Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, December 14, 1899, Image 8

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OrlandaTefTt , Clio rmin Itepubllcnn State Cen-
trnl Committee , Ma < cs nn Appeal to Qov.
t'cynter to dj ilia Duty.
Oov.W.A. POYNTKK , LincolnNeb
DKAK SIR : In the death of
Senator Usiyward the state has
suffered a loss which can scarcely
be expressed in words. A man
of grand character , he halt ! . ; en
deared himself to the people by
his sterling integrity and devo
tion to principle. The people
have lost their chosen-representa
tive just when in the ordinary
course of affairs he would have
been entering upon the discharge
of his duties.
Probably at no election for
United States senator in this state
was the choice of the people so
faithfully responded to by the
legislature as by his election as
senator. The issue before the
people in the election of the leg
islature was distinct and well de
fined , and resulted in the dclibqr-
ate choice of a republican major
ity in the legislature , the electors
fully understanding that it meant
the representation of this state in
the United States senate by a re
publican for six years. I believe ,
governor , that you fully assent to
the proposition that when the
electors of the state have deliber
ately passed upon a question that
their wish should be respected ,
and that there can be no plainer
duty for a public officer thanas
far aslies in his power , to 'see
that their expressed wish should
receive full fruition. Speaking
for the republican organization
of the state , I ask you , in View of
the foregoing facts , to appoint
some reputable republican to , lill
the oflice which death has made
vacant , or call the legislature to
gether for the purpose of filling
the vacancy. By this action ,
governor , you would establish
yourself as a broad , fair minded
man , with a high conception of
duty , a man who could rise above
mere partisanship and act along
the higher lines of statesmanship
and fidelity to the interests of the
whole people. I have the honor
to be governor ,
Yours very respectfully ,
The populists have built up
their party upon the claims that
the will of the masses shall rule ,
instead of political leaders , in all
matters of public interest. The
question of whether a republican
or populist should represent Ne
braska in the United States sen
ate was passed upon by the voters
in the fall of 18J8 , and when the
question wj s submitted they
very emphatically expressed
I themselves in favor of sending ji
republican to the senate to rcp-
fobuut them. Both branches of
II the legislature were strongly re
publican. While Goy. Poyntcr
can not , from his political posi
tion , appoint a republican to suc
ceed the late M.L. Ilayward , he
can exercise his executive power
in calling the legislature together
fpr the express purpose of choos-
itig Senator Hayward's successor ;
To do less will not only be a plain
violation of the will of the people
of the state , but would be con
trary to advocated principles of
his party.
i ] Notice to M D. A. Members.
S All m inborn are requested to bo
present at the next regular mooting
ot the lodge Friday afternoon , Doo.
a2d , at 2 o'olock. Oilheis will be
re-elected-for the insuing year.
D. M. AiiBiiKiuiY , Soo'y.
The members of iho T.B. U. arc
urged to attend the regular mooting
of the ledge on Tuesday ovouinq ,
Dtioemboa 10th. Election of olli-
oor's for iho ensuing year will bo
had at that timo.
Letter List.
Following in the dead letter list
for week nnding Den. r > , 1809 :
Mrs. E. J. i'eimcll. Miss K. I , . 8\vnrx. (
Parlies calling for the above
ploabo 8ay adveriiscd.
i L. II , JBWKTT , P. M ,
Talcou up by E. nL. Perry , two
miles and a half west of Merna ,
Nov. 28 1800/ono rod oow about
four years old , branded on right
hip and ono spotted calf tmokiug
the o 'w , also branded with fish
brand . - - -
oil-right hip.
E ; L. * Pimuv.
A Double Murder At Otle a.
F.L , Diaraore , of Odessa , Buffalo
county , killed hia wife and Fred
Luu on Monday night of last week.
It seems from Lau'a wifp , who has
made a confession , that Dismoro
had beooino infatua'od with nor ,
and aa oho would not taavo her bus
baudand , go with him , ho killed
his own wife and Fro.l Lau , hop
ing thereby to got Mrs. Lau to
join him. Dismoro is a profoasion-
al hypnotist , and Mre. Lau claims
tint she has been under his power
.fornix months. Dismoro and Mrs.
Lau are both under surest. It is
thought Mr * . Luu will bo piveri
her liberty. Disraoro was taken
fromKearney to North Platte jail
for fear of a mob
The Dinner's open inJirn the
Penman , " one of the strongest so
flioty plays of modern times ,
Clubbing Hates.
The RBPUHMOAN oilers the boat
tales on Hubaoription you oan got
anywhere. See our prices.
TUoltluitratt-il Uco 92.00 >
The WcoUy Den 05
The Inter Ocean - 1.00
Tiif Fftrra Journal l.OC
The Olobo Democrat 1.00
The Toledo Illado 1.00
The Ucpnbllcan > . . . 1.00
Wa will furnish you the whole
list ono yoav for $3.05.
Or we will give you
The Itapuullc&u and Illustrated and Wnolcly
Uoi for $1.40
The Itepubllcan nnd Inter OCMII for 1.60
Tne Republican ami Ulobo Democrat for . . . 1.60
The Itotiubllcan and Toledo Blade tor 1.00
To anyone who aooOta | any of
the above oilers between now and
the first of January , 1QOO , wo will
give iho Farm Journal for flve
years f oe ; or to anyone who pays
up. Now is your lirno.
Applications for .bilf faro pop
mils for tin year 1000 will bo ro
ooived , and olorgymcu are urged to
moko their applications at once.
II. L. OitMSUY. , Local Agt.
Omaha , December Oth , 1688
The result of Iho Burlington' * *
Photographic Pmo Contest is as
fallows :
FIRST I'lti/u $30.
P. Sodorborg , Button , Nob.
SECOND rui/.E $10.
W.T. Oaldwflll , Allianw , Nob.
II A Kufua , Ravenna , Neb ; 0 V
Cross , Geneva , Neb ; W C Elwood ,
Troy , Kans ; M A Ellingaon , Oam-
bridge , Neb ,
Louis R Bostwiok , Omaha , Neb ;
Mm W II Ellison , llobron , Neb ;
Art S Steele , Oborliu , Kans ; Tyson
& Iliac , Nebraska City , Neb ; Mrs
Jamas 'Anderson , Loomis , Neb ; F J
Dell , Burwe ) ! , Neb ; W Ifi Thorno ,
Bladon , Neb ; Miss Anna M Knozt
Ohiowa , Neb ; Frank Rotholl , Crab
Orchard , Neb ; A J Bowie Central
City , Neb ; W B Sandy , Elwood , .
Neb ; Mra A F Cameron , Cheater , '
Neb ; A F Webster , . Beaver City ,
Neb ; Miss Roao Bailer , Trentoft ,
Neb ; Mrs Luoy E Cam * , Coutoal
Uity , Nob. "In all 340 photogKvpha
were submiltod. At least aOO-wort
'of unusual merit , either on account
ofjho interesting character- off tfao
subject or because of the fidelity
aVd skill with" which it xa * ropro
duuod. Checks will bt ; mailed sue
oeasful contestants iu thn course of
a day'.brttwok - J. FIU.NOIS ,
Gen. PasaoEger Agont.
A. W. Drake's holiday goods ore
arriving. Coma and BOO him for toys
pictures , frames , easels , screens * onr
tain rods , poles , trimmings cot.
Universal low prices ou diahctj ,
gasswaro , china cups and saucers
cutlery , and spoons , rookerrs , oonrer-
tables couches and iron bods.
Three doors south -of Baok'of
Commerce , woat side of qunro.
"Watch for the Christmas iBema of
the Omaha Illu8tratodBoe , , aixtotm
pages and a.beautiful colored cover.
The Omaha Boo
ban apared no
expense iu preparing u ChriatmaB
feast for its reader"m ita Christinas
isauo of the O.naha Illustrated Bee.
The iiovor will ha iu oolorfl , and ,
taken aa a whole , although it seeraa
hard to believe , it will surpass in
beauty moat of the waatern maga
zines. The lieo never does thingu
by halves. 9w.
WANTEU-Soveral persontor Olatrlc
olliou mauiiRors In ibis stale * to represent
mo in their own and surrounding coun
ties Willing to pay yearly $000 , par
able weekly. Desirable tmploycaent
with uniiHial opportunities. Referon.
cesexutiaogdd. Eosloaei lolf.nilareeood
stamped envelopeS. . At Park non
Caxton Ilnildlug , Chlcaao. '
11 30-2qt.
\Vh-ut , 4 c
Hurley ! .lc
O&U , . 'J5c
Corn , , , , . . . . .2lo
Itjo , 30"
llultor , i > 0c
UKKS . . . , eoo
I'utttoof 23c
Onions MO
Otilckoiu ii.ODtoii.95
Hos 3.4S
Cowx 3.25
Blears 4.00
Turkey * . ' Oc
I'rntrlo CUIckeii 2r e
( Ju ll per doa , 7T > o
btrow , lOc cwt
H y. . , . . , 4.00 per ton
The Bittner Thcalnoal Co. IB the
best dramatic organization that
over visited Broken Bow.
800 tbo correction in Frazlor'a
notion thin week aa bin gallery IH
south , instead of north of the Bank
of Commerce.
A. 0. U. W. officers elected.
At the regular mooting of tbo A
O. U. W- lodge Tuesday night , ibo
lolloping oflioors ware elected for
tuo onauaing year : M. W. , lolin
ROOHO ; Foreman A. R. ilumphery ;
Ovofaour Fred Hayes ; llocordor ,
W. li. Eaatham ; Troaeurer J. S
Bai3oh ; Finannior Fred Kinne ;
rQuido Jas. MoM511ia ; I. W. , V. J
S dryjO. N. , C. U. floloomb ;
Trustee J. G.Lemiag. .
Preporationti are now being made
for Ohriatmas at ' CiiHtor. Custor
canon nud Stiouosa sphool houses
trust all will have a pleasant time.
Mr. QarlanJ L-IWIB commenced [ a
throu month toira of school at Cus
ter Monday. ,
Mrs. B. J. Empfiald ! B ou iho biuk
Hat , and Mr. B. J. in hia hiatu fora
pail of water , as the IIOUHO liad taken
tire from the Hiovopipo hu Htoi > bd on n
piece of iron and sprained hit ) uuklo ,
ho is now ) aid up for repairs.
Got Griflith lost a fine mare
yesterday , she waH badly out in iho
wire and ho bad to kill her to end
her K tide ring.
{ Boreus roturiiod last niglit bring'
ing a little Bnow along this norn-
ing , it isquito oold ranking the ooal
man happy. Tim will bo thu first
hint to these -who Jiavo [ not picked
their corn , BO mo of there dayn iu >
will get up a b'izcard , Ilioku nays
no and lie clainiH to ki > ow ,
Mltlnda ot work In our line done
promptly und In llrst-olaaa order. Red
3hop oujtho corner , woat of the liosc
bouan. GlvMua&trlM.
Kich'ardson's Livery
M theolf I stand , between tbo burling-
( ODBDCt "Gloho llotola. Telepiione con-
nectloa. Headquarters nt Callaway
stngo 'line. Single and double rigs.
Rateqeaeonable. .
Qrapo culture bus become n power In
IlUBsIa during the last decade. Cri
mea , where viticulture was formerly
confined almost wholly , has como to
00 the Industry extend north and east
into the provinces of Kherson , Podolla
and Bessarabia. Some of the planta
tions are very large , notably that of
Prlnco Troubotskol , which covers 600
The acting British consul at Odessa
Is authority for the statement that In
Bessarabia especially Is the growth of
the vineyards particularly noticeable ,
and the quality of the wine excellent.
In 1803 108,000 acres In this locality I
olono were given up to the grapes , |
while four yeara later 175,000 acres
were In use. The wines are said to bo
much cheaper than the same Ulnd In
It was only last year that the flrst
shipment of Russian wines reached <
England , but the Russians confidently *
expect to make grape culture one of I
their lending product ? . Odessa has [
two champagne factories , opened to
compete with French products.
A Traveled Cnt. ' n
A cat 1ms Just died at Sim Frahslsco
who had traveled nearly a million
jnll s. He belonged to the chief on-
Klnccr of the Roynl Mall steamer Ala-
doinn , and for thirteen years was his
companion on board ship In all his
voyages between Sidney and San Fran
cisco. With the passengers this re
markable cat was a great favorite , and
on completing 700,000 miles he was
presented with n silver collar.
Chas.W. HakesM. D ,
Successor to Dr. M. C. Dlystone.
Office over Chrystal Drug Store. Calls prompt
ly answered from office , day or night.
New Grand Central Livery and
Feed Nam ,
New rigs anil good teams. Prlcci reasonable.
Clinton Bay ,
Broken Bow , Neb.
Office over Hyereon'aiJeroeery. Resiy
dence Oth bouse west of Baptist ohurob.
Lunch Counter ,
Ed. Malloy , Prop'r.
All kinds of soft drinks. Best
brand of cigar ? . 1st building east
of Farmers' bank.
Wm. F. Hopkins ,
Plans and Specifications on short notice. Ma
terial fuinltucd and buildings completed choapet
than any man In the state. Satisfaction gutran
teed a * to plans and specifications.
and estimates on abort no
ice. Broken Bow , Neb.
I make the correct fitting of Glasses
a Specialty.
' ' ' F.W.HAYES ,
Jeweler and Optician.
o- O
We receive
from 10.000 to
25,000 letter *
every day
We ow'A and occupy the fullest mercantile building In the world. We have
( ver 1,000,000 customers. Sixteen hundred clerks are constantly
encugcd fllllnn out-of-town orders ,
OUR -GENERAL. CATALOGUE Is the book of the people It quotes
Who'itsale Prices to Everybody , lias over 1,000 pages , 16,000 illustrations , and
Coooii , descriptions of articles with prices. It costs 72 cents to print and mail
cacKcopy. We want you to have one. SEND FIFTEEN CENTS to show
-/o'QOO < | faith , nnd we'll aend you a copy FREE , with all charges prepaid.
Wo have but recently lotnrnod from Chicago , where \vo
purchased a largo stock of
Dress Goods , Ladies' and Gents' Under
wear , Men's and Boys' Clothing- ,
' . Our line of Si-oca
Including a line line of LADIES' SHOES.
is Iho beat to be found in the city. Our prices nro below com
petition. Call and sec us. Whether Boys' or Men's Suits ,
\Vomen's or Men's Underwear , Boots or Shoes , Hate , Caps , Goods or Notions are wanted , we are prepared to pve
you better bargains and bettor goods , at better prices than any
other house iii Central Nebraska.
Southwest Corner Sauare.
9 ff ) ( e ) O fe )
I Once Was Lost , but ow I Have
Pound it.
Where ? At my door. A t the Eagle Grocery. What in the
world is it , jpy dear ? It is at the Eagle Grocery , a mammoth -
moth stock of Groceries , and at the lowesfc prices you ever
hoard of. The Eagle has been reading the papers and keop-
i&i ; posted on what was being offered for sale. They don't
say anything about Terbackpr and Candy , and other good
things like that. It is not pickle dishes you want now , it is
Candy. The Eagle has 2,000 pounds of candy for sale cheap.
. Tistmas committees are invited to call and get my prices.
.jmember the place , on the big corner , inst east of First
* 1 "T * * *
flional Bank.
W. S. SWAN , Proprietor.