Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, August 31, 1899, Image 8

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    Mr. DO nn Conic * to
Tomorrow niuhlV. . . ) . Bryan of
Nebraska , standing cuudidaia for
pioflident of the United Stales will
deliver his set speech in the new
auditorium at Dea MoiiioH to an
audience drawn from all'.sof die
Iowa IH a mighty poor Hold for
Bryan and hih propiigandum of
calamity and reaotionaryiHin. Thu
fiO.OOO square miles which make up
this imperial slnlo IH the best , con
tiguous body of land oi equal are
anywhere upon the mrfaco of the
earth. There is a school house up
on every square mile of it. A
majority of the people own the
homes in which they live , and the
farms which they till. H nno of
thorn are in debt , but their notes
and mortgages which are as yet
unoanoollod , are evidences of thrift
rather than evidences of distress.
In all its history this Htato lie *
never shown any tendency townidn
the doctrines which Mr. Hryan
Hlands for. Occasionally in joins
of distress and onto in a while In
accident a populist has been elected
to congress. Hut the st.itu us a
whole has never endorNcd a Hingle
principle for which Air. Hryan
Affairs are unusually unpropitioiiH
for him nt this particular lime.
The state is out of debt and ban a
eurplus in the treasury. The crops
alioady harvested have been houni
eous , while the outlook for an im
mense yield of tlio great staple corn
was never hotter than it IH today.
In national politcn , by reason of
the strength and ability of ( lie ic-
pttblioan senators and rcpiesenta
lives in congress who represent UUH
commonwealth at Washington , the
state of Iowa is without a peer.
What poHsible use can tlio people
of Iowa have , under these oiromn-
HtauooH , for the doctrines of Mr.
Bryan ?
He will tell his audience tlutt
under the gold standard , it is im
possible for the people to be gen
erally prosperous. ThoinhibitanlH
of this state know holler through
their own experience Ho will tell
his audience that there is in UUH
country agroatarmy of unemployed
men when avorybody who has looked
about him knows that men ire not
seeking jobs in this Htato , but thai
jobs are Hooking men. And he will
tell this intelligent and patriotic
people which is represented in the
Philippines by a bravo regiment of
splendid troops that the cause for
which thcHO men have fought , in an
ignoble one. Will lie bo believed ?
Not for one moment. UIH aiiditoiv
may applaud his siMiliments from
first to last , but they in no wine
represent the oiti/.uiiHlnp ol thm
state. They never have represent
ed it , and they never will. Bryan-
ism or anything akin to it is barred
) Irotn this stale. Youoanno more
cultivate it hero tlrui jou etui grow
palms in Greenland. An Iowa lfi.\-
The Dale I'lcnic.
The grand annual picnic for the
boneilt of St. Amlrow'H Catholio
church , will take place iitDile , Nob. ,
Thursday , September 2lHl , 1801) ) .
Various onmmittcuH have been ap
pointed to HOC after those attending.
There will be a tjood program , con
sisting of mimic , Hinging , speaking ,
cake walk etc. In the. afternoon
there will bo foot , bicyc'o and borne
races , Liberal pri/.ca will booll'ured.
A grand dinner and supper will be
Rorvod by the ladies of the pariah.
Dancing will bo one of the enter
taining features of the evening.
A good time is anticipated. Come
and bring your friends
JOHN Moouic
H , J. KKI.I.Y.
Cattle For Sale.
Ono thousand head of one , two
and three year old steers alao cijjht
hundred head of stock cattle For
particulars enquire of W. C Greg
ory , tf.
A. W. Drake 1ms rented the room
now ocoupied by Douglas & Hirnoy
on the west side of the public square
An addition is being built onto it
and it will bo ready to occupy by
the iirst of September. In order to
roduso my Htook , to avoid moving
I will fiell at cost. Call and Heo me
before you buy atovcs or furniture.
Notice to Hunters.
Parties are hereby notified not to
hunt on ray farm , or pasture
grounds , under penalty of the law.
The Best Remedy tor Flux
Mr. John Mutlmia , n well known Block
dealer of Pulaskl , Ky , , snye : After
Buffering for over n week with flux , and
my pDyatclan having failed to relieve
me , I was advised to try Gnamberlrin.s
Cello , Cholera nd dlarrohea Kernedy
and have tno pleasure of stating that
tbe half of one bottle cured uiu. For
pale by all Druggists.
lliitcrlnliiiiii'iit for Company .M.
8flnrl o Haltitp 101 RUHR.
8 l -ermMl < - of the fly ir IMMI ! *
( Ho H ApuptiiiillMKBiiil foirnfnjj of ( iroccnton.
iiiiilur illr'M lion of Kriind mnmlm ! .
] HtVtm ( in4 M , fognllwMOlli nil poldtOM nf
Wintil | li-Aim'rl < wn wiir
M All old Folilli'fd unit member * of ( I. A. It ,
nml all members of W H ' ' nmtflrclii.
3rd City nml romity nfllu'r * .
Hli All Sunday iiuhoiilii , I'Adi rcluml to Ini In
ClinrKi' < > f min'rililotidciit. |
Bill All clvlo toclfltluit.
Utti I I'li'Kntloim from ntli"r part * n ( ( he
county ,
Till Allollirrpriitilo
II ( nl'f.'MItoiuptloti lit liiMiliiifirhirS. |
MtlHoliy tliitliiuiil
ImocMlcHi , I liv IVrKiiiKMi.
AddrOfH ol utikome , Mayor KOJTPO.
( liorm.
Hi' lionnu by Co. M.
Mllnlc by tli liiinil
Ani-luy'R uulMinu , ttou J. U. Purler.
( lioniH.
< iillnwny'H wolrotno , It , K. llrc' n.
Soclnl KirulliiK I n On. * l liy ovcrylmly , inn ! r
( llnrtloii of Mri * Kcrr , f flltlul liy rclntlvug !
Co M
l , ' : : i to sS Dliitu r. lo \ > u nrovlilril liv coirtnltli'i )
for Coiii | > iiny M , nnil nil eolillcin of Hpnulrli nr.
At tlii < ruiiut tliiio a I > IK Imikut illiitnir to ho cpreiiil
tiv muiiiljcm of tlio ( I A. It. , ' . \ . It O . niut ill
otliur Hiirli tli'Hnml dtl/i'iiH ului I M l Juln In ,
2 p in Aimi'inhly t hlanil ,
> linlo liy hiitid.
IfollowliiB loiHle iliutur direction of Jniiies
Wlnli'Honil :
Coiiipmiy M , " lion II M. Sullivan.
Hi npiin * ' , iiii'Miborn of tin ) comiuiiiy.
"Tliu HodMen" , " OUT. 1'oynlur.
Hi N | inline liy Nolirnrkii col Mar.
( Jinirlcttn , lu ii * llroc. .
Tliu Holilltr of llio Spuiilnli-Aiiiiirlcuii . "
It ) mi old rolillor.
] { < > i < iiiiii e liy toiilli'r ' of lliu Into nnr
Itucltatloii , Cntrln Knill.
Dni't , MtHirc I'lttuwii ) anil llornaiUy.
IticltnlloiiMiH. . Mmi'lo ' llnlibiiril.
Mtihir by bund.
Mini I nuilll'HoUH
I to 0 p. in.- Army unit other flportf. y\W \ to bo
iinlcd In prl/ < n.
( In in. 'Jupptr provlilcilby tin ) yoniiK ladlon
nl llrokvn llnu. All HrHltrH.iruf , tlaiiifliturf. ,
mid pBiTilienild of llio "lioy " nro corillnll/ -
Ouil bj tliciuniinlttuii to iiHHlHt In flipper nnil
llio enti rtilnm lit of thu uvuolii ) ; .
K. HoYhlC , I'r'oliU'iit of thu Day.
JAMKHHTOUKIIAM , Mnrxlml uf tlio Dsy.
Kov. T. H. McDonald , of Lex
ington Nebraska who ban bnon
nailed lo ( ill the pulpit .it the
UhriHlian church In re for a yinr
moved lo Broken 15ow thin week
Christian ohiinih services by Itov
I' , 13. iMcDonald next Sundii )
morning at 1 1 o'clock and Sunday
evening at K o'clock , regular or-
yiooH there after at the icyuhir
I'niyt-r meoling next Thtirfiday
vening , Mrs. W.V Hishop leader.
AhiHiShinn will lead the young
people's mod ing at 7 p. m. sharp ,
Mihjool , "Holding up the MiniHter't *
Iliuiiln. VV hat can we do lo hel p ( Mil
| > aitor ? " _
Following IH lliu dead letter list
for week ending Aug. 'JOth , 181MJ.
Dr. II. W. ShriviT Mr A A. Louvltt ( ! ! )
Mr ilniM. A ( la lawny. Km. It II. Clii.ult'r ( o )
Mr Kdln l'iceiul"iiii. ( c.CIarHin ) lluckinaHtur ,
lH. . Aiiilor uii , iM 1) Kiluin Yisunmn.
J'arlitft calling for any ol thi'
ibovo will ploasu say ' "advertiBOil. "
L. 11. Juwurr , 1' . W .
County Fair Notes.
The duto Uil , ' 1111,5111 aid
Thi < fact that the fair IH held Inter this
> our thim iibti'il , IH must ( avurnblu to
Krunil display nf corn und nrdon truck.
IjiHt yciir the onem ! iiitiilonviib | , lliiit
lint mludle of Kt ) | > U in tier WHH ahont
Uvo wi'oku too onrly. ThlH ytar it IB
liitld tlio wc.i k in October.
Just suvuntei'ii ttiuntriual uuinpitniiH
liavi1 iniido uiiplnutloiiH fur lliu lirokeii
How oppni IIOIIHU during fair wetk
Tlic public will bo pU'tiBod to learn tliM
ihu Uidmond Company , which travt'
such Duil bittibliii'iUin lunt yuiir , will
play tlio mil il'iio ' KA' ' " thin > t'ac.
I'rdnliuu lists of Hie fair limy bo hud
by wrilllnj ; tlm nucrolury nt Itrnkuu How.
They will lso bi > plno d In every post-
olllcu and iionrly ovury biiBiiu'PH liiuuo in
thu county. Ask your moKihnnt for
one. The book cunttilim 511,500 < > t
pruinlinns , ptirgus and attractions.
'I'll n marn niuDt of the fnir lu n.HkiDK
MI effort tliii yuar to hav tint uxhll > r of
ut unuiiH and pardon pnuliico Inrgolv
lncrMiucd from what it uvor hiifl bucn
botoro. ( Joud prennutni ) are offorcd In
Ihlfl ( lupfirtnuuit , siiil every farmer who
intends tlm fair should tnKo enough
Intit'st In this display to have on exhi
bition nt hust a half du/.un of tii& lines t
Thu spoud progrfim for the ( lay IB out ,
and it Ktvcu a Del of eighteen racing
uvfiite , In w ioh nanrly Sl/iOO is off
rrrd The list junlaiiiH thruu rucos nf
$ irii ( ) > noa ; tliacn of § 100 uiioh , and four
ol $ "f > ( inch. A now feature in horn
riiulni ; ie thu hurdle race , In whlcl
theiio will he. not It fl than eight slnrt-
ers. The horses are lo leap over
hutdlea three feet In height. Six
racing uvents are booked for oiieli day
mid It is ( Xptclud that fully 100 ( nst
horses will bo In llrokju How during
fair wuulc.
In addition to lliu splendid riicu pro-
gr\ui ( , the fair tine year will have two
alUaullons , which alone will bo wortl
theprlco of iidmlsslo" . Prof. Hardy
the clninipion rlflu nliot , IIIIH boon eecuret
nt a heavy oxpuuse , und he will give
diiily exlilbiltous in front of tlio grant
t-ttinrt between raolt g hcatp. Ho I
positively llio greatest rillo shot on ourth
Ho fhoota pennies in tlio air , cnla
card edgeways with n bullet , shooln
objects otic uf hand with eights tied up
i-hnotH luhtH off cigar In month n
another person , whllo standing on his
bond , und does a hundred other ( em
fully us dilllcult. Ills exhibition la i
open air and IH freo.
Another nttrnction which the fair lin
ceourod , IH Prof Ellis , noaltivoly on
of llio best und most daring hlghwlr
and trapeze perlormurd known. 11
will perform In front uf the grand Bttui
between racing heats uitch day. HI
( cats are truly mwelous. and ihls alon
will pity anyone to go miles to see.
Both of the attractions nbovo namtu
, \ ill be free to everyone on the fair
The HevV. . "It. Costloy.of Stock-
brldgo , Qa. , whllo attending to his
punlornl duties at Ellomvood , that atato
waa atlacked by cholera inorbufl. He
eays : Hy ehancn L happened In gel
hold of a bottle of ChamburlulnR Colic ,
Cholera and dlarrhoua Remmly , and 1
thinu It wad the ineuna of saving my
life. It relieved in at ouoo. " For
fur sale by all Druggists.
® mmi !
. 5 "
| g
§ JL. CXll JL Cfe > U
L' ?
ffi SI
fiywf-yftwy. . . . . . . . . .
t < ? j.9.i fcv. .i {
I make llio correct fitting of Glasses
a Specialty.
Jeweler and Optician.
" Before my
wife began using
Mother's Friend
tie could hardly
jet around. I do
ot think she
: now. She
ised it for two
months and it is
a great help to
icr. She does
i e r housework
without trouble. "
s an external liniment for expectant
nothors to use. It gives them
strength to attend to their household
duties almost to the hour of confine
ment. It is the one and only prepara-
ion that overcomes morning sickness
and nervousness. It is the only
emedy that relaxes and relieves the
strain. It is the only remedy that
makes labor short and delivery ensy.
! t is the only remedy that puts the
) reasts in condition so thnt swelling
or rising is impossible. Don't take
nedicines internally. They endanger
the lives of both mother and child.
Mother's Friend Is sold by drujf lstfl forSl.
Send for our free illustrated book.
The Bradfleld Regulator Co. , Atlanta , Ga.
Lincoln , Denver ,
Omnlm , Hulcim ,
Chicago , Untie ,
Ht. Jo-mih , Portland ,
Kilnn.l ( Tltv. KMt l.ntm Ultv
St Louis , nml nil San Francisco
points vaflnmi fonUi nml nil points went
No. I1. . Local uxprosfl dally , Lincoln , Oumlm ,
nml nil polntn cast 0-20 .Lin-
No. 41. l.nail pni-scn nr , dupattH. . 11 , ' : > H. in.
No. . | t ) . Tliruuuli freight oaxt lnlly..5m : : u , m.
Nn. ' 18. Local freight oust iirr , ilally 1'J.OO p.m
UcpnrtH t 1.05 j ) m ,
Kjuvpt Sunday.
No. u. Locul cxnri'BK dully , Ilulnnn , Hutto
I'ortlnnil , nli ) iumtn ui t lU.Vip. m
Mo. U. Local pareunguriirrlviHHt..l r > 5 p. m.
No. 45. " " wt'ft " Ill-Mil , n
No. 17. " " " " S-lBp. n
DepiirU at U.15 i > , m
Kxcopl Sunday ,
Slooplm ? , illnluK nml reclining rlinlr cars ( oatH
Iron ) on ilirmiKli trulm > . Tlcki-a Hold nmlttix \
RIIUO tliocU'il to uny point In tin United status
ami Canada ,
No. 48 ImB nuTcliimllBo cart ) TnoaiUya , Tunra
iluyH itndt-atnrduj" .
No. 15 will carry pan > oiijori. ( for Aneclmo , Hal
u < y , bvnccnVliitnuin nml Alllmuu.
No. 40lll carry IIIIBMII KIT" ( or HiivunnH
llranil Iflund , Scw-rd ami Lincoln.
liifonnutlon , IUHJIH , time tnbles ami ticket
fall on orrllo to 11. L. Ormuby , agent , or J
, (1. 1' . A. , Omnlm. Nobrutka.
II. L. OiiMtmr , Ak'ont
About one month n o my child whlisli
tifteon montlia old , tmil mi iittuuk of
uccoiupiiiiii'd by vomiting
It Biioli ruined IOH HS nru u.siiiilly
in snoli OHHOB , hut ita nothing
rulleC , wo sent fur a ftdyalciin mid
it wiia uniliir his care ior about tun
days anil WIIB buvlug about twenty-live
operations every twoly Iioiir3t mid wo
wore convinced tliut unlues U HODU ob
tained rcillof It would not live. Cliinn-
berlrlnln's Cello , Cholera nnd Dinr-
rlioou Ueniudy WHH reuotniiioiulul , and I
dt'uidtul to tty it. I BOOH noticed n
ulmn o for tlm bettor ; by Its continued
use n eomploto euro WIIB brought about
tuid it ia now purft'ctly bonltby. CL. .
UogrfB , Stumptovui , ( iilmer CoV. .
Yti. For sale by all Druggists.
' / : liidily ] | : , Economy , Security.
i.y :
j" ! 1 lie Iruo test for Life Insurance Is
; < & ; found In llio Equity of thu Contract ,
X , \ - tlio Economy of Management , nnd thu
' * . * , Security for the I'ayinent.
. .
' 'i ? <
Hankers Life Association
Dca Moliieui Iowa.
i. . .
/ S ICuwAiiD A. TKMI-LK , President.
' . ; OrgnnUcd July let , 1879.
i =
] $ Oiiarnnty Fntid for Pufety.
' / 'S BnrnliiH Fund for protection.
* ; jj Sniervlsed | by y.OOOdepoHltory banks.
f.'j Hccutl log ilopoalted with the state
* .C ilfl'nrtnicnt.
' . * ( ; onsorvntlvo inotboda.
' / 'f' l'rof rrud MamLow Hates.
' . * 'i ( Juartorly PnymontH.
J-f For rates and full Information , call
' * ! on or nddrona
A cnt for Ouster Comity , Neb. ; " ;
Ofllco at Farmers Hank of Cuetcr
[ * County , lirokcn How , Nut ) .
Clinton Day.
Broken Bow , Neb.
Qnlce over Hyerson's urocery. Resly
denuo ( i'.li IIOUBO wogtof Baptist church.
Checkered Front
1C. II. CL.INGIUAM , I'rop'r.
PatronnKe solicited. Good accommodations
fair trentintiiit anil reasonnlilu rates
E. B. Mullins ,
Physician ami - Surgeon ,
Hueldoiiru Uret IIOUBOestof McComag' drug
Moro. Olllou In the Myurn uulldlnt ; us noun a
How , - Nebraska.
City Peed Mill ,
K. B. McCLUitK , Prop.
Rye Flour and Graham , ground on
stone burr. All kindri of grinding
iiono for loll or exchange , to tmi
uiiEUomor * Agent for condonnec
CibiiH Stock Food.
llichard son's Livery
nt the old Bland , between tbe Burling
ton and Globe Ilotuls. Telephone con
ncctlon llcadqtmrtora of Cnllawn ;
( Hugo line. Single nnd double rlga
Hates ronROuable.
Dr. Chas. L. Mullins
2d stairway from wcht end , in Realt ;
block ; rcsiduuco , north Hide.
, - - -
I have n largo lint of farmn fo
Halo in ail parts of the county. Low
prices nnd easy tornm of paymeut
Write for prices.
3c Ladies' India Dougola shoes. . .7Co
leavy shirting.U4c to lOo per yd Ladies' H.H. warranted shoos , $1,40
Calico . ! J } " to Oc per yd Ladies' Trilby shoo * 2 00
. ' Mule nhoi > . . $1.88
Call and see our now line of da. Men's extrahenvy
perios , Mod's fine horse hide shoo. . .12 00
Juy your quill covers already pieced Men's hcamlocs , oil grain , best qual
only 7c per y.ird. ity shoos $1,25
Ticking . Po to 14c Hoys' shoos fcl.OO and up
loavy bluu iloiuin . Uo to Mo Men's KXTKA IIKAVY calf skin shoe ,
Towelinc . -lc to 12J * 2 16
Table oil cloth . 14o per yd Men's work gloves 19o to 08o
Shelf oil cloth . 7c per yd A full line of overalls and mon'g
iloacbod muslin . Cc to 1 Oc work shirts always on hand , at
jonsdalo tuiiHlin . 12u prices away below AM , OOMPH
3aby shoes . 20c and up TITION.
1. Kutains beat longer. 9. Two irons do the work of three
flat irons , or four ordinary sad
1. More easily m.iniimlaU'd.
3. Always clean and bright , Saves space on stove.
4. L"B3 liiblo to get-out ( f order. Saves steps.
5. Requires less fuel for heating. Lock perfectly secure.
G. Handle always cool. Retail price , per sot , $2.00.
TLobo iroi s are on exhibition at our
. Handle fits the hand .
7. perfootly.
. .
store. Call and examine thorn.
8. Handle unbreakable. Our price , SI .50.
Wo buy our goods of ( / H. ROUSS , in Now York City , and sell for
ash. That is why wo sell cheaper than our competitors buy.
For every $15.00 worth you buy of us , wo will enlarge for you any
> hoto , oil finished , FREE of charge , and sell you a frame at cost.
Yours for business ,
MONDAY , Aug. 28th , We place on sale an Ele
gant line of Ladies Capes and Fur Collarettes which we
have just received from the "Fountain head of Fashion. "
This line embraces the Most Novel lines of Long tab
j and Yoked Collarettes at prices ranging from $1.75
to $10.00. Collarettes have come , to be the
Most Popular of Ladies Outer Garments ,
and their popularity for usefulness these Frost Border
ing evenings is only the beginning of the end , which will
terminate next Mayday. On Sale Today,7OO
yards Dark Percales at the low price of 6 and one-half
cets. per yard.
ilHttl I H I ll.
We have added to our Clothing Stock the Very
Popular and Fashionable "H S & $1" Line This
line takes in the Extremes. The Fats , the Leans
Strictly Taylor Made for less Money than the ordinary
hand-me-downs. Watch for our Autumn Magazire ,
"Art in Dress" which will keep you posted in Mens
Fashionable Wear.
; Soda Fountain Season Closes Satur
day , Sept 23 , ' 99.
All Soda Checks Should be redeemed by !
that date , as these checks are good for This SeaSOn - I
SOn Only , anl will not be good next ye .r. .
A7orth Side.