Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, December 14, 1899, Image 6

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T . Dt. AJtlSIlUUKY , Vutillihcr ,
Till : NtWS tN BIHEF.
Fire nt Meridian , Miss. , caused a
loss of ? 300,000.
Now York wants the democratic na
tional convention.
Tlio natural gas supply of. Crawfords-
vlllo , Ilid. , liao failed.
Freight agents of middle state ron-la
contemplate advancing rates.
At Huffnlo , N. Y. , the ground is
covered with a foot of snow.
hinj. Frank C. Armstrong , surgeon
In the regular army , Is de d nt Manila.
The rubber truot will consolidate its
factories at Pcorla , 111. , and Akron 0.
The physician of Evangelist Moody
says ho will- recover In time- with rest.
JI.'C. F.rlck IK'to become consulting
partner in the Carnegie Steel company.
Near Cleveland , Tcnn. , .Tamos Mow-
ry , a farmer , killed his wife and hlm-
Lomlon papers comment freely on
the president's message , generally la-
Philadelphia Is making a strong ef
fort to secure the republican national
V I ) . ' Sanndcro , a Kentucky school
tctichcr , was 'stabbed to death by one
of his pupils.
At. Assumption , 111. , Amos j < mloy
rohimlltod suicide by blowing , his head
off with dynamite.
* t'
Bloodhounds have been put on the
trail1 of the 'murderer of James.Vln -
clu&lcf of Vienna , 111.
Byc tliT "filing of Klmbcrley mines
wftlu water -Cecil Jlhodcs Is losing ut
the rftto of ? 00,000 a day ; .
Julia.Marlowe Tabor , ( ho actress ,
has 'applied for a divorce from her
InfsUnnd , Robert S. Tabor.
South McAldstor , I. T. , two
whutujncn were killed by negroes with
whom'jtheywore gambling.
'A ; Clll was" Introduced by Ponroso of
Pennsylvania to pension Mrs. Grldloy ,
vffo of the late Captain Grldley of the
Olympia/at ? 100 per month-
The prltlsh bark .Ilavcnscourt , eigh
ty days from Panama , arrived nt Port
Townsend and will bo sent to Diamond
Pplnt Into quarantine. Yellow fever
broke out at Panama , and nine sail
ors \frtfrd. stricken , four of whom died.
Senator Alljson , chairman of the re
publican caucus of the , senate , has an
nounced the republican committee
places In the senate. Its members are :
Senators .Aldrlch , Cullom , McMillan ,
Hanabrough , Lodge , Perkins , Elklns ,
spoonor , Platt ( N. Y. )
The western classification commit
tee , ' 'representing the freight depart
ments of eighty western loads , met In
Milwaukee , the object being , It Is said ,
to' advance the classification of a num
ber of commodities , principal of which
are * groceries , ana hardware.
.The state Insane hospital scandal of
South Dakota culminated when ( seven
teen attendants , composing the heads
of nearly all the wards , handed In tliolr
resignations. The trouble grows out
of charges of Incompetency , drunken
ness and criminal carelessness , result
ing In the death of a patient , flro In one
of the Wards and fin assault by one
asylum 'physician upon another.
The Gcorgo Washington Memorial
association has made public a request
that on December 14 , 1891) , the centen
nial anniversary of Washington's
death , all the schools of the land will
{ suspend the regular order of exorcises
nt 11 a. m. and devote twenty minutes
to. a .memorial program. Including u
brief eulogy of the Hfo and character
of our first president , Qeorgo Wash
The secretary of state has received n
tejegram from Mr. Hunter , minister to
Uiuitomnla , saying that ho has been in
formed by that government , that on
the 2d hist. General Toledo , with about
300 followers , principally foreigners ,
attempted a revolution near the bor-
dqii of Salvador at a place called Jull-
npa. They were attacked by border
troops and driven across 'the border
with heavy loss.
Whether the pay of Congressman
Roberts is stopped as a result of the
house -refusing him a seat has not
been " passed upon by ( ho house olllclajs
niid'"wlll nol directly nrlsa until the
January pay certificates are Issued bv
Speaker Henderson , by whlqh time it
la oxyQctod tho. CUHO will bo perma
nently settled. Roberts drew his pay
up-to December 3 , the day before con
gress assembled , on thp certificate of
Clerk McDowell that he was a member-
The great labor war threatening-
long' between the Chicago building
contractors and trades unions has been
r\verted through an agreement for a
permanent arbitration board , whosu
personnel Is to bo thoroughly represen
tative of the trade's unions and the
other Interests concerned. Through
tho'torms agreed upon no sympathetic
strjko ls to be dcclarpd until tljo now
board has had an opportunity to in
vestigate and decree what are to bo
tlip terms of settlqnvent.
The consolidation of the Pullman
Palaqp Car company and Its rival , the
Wagner- Palace Car company , into one
concern , -was ratified at Chicago by R
practically Unanimous vote at a spe
cial meeting of the stockholders of the
Pullman company. It was voted to
change the name to the pnllman com
pany and to Increase the capital stocic
from fifty-four million d , Ilar8 , to sev
enty-four million dollars for the pur
pose of purchasing the property of the
Wagner company.
The movement to advance wages In
cotton mil centers has become general
throughout the Now England states.
The , , war department has been In
formed of the arrival nt Malta of the
transport Logan. It has on board the
Forty-first infantry , Colonel Richmond
mend , and > reports all well.
Assistant Postmaster General Heath
announces that when a female postal
clerk marries she forfeits her position.
Martin Bennett , Jr. , United States
manager for the Scottish Union Flro
and Marino Insurance , , company , Edin-
burg , Scotland , is dead. Ho was one of
the 'foremost fire underwwrlters in the
.Defeat of Gatacro the Moat Severe Ro-
pulno British Have Suffered ,
( Icnrnil'fl I'oron of " ,000 Greatly Ilriltircil
\iy \ Jiiilch Htrati'Ky ninny Olllrrr *
Aiilonj ; llio Wounded JlrltlMi C'om-
iniuidvr HHJM Ho Will \Vlro tiio Full
LONDON , Dec. 11. The war office
publishes the following dispatch from
General Forostlcr-Walker at Capetown.
Gatacro icports :
"Deeply i egret to Inform yon that I
met with a serious reverse In the nt- i
tack on Stroinburg. I was misled as
to the enemy's position by the guldca
and found Impracticable ground.
"Casualties , so far us known nt the
present , are : '
"Second battalion , Irish Royal Ri
fles Wounded : Lieutenant Colonel
Eager , Major Eaton , Captain Bell , Cap
tain Kelly , Lieutenant Stevens Lieu
tenant Darnardston.
"Suffolk Regiment Wounded : Second
end Lieutenant Muynard and twelve
men. Missing : Captain Weir , Lieu
tenant Chrlstce , Second Lieutenant
Rodney , two hundred and ninety men.
"Fourth Field Battery Severely
wounded : Lieutenant Lewis and
three men. Slightly wounded : Two
men ,
"Seventy-seventh Field Battery-
Killed : One gunner , wounded ; Major
"Northumberland Fusllcers Missing
Major Stevens , Captain Fletcher , Cap
tain Morcly , Second Lieutenant Wako ,
Second Lieutenant Coulson , Lieutenant
Radcllffa , three hundred and sixty-five
officers and men.
"Royal Berkshire Regiment Killed :
One private.
"The remainder of my casualties
will bo wired as soon ns ascertained.
LONDON , Dec. 11. ( Now York
World Cablegram. ) The Post says :
The good news which comes today
from Ladysmlth Is more than counter
balanced by the very serious reverse
encountered at Stormburg by Gatacrc.
The Boers In the latter movement of
fered no opposition till our men
reached the Impregnable position
which they wore defending , when they
opened a hot and unexpected fire.
The engagement began nt1:15 : a. m.
Sunday and lasted till 7 when , after an
artillery duel , our men withdrew and
marched back to Moltcno.
So ran the first dispatch , giving
merely an Impression of a fruitless
adventure and leaving us utterly un
prepared for the bare figures of our
loss which came In the second report.
All the advices that have so fur
reached us make the fight at Storm-
burg take rank after Nnlcholson Nek
as the most serious reverse of the
War. Wo don't yet know its full pro
portions , but Judging from what we
have the worst must remain behind.
Already the list of missing Is close to
000. In the Second Northumber
land Fusllecrs six officers are re
ported missing. There arc no de
tails to the First Dorsetshire
regiment of whoso present , with
Gatacro wo learn for the first
tlmo that 300 men are reported miss
ing and there are no details as to of
ficers. It Is Impossible , therefore , to
avoid the conclusion that wo don't
know the full extent of the reverse.
The moral of this unfortunate affair
Is that wo have been trying to press
homo on the government the fact that
men are wanted. Men must bo sent ,
cavalry and horse artillery most es
pecially , unless In sheer parsimony wo
arq to throw away a corner of the
Clmrleg It. Gro\u IH Shot mid Kliluil Itn-
liind IIlH llnr.
OMAHA , Doc. 11. As the result of
an altercation which ended In Tom
Collins , being forcibly thrown out of
"Shorty" Charles Grova's saloon at
Thirteenth and Dodge streets , . one
night last week , Collins deliberately ,
! Is alleged , shot and mortally wound
ed the proprietor in the latter's place
of business about 8:30 : o'clock last
A bullet from the 38-caliber bulldog
revolver nntored the head of the vic
tim from above , ranging downward
for a depth of more than four Inches
and biirylng Itself In his brain. Ho
was taken at once to the Presbyterian
hospital. The physician pronounced
the wound to bo almost certain'/
fatal. Grove died at midnight with
out once regaining consciousness. Col-
nns Is In Jail. He says ho is glad of
the act and Is prepared to pay the
Now OuiiiMiitlixi
WASHINGTON , Dec. 11. Surgeon
General Wyman of the marine hos
pital service , in view of the officially
reported prevalence of the plague In
Santos , Brazil , and Oporto , Portugal ,
and the local conditions at those poits ,
lias Issued icgulutlons to prevent Ita
Introduction into the United States ,
which icgnlatloiiB are to remain In
force until thirty days after the offi
cial announcement of the cessation of
the plague In those cities. The regula
tions prescribe In detail the treatment
of vjcssels from the Infected ports ,
methods of disinfection of chips , cargo ,
personal effects of passengers an.I
crew , the final disposition of vessel.- ) ,
rirciimn Killed In it Wreck.
CIIUYKNNI3 , Dec. 11. About . " ,
o'clock this morning a collision between -
tweon two freight trains occurred at
Borlo , twelve miles west of Cheyenne
on the Union Pacific. Locomotive
Fireman Benjamin Stocking was In
stantly killed , engineer Ernest Dav-
ics was caught between the cab and
tank of his engine , being seriously and
perhaps fatally injured. Fireman
John CostellQ was pinned under the
wreckage and was removed with two
. mangled feet and a crushed hand. Ho
I ' was stjnt to the Denver hospital on a
special < . * train. . . - Engineers , - Rollins and
Voig were &Hghtly"hurt by jumping.
Tim r.iclllo Compiiny J.OHVH Several
Tlion/mnd / Dollar * .
CII'iJYKNNB , Dec. 11. The ilrtnlln
of a most ( hiring robbery nro just com
ing to light hero. Ltust night between
the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock , the of-
fh'C ot the Pacific Express company was
robbed of several thousand dollais In
money , and , although officers net to
ork on the cose Immediately and the
strictest Bcrrccaey has been maintained
not a single clue has been discovered.
There Is a small force of men In the
express office at night to handle ex-
prcaa on Incoming and outgoing trains
nnd when these trains arrlvo the men
linvo been In the habit of locking the
office. This was dons last night us
usual and when the express men re
turned twenty minutes later the north
door , or city entrance , was open , as
was also the safe door. The discovery
wan made that all of the money con
tained In the safe was missing.
Officials of the express company re
fuse , to state the amount ot money
taken , which Is icported to bo between
$ .1,000 and $25,000. It Is reported that
the safe contained a largo shipment
of gold which was to have gone to one
ol the banks In central Wyoming over
the Cheyenne & Northern this morn
ing , but the officials will say nothing
about the matter. Indications point
to the fact , however , that the loss is
The entire express office force Is
under surveillance and the robbery Is
being thoroughly Investigated.
Ono Hundred Filipinos Attack n Wagon
MANILA , Dec. 11. A force of 100
Insurgents yesterday attacked near
Balsuag p. wagon train escorted by
thirty men of the Sixteenth Infantry.
A sharp engagement followed. The
Filipinos lost eighteen In killed and
nine captured.
During the recent aitncfc by Insur
gents upon Vlgan the Filipinos ob
tained possession of the plaza and of
o church In the center of the town ,
from which the Americans dislodged
them , It seems that the escaped
Spaniards obtained guns and fought
with the Americans against the Insur
VliKllcntcH IIIniM'lf for Logs of Ills
WASHINGTON , Dec. 11. Another
contribution to the naval literature of
the Spanish war has been published by
the bureau of naval Intelligence. It is
a history by General Cervera of the
fleet under his command which was de
stroyed by tno American squadron off
Santiago. The original publication
was authorized by the queen regent of
Spain on the petition of Admiral Cer
vera who wished to vindicate himself
for the loss of his squadron after hav
ing been sent to Cuba against his ear
nest protest.
of til" J'lllplno Gcnrriil'M Sur-
rrmlur to JMucArlliur.
MANILA , Dec. 11. An expedition
headed by the battleship Oregon left
Manila for Sublg last night. It Is re
ported that the Filipino commander
General Alejandrlno , with his staff , has
surrendered to General MacArthur.
There Is also a rumor that Alejan
drlno Is at Agullar suffering from a
wound received In a fight between In
surgents and bandits and that ho will
bo given an opportunity to surrender
and will bo properly cared for.
Surgeon ICiiltur'a Pay Stopped.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 11. One of the
results of the Investigations made In
the case of the troopship Tartar Is
the stoppage of the pay of Major John
A. Rafter , surgeon Twentieth Kansas
volunteers. This action was taken at
tlio request of General Shafter and was
seconded by Secretary Root. General
Shafter , who has direction of the In
quiry , suggested that the pay In Sur
geon Rafter's case be suspended until
certain accounts for the provisioning
of slok soldiers on board the transport
are settled. In a protest , which Major
Rafter has filed with the war depart
ment , he represents that he Is not res
ponsible for the conditions which prevailed -
vailed an the Tartar.
To Itclmlld Tulrnitfpen Knud.
LONDON , Dec. 11. The Westminis
ter Gazette says Sir Weetman Dickin
son Pearr.on , M. P. for Cholchestor and
head of tl e firm of S. Pearson & Ron ,
limited , contractors for public works ,
has completed negotiations with the
Mexican government to take over the
Isthmus of Tchuantepec railroad on a
fifty-years' lease. It Is said that he
will reconstruct the railroad and con
struct n harbor at each end. The har
bors are to cost $10,000,000.
1'Iv Duttt for Convention.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Dec. 11. Chairman
James C. Dahlmun has Issued a call
for the democratic central committee
to meet In Lincoln , January 5 , to fix
the tlmo and place for holding the
slate convention to name delegates to
the national democratic convention. An
effort will bo made by Lancaster coun
ty democrats to have the convention
held In Lincoln , March 19 , that being
the date of W. J. Bryan's 40th birth
Spaulnli I'rUoiit'rH Hufc.
MADRID , Doc. 11. An official dis
patch from Manila says that 229 Span
iards , who were formerly prisoners In
the hands of the Filipinos , have ar
rived there.
IVurH tliu Drill-ill XnvyT
PARIS , Dec. 11. The Figaro pub
lishes an Interview today with M.
Lockroy , former French minister or
marine , In the course of which ho
says :
"Tho British navy is twice as strong
as ours. It is able to oppose simul
taneously the navies of Franco and
the triple alliance. Everywhere French
fleets are stationed they are confront
ed by twice or thrlco their strength.
France must huvo cables. Great Brit
ain's bases of support are all connected
and the British are ready for war to
morrow , If necessary , with every na
tion on the globe. "
Confession of Wonm Olcaro Up Mystery
of Odctua Double Killing ,
blio AflRurtn Unit. 1'runic Dlnsnioro Klllrcl
I.IIIID mid .Mr.i. Dlnsnioro IIo 1'lrnt
1'olNonuil Ills Wife , Then Unrrlcil Jlcr
Ilody to tlio Kllclicit I.HiicSliot Wlillo
Asluun In lied.
KEARNEY , Neb. , Dec. 9. ( Special
to the Omaha Bee. ) The mystery sur-
oundlng the double murder that oc
curred at Odessa , ten miles west of
fcarncy , Monday night , In which the
Ives of Lillian Dlnsmoio and Fred
Lauo were taken , has been cleared up.
Mrs. Lauc , the wife of the murdered
man , made a confession , In which she
charged Frank L. Dlnsmore , husband
of the murdered woman , with commit
ting both crimes. The confession was
made only after several hours' work
with Mrs. Lauo by a brother and an
uncle of the dead man. As soon as
Mrs. Lauo had confessed to them D.
Lauc , the uncle mentioned , at whoso
house they were staying , hitched up
his 1 ; team and brought her to Kearney ,
nnlvlng here at 2 o'clock this morn
ing. I County Attorney Nye was called
upon and met Mrs. Nye and the brother - '
J and uncle of the dead man at the
city hall , where the confession was
taken down In writing and signed by
the witnesses.
Attorney Nye refuses to give out
any of the contents of tao confession ,
and the following wus obtained from
a person who was n witness to the con
fession before coming to Kearney and
also when It was taken down in writ
It seems that for several months
Dlnsnioro has been Infatuated with
Mrs. Lane , and on different occasions
has tried to get her to elope with him ,
which , however , she refused to do. It
also appears from statements made by
her and Mrs. Dlnsmore's brothers thai
Dlnsmoro possessed hypnotic power ,
which power Mrs. Lauo claims to h'avc
bean under for the last six months.
Mrs. Dlnsmore's brothern say that ho
has had their sister under his power
for several years. Dlnsmore Is charged
with laying the plans for the killing
of both persons and Mrs. Lauo says
ho told her what to say at the Inquest.
Dlnsmoro wanted to commit the
crime Thanksgiving night , she says.
but was persuaded to put it off by
Mrs. Laue.
Monday night Mr. and Mrs. Dins-
more had retired at their usual time ,
as also had Mr. Lane. Shortly after
ward Dlnsmore came Into the kitchen
whcro Mrs. Lauo was sitting and told
her that part of the deed was done ,
and that he would have to finish the
job , at once going to Lane's room and
shooting him while ho was still In bed.
Dlnsmore then brought his wife down
stairs and placed her on the floor in
ft out of the kitcnen stove , where she '
lay until she had been examined by
a doctor.
Mrs. Dlnsmore'n death was caused
by poison , probably prusslc acd , as a
receipt for Its taking Is reported to
have been found In a desk by the man
sent to Odessa by the Omaha Elevator
company to take Dlnsmore's place.
The brothers of Mrs. Dlnsmore say
they spent thousands of dollars in
procuring evidence against Dlnsmore
to show tholr sister that ho was unfit
for her to marry , but he possessed the
power to make her love him.
The confession of Mrs. Laue has
caused great sensation and lumors
that an attempt will bo made to lynch
Frank Dlnsmoro are flying thick and
fast. Extra guards are on duty at the
county jail , loaded with repeating
Winchester rifles. Sheriff Funk Is de
termined to protect the prisoner re
gardless of consequences.
Frank Dlnsmore was taken to North
Platte for safekeeping. Ho was ex
tremely nervous and frightened and
wanted the guards to keep close to
the cab In which ho was taken from
the Jail to the train. Ho will bo kept
there until his preliminary trial.
Ktitliimtrx for TlilHViir eU14Slfr 78
aioro Thnii IjiKtVnr. .
WASHINGTON , Dec. 9. An analyti
cal comparison of the estimates for
this year and the appropriations for
last year was ? Issued today by Messrs
Cleaves and Courtcs , the clerks of the
senate and house appropriation com
mittees , respectively. It shows total
estimates thin year of $738,855,248
against $091,000,489 last year. The es-
tlwatcs this year are ? u 1,298,578 more
than the amount actually appropriated
last year. The chief Increases are :
Army , ? 1731,929 ; fortifications , $ C-
819,035 ; navy , $20,145.539 ; postofilce
$5,143,061 ; sundry civil. $21GSG,777 ,
The total estimates for this year ex
ceed the total estimated revenue for
1S91 by $71,081,991 , but counting the
sinking fund this excess is i educed to
Altliott to Surcoud Cook.
KANSAS CITY , Dec. 9. It was an
nounced hero today that Willis J. Ab
bott , well known In newspaper circles
throughout the United States , has been
selected to take charge of the press
bureau of the democratic national com
mittee. Abbott was In Kansas City
today and departed for the cant to
night In the company of Judge J. G.
Johnson , democratic national commlt-
tccman from Kansas.
Southern I'opullMs Meet.
MEMPHIS , Tenn. , Dec. 9. An Im
portant mooting of the southern lead
ers of the people's party was held In
Memphis today and decided that the
executive committee shall bo requested
to call n meeting for February for
the purpose of naming a date for tin
next national convention of that party.
These present were : Frank Burkltt
of Mississippi , Milton Park of Texas ,
A. W. Files and W. S. Morgan of Ar
kansas , Dr. C. W. Crow of Alabama ,
W. L. Peck of Georgia and Joseph
Parktr of Kentucky.
Amount of Output In tlio Kntlro World
Til's Veiir.
WASHINGTON , Doc. 9. The entire
sugar cane output and beets for 1899-
1900 will amount to about 8,000,000
tons , about the same amount as last
year , accoidlng to carefully prepared
statistics submitted to the State de
partment by United States Consul
Dlcdrlch a Magdeburg , Germany. Of
this amount the United States has
about one-fourth. The consul's figures
show that so far as beet sugar Is con
cerned , while the beet crop this year
Is larger than last , perhaps by 250,000
tons , the sugar extracted amounts to
about ! the same , owing to defective
sweetness. The bulk of sugar Is placed
UtOl 5,300,000 tons , against 4,917,000
ons for last year.
The German crop of sugar this year
a set down at 2,700,000 tons , against
L',851,131 tons last year. In Cuba the
yield Is set down at 300,000 tons ,
: igalnst 315,175 tons last year , and In
Porto Rico at 50,000 tons , against 55-
295 tons last year. The Sandwich is
land product Is Increased by from 10-
000 to 25,000 tons and the yield for the
United States Is placed at 370,000 tons ,
as compared with 275,000 tons last
Klcctlou Hoard Finds Kopubllcans Are
Elected on fat'u of Kctimix.
FRANKFORT , Ky. , Dec. 9. The
Statn Board of Elections gave out Its
official findings that W. S. Taylor , for
governor , and the rest of the repub
lican ticket have been elected on the
face of the returns.
Commissioners Ellis and Prior
signed the majority report , in which
they told that as a board of canvas
sers , they have no right to go behind
the returns of the county board , that
their duties arc purely ministerial us
canvassers , that the face of the re
turns as received by them from the
counties show the election of the re
publican state ticket and certificates of
election were ordered issued to each
candidate thereon.
Commissioner Poyntz presents a mi
nority report , which he closes by say
ing :
"I am unwilling to certify to fraud
to turn Kentucky over to the control
of the bayonet , Catling gun and fraud
ulent tltsue ballots. "
Extensive preparations are being
made to Inaugurate Taylor next Tues
Soil Their I'll mi Near llolstclii and Start
for the Capo.
HOLSTEIN , la. , Dec. 9. William
and Daniel Davles have sold their fine
300-acre farm here and will go to South
Africa. Their father , Daniel Davles , is
1C : i large farmer at West Barkley , Cape
Colony , and has sent for them to join
the Boer forpes. Eight weeks ago they
received a letter from him saying all
the farmers In that section were plan
ning an uprising in Boer interests and
asking them to come. They left Im
mediately on the sale of their prop
T.riisliifiT the Union 1'aclllo.
NEW YORK , Dec. 9. The World
soys : Some important conferences be
tween Union Pacific and Chicago &
Northwestern officials have been held
In this city within the past week and
a report Is again In circulation to the
effect that the former system will bo
aborbed by the latter , which the Van-
dcrbllts already control. This will bo
done under a long-term lease , It Is said.
Both President Hughitt and President
Burt of the two lines are now in the
city. They denied yesterday ( Thurs
day ) that their presence here had any
such significance as was indicated by
the report.
3Iny I'ardon.
LEAVENWORTII , Kans. , Dec. 9 A
letter received In this city from Wash
ington quotes United States Senator
Baker of Kansas as saying he thinks
President McKinley will pardon John
P. Reese , the labor leader , under sen
tence at Fort Scott for contempt of
court. Recently a petition , signed by
all the miners in and about this city ,
icquestlng him to secure Reese's par
don , was forwarded to Senator Baker
who writes that ho has presented the
document to the president.
Window C.luss Vljcht.
PITTSBURG , Pa. , Dec. 9. The
Chronicle-Telegraph says this after
noon : "The American Window Glass
company Is reported to have made a
cut of 83 1-3 per cent in the price of
all window glass , effective last Wed
nesday , and to have ordered all fires
lighted In Its factories , the purpose be
ing to resume operations about Janu-
ar > 1. This move Is considered a dec
laration of war on the independent
manufactures. "
Kn Man Sulcldca.
LOS ANGELEfa , Gal. , Dec. 9 E. R.
IIowo of Chicago , died today at the
county hospital , from Folf-lnfllcted
gunshot wounds. He shot himself with
suicidal Intent at Santa Ana on No
vember 15 , and had hovered between
life and death ever since. Ills fam
ily from whom ho Is estranged , live
In Chicago.
Mr. llrjan In Toxax.
AUSTW , Tex. , Dec. 9. When W. J.
Bryan returns to Austin from his duck
hunt ho will be tendered one of the
handsomest residences In iho city for
the use of his family as long as they
desire to remain In the city. County
Judge E. S. Walker , a warm admirer
of Bryan , is the donor.
War Italnrs I'rlco of Hemp ,
PHILADELPHIA , bee. 9. William
Fitler , president of the Edwin II. Flt-
lor Cordage works of this city , does
not agree with the manufacturers of
binding twine , cordage and rope , who
are said to have been urging the Unit
ed States government to keep the Phil
ippine ports closed , representing that
there Is no scarcity of hemp in this
Mr. Fitler , in an interview , asserted
that nearly all the manufactures of
twine , rope nnd cordage were desir-
lotis of securing hemp from Manila.
Louie Ostcrtag , an Atchlson boy
who served on the Olympla , says Urn
Kansas City Journal , says It Is all a
Ho about Dewcy's ships drawing off
from the fight while the men nte n
hearty breakfast. He says the ships
drew off all right , but the men were
too excited and too exultant to eat a
mouthful. And sure enough Loule'a
account sounds human-like and natu
Prunes afford the highest nerve or
brain food , supply heat nnd waste ,
but arc not muscle feeding. They
should be avoided by these who suf
fer from the liver.
Your clothes will not crack If you
use Magnetic Starch.
The man who Is an architect of his
own character often puts a _ job no
other man would take off his hands.
A ISnrcalii In Gullam.
All music lovers will bo Interested In
the "ad" of John M. Smyth Co. shown
In another part of this paper , In which
they offer an elegant guitar for $2.C5.
The firm Is thoroughly reliable. Get
tholr catalogue of everything to cat ,
wear and use.
Truth Is as Impossible to be soiled
bj any outward touch as the sun
beam. Milton.
Try Magnetic Starch It will last V
longer than any other. r
There snould be no objection to a
lady lifting her skirts a little over two
feet on a rainy day.
Tells How He Escaped the
Terrors of Many Winters
by Using Peruna.
Mr. Isaac Brook , the Oldest Man In the
United States.
Mr. Isaac Brook , of McLcnnau county ,
Tex. , hns iittninod the great ngo of 111
years , luivlnc been born in 17S8. IIo is tin.
nrdoiit friend to 1'cruua nud speaks of it iu
tlio following terms :
"During my IOUR Hfo I liavo known n
great many lomoJics for coughs , colds ,
catarrh ana diarrlioua. I iad always sup
posed these affections to bo dill'crout dis
eases , but I liavo learned from lr. ) Hart-
innu's books that tlioso affections are the
sumo and nro properly called catarrh.
"As for Dr. ilartiimn's remedy , Porunn ,
I hnvo found it to bo the best , if not the A A
only reliable for thsso uffotions.
han been tn\i \
for inanjjcarn , and Ititti'thntc my
flood Jtenltlt and my extreme aye to
thin rentedIt exactly meets all.
mirequirements. .
"Iliavocomo to rely upon it almost en
tirely for tlio many little tilings for which
I need ino'.iicino. I believe It to bo cspo-
cially valuable to old people. "
Isaac Brock.
Catarrh is the greatest enemy of old ago.
A person entirely f rco from ( -atarrh is sure
to live to a halo and hearty old ago. A f roe
book on catarrh sent by 'ivho Parana MoJl-
ciuo Co. , Columbus , O.
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irAKCs cuLtn's Akscurri cf. 1W
'ST.rF ' . .01'CE 3 WHEN K.ll 1fa
jfiasTjauriiT HZ > / . „ nn fa
of the AG ,
No Boiling
No Cooking
It Stiffens the Goods Lea
It Whitens the Goods the
Bt Polishes the Goods tnrc
It makes all had
garments fresh iud
crisp as when first bought new. ns i
You'll like It If you try It. the
You'll buj it If you try It. Gem
You'll use It If you try It. the
Try It. the
Sold by nil
Grocers , area
of nnesofcliolco agri
cultural LANDS now iiflu
opened for settlement tors ]
In Western C'unndi. 4 % t <
Here li , ' .
( 'rown tl.o cel
ebrated NO 1 IIAHD to th
WIIKAT which brings the highest pfico inthu Mirfn <
niiirkcUot the world thousunds of cattle nro
fattened for market witbout l)2ln ? fed M'.dn , t
nnd without n day's shelter. Send for informa IT sal <
tion nnd srcuiu n frco homo In Wcstcin C.inadn. linnda
Write the Suporlntei'dcnt of linmlur.itloi , Ot
tawa ormldretiS the undcisigned , who will mall
jou nilases , p.tmnliltitb , etc. , free of cost.V V.
Bennett , bOl N. Y. Ufo Uuildtng , Omuhi , Neb.
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erved I
DISCOVERY ; elves uoxt nl
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IBM . . 1)11. II. H. Wat.V8bU.NS , Dos K , Allt.U , U.