Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 18, 1899, Image 3

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'The News Briefly Told , 2
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Dr. Lambert Russell died at Barro.
Mass. , of mumps , aged 90 years. Ho
was the oldest Harvard graduate.
The powder mill plant of the Potts-
vllle ( Pa. ) Water company , located In
the Indian Run valley , destroyed elgh-
teen tons of powder.
The condition of Tim Murphy , the
comedian , Is alarming. His tempera
ture is 102 nnd his lungs nro much
sorer. A Chicago physician has been
telegraphed for.
Ezra F. Merrill , aged 7-1 years , pro
prietor of the chutes and toboggan
slides at Coney Island nnd a reputed
millionaire , died from the effects of an
accident ho met with on Wednesday
last , on ono of the slides.
The proclamation recently Issued by
Governor Stephens , In which the rules
governing the inspection and admis
sion of southern cattle In MlssourJ are
prescribed , has caused som < 3 uneasiness
among the Hvo stock commission men
at the stock yards.
The United States Plate Glass com
pany , capital $1,000,000. was Incorpor
ated at Trenton , N. J. , to manufacture
glass of all kinds. The Incorporators
are William II. Brearley , Frederick B.
Hyde , Kenneth McLaren , all of Jersey
The minister of war , Lieutenant
General Polavleju , has received a dis
patch from General Rlos , Spain's prin
cipal military 'representative ' In the
Philippines , announcing the sailing
from Manila for Spain of the Danish
steamer Catalunt with Spanish troops.
The minister of war , Lieutenant
General Pollvieja , has received a dis
patch from General Rios , Spain's
principal military representative in the
Philippines , announcing the sailing
from Manila for Spain of the Spanish
steamer Cataluna , with Spanish
Dr. W. D. Storer of Chicago , who
was called to Oshkosh , Wls. , to attend
Tim Murphy , the comedian , said that
he entertained hopes for Mr. Murphy's
recovery , although the patient's con
dition is critical from a relapse. The
doctor found on arrival that aside
from pneumonia , pleurisy had devel
Ltile Nunez Rivera , ex-premier of
the Brooke cabinet in Porto Rico and
representing the planters' Interests ,
called on President McKinley and dis
cussed economic conditions on the is
land. Ho urged as necessary to save
the planters' industry , In view of the
crisis through which Porto Rico is
passing , the necessity of giving Porto
Rlcan planters the right to enjoy all
the trading privileges that other
Americans enjoy.
John Buehler , president of the Gar
Jen City Banking and Trust company ,
Chicago , has died of cancer.
An American syndicate has secured
the electric lgi..cing franchise at
Puerto Principe , Cuba , for $70,00j.
President Edwin Gould , Continental
Match company , denies any coalition
_ y 01 his company with the Diamond
7 people.
An American syndicate has bought
18,000 acres of land in Puerto Principe
province , Cuba , and will erect a sugar
An attachment for ? 1,750 has been
issued In New York against the Rail
road Equipment company in favor ol
Levltn & Co. , on bonds.
The Hamburg-American and Furness
steamship lines have agreed on the
Montreal traffic being controlled on the
American side by the former line.
The ? G8,000,000 of sliver now in the
Philadelphia mint will bo transform
Immediately to the new mint ; G80
wagon loads of three tons each.
The wage committee will meet a
Plttsburg , Pa. , Thursday to compile
the scale for 80.000 skilled workmen
and a demand for n raise Is expected
It Is reported at New York that T
G. Shaughnessy , vice president of the
Canadian Pacific , will succeed the
president , Sir William Van Home
this week.
Owing to the prevailing conditions
Cuban planters are unable to obtain
loans on their lands , cannot sell them
except at a great sacrifice , and ar
consequently starving.
President McKinley has dlrectet
that the customs receipts at Havana
bo deposited at the bank of the North
American Trust company , established
at Havana , thereby giving that banl
a $2,000,000 deposit.
James S. Lynch of Company C
Ninth United States Infantry , reportei
among the dead at Manila , was a son
of James Lynch of Syracuse , N. Y.
nnd 21 years old. Ho enlisted las
July. Corporal William L. Higgin
and Private Harris W. Mallory o
Company B , Ninth Infantry , wore re
spectively of Watertown and Camdcu ,
N. Y.
A dispatch from Manila was re
ceived In Washington asking that the
Nebraska troops be removed from the
firing line , in view of the fact that
there were but 375 active men out of
some 1,400 that had gone to the Phil
ippines over a year ago. This appli
cation was made to General Otis , who
has full authority to relieve the regi
ment from active service at his dis
General Otis reports to the war de
partment that the transport Pucbla
left Manila for San Francisco on ho
7th inst. , and that the Zealandia left t
Augustus an Buren , for many years
one of the foremost criminal lawyers
of Chicago and the state , -died of apoplexy
plexy , aged CO. His father was a cous
in of President Martin Van Buren.
Major John A. Logan , assistant ad
jutant general , U. S. V. , now in Wasu
ington on leave of absence , nas been i
ordered to Atlanta , Ga. , for duty as
adjutant general of the department t
of the gulf.
The Missouri house adopted the sen
ate amendments to the state depart
ment store bill and passed the bill as
amended. The bill levies a license tax
on firms carrying more than one of f
sSventy-thrpe classes of goods as clas
sified in the bill , of from $300 to $503.
The bill applies to firms in St. Louis ,
Kansas City and St. Joseph. It goes
to the governor for his signature.
News received at Chicago yes-
erday that n strong movement Is
arming In the west to Induce Admiral
Jewey to make his entry Into the
Jnltcd States next month through.
San Francisco.
\Vri1n cmlny.
Steve manufacturers are In session
at Cincinnati and expect to form a
rust before adjournment.
A New York syndicate has acquired
he Edison Electric Illuminating com-
) any's plant , Hazleton , Pa.
August Brcntano of the bookselling
firm of Brentano Bros. , New York , died
at a private sanitarium In Flushing.
j. I. , aged 43 years. He was flcclared
nsano several months ago and It Is
said the business troubles of the firm ,
which failed recently , caused his
The secretary of war received a cable
message from General Otis nt Manila ,
saying that It Is Inadvisable on ac
count of sanitary conditions to send to
the United States the bodies of any
more of the troops who lost their lives
in the Philippines until after the close
of the rainy season.
Secretary Hay and the French am
bassador had a talk relative to the re
lease of Spanish prisoners held by the
Filipinos , nnd the belief prevails on
both sides that the French embassy
will not act further for Spain , as Due
d'Areas will bo hero on the 20th Inst. ,
prepared to speak directly for Spain.
The steamer Ilumboldt has been
chartered for the transportation of
troops to Alaska. She will sail May
15 with fifteen soldiers and two officers
o the Twenty-fourth infantry and
about thirty tons of freight. The Four
teenth Infantry troops , now In Alaska ,
will be returned on the Humbol'dt.
PresldentMcKlnlcy purposes to make
a tour of the west during his summer
vacation. Arrangements for the trip
have not been perfected , but It Is un
derstood that he will go to San Fran
cisco by the South Pacific route and re
turn over the Northern Pacific. Ho
will leave about the middle of July
and bo gone probably six weeks.
The Illinois board of agriculture 1s-
ssued a bulletin stating that of the 2-
039,000 acres of winter wheat seeded
last fall 51 per cent was winter killed
or so badly Injured that it will have to
bo plowed up , leaving 1,000,800 acres
for harvest. These figures differ con
siderably from the government report ,
which gives 701,000 as the reduction In
acreage in this state.
Senator Fairbanks of Indiana will
sail for Alaska about June 10 , to make
Investigation of the Alaska boundary
The Washington oap.i' . delegation
has not yet been advised of the as
sembling of the consistory at Remote
to nominate ten cardinals.
Ex-President Harrison has accepted
the place of honorable president of the
general committee of the ecumenical
conference on foreign missions.
The treasury department denies a
sensational story published In the east
that counterfeiting has been going on
in the basement of the treasury build
The L'tiblness Mon's Republican
league of Pennsylvania challenged ex-
Senator Quay to run for state treasur
er this fall , to test his statement that
the people want him ai the head of
Pennsylvania politics.
The remains of Colonel H. C. Eg
bert , which arrived in Washington
from Manila , were interred at Arling
ton cemetery with military honors. All
the available troops In the vicinity of
Washington were ordered out by the
war department and many distinguish
ed army officers were in attendance
upon the funeral exercises.
A majority of the senate committee
on taxation In the Michigan legislature
reported the Wagar bill , which is de
signed to take the place of the Pln-
gree-Atklnson railway taxation bill
the principles of which were declared
unconstitutional by the supremecourt.
The Wngar bill incr.-ascs the taxes 01 :
the railroad earnings about $100,000
per year r.bcvo the c mounts now col
There will undoubtedly bo an extra
session of the New York legislature Tor
the double purpose of amending the
Ford franchise tax bill and passing
over the veto of the mayor of New
York the rapid transit bill. It is un
derstood that the governor will sign
the Ford bill , and at'er ticning it wil
call an extra session of the legisla
ture for 'be purple ' . rmending tlv
bill so as to put It in the hands of a
state board for administration , In or
der to have an equitable arrangemen
of taxation , instead of different con
structlons of It In various portions o
the state.
At the request of the president General
oral Amerlcus V. Rico of Lima , O.
will bo appointed purchasing agent o
the census bureau.
The United Presbyterian missionary
convention adopted resolutions a
Newcastle , Pa. , against the seating o
Congressman-elect Roberts of Utah.
A special from Eagle Pass , Tex.
says : News received today from th
Hondo coal mines places the dead re
suiting from last night's tornado a
22 and over 100 wounded. Many per
sous are still missing and probably in
the ruins.
Judge Kimball decided that the sale
of liquors on Sunday In Washington
hotels was legal under the act of 1893 ,
which he holds was not repealed by
the law passed by the last congress
prohibiting such sale.
The National Federation of Miners
on April 1C issued orders for a general
strike in the four coal mining districts
of Belgium to enforce a demand for
an increase of wages. The strike
resulted in the closing of a great many
factories in Belgium on account of the
lack of coal. Between -10,000 and
50,000 workmen have been Idle on
account of this strlko
The Idas of true love sounds
Like a zephyrs sough , 'tis said ,
And not like a clapboard rudely ripped
From the side of an empty shed.
Detroit Journal.
"Tho way to sleep , " said tl'o sci
entist. "Is to think of nothing. " But
this Is a mistake. The way to sleep Is
tti think It Is time to got up. Tid-
Commodore Gerry , owner of the
Windsor hotel , has suits piled up
ngnlnst him to the tune of $12,000,000 ,
the plaintiffs being the relatives of
those who perished In the Windsor fire ,
George Huff , of Portland , Ind. , claims
to have discovered a new gas which Is
suitable for use as fuel or for Illumi
nating purposes , nnd which costs very
llttlo to manufacture. He says that
water and nir are the only Ingredients
used , nnd that the results are obtain
ed by compressing the nlr and forcing
It through water ,
A curious phase of the concert sea
son In London IB noted by Mr. La-
bouchero In Truth. For the last week
In April and first week in May no less
than seventy concerts wore announced
which might be called public. Then
there Is a class of concerts In which
the performer or singer pays for an
appearance as assistant to the prin
cipal artist. The most lucrative of
nil the concerts are those given by
rich hostesses , newly created million
aires , and aspirants to social position.
Prof. David Starr Jordan having
repeated in a lecture story that one of
the peace commissioners at n banquet
in Paris was guilty of expectorating
tobacco Juice on the floor. Mrs. Wil
liam P. Frye , wife of the senator , has
written a sharp open letter to the pro
fessor , denouncing the report as a
"vulgar story , which has not oven the
merit of freshness or the appearance
of truth. " Then she proceeds to show
that none of the peace commissioners
chows tobacco and that none of them
attended a banquet while abroad.
There Is now in Philadelphia a
Buddhist temple as complete in every
essential detail as any of the shrines
of Buddha in the far countries of the
Orient. It was put together by Pro
fessor Maxwell Sommervllle , of the de
partment of archaelogy and Paleon
tology of the university of Pennsylva
nia , and occupies a portion of the new
archaeological building. Professor
Sommerville collected all the material
from which the temple was constructed
while on a recent tour of the world ,
buying the Idols and all the objects of
worship and religious rites from the
priests of Buddhist temples In China ,
Japan , Corea , India , Siam and Bur-
In a description of the marvelous
products of a Tennessee boom town ,
a lady eulogist , quoted by'the court
In a recent case , said : "As to straw
berries , I heard the Hon. Benton Mc-
Mlllln remark at a dinner that 'two
wouldn't leave room In a tumbler for
a stick ! ' " On this the court said :
"By way of annotation , wo might add
that the full significance of the remark
of the Hon. Benton McMlllln might
not bo appreciated by the uninitiated ,
who might wonder what connection
there could be between strawberries
In n tumbler and a stick. The Infer
ence that we draw from the remark ,
evidently made with pardonable pride
by Mr. McMIllin , is that mint is also
Indigenous to that locality , nnd , in
deed , we could conceive that , with the
proper proportions , one strawberry
and a stick would have been suffi
cient. '
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Probably nothing hurts a man's van
ity more than the discovery that some
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Whisky glasses are not spectacles ,
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depositor , but It may cause him to
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Although the gas meter never falls
to register , it isn't allowed to vote.
lieu are of Fruml
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Truth lies at the bottom of the well
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Tlirtlp 4)11.
A sealing ontliri'tlc for cuu , burns and wound s.
Vrobably nothing stirs up a wo-
mai's temper more than callerti on
Lots of animated thinkers are poor
London coroners nrc sticklers for
their rights. A box held at a railroad
station recently , owing to the railroad
olllclala having lost the waybill , was
opened , though It was consigned to a
Hamburg museum , and the body of a
young woman nnd two skulls were
found Inside. The young woman was
a mummied Peruvian and the skulls
were prehistoric , yet the coroner of the
district Insisted on holding Inquests on
both mummy and skulls unless the
museum people would have them re
Women seldom live to bo 100 years
old ; they linger around 30 too long.
No Mom "Ordinary" Hlcopers.
Some time ago the Pullman Com
pany , as an experimental measure , In
troduced "Ordinary" sleeping car ser-
vlco on the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road between Baltimore nnd Newark ,
and Plttsburg and Chicago. The re
sults to the Railroad Company were
. 'cry gratifying , but subsequently It
was ascertained the Pullman Compn > '
ivas not In position to furnish this
slass of equipment to all roads oper
ating Pullman cars east of Chicago
and St. Louis , and to allay any friction
that might result from this Inequality
of service , the Pullman Company re
quested the Baltimore nnd Ohio Rail
road to resume the standard cars pre
viously in service , which will bo done
commencing April 10.
U. S. I'u tout Oilier
Patents are granted for inventions
In many instances that have never
been tested , but are theoretically oper
ative and practical. In a recent deci
sion by Judge Morris In the court of
appeals of the District of Columbia
occurs the following :
"There Is a great difference between
InoppratlvenesB and imperfection. It
is well known that many Inventions
wore extremely crude In their Incep
tion , and It Is not always easy to rec
ognize the original conception In the
perfected device. "
As a rule Inventions nro not born
perfect and the evolution of Important
Inventions and Industries Is hlghb
Interesting. Where two or more In
ventions contribute to the pcrfcctloi
of n machine or art each has rights
that will be respected by the courts
The following Is one of the claims
allowed to C. II. Connelly of Fort
Madison , la. , for a combined loci ; and
seal In which a key cannot enter the
lock without breaking the fragile seal :
A lock casing , a Jntch-bolt therein , aleck
lock bolt engaging said latch-bolt , a
seal box within the casing engaged
by the lock-bolt and a seal In said
seal box registering with the key hole
of the loclc casing.
Printed matter containing interestIng -
Ing information sent free-
Solicitors of Patents.
Des Mollies , la. , May C , 1890.
Dr. John Duncan Quackenbos , emer
itus professor of Columbia university ,
asserts that hypnotism may be em
ployed not only to alleviate pain In
some cases which he thinks Is about
all there Is to Christian science but
that It may also be used to reform
criminals and to remove criminal
tendencies through "suggestion. " Ho
instances some cases where he has
ouruil buya of the coiiflrmeil habit of
cigarette smoking by this method.
500,000 , FAMILIES
W. II. 3. Williams , publisher of The
Farmers' Industrial Union , In a recent
letter to Dr. Hartnmn says : "I have
used Po-ru-na as a family medicine for
several years. I find it of especial use
for myself. I have had several tedious
spells with systemic catarrh and before
using Pe-ru-na I had tried several
Mr. W. II. D. Williams. Columbus , O.
other remedies with little or no suc
cess. Hut in Pc-ru-na 1 found a prompt
and sure cure. I always keep the
remedy which promptly relieves any
attack of the same malady.
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A coffee house should itmko n man
rich , declares Victor Smith In the Now
York Press. The lineal Satitos can be
bought for ID cents a pound , Marncal-
DO for 25 and Mandholltig Java for 33.
The largest donil tasso In the city ios-
taurant holds a trlllo less than two
ounces of the beverage ; but suppose wo
call It two. That would give us six
ty-four half cups to the gallon , or 123
to two gallons. One pound of berries
roasted and ground will make easily
two gallons of drink , and nt 10 cents
a cup the prollt Is anywhere between
$12.47 and $12.01 per pound , or about
4,300 per cent.
"OMEN are assailed at every turn by troubles peculiar I
to their sex. Every mysterious ache or pain is a
symptom. These distressing sensations will keep
on coming unless properly treated.
The history of neglect is written in the worn faces and
wasted figures of nine-
tcnths of our women ,
every ono of whom may
receive the invaluable ad
vice of Mrs. Pinklmm ,
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Miss LULA EVANS , of
Pnrkcrsburg , Iowa , writes of her recovery ns follows :
"DKAU MRS. PINKHAM I had been n constant sufferer
for nearly thrco years. Had inflammation of the womb ,
Icucorrhcea , heart trouble , bearing-down pains , backache ,
headache , ached all over , and
at times could hardly stand on
feet. My heart trouble was
so bad that some nights
I was compelled to sit
tip ni bed or get tip
and walk the floor ,
for it seemed as
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, smother. Moro
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have the doctor
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fretful. I was ut
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It Is equally as Important to bo auro
you nro wrong before backing out as
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going ahead.
What "Kiilsoiiilni'ft" Aro.
"Kalsomlnoa" are cheap temporary
preparations manufactured from
chalks , clays , whiting , etc. , and are
etude on the wall with decaying ani
mal glue They bear no comparison
with Alnlmstlnc , which Is a cement
that goes through a process of setting ,
and hardens with age. Consumers , In
buying AlubiiHtlnu , should see that the
goods are In 'packages and properly
labeled. Nothing else Is "just as
good" as Ahibastlne. The claims of
new Imitations are absurd on their
face. They cannot offer the test of
time for durability.
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sides , roll up tl lit \\ltli hosom fnsiile and
lav aside twenty minutus licfoio ironing.
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In Russia no person Is permitted to
marry after the age of eighty , and
only five marriages are permitted.
Dr. ClinrUton M. howls , ths , j\o.w
Bmll Sanfortl profemor of English tit
Ynk1 , Is the youngest ( nil professor
In the fnculty. His ago Is 33. Ho has
not boon n prolific author , hlo only
publliihod work bclnu n Ph. I ) , thoalu
In 139S on "Foreign Sources of Modern
English Verification , with Special
Uefcrqnco to the So-Culled Iambic
Lines of Klght nnd Ton Syllables1 ;
published both In this country and In
Throughout the world there are C72
known volcanoes , 270 of which are ac"-
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Missionary and S. S. Evangelist , Christian Church.
It is a perfect renovator of the whole system. It is the very best remedy
" ' * ' > * known for stomach troubles , Indigestion , dyspepsia , catarrh of the & .
stomach , conBtipatlon , aleolivcr nnd kidney troubles , nnd to overcome ellects of Lu-Grippo nml SIMUNQ lassi-
tude. It is an excellent Nerve Tonie. Send for free sample and a free ilhiBtratec. 110 page hook of receipts
etc. . nml send your svmptoms and we will give you free advice. If druggists don't huvo Dr. Kay's Renovator
don't take any bubstftute they may say Is "just as good , "for it has no equal ; but send direct to us and wo
will scud It by return mall prepaid. Price li/iots. / , and 81.00 or sx | for 85.00. Also Dr. Kay's Lung .Balm
lOcts. , and 25ctH. , postage prepaid , Dit. B , J. KAY McoiCAb Co. , Saratoga Springs , N. Y.