Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, June 15, 1899, Image 3

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I The News Briefly Told
Ex-Governor Baxter of Arkansas Is
dead , aged 72. He was elected governor
of Arkansas In 18 * < 2 , and his adminis
tration witnessed the stormiest period
In the history of the state , and brought
about the Brooks-Baxter war. Presi
dent Grant Issued n proclamation rec
ognizing Baxter as governor.
Rev. Dr. B. 1 ? . Austin , exprlnclpal of
Almo college , at St. Thomas , was tried
on the charge of heresy by the London
Methodist conference. Ho startled the
conference by declaring himself an ar
dent spiritualist. He said he had been
converted by a woman mind-reader of
Detroit. The conference unanimously
deposed him.
Advices received at Kingston from
Cayenne , capital ot French Guiana , say
that all preparations have been made
for transferring former Captain Alfred
Dreyfus , Imprisoned on Devil's Island ,
to the charge of ofliccrs from Paris ,
who are said to be coming on board
the French steamer Lafayette , which ,
It Is alleged , will take the prisoner di
rect from Devil's Island on her return
voyage to France.
Stockholders of the North West
Street Hallway companies voted to
lease the two systems to the Chicago
Union Traction company , a concern
formed by a number of New York cap
italists. During the meeting President
Chas. D. Yorkes announced his retire
ment ns an official of the Chicago
street railway companies. The now
company has an authorized capitaliza
tion of $35,000,000 , of which $15,000-
000 Is to bo G per cent preferred and
$20,000,000 common. Only $12,000,000
of the preferred stock will be issued
for the present.
The announcement at Madrid In the
speech from the throne to the cortcs
that Spain had ceded the Caroline Is
lands andPalaos and theMarlannes was
received with surprise In Washington.
The cession marks the rollnqulshment
of Spanish possessions In the far east
save the Island df Fernando Po , and
dependencies on the African coast.
The dispatch containing the news was
shown to the German ambassy officials
tonight , but Ambassador Von Holle-
ben said that he had received no in
formation as to the cession and the
German foreign office had not com
municated the facts to him.
The net Income of the Rock Island
decreased $70,000 In April as com
pared with the same month last year.
M. Houseman of Chicago has been
selected as timekeeper for Fltzslm-
mons in his approaching fight with
President McKlnley has designated
Assistant Secretary Cortelyou as sec
retary during the absence of Secretary
Porter , who sailed for Euroue.
The president received about 300
members of the Order of Railway
Conductors and their families. The
members were from Iowa. Dakota ,
Minnesota , Wisconsin , Illinois and
A hundred picked riflemen of the
First Kentucky regiment and a Gat-
ling gun battery loft for Clay county
in the mountains , to servo as a guard
during the trial of Thomas Howard
for murder.
The concluding session of the coun
cil of Che General Federation of Wo
men's clubs at Philadelphia , passed
resolutions providing for the appoint
ment of a committee of fifteen mem
bers , which shall issue a plan of re
organization and proper taxation.
At a conference between Secretary
Nutt , of the Western Dar Associa
tion , and President Shaffer , of the
Amalgamated Association of Iron and
Steel Workers , It was decided to hold
the scale convention in Detroit begin
ning on the 7th.
Ono of the exhibits of Commission
er General Peck in the United States
building nt the Paris exi.osltlon of
1900 will be a bust of President Mc-
Kinley. F. E. Leimer , a Chicago
sculptor , has been selected to make
it. The president , it is said , will be
gin sitting for the sculptor in a few
days In Washington.
Mrs. Minerva Monaghan was mur
dered at Unlontown , Pa. , while try
ing to protect her daughter , Mrs. Ger
trude McCcogan , from the attacks of
Councilman McCormlck. Mrs. Mon
aghan was stabbed In the neck nnd
the Jugular vein severed. McCormlck ,
who Is blind , has boon paying ctten-
4 tions to Mrs. McCoogan , nnd , finding"
I her in company with another man ,
assaulted her , with the result given.
President McKlnley has consented to
i include Milwaukee in his western itin
Kid Gouletto of Rochester , N. Y. ,
and Sam Dolen , colored , of New York
fought a twenty-round draw nt Wheel
ing , W. Va.
By direction of the president Briga
dier Charles King has been honorably
discharged from the volunteer army ,
to tatte effect August 2.
Commissioner Hermann of the gen
eral land ofllco has decided to refuse
the request of the wool growers of
: Utah and Wyoming for a modification
of his former order prohibiting the
grazing of sheep on the Uintah reser
vation in Utah.
The attorney general has rendered
nn opinion in which he holds that the
secretary ot the treasury has no au
thority under the law to compromise
suits brought to recover additional
duties on goods which have been un
dervalued where no Irregularity IB
shown on the part of the Importer.
Dr. W. B. Moore , one of the oldest
nnd best known Presbyterian divines ,
Is dead at Columbus , 0. , of bronchitis.
His age was 77 years.
Julius F. Edson , engaged in the en
graving and printing business nt Chicago
cage , has filed n petition In bank
ruptcy. Liabilities , ? 23G,400 ; assets not
L. G. Hastings , assistant treasurer of
the Rock Island railway , with head
quarters in Topeka , committed suicide
by shooting himself twlco through the
head , at his room In the Hotel Throop.
His accounts are said to bo in good
shape , but he has been sick for several
months and subject to melancholia.
\Vcilnc ilfty.
Havana has placed a municipal tax
of 25 per cent on alcoholic liquors.
The window glass trust says there
will bo no advance in prices at res
The Reformed Presbyterian nation
al synod decided to hold the next con-
erence at Cedarvllle , O.
Governor General Brooke Is consid
ering appropriating $50,000 for public
mprovcments In Puerto Principe pro-
Charles Frohman has engaged El-
allno Terrlss and Seymour Hicks for
three years to star in "My Daughtcr-
n-law. "
A decree has been prepared , but not
yet signed , permitting Cubans to rc-
aln nnluinls now in their possession
as booty of war.
The Chicago Record declares that
a mammoth sugar consolidation Is bo
ng projected which will absorb the
Arbucklo and the Doscher refineries.
The receipts at the port of Havana
for the last five months were : Janu
ary , $742,43:5 : ; February , $707,127 ;
March , $890,925 ; April , $800,221 ; May ,
(927,223. ( Total , $4,133,931.
Great secrecy Is maintained as to
the proceedings nt the national foun-
drymen's association in session at
Cleveland , but it is believed they arc
considering the subject ot wages.
The Northwestern Plow association
has changed Its name to the North
western Plow and Implement asso
ciation , so as to Include makers of all
farm Implements. It also raised prices
to apply on 1900 business.
Two babies , aged 1 and 3 years ,
children of Mrs. Carl Detloft of Pop
lar Grove , 111. , were Instantly killed
today. The mother left the cab on
the depot platform while she stepped
Into the station. A gust of wind blow
it in front of a fast incoming freight
train , mangling both children.
The national Reformed PresbyterIan -
Ian synod , in session at Mansfield , O. ,
declared , regarding the Philippines :
"Before God , this nation now. Is put
in trust ; God takes these possessions
from the old nation , Spain , and gives
thorn to us , saying , 'Take this nnd
keep It for mo nnd I will give theo
thy wages. ' "
Havana has placed a municipal tax
of 25 per cent on alcoholic liquors.
The window glass trust says there
will bo no advance in prices at pres
It appears probable that Governor
Plngrce will veto the sugar bounty
Harvey Menifee , who assaulted a
white girl near Atlanta , Ga. , and es
caped a mob is still at liberty.
The battleship Iowa sailed for Port
Orchard , where the vessel will bo
placed in the dry dock and thoroughly
The United States court at Cincin
nati decreed that the sale of the Bal
timore & Ohio Southwestern railroad
should bo sold under foreclosure on
July 10 at Cincinnati.
State Senator Anderson of Topeka ,
Kas. , says ho was offered $3,000 to vote
to locate the new Insane asylum at
Parsons. Governor Stanley says an
Investigation will follow.
The machine and blacksmith shops
of the Western iron works , at Butte ,
Montana , together with all valuable
patterns , weio destroyed by fire. Loss ,
$75,000 ; insurance , $15,000. The fire
originated In the blacksmith shop.
The heaviest loss Is on the patterns
and the machinery.
Rov. H. P. Williams , chaplain of the
Fifty-first Iowa volunteers and former
ly pastor of the First Christian church
in Ames , has accepted an offer of the
Chrlstion Missionary society , and will
remain in the Philippines , after his
regiment has been returned , as a mis
sionary. His wife will remain with
Nearly 200 mine operators , coal
shippers and retail coal merchants
from Arkansas , Oklahoma and Indian
territory at a meeting at Kansas City
organized ns the Middle States Whole
sale and Retail Coal Dealers' associa
tion. Their object is to fix the price
of coal in the states and territories
St. Louis , Mo. , and Arizona capital
ists have Incorporated the Arizona
United Copper Mining company , with
a capital of $10,000,000. The company
owns a claim in Pimo county , Arizona ,
on which there Is a hill 225 feet high ,
which by actual measurement shows
3,500,000 cubic yards of copper , gold
and sliver ores.
I'rlilny ,
British imports increased In May
3,170,000 , exports increased 5,138-
France is taking steps to renew re
ciprocity negotiations with the United
The American Grass Twine com
pany , capital $15,000,000 , has become
incorporated at Dover , Del.
Glasgow , Scotland , shipowners ami
merchants In mass meeting expressed
alarm at the threatened extension of
foreign competition.
Secretary Long has decided to buy
a small quantity of Ilarveylzed armor
nnd await further congressional action
In favor of the armor trust.
M. C. Russell , quartermaster at the
Wisconsin veterans' home InWnupaca ,
Win. , died suddenly from heart disease
while In the midst of his duties , aged
GO years. Mr. Russell enlisted ns a
volunteer In the civil war from Michi
gan. Later he resigned and re-enlisted
from Wisconsin.
The postal clerks , In session at Indi
anapolis , will urge the passage by the
next congress of the reclasslflcatlon
The president of the Argentine Re
public extends thanks to the United
States and Minister Buchanan for aidIng -
Ing In the Chilean-Argentine boundary
dispute , preventing war.
Judge J. S. Emory , one of the pioneers
neers of Kansas , died at his home In
Lawrence. He was nt ono time United
States attorney for that district and
later n member of the state board of
public works. He was prominently
identified with the early history of
Miss B. Elizabeth Lane , who was
giaduated as a lawyer at the Illinois
College of Law last month , received
also with her graduation diploma the
tltlo ot master of laws , She Is the
only woman la America to earn such
nn honor nt graduation. She Is enl >
21 years old , nnd went through the
full four years' course at the Illinois
College In two years. She Is a native
of Missouri.
Too often when a man's good deeds
speak for themselves he spoils the ef
fect by going around with his mouth
II. Y. 1' . U. Klcliliuinil , Vu. , .Tilly 10-10.
Via Rip ; Four and Chesapeake & Ohio
Uv's. One fare round trip Tickets on
biilo July 11 , IS , i : : good to return \intil
Julv flls't. Can be extended to August
Kith. For full Information and de
scription pamphlets address , J. C.
Tucker , G. N. A. , 234 Clark St. , Chicago.
A Boston paper is authority for the
story that not long since at n hotel
In the modern Athens ono of the ar
rivals registered his name in largo
capitals running across the page :
"Richard Harding Davis and vnlot. '
The next guest to arrive registered
thus : "John D. Rockefeller and va
lise. "
The discovery of the remains of tue
gigantic mastodon on a farm in Union
county , Intl. , turns out to bo the most
valuable find of this kind probably
ever made in this country. So far ng
can bo seen the skeleton , when first
unearthed , was complete In every par
ticular. Under atmospheric influences ,
however , many of the smaller bones
began disintegrating , nnd have since
crumbled Into dust , but the larger
ones , and the tusks and teeth especial
ly , remain intact.
The superintendent of a city Sun
day school was making nn appeal for
a collection for a Shut-ln-Soclety , and
ho said : "Can any boy or girl toll
mo of any shut-in person mentioned
in the Bible ? Ah , I BOO several hands
raised. That Is good. This little boy
right In front of mo may toll me.
Speak up good and loud , so that all
will hear you , Johnnie. " "Jonah ! "
shrieked Johnnie. Harper's Bazar.
A Book That Should Be In the
Hands of Every Woman ,
Mrs. McKee Ranklu , one of the fore
most and best known character ac
tresses and stage artists of this go no ra
tion , In speaking of Po-ru-na , says :
"No woman should bo without a bottle -
tlo of Pe-ru-na In reserve. " Mrs. McKee -
Koo Rankin. Mrs. Ellia Wlke , 120
Iron stroct , Akron , Ohio , says : "I
Mrs. McKce IlankUi.
would be in my grave now if it had
not been for your God-sent remedy ,
Po-ru-na , I was a broken down wom
an , had no appetite ; what little I did
cat did not agree with my etomack.
It Is now seven years past that I used
Po-ru-na and I can eat anything. "
Mrs. Eliza Wlko.
Every woman should have a copy
of Dr. Hartman's book entitled
"Health and Beauty. " This book con
tains many facts of especial Interest to
women. Dr. Hartman has treated
more ailments peculiar to women than
any other physician In the world. This
book gives In brief his long and varied
Bend for free books on catarrh. Ad *
dress Dr. Hartman , Columbus , Ohio.
The optimist derives much pleasure
from the thoughts of trouble that do
not trouble him.
V. S. J'litmit Oniro
Four hundred and sixty-three pat
ents were Issued this week. Iowa In
ventors are represented in the list by
10 , Minnesota 9 , Missouri 19 , Nebras
ka 1 , Pennsylvania 56 , Texas 8 , New
York 80.
5,723 applications are awaiting IMJ-
tlon by the Examiners.
Photographs are not proper sub
jects for patents , but an exclusive
property right In a photograph of a
person , animal , landscape , building ,
or any other object , may be secured
by copyright. Mr. J. C. Plummer , of
Altoona , In. , has applied for a copy
right for his photo of the cyclone that
whirled along about fourteen miles
north of Altoona on May 28th. The
sun was shining and illuminated the
whirling twister which appeals white
In the picture and very distinct.
Names of medicines and labels for
merchandise that used to be protected
by copyrights are under present laws
not proper subjects for copyrights ,
but may be protected by registration
in the U. S. Patent Office my patents
Issued for trade-marks for 30 years
and for labels for 28-
Solicitors of Patents.
Des Molnes , Iowa , Juno 3 , 1899.
Do Your Foot Ache and IlarnT
Shake into your shoes , Allen's Foot-
Ease , a powder for the feet. It roakcn
tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures
Coma , Bunions , Swollen , Hot and
Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and
Shoe Stores , 25c Sample sent FREE.
Address Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy , N. Y.
It does not signify because a man
grows whiskers when the beginning of
the end of his "bit" has arrived that
we have seen his face for the last time.
Nothing ruins a woman's complex
ion quicker than marrying a man to
reform him.
Copt. Holtwood , ono of the Kansas
soldiers who swam a river with Gen.
Funston In the Philippines the other
day , Is n civil war veteran and drew
a pension. When he camp up for his
appointment for the present place ho
fulled to pass his physical examina
tion. Secretary Alger objected to his
being allowed to enlist , but Governor
Leedy Insisted that n commissioned
man did not have to undergo any ex
amination , and for some reason not
given the secretary yielded.
A Hfo spent worthily should bo
measured by deeds , not years. Shod-
Bclioot l.nnil * lit Your Own 1'rloo.
As soon after the first of July as
praoUcnbln I will hold public auetlonn
for leasing about OH.OOu news of school
land , under provisions of the new law ,
in the following counties : Antelope ,
lliinncr , lllaine , Box llutto , llrown ,
Cliube , Cherry , Cheyenne , Ouster ,
Duwes , Deuel , Dandy. Gartleld , Grunt ,
Hayes , Hitchcock , Molt , Hooker , Keith ,
Key a Puha , Klmhall , Knox , Lincoln ,
Logan , Loup , Mol'horson. Pierce , Per
kins , Hock , Seotts IHnir. Sheridan ,
Sioux , Thomas and Wheeler. Under
the now law , If these lunds will not
lease nt public auction at 0 per cent
upon the appraised value , they may bo
lensud to the person otTeriug 0 per cent
upon the highest valuation. These
lands are in the best s toMc growing
portions of the state where cattle ,
sheep and horses can bo produced at
loss expense and , therefore , at greater
profit than anywhere I know of ; and
yet , surrounded with as good and in
telligent a class of citizens as any where
to be found. The harvest truly Is grout
and lasts almost the year round and
no more Inviting field for the intelli
gent stockman and farmer can bo
found ; nnd now , that there Is an op
portunity to secure twenty-five yonr
leuso contracts thereon at what the
lands nrc worth , the loss o himself be
ing the judge , it Is confidently expect
ed that all or nearly all of these lands
will be leased during the present year
at the public auctions , as above men
tioned. Any one desiring to attend
any of leasing auctions will bo
notified of the time and place of hold
ing the Name , as soon as it hits boon ar
ranged , if they will write me at once
Ifiving- the names of the counties in
which they are interested ; and will
also be furnished n list of lands to bo
leased so that they may visit the coun
ties in advance of the leasing auction
and examine the lands which will be
offered. Notice of the auction will be
duly given in the local papers. Send
stump for copy of the new school land
law under which the hinds will bo of
fered. Any further information will
bo cheerfully furnished.J. .
J. V. Wor.FK ,
Commissioner Public
Lands & Huildiugg.
Lincoln , Neb. , May 18 , 18HO.
An Ingenious practical joker has
making lots of fun for the patrons of
a New York beer garden. Ho has sev
eral steins with valves in the bottom-
These , being set upon the table , con
nect with lead pipes , and the valves
open , filling the steins from the bottom
tom , nnd keeping them always full ,
no matter how much beer Is swilled.
Vulcanized rubber trays are conven
iently placed for the steins to bo set
in when emptied , and the popes , con
necting with the collar , operate
through them.
Thera II n Clang of Fcoplo
are Injured by the UBO of coffoo.
Recently there has been placed In all
the grocery stores a now preparation
called QRAIN-O , made of pure grains ,
that takes the place of coffee. The moat
delicate stomach receives It without
distress , and but few can toll It from
coffee. It does not cost over ono-fourth
as much. Children may drink It with
great benefit. 15 cents and 26 cents
per package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-0.
The doorstep originated the stamp
collecting fad.
t'liroiilc 'oiiHtlinlloii CiiriMl.
Tlic most Importnnl dltcoverj of recent ycari * In
tin1 posltlvo mildly for constipation , CmcareU
Cniniy Cntlmrtlc. Cure Ktiiirunti'iil. DniKKlxtH ,
UN1 , Mo , 60c.
Beauty isn't everything. The buttcr-
lly makes a great show , but it's the
homely little heo that makes the
Hall's Catarrh Onre
Is tnltcn internnlly. Price , 75c.
The chances of matrimony are
much greater just after or just before
a war than at any other time. During
the civil war the number of marriages
In this country foil off from twenty
per 1,000 population to seventeen per
1,000 nnd immediately after the civil
war was ended , In 18G5 , the number
rose to twenty-two per 1,000 , declining
In I860 to twenty-one.
I bollovo my prompt tiso of Plfto's Cure
prevented quick coMniitiiition. ] Mre. Lucy
Wnllnce , Murqiietto , Kun , Dec. 13 , ' 00.
In the last three years the United
States has sold abroad $1,300,000 more
than It has bought.
i'iitlj-Oiirfil. No fits or nervonsnesn after
flrnt clKV'n WH "f Hr. Kline'n ( Irmt Nerve Itentorer.
Sfiui for I'ltKK 82.1)1) lilnl Lottie nnd trraiUu.
Liu. 1U II. KIINK , LtilJt ) Arctibt. , IblUilelphU , 1'u.
A man naturally likes to stand high
In his community , yet ho doesn't care
to have the assessor over-rate him.
YVo I'uy SI5 n YVrrk unil T
to men with rlK tnlmrodtHo our I'oiiltry Compound.
Ail'lirm with Hump , JMclle Mfn. Co , I'ni > oiu , Kim.
Neighbors will never become bosom
friends as long as they look Into each
others' back yards.
I * the oldcui anil licet It will lirnik up a cold quicker
ttuu anytlilnu cluo. It U always reliable. Try It.
Tommy "What's a hypochondri
ac ? " Papa "He's a man who suffers
from things he hasn't got. " Life.
Are Yon UnliiK Allen' * ruot-KaseT
It is the only cure for Swollen ,
Smarting , Burning , Sweating Foot ,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease , a powder to be shaken Into
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoo
Stores , 2Bc. Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress , Allen S. Olmated , Le.Roy , N. Y ,
Mrs. "Job" Stuart , the widow of the
Confederate cavalry commander , has
resigned the prlnclpulshlp of the Vir
ginia Female Institute , the diocese
school of the two Episcopal Virginia
dioceses. She has occupied the posi
tion for many years
About thirty-five years
cpy Depow deposited 5100 In a Peek-
skill savings bank , The president of
that Institution joked Senator Dcpow
about having forgotten this small ac
count , and WUH astonished to hear Mr.
Depow reply : "Forgotten It ? Well , I
guess not. It amounts to about $100
with interest now , and It's growing.
That wnn the first $100 I over owned
nnd 1'vo kept my eye on It. "
An OhUAnan recently hanged "him
self from the top round of a ladder.
Thus are wo once more reminded that
there Is always room at the top
A Definition Johnny "Papa , what
Is n plutocrat ? " Papa "A man who
has as much money ns I'd like to
have. " Puck.
( lOOll
Immacidnto Ilium Is the murk of good
boUBokocplilK. To got the tn nt remtlU use
" Fiiultlctfft Starch. " It iiiakcx collnrs. culTs ,
thirt fronts , etc. . look llko now. All gro
cers Roll It , Uo. n
The evil conditions within UH give
us more unhapplness than the evil
conditions outsldo ot us.
r.ieiirnlon to Detroit \ lutlioVuliikMi
For the Y. P. S. C. 12. Convention
July Cth to 10th all lines will sell
tickets on July 3rd , Ith and Gth vl.i the
Wnbash , the short line from Chicago
cage or St. Ixxils to Detroit. 3lda
trips to Niagara Falls , Toronto , Mon
treal , Macklnac and many other pjlntt
at a very low rate via Lake or Hal' '
have been arranged. Parties contem
plating a trip east should call on or
wrlto for rates and folders giving list
of side trips , etc. , also beautiful souve
nir entitled "Lake and Sea. "
Room 302 Knrbueh Ulk. ,
Omaha , Nob.
In the matrimonial game a base ball
player Isn't always a good catch.
The Wciiorn Mercantile Co. of Omaha
nro soiling tliu liost nihiil or xtaiuliird twlno
Ho , iiuuiilii tlljo. delivered ut Onitilm. Snt-
Isfnotluu gimrimtcod or inonoy rofimdod ,
Send In your onion , buforu It Is too Into.
Poverty must bo n crime at leajt
it is punishable by hard labor.
$118 buys now upright piano. Schmol-
lor & Mueller , 1813 Farnam St. , Omaha ,
About two-thirds of the men who
call at your office on business want
some of your money either directly or
Cut ItiUcH on All ltull\\iiH I * . II. I'lillliln
Ticket Broker , 1505 Fnrnum , Omaha.
Little men measure themselves by
each other ; great men by the golden
rule. , .
An I < mu Iiui'MlUiii.
? -"i KkJT Tfc = O\ \
M. R. Swan , of Manilla , Iowa , has
Just obtained a patent for n breastpin
Including Admiral Dowey's picture.
This pin Is now being manufactured ,
nnd is known as the Dewey pin. The
patent was obtained through G. W.
Sues & Co. , Patent Lawyers , Omaha ,
Nebr. , who will mall a free book on
patents to anyone writing for the
Gen. A. S. Klmball , Depot Quarter
master of the U. S. Army , In Now
York city , has sent to Lynmn Me-
Carty , Assistant General Passenger
Agent of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail
road In Now York , n letter of tlmnka
for the prompt movement of troops
that were ticketed over the Baltimore
& Ohio Railroad during the past year.
Ho says that many of these movements
were made on short notice and his do-
partmcnt had too frequently to rely
upon Insufficient nnd sometimes Inac
curate data. Ho realized that under
auch circumstances the company was
placed in an embarrassing poultlon and
the extraordinary t-fforts made by the
line to give satisfaction In every re
spect merited and received his fullest
appreciation.I .
I ' " -
There Is nothing In the world moro
sensational than the plain unvarnished
Tlio payments of n dlvldont of ono-
fifth of 1 per rent to the creditor * of
.ho Iron Hall winds up n failure which
involved tifl.OOO members , ucnttcrod
through more tlinu 20 states , When a
receiver was appointed It was found
Mint thn liabilities ot the order were
{ 5,100,000. Altogthor $2,000,000 1ms
iiooii collected , and paid to creditors ,
leaving n permanent deficit of $3,100-
It In alleged that a London money
lender him n .CfiOO note which ho lends
to aristocratic brides to ho exhibited
no n wedding gift along with other
Kmn.0 , from a literary point of view ,
consists In having people know you
liiivu written a lot of things they
ha ven I1 read.
IblB nuieh oaBlor to form a now hab
it than It IB to re-form an old one.
A Story of Sterility ,
[ LITTER TO IIRS. rlNXHAU NO. 69,166 ]
"DitAii Mns. PmuiiAM Two yeava
npo 1 began having such dull , heavy
dragging pains In my back , menses
were profuse and painful , and was
troubled was leucorrha'n. I toolc
patent medicines and consulted a phy
sician , but received no benefit and
could not become pregnant. Seeing
ono of your books , I wrolo to you tell
ing you my troubles and asking for
ndvlcc. You answered my letter
promptly and I followed the directions
faithfully , and derlvi-d so much benellb
that I cannot prniso Lydln B. 1'lnh-
haUI'H Vegetable Compound enough.
I now Und mybolf pregnant and have
begun its use again. 1 cannot pralso
it enough. " MHB. CoiiAGiLBON , YATEB ,
MAMBTEI : , Micii.
"Your Mcillclno Worked Wonder * . "
" I had been sick ever since my mar
riage , seven yearn jkgo ; have given
birth to four children , and had two
miscarriages. I had fulling of womb ,
leucorrhoun , pains In buck and legs ;
dyspepsia and a nervous trembling of
the stomach. Now 1 have none of these
troubles and can enjoy my life * Your
medicine has worked wonders for
W.N.U. OMAHA. No. 24-1699
$5 to $25 None Higher.
Bicycles Sent C.O.D.
With privilege of rxiiiiiltmtlon.
HALL'S SAFES , now mill second hand.
Wrlto for imrtleulnrs.
ti. .1. maimiiT & co. ,
111(1 ( riirtmin St . Uiunlia. Nob.
Highest rnsti
prlcoimld for
Robert Purvli ,
Omnlin. r ,
Bend lor U nml prlcen. KulklilUliod 1870 ,
Cnrrlaso Co. sliow the
DRUMMOND Itxrui'st Kssorlinunt of Una
81 u n li o i > u H , Kumibout * ,
I'lmctoni , Surroyn. 4ul \ 0 pnmclifter lliicklio rdi
In thf city of Oiimlia. Si'cum ! hand tmrgalni lu city
veiilclpi. Cull mill look over our Mirlt'tjr. ElgU *
tccutli unil llarury itrccln , opp. Court Home.
WANWI ) . Kly irn. Hhlp to
( i \V Irlirn .V Co , CommlH-
slnn Mcrrlmnls , 120" llowunl
ht. , Oimiim , Noli All Itliula
of Prod licit sold at best inur-
lu'l pilco. Returns dully.
lonu. U will ho wortli ilollnrx to } ou nil U will
Jit'nl quickly nnil wltlioulflinnuiycut , wountl , Here ,
nicer , tctlir , ccrcnm , noio tliroiil , torn < 'ju . ro-
tnrrli , Icm-nrrliirn , | > llm , or other dUontoof too Rltla ,
tu'nlp , or luucotiH iiitmibriint * . on limn or henst. Nul n
* > n | > or ointment , tint a nootliliiic , lienllnir Intlnni the
nrrntfut lieiillnK nKeiit yit illu-ovpinl. Iiifnlllhlo for
who cutH , hiitMlo itnllH. imHtliifiv , thriifth. iirfiiHo heel ,
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Ohimlod Co. , Omthi , Nab.or OB Murriy SI. , New Vork.
BAILEY , Leading Lentlit ,
teth and Kariiam Ht . , OUAIIA.
Flneit work , loweit prlcci
Tec til extracted without ptln.
Dr. Kay's Renovator , ,
Bin , consUlKttlon , liver anil UldneydlscuRCH.bll-
UouHiiuHs , licailacbu , utc. At tlrueulhta 5o & KU
WANTKD-Cnso of Ima Hetim tlmt ll-M'-A-N-S
will not licnuflt. hriul & cento In Ulpnni Chemical
Co. . New York , for 1U Bumplei auJ 1,000 tcettuiuululi.
Bend for Illuitmled ciunlo
/f /
Barber School The llnrbcr'i Trade thoroughly
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\ Choinless , $75 H Hartfords , - - $35
S Columbia Chain , 50 I' ' Vedettes , - - $25 , 26
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