Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 08, 1900, Image 5

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Lincoln , . , Denver ,
Omaha , Iloleua ,
Chicago , Untie ,
St. Joiepb , Portland ,
Kansas City , Bait Lake City ,
Bt. LouU , and all Ban Fraticlico ,
InU tait aod sonth. nd ! ) points west.
Ho. 49 , Local ospretB dally , Lincoln , Oman * ,
and all point * cast 0:80 : a.m
No. 44. Local pUMcnffor , departs. . 11:26a. : m.
No , 40. Through freight east tally..6:89 : a , m.
No. 48. Local freight oust arr. dally 13.00 p.m.
Departs at 1.05 p.m.
Except Sunday.
No. 41. Local express dally , Helena , Dntto
Portland , all points west 10:6S : | ) . in
Mo. 43. Local paeEengerarrlvesat..45 : p. m.
No. 46. " " west " 10-58 a m
No. 47. " " " " 2:15 : p. in
Dopartaat 2.45p , m
Kxcept bunday ,
Bleeping , dining and reclining chair cars ( scale
frto ) on through trains. Tlckes sold and bag
gage chocked to any point In thi United States
and Canada.
No. 48 has merchandise cam Tnesdayi , Tutus-
day i and Saturday ! .
No. 45 will carry passengers for Anselmo , Hal
y , Seneca , Whitman and Alliance.
No. 4C will carry pasiotgera for lUvounn
Brand Island , Sowaid and Lincoln.
Information , maps , tlmo tables and ticket
* * llomor wrlto to II. L. Ormsby , agent , or J
rranoli , O. P. A. , Omaha , Nebraska.
H. L. OiiMsnr , Agent.
Burlington Kouto California Kxcunloni
Cheap ; quick ; comfortable.
Leave Omahu 4:35 : p. m. Lin-
doln 0:10 p. m. and Hastings 8:50 :
p. m. every Thursday , in clean ,
modern , not crowded tourist sleep-
era. No transfers- ; oars run right
through to Sf > n Franoiaoo and Lou
Angelea over the Soenio lioute
through Denver and Salt Lake City.
Cars are carpeted ; upholstered in
rattan ; Lave spring seats and backs
and are provided with curtains ,
M bedding , towles , soap , etc. Uni
formed porters and experienced ex
cursion conductors accompany each
excursion , relieving passengers of
all bother about baggage , pointing
out sbjoots of interest and in many
other ways helping to make the
overland trip a delightful oxper.
iouce. Second class tickets are
honored. Berths $5.
For folder giving full informa
tion , call at nearest Burlington
Route ticket office , or write to J.
Francis , general passenger agent
Omaha , Neb.
The Way to go to Callfomiw , >
IB in a tourist sleeper , personally con
ducted , via U.e Burlington Koule.
You don.t change cars. You make fast
tlmo. You eee the finest ecenery on
tuo globe.
Your car IB not as expensively fur
nleued as n place sleeper , but it Is just
as clean , just as comfortable , just us
good to ride in and nearly $20.00
cheaper It baa wide vestibules ;
PmtBchgnaa high backseats ; a unforuitd
Pullmuu porter ; clean bedding ; epaoious
toilet routuo , tables aijd ueatiug range.
Being strongly and lieavily built , it
rldeo smoothly ; it IB warm In winter and
cool In BUinmer.
In change of each excursion party is an
experienced excursion conductor who
accompanies It right through to Lose
jars leave Omaha , St. Joseph
Lincoln and Hastings tvery Thursday
arriving San Frauciaco following Hun
day , Loss Angeles Monday. Only three
days from Missouri River to the Pacific
Coast , including two stop-overB of \
hours at Denver and 2J hours at Sal
Lake City , two of the most Intereotlng
oltloa on the continent.
For folder giving full Information
call at any Burlington lioute tlcke
oifloo , or write to , J. FHANCIS
Gen'l. Puss. Agt. , Omaha. Neb.
WANTED Several persona for
District Office Managers in this
tate to represent me in their own
and surrounding counties * Will
ing to pay yearly $000 , payable
weekly. Desirble employment with
'urriual opportuitiea. References
' exchanged. Enclose self-addreaecd
atatrped envelope. S. A , Park ,
830 Caxtcn Building , Chicago.
Pains In the chest when a person has
cold Indicate a tendency toward
pneumonia .A piece ot flans el dampen
ed with Chaniberlln's Patn Blam and
round on to the cheat over the Beat of
dnln will promptly relieve the pnln and
bapvent the threatened nttnck of
peemonla. This eamo treatment Will
euro a lame lack In a few hours , Sold
by all Druggists.
Eureka Harness Oil la the best
preservative of now leather
and the best renovator of old
leather. It oils , loftens , block-
ensund protects. Use-
on your best harness , your old bar-
cess , and your carriage top , and they
will not only look better but wear
longer. Sold everywhere In cans un
tliei from half pints to live gallons.
Xluie by 8TA.1UAHD OIL 10.
'Write Inclosing this nd. and 60o and vo
will send you tUie t/eautlful Mandollno
by express , C , 0.1) . subject to examina
tion. It fount ? exactly as represented
you oanjay the express UKCUI our SI'EO
- lAfjOKFEIlprlce , 0.00 less the 50 cents.
/ . or 85.50 nnd express charces. This is a
) regular $15.00 Instrument , solid rosewood
tXdy , fanqy pearl and ebony checkered
edge , beautiful pearl tutterlly guuid
pleoo. You can have either iiMandollue ,
Uultar.nanloorVlollnnntbe snmotcrina. /
Write for TREES musical OataloKue. (
Address , A. lloipo , Omaha , Meb. .j , , /
V ? $ Ityunllly , Economy , Security. | S
i ; * ; tbo trno tot fnr Iilfe Ineurnnofl la jjjfjj
jj'i'i ' fonnd In the Kqulty of the Contract , * ys
y"jyi the Kconoiny of Mnnageraeut.and the Jjfj
jii'S Security for tboll'ayment.1 ftfj ?
rlj Bankers Life Association , M
i fe
. i * vfic
: ' ) % Do Btotaca , Iowa. / : ! !
5'f. SP'J
jTikS KDWAnuA. TEMFLK , 1'roaldont. $ ? l
? 11 * vjj1
: ' " . ' . OrRonlzcd.JuIy let , 1679. $ !
Guaranty Fond for.'safoty. tty-
Burping Fund for protection. | b ?
Supervised by 3COO depository banks , --.j/i /
Secarl.loBdopoelted with thOj.Btuto fj. ) ;
department. > * / :
il S Conservatlvo mothode , Jif ; *
Preferred KlsisLow Rates. 5
Quarterly PaymentB. ; .vi
Ferrates and full Information , call * ' * J
on or addrosa > ? ?
g J , A , HARRIS , g
MM Agent for Caster County , Neb * ; . }
&f' Ofllco at Fnrmcra Hank of Oua'cr .V
' { * .t Cocnty , Ilrokon Dow , Neb. 5 'tij
$ * M
i ! . 'ivatvat it t ' - vnfitttffut two- 'i..vy * - f ; , ; . .
there ore thousands of wo
men who nearly suffer death
from irregular menses. Some *
times the " period " comes too
often sometimes not often
enough sometimes the flow is
too scant , and again it is too
profuse. Each symptom shows
that Nature needs help , and
that there is trouble in the or
gans concerned. Be careful
when in any of the above con
ditions. Don't take any and
every nostrum advertised to
euro female troubles.
is the one safe and euro
medicine for irregular or pain
ful menstruation. It cures all
the ailments that are caused by
irregularity , ouch as leucorrhoea -
rhoea , falling of the womb ,
nervousness ; pains in the head ,
back , breasts , shoulders , sides ,
hips and limbo. By regulating
the menses so that they occur
every twenty-eighth day , all
those aches disappear together ,
Just before your time comes ,
get a bottle and see how much
good it will do you. Druggists
Bell it at $ x.
Send for oar free booV , "Perfect
Health for Woman. "
Chamberlain's Cough Itemed ? Always
Troves Efl'ectuol.
There are no better medicnes on
the market than Chamberlain's
We have used the Cough Remedy
when all others failed , and in evorv
HiHiauoo it proved effectual.
AlmoHt daily we hero the virtues
of Chamberlain's remedies extolled
by those who used them. This is
not an empty puff , paid for at BO
innoh a line , but is voluntarly given
m good faith , iu the hope that suf
fering humanity may try those rem
edies and like the writer bo benefit
ed From the Glenville ( VV. Va. )
Pathfinder- For sale by all drug
J , J , SNYDER ,
- Notary Public ,
aud Justice o tlio Peace. Special attention civ-
en to collections , Depositions taken , pension
vouchers iioilly executed anil all kinds ut legal
pspeia wrltcu , ( JIUco west eldo equaro ,
Broken How , Neb.
Limcl Counter ,
EdMnlloy , Prop'r.
All kinds if soft drinks. Best
brand of cigars. 1st building east
of Farmort' bank. -
J M Scott
Attorney at Law
Wm. F. Hopkins ,
Plana and SpeclflcatlonB on short notice. Ma
torlal fuii.tdicd and buildings completed cticapei
ban any inw In tliu stnto. SatiefactJon guarat
eod aa to plins uiui vpcclflcations ,
Dr. E. M. Hogan ,
Graduate Dentist
Ofllco over W. H.Svvan'ti Groo.-ry ( tore.
Broken Bow , - - -Neb.
Explauntion of Suutlny School lesson.
BV nKV. fKO. . nnnxs.
The Paralytlo healed. Mark 3:1-13 :
Mnrob U , 1000.
Our lesson for the coming1 Sab
bath is again taken from the ac
count of our Lord's labors in Ca
pernaum. He has been out
through Galilee and returns to
his new home in Capernaum ,
when our lesson takes place. As
soon as it was noised through the
city that Jesus had returned , the
house in which he stopped be
came crowded ; even the doors be
came choked with eager people
to see and hear him. From this
lesson it does not seem that there
were sick brought to him at this
time in such numbers as on hisfor-
mer visit. The crowds came
thronging , him , anxious"to hear.
"And he spake the word to
them. " People may often won
der why it was that the most
learned men of Jerusalem , with
peasants and fishermen came to
hear this young teacher from Na
zareth. It is as easily explained
as that men , when thirsty , seek
water to quench their thirst.
They intuitively turn to water ;
and as his word was the word of
ife dying men turn to it for life.
It satisfies all man's needs. No
matter how advanced men be
come they find the word of God
always drawing them and pre
senting new thoughts and more
life. His word shall not return
unto him void.
While the Master was speaking
four men came carrying a bed on
which a sick man lay , who suf
fered from palsied paralysis.
They attempted to reach Jesus
with the sick man , but the crowds
about the door were so great that
entrance was impossible. The
crowd cared but little about a
sick man , and refused to step
aside to allow the sick man en
trance. The faith of the four
bearers was not easily daunted.
It would take more than an in
different crowd to turn them from
their purpose ; so they mounted
the stairs that reached the roof
from the out-side ; when they had
gained the roof they ripped and
broke it up , uncovering the roof
under which Jesus and his listen
ers were. Having torn up the
tiles and the mortar , in which the
tiles were laid , they soon re
moved the rafters and lowered the
sick man in front of the Lord.
That sick man would have been
helpless , going on. suffering all
his life had not these , his friends ,
come to his assistance. Thus it
is that the world depends on each
other for help. The sick needs
good nursing , faithful friends and
all the sunshine and cheer we can
give them. The sick man was
fortunate in having four such
fast friends. People who are so
faithful in attending the sick ,
ministering to their comforts are
not soon forgotten.
But how different the reception
of this sicic man by those scribes
sitting around to criticise from
that given him by the Master ?
As the mortar and dirt fell upon
those beneath , they had ample
opportunity to criticise. The
Lord was not inconvenienced or
disturbed in the least. He was
pleased to see this act of faith.
The Lord was never angry at
any intrusion when prompted by
faith. He never reproved such
seekers ; but he did with terrible
woes reprove the self-righteous
ness and mercilessness of scribes
and Pharisees seeking a sign.
"Son , thy sins are forgiven. "
Jesus so often spoke to men , call
ing them children and here he
calls this sick man "son. " He
always , though a young man ,
manifested his parental love and
wisdom. Jesus knew the cause
of this sick man's paralysis , but
he nevertheless says "son. " Jesus
divined the burden of this man's
heart. He saw that this man
was suffering from his own sin.
God visits the iniquities of the
father's upon the children. The
Jews thought every affliction
came after this manner. Jesus
taught them such was not true ;
but here was a case that the per
son suffered from his own folly.
And who knows of the untold
numbers who today arc sowing
seeds of sin that tomorrow they
mnst reap with suffering. The
Psalmist says "blessed is the man
whose sins are forgiven , " and as
this sick man heard the words
"Son , thy sins are forgiven , " a
great burden rolled from his life ,
He now had the cause of his par
alysis removed and he could have
peace of mind even on a bed of
paralysis from now on. "Ah , he
has overstepped the limits ! "
thought the scribes who were sit
ting about. "Why doth this man
thus speak ? He blasphcmcth ;
who can forgive sins but one ,
even God ? " They had no special
desire to hold up God's honor ,
the ) ' rather unguardedly were
speaking forth their malice.
Jesus knew their thoughts and
asked them , whether it is easier
to say thy sins are forgiven or
arise , take up thy bed and walk ?
No doubt they thought the for
mer would be easier to say , than
to make a helpless paralytic arise
and walk. Healing the palsied
man would be the severer test of
his power , so they thought. Jesus
had previously taught with
authority and done miracles on
his own authority and now he
proves beyond a doubt that the
Son of man has authority to for
give sins. Turning to the sick
man he says'"arise , take up thy
bed and go unto thy house. "
Without any further means the
man arose , took up his bed and
went out before the astonished
eyes of all those in the house.
This miracle was not to satisfy
curiosity , or allay the opposition
against him , but to show that the
Son of man is able to forgive sina.
The sick man went home forgiven
of his sins which was more to him
than being made well. But Jesus
completed his work of mercy by
sending the man home , well and
healthy. The people glorified
God , having never before seen
things of this fashion. The
waliciug paralytic was enough to
astonish , but authority to forgive
sins was greater.
In teaching it would be well to
remember the four faithful
friends ; their faith ; the condition
of the palsied man ; the term the
Son of man that Jesus uses of him
self and the power of the Son of
man to forgive sins.
Taper by J. J ) Iteein ,
( Concluded. )
The dairy and the poultry are the
two features on the farm that ibo
wife and children take hold of most
readily and they should be enoour
igod to do BO in order to dovelopo
their business qualifications. Give
the wife more cnuuiirageniont along
'ht'Ho liin'H. Give her ft voice in
ih miuiayeineiit of th - uff irs of he
tanu. See that she understand
something of farm management and
farm economy and we will not only
Hiiooei'd butter but we will have
fewer widows loft with a family of
children who on account of a lack
ol biiHiuess experience are in an al
inoflt lielploHH condition
In the sele'jlion of our eiiturpri eH
and the uoneral management of the
( arm and the farm home , we should
not forget that the boys and girls
are'tho most important crop wo
grow upon the farm and notwith
standing itu isolation , its long hours
of labor and the many Rooming dis
advantages of farm life , yet there is
no bettor place on earth to raise a
family of boys and girla than in a
well regulated farm home where
there is work and chorea to bo done
during the entire year and the dairy
being a feature that requires order
ol'-anlmoHH and regularity , makes it
. valuable educational featunt for
i ic young , ind therefore one to be
welcomed wherever conditions are
avorablc and I believe it to bo a
biibiness that is well adapted to the
resources and condition of this
The man wlio 'dt'punds entirely
upon grain growing for. the market
in this country , is situated some
thing like the follow who carries all
of his eggs to market in one basket
ovnr an iry , hilly , rooky road on a
windy day ; ho is very likely to got
a fall before ho gets to market. AH
every year's crop must depend upon
the varying conditions by whibh h
is surrounded during the season
lint if ho supplements his urai
growing with stock raising , dairy
ing and poultry and manages to ju
diciously feed the oorn , oats and
barley grown upon the tarm , pays
close attention to the forage crops
such as fodder , millet , sorghum and
alfalfa , stacks his surplus straw and
millet i. : good order aud in out of
ho way places BO ho may onrry it
over from year to year , ho will thus
mvo placed his eggs in several dif-
"oront baskets and alao bo enabled
o often avoid the ioy , hilly , rooky
oad that the other follow had to
bllow , By having on hand a few
Hacks of old straw and millet , ho
will bo enabled to carry his cattle
hrough the year of drouth and
ihort crops as the dairy and poultry
would require but little grain and
_ ot give him something of an in-
oouie to assist him in tiding over
ho bad season.
The drouth of ' 04 should huvo
aught us homo valuable lossous.
Thou every resource failed us ex
cept the oow and the hou. Those
wo alone proved faithful to their
trust. During these trying timuH
be old oow browned the stunted
niffalo grass , ohowod the thistle and
ho dry weeds and ttill provided
some milk and butter for the fami-
y and sometimes a small surplus
or the market. Thus she followed
the oven tenor of hoi ways , regard
less of drouth or hail.
The old hou gobbled thn half
starved grasshoppers and orickotn.
scratched among the eld rubbish in
search of the last yoar'u wood goods
hunted up the tiny bladed ol grasn
that were so short that the old cow
could not nip thorn aud by gather
ing an extra amount of grit , stuff
aud sand wherewith to grind tint
conglomerated aud unpalatable nmus
she managed not only to sustain
her own life , but shn almost pro
duced her usual quota of oggs.
Thus she helped supply the table ,
contributed towards buying the
groceries and I douot not but that
HUO often furnished eggs to pay for
the old man's lobuoco , and ehe did
all'this for us without any oxpuns
ivo machinery to harvest the crop.
Did this experience really teach us
lesson ? No "alas. " How un
gratotul ib human nature , llow
short lived is the memory of man.
A more appreciative aud intelli
gent people would have learned u
ICBHOII , they would have oreotod an
enduring monument as a token of
their appreciation of tliu ustfulnoss
aud fidelity of tbo old oow , by es
tablishing dairies all over this
They would have pensioned the
old hen and her ohtukH by building
ken oo'jps galore and providing food
and grits without stint , Thuy
would have said to the old hen ,
multiply aud replenish the oartb
until these hills and canyons shall
echo and re-echo with the clarion
blast of the cock and the va'loyn '
shall hum with the gentle cackle ol
the buny hou.
Did wa do this ? "Ah , no. " Wo
forgot the friends that aided us in
our advorsity. As soon as the winter -
tor snows had molted wo rushed
around in search of seed wheat to
sow a hundred or iivo hundred
acres , varyiDc in quantity as our
imagination pictured tbo prolits
aud the extent of our ability to buy
machinery on time.
But wo are slowly awakening.
Wo are uradually getting our eyes
open , Wo are learning that if wo
farm what wo can and do it thor
oughly , keep as much stock as the
farm will support uu-1 We can oiuv
for properly and pi ititahly , that w -
will li .d ( Ju.iter count ) A bear-
place than many of us huvo given
it credit for being
I know of no section "f country
that so absolutely demands so
a divtiroity ot enterprises for the
farmer as this does. Consequently
the farmer who succeeds here will
need a broadir nuige of agriuultu
nil knowledge and a wider r.ingo of
reading aud thought than it hi
ll ved iu a country where his SUOOOHH
depended upon tbo cultivation of
ono crop or the management of one
hind of stock. It is said that "ne
cessity is the mother of invention , "
that the statesman rises to the ro
quiremontH of the hour , that ho
moots the demands of the occasion
by developing the latent powers
within him , that his environments
make tbo man. If this bo true ,
then wo have here the requisite con
ditions for the production of a
widely educated , broad mindoil pro-
grecsivo people , if wo will onlj
make use of the opportunities be
fore us and adapt ourselves to tbo
natural conditions by which wo are
surrounded and intelligently ant
industriously apply ourselves to the
solution of the problem of ho < v U >
best develops the resources of thin
With all its drouths and blizzards
and all its seeming disadvantages ,
yet I know of no country where the
intelligent , industrious poor man
can secure a homo arid the necessaries
ries of life more easily than ho can
in ( Junior county. Hut to do IMH )
IK must use bis intelligence an 1 in
duslry , ho must conform Ins idoat >
and efforts to the natural resources
of the country and the conditions
by which ho is surrounded.
FOR SALE : Six room house
and quarter block of land or will
trade for Lincoln property. 84 2m.
li. E , GLASS.
U. S. Land Ofrice >
JAMES WniTi lIKA , -
F. U. YOUNG. . . . - Jrteoo.ver
llnoKEX lloW. Nob. . Fob , , 28th , 1POO.
A snfllclont content nilMaYlt baring been fllcd
Iu thin Ofllco by William U , I'unimol , contestant ,
ngnlnct Albert A. Wntcbcr , ontrr No. 1S301 , invdi1
July 83 , 1839 for nocllon 11 , township 18 , rnnge
31 , I > v Albert A. Wntclicr contoatoo , In whlim H
la sllegixl that Haiti tVntchcr has never broken ,
nor cmiccil to bo broken ten ncr > s ot laid tract n *
rcqnln'd by law nml hn * nuvor planted or caiuod
to 1)0 ] ilnuiod to trees , cetd or cutting ruoru tu&ii
6 ncri's ot snld tmot. Ilmt no pUntloe or ro-
plrtiitlHif bis been done on itnld truct tlnco tbo
year IB'.H ' or nurlicr. Tlmt Bald trnot bus uot boon
plowed ur cuUlrntod elnco IbUI nnd Hint Bald en
try lm been abandoned. U'bnt all cf ltd defects
hart In couiplntnod of exist nt bin trticl , Bald I'ur-
tloa are boroby notlllod to appear , respond and
ofior ovtdonoo toucblii ) , ' * nld allegation nt ion
o'clock n. in on April 5,1UOO , before tbo HoeUter
nnd Hccclvor at tbo Uuliod States I.mic ) OIUco in
Ilrokon How , Nobranlcn.
Tbo maid contestant having , iu a proper niilJ.i.
Tit , fllcd Juuuury S , 11)00 ) , sot forth Main which
tluiw Hint after lUc dll genet ; porioiu. Horvlcu of
thin uotli'o can mil Lw u.ailo , it U hcruty ordered
nnd dlruotuu that Bileli notluo bu > .lri by due
and proper publication.
KUANK If , YuuMa , Uocelror.
LAND DKPIOR AT rtoiiTH I'IATIK , NIB. , f cbritary
Vdtb. I WO.
Notice. la hereby given Hint fie fcllowlug
named noltler luis lllodJioiIco ot lior Intontlou a
uuiko Html proof iu Mippurt < f bur Ualui , itnd that
mild proof will bo miido bi-faru IJoUuty Jmlgu at
Ilrokon Iknv , hobntaua , < m A ; > nl Deli , 1000 , via. ;
Hllxubtttb If. Suupo.ll. U. flu. IJXlO'i , for dm J
U u U of section ; s , ( oiui 10 , M Uancu , SIV
tlllipr. M.
bbu tmmoj tbe following vrltncgaf Ui ) : eve her
couUnuea lo.-l..ouce upon tmd cultlrutlui. ol tuld
In ml , VIM : Juliu WllliH i > f llroKen hi A , Neb , ;
n.i ea Ktiii ; nf Hrukuu llow , Nob. ! John Hnulloy
( Droken lo\v , Nub. i Alburt Hurt u 11 Urokor
"ow , Nub. UKO. U. FUUNJII , Kmlstor.
JtUTED STATUS IMNO Ornou , Noutit 1'kvrrn ,
Midi. , tfolmmry iMlh , UNA ) .
Notlco la hereby given that Kdwurd U' . Itusk
us tiled nollco ot Intention to make llnnl proof
joforo County > lud/o / nt bis oUlco In llrokuu
low , NtiliriiHKn , on dnturday Uio 7lh diy of April ,
IHX ) , ou timber ciilturti application No. l.i SI , for
bo x\v ! .i. n Mi u ft , BW . ' * , ee U nww nun.-mrol'
luDtlou No. yj , Iu towunhip No. It ) N. llango No.
U \V
llu million n wllneeHorti Itlub ml Ulft of llrjk-
n How , Nob. ) Henry M. Mitrtlu ot McKlmoy ,
Mot i uhnrlos \ > . Itootli of McKhiluy , Nub. ;
elm Itodgcr * ot MclUnley , Nub.
UKOIIUU 1C. I'liKNun , I
, AND Orncii AT NOHTU 1'r.ATrn , Men , , t'ourtuiy
ittth , UIJO.
Notice U hereby ijtvru that Ilia fo.toW'Ji
mined netller Una Illud notion ot hU luUnUon to
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, li tt Bill it proof will bo in.idu botoru Jointly Judiro
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