Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, November 16, 1899, Image 6

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D. M. ABI8nnilUY.VulilUlier.
The < lccr hunting season has opened
In Mlnceotn.
The Olympla , Dcweys war fillip , 'B
now laid up for repairs.
Moody , the evangelist , Is going to
Hold a scries or meetings * u Kansas
The Insurance war , for Bomo
tlmo in progress at Tbpeka , Kansas ,
has ceased.
Unless Gov. Tanner Interferes , Au
gust Hecker , the wife murderer , will
pay the pcmilty on the gallows.
Admiral Schloy received his orders
from the navy department to hoist his
Hag on the Chicago as commander of
the South Atlantic squadron.
Dispatches from the Colombia boun
dary say the revolution in that re
public IB progressing. Two thousand
revolutionists have occupied Cucuto
and Ocuna.
The Hocrs have ir.vadcd Ingwavuma ,
Zululand , ami looted and burned thu
. , public buildings and stores. The mug-
M Istrate , police and other Inhabitants
| - $ lied toward Eshowc.
A special dispatch from The Hague
says Dr. Lcyds , the diplomatic agent
of the Transvaal , has received n friend
ly Intimation that his visit to Holland
during the war must ceaso.
It. was rumored about the lobbies
of the French chamber of deputlcu
that the government will Initiate u
project for declaring amnesty in till
cases connected wltn the Dreyfua af
A $100,000 gold brick , the largest
over melted In a Canadian mine , Is
to bo sent down from the Kootenai
district shortly. This year's wanhuu
is the richest ever known in the dis
n. 0. Wlltso an inmate of the sol
diers' homo of Milwaukee , was found
guilty of murder in the first degree for
poisoning Mrs. Mary Edgar hist June ,
the drug being administered In a pull
of beer.
John Cavanaugh- and five others ,
charged with the death of "Kid" La-
velle , who died from Injuries received
in a prlzo light with Cavanaugh at
Homestead , Pa. , last April , were found
not guilty.
While workmen were excavating
preparatory to laying the foundation
for n new homo for Jacob Tllgas , n
farmer , near Tlpton , Ind. , .they un
earthed an iron pot containing $1,000
In gold.
Officials of the Northern Pacific rail
way confirm the statement that on
January 1 that road will redeem ? G-
000,000 worth of bonds from the pro
ceeds of land sales to the Wewerhau-
Eor syndicate.
The war department has received
the report of the board of inquiry
which Investigated charges of Irregu
larities on the transport Tartar. By
direction , of Secretary Hoot the report
will not be made public.
The IJerlin correspondent of the
London Dally Mall says ho has learned
that the Samoan agreement contalnu
secret clauses relating to South Africa ,
whereby the plans of Cecil Rhodes are
advanced a stop toward realization.
The funeral of Joseph Jelling occur
red at Columbus , Qhlo. Monslgnor
Martlnclll , apostolic delegate , was the
celebrant of the pdntiflcal requiem
high nines. The remains were placed
In a vault at Mt. Calvary cemetery.
Congresman Bartlctt and Senator
Bacon of Georgia have received n peti
tion signed by about 100 negroes , ask
ing them to use their best efforts to
secure the passage of a law whereby
the negroes might bo deported to Af
Mrs. Mary Anderson Is dead at Lib
erty , Mo , , aged 53 years. She was the
widow of the late General Thomas
Anderson of New Orleans and a sister
of Dr. E. II. Miller of Liberty and
Captain James M. Miller of the United
States navy.
Colonel A. A. Pope , the head of the
Pope Manufacturing company In
Cleveland , Ohio , gave out Information
that ho has disposed of the Hartford
Pneumatic Tube company to Charles
II. Flint of Now York. The company
owns four large factories. Flint , ho
said , was forming a bicycle tire combi
nation , to bo called the Rubber Goods
At a meeting of representative ne
groes In Atlanta a memorial wag
signed , asking the Georgia legislature
not to pass the llardwlck bill a meas
ure having an education and lineal de
scendant qualification , thq latter
known ns the "grandfather" clause ,
which they declare would lay a rc-
Btrlction on suffrage and the dlsfran-
chlsement of a largo majority of the
negro voters of the state.
Two persons were Instantly killed
and one was fatally injured in n col
lision on u crossing nt Blnghampton ,
N. Y. , between a trolley car and n Del
aware , Lackawanna & Western milk
train. The motorman , who was fatal
ly Injured , claims that the car got be
yond his . control. The trolley was
wrecked and two passengers , a middle
aged woman named Kennedy , who re
sided In Scott , N. Y. , and a young man
named Newton of Homer , were killed.
The prlco of steel bars was advanced
In Plttsburg from $2.50 per 100 pounds
to $2.75 for prompt delivery. This
means an advance of ? 5 per ton.
Ex-Governor John McGrew of the
* state of Washington has been appoint
ed United States cotirl commissioner
at Cape Nome.
The Spanish minister , Duke D'Ar-
cos , was among the callers nt the state
department. It Is understood that the
negotiations for the new treaty of
friendship , commerce and navigation
have opened at .Madrid , and while not
directly participating , tbo authorities
hero are exchanging views on the varl-
OU9 features of the treaty.
Bombardment at LadytmUli Heavier Than
on Any Previous Occasion ,
t.lcutcnniit of I.tnccm I'lcrcc * Itorr I.lnf *
to Itrjoln IIU IteRlincnt Noneomlmt-
Occupy Neutral Ciunp
Cranes on November Fourth and I'lftli
but Is IUIUMVC < | on tlie Hlxlli.
LONDON , Nov. 13. ( New Yolk
World Cablegram. ) The Dally Cliiouv
iclo's correspondent at Mafcklng , under
date of November 3 , C p. in. , says :
"Early Monday morning the eni'iny
opened with shell fire on the town.
After a half hour's firing wo succeed
ed In knocking ono of the enemy s
guns out of action , whereupon t'uo
Macro retired. Shortly afterward they
received reinforcements from Malma-
nl and again atackcd In force , but wcie
again repulsed. On Tuesday the enemy
opened with a heavy shell fire on an
elevation wo hUVo called Canon kopje ,
but the excellence of the fortifications
there prevented any serious damage.
Later In the day the enemy swelled the
town with a ninety-six pounder , a'so
with small field artillery. A few build
Ings were wrecked by a big siege gun
and two killed.
"On , Wednesday the enemy made a
general attack on all sides under cover
of a very heavy shell lire. Wo replied
vigorously from our IIHchklss seven
pounders nnd also poured a raking fire
from our Maxims. The enemy was
eventually driven hack after a very hot
engagement , throughout which all our
men behaved with great spirit. The
casualties on our sldo were slight. The
enemy's loss Is estimated ut fifty killed
besides many wounded.
On Thursday shelling was resumed
at an early hour , the nlncly-six-pound-
cr being again In evidence. Later in
the day the enemy , to the strength of
2,000 , took up a position to the west
ward with the evident Intention of
making a general advance when a
heavy thunderstorm broke out , after
which the Moors retired , having fired
a few volleys from rifles and Maxims.
So far the shell flro bus had a re
markably small effect , though the en
emy's gunnery practice Is excellent.
The absence of a disastrous loss of Iifo
on our sldo Is entirely due to the admi
rable fortifications prepared by Madea-
fly agreement with Jotibert on No
vember 1 , wounded women and civil
ians and the railway and telegraph
staff were moved four miles out of
town to escape the bombardment In a
neutral camp. Ninety-eight of the
Dundee wounded , Including officers
Beckett , Hammcrsly and Adams of llio
staff , Doultbco of the Rifles Perroan
and DIbly of the Dublin Fuslloars , Wei
don of the Lclcesters , were sent In un
der a Hag of truce on November 4. All
are doing well.
Ucncral I'nrcdos Flimlly SurrendersAfter
Terrlblo lliittlc.
PUERTO CA13ELLO , Venezuela ,
Nov. 13. General Paredes , a former
commander In the army of ex-Presi
dent Andrade , who had refused the
demand mudo upon him by General
CIpriano Castro and the do facto au
thorities to surrender the town , even
when this was re-enforced by the re
quest of the British , American , French ,
German and Dutch
, commanders sur
rendered this morning at 10 o'clock
after a terrible battle.
The aspect of the city Is one of ruin
and devastation and It is estimated
that upwards of C50 persons were
killed or wounded during the fighting.
Dr. Brnlsted of the United States
cruiser Detroit and other surgeons of
the various war ships In the harbor
are ministering to the wants of the
General Ramon Guerra began a land
attack on the town and the position
of General Parodes on Friday night.
Desultory firing continued until Sat-
unlay morning about ! o'clock and
then a fierce struggle ensued. General
Parcdcs made a stubborn defense , but
General Guerra forced an entrance
Into the town at 5 o'clock yesterday.
As early as 8 o'clock Sunday morn
ing the fleet arrived and began a bom
bardment , but the range wan too great
and the firing proved Ineffective.
General Parcdes held the fort on llio
hill and Fort LIbcratudor until this
Future Governor It Still Subject of Mis-
| iutc.
LOUISVILLE , Nov. 13. The second
week of uncertainty regarding the re
sult of the balloting for governor of [
Kentucky begins with Httlo prospect t
of immediate relief. The olllclal tj
count has been In progress two days
and from a majority of the 119 coun
ties has narrowed the contest down tea
a nose finish. Moth sides claim the
election of Its ticket , but the estimat
ed plurality of cither docs not exceed
3,000. While the estimates so far re
ceived favor Taylor , the result.may
hinge on the decision given by the
county election commissioners In sev
eral places where charged of irregular
ities are made. Ono of these contests ,
that In Nelson county , has been de
cided adversely to tbo republicans. It
Involves 1,118 votes , nearly as many
as cither oldo claims as Its plurality.
Want Tlinriton ns Spcalirr.
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , Nov. 13. A so
cial club of young republicans , formed
at the Midland hotel here , propose ! to
give a banquet , with 1,000 plates , at
Convention hall in January or Febru
ary next. Young republicans In eveiy
county In the st'ato will be Invited.
The committee to select speakers will
arrange for several short talks by
members of the club and ono speech by
an orator of national reputation. An
cffqrt will be made to secure Senator
John M. Thurston of Nebraska to de
liver the first address.
When Tlu-y Arrive There Tlit-y 1'lnil
ARulnnlilo ntul IIU Army Unno.
MANILA , Nov. 13. Colonel Bell's
regiment and a small force of cavalry
entered Tnrlac last night without op
position. Where Agulnaldo , with his
army and to-called government liavo
fled , is a mystery.
General McArthur took Danilmn
yesterday. This is supposed to be the
strongest position held by the Filipinos
pines ' except Tarlac. The brief ac
counts of the engagement received In
dicate that the rebels fought accordIng -
Ing to their recent tactics , retreating
after firing a few volleys. Ono officer
. .
of the Thlrty-Blxth regiment Is the
only American reported killed.
General MacArthur began his ad
vance at daylight. Colonel Smith ,
with the Seventeenth regiment on the
right , Major Boll's command and the
Thirty-sixth on the left and the Ninth
in ! ' the center. Colonel Smith encoun
tered . a small foicc at C n'closk , easily
dispersing the rebels. Major Bell se
cured a position on the mountain ,
fiom from which ho poured an en
filading lire from rifles and Hotchklss
guns upon the first line of the enemy's
ttcnches. The Filipinos stood the lire
for twenty minutes and then retreated
to the mountains. General MacArthur
entered Bumban at 10 o'clock and
Colonel Smith occupied Capas , the
first town beyond.
Onlurul Ilrooko Issues a TliniilcxglvlnK
HAVANA , Nov. 13. Governor
Brooke has Issued a Thanksgiving
proclamation , In which ho says the
custom prevails In the United States
to set apart one day in tbo year
for thanksgiving to the Supreme Be
ing for many blessings vouchsafed ,
and the designation of thq day and
the Invocation to the people to observe
it have been made by the supreme au
thority of the government , thus giving
material Importance to the patriotic
observance of the day. The governor
general , mindful of the sacredness and
propriety of thus acknowledging and
returning thanics for the blessings bestowed -
stowed and of Invoking divlno aid ,
protection and direction for the future
and believing that no country nor people
ple have more to be thankful for or
greater opportunities to look forward
to , than the Inhabitants of Cuba ,
deems It proper to call them to a real
ization , and with this In view he
names November 30 as u day of
thanksgiving and prayer. It Is recom
mended that the cares of labor bo laid
aside and that all persons convene at
their places of worship to give the
Supreme Arbiter of Destinies the
thanks and praise justly due.
Tells Why the NlmrnRiitt C.iinil Should
11 IMerccd.
CHATTANOOGA , Tenn. , Nov. 13.
A correspondent of the Iluntsville
Mercury while at Birmingham talked
with Admiral Schlcy and asked him
if ho thought the building of the Nl-
caraguan canal would bo an advantage
to the United States.
Schley Is quoted as saying : "I con
sider It Imperative that the canal be
built. It would then enable us to
mobollze our fleets on either coast on
short notice and would facilitate our
defense In case of war and render the
American navy Invincible. And then
It Would open up the way to the Orient ,
where a ready market can bo found
for our cotton and coal. "
Another Contention to Consider Coni-
lilnt-H Will lie Held.
CHICAGO , Nov. 13 The executive
committee named at , the recent trust
conference In this city to make ar
rangements for another convention
met at the Sherman house Saturday
and decided that the conference
should bo held In Januuiy In Chicago.
The commlttccmen prepent were M.
L. Lockwood of Xollonople , Pa. , pres
ident of the American Anti-Trust
league , chairman ; William Prcntiss ,
Chicago , vlco chairman ; R. W. Bod-
dlnghouso , Chicago ; George S. Bowen ,
Chicago ; James W. Wilson , Chicago ;
W. B. Fleming , Kentucky ; A. M. Todd ,
Michigan ; Franklin II. Wentwoivu ,
r.udj'HHiltli In IhiilurliiK ( .rent llou > -
tmrilmoat by the Hours.
ESTCOURT , Nov. 13. A party
which rode out several miles about
noon to observe the bombardment ot
Ladyamlth could bee a Long Tom , a
forty-pounder , posted on llio railway
sldo of the Bulwark , firing nt intervals
of six to eight minutes. Another gun
was observed In operation a Httlo dis
tance away. Puffs of smoke were dls-
cernablo on the opposite side , showing
that Ludysmith was withstanding a
big bombardment. The locality of tlio
town was nothing but a huge caldron
of smoke.
IiicreiiMi of Xuvul M lilt In.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 13. The lead
ing feature of the annual report of
Assistant Secretary Allen to Secretary
Long iclutlvo to the naval militia
gives strong endorsement of the plan
for the organization of n naval re
serve. He points out that the exper
ience of the past year has .suggested
certain changes In the original plan
for this organization as contained In
the Hill submitted to the iast session
of congress , and bo therefore urges
that It bo again pushed with the
amendments prepared by Lieutenant
Commander W. II. H. Southorlumi ,
who was for a part of the year In
direct charge of the naval mllltla bu
reau of the navy department.
To Move IiidliiiiH to Mexico.
HOUSTON , Tex. . Nov. 13. A spe
cial from Fort Worth says : W. J.
Lyons , Immigration agent for the re
public of Mexico ; J. 11. Dick , secretary
of the Ketowuh society of the Chero
kee council , nnd Judge J. T. Drew efFort
Fort Gibson , I. T. , are hero on busi
ness pertaining to the removal o ; the
Indians from the Indian territorlty.
Secretary Dick said that there would
bo at leant 35,000 or 40,000 Indians
who would eventually locate In Mexico
ice after this.
American Forces Land at San Pabiau
Under Proteotion-of tlio Fleet ,
GUNBOATS MAINTAIN HEAVY FIRC. Wlicnlon'ii Troop' Kusli Waist
Drop Through the Serf Meantime
llattEillloiifl I'orm In Good Order
i ) HlKht ami Left , Touring Volley
After Volley lit the riculng
MANILA , Nov. 11. The landing of
ho American troops 'at San Fabian ,
Tuesday , was the most spectacular af-
'alr of Its kind since General Shatter's
disembarkation at Balqulrl. The co
operation of the troops and the navy
ivas complete. The gunboats maln-
alncd a terrific bombardment for an
lour , while the troops rushed waist
; leep through the surf under n heavy
but badly aimed rlflo fire from the
insurgent trenches and charged right
uul left , pouring volley after volley
at the fleeing rebels. Forty Filipinos
were captured , mostly noncommissioned
sioned officers. Several Insurgent dead
and five wounded were found In a
building which had suffered consider
ably from the bombardment. The
town wan well fortified. The sand
dunes were riveted with bamboo twen
ty feet thick , which afforded a fine
When the transports arrived In the
gulf they found the gunboats Prince
ton , Bennlngton and others waiting.
After consultation with General
Wheaton , Commander Knox of the
Princeton and Commander Sheridan
of the Bennlngton anchored two miles
off shore. The gunboats formed a line
Inside , the Helena , Callao and Manila
close In shore.
With the first gun of the bombard
ment small beats were filled rapidly
without confusion by Major Cronlt's
batallon of the Twenty-third Infantry
and Captain Buck's battalion of the
Thirteenth Infantry. While the lines
of boats moved shoreward the gun
boats poured the full force of their
batteries Into the trenches , soon forc
ing the Insurgents to flee through the
burrows dug back of the trenches.
About 200 men held their places until
the keels of the boats grated on the
shore , when their Mauser bullets com
menced to sing overhead. The bat
talions formed in good order , Captain
Buck pursued the insurgents on the
left Into the bamboo thickets.
On the right was a frail footbridge
across the river , leading to the towns.
General Wheaton , personally com
manding , ordered a charge across the
bridge and Captain Howland of his
staff led Coleman's and Elliott's com
panies of the Thirteenth and Shield's
company of the Twenty-third , who be
haved splendidly under their first fire ,
Into the town , which was found to be
deserted except by the aged and some
Spaniards who bad hidden In the buf
falo wallows and who came shouting
delightfully toward the Americans.
Two companies of the Twenty-third
had a skirmish along the Dagupan
road with the retreating Filipinos.
Major Shields of the staff , with his
command , captured several insurgents.
The troops camped In the rain dur
ing the night and In the morning
General Wheaton established his head
quarters In a church , quartered his
men in the houses and sent the cap
tured beyond the outposts with orders
not to return. The roads were found
to be practically Impassable and It Is
believed Agulnaldo has secreted a
yacht In the river Longapo , near Sublc ,
for use In his flight when he finds his
capture Is Inevitable.
Captain Chenowith and Lieutenants
Davis , Van Horn and Bradford , with
two companies of the Seventeenth regi
ment , reconnollering east of Mabala-
cat , attacked and routed a battalion
of Insurgents , killing twenty-nine of
them. Three Americans were wound
Domestic Toitngc Itutcs Will He Kstali
llslifd In tlie I'lilllpplneu.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 11. The cab
inet meeting lasted almost three
hours. After the aljouimuout iwo
of the cabinet ofllcers said that the
question of a civil governor for Cub ;
had not been raised. There were
seme exchanges of opinion upon the
result of the elections , all the mem
bers regarding tbo result as an en
dorsement of the administration's pol
icy. It was decided to establish do
mestic postage In the Philippines ,
It has been established In Porto Rico
and Cuba , and Postmaster Genera
Smith again brought up the question
of the postal union , lie Is investigat
ing the situation thoroughly and wll'
report at a later cabinet meeting.
The question of the purchase of the
United States bonds by the govern
mcnt was under discussion for nearly
an hour. Secretary Gage explained the
situation fully , and It now appear !
to bo Fettled that no purehoKes wll
be made for the present at least.
Hope fur Comlomneil Soldiers.
WASHINGTON , I ) . C. , Nov. 11. The
four soldiers who were sentenced to
death at Manila now stand an excel
lent chance to save their lives. Ir
regularities liavo been discovered litho
the proceedings of the courts-martla
which will require correction in tin
first Instance at Manila , If indeed tbej
do not bar the death sentenceen
Street * I'avpil With (3ol < l.
HOT SPRINGS , S. D. , Nov. 11.
Some of the streets of Spearflsh a e
actually paved with gold. City En li l-
necr Gates has computed the prolia -
bio amount nt about $100 for each (0r (
feet from curb to curb , or ? 300 per
block. This Is caused by the dlyu -
thorlties of Spearflsh using the tailing
from the cyanide mills to pave- the
streets , these tailing contain about IS
per cent of the gold that was original 110
ly In the ore , for 15 per cent of tuo
gold Is lost by the cyanide process of
treatment. . .
Itrpnrted nt Atniiicriliiin Itrltlnli Rcgl *
itirnt Is Dei-limited liy Free Htiiturn ,
LONDON , Nov. 11. Another rumor
emanating from Amsterdam souices
says : "A British regiment was deci
mated Friday by Free Staters. "
It is added that GOO of the British
soldiers were killed or wounded and
that300 horses were captured.
The British war office has received
from General Bullcr the following dis
patch :
"CAPETOWN , Thursday evening ,
Nov. 9. Have received by pigeon-post
from General White today the follow
ing : 'The bombardment nt long range
by heavy guns continues dally. A tow
casualties are occurring , but no ncrlous
harm Is being done.
" 'The Boers sent In today a num
ber of refugees from the Transvaal
under a flag of truce. A Hag of truce
from Ladysmllh mot thorn outside the
pickets. When the party separated
the Boer guns fired on it before It
reached our pickets.
" 'Major Gale of the Royal Engi
neers was wounded today while send
ing a message.
" 'The entrenchments are dally
growing stronger , and the supply of
provisions Is ample. ' "
ranilly Now IIoprH for Hecovcry In Ppttc
of Doctors' Statement ) ) .
PATERSON , N. J. , Nov. 11. There
was another change for the better in
Vlco President Hobart's condition yes
terday. Ho was able to sit up in a
chair In his room and picked up a
newspaper and examined It , eventually
turning to Mrs. llobart and asking her
to read for him.
The patient was evidently stronger
and took more nourishment than at
any time since his bad attack of nearly
two weeks ago. Despite the sUte-
ments of atendlng physicians , the fam
ily still has hopes of his recoveiy.
They had renewed hopes from the fact
that he was able to sit up for a long
period , and by the way In which uo
apparently relished his food.
U.itiglilcrcof the Confederacy Will Cnry
I'rojcct Through.
RICHMOND , Va. , Nov. 11. The
convention of the United Daughters
of the Confederacy today decided to
assume the responsibility of raising
a monument to the memory of Presi
dent Jefferson Davis , as suggested by
the United Confederate Veterans at
their last convention.
The corner stone of the proposed
monument was laid in ronroo park
In this city In 1890 , and it Is designed
that It shall be a memorial not only
to Mr. Davis , but of the "lost cause. "
The monument fund now In the
hands of the association and camps
amounts to about ? 20,000.
American nnd Jlnropoim Itunkcrg to
Adriinco Sum of Wlfi.OOO.OOO.
SAN FRANCISCO , Cal. , Nov. 11.
The Evening Post tonight states Hint
a syndicate of American , Bnullsli and
German bankers has about pcrlcctotl
arrangements with the government ot
Guatemala to advance to that country
$15,000,000 , relieving It of debts and
placing the country on a firm llnanciai
basis. Under the terms or the agree
ment the money will In loaned lor a
term of twenty-live or fifty years ; .nd
draw Interest at 1 per cent. In addi
tion the syndicate will be allowoa to
control a certain percentage of the
customs receipts of the lilforont ports.
ArrcHta In Kentucky for Interference
AVitli Colnrt't ! Voter * .
FRANKFORT , Ky. , Nov. 11. lUi-
ford Williams , Wlngata 'Ihomp.-jou
and Coleman Carrier have boon ai rest
ed by Deputy United State : ! ? .tarfiinl
McCarthy on charges cf hulmldnnon
of colored voters on Tuesday. This
makes a total of nine warrants of this
kind Issued by tha court , and
It Is understood that probably 200
more will be Issued.
Tliu UcKtiH in N
OMAKA , Nov. 11. The IMa orc-
sents returns from all but three of tbo
ninety counties In Nebraska Ante-
lope , McPherson and Sheridan. On
the fuco of these returns Holcomb's
plurality Is a little over 13,000. The
three missing counties will be sufficient
to bring the total up to the neighbor
hood of HOOO. Some of the latter
counties , Madison for Instance , revers-
themselves on the vote of last yoar.
This cuts down the estimated major
ity of 15,000 made this morning. The
olllcial count , which Is now proceeding
In the various counties , will prooa-
bly change the figures a few votej in
each from the unofllcial figures , but
the changes , will , as usual , be divided
about equally and there Is uo prospect
of any material change.
Both HUlcH Claiming Kentucky.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , Nov. 11. The
uncertainty regarding the result of
Tuesday's election In this state is not
likely to be removed for some time.
Both sides still claim victory , the
state chairman ot each party asserting
that his ticket has a plurality of about
4,000. Newspaper returns from r pub
lican sources give Taylor a plura .ty of
4.13S , while tho&o from democratic
sources make Goobel's plurality 911.
These latter cover all but thirty-live
precincts In the state , although sev-
oial reports from counties give esti
mated pluralities instead of actual. Of
the missing precincts live are in Louis
ville , which went republican this
year , twenty are In strong republican
counties and ten are in strong demo
cratlc counties.
Tim Vote III MrKlnley'H Town.
CANTON , O. , Nov. 11. The offkial
canvass of the vote In Canton and
Stark county , President McKlnley'ti
homo city and county , was completed
tonight. The returns for the city show
an increase In the republican plurality
, of 317 compared with Bushnell's vote
In 1897 and a decrease ns compared
with McKlnley for president In 18JC.
There's nothing
so badfora cough
as coughing.
There's nothing
so good for a
cough as Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.
The 25 cent size is just right
for an ordinary , everyday cold.
The 50 cent size is better for tlie
cough of bronchitis , croup , grip ,
and hoarseness. The dollar size
is the best for chronic coughs ,
as in consumption , chronic bron
chitis , asthma , etc.
An astronomical observatory Is to
be built for the University of Maine.
Sourlnjr machines for SM.3G.
The advertisement of the John M.
Smyth Co. , which appears In another
part of this paper , should bo of In
terest to everyone. The price quoted
Is extremely low , but the John M.
Smyth Co. are thoroughly reliable and
anyone dealing with them can bo as
sured that they will do as they ad
vertise. , The house is OHO of the largest
In , the country and enjoys an enviable
reputation. Get their catalogue of
everything , to eat , wear and use.
Active Agents Wnutcd
In every county sent for our Gas Lnnip.
Makes its own gas. Better light thnn elec
tricity or AVolsbnch city gas. Cbcupor thnn
korospno. Hotnils $ . " > . Hig money nmltor.
Standard. Lump Co. , "Dopt. A , " Chicago.
You may oppress the truth , but you
cannot suppress it.
FITSrcrmsnrntlyfiirrd. No fits or nervousness after
flrht day's > "f Dr. Klliio'n ( limt Nerve KcHtorer.
Ben.l lor I'ltiiC ttU.OO tlfal l.oltlo and ( rcatlko.
LIE. II. 11. KllNK , I.tJ.'JJl ArchSt. , 1 hllajclplils , To.
The only way to cleave to the good
is to cleave the evilin two.
Catarrh Cannot Uo Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS , as they cannot
reach the sent of the iliseitsu. Outurrh is n
Wood or constitutional dheuse , nnd in order to
cure It you must talco Internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally , and acts
directly on the blood and mucous sui faces.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is not n quack medicine.
It was prescribed by ono of the best physicians
in this country for years , and is n regular pre-
ncription. It is composed of the best tonics
Known , combined with the best blood purifier * ,
acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The
perfect combination of the two Ingredients is
what produces suon wonderful results in ourinir
Cutai rh. Send for testimonials , frco.
F. .T. OIIKNKY & CO. . Props. , Toledo. O.
Sold by drwuists. pric Toe.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
The preacher who starves his head
cannot feed his people's hearts.
Cured A ft IT Itepc-ateU rullurcH Wll h Otlivrx
I "III Inturm uddlctcd f > Mornhlnu Laudanum
Opium , Cocaine , of nc\cr-fnlllni ; , harmless , limnc-
cure. Mm. M. II. llaldn In , llox r.'ia , Clilcugo , 111.
Kanara , India , claims a larger falls
than Niagara's , a clear drop of 830
Try Grain = OI
Try Grain = 0 !
Ask you Grocer to-dny to fchow you
n pnekngoof GRAIN-O , the now food
drink that takes the plixco of coffee.
The children mny drink it without
injury as well 03 the adult. All who
try it , like it. ' GRAIN-0 has that
rich seal brown of Mocha or Java ,
but it is raado from pure grains , nnd
the most delicate stomach receives it
without d'stross. { the price of coffee.
15 cents nud 23 cents per package.
Sold by all grocers.
Tastes like Coffee
Looks like Coffee
Insist tliatyourKrocerclvcsyonGRAIK-O
Accept no imitation.
Send your name and address on a
postal , and we will send you our 156-
page illustrated catalogue free.
174 Wlnchetter Avenue , New Haven , Conn.k