much poor paper.
riftnri-N of I'li-Hi. Ni-linmkn ,
LINCOLN. Neb. . April 0. Adjutant
General Berry rpcelved nine large pho
tographs showing the , | lrst , N.qhrnkmi
regiment In active service In the Phil
ipplncs. The pictures compilse the on
tin : collection In lh ponaehblon of tin
chief signal officer. ' i ne pictures wcrr
feu warded by Eugene O. Keehet. cap
tain , signal officer United Htatos Vol
unteers , disbursing officer. Captain
Fcchet Is a brolher of Major U. ( ! .
Kcchet who was assigned to duty In
Nebraska several years ago as special
aid to the governor.
\VnnlM it MOIIP.T Hal in.
OMAHA. Nob. . April 0. John S.
Clark Is plaintiff In a damage suit
against tno Chicago , Burlington &
Qniney Railroad company , In wnidi he
seeks to collect $20,750 on account of
Injury. Ho alleges that bo was a pas
se ngor on one of the defendant com
pany's trains running from Atwooil.
Kan. , to Lebanon , Nob. . November 29
or last year , and thai on reaching Leb
anon the train did not stem at the de
pot. Ho Jumped off and sustained In
jury that required the amputation cf
hit ) right leg.
, lnlili * r4 nro 1'leiiHpfl.
OMAHA. Neb. . April 0. The Jobbers
oJ Omaha are well pleased that the
Omaha-Kansas City differential on
imekliiK IIC.UBO products has boon re
duced from U to , I ! cents per 100 pounds.
One jobber said : "Thin reduction
n.eans much to the jobbeiH. nMdo from
the packers' Interest , as It Ind'cut ' s
that Omaha irf lo eventually got lower
ir.toH on other lines of goods than those
produced bv the packers. For ve.iis
Omaha jobbers have been discrimin
ated against In rates to the south hn
I1 believe the beginning of the cud la
'at hand.
Qovornor Poyntor Will Stand by His De
cision of Last Weak ,
Otrtto IliMird of Tr.iiniiort.-itlnn - * . . . . . * Srrrcd . . . .
With nil Order IlrMr.tlnliic 1'lichi I'rnnt
Ilourlnc C'iiuiilitliiN | A limit Kullrniid
MiUi'n MKri'llitiu'tim Nuliritukit Mitt-
tur * .
, M -1 - r A 'O'l "
LINCOL.NI ApnlM.f-lloternoriPoyn-
ler will stand It ) * ' hla decision ; of last
wccki-and will rufuso U reins Into B.
F. Lang of York its superintendent
of the State Institute for Foeble-Mlnd-
ed Youth at Beatrice. A delegation
headed by LlouUwnnt Governor Gil
bert and Jiidgi ; Bates of Y.ork uid ex-
Mayor 13. A. Kretslnger of Beatrice ,
and lneludlugabout ( a , jlpjKon/ly7.pjitfor ( ,
York , called on Governor Poynter and
pleaded for leniency on behalf of Lang.
At the close of the conference , flov.
ernor Poynter said that ho had no
decision other tluhi the cine rendered
last week.
Jt has been , , qujetl ' I nil milled that
unless ho was Ycltisluocl l ! . Lluig
would refuse to go cut of olHeo until
compelled " to do so b'y ' tlio ' eoiirts.
Jovernor Poynter asset Is Hint he has
Lang's rtfsig'hat'lou in writing " Uvo.l-
his own signature and Unit he cannot
therefore Contend lliat he has any
lawful right to the oillco. Lang has
told several of his friends that ho has
not reslj'iiod and that he does' 'hot
pioposo to bo removed from the olllcu
" ' " " ' ' ' '
without cdAsc.
Members of the State Hoard ot
Transportation wore' ' HOi'vcdVlth ' H
copy of an order ! sued by Judge Mun-
gcr of tlto 'fedl-fal' court roHtralnlng
Ihein from entertaining , hearing or de
termining any complaint which ban
been or may hereafter bo filed with
the board , touching the niton of charge
made by the Frerhoht. liiitthdrn fc'Mls-1
Hourl Valley or the Chicago , St. Paul ,
Minneapolis & Omaha railroads. This
order is lo conllnuo in force until
April 15 , wlioh the complainants will
move for a permanent Injunction. The
Hoard of Transportation IH nlrfo re
strained from making any order fixing
or : > rescrl ) > lng the raits which either
of ihcso companies 'shall charge for
transportation of freight between
points In Nebraska aild from taking
any proceedings for the purpose of
enforcing any order heretofore' Issued.
But little surprise was expressed at
the stale houst" when the injunction
was served , It being generally expect
ed that life Hoard of Transportation
would be restrained from proceeding
with the hearing of cases pending
against the Fremont , ISlkharn & Mis
souri Valley and Iho Uinnna roads ,
bolli of which were recently contin
ued. '
The case of the Business Men's as
sociation of Norfolk against the Oninlm
read has been lost In the mass of
railroad rate litigation.
Ntlitn Ciipllnl NntrN.
LINCOLN , Neb. , April I. Trcasnrci
Meservo has Irisuoc1 ! ' n/'cajl' for general
fund warrants registered from 55,171
13 r.r.,570 , payable April JO. The
amount covered is $10,000.
Two of the bondsment 'of ex-Coiinly
Treasurer J. W. Lynch of Plnltc coun-
ly wore at the state house wllh a view
to effecting a compiumlse with the
state of the claim covering the short
age of that olllcial , amounting to tip-
pioximatcly $111,000. Lynch's short
age was , ln the neighborhood of $ .iO-
100 , of which amount 17,000 belonged
to the county and the b'alance 'lo Iho
stale. The county funds were paid b'y
the bondsmen , but the state has not
been reimbursed.
IY1I Undi'i- I liu
COLUMBUS , Nob. , April 4. Martin
Jensen , a baker , twenty years old , who
has been employed the- past six -months
at Humphrey , stole a rlno w.lth a , com
panion Saturday night , on the Union
Pacific acconimodnllon train , and fell
under the wheels al Platte Center.
Both legs were badly mangled. He
was brought to tho. hospital and
one leg was anppi\tnted \ 0911 aftei ;
midnight. Attendn gHiirgcons hop * }
to 'save 'the ' other , but are not sure
that they can.
TiiiuU fur Inillii KnlT r"r > <
CAMBRIDGE , Neb. , April I. A mas *
meeting called for the purpose of
raising funds 'fo'r relief1of the India
famine sufferers resulted lir'tho sum
rn' $1150 being rained 'by ' the people of
Cambridge and vicinity. This town
has always responded liberally when
appealed to for the relief of suffering
.Mrvtfitii Wiir Vrlenin l > nd.
GRI-ri'NA , Neb. . April l.John Fal :
Ion , an old citl/.en , ' died of heart fail :
lire at the home1 of his daughter at
Watorvllle.-Kah. , Sunday morning. Th
remains were brought to this place
this morning and burled In the Cath-
oils cemetery. Mr. Fallen Was a Vet- '
erun of the Mexican war.
AVin. Fulli-r U Hound Over.
O'NEILL. Neb. ' , , sXpril j.-TWilUam
Fuller had li'Is preliminary hearing
in the county court upon the charge
of statutory rape of the person of Jyy
Mount and was bound. o > er to the
trlct court In the aum cjr $1,500. The
defendant is about 18 yunrs'of age and
the complaining witness a year young
er. They are both residents of Stuart
and hltjhly connected. The 'jaJleged
date of the crime Is July , 1899.
DodRit County .MortK'H" lirrnrd ,
FREMONT. Neb. . April . The fol
lowing IH the mortgage record of
Dodge county for the nioiilTi of March :
Chattel mortgages filed 1-18 , amount
VTJJ-Ki.ll ; released 150 ir..junt ? : ! . ! . -
797.US. Farm mortgages recorded 53 ,
amount $ : ! ! ) , ' , " ( 'M' ; t flensed 51 , amount
$91,721.20. Town and city mortgages
recorded -10 , amount 14.799.00 ; re
leased W , amount $19,399.7 : ! . The
amount of farm mortgaged recorded Is
greater than any month alnce registers
of deds have been required to keep 8a
record of them and arc pilnclpully pir- |
chase nicney mortgages > \ud s.
Htock \ > f
Hundred * of .Millions.
. . .UIIJGAOOApril P.-rATTLK-Nutlvos ,
first "lontl on sain , jr. . 10 ; need to prltnu
nicer. * . 5,00 a. ViO ; poor to' ' medium , * l.23
I.PO ; .iplcfteil fonder * . JI.2 < HM.M : mixed
dtopUprs. | 3. > iHf 1.04 ; cows , I'l.UOfrl.iV ) ; heif
ers. M.iW.7X : ; cixniiers. $2.00frJ.T : > ; liulU.
* . > .7ifrl.2.'i ; calve * , JiVWuT V. . .Hex im , .r v
iclpts , none.
HOUS Market > < ) lOo , lower ; lop ,
JS.57'i ; Kood cluiiniiieert , - . mixed mill
butchers. Jj.Wr : > ri.57'si : Kood to choice.
vy. | "i.Wf".MTiV nniKifhiiivy ; i
IlKht. $ ; bulk of sales ,
flllKHP AND LAMHH-Oood to cholco
wtithern , Itl.iiofiiWil ; fnlr to eholce. mixed ,
Jo.OOTii.l ; western sheep. $ u.iiu1iO ) ; year-
llllKH , JiJ.DOttli.ii.'i , nntlvn luinliM , $ V Of < 7.l < ) ,
Vtntern Imnbs , fii.iOU7.4li.
NKW ' 1OIIK. April O.-WIIKAT May.
T.V\)7l ) ii-lcV , cloned nt 7to : ; July. 73J < W
7U-jC , closed nt 7iVi September , , ST < itni > c ,
v'r ' Mv'.a' ' " % ' '
. ' ' >
, ,
IOuN Siol | , easy , No. 2 , 4i'nC. f. o. 1) . ,
nllont ; 4'l ' e olovutor ; Muy. fi'ltiV4 ' .
Closed tit 4XJc ! July. I5ft47 closed
nl ( H'/to ' ; September closed nt
OATS- Spot , enslor ; No. y. iflo ; No. S.
USUo : Nh. ir'whlle , : KI- nuked ; No. a white
31 Hi1 ! truck white , truck whltu
Htalo , " "
l < . ' 'lW MVK HT ) C'1C.
KANSAS CITY. April fi.-l\\TTLK
Kiipply. dl | ioKrcl of tciullly nt iin-
il lulci'Mj Itiiuvy niillvo Htocrt * , H.75
llKlttwplKlits. 4.50 | S.IO : Htookern
mid fnedera , n.W(4i3 ! : : tiutchur COWH mill
hulfcrri , W.-tO 4.7r , ; cutiiu-rH. M.iiOWMO ; foil
, .
11OUS Good nelivy Hcurco : ptlcoH rtilod
li1i"'sc lower ; ' hrAV . $5fWljri.fii : ) ; tnlxod.
AND LAJtHH-Mlirknt uctlvii
and Htriincr : xprlliK ImnliH , Ji.W : ; fed
< "oltmido lainliH. Ji.SM ( 7,00 : jitoukerM and
food . .TV , $ J-51l.l | ! ( > ; "oull ( . RM
( tltAIN AND pnont'cn.
I'MK'AOO. April ! > . NVMI3AT No-
No.1 n d. i ( > l4fJ7iU % .
CCJHNU-NoJ 1 ! , : m. . i4lo : Nof ! yollow. 40c.
OATH No. a. a , A il2fic : No. 2 whllo ,
SJUfSiaiiNO. : . : s while , SiUmaskc.
HYI3 No. 2. Mo.
HAHLKY-No. 1. I 111 I" J.
, SKICOliKhixHpcd , Xo 1 nilil iiorlbwoil ,
? l.7 ( ) . Vilmc tlinotliy , : ? ) . Clover ,
contract itnuli1. $7..V ) .
PUOV1HIONH Mi'im porlc. | > or bill. , JI2.B1)
( iiU'.7 ( ) . Uinl , | iiir UK ) HIM. , lilKVUfi 'O. Short
llb sides ( InoNtt ) , Jii.KMi7.1"i. ! Dry sultod
Hlmuldi'i-H Omxrd ) , Jii.riOfili.7. . Slioit clear
widen ( boxed ) , $ T.1M(7.n. : :
Market rutlmi' liiiiivn of now ftmturiM
nnd lliero WIIK vury lltll ' vlniiiKo In liny
dliecllon to report. The drinniul for nil
kinds nppenrvd to lie good and us n rule
buyers wore nil out caMy snld they took
hold readily , effect IIIK a cleiirnnco In u
very short time. The must , of HIP cattle
hero were eotn-fed steers , foi4 whleli tlioirt
was a KOCH ! puektiiK deinilnd. lleef sle r .
JS..VJ1I" . ! ) . " . : cows , .M) ) cows nnd bolf-
ers. STM/ I.2IIliftfnrri. . W.'X' t < M\ \ bulls ,
W. ( Mil.iO : ! eiilves , jr > .5on".0i ) : stiiKS. $ : ! .i"i'i *
4.(0 ; steers nnd HliiKS' . Jl.lXWi 1.15 ; stock
enlves , $ . 1.001(7.00 ; slock cows and heifers ,
! .7."iff l.0 : Hteers nnd heifers. II.UMn.O' ;
stockers nnd feeders. $ : i.7"ii5.i)0. )
MOOS The market wns HO nearly
steady thn. It wns hardly possible to note
any chanse. nnd still It wns n llttlu easier
In spots. As wns the ease Saturday , Iho
IOIIK string sold nt t't.'M , with some of ) e-s deslrnbleillKht | ind ; IlKht mixed
loads nt X > , 'ffrtio.2 > \v. \ Home of the best
lends broimhl W.S.ViTri.nT'.i. 1'rnelle.ully
tiVerythliiK ohaiiKed hands In K od senson
nnd the market soon ennui nt nn end for
the wnnt of suiuelhliiK morn lo sell. 'I no
iiunlliy of the IIOKS < m snle wns. If any
thing , n llttlu butler limn thn nveiagu of.
811KKI'-Quotations are thus ulvoii :
C'llolco yeailliiKH. W.lMCi.-'i : fnlr lo Kiioil
yciirllMK" . < U.liOfli.lR ( : oed lo choice weth- _
ers , Irt.uOliii.iri ; fair to Kood wethers. t-ViMP
'iM ; Kood lo eholee fed ewes , i.riiKi"i.7.'i.
fair lo Kood ewes , | Ti.l ' ( f."i.4fl : Kood to
eholce unlive lambs , $7.00f(7.1ii : Bond lo
eholee wcMlcrn lambM , $ r)0 ! ) ( ! 7.ri ; fair to
Kooil western lambs , Jii.i'.O'iiii.X.I ; feeder
wethers , $ I..M > 'iiYOO ; feeder yenrlliiKH. J".iHfi )
3.IW ; Rood lo eholee loeder lambs , ft.'Mt
li.Oj ) .
Peru L'nlU-d lo Acciiunt for Action of
NliJW YORK , April 9. A dispatch
to th.e Herald from Washington says :
An.anv.lng ) story of Indignity , inflicted
njion an American representative
abroad has been disclosed byu resolu
tion offered In the senate by Penrose
of Pennsylvania , whl"h calls upon the
State department for Information and
documents filed by Hdw.ard Gottfried
of WllkeHbarrtj , Pa. , late consular
agenl of Ibis governnidiit , st 'Iruxlllo ,
In Hworn statemcr.tvhluh lie hasj
filed with the department Gottfried as-
sc-rls Unit ho WIIH seized by Peruvian
K volullonlstK lu Iho unnnor of IS'JS
and su'bjccled to torture , In addition
to which h ! Jiousc Warf sackcd'tind de
The revolutionists demanded thai ho
produce 5,000 soles ( bclwcen $ ; ir0l ; )
and $4,000) ) and Iwcntr-f.-te rlflcH with
in fifteen minutest , or nubmlt lo cluts-
llsemonl In whal Is termed In Peru
the "Hying stocks. " When he said he
\sas unable to comply with the de
mand he was knocked down by a blow
from a gun and overpowered. His
thumbs were fled togelhcr with thongSi
and hlK hands twisted back of bin
h'-acl. Heavy liilcs were Inst-rled be-
Iweon the Inverted elbows and bis
bend , nnd In that position lie WUH
strung up. Jn a short time the ago
nizing pain rendered him Insensible.
The torture was rq iuned .until Goti-
fried agreed to the demands iiacle upon
him. Goltf'rled hii.s" fllecV'an ilemized'
stalemcnl of the damages ho HUHtalned
and they approximate 2iO,000 ( holes. ,
I'orliine IIH Duly.
NEW YORK , April 9. Appraiser
Unwell has announced his decision on
the Rubens painting , "The Holy Fain-
liy , " sent , iff this country ) from Paris.
The painting was entered nt , a value
of 132.000 francs ( about $26,500. ) Ap-
pjalaer Howell advances this to 198,000
francs ( about $ (0,000 ( , ) making the ,
duty 20 per cent , about ? 7,000. The
added penalty ib 19,000. making , tjio
total to pay about $2G,000.
The painting was once part of the
collection of Slli Cecil Miles Hart.
who o executors sold the picture at
auction In London less than a year
ago for about § 4."i,000.
Tlio Nfv CrnMsr Ntibninkn.
WASHINGTON , April 9. The now
cruiser Nebraska , which Is to bo built
by tbe Navy department , Is to have
the beat equipment without limitation
a * to the nrlcc of armor plate , Con-
giessman Mercer having secured In
the presen. appropriation bill a re
moval of the $ l00 ! per ton restriction
previously placed on atmor plate for
'naval vessels in former appropriation
bills. It IH a fact that the United
States today Ii .securing .armor plato
cheaper than any other country , Eng
land. Japan and Russia paying consid
erably more than this country for
'armor plute.