Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, November 30, 1899, Image 6

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D. WL AMSnEnnT.VublliliBr.
. .i
Balling order for ndmlral Schlcy are
lclngproparcd. ;
Admiral Dcwoy Tins accepted an Invi
tation to visit Chicago next May.
The president Issued a proclamation
extending the benefit of the copyright
act to the Netherlands.
The congress of Brazil has adjourned
Blno die. The general elections arc to
be held December 31 next.
The Marquis of Salisbury Is Buffering
from an attack of Influenza and Is un
able to attend to public business.
\VHHam Bell was arrested at St.
Louis on a cl'mrgc of smuggling phot
ographic lenses Into the United States.
Governor General Brooke has named
Senor Zancttl , of Havana , as Cuba's
representative at the Paris exposition
In 1900.
Mrs. Jennie L. Atkln answered n
nummons to the front door of her res
idence at Minneapolis , Minn. , and was
fatally shot by an unknown man.
Ex-Senator George P. Edmunds , of
Vermont , Is suffering from an attack
of bronchitis at Macon , Ga. , but his
condition Is not rcgarcd as serious.
The Santo Domingo minister of Jus
tice has stopped the sale of the late
President Houreaux's real estate on
the ground that It belongs to the gov
The question of a reunion of the
Women's Christian Temperance union
IB held In abeyance pending the arrival
of a letter from Mrs. L. M. N. Stevens
of Chicago.
More than 400 machinists and help
ers employed In the locomotive works
of the New York Central road at De-
pew , N. Y. , quit borauso some union
men were discharged.
Chauncoy M. Dcpew denies the ru
mor that the Vandcrbllts were negoti
ating for the purchasing of the Buffalo ,
Rochester & Plttsburg road. Ho says
no negotiations are pending.
Chicago brewers are taking the Init
iative In a vigorous protest to congress
against the tax of $2 a barrel on beer ,
nnd claim they have the support ol
every brewer In the country.
According to Dr. J. P. Lee , an as
tronomer prominent In the service of
tbo government , the meteoric display
which did not materialize was an
nounced ono year ahead of time.
A. P. Niece , C6 years old , was found
guilty of bigamy In the Logan county ,
Oklahoma , district court , under the
laws that says a divorce Is not absolute
until six months after this decree is
granted , .
Major William J. Volkmar , assistant
adjutant general , has applied for re
tirement , thereby creating one of the
most desirable vacancies that has oc
curred In the staff of the army for a
long time.
George W. Cook , Theodore Duffy
and Owen Dilnn of Montana have been
appointed by the Interior department
as appraisers of part of the Fort Ma-
glnnls , an abandoned military reserva
tion In Montana.
The famous Warwick farm of 515
acres in Warwick township , Chester
county , Pennsylvania , has been sold for
$12,000. On this property many of the
cannon used by the patriot army In the
revolution , were cast.
Application was made In the federal
court at Omaha , by an attorney ot
ninety-five former employes who failed
to get the money duo for wages , to de
clare the Greater America exposition
corporation bankrupt.
Shortly after the first of the year
the navy department will send a war
vessel to Havana to bring the remains
of the 1GG sailors of the Maine to this
country. They arc now Interred in
Colon cemetery of Havana.
An epidemic of typhoid fever has
broken out in the state normal and
Industrial college at Greensboro , N.
C. The institution has been closed
and more than eighty young ladles
arc ill , two having died from the dis
ease.ExMayor Stokley estimates that the
city of Philadelphia will need to ex
pend $2,000,000 more to complete its
blp marble city hall , and there will
be nothing loft of this sum to provide
the furniture required in the added
Two men , Dan Harklns and Robert
Dlllmiiu , hold up and robbed the store
of the American Development and
Mining company at Glbbonsvllle , Ida
ho , Monday , and are supposed to have
secured a handsome sum of money and
some gold dust.
Grand Sire Alfred S. Plnkorton
claimed at the banquet of the Veter
an Odd Fellows' association In Boston
that there are 1,000,000 Odd Fellows
on this continent , and that 20 per cent
of the army in the Philippines are
members of that order.
Lieutenant Brumby , who was Dew-
ey's flag officer after the latter was
mudo an admiral , is a second cousin
of former Vice President Adlal 13
Stevenson. His father was a West
Point graduate and distinguished him
self In the Samlnolo war.
The cardboard manufacturers of the
United States , who were In conference
In Bualo , N. Y. , recently , decided upon
an advance of 10 per cent In the price
of all kinds of cardboard. This change
IP price goes into effect Immediately
R. E. Evans , of Munclo , Iml. , who pre
sided at the conference , stated the ad
vance had become necessary because
of the increase of the price of pulp am
every other article used In the manufacture
facturo of the cardboard. The card
board business in thla country , Mr
ISvans says , represents $10,000,000.
Harry Forbes has signed articles to
fight' Terry McGovern at New Yorl
December 9 or 15 , for a purse of $3,000
The commissioner of Internal revenue
nue haa decldqd tlmt every bank , except
cept a savings bank , is required to pay
a special tax , even though no capita
Ja employed in Us business.
Otto Blumer , ono of the seven sur
vlvors of the Grccly expedition to th
Arctic regions , died at his homo In
San Antonio , Texas.
The coal shortage at Duluth is so
stringent that It Is likely that the
novel eight wJH he wjlnesse < ) this win
'ter of coal hauled to that port , early
Tylliea.lrall route. 4 -
.Boported Unconditional Surrender of L'n-
tire Province of Eamboanga ,
Host EncourAglng Now * Yet Hcrolvod
From the riilllipliia | Insurrection
Capitulation Made to Commander Very
Americans Are Aided Bomtnvliut by
Ada of 1'rii'tidly NutUcs.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 27. Secretary
of the Navy Long today received n
ablegram from Admiral Watson In-
ormlng him that the entire province
f Zamboanga , Island of Mindanao , hid
urrcndcrcd unconditionally to Com-
namler Very of the Castlne. The sur-
cnder was mndo on the 18th lust. Ad-
nlral Watson's dispatch follows :
CAVITE , Nov. 2(3 ( , 1899. Secretary
of the Navy , Washington : November
8 entire province of Zamboanga sur-
cndercd to Very unconditionally. De-
Ivercd all guns promised. Numerous
ocal chiefs declared loyalty.
The Information contained In Ad
miral Watson's dispatch was received
) > the president and his advisers with
uiconccaled satisfaction. The surren-
icr of the province of Zamboanga Is
regarded as the beginning of the end
of the revolution in the island of Min
danao nnd It Is believed It will bo n
i.nrd blow to those who are still en-
leavorlng to maintain the Insurrection
n the Island of Luzon.
On the 21st Inst. Admiral Watson
cabled the navy department that Com-
nandcr Very had captured the city of
Zamboanga on the ICtli. He was aided
) > the friendly natives and Mores and
was holding the town pending the ar
rival of reinforcements from Jolo. On
.ho same day General Otis lnformo.1
the war department that he had or-
lercd two c.ompanles of Infantry to be
cnt to Zamboanga from Jolo.
Zamboanga Is the principal province
of the Island of Mlndaona , which id
he second largest of the Philippine isl
ands. Advices from Admiral Wataon
ndlcatc that the entire southern half
of the Island , which comprises the
> rovlnce of Zamboanga , has yielded to
ho American forces and acceded to the
authority of the United States.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 27. The war
lepartmcnt lias not l 2en advised of
ho surrender of the province , as ro-
lorted in Admiral Watson's dispatch ,
secretary Root saying tonight ho had
no news today from General Otis. Both
Secretaries Root and Long are elated
over the information sent by the ad
miral and express the belief that the
end of the insurrection In tbo Philip
pine islands is now near at hand.
Gront Crowd Gathers , About House nnd
NEW YORK , Nov. 27. There was a
big crowd of visitors to Paterson , N. J. ,
yesterday. The street In front of Car
roll Hall , the Hobart homo , was crowd
ed all day. The greatest however , gath
ered at Cedar Lawn cemetery. There
a special detail of police had to be
ualntalned to keep the crowds from
trampling about the graves , and the
crowds about the receiving vaults. It
s not likely Vice President Hobart's
jody will bo placed In the ground. It
a the intention of the family to erect
x tomb upon the plot of land whore
Miss Fannie Hobart lies , and besldo
whoso body , It Is generally supposed
the body of Mr. Hobart would bo
[ ilaccd. The work will probably bo
commenced before long , so It Is doubt
ful It the body of the vlco president
will be removed from Us present rest
ing place until the tomb of the family
Is erected.
Company With 810,000,000
Citpltitl Working In the West.
BILLINGS , Mont. , Nov. 27. Ropra-
ccntatlves of the American-English
syndicate have been in this state all
summer and fall traveling all over the
large sheep raising sections , securing
options on the host sheep ranchccs and
best watered lands for the purpose ot
consolidating them Into ono largo
company. Already options on nearly
500,000 head of sheep and 500,000 acres
of the finest and most fertile sheep
raising land in the state have been ob
tained. The representatives of the
syndicate In Montana are Colonel E.
C. Waters mid Edward J. Morrison ct
Billings , both old experienced and suc
cessful Montana sheep men. Beit
Rolas of New York Is counsel and or
ganizer of the company , which will bo
known as the Consolidated Montana
Sheep and Lamb company , with a cap
ital of § 10,000,000.
Kafllr Urines News of Movement of Largo
llovr Forces.
DURBAN , Nov. 27. Advices from
Mool river say that a Kaffir , brought
In yesterday , who was impressed at
Johannesburg and allotted to General
Joubert as a servant , asserts that Gen
eral Joubert and four sons , with a
commando , are coming south. The
Kafilr estimates the Boer strength at
from 2,000 to 4,000 men. According to
his story the British smashed ono or
two of the enemy's big guns at Lad > -
umlth. There was a heavy thunder
utorm at Mool river. All Is quiet there
r.nd two naval guns have arrived.
To I'rosocuto Cattlemen.
SOUTH M'ALESTER , I. T. , Nov. 27.
Prosecuting Attorney Soper 1ms ro-
relvcd peremptory Instructions from
Washington to begin at the earliest
possible date action against cattlemen
for bringing herds into the Creek
country. These cases have been
hanging fire tor some tlmo , nnd the
department has at last given orders
for Immediate action. There Is every
reason to believe that the suits wll
bo handled cxpcdltlouslly , and not al-
lownd to bo pigeonholed , as has been
the case heretofore. The Ipgal contest
will bo ono 'of the most Interesting li
the annalb ot the Indian Territory.
Hluntlon In Ciipo Colony Huld to Ho Crit
ical In the Kxtreme.
LONDON , Nov. 27. ( Now York
World Cablegram ) Capo mall brings
tnccnsorcd letters from Churchill from
Capetown November 1 , in which ho
says :
"The situation In Cape Colony has
iccomo much graver. It Is possible
hat had the war broken out three
nonths ago the loyalty of the Dutch
vould have been demonstrated for all
line. War after three months' hesl-
atlon proved too icvero a teat and Is
s no exaggeration to say that a con-
ildorahlo portion of Capecolony .trern-
ilen on the verge of rebellion. Dutch
armors talk loudly and confidently of
our victories , meaning those of Boers ,
and racial feeling runs high. "
Knight , World correspondent , wrlt-
ng from DeAar Junction , November C ,
complains bitterly of censorship , and
leclaros that the British had 10,000
lorseH , miles of transport wagons , with
15,000,000 worth of stores , at DeAar
Junction and left them there without
any military protection , says :
"It Is wonderful , Indeed , " he goes
on , "that the Boers did not attempt to
seize these valuable prizes a week ago
when the camp was practically unde
fended. Our position Is far from se
cure even now. "
LONDON , Nov. 27. Special dls-
mchcs from Pletermarlt/.burg nn-
lounco the arrival of General Bullcr
here. Ho met with a splendid rccep-
fon. Railway communication between
Estcourt and Mool river has been re
stored by Lord Dundonald'o forces and
.he Mool river column entered Est
court yesterday ( Sunday ) , the Ent-
court column Immediately starting the
advance toward Colengo.
'ittlcnt Passes n Itcfttlcss Night nnd Con
dition Improved.
NEBRASKA QJTY , Neb. , Nov. 27.
Senator Hayward had another bad
light , and when morning dawned
its condition was not so good as on
ho previous evening. This had been
he course that his case has taken dur-
ng the last few days and Is regarded
as anything but a favorable symptom ,
n fact , Dr. Whltten was considerably
discouraged at the condition of his pa
tient this morning. The senator iq
gradually growing weaker , his pulse la
icccloratcd'and It is thought by those
best acquainted with the case that he
cannot survive a great while longer.
While Mr. Hayward's condition is
verse in the morning , yet during the
day the symptoms show a somewhat
better condition , but this cannot bo re
garded as anything permanent. At 3
o'clock this morning Dr. Whltteu is
sued the following bulletin :
"Senator Hayward passed a restless
night. At this hour his temperature Is
9Q 5-8 ; pulse , 90 ; respiration , 20 , and
ntermlttont. His mental condition re
mains the same. Paralysis unchanged.
Acceleration of pulse and temperature-
considered unfavorable. "
At 7 p. m. the following bulletin was
ssued by Dr. Whitten :
"Senator Hayward passed a compar
atively comfortable day. He took food
and rested and slept some. Tempcra-
.uro at 7 p. m. , 99.5 ; pulse , 80 ; resplra-
lon , 23. Paralysis nnd mental condi
tion remain the same. "
England's Formal Declaration ofVnr
Gives Towers n Wedge.
ST. PETERSBURG , Nov. 27. The
[ lusslan newspapers announce that the
British charge d'nffalrs has Informed
; ho Russian government that Great
Britain has been In a state of war with
the Dutch republics in South Africa
since August 12.
Tne Svct. commenting upon this
says : "England , in giving this notifi
cation , withdraws her declaration that
she is not carrying on war , but Is
merely subjugating rebels. "
The Navoo Vrcmya , which attributes
tar-reaching Importance to the British
notllkatlon , says : "Tho powers are
now In a position to send not only Red
Cross agents , but military agents as
well , and they may Judge this a fitting
tlmo to Intervene , especially as the
Afrikanders are going more and more
to the Boer side. "
Czar Ilnys American Horses.
CHICAGO , Nov. 27. Baron P.vil
yietlnghoff , a representative of the
Russian government , is In Chicago
buying horses for the czar's army.
Baron Vlctlnghoff says that already
1,000 American horses , purchased prin
cipally In Kentucky and Virginia , have
been shipped to the czar's dominions
and 1,000 more are to follow them as
soon as the baron makes the selec
"Not only am I buying for the ar
my , " ho said , "but for brooding pur
poses an well. The animals shipped
lor military use go merely as an exper
iment. They will bo divided into lots
of four and six In different garrisons
and given a trial. "
Uold Last Council of War.
MANILA. Nov. 27. The last Fili
pine council of war was held by the
retreating leaders at Bayambong on
November 13 In the house now occu
pied by General MacArthur. It was
attended by Agulnaldo , Plo del Pllar ,
Garcia , Alejandrino and eomo mem
bers of the so-called cabinet. Information
mation has reached General MacAr
thur from several sources to the effect
that the council recognized the futility
of attempting any further resistance
to the Americans with united forces
nnd agreed that the Filipino troops
should scatter nnd should hereafter
to _ w guerilla methods.
What to Do With Agulnuldo.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 27. Consider
able Interest Is being taken In social
circles hero as to the disposition of
Agulnaldo In case of capture. It is
frankly admitted that the best solution
would bo his death in action , but this
Is not expected. Should ho ba cap-
utred , General Otis will undoubtedly
await instructions from Washington
as to the treatment ho shouM accord
htm. Should Agulnaldo escape to
Hong Kong , the United States could
not , as a matter of right , ask for his
surrender and the president would
therefore doubtless determine to leave
the Insurgent leader alone.
President of AguinaluVs Congress Sur
renders to MoArthur at Tarlao ,
insurgent Congress nnd Cabinet tire
Scattered , Never to llciisicinblo Filipino
pine Soldiers Will goon Lny Down
Tlielr Arms Latent Information 1'roiu
the Vront.
MANILA , Nov. 25. Senor Buenca-
mlno , a former member of the socalled
cabinet of Agulnaldo , has been brought
to General Otis a prisoner on board
the transport Brutus. Ho had sou'glrt
refuge In a village near San Fabian ,
with Agulnaldo's mother and son. The
natives disclosed his Identity to Major
Cronln , who captured him.
General Young Is still In the moun
tains on the trail of Agulnaldo.
Bautlsta , president of the Filipino
: ongress , presented himself to General
MacArthur at Tarlac today and formal
ly renounced all further connection
with the Insurrection.
He was ono of the Influential Filipi
nos who hesitated at the beginning of
the war as to which side on which to
cast his lot. He was offered a Judgo-
ohlp of the supreme court , but declined.
He now announces that he desires
o accept the position and says the
Filipino congress and cabinet are scat
tered , never to reassemble.
Some of the members , ho adds , have
icturncd to their homes , while others
nre flying for safety. Many of the
congressmen have resigned and he be-
leves the Filipino soldiers will lay
down their arms everywhere as soon
is they learn the truth.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 25. General
Otis summarizes the situation In Luzon
zen in n dispatch to the war depart
ment today in which ho says that the
nsurgent government can no longer
claim to exist , its troop's and officers
ore scattered and Aguinaldo in hiding.
The dispatch follows :
"MANILA , Nov. 24. Claim to gov
ernment by insurgents can be rnada
no longer under any friction ; Its treas
urer , secretary of the interior and pres-
dent of congress in our hands ; its pres-
dent and remaining cabinet officers
in hiding evidently in different parts
of central Luzon provinces ; its gen
erals and troops in small bands scat
tered through these provinces acting
as banditti or dispersed , playing the
role of 'amigos' with arms concealed.
Indications are that Aguinaldo did not
escape through the lines of Lawton
or Wheaton , but fled westward from
Bayainbong railway station. Tele-
; iaphlc communication to Dagupan es
tablished , probably to San Fabian to
day ; by relaying nine miles of track
with material at hand railway commu
nication to that point re-established ;
labor of troops must attend mainten
ance. "
Twelve Thousand Enter Carroll Hill to
View Face of the Dend.
NEW YORK , Nov. 25. In Carroll
ball yesterday afternoon the remains
of Vice President Hobart lay in state
and the public had an opportunity to
view them. Fully 5,000 persons were
in the streets. Lines were fo-uort by
a squad of police , but the force was
entirely too small to maintain any
semblance of order. Women were
ntsoiy In the n. ' orky. They in
cluded all classes and all had the same
opportunity to take a laet look at the
face of the dead.
The first person to see the remains
after they had been removed from the
room where Vlco President Hobart
died nas Attorney General Grigs" . H'i
shook his head as he noticed the
change in the face of the dead , and as
lie stepped aside from the room , very
much affected , said :
"He has suffered much ; more than
anyone will know. "
Women fainted on the porch , and at
one tlmo half a dozen lay Insensible
on the lawn , but were revived. At the
coffin there was a fainting scene. A
woman about 20 years old , after gazing
In the face of the dead vice president ,
stood as though transfixed. Then she
screamed and fell forward into the
arms of a policeman. She was placed
in a chair and revived. It was estimat
ed that fully 12,000 persons saw the
remains In the four hours they were
exposed to view. Thousands more
would have seen them if the time had
liaised Spanish Gunboats to Ito Added to
Watson's Fleet.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 25. Admiral
Watson's fleet In Philippine waters Is
about to bo augmented by the three
gunboats. Isle de Luzon , Isle de Cuba
and Don Juan do Austria. , captured
from Spain at the battle of ManlU bay.
Commanding officers heretofore have
bctn assigned to the vessels and Ad
mit al Watson has been authorized to
complete the list of officers from those
with the Asiatic squadron. The new
acquisitions are about the sizu of the
gunboat Marietta and they will arrive
about the tlmo of the Brooklyn , New
Orleans , Nashville and Marietta , mak
ing in all quite a large Increase lu the
Asiatic squadron.
Wireless Telegraphy Urnulng Nearer.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 25. The War
department is quietly at work on the
problem of wireless telegraphy for the
signal service. The signal corps has
been handicapped recently , both by
lack of funds and officers , to experi
ment on an extensive scale , but Cap
tain Relber , at Governor's Island , New
York , Is carry on a series of experi
ments between that point nnd Tomp-
klnsvllle , with a view to adapting the
army apparatus for communication be
tween fortified points and in any other
locality where the wireless system
might prove superior-to the older form
of telegraphy. M.
Low Wutor Principally to Illntno for tli
Or cut Scarcity.
CHICAGO , Nov. 25. Famine threat
ens the paper trade and butchers and
bakers are meditating the offering of
a rebate for the return of the- yellow
and brown wrappings In which their
wares are delivered to their customers.
Low water In the streams which sup
ply the paper mills , is , according to Ed
gar A. Hall of the Hanchctt Pnpm
company , 11 and 13 LaSalle street , the
cause of the scarcity , which is o cu
more alarming in New England and
the middle Atlantis states than it is
in the west. All grades and qualities
of papers , from the most delicate tis > -
sue in which millinery confections aio
sent homo to their purchasers to tnc
rough brown fiber sheets In which cor
ner grocers wrap salt mackerel , have
advanced in price , 30 or 40 per cent
within the last thirty days , and dealers
and Jobbers light for the chance to buy
even at advanced rates.
The smaller jobbers In paper are be
ginning to dread being forced out of
business because of their Inability to
furnish the supplies their customers
require. The demand for paper , ac
cording to Mr. Hall , is unusually 1 irgo
this autumn , and the drought has re
duced many of the great mills to six
and eight hours' work dally , although
their contracts and the Jobs in sight
would test their capacity even though
they were running twenty-four hours
a day.
The Wisconsin mills , among whicli
the factories at Manasha , Appleton and
Marlnettc are the most Important m
the west , refuse to accept orders for de
livery before January 1,1900 , and some
decline to entertain contracts calling
for deliveries within four months. To
the drought difllculty some of the Wis
consin mills have added the scarcity
of timber for their pulp mills.
The famine is likely to affect some
of the smaller newspapers , which de
pend for their supply of sheets on the
Jobbers. The New York , Boston and
St. Louis wholesalers quote prices on
hundred-ream lots very nluctanlly ,
nnd across the face ot their letters is
stamped the warning , "All prices and
quotations are made subject to change
without notice. " Carload lots , even In
the coarser fibers and manilas , are not
to be had at any price , and Chicago
dealers who-mado contracts with local
packers and department stores for Oc
tober deliveries early In August are
still furnishing their patrons with
dally supplies in wagon loads.
Strlckon Senator's Condition Shows No
Chance for the Hotter.
NEBRASKA CITY , Neb. , Nov. 25.
Dr. Whltten has just returned from the
bedside of Senator Hayward and has
given out the following bulletin :
"Senator Hayward has passed a very
icstless day. His temperature tonight
is 99 , pulse 78 and regular , respiration
26 , Irregular and intermittent. His
right leg and arm are completely par
alyzed and his speech more labored and
unintelligible than it has been for sev
eral days past. Otherwise his general
condition Is as It has been for the last
forty-eight hours. "
Senator Hayward's present illness
dates back to November 9. At 5:30 :
p. m. on that day he left his office
for home and had only reached the
middle of the street when he staggered
and fell. He arose and walked to his
residence , five blocks away , but upon
arriving there Immediately took to his
bed , where he has since remained.
After three or four days he rallied to
such an extent that the physicians
gave out encouraging reports of his
probable complete recovery , but for the
last week he hixs barely held nls own.
The condition of the paralyzed mem
bers is more serious tonight than it has
been any time previous.
IJoers Dr nw I MS Nearer nml Garrison
Vructlcully Under Ground.
MAQALAPIE , Cape Colony , Sunday ,
Nov. 19. A dispatch received here
from Mafeking , dated Wednesday , No
vember 15 , says :
"Tho garrison is cheerful , but the
position is dally growing more difficult.
The Boers are always drawing their
entrenchments closer and are inces
santly plying the British with artillery
and musketry fire. The garrison is
living almost entirely In underground
shelters and the health of the troops
Is suffering. "
Those That IIuvo Ilccii Filed tp Data
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Nov. 23.
Claims have been filed up to date on
account of damages sustained by
American citizens by the Spanish war
to the amount of $25,000,000 , and Lho
president Is expected to submit a rec
ommendation in his message to con
gress , looking to the appointment of a
commission to adjudicate these claims
and make provision for the payment
of such as are found to be legitimate.
This action will be taken under aiti-
clo 7 of the treaty of peace.
President Will Advise Ills Itetlrement ns
n Major Gsnoral.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 25. The pres
ident will BSK the Incoming congress
to pass an act retiring General Shatter ,
with the ranK of major general In the
icgular army. He has already been
letlred with the rank of brigadier
This purpose of the president Is the
explanation of the retention of Gen
eral Shatter , it being felt that his
chances would be brightened by his
retention in the active army until
congress has had oportunity to act.
Union Men Uie Dynamite.
LITTLE ROCK , Ark. , Nov. 25. A
special to the Gazette from Fort Smith ,
Ark. , frays :
Several houses at which non-union
coal miners are boarding we . 'a blown
up with dynamite at Huntluftton last
r.lgfct. Ten deputy United States mar
shals wej j sent there from .Jenny hind
Several Military I'URCB.
John H. Page , Jr. , who was recently
commissioned ns a second lieutenant
in the Third Infantry , Is the third of
the name to servo hi the array of the
United States. His father , John H.
Page , Is colonel of the Third Infantry ,
his grandfather , John II. Page , was
killed at the oattlo of Palo Alto during
the Mexican war.
According to the latest report of II.
Clay Evans , commissioner of pens'onB ,
there Is only one survivor of the war
of 1812 Hiram Gronk , of nortkwwcst-
crn New York. He Is 99 years of age.
' "Do It and
Stick to It"
If you Are sick and discouraged with im
pure blood , catarrh or rheumatism , take
Hood's Sarsaparilla faithfully and persis
tently , and you nuill soon have a cure.
This medicine has cured thousands of
others and it 'will do the same for yout
Faithfully taken ,
Every tlmo n girl gets onto a new
wrinkle In hair dressing she has her
picture taken. L
Now Inventions.
Amongst the prominent firms vno
bought patents the past week were the
following :
Deenng Harvester vjo.t
Chicago , 111.
Waring Hat Manufactur
ing Co. , Yonkers , N. Y.
Drake Acetylene Gas
Generator Co. , Corning , N.
Howard Thermostat Co. ,
Oswego , N. Y.
Glllettc-Hcrzog Manufacturing Co. ,
Minneapolis , Minn.
Western Electric Co. , Chicago , 111.
American Bell Telephone Co. , Beaten -
ton , Mass.
S. S. White Dental Manufacturing
Co. , Philadelphia , Pa.
Davidson Lock Co. , Nashville , Tem.
Percival Furniture Co. , Barton , VI.
Messrs. Sues & Co. , Patent Lawyers ,
of Omaha , have Just issued a book
showing the importance of getting
claims as broad as the state of the .u t.
A great many Inventors lose their In
ventions because their patents are not
made broad enough. This book , which
Is Illustrated , will bo sent free to any
one sending their address to Sues &
Co. , Patent Lawyers , Bee Bldg. , Oma
ha , Neb.
The stock raiser sometimes finds It
difficult to make both ends meet , but
the check raiser Is nearly always sure
of his board and lodging.
The ad. of T. M. Roberts' Supply
House In another part of this paper
should be of Interest to everyone. The *
firm Is reliable. Get their complete ,
catalogue of everything you need be
fore making purchases.
To speak what you think often
would to speak like a fool.
"lam so grateful to you for what
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has done for me that I feel as
though 1 must
tell about it. A
year ago I was
Would Si3FG taken very sick.
ly Try Mrs. Doctorscould do
Psnhham's me no good only
to deaden the
Medioine if pain which I
They Only had almost con
stantly. I got
Knew , Says
some of
Mrs * Keng Compound and
' took one bottle
and received benefit from it at once.
I have taken it ever since and now
have no backache , no pain in my
_ Bide and ray stomach and bowels are
perfectly well. I can honestly say that
there Js nothing- like it. If I could only
tell every woman how much good your
medicine has done me , they would
surely try it. " MABTUAM.KINQ , NOBTH
ArrLEiiono , MA'SS.
The way women trifle with health
shows a degree of indifference that is
pastundcrstanding. Happiness nnd use
fulness depend on physical health ; so
does a good disposition. Disease makes
women nervous , irritable and snap
pish. The very effort of ailing women
to bo good-natured makes them ner
vous. Write to Mrs. Pinkham , she will
help you to health and happiness.
Itcostsnothing togetMrs. Pinklmm'a
advice. Her address is Lynn , Mass.
THE Ploasantest , most powerful , effective
1 and novorfalllngREMEDY for
" * * * *
If nil knew what thousands
know of the cfllcacy pf " 6
as a Curative as
well as a Preventive of any Ache or
Pain known to the human body , there
would not bo a family in all America
without a bottle of " 5 DROi'Sl" Send
lor trial bottle , 25e , or larpe bottle , con-
taininp 300 doses , 81.00. 0 bottles for 85.
100-104 E. I.uJio St. , Chicago , 111.
Send your name and address on a {
| postal , and we will send you our i56- <
| page Illustrated catalogue free.
174 Wlncheiter Avenue , Hew Haven , Conn. ' |
deep color
and docs not strain the oyei.