Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 06, 1899, Image 1

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    State illet Llbrnrldn
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' Specifications :
Adjustable handle burs , two piece crank shaft , coil spring1
saddle , good single tube tires , enameled rims , ball retainers
throughout , and guaranteed for one year.
I ( Sundries Bicycles , and Edwin FMyers ,
Repairing. Opposite Farmers Bank.
" "
: * : :2 : ; KK .ssK : !
. S
Fanners , ask my competitors if they can carry $1,000.00 |
of Insurance against Fire , Lightning- , Tornadoes , Cyclones
d and Wind Storms " for eig-ht years for $15. That's what I can '
% do , and in a company that has over $27,000,000 of insurance d
in force in this state. E. C. IIOUSK.
Don't give you so much. WIND , but here
are a few FACTS. They sell BETTER
can get elsewhere. They
Guarantee Everything as Represented ,
Gilt Edge Shoo Blacking 20c LL Munlin 3o
Boston Shoe Blacking 20o
The BOH ! Stock of Embroidoyr and L-IOCH at prices away BELOW
ALL COMPETITION : 2o to SOo per yard.
Handled Tea Cups and Saucorn , per
Hot 40o
Dinner PlatcH , per Hot 35o
Pic Plate ? , per set 30c
liawhide Buggy WhipB -15o
Ladies' Fine Dongola ShooH ' ,
75o .J $ ' 2.2f >
J | Wo have just received the Largest and Finest Stock of Plai-Js ,
k' Stripes and all colors , in till Silk Ribbon in the city , at a price lower
than can bo bought olsewhoro.
I'Ji I l adieB1 all Silk MittH 15o to 55o
\i \ : ' Men's SummerUndorwear bint. .SOo
Loiter Files 25o
Note Paper 30 sheets'for 5o
EnvelopoH 50 for 5u
Tablets , all kinds , lo , , 5o , lOo
Boats All Load PenoilH , each. . . .lc
Faber'd Bank Pencils , each Oo
Alen's Unlined Work Gloves ,
I . " 20o to (50o (
ttie ninny symptoms of eye de
tect none Is more trying on that deltonto
or nn , and none moio nlarmhip to UIOPO
familiar with the eye and UH nllmentB ,
ttiiui IH that cnndttlon wh ro objects be
come "jumbled" nt oloso ronie. ; At
tlmcb clenr and distinct ; iigain blurred
and wa-orlng. This la UBU lly brought
nbout by long Abuse , io 11 timely WRrn-
fnK'tlmt the eyes have almost reached
the limit of endurance.
Orniluato of ( lie Chicago Uptlmlinlc College.
7 inch Rubber CornbH , 5o ; 0 for 25o
Ladies' Gauze Vests 5o to 22o
llunter Flour Sifter lOc
Engraved WatPi Glasses per set , 20o
Heavy Black Sateen Undorskirls.OOo
Fancy Hiand Covers J5n
Ladies' Gaunth-t Gloves .170
Ladies' Cotton Gauntlet Gloves , 20o
KniveH and Forks , per sot 34o
Straw Hats fie to 25o
A fine line of Ladies' and Children's
I Oxfords and Toe Slippers , at Rock Bottom
A nice lot of Fancy Limps ,
8fio to * 1.70
Overalls , heavy -Hto
A flue lot of Metro and Boys' Shirts ,
] 25u to 08o
Pull BOHOIU Shirts 50c
Mirrors I5o to 45o
LampH , complete 20o , 25o , 35o
All Copper Tea Kettles 7ft j
All Copper , Nickel Plateu Tea
Kettles 80c
Granite Coffee Pots 25o to15o
'in Cups " 3 for 5c
' st 0 cord Spool Cottonor ) doz,35o
est Table Oil Cloth , per yd . . . Ho
idion' Shirt-waiHts SOo to JOc
oys' Summer Suits. . . . ( lOc lo 80c
Bonnets 22o
Men's Shoos 08c to $2.00
Children's Shoos 18o to * l.f 0
Men's and Boy's HatH , in all styles ,
* t prices lower than over.
Men's Suites , at $ 2 85 and up.
Cdlioo , per yard 3o to Oo
Muslin , per yard 2 o
Table Linen , per yard. , .20o to SOo
Celluloid Collars" 4o
Linen Collars 8c
Ladies' Hose , per pair 5c
Kookford Socks , per pair 5c
Coffee Mills I5c
Wash Boards 15o to 23o
Glaus Wash Boards : i4o
Bridle BitP 5o to I7o
llamo Staples , | > pr pair 5o
Tug Clips , per pair 5o
Wush Boilers 7'Jc and up
Pocket Knives , all kinds , at 25 per
cent lower than elsewhere.
Wo can save you 50 per cent on
Tailor Made Suits , the best in the City ,
l If'you do not call and fee the Goods at llio RACKICT STORE
bnforo buying , you will miss some GREAT BARGAINS ,
Local Iv/Iention. .
.lob printing at this ollioc.
Cannon City coal at Diorks
[ jiimbor ( Jo.
Curtain polen , now and nobby ,
go at 2oo. A.W. DUAKK.
If you want to try a obainlecs
wheel , Edwin Myers can rent you
Foil SAI.K Pony , cart and har
0 22 3t.
Edwin Myers has now high crado
wheels , both ladies' and gouts' , to
Mrs. A. II Praoht. of Borwyn ,
made this otlico a friendly call Mon
A latgo number went to Anslcy
Tuesday morning to celebrate the
Fourth ,
Ed. Myers went to Omaha Satur
day to the opening of the Greater
America Exposition.
W. S. McGr.iw called Monday
and had his name added to the increasing -
creasing KicrunuoAN list.
City and farm properly insured
against lire , lightning and torna
does. J. M. KlMllKKI.lNG.
C. S. Osborno and Lorin Lewis
came over from Sargent baturday
night and spent Sunday in the city.
Foit SAI.K. A thourough bred
Jersey bull recorded and all right.
Jn. 25) 2t. JAMES Bonus
J. R. Dean was orator of the day
at Mason City , and Judge Sullivan
was the orator of the day at Anploy
CATTI.B Foil SALK : At all times
on mv ranch six miles southwest of
Broken Bow. JBHSK GANDY.
Foit SAI.K Two houses ; ono two
blocks cast of square , and ono went
of Globe hotel. Enquire at Bangs'
Taylor Flick left Tuesday night
for the Black Hills country where
he will spend a couple of weeks in
Fred Haisch and Charley Robin
son wore among the number who
went to Ausloy Tuesday to hearlhe
eagle f cream.
J. A. Harris and Jan. S to ok h run
were among the numbei who went
to Callaway Tuesday to help cele
brate the 4th.
Geo. Richlmyer and wife wont to
Omaln the Ir.ttor part of list week
to attend the opening of the Greater
America Exposition.
I. A. R"iieau and wife returned
last week from an extend trip to
the oast. They took in New York
and Buffalo while gone.
Farms for sale and lands for rent
Now is the time to get a fann cheap ,
as the cheap farms arc all going and
prices are commencing to advance
rapidly. J.G Bronizcr.
The date of the old settlers re
union of the northwest quarter of
the county has been set for Jtly
12th. The mooting will beheld in
Jas. Lindloy'B grove , FOiitbeaHt of
Before having any hail inMiranco
writlen on your ornpn see W. D.
Black well the agent of the old
and reliable St Paul Fire and
Marine insurance Co. and gel his
rates and tcims.
Mrn J. W. Scott of Dry Valley
took advantage of the excursion
rates advertised in the Risi'tiituoAN
and visited her parents at Ilombolt
Monday , and Hister at Lincoln ,
returning yesterday evening.
FOR SAI.K 534 head ol yearling
steers. Will Hell on six monlhn liinu
to good pinion ; wo will also loan
money to parties on cattle. Inquire
oi J. R. Blair & Co , Broken Bow ,
Nohrahka. Office lonrth door north
of the Burlington Hotel , tt
Frank Thomas , ono of the ptoooor
settlers of Merna died Wednesday
of last week after a long siege of
sickness. The deceased was Ono of
Custor county's most highly re-
spoctcd citi/.oiiH and prospcroiiK
farmers. The Ricruiu.iCAN extends
sympathy to his bereaved family.
Prof. J. E. Adamson completed
his telephone system to Merna last
Friday. For the greater part of
the distance barb wire on fences was
utilized. It woiks nii'oly. Mr.
Adamson has made the rates so
reasonable that there is no doubt
but the line will become in general
u He. between the citizens of Morn a
and Broken Bow. The rate is
iiftaou cuntd for five minutes talk.
E. Mosloy of Kllon kindly re-1
mcmbcred us while in thu city
J. A. Farell upont the Fourth
Thedford , returning yoHtoH
Air and Airs. MorvinJ. JohiiNon
left this morning ior a short bridal
tour in the cast.
Senator Currio and family wont
to Bradshaw Tuesday where Mr.
Currio was billed to hpeak.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Teagardeii
are rejoicing over the arrival of a
boy at their home on July the Ith.
Bed room suils lower than ever ;
line couches ; to appreciate * quality
and price come and HOO them.
E. 1C , Snyder who hap boon visit
ing hi the oily with his parents rr-
lurnrd to Bolj rado where ho is in
the barber businosH , tliif morning.
Wanted , a girl to do general
house work. Good wages to the
right person.
tf MRS. JAMIIS Litmvinu.
Ed. Roysfc moved his abstract
olliuc intr the rooms next to Dr. J.
J. Pickett's ofli'-o in the Bank of
Commerce building Monday.
Dr. Graham's now method of
extracting tenth is absolutely paiu-
ICHH. No sere mouth , an in the use
of other local auio-lhotics. a25
W. H. Kimhorly , of Lincoln , will
give a Hteieopticon lecture at the
PrcHbyterian church next Sunday
evening , on Sunday school woik.
lie will also occupy the pulpit at
i he Christian church in the fore
The Ansloy celebralion proved
quite an attraction for the oitmmHJ
of Broken Bow. There were 235
tickets sold here Tuesday morning
for Ansley. Several more wont by
their own conveyance. Probably
more than three hundred went fiom
Win , F Stulf/ returned lo Omaha
Sunday morning on receipt of a
tologrnn from ILirry O'Neill that
he had linen given a position on
the police' force on the Greater
America Exposition [ .rounds. Mr.
Stullz was a member of Co. M at
W. G. Purcell and wife loft Fri
day morning on an extended trip to
the Pacific coast They will aaoom
pai y a delegation of editors from the
caHl , that they will join at Omaha.
They are going to a meeting of
editors that meet at Portland ,
Oregon , this week. Mr. Purcell is a
delegate from this state. They ex
pect lo be gone a month.
The celebration held in the Park
in this city was attended by about
250 people. The pleasant Hhide
and fine grass , on whi'ih to lie made
it a very pleat-ant resort. The ox.
oriiHcs consisted in songR , and
speeches by Rov. J.W.Megan , Geo.
C. Burns and Judge II.M. Sullivan.
A bnHkot dinner was spread upon
the grass and much unjoyrd by all.
A good time generally was had bj
those present and all went homo so
During yesterday's rain this local
ity wau visited with some of the
largest hail stones ihat have boon
aeen heru for yearn. Many that
were measured wore from 9 to 12
inches in circumfereneo and
weighed from eight to twelve
ounces. It is reported that Tom
Sorgenson had a lurkoy's head cut
spuaro off by ono of the large Inil
Htones and in bin , and John Sander
son houses hail pbiitratcd thobhingh
roof. Considerable damage is ro-
porlcd from hail in the vicinity of
CiiHler Center , the north table and
east of the city.
Free Hand Concert
Thu Broken Bow cornet Band
will give a free concert in ihe Park
baturdav evening about 7:30. : Thi
is now ono of the best bauds in
the county and those who can span
the time to com- out will enjoy
treat. The band oxpec to give
free concert every week here after.
This will bo a commandablo enter
prise that oui music loving people
will greatly appreciate.
Of horses and faun machinery , 01
Suurday , July 1Mb , at the corne
of the public Hquaro opposite the
Firrit National Bunk , in Brokoi
Bow , I will sell to the hi hes
bidder for cash , live head of homes
and ono colt , one Stiidebaker wagon
two stiring plows , one breakii g
plow , and two sets of fatmharnoHH.
Made from pure
cream of ( artar.
Safeguards the food
against alum *
Alum baldng powders arc the fjrcatcst
menaccrs to health of tlic present day.
fiOVAl tUKINCl rOWDtn CO , HtW Ytm.
First Nebraska Homeward Hound
Stenarl l.aiitcnnaii , oro. ! M , Left Ho-
hind on Account of Sickness
The following tologiam July 1st ,
to the Slate Journal , from aHsiHtniil
Secretary of War. , George D
Meikljohn says : "I DIII ( ratified lo
advice you that the Hancock , with
the 1'irst Nebraska left Manila yes
terday for San Franoinco with forty-
two ollicers. eight hundred twelve
enlinled men. Nebraska left in
Manila ono nick private , Lanterman ,
Company M , ono deserter and
thirty discharged.
The following from General Olin
conlirniH the above.
WAHHINOTON , July 2. The fol
lowing dinp.Uoh Irom General Otis
was reoioved by the war depart-1 '
ment :
MANIM , July 2 , 1801) . Tro i -
ports Hancock and Senator , with
Ncbrahk'i , Pennsylvania and Utnh ,
left for San FrunuiHuo yesterday ,
Nebraska fort ) two officers , 812 en-
istcd ; PeniiHylv.inia Ihiitj-four
oilieois , 2T > 8 enlietod. Nebraska
eft in Manila ono Hick , Private
Ijiintotman Company > M , thirty din-
at erlj PonnnjIvania seven dit .
uharged ; Ulali , I went-nine diH-
The following from Associated
[ 'roHH gives fiirtlitir information
onoerning the regiment , 11 nayn.
The NobraHka boys were ready for
tl'o homeward journey a week ago ,
but were d dyed by the failure of
the Utah b.i'tery to embark. The
Hancock IH the fastest sailer in the
tiaiiHport Heel , and it is believed
every effort will bo made by her
skipper to break bin own record in
the run between Manila end San
[ 'ranciHOO. If ho succeeds in this
the NobraHka and Utah volunteers
will night the Gohhui Gate on Satur
day , July 22. They will bo miu'-
tored out in California au > l will
oeced to their homes with pro-
bibly no dolay. The Hancock is
not likely to be delayed in quaran
tine , and it in probable that the oil !
corn of the gimcnl will have all
their papers ready for the mustering
ojlic' rs by ihMimo the troops ate
ready lo out liar ! : There is every
reason lo suppose , Ihcrofore , that
the gallanl First will roach Lincoln
somewhere between the 2Mb and
1st of August. Press dispatches
announce that HOIUC thirty ol the
boys havn elected to remain with
General Otin. These will become
a portion of the auxiliary army
which will reinforce the regulars.
Another report , Hayr : The truin
port Hancock , which left yoHtcrday
wilh the FIIHI Nebraska infantry
and battericH A and B of the Utah
light artillery , and the tratiHport
Sonalor , which carries the Pennsyl
vania troops , will remain several
day ? at Nagasaki and YoKohama ,
Mandolins , three only left ; no
room for thorn ; they go at one
fourth price. ' Pastel and oil pic
tures go for ( CHS than cost of frame
Iron beds fcl.fiO to $75. I buy all
kinds of goodn , and advance money
on any artiolo of value.
( her ( lie Itockies to California.
If you rt'ould enjoy your trip to
Lou AngolH HOO to it that your tiokel
readc through Denver a-id Salt
Lake C'iiy. Being the moat ele
vated of all the direct lines to the
( Joam , it in ooolesi and froeHt from
dust. I'onetrating the very heart of
the Rockies , it HiirpaRhOK all others
in beauty of scenery. Low ratoH late
MI Juno and early in July. Auk the
nuareHt Burlington liouto agunt
about them. Information and Call-
forhia literature on reqtieHl. ,1.
Frances , Gonural Passenger Agent ,
( Jiaaha , Neb.
Sixty per uont increase in our
trade in Jnnn thtH year , compared
with Juno laHl year , ia a very Rati
fying indiontion to tin that our of-
fortH to furnish the pcoplo with
frotdi up-to-date merchandise are
being appreciated. During July
and August wo tdinll offer many
bargains to close out different linen
of .summer goods , all of which you
will find to bo bright , frcflh goods ,
free from the dingy , fdiolf worn appearance -
pearanco wliioh has bcoomo BO
prevalent of late in our midfit.
SalurdayJuly8tliwo will place on
sale the balance of the stock of
Summer Wash Goodp , consisting of
Organdie Imperials , Dimities , Organdie -
gandio Japonaiso , etc. , ranging in
price from lOo to 35o. All go on
Halo Saturday , at the uniform price
of 7o per yard. 1,000 yards Lan-
catUer LL MiiBlin , quoted by BOIUO
merchants as b ° ing tl.o best grade
of LL MiiHlin wo call it a fair
third quality on sale Saturday , 10
yards for 20 cents. Vou need Ribbons
bens every week in the your , Wo
have i jiiHt roooivod u niuo assoitinont
of fancy RibboiiH , in NOH. C and 7 ,
worth lOo and lU o , which we have
placed I on Halo at Oo per yard.
We have just , roouived our first
largo invoice of ShooH for fall. For
Shoe's that lit and Sheen that wear ,
Slioon frenh from the factory , come
to UH.
800 pairH Hample Glovon just re
ceived from the factory. ThoHO
oveH were made for nampluH , and
have been UHcd an HampleH by trav
eling saleHiiHMi are Hlightly Hoilod
but not damaged. Every merchant
known that the glovcH ho getH are
not an good fin the ttampln ho looked
at when buying bin glove Htook A
Hample line of glovoH are n.ado to
HIIOAV Ul' QUA MTV WKhl. , wllilo till )
glovct in nlook nre nijido to'lill
ordurn with " vv'e buught tbiH line
of Hamplo glovi'H at a diHcount , on
account of their being Hlightly
Hoiled , and will give our ciiHtomerH
the benefit by Helling thorn at just
about the factory wholenalo price.
A 1'AIIt.
YOUTH for MidHiiminer Bargainn ,
North Side. Wilson & Drake.
Scaled Proposals.
For the building of an opera
IIOIIHO at AiiHloy , Nub. will be re
ceived by the Modern Woodmen
Hall Co , ol AnHley , Neb. until 0-
oolook , A. M. July 31 , 1800. Saul
building will bo 40 leet by 00 feet.
I'laiiH and HpeoificalioiiH an bo
Heon at the ofliuo of the Hoorotary
of the Hall Co. at Annley. after
July 10. 1'roponalH for the whole
or any distinct portions of the work
nliould bo Hcourely Hr > alcd , > nd dc-
poHited with or adreHseu to thn secretary -
rotary , The Company reserve the
right to reject any or all pidH.
JUOSON 0. PoiiTim ,
Suoroiary , M. W. II. Co.
Throucli Tourlstl Sccpcru to the northwest.
The Burlington Route has oHtab-
liHhud a twice a week tourist car
line from Kaunas City toButto , Spo
kaue , Tauoma and Seattle- Cars
leave KaiiHts Cit ) , Lincoln and
Grand iHland every TuijHday and
ThurHday , ariving in Suattle tollow-
inp ; Friday and Sunday. They are
upholHlered in rattan. The bed
linen and fiirniHhmgH uro clean and
of good quality. The healingvon
tilating and toilet arrangements are
all that can bo desired and each car
is in charge of a uniformed Pullman
porter , whoHo Hole duty IB to attend
lo the wantH of paiicngon-- . Cars
run through wilhoiu change of any
kind and the berth rate fromLincoln
to Tacoma or Seattle in only $5.00.
I'o inlermediito poiutn , it is proper
lionately low.
Montana and the Puget Sound
counlry are now onj iyini a period
of unexampled prosperity. " * * As a
coiiHpquenco , travel to the Norlh-
wo t irt rapidly attaining largo pro
portions Thin now tourint oar line
haw been oHtaldished with a view of
caring for thu Btirlingtou'ti nharo ot
it in the beRt pOKHiblo manner.
UertliH , ' ticketH and fi'll information
can bo had on application to any
Burlington Route liokot agent or by
addroHHing J. Frauo'iH , G.P.A.
Omaha Nob. Juno 2flth.