Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 12, 1900, Image 2

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D. M. AMSIinn.HT.VnbUilier.
The Union Pacific Is waging war on
box car thieves.
Leading democrats favor Bryan In
preference , to Dowey.
National Biblical congress to be , held
in Washington on April 19.
Colonel Bryan declines for the pres
ent to discuss the Dcwcyrcandidacy.
Governor Mount of Indiana , refuses
to recognize Bcckham as , , cntucky >
Secretary of War Root saVs Captain
Leary's withdrawal from 'Ujiairi ' wait
voluntary. „
M. Joseph L. F. Bertram ! , pcrjlotual
pceretary of French Academy of Sci
ence , is dead.
The Carnegie Steel company has
bought the Bessemer & Lak6'rI5rlc rail
road for $40,000.
Dr. W. Wovcr , German consul at Rio
Janeiro , .has been appointed consul of
Germany at Chicago.
Hcrr Gclssler , first vice ronsul of
Germany at Naples , has been appointed
consul at , Now York * . -
Rosebcrry1 In u speech in Kdlnburg ,
says continental .countries could not
get along Svlthout England.
Kmpcror William denies that ho sent
n message of sympathy to Dr. Leyds
on the death of General Joubert.
William M. Merritt" Company K ,
Fourth cavalry , dies on the transport
Sheridan on his way home from Ma
Julius Ukleuruth dropped dead In
St. Louis Just as ho was being arrested
for embezzling $9,000 from a brewing
Democratic leaders say the national
convention will be held in Kansas City
notwithstanding the burning of the
Hon. E. H. Moore , aged 88 , has died
at his home at Athens , O. He was a
fcimer congressman from the Fif
teenth district.
Formal decision that constitution
docs not lover Island possessions with
out a special act of congress made by
Solicitor General Richards.
The comptroller of the currency has
declared a dividend of 5 per cent on
claims against the Globe National bank
of Boston , making tip per cent In all
to date.
The pure food bill was killed by the
New York senate by a refusal to adopt
a rule reported by the rules committee
to permit of Its Immediate passage out
of Its order.
The population of Hungary has In
creased from 8,000,000 to 18,000,000 thin
century. The capital bf the. country
counts C70.006 Inhabitants , against
20,000 In the year 1800.
Twelve pounds only Is the weight
oJ the new automatic machine gun
under experiment In the United States
army. It fires 450 shots a minute and
can be fired by one man.
The largest single shipment of ordi
nary postage stamps ever made will
take place next'Friday , when 53,301,300
stamps of the value of $9i5'JG7 ( will
lib sent to 1,300 postolllces throughout
the country.
A Newark , N. J. , firm Is at present
working night and day filing orders
for 10,000,000 campaign buttons , which
Indicates that'the button craze will be
a > prominent a feature of the presi
dential and htate campaigns this fall
as In former years.
At Terre Haute , Ind. , a fight upon
the street occurred between Congress
man George W. Paris ami 1l. C. Pugh ,
ex-United States cor.sul at Palermo ,
glowing out of the manner of the
withdrawal of the congressman from
the race for the renomlnatlon.
Lcroy Channlng Shear Is under ar
rest at Washington , D. C. , and Is
wanted at Bedford , Ind. , for cashing a
half dozen checks of $100 each against
the Citizens' National bank , purporting
to have been issued by Ale Hatfleld ,
hindlord of 'the Hatfleld house.
Notwithstanding Russia's enormous
expenditures for the construction of
the Trans-Siberian railway and for
increasing the strength her army
and navy , her revenues during the past
twelve years have exceeded her dis
bursements by 790,000',000 ruples.
Lieut. Col. William P. Hall , of the
adjutant general's department , has
been relieved from duty on the staff of
Brigadier General Davis , at San Juan
tie Porto Rico , and ordered to Chicago.
A dispatch from Chlco , Cal. , an
nounces the death of General George
Bldwell. General Bldwell was the pro
hibition candidate for president in
\V. H. Graham has been rcnominated
for congress from the Twenty-third
Pennsylvania district.
Mrs. Alda Lawrence , one of the old
est actresses in the country , who has
played ) eadlng parts \vjlth Edwin
Booth , Junlus Brutus Booth , John Mc-
Cullough and Joseph Jefferson , died
at Quincy , 111.
United States Deputy Marshal Payne ,
under charge of murder , broke Jail at
Bcnton , Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. Hurst , the parents of
Joseph Hurst , who was hanged at Glen-
dive1 Mont. , Friday , emphatically deny
that their son made a confession be
fore his death.
Mark Twain makes recommendations
for amendments to British cdpyrlght
The monthly statement of the direc
tor , of the mint shows the total coinage -
ago at the mints of the United States
during March to have been $17,075,088 ,
as follows : Gold , $12,590.2 Iff ; sliver ,
? ! ,341,37G ; minor coins , $138,072.
Senator Proctor denies ihat he is
icsponslble for Dewey's presidential
The Chinese government has "set
tled" the controversy arising out of
the murder December 3 last of Rev.
Brooks of the Church Missionary so-
Senators Lodge and Wolcott have
Itr | settled their differences.
Rev. John Scott , former editor of the
Western Methodist Recorder , died at
his home at Eldersvllle , Pa. , of la
grippe. Mr. Scott was 80 years old.
Rev. Dr. Edward Everett Hals , the
vc-nerahls writer and' philanthropist ,
was 78 years old Tuesday.
TLoy Attack and Defeat the British South
of Bloomfontcin.
Indicia llrnvy I.nx mid Cnpturc * a I n-gp
Quantity of 8torr I.on * of Federal * IK
Very I.lclit Oftlelal Itnporl at Pretoria
of llrllUli ( 'iiilurcil | Near Illnciiifnntolii.
PRETORIA , April 0. U Is reported
that General Dewct attacked and de
feated a large force of British 'cavalry
at Dowel's dorp , Houth bf Bloemfon
tein , capturing 450 prisoners and a
largo quantity of ammunition and
camp stores and Inflicting heavy loss.
The federal loss was two killed and
four wVjtindt'd. All''Is qhlet with the
other commandos. '
LONDON , April ' 6. The Bloemfon-
tcln correspondent of the Times , tele
graphing Friday , says :
"The Boers now stretch a thin line
from , Sannas Pqst on the south to a
point east of Jagcrsfontcln. The rail
way stations art amply protected , but
their defense nccusHtates Mieavy pa
trolling work.
"The question of protecting the sur
rendered Free Staters Is beltiK solved
by their ' iqcentloij lnto , mfil'tijry comps.
Many a'rc flocking here , but It Is re
ported that the farms westward of the
capital arc tenanted by women , only
the men having rejoined the Boor
commandos. '
PRETORIA. Wednesday. April 4.
It Is ofllclally announced here that at
the Blocinfonteln water works the re-
ptibHIan forces captnr.ed eleven officers
and 3C2 men , with eleven guns , two
ammunition wagons and , other wagons
and mules.
BETHANY , Saturday. April 7. Gen-
tial Gatacrc's force has returned here
without having found , any trace of the
Ill-fated British column capture by the
Reddcrsburg commando , It Is Impos
sible to estimate the British losses ,
but , as the men fought stubbornly , It
l' probable that , wen ; largo.
BLOEMFONTEIN , Saturday. April
7. Another ( | f Mr. , Stoyn'H brothers
\\as captured near Karct Siding yes
terday and arrived here today.
HLOICMFONTEtlN , Saturday. April
7. The Boqrs are reported iu force to
the spilth , thrqatenlng the railroad ,
which , however , Is strongly protected.
British picket ? , at Springfield , eight
miles distant , were attacked by Boers
advancing fvom , ( tle ! wiicor works.
Remounts are rapidly arriving. The
British arc In , high splrUs mul anxious
to advance. ,
MASERU. Basutoland , Thursday.
April 5. rTho rcoccupatlon of Lady-
brand , Thaba Nchu and the Bloemfon
tein water works by the Boers , In the
very sight of the Basutos , who recently
witnessed the , expulsion of the Boors
by the British , Is far the most Import
ant aspect of the situation here , in
view of Its probable effect upon the
native mind.
Already the natives are arguing that'
the British have suffered reverses ,
and. should the British evacuate Wep-
ener , the results , so far as the native's
are concerned , are likely to prove dis
All Impo to HQO General Brabant
steadily advance and drive the enemy
before him.
ro on Dmvvy'H MOM- .
CITY OF MEXICO. April 0. Com
menting on' the changed aspect of
American politics , called forth by the
candidacy of Admiral Dewey , the Mex
ican Herald says :
"Wllh the gold standard s'cUled in
the United States , 'Mexico has little
piactlcal concern with American pol
itics. The two countries get on very
well together In the International re
lation and now that expansion has
been found to Involve prolonged at
tacks of territorial ethnological Indi-
geHtlon. Mexico Is not likely ( d sec
agnln the spectre of absorption So
far as the presidential campaign pro
gresses In the northern republic , all
Mciclco will take a top scat In ihe big
continental amphitheater and watch
with Interest the campaign which Is
likely to be one of the most exciting
for many years. No presidential event
for years has caused more comment
bore than the entrance of Dewey Into
the American' political arena/ '
I'ulllitun for ] Second I'hu-o.
CHICAGO , 111. , { ) . The Chicago
( 'ImmlelQ tomorrow will say : .Iti Is
learned through the national democrat
ic headquarters that preparations are
being made to boom Former Governor
Fmery Pattlson of Pennsylvania for
vice president at the Kansas City con
vention. Democrats here , are , not willIng -
Ing to be quoted for publication , but
they admit Mr , Pattlson , would bo a
strong candidate , and that his accept
ance not only would strengthen the
ticket , but would , .afford an exit from
the difficulty of finding a vaild defense
to the criticisms that the party man
agers are disposed to ignore the oast.
Volunteer l.etnnn Nnli-lderf.
LINCOLN , Neb. , April 9. C. L. Lom-
inoii , a printer and member of Colonel
W J.Bryan's Third Nebraska regiment
during the war with Spain , committed
suicide by taking poison sttmo time
between Friday evening , when he dis
appeared , and. today , when his dead
body was found on the state fall-
grounds near the city. He is said to
have been despondent over business re-
\ erses.
tiencral ICandult Sails.
SEATTLE , Wash. , April 9. General
( . ' . M. Randall , U , S , A , , commandqr of
the department ofi.aska , sailed for
Skagway tonight , where ho will select
u site for an army post there , Ho will
also Inspect the.troopij at Wrangol and
Skagway and return In ton days to Se
attle. General Randall expresses the
belief that the government will In the
mar future find a telegraph cable to
Port Valdes a necessity and build It ,
giving the states direct telegraphic
communication with Nome via the Yu-
Iton telegraph line to be built at once
from Valdes.
of CmigreuM Peeltlng .Mean * tfi
Clout ! CointrcK * Kurlr ,
WASHINGTON , 1) . C. , April f .
5'enator Chandler probably will make
an effort Monday to get the senate to
agree upon a day for taking a vole on
thti resolution concerning the seating
"f Senator Quay. The present Indica
tions are that for the present , he will
tail to scpuro unanimous consent and In
iny event the discussion of the reso
lution will proceed. Among the t'ona-
tors who are expected to engage In the
( Mscusslon are Messrs. Burrows ,
CJuarles and Platt of Connecticut , all of
whom oppose the seating of Mr. Quay
Mr. Burrows will speak today.
The Indian appropriation bill , will
continue to receive attention until dis
posed of , but it Is not expected to oc
casion a great deal more of debate.
Senator Carter hopes to proceed with
the consideration of the Alaskan code
bill early In the week with the hope of
securing action at an early date. There
i are still some differences pertaining to
mining rights to be adjusted In this
measure and more or less discussion
necessarily will precede their deter
mination. The appropriation bill for
the District of Columbia probably will
be considered during the week.
On Wednesday Senator Lodge will
able the senate to vote upon the Philip-
| . ! no temporary measure , but he does
not expect to accomplish more than to
got a day fixed for the vote. There Is
apparently no disposition to debate this
Mil to any great extent , but an oh-
Action Is likely to be entered to a vote
at this time.
The republican senators are disposed
to crowd on all possible sail with the'
view of securing early adjournment , '
and to this end will seek to get early !
action on appropriation bills and on
other necessary legislation. The domo-i
crats apparently are disposed to fall
In "with this Idea , and the.v , too , ox-
| -ress a desire to get away early In the
The committee on elections will con
clude Its consldf-ratlon of the case of
Senator Clark of Montana , during the
veek. Senator Chandler , chairman ot
the committee' , expresses the opinion
that only one sitting of tljc committee
' . ' 111 be necessary to determine .the attl-
t.ide of the committee.
A portion of the session of the sen-
; to of Tuesday afternoon will be de
voted to eulogies upon the the late
Representative Bland of Missouri.
The features of the week in the house
will be the closing fight on the Porto
IJicnn tariff bill. The republican man
agers will carry out the program agreed
upon In caucus on Wednesday , when a
H-eclal rule will be adopted which will
tiring the motion to concur in the sen-
site amendments to a vote after several
l'o\u-s of debate.
Both sides arc laboring earnestly to
I oil their full strengtn , but the repub
licans appear to be confident that the
motion will carry by a safe margin.
i bey assert the republican opposition
will not be over seven votes , the num
ber who voted against the original bill.
i he agricultural appropriation bill will
( onsume tomorrow and Tuesday. Fri
day Is private pension day and Satur
day Is set apart for addresses on the
lecclpt of the statue of Oliver p. Mor
ton of Indiana.
Their OntioHl | IN Struck Within Klvo Mile.
"I tin- City ,
MANILA , April 9. Reports of en
counters between the American troops
and the Insurgents continue to arrive
Horn many points. On Friday Captain
Sturgls , while rcconnoltcrlng , struck
an Insurgent outpost on the Novalichcs
lead , live miles distant from Manila ,
killing two and capturing ten. All were
in full uniform. Unfortunately , Cap
tain Sturgls' force was not largo
enough to pursue mo main body.
A detachment of the Forty-second
lifantry | , while scouting in Lagima
piovlnce , was pursued by the insur
gents and obliged to take refuge In a
church at Paeto , where the Americans
n polled the rebels until reinforcements
Lieutenant Gordon , with a company
o' the Sixteenth Infantry , while scout"-
Ing near Aparl , utgayan province en
gaged 250 insurgents. Lieutenant Gor
don was wounded.
A sergeant and a corporal of com
pany I , Eighteenth Infantry , were
killed in a severe 'light In Caplz prov
ince , Island of Panay.
The Insurgents made a night attack
upon Callmyon , Island of Suniar. They
killed the sentry , swarmed into the
town and searched the house of Major
vumioro or me Korty-tiilrd Infantry ,
who was absent. They Killed IIR | cook.
Ultimately the Americans drove them
out of the town , killing four and cap
turing twelve.
A Number HUH Ilt'ou Suiniiinnpd
| .o T H-
llfy Dnrliiir Week.
KIIANKKOUT , Ky. , April 0. The
grand Jury will continue the InvcHtlga-
tlon of the Ooohel assassination during
this week. About forty witnesses have
been examined so far and It Is said that
more than that number are on the list
of those summoned WHO Jiave not ycU
been heard. No report Is expected be
fore the latter part of the week. U Is
r.ald that the names of hovoi-nl r < - MO
most Important wltnejisen who have
tot-titled so far have not been disclosed
and the evidence has been jealously
guarded. The habeas corpus proceed
ings in the case of Tallow Dick"
L'ombs , the colored suspect , Js set for
hearing before Jiulflo Qantrlll Tuesday
but it Is not expected that anything
will be brought out In this which will
throw any 'light on the mystery stir-
rcundlng the assassination.
( Ifii .Mill's M Nf\t
NKW YORK , April n. The World
says : General Nelson A. Miles is willIng -
Ing to be the democratic nominee for
piosldont. Ho ban so stated to his
friends and ton days ago he visited
\Vllllam C. Whitney to talk with him
about the possibility of his being
nominated. Mr. Whitney told the gen
eral that all of the leading gold demo
crats were as much opposed to the
nomination of Mr. Dryan now as when
he was named four years 1130 , but ho
did not commit hlint-elf to the support
oi the
mm m
Decision of Court of Appeals in Kentucky
, Governorship Oase ,
CIIAO to llu Takrn to Iho Uull < ! < l
.Supreme Court T > vn ilnl | > < > n CrlllvUe
( ioehelllc'ft Conine Wlmt Itanium' *
N | inratu Opinion
FRANKFORT , Ky. , 7. The court of
appeals today handed down a decision
In the governorship case In favor of
the democrats. The opinion Is by six
of the judges , four democrats ami two
Judge Durelle was the only judge
dissenting. The other two republican
Judges , Burnam and Guffy , gave a sep
arate opinion from the democratic
judges , but which agreed with the
democratic members In its conclusion.
Judge Hobhon wrote tlie opinion of
the court. The concurrence of Judges
Bunuun and Guffy with the four dem
ocratic judges was a surprise gener
ally , but to the republicans especially.
The opinion holds that the action
of the legislature in seating Governor
Bcckham was final and that the courts
have no power to review It ; that Gov-
etnor Taylor exceeded his authority In
adjourning the legislature to London
and that the Journals of the two
houses of the legislature , being reg
ular , cannot bo Impeached. Thirty
days must elapse before tin ; mandate
of the court of appeals , In accordance
with today's decision , Is Issued. Meaa-
whlle no radical change In the rela
tive positions of the two state govern
ments Is expected.
Former Governor Bradley , chief
counsel for Governor Taylor , tonlgnt
authorized the statement that an ap
peal on behalf of Governor Taylor and
Lieutenant Governor Marshall will be
carried to the supreme court of the
United Stales. Bradley and Judge W. !
H. Yost , counsel for Hie republican
state officers , were In consultation with .
Governor Taylor for several hours !
this afternoon and the statement was
made at the close of the conference.
It Is said that Colonel W. C. P. Brock-
inridge and republican leaders from
different parts of the state will meet
Taylor in conference here tomorrow
morning. !
Judge Burnam and Guffy , republicans - |
cans , while concurring in the opinion i
tl'tit the courts have no jurisdiction , j
dissented from the reasoning. Judge |
Burnam's separate opinion says : i
"It Is hard to imagine a more fla- i
jrrant and partisan regard of the modes j
ol procedure than is made manifest i
by the facts alleged and rolled on j
by contestees and admitted by de- i
niurrcr and I am firmly convinced
from admitted facts that the legisla
ture In the heat of au r , engendered
by intense partisan excitement , has
done two faithful , conscientious and ,
able public servants an irreparable ,
injury by depriving them of the office
to which they were elected and a still '
greater wrong to the large majority |
of the electors who voted under difll- |
cult circumstances to elect these ser
vants , ' i
"But we are met at the threshold j
with the contention that the courts |
of the state under the constitution have j
no power to go behind the legislative |
journal and review the Judgment of i
the assembly in the proceedings over
which they are given by the constitu
tion exclusive jurisdiction and from
whoso determination of the question i
no appeal is provided. J have been led j
with sonio leluctance to the conclusion ,
and not without home misgivings as I
to its correctness , that there is now '
po.ver in the courts of the state to !
review the findings of the general assembly - i
sombly In a contested election for the
offices of governor and lieutenant gov-
> rnor as shown by Us only authenc-
inted records. Many question have
been raised and diseased liy counsel
for the appellants , but it will be un
necessary to consider mem In view
of the conclusion we have reached.on
this fundamental question. "
Miir < li > r iN Will ll t < iiirrr > tr < l ,
PONCE , P. R. , April 7. At an e rly
hour today Simeon Rodriguez , Carlos
Pachcco , Hermongenes Pacheco , Ku-
genie Rodriguez and Rosalie Saltlago ,
who are condemned to death by gar-
lotlng , will be executed. Their crime
was the iniii-dor In October , 1898 , of
Senor Prudencio Mendez at Yauco.
The murderers after criminally as
saulting the wife and daughters of
their victim , compelled them to dance
about the corpse.
CARACAS , April 7. ( Via Haytian
Cable. ) President Castro today sign
ed and delivered to the United States
minister , Mr. F. B. Loornls , the parcels
] .ost convention. It is considered that
this agreement should augment the
American retail trade by $1,000,000
yearly so far as the mail order busi
ness is concerned.
( 'oinl I tun of tint Treanur.v.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Aptil 7.
Today's statement of the treasury
balances In the general fund , exclusive
ot the $150.000.000 gold reserve In the
division of redemption shows : Avail
able cash balance , $155,77fihO : ! ; gold ,
iH for Stute * .
WASHINGTON , D. C. . April 7. A
bill of much Interest to the national
guard and the militia of the country
was Introduced today by Representa
tive Marsh of Illinois , for the arming
of state troops with Krag-.lorgensen
Truis-.AIlHslHslil | COIIKITKH to
lie tit Iloiihlon.
HOUSTON , Tex. , April 7. Secretary
Richardson has now received assur-
m.ces from the governors of every
state and territory west of the Miss
issippi that official delegates to repre
sent these states and territories will
bo at the coming session of the Trans-
Mississippi congress , which Is to beheld
held here April 17 to 21 Inclusive.
This wll bo the first time that such
an attendance has been secured , The
Colorado chairman has wired for a
reservation of rooms for fifty.
l'Uc More ( 'nnipiiiilr * of Ilrltlnli Infnnlrj
CuttKlit li.v llnrm. '
LONDON , April 7. The Dlocmfon-
tcln correspondent of the Morning Tel
egraph today says :
"The Boers nro apparently making
nn attempt to redeem their promise
to take Hlopmfonteln. A considerable
force has moved south through Thaba
Nehu. CJcncral Tucker's Isolation at
Karce Is more apparent than real ,
rlncc the open ground north of Hloem-
I'ontcla offers small opportunity for
llocr tactics. They may possibly en
gage him to distract attention from
operations elsewhere. Remounts are
anxiously awaited. "
LONDON , April 7. Lord Roberts
reports that five companies of British
troops luivo been captured by the
Hoers near Uethany.
The following Is the text of Lord
Roberts' dispatch to the war office :
"OLOEMKONTEIN , Thursday , April
. " . Another unfortunate occurrence
1-as occurred resulting , 1 f"nr , | n the
capture of a party of Infantry con-
fisting of three companion of the
Hoyal Irish Pusllcors and two compa
nies of the Ninth 'regiment of mounted
infantry near Rcddersburg , a little
eastward of Bethany railway station ,
within a few miles of this place. They
were surrounded by a stronger force
of the enemy with four or live guns.
"The detachment hold out from noon
April I ! until April 4 , 9 a. m. , and
then , apparently surrendered , for it is
reported that the firing ceased at that
time. Jrnm6dlatoly after'1 heard the
news , during the afternoon of April 3
1 ordered Gatucrc to proceed from
Sprlngfontein , his present headquar
ters , to Reddersburg with all possible
speed and 1 dispatched the -Cameron
Highlanders hence to Bethany. He
arrived at Reddnrtiburg at 10:30 : yes
terday morning without opposition , but
< onld got no news of the missing do-
"There can be no doubt the whole
party has been made prisoners. "
\Vonilpi-liiK Whether I.nril Hubert * fun
.Mllllltlllll III * ColllllHllllc.ltloMK.
LONDON , April 7. Not a word re
garding the disaster at Rcddersburg
lias conic through , except the dis
patch of Lord Roberts. Meanwhile the
British public is beginning to realize
the Immense difficulties to bo over
come even before Pretoria ic reached
and Is revising premature ideas with
icspect to the time at which the war
will be over. No one believes that
it will have ended by the beginning
01 .lime.
The latest disaster more particularly
illustrates the heavy tasK involved in
holding the railroad. This body of :
some r > 00 British troops , without gnus ,
which disappeared so completely with
in thirty-five miles of the great British
army , had for its business to guard a
section of nearly ninety miles of rail
way between Bloemfontein and Sprlng-
lonteln. If It could thus be spirited
away , how is Lord uoberts to ensurq
his continually extending communica
tions ?
Ctlier pertinent questions arc being
asked as a result of these successive
uniortunato occurrences. The fore
most isWhy do not the British troops
entrench ? It is argued that if this
had been done even fiOO men might
have held out until reinforcements
arilvcd. It cannot be concealed that
the utmost alarm Is beginning to be
It Is said that the Boers who cap
tured the British at Reddersburg be
longed to Ollvier's commando. If so
he has not returned north , and hopes
arc expressed that he may still be cut
oli. It Is asserted that 4,000 rebels
surrendered during General Clement's
northward march.
The Boers will do their utmost to
hold Ladybrand and Thaba Nchu , both
being rich grain producing districts.
C'oiHinlttccniiin SHJH Duttvy Cannot
lilt Homo StiHo.
NI3W YORK , April 7. B. B. Smal-
Icy , democratic national committeeman -
man from Vermont and formerly sec
retary of the democratic national com
mittee , In an interview upon Admiral
Dewey's candidacy for president , said
that the delegates from Vermont
Dewey's home state will bo for Wil
liam .1. Bryan , lie said : "It has long
l.een apparent to me that the nominees
this year will be William McKlnloy
and William Jennings Bryan. The
Vermont democratic convention will
be held In June at Montpellor and the
t'Hcgation ' will be instructed to vote
for Mr. Bryan , regardless of tjie can
didacy of Admiral Dewey.
Ui-anil Army It'raily to Greet Him nn a
CHICAGO , 111. , April 7. Should the
Dtwoy committee finally decide , ow
ing to the admiral's aspirations , not to
welcome him May 1 in Chicago , the
Grand Army of the Republic will Invite -
vite him , as a presidential candidate ,
10 attend the great encampment to be
held In Chicago in August.
"The Grand Anuy men are anxious
to have Admiral Dewey attend the en
campment , " said William H. Harper ,
chairman of the general committee ,
today. "We Invited him when he first
landed In New York , but at that
time he found May 1 more convenient
f-o the Invitation of the Dewey com
mittee was finally accepted. "
N Ailjmirn.
ALBANY , N. Y. , April 7. The state
legislature adjourned sine die yester
KiiglUli Paring a Deltult.
LONDON , April 7. On the third
loading of the finance bill in the house
of commons today the chancellor of the
exchequer , Sir Michael Hicks-Beach ,
gave a revised estimate for 1900 , the
icvenuo being placed at 127,520,000
and the expenditures at XMGO.000,000.
The deficit , he said , would be mot
partly from the war loan and partly
trom treasury bills. Kach week , he
declared , showed a greater improve
ment In trade , which would offset the
losses caused by the premature wlth-
diawnl of bonded goods.
Your BloosS
Tjie tiling most desired of a Spring
Medicine is thorough purification of
the blood. With this work of
cleansing going on there is com
plete renovation of every part of
your system. Not only is the cor
rupt blood inflde fresh , blight and
lively , but the stomach also responds
spends in better digestion , Ha
readiness for food at proper- times
gives tharp appetite , the kidneyfl
and liver properly perform their
allotted functions , and there is , m
ehort , new brain , nerve , mental and
digestive strength.
Possesses the peculiar qualities
Peculiar to Jltclf which accom
plish th/'se good things for all
who tilkt ! it. An unlimited liht of
wonderful cures prove its merit.
A nose exactly in the middle of th J
face Is .abnormal. The general run of
noses incline toward the right.
oi the Age
N'oOoilinQ NoCooVInc ;
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It Whitens the Goods
It polishes the Goods
It mnlces all KnrmcntM fresh and erUp
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le one cf the earliest harbingers of spring an I
equally euro Indication Is thut feeling oUn- |
guld depression. Uany euallowa ot
are beet for n nprlng tonic and for a summer
tcvernRi * . 6 g lloni tor SJ cent , . M'rlie hi.
Uit cf i rcnluun nflrred rtf fur 1 b < li.
diaries K. Hires Co.
If you tu'.io up your
. .inmoh In Western Cun-
uda , .tho laud of plenty.
Illustrated pamphlet's ,
civlriK experiences of
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vice as to patentability. Bendforln 6nto
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Urwu-h Offlcee : CbIcaK' ' . Cltn elanU and UotroiL
l.ocomotor A tax In con-
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