Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 01, 1900, Image 4

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    Olu0tci ( Ho * Republican
Published orcry Thursday , t tUeConnty Bc t.
. BI.
ft.0fflco In Cutlet Ulock , Kontlh AIC.-G < -
Entered nt the po toi co nt llrokoti How , Neb ,
i Bccoud-claetmnttor | for tranemlmloii tlmmBli
the U.S , Mulls.
arjiisciurnoN PIUCK :
One Year , In ndvuucc
TtlURBDAY , MAHU11. , 1 , 1000.
The Sioux City Journal Bays that
bioyolo tires will be considerable
advanced in price this year. How
ever , RO long as Senator MaHon ,
Pettigrew and lion do not enter
into a combine the coat of infilling
the Urea will not bo advanced mat
It begins to look like the fu
sion forces are having" all the
trouble they want. Of course ,
they find comfort in the peaceful
harmony that prevailed when all
the kickers were turned out. The
action of'the national committee
has served public notice on all
pops , that hereafter they must be
democrats or be kicked out. The
"people" we used to hear so much
about , have become a few self
constituted bosses , and the fusion
party represents the most pitiable
farce of a self governing- party
ever known. Well , it is not our
fight , and we shall enjoy watch
ing them "chaw" each others
We are informed that the dem
ocrats are making a strong effort
to force a democratic paper into
every populists home in the state.
The Chicago Dispatch is working
with every means to insinuate it
self among the pop brethren. Re
quests are being sent to populis1
central committee men to forward
names of all populists. Strange
the populists can't see that this
is one of the ways being used to
wholly absorb their party. It is
not much wonder the democrats
dare to pitch the pop delegates
"over the transom , " since the }
have filled pop homes with demo
cratic literature. We predic
there will be thousands of formei
republicans who will not enjoy
copperhead literature now an )
more than the } ' did during the
civil war. The memory of dem
ocratic soup house * still haunt
some people.
It begins to look like the Pops
will have to find some other po
litical orphanage than Democra
cy. While it was mean , yet it
was a natural thing to do , whet
the Democrats riRBD the Pops
"over the transom. " The Demo
crats iinow that Eastern Democ
racy despises Pops , and will no1
mix with them in convention or
be in any way compromised bj
them. They recognize the im
possible gulf between a KKAI , Pop
and Democrat , and do not propose
to have their national convention
embarrassed with them. Thej
KNOW that the leaders of the Pop
party can be duped into obedience
to their will , by promises and
these leaders are expected to plead
with the voters with tearful eyes
and "Once more for Bryan's sake'
'till they get them into line. We
predict lots of fun next fall when
AIL these political jobs get to
working. Will the Pops ever
learn what a fool Bryan is mak
ing of them ! The Pop's love for
Democracy reminds us of Rutl
and Naomi , except that one is
SACKED history and the other PRO
FANE. The Democrats may "pUcl
them out over the transom , " bu
they won't leave. They still re
peat , "Entreat me not to leave
tliee , or to return from following
after thee ; for whither thou . go
est , I will go ; and when thoi
lodgest , I will lodge ; thy peopl
shall be my people , and Bryan
who is thy God , will be my God. '
We saw a pig the other day
chasing1 a cow and trying to suck
The cow exhibited her disgust by
kicking- the pig end over end
Still the pig kept up its calami
tous squealing and grabbing fo
the teat , We said that repre
cuts IhcjPops after Democracy.
Mio old cow never kicked the pig
larder than the Democrats kicked
he Pops at Lincoln in their na-
ional committee. Still they
queal for the public tcta.
While Americans naturally
ympathixe with the Boers , be-
auhe they are the weaker , we
annot refrain from reciting a
ittlc history to show how incon-
istant Bryan and his followers
ire. As will be remembered the
emocrats'colonized Texas when
t was part of Mexico. These
emocrats wanted to run affairs
n Texas. The Mexicans ob-
cctcd. The democrats appealed
o the president of the United
States to be protected against
Mexicans. The Mexicans said ,
ve will attend to our affair , you
ittetid to yours. A democratic
) resident Sent armies to punish
he Mexicans. It was a GI.OKIOUS
JKMOCKATIC war for Impcrilism"
ind Slavery.
By the way , the trouble bc-
ween the Boers and England is
exactly the same as the trouble
) ctwcen the United States and
Mexico was. Democrats seem to
forget about their history. Well
t is no wonder , for they have
) cen Hopping around so much it
s difficult to keep track of them.
A Hus'iigo lo ( larciii-
( Elbert Hubbard. )
In all thia Cuban buHincem there is
ono man Htandu out oil the horizon
of my memory like MarH perihelion
When war broke out between Spain
itid the United States. It wan
very necessary to communicate
quickly with the loaders of tl o
inaurgantH Garcia was Komowharo
in tlio mountains fabtnensos of ( Julia
no onn one know where. No rnai !
> r telegraph meriHage could roach
him. The president must secure
lua co-corporation , und quickly.
What lo do !
Some one said to the president ,
' 'There's a follow by the name ol
Rowan will find Goroia for you
If any body can.
Rowan wns soul for and given a
letter to bo given to Garcia. How *
( ho follow by the name of Rowan
took the letter , scaled it up in an
oil skin pouch , strapped it over his
haart , in four days landed by night
off the coaat of Cuba from an open
boat , disappeared into the jungle ,
and in three weeks came our on
the other aide of the island , having
traversed a hostile country on fool
and delivered his letter to Garcia
uo things 1 nave no special desire
now to tell in detail.
The point I wish to make is this
Mo kinloy gave Rowan a letter to
be delivered to Garcia ; ROWMI took
the letter and did not ask , " where
is ho at ? " By the Eternal ! there is
a man whoso form should bo caat in
to deathless bronze and the statue
placed in every college of the land.
It ia not book learning young mon
need , not instructions about this
and that , but a stiffning of the ver-
lebrao which will cause thorn to be
loyal to a trust , to act promptly , con
centrate there energies ; do the
thing " Carry a message to Garcia !
General Geroia is dead now , but
thores arc other GaruiaV
No man who has endeavored to
carry out an enterprise where many
hands were needed , but has been
well nigh appalled at times by the
imbecility of the average man-tho
inability or unwillingness to con-
oontrato on a thing and do it. slip
shod iaaistanoo. foolish inattontion.
dowdy indifference , and halfhearted
work aeoiu the rule : and no man
Huoooeda , unless by hook or crook ,
or threat , ho forces or briboa ctlior
mon to assist him ; or mayhap , God
in hie goodness performs a moriclo
and aonds him an Angel of light for
assistant You , roadoi , put Una
matter to a test : You are aitting
now in your office aix clerks are
within call. Summon any ono and
make this request : ' Please look in
the encyclopedia and make a brief
memorandum for mo concerning
fho life ofCorroccio. "
Will the olork quietly say , " Yes *
sir , " and go do the task-
On youi life , ho will not. Ho
will look at you out of a flahy eye
and aak ouo or more of the tollow-
ing questions :
Who waa ho ?
Which encyclopedia ?
Where is the onoylopodia ?
Was I hired for that ?
Deut you mean Bismarck ?
V/hat ia the matter with Charlie
doing it ?
Is he dead ?
la there any hurry ?
Shan't I bring you the book and
lot you look it up yourself ?
What do you want to know for
And I will lay you ten to ono
that after you have answered the
queations , and explained how to
iind the information , and why you
wand it , thf ' ' rk will go off and
got ono of tiio outer clerks lo help
him lo iind Garcia and then oirao
haikand tell you tlioro is no such
man , Of courco I may IOHO my
hot , but according lo the law of
average , 1 will not
Now , if you are wiae , you will
not bolher lo explain to your1' asad
iatanl" thai Corrcggio is indexc-
under the C's not in Iho K's , but
you will Biiiile sweetly and aaj , "
Never mind , " and go look it up
And this incapacity for independ
ent action , this morel stupidity
this infirmity of the will , this
unwillinyneKfl to cheerfully ortoh
hold and lift , are the things that
put pure BO'jialiam so far into the
; uturoIf men will not act for
themselves , what will they do
when Iho benefit ot ihoir effort is
for all ? A first mate w.lh knotted
club seems necessary ; and the
dread of getting "the bounce" Sat
urday niyhl , ho'ds ' rmny a worker
to his plauo.
Advertise for a stenographer
and nine out of ten applycan neither
spoil uo * punctuato-aud do no
think it necessary to.
Can Huoh a one write a loiter to
Garcia ?
"You see that book keeper , " BJUC
the foreman lo me in a largo fact
ory."Yes , what about him ? "
"Well he's a fine account , but il
I'd send him up town on an orrauc
lie might accomplish the errand al
right ! and on the other hand , migh
rflop al four saloons on Iho way
and when ho gel lo Main slrool
would forgot whit he had been
Bout for.
Cun such a man bo entrusted to
oarry : i message to Garcia ?
Wo huvo recently been hearing
much maudlin sympathy for Iho
down trodden denizen ol the swee
siop" and the "homeless wandere
searching the honesl employment , '
and with it all often go many ban
words ( or the mon in power.
Nothing < s naid about the employ
er who grows old before his lira
in a vain iiltempt to got frowa
neer-do wells to do intelligent wort
and his long paliont striving wit
"help" that does nothing but loa
when his back is turned. In every
iaclory therois a constant wood in ,
out process going on. The employ
er is constantly Bonding away 'holj
that have shown their inoapauity lo
furlluu the interests of the busiues
and others are being taken on. No
mailer how good times are , tin
sorting continues , only if limes ar
hard and work in source , Iho sortiti
is done finer put out and for eve
out the incompetent and unworthy
go. It in the survival of the fittes
Self-interest prompts every employer
or to keep the best- those who cai
carry a message to Graoia. I know
ouo man of really brilliant parts
who has not the ability to manage a
business of his own ; and yet who is
absolutely worlhless lo any one else
because he carries with him con-
slanlly the insane suspicion that hin
employer ia opposing or intending
lo oppress him. He can not give
orders , and will not receive them.
Should a message bo given Irm ' .o
take to Graoia , his answer probably
would bo , ' , Take it yourself. "
Tonight this man is walking the
ttieotslooking for work , the wind
whistling through his ihread-bare
coat. No ono who knows him dare
employ him , for ho is a regular tire
brand of discontent. Ho is imper
vious as reason , and the only thing
that can i in proas him is the lee of
a thick soled number nine boot ,
Of course I know that ono so
morally deformed is no less lo bo
piliod lhau a physical cripple ; but in
our pity lot us drop a tear , too , for
the men who are striving lo carry
on a great enterprise whoso working
hours are not limited by the thistle
and whose hair is fast lurning
white through the blrugglo lo hold
in line dowdy indifference , slip shod
imbecilily and the heartless ingrati
tude , svhioh , but for their enterprise
would bo both hungry and homo
lesa .
llavo I put Iho mailer lo slrongly
Possible 1 have , but when all the
world has gene a-slumining , I wish
to speak a won ! for sympathy for
the man who succods-lho man who
against great odds , has dirrooted ,
the effort of others , and having suc
ceeded , finds there ia nothing in
it ; nothing but bare board und
I have earned a dinner pail and
worked for days wages , and I have
also been an imployor of labor , and
I know there is something to bu
said on both aidea. There is no
excellent , per so , in poverty : rage
are uo recomoudalion ; and all em
ployers are not rapacious and high
handed , any more than all poor
mon are virtuous.
My hearl goon out to the man
thai does his work when the "boss"
is away as well as when ho ia at homo
And the man who , when given a
loiter for Garcia , quietly lakes the
missive , without asking any ulio
t.u questions , with lurking iuten.
lions of chucking it into the nearest
aewor or of doing aught else but
Oliver it , never gets laid off , " nor
> as to go on a strike for higher
wages. Civilization ia ono long
nxioua search for just such in-
ivulual , Anything such a man asks
hall bo granted ; his kind it ) so rare
hat no employee can afford to lot
lini go. lie is wanted in every
city , town and villago-in every of
fice , shop , alore and factory. The
world cries out for such : ho is ncod-
oil , and needed badly the man that
can carry a message to Garcia ,
Washington Letter.
WASHINGTON , D. C. Fob. 24 , 1900
Special Correspondence. )
' 1 ho dotnocraticMiat'oual coiumit-
.00 naa just finished its mooting
aero , with the result that Kansas
City is selected as the place for the
convention and the fourth of July
as the date. Once before the dem
ocrata aoloctcd July fourth as the
dale for a convention. They made
up vhat they called a "consecrated
platform , " and nominated a "con
secrated" candidate to boat Grant.
The record of the party was too
bad , however , and self-styled "oou
socratiou" did not save il.
In Iho recent mooting of demo
crats Arthur P. Gorman of Alary-
laud took part , in spite of Iho fact
that ho was opposed to Bryauiam
in 18 < JO and is opposed to it now.
Ho has a prcsdontial bee of his own
which ho is keeping hived until
1004. Like other hard money dem
ocrats ho knows thr L the only safe
ty of the leaders is to apparently
stay with the party until Bryan'um
is vripcd off the political map. A
largo number of eastern democrats
will act with the party so far as
appoarauo' s go , but will vote
ag.uuat Bryan
It le considered almost a joke
for a party to select the Fouith of
July as a convention date , when the
delogalea assembled will represent
a conglomeration of ideas such us
Free Trade , Cheap Money lo Pay
Debts , Aguinaldoisin , Coobolisrn
and suppression of Iho colored vole
iu Iho soulh. A Declaration of
Independence written by such an
assemblage would be a great cuii-
A gentleman in Washington who
has boon looking up some figures
regatdingtho progress of prosperity
in the west has made public what
ho considers some extraordinary
facts about Nebraska. Ho finds
that uudur the last three years ol
the democratic national admini
stration the real estate owners in
Nebraska increased their mortgages
$8,517,085 , being an increase of
debt of $5.00 per capita on land
Under the ursl tbreo years of
McKinloyistn Iho Nebraskana re
duced their mortgage indebted ness
$1 ) ,907,007 , being a not reduction
of It 19.00 per capita , and fairly
representing the difference between
republicanism and democracy.
It is also remarked with much
Wonder in the east that the individ
ual bank deposits iu Nebraska
amount lo nearly $50 per capita ,
being an increase of fully $25 since
1800. Add the $25 ineroaso in
deposits to the $11) ) representing tbo
decrease in land mortgages , and it
ia found that the people of the stale
are $44 per capita , or aboul forty-
four million dollars better off than
were in 1890.
It ia such figures as these that
will worry the calamityitos in the
coming campaign.
In the debates no ( V going ou in
Congress the democrats keep up
thoirusual policy of antagonizing
everything the republicans propoao.
In this they simply follow the pre
cedent established in 1804 when
ihoy declared "Iho war is a failure. "
The "anti-ovorylhing" policy wil'
bo carried right through iho coming
campaign. Nebraskans will have
to moot the same ill-natured growl
which is being generated hero. II.
Hev. E. Edwards , pastor of Iho
English Baptist Church at Miuers-
yille , Pa. , when suffering with
rheumatism , was advised to try
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Ho
says : " A few applications of this
liniment proved of a great service
to mo. It subdued the inflamma
tion and rolioveil the pain. . Should
any sufferer profit by giving Pain
Balm a trial it will pleas me. " For
aalo by all druggist.
Horses For Sale.
Ouo 1200 pound horse , 0 years old.
extra good , oue 1200 pound horse , 9
years old , good worker , ono 1100 pound
ruare , 8 or U years old , perfectly gentle
( or woman or child , ono 1000 pound
miuo , 5 or 0 years old , extra tlno driver ,
one 1200 pound horse , 8 or 9 years old ,
can't bu bent for a work horse , one
1100 pound maro.O or 10 years oid , perfectly -
foctly gentle ( or woniuu or child , ono
1100 pound horse , 8 or 9 years old , tfood
noree , one 2 year old colt.
Ttio above will be sold for cash six
months time , good paper , or will trade
( or milch oows. Willis Cadwell ,
Broken How i
K C. WOUNAU President. J. A. II Vltllig CnKhler.
. , , . . . , .
A. J UOHKHTSON..VIco-l'rca. W. D. lil.ACKWBLIj , Aet't CMhler.
Farmers Bank of Ouster County ,
Transacts a General Banking BuflinocR. County Claims and J
Warrants Bnughl.
' 3
lias n f'll' hue ol
Drugs , Paints and Wall Paper.
Also a Fine Line of Books , Stationery , Toilet Articles , etc. Store on
corner of Fifth avenue and Main street , Broken Bow , Neb.
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Hank , Lincoln , Ncbra-kix.
pmrniraim'imu.mtniiiiiiiiiiiarf liiiimiiilriiiiiiiiiiTiiiiiilimiiiTiiiqll
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rofclTOCiiaminfULipil ITOli'B ' rJbtoHCiplCm
I Once Was Lost , but How I Have
Found It.
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world is it , my dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a mam-
uMii stock ef Groceries , and at the lowest prices you overheard
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ing posted on what was being offered lor sale. They don't
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National Bank.
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* rf&
- ® te *
I wish lo bay tc my Friends and Patrons that I am now
located in the New Brick liuilding , on west side of Square ,
whore I will be boiler prepared lo servo them than ever be
fore. F. W. HAYES ,
Jeweler and Optician.
We own nntl occupy tlie tallest mercantile building In tin world. We have
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fi'lmg ' out-of-tdv/n orders.
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