Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, November 23, 1899, Image 4

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I'ubllehcd otory Thursday nt tlieConnty Sofct.
I > . M , AMBKKUUV , I'dltor
fc9fUco In Castor Block , Fourth Axe.-t *
Entered nt the poitomco at Ilrokcn Bow , Neb. ,
as ( cconil-clasi matter for trntmlielon through
tboU. B.Malla. _
One Year , In ndvnnco 8' ' " 0
THURSDAY , NOV 23 , 1809.
The recent experience of MoLoan
and Gooblo will scarcely justify
candidates in 1000 in calling upon
Mr. Bryan to help thim out with
The "militarism" bugaboo of the
little Amorioan'party was'knocked .
out in one round by ex-Senator
Manderaon the other day , who
showed that a United States regular
army of 05,000 men to day is pro
portionally smaller than an army of
UO.OOO/vaa in 1840 , or 25,000 in
The prosperous workingmen of
the country evidently remembered
on the last election day the failure
of an experiment in charge ol ad *
minalration made in 1802 , and this
accounts for the unexpectedly large
liepublcan vo'.o in the great manu
facturing sections where Protection
has brought prosperity to every line
of industrial enterprise.
The puoplo who wore charging
the ndministration with a terrible
loss of life during the recent war
are Baying nothing moru on that
Hubjpot now thati theVj have an
opportunity to compare our IOBHOB
with thoaa of Great Britain in her
campaign in progress now in South
Africa , \\horo the English losses in
action in a month have been greater
than these of our entire army in all
the war with spain.
The announcement that more
than onohalf of the gold produced
in the world in the last four bund
rod yoard Las been mined in the
last forty ycais is proving ctn-
barraasing to llio people who wore
brushing the dust oil their cam
paign apoochoa of 1800 , in which
they nsacrtod that gold was appre
ciating because its production did
not keep peace with the demands
of the world for a circulation
medium. ]
Hero is a chance for Mr. Bryan.
The Tagal oigan in the Philipinca ,
the Indopondonoia , declares that
"Rizal , Bryan , and Aginaldo are the
glorious trinity of our political re.
domption" . If Mr. Bryan and hie
associates ID the United States are
Buffiointly helpful to enable Aguinal
-do to establish independence in the
Phillipines , Mr. Bryan might trans
fer hia Presidential aspirations to
that spot , where ho appears , accord
ing to the Indeponoia , to bo extreme
ly popular.
The world's record for the pro-
duotion or steel rails by one plant
in twenty four hours was beaten by
the South Chicago mills on October
25th , when they turned out 2,000
tons ; The product of this plant
for Ojtobor was 00,000 tons , and
for the year will bo 025,000 , Wo
may add by way of constructive
moral that but for a Republican
Protective Tariff the plant roffered
to would not in all probablity now
bo in existence , but the stool rail
making , as of yore , would have its
domicile in England. Oswego
" ( N. Y"Times. . "
A report from the land of the
Dakotas says the natives predict a
mild , open winter , aa is certainly
forecasted by the weathor-log up to
the present tituo. The Indians baae
thgir predictions , it is said , upon
the fact that the leaves upon the
trees dried before they fell , the
ranohmon base thrir prediction up
on the fact that corn husks are
thin this year , while the cattlemen
predict a mild winter because their
animals have put on but a light
coat of hair , whereas last fall their
hair grow unusually long. Every
body will hope these signs may
prove .true , for the coal merchants
insist upon advancing prices.
The Nebraska Press Association
will hold Us next meeting in
Lincoln Jan. SJ3 , 1000-
Col. , Welt Moiso has decreed that
Lee llcrdman shall bo olork of the
supreme court. What Moiso pays
must go with the present state ollU
The Wichita Eagle says that
General Fred Funuton looked out
of the oar window at a small town
in western Kansas and saw a seeth
ing nines of humanity at the depot
to do him honor , Turning to his
wiio he seid , "Two years ago I
lectured to an audionoo of seven in
this town. "
Colonel Bryan , in his signed ro-
v'.ew of the election , gloats over the
fact that Mark Hanna'aown oounty
waa carried by the other man. This
he seems to consider pretty goot
proof that the adminiftration is on
its last legs. A man who oan't carry
his own oounty , you know , isn't
very much of a iollow. The vote
in Lancaster oounty , Nob. , in 1800 ,
stood ab follows : McKinley 0,587 ;
Bryan 5,087. Lincoln Journal.
Another feature in the oap of the
administration is tha acquisition of
the island of Tutuila in the Samcan
group , which falls to our lot in the
readjustment made by the United
States , Germany and Great Britain.
This island poasesaoa the iinoat ip-
land harbor in the south Pacific ,
and perhaps the entire Pacific
Oooin , and thus adds a very valu
able feature to the Pacific territory
which has come into the pos.icsion
of the United Slatea during Presi
dent MoKinloy's term.
The unanimous opinion of Ad
miral Downy and his naaooiates on
the Philippine commission that the
government should retain posses
sion of the Philippine Islands
doubtless had its effect upon the
minds of many voters who were
undetermined as to the wisdom of
our expansion policy , and whoso
dooiaion in support of the president
gave in the reoont election the un
oxpeotodly largo republican ma
jorities in Ohio , Kentucky , Now
York , Now Jersey , Pennsylvania
and other states.
Secretary Gage has given notice
that ho wants to pay $25,000,000 of
government bonds by December 1.
That sounds like the days of Harrison
risen when under his administra
tion the government was monthly
reducing its debt. It has only
been a few abort years when in time
of peace , under democratic admin ,
iatration , the government woa
forced to sell bonds to meet the
current expenses. Verily there is
some difference between a free
trade and a protective tariff policy.
"The time is rapidly approaching
when Japan , China , Korea , Siam ,
and the Philippines will consume
every pound of the South's surplus
ootton , manufactured or raw , and
raako her absolutely independent of
the British or European market.
Every farmer , laborer and manu-
fuctnror in the South should have
deep concern in America's Asiatic
opportunity. There should not bo
a discordant note from the Roanoke
to the Rio Grand in support of a
policy to extend , protect and con
trol the markets of the Orient. "
Hon. John Barrett , President Cleve
land's Minister to Siam.
Senator Mills has thrown a now
bombshell into the democratic
camp by announcing , in a recent
interview at San Francisco , that ho
la an expansionist , and is "in favor
of holding onto the Philippines , if
wo can adjust conditions to our
form of government. " Add Mills
to a long list of democrats , includ
ing MoLaurin of South Carolina ,
Morgan of Alabama , Horry of Ken
tucky , Wheeler of Alabama , Blaok
of Illinois , Fitzgerald of Massa
chusetts , King of Now York , Graoo
of Now York , Caffory and MoUenry
of Louisiana , Lindsey of Kentucky ,
Giay of Delaware , and a boat of
others , who refused to got onto the
ailvor-populiat-auti-oxpauaion plat
form which Bryan aud his follow ,
ors are now trying to patch togeth
er , and the outlook for democratic
success is extremely dubious.
Dr. Rhodes and Prof. Stookham
as chairman and assistant of the pep
central committee have won distinct
ion as loaders , this fall and why
shruld they not bo rocognixod , by
sending them to Uio legislature ?
Campaign aasortions of 1800 read
strangely now. The propooratic
oratora of that occasion were insis
ting that the tjold mines of the
world could not possible produce
enough of the yellow metal to keep
) ace with the world'a requir-
menta for an increased currency
yet the gold production of the
present year will far exceed the
average annual production of silver
and gold combined during the
period between 187. < and 1800 ,
Customs receipts under the
Dingloy law continue to surpass
thomost sanguine expectations of its
framora. In the month of October
they amounted to $18,800,000 , or
an average of over $000,000 per
day , and in the first nine days of
November were over $0,000,000 ,
being far in excess of the half
million dollars a day which is the
amount ordinarly expected of the
customs end of the revenue-produc
ing machinery of the Government.
Judge RCCRO lost the entire
liquor influence of the state , that is
strong enough to defeat any man
on any ticket when it goes about
it and did not even gain tin paltry
compensation of the meaner pro *
hibition vote. Ho got % a few scat
tering votes from the sensible and
honest men of the party but four-
iiftha of that strength was either
not exercised in the judical contester
or wan given to the opposition.
The prohibition political ! is a little
nr aner and more coiiacieuccless
than any other. He always de
lights in stabbing a good temper
ance man. York Times.
Monday the time of the court was
taken in trying the case of "b.W
Thompson , against J. M. Flood of
Dale , to recover sum of $72. on bal
ance on a note given for a Piano bin-
dor. The defense was that the ma
chine did not give satisfaction and
the payments that had been made
should be returned to the defendant
Flood as \ or. terms of waranly.
Alpha Morgan and N.T , Gadd were
attorneys for the plaintiff , and Led-
wiok and Humphrey for the defend
ant. The Cftso did not go to the ju
ry until eleven o'clock Tuesday aud
after b oing out at day failed to
agree on a verdict and were dis
Secretary Gng 'u proposition to
redeem $25,000,000 worth of the
outstanding bonds of the United
States not yet due , the purpose being
ing to put into circulation a part of
the surplus in the treasurer , will
probably bring the total money in
circulation in the United States to
the two billion dollar line. The
total money in circulation on No
vember 1st was $1,903,710,147 , and
the great excess of exports over im
ports is constantly bringing money
into the country from abroad , so
that it seems almost certain that the
two billion line in our circulation
will bo reached very aoon , thus in
creasing the circulation 3.1 per cent
atuoo the nomination of Bryan
and all this without the free and
unlimited coinage of silver.
No better evidence of prosperity
can bo found than the rapidly in
creasing demand for freight car
riers on the railroads and lakes.
Grain , coal , lumber and iron men
arc complaining that they cannot
got oars and stcAmehipH to move
their freights , despite the fact that
every nerve is being strained by
manufacturers to increase the sup
ply of vehicles for transportation.
Car shortages are reported by the
largo companies at from 1,500 to
5,000 oars , and already the iron ore
producers of the northwest have
chartered vessels for next season's
service , thus insuring a greater
amount of iron ere than ever be
fore known. The American Oar
and Factory Company , which is
manufacturing steel freight cars ,
has recently taken orders for over
$14,000,000 worth of now cars.
rrosnrrily and the Tariff.
If the Tariff is all wrong , as the
Democrats arc constantly claiming ;
if it fosters trusts and created
artificial conditions which nffcul
burliness unfavorably ; if it imposes
an unjust and unnecessary tax and
robs the people , it follows that tbo
higher the duties the worse it becomes -
comes and the lower the duties the
bottclr it bcc.omoH. Now the Inriff
may bo fully as bad ns us unumics
claim that it is ; but this country
has experimented extensively with
it , and experience has taught some
stubborn facts conooring its opera
tions. When the Democrats came
into power a few years ago , it will
bo remembered that they had a
very poor opinion of the Tariff , but
they tdid'nt through it overboard.
Instead of cutting it out altogether
and ushering in the millennium ,
they.attempted to make it a little
better by cutting down the afore
mentioned tax. And they Bpocdliy
learned that their remedy did network
work as expected. Their theory
was u | set , and cvedoncos wore not
wanting which wont to show that if
that theory had been carried to its
logical conclusion and Free-Trad
had boon established the four years'
depression ought to bo more em.
barrasrring now than ever before.
The duties [ levied at the ports of
entry are so outrageously high that
they havorbeou called prohibituo
The democratic party can demonstrate
trato that they must necessarily in
terfere with our export trade , run
imports and fail to supply the
country with revenue. Yet for
porno unaccountable reason they
haven't done anything of that kind
Instead of depressing , the re is wide
spread prosperity , exports have in
creased rather than diminished ;
imports are satisfactory and no
complaints are hoard rcgtrding the
The democrats njay be right iu
their premises , but-their concluB
ions do not seem to fit into ihe
existing order of things Full
River ( Mass. ) "Herald. "
About the last of the industries
to recover from the depression
caused by low tariff and democratic
rule is that of woolen manufactur
ers. The enormous importations
of woolen goods under the Wilson
low tariff paralyzed the manufact
urers of woolen goods within the
United States , and it is only during
the last few months that they have
fully recovered from the depression
duo to the enormous stock in the
country when the Dingloy law was
passed. Now , however , the woolen
mills of the country are running on
full time , and in many caeen over
time. Demand for American wool
is increasing , and the laat of Ameri
can industripB to feel the effect of
republican protection is gratefully
acknowledging its benefits.
Mite Josie Stuckey , who hvea
about fourteen miles Houth west of
Hyannis with her parents , Mr , and
Mrs. Fred Stuckoy , aocidunlly phot
her self in the' Stomach with a 22
calibnr revolver last Saturday.
She was out shooting prarrio dogs
and in trying to cook the gun
placed it in some manner aganist
her with the above result At the
last report she was getting aloncr ,
nicely but the doctor hail not found
the bullet. Whitman Sun.
I.owcr Ilccr Creclt.
Harvey Brown took hog3 to
Analoy last week.
Mrs. Harvey Brown's brthur ,
Arthur Cox , is visiting them.
George Williams went to Omnha
on Saturday.
Joseph Pigman took a load of
hogs to Sunnier on Saturday.
Lester Mason is snapping corn
for Joseph Pigman.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilarvoy Brown
wont to Stunner on Saturday.
Mr. aud Mrs , Warren Mason and
also Mr. and Mrd , Lou Davis went
to Broken Bow last ' 1 huraday.
Mary D.iuglierty , who has been
on the sick Hat for some time , in
improving nicely HOW.
There will bo a turkey -shoot at
the Round Hill school house next ,
Thpro will bo a LUorary at the
Round Hill tchool every Wodnea-
siy night.
Mr. McGregor of Pitlsburg , Pa ,
oamo to visit : tt Mr. Downey's laat
week. Ho is a ncphow nf Mrs. D.
Corn hueking and hunting arc
the chief occupations of the men
and boys hero at present. A num
ber are through huaklng cornwhich
id raiU'ing from 15 to 35 bushels
nor acre.
On last Thursday the children
and a few friends gathered at the
Drake place to surprise Mr. Dewey ,
it being his birthday. Tiny had a
very nice lime and a splendid di ' -
tier , which made them fcol like
dancing , so they sent out invita
tions , but as it was late when they
were sent out , only a few oamo but
onoiujh to danoo a few sot. A very
lino'lap supper was served after the
On account of the ill health ol
Mr. Driughtory and not being able
to husk hifl coin , the neighbors
gathered at his homo on laat Thurd
clay and finished husking it for him.
Tho'o wcro 15 men and J3 wagons.
It was quito : i sight to see BO many
teams in one field all al once , and
wo believe they onjoycd it from the
way the corn flew and the way the
dinner disappeared. Mr. and Mrd.
Danglurly feel vcrv grateful and
wish to than. ; them all for their
neighborly kindness.
Mr. and Alre , I. M. MnHcn npcnt
Sunday at Mr. Pigtnau's.
A Woman's Mission Union wes
organized at the Morgan school
house on Thurrdiy. Miss Baldwin
was chosen imHident.
Misses Laura and Barbara Sell
apent Sunday evening at Mr. K-l-
Miss Liza Edmunds has been
suffering with a severe toothache
the past week.
Mrs. Soil is in I'roken Bow tak
ing treatment with the magnetic
This came to late for last weck'-j
paper. Editor.
Ijind OIllco at Broken Dow , Neb. , I
Nov. 17 , 1899. f
Nollco la hereby given Hint tint fullowlnir-rmm-
cd Peltier tins tiled noticeof Iris Intention to mil.c ;
Until proof In support ot hie claim , find thit : said
proof will bo made before Hegit < ir and Receiver
Hrokcn lo\v Nob. , on Jan. 0 , IfiOJ , viz :
VljrSHCH C Htreclt ,
Mormi , N br. . II K. No. 352 , for the so > { , ecc. 17 ,
T 17N..H ! ! l W.
Ho luiuies the following witnesses to 'provohiB
continuous residence upon aid : cn'llvntlnn of
Mild Intnl. vlx : lobu H. Street nnil 1C lie or K.
Hoagboom of Hrokcn limv , Neb. , nnd Milton M.
Whitney and Aley A. Winchester of Mcnm Neb
S3 ( it JASIKS WIllTKHEAl ) , Heglster.
In the District Court of Caster County , Nc-
) iraka.
The Itili GCO Trust Co , Plaintiff. 1
M P Streeper , Mrs M FStreoper -
( his wife ) anil J W Smith , le-1
li'.ndfuits J
1 lie defendants , M V Strcopor , Mra M V Streep-
or ( hU wlfo ) mid , l W Bmltli , will take notice that
on tliu S3il 'lay of November , 16'J'J , the plalntl * ' ,
The Hollance Trust Co , Illed UK petition In tlio
District ( ourt of Ouster coniuy , Nobrafkn.
iijjalnst M I ? Mrecper , Sirs 11 ! ' Streepcr ( hU wlfi )
null J W Smith , defendants , the object and pray
er of which lire to foreclose certain tax certificates
l-f uud by tbo treasurer of " 11 Custer county , on
thoSSth ilay ot November , 169 ; ! , of which the
jilnlntlff I" now the owner nnd boltli r thereof fur
the Hum of { 101 "G nnd covering ( ho following do-
centred mcmiecs : All of block -10 except lot.i lit.
N , 15 ; Iotu7 , 8 and 12 In bll ; 41 : lots 19 , ! . ' 0 , at , Ui.
2.1. Iu bile 42. nnil all of hlU 50 cxcopts lots 11 , 12 ,
nil tu Railroad Addition to village of Callawnv ,
Nibrnskn , eald county nnd upou which has been
| inld "mibsrquo'it" tax OH follows : on the 82th
dny of October , Ib9. ) , for the your 1S92 , tlio sum of
SIM 02 ; on the 1st day of Ansust , 18SU , lor thu
yum 1893 , the until of $213,78 , each of which
amounts draw 20 mr emit Interest from their
respective dutcn , all of will b is duo nnd uu ivld.
1'lalntlII prays udeereo of foruclosnre of HA il
certificated and receipts nnd Bale of eald premises
iouaro required to answer uald petition on or
before Monday , the let day of January. ll > of )
D-.ted nt Urokfii How , Nebraska , this 2M day
of Kovember , 18U9. 2.HI
llv Willis Ccdwcll , lti > Attorney
Aitcet- James htockham , Clurk
TnthcD'btrlct ' Court of Custer County , Ne
The Hellanco Trust Co. I'lainllfT. 1
The Nohraeka Mercantile Co , K j-
It Jones nnd the City National j
llfttik , Koiruoy , Nob. , Def'dtbJ
The defendants , B H Jones , will take notice
that on the -Otli day of November , 1899 , the
plaintiff , llio Hellancu Trust Co , Illed Its petition
in the Dlstilct court of OtiHter county , Nebrnsku ,
ncaliiDt the Nebraska Mcrcinttlc ( , o , K H Jones
ind thu City National Hank , Kearney , Neb , , de
fendants , the object and prn > 0 ! oflilch aiu to
foreclose a certain tax certificate leaned by the
treasurer of sa'd Ctister county , on the SStli day
of Nov-mlwr , 189. . ' of nlilcli the pl.tlntlll Is now
the owner and holder thereof , for th > ) rum of 840 -
: ? 3 and covering the following dctcrlled prem
ises : Lots 1 , a Mid 18 1 ' blk ! ! of lUlrond Ad
dition \lllaio of Cnllnway , Mild county , and
upou which has been paid "Hibafijuont" tax ua
folloWH , On thc'J5tli day of Octuhur , 1893 , for
the jcnr 169J , the t > um of 818,93 ; on the 1st day
of August , 1891 , tbo year 189. ! , the sum of $10.8' ' ,
each cfuhich amounts drnw-U percent Interest
from their rvepictlre dates , all of which Is due
nnd unpaid ,
Plalntilf prays n decree of foreclose of eald
certificate nnd receipts and ante of said premises.
You are required to answer find petition on or
before Monday , the 1-t dny of January , 1900.
Dated at Hrokcn How , Nebraska , tutsM : day
of November , 189S > .
Willis Ciuhvell , Its Attorney.
Attest ; J&iuoa H'ockliuin , Clerk. JiUtl
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U. 8. Loud Olllco , Hrokcn How , Nobr. , I
. fov. ao , 1899. 1
A pnlllclent contest atlldavlt having been filed In
this otllcc by Hugh Kcnoycr , contestant , against
Homestead entry No 1,180 , made Aug. 15 , 1S98 ,
for no M see IT , T. 17 , K. 20 , by Andrew J. Ooff ,
contcsteo. In which it is aliened that paid Cell
haa failed to comply With tlio law as to residence
nnd cultivation , raid partlca nro hcriby liotltl'J.l
to appear , respond and offer cvldenco touching
aald allegation at 10 o'clock a. m. on Jan. 0 , 19 0.
before the Kcglstor nnd Itccclvcr at the United
States Land Ulllco In Hrokcu It ) w , Neb.
The filid contestant li&vlUKilii a ] irojior aflldnvit ,
filed Nov. 20th , 1899 , Ret forth facia which show
that after duo diligence , personal service of thta
notico'can not be made , it la hereby ordered nnd
directed that tjnch notice bu given by due and
I roper rubliontion 23-Gt
VIIAMK n. Youno , Kccclvcr.
In tlieJ.Dlatnct Court of Custcr County , Ne
Thu Hellanco Trust Co. , I'hlutlfl. )
M. F , Streeper , et al. . Defendant * )
The defendants. M V Streeper , Mrs M V 3tr op-
cr ibis wife ) , J W Smith and John V Harwell Co ,
wlli tnko notice that on tbo 23d day of November ,
1899 , the plaintiff , tbo Ucliaticc Trust Co , filed its
petition In the District conrt of duster county ,
Nebrnsltii ngulnet M. F. Strc'cpjr , Sirs M K Strco-
per ( bis wife ) , JV Smith nnd John V Fnrwcll
Co , dofendftiite , the object and jiravcr of which
are to foreclose u certain tax certificate issued by
the treasurer of said Cuetcr county , on the S. > th
day of November , 1S9J , of uhlcli the plalntill la
now the owner and hold r ( hereof , for tbo sum of
$ ' ) ! 90 ttnd covering thu foUowlnRdcfcrtbed prjm-
IPCB : Lots 23 21 and Block -U , U'lilroad Ad
dition to the village of Uallaway , paid county ,
nnd whlcii has been " "
upon paid "subsequent" tax
as follows : On the tptli tUy ot October. IKtt , tor
the year 1S93 , the sum of ? iii 05 ; on the 1st day ot
puciif t , 1691 , for the j car IS9J , the cum of 533.12 ,
cadi of which amounts dr iw ! 20 per cent Interest
from thulr respective dates , all of which Is duo
nnd unpaid.
Plalntill prays n decree of foreclosure of eald
ccrtl'tcatc and receipts As sale of paid premises.
You uru required to ansuer mud petition on or
before Monday , the 1st dny of January , 11KJJ.
Dated nt Hroken How , Nebraska , this 2'Jd day
OfNoviTlbo . 1899 S3tt !
1 yVilliu Cadwell , Its Attornny. ,
Attest : Janus Slockham , Clerk. -A. \ '
In thu District Court of Caster County , Ne
The ItclUnco Trust Co. , Plaintiff.
v * . ;
Ch 8. H. Holts et ill. , Defendant ? . ;
ThedcfondnnU , M. Streeper and Mrs. M ,
V. Streeper , bin wife , J.V. . Smith and Lotla W.
Smith u ill take no ice tint on the ! d day of
November , 180 ! > , the plaintiff , the ItelllKicn Trust
Co , , filed HH petition In the District court of
Cnater county , Nebraska , u tilnat Charle H It.
Holts , Mrs. Itebcccn A. Hctt * , M. V. Str.epcr ,
Mrs. M. P. Strcepor ( bis wife ) , J. W. Smith and
Lotta W Sn.Ub , defendants , thu object and prayer
of which are to foreclose n certain tar certificate '
Issued by thu Iro'nurcr ' of said Cu ter county , on
tbo a5th dny of November , 169J. of whlcii the ,
plalntill Is now the owner mid holder thereof , for 1
the euni of $13 ( W and covering the followlnu des-
crlhed | > : tiu MS. I. t 1 , 1 ! id 3 iu ! ! ! oil : at ,
llailroad addition to vIllnK'o of Cnllaway. W. cth
l > . M. , paid , and upon which lias been paid [
"subsequent" tax ns folio H : On .hu ! iMh dny of '
October. lb9H , for the year 18tt ! , the sum of JI-J 59 ; .
on the 1st day ot August , Ib9l , for the year It'.1 : ! , 1
the sum of ili9 ! : ! , eucli oflilcli amounts draw
'JO per cent Interest from their respective djtoi , {
all ofblcli is duo and unpaid.
Plaintiff praya n decree of foreclosure oE fold i
certificate and receipts & Palo of said promlecs. I
You are riquired to answer said petition rn or f
heroic Monday , the 1st day of January , 1900. j
Dated nt Hrokcn Dow , Nebraska , tnls BUI day f
of November 18U9. j
TUE UEUANcH TUUST CO. . Plaintiff.
ly Willis Caflwell , Its Attorney.
Attest : JnmcB Slockham , Clerk. 14
In the district Court of CustercounlyNobr nka.
Otorge W. Apple , Plalntill , 1
VB. J.
Harriet K I.ohr , ct l. , Defrndatita. )
The ( ! efcndsllt , Harriet K Lt > hr , Daniel b.
Lohr , Mary K Courtney nnd JIIIIIUH ( 'ouitney ,
will lake notice tlmt on the -Otli duv nf Novem
ber , 1899 , George W. Apple , plalntilf hero n ,
filed his petition in the District Court of Cantor
countv , ftobr.ieku , a Mnet the dofondantH hurcln
named &nd each of ihcni , thu ot.joct and pr yor
of which arc to forcelo.H : n certain Tax t'ale cer-
tillcalo duly l sncd by the cojtity tenurer of
Cutter county. Nubrnhha. on Hi-tiStli diy of No
vember , 1H93 , to OeoigeV. . Apple , plalntill herej
In , upon the following ( teeciibud property , towlt : A.
Lots l.S II , -1 , 5 , 0 and 7 , In block Ji ! , in the s
original town of itrokcu How. Nebraska , and for
mibacqueiit tnscs duly paid by nr.ld plaintiff upon
mid propartlca for yoara 189J IH'JSand 1HU1. That
there Is duo upon said tux jalu ccrtlflcatca nnd
Bubaciiient tnxsspaU , the sum of $ ' ! 92.30 , and
philu'lrt herein prays for an cccoiintlug against
said defendants for nioniya paid on said Tax
Certlfionti'B , nnd for subsequent taxis paid , and
tint n docrno may be rendered that thu enld
defendants herein be required to pay the Bum
found Otic , or that * al I property may be Bald , iia
provided by biw and that raid pla nUH'i < claim
for taxes paid ninbe paid to htm out of the pr
ceeds ot h.ild sale.
the said defendants ubovo named , nro rrqulnd
to nupwor the nal.l petition Illed In said cour > by
Oi . .rgoV. . Apyle , ) il latlu" , on or before thu first
day of Jtinumy , 1900 , or the facts stated In Bald
petition will bo t- ken aa true , nnd coafcased and
judgment ron lured accordingly.
D.i cd th B iOih dny of Noveuiber , 18W.
U. 11. HUMt'lIKKY ,
Ally , for 1'lalntllT.
Iu the District Court of Ou-t r County , Ncbr.
The Hollance Trust Co. , Plnliitlll 1
v . 1
Ucorgu D Ilntchlbeon , Ella Ilntchlneon , bis t
wife.W H Kietliamnml H S I.tlly.Defondants.J
The defendiuif , Oeoigo I ) Untelilnsoii. Klla
Ilutchlnson , bis \ vlfiuud H S Lilly , will taku
notice thnt nn tho-lth day of Ootohcr , ISUU , the
lila ntllT , The Heliaueo Trust Co. , Illed lib | ell-
tlon In tliu district rourt of Ouster county , Ne-
brj ka , OKitlimt Ucorije I ) llutuhlneon , llllrt
llutcldnpon , his wlfo , W II Kastluiu oi.d H 8
Lilly , defendants tlie object and prayer ot which
tire to foreclose n certain tux certillcuto Issued by
thu treasurer of hiild t ustcr county , on tlui 5tli
day of Novuiboi , mi , of which the plalntilf U
now the owner add holder thereof , for tbo sum of
9 6' ' , and comliiR the folloulntr descrlhed
tiremlecs : The ( outh half of lots ,23 and 21 , iu
block 3 , Iu A W ( iandy'H addition to the original
town ot Hrokcn , n ild comity , and upon wtlch has
been paid "subsequent" tax in folloua : On the
S5th day of October , ISfji. : for Ihe year 189'i , tha
tuni f J-I.M ; on the 1st day of August , IbUI , for
the ytar IMS , the mm of J3.H , each ofhlch
amounts draw iO per cent In crest from their res-
I > iictlvu date * , all of which IK due nnd unpaid.
I'lalutlll praya n dccico of foreclosure of said
n rtltlcato nnd receipts and tain of eald iiromUes.
\ouaro requited to niibwer eald peilttun on or
before Monday , the Utti day of December , 1899- \
t ated t Hroken lloivebraska , this Slth day ol > -
Octob r , 18&9. Tan IlKLUXcKTiineT Co.Pltf. '
ISEAL ] Hy WI11U ( Jadwell , Its Attorney.
Atteet : Jniuee Stocklmro , clerk , '
UV J O Painter , Deputy , o-JO-Ot