Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 30, 1899, Image 4

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1 i Closing Sale !
' CD
S )
! j fl
I Bill Owing to the death of Mr. J. { $
. SalislDury , the firm of T , M. |
y d & J. W. Salisbury will sell its |
stock of Dry Goods , Clothing , |
Boots and Shoes at very reduced | j
prices. These goods must "be- sold |
and the store closed. | j
T , M , & J , W , SALISBURY. |
S. W. Corner Public Square. |
a ? Sar :
Oto ,
Published erery TbariiUy At the Co only Beat.
SI.rAMHUI-.KKV , Keillor
rOfflco in Canter lllock , Fourth ATO.-C *
Kntered ot Iho poptofflce at Broken How , Web ,
M lecood cUm mttlor , for transmliilou through
tut U. 8. mulls.
no tear , In iwlvnnco fl.Ou
THURSDAY , MARCH. 30 , 1801) .
ForMfcyor . KU ROTSB
ForClcrk . K.l . PICKKTT
For Treu'ircr . , .H. Q. ROOBI13
PorUnRlnoer . E. F. UcOLUHK
Pint Ward . J , &I. KIMBICRLIKQ
Second Ward . J. W. DUOOK
Third Ward . A II. nUalfHHKY
For Llceuto .
Vole the ropublioan ticket
Hlraignt next Tuesday and you will
never have cause to rogrol it.
II. G. Rogers is the man for city
treasurer , and if the voters do their
duly ho will bo olootod next Tues
day by a good majority.
How many of the professional
gamblers and toughs do you know
of Unit are supporting thu republi
can nominees ? Not ono. Do you
A. vote for R I ) . Picket for oity
olork will bo a vote for a worthy
young man , and ono whono rooorda
will be kopl in line shape and oor
While the railroads are on Iho
move why not Broken Bow make
an attempt to secure an extension
of the U. P. road from Loup Oily
to this city ?
Is it not about time there was a
change in the oftioo of oity treasur
er ? If not , give the present in
oumbent a life lease , and put a atop
to further agitation.
No one in the oity ia bettor qual-
ih'od to fill the position of council
man than A. R. Humphrgy of the
third ward. There should bo no
question of his election , His reo
ord ou the board the past year
merits his return.
It is rumored that the U. f. rail
road company is at work west of
Loup City coming in a westernly
direction , but wo doubt it. If the
citizens of this oity want the U. P.
ro&d they will have to put forth an
effort to secure it.
There is no man in the second
ward more deserving of a unani.
DIOUB support than J. W. Bruce for
councilman. He is one of the most
highly respected cituens of the
oity , and highly competent ( o fill
the position , If elected th'u will of
\\\o \ people will Pftva his support ,
If tlioao whoa a appetites for
liquor lian got beyond their control
or the women and children who
suffer from the intemperance of the
husbands and father , had the ques
tion oHmloon license to settle the
the vote would bo unanimoui
against license.
In tha event lioorieo should Carry
Ed Royoe is the man to see that
saloons should run as near as poisi-
blo in compliance with law. He
does not patroniio the saloons and
is not in league with thorn. He is
in a position to demand that laws
shall bo enforced whether license erne
no license , and for that reason
every law abiding citizen should
give him their support.
How would It do to make the domo-
cratlo ticket liryau und Aguin&ldo ?
The latter will evidently bo In barmony
with that party on the question of our
occupancy of the L'bilipijlnoa , and could
swallow 10 to 1 , Wauhlngton Press.
That would do if it waf not that
General Otis will huvo Aguinaldo
marked for the undertaker now in
a very few days , unless ho surren
ders. As a dead party should have
at least one live candidate , neither
of them will bo available in 1900 , if
Bryan continues his suicidal course
in which ho is now engaged.
"Anti gambling" is the cry of
the "Citizens convention" , and they
"deplore" what the present ad
ministration has done The republicans
cans have stated what they will do
with this evil in their platform , and
it is a notioablo fact that the "GitU
r.enii" have adopted the same plat
form , plank for plank , with the
pledge loft out , but to make
it look different liavo changed the
arrangement and claim it us orig
inal. The platforms of the two
tickets being the same , the only
question is which set of candidates
comes the nearest , as individuals'in
private life , and in practice , to
conforming to the platforms adopt
ed. Mr. Royoo has been a citizen
of the oity for fifteen yea . His
record is an open book , read it and
judge for } oursulf.
Wo appeal to the voters who
want to BOO the laws rf our oity enforced
forced to compare the nominees on
the two tickets and judge which
will be the most likely to enforce
the laws against boot loging should
liconao bo defeated. Mr. Royce ,
the ropublioan nominee , is ao well
known that no one will question
that ho will live up to the pledges
of his party. In aooopting the
nomination ho personally pledged
hirnsolf , if elected , to use his en
deavors to see that Uw was enforc
ed and that the spirit of the resolu
tions aaoptod by the republicans
Wore carried out , Can the oandi-
date on the demo-pop ticket en
force the laws when hu is compell
ed to solicit thu support of the dis >
loyal to scouro his olectiou. "Bo
careful how you east your ballot. "
License or no license i the ques
tion now being carefully oonsiaer-
ed by the voters of the oity. Both
parties t ave submitted the question
to the rote of the people and are
pledged to be governed by the
majority vote. The usual argn.
mante , pro and con , are being advo
cated. The evil arising from the
triio ( IH goneially .ulmitleil , but
HOHIO : trn inclined to I i const ) the
liquor Initio soluly from the 11101103
oonaid'-rntinn. Thin , wo regard , is
thu most untenable grounds intel
ligent people can ukc. If the
btitiineaH is wrong no amount of
money paid for the privilege of
engaging it it can tuako it right.
If wrong , those who vote for lioonpo
commit. .1 greater wrong than thono
who nnKftgo in the t ratio , an they
then become our local aironta.
The Chief in its last issue , in itn
iiHtnl insinuating way'attacks the
city administration under rupubli
oin oflicialH , during the pant two
yearn. A statement of Iho city's
financial condition easily shows the
falacy of the Chief's statements.
The republicans , when they as
sumed control of the oity affairs in
May , 1897 , found that they had in
herited some $1,100 of debts of
other adiniiiist re-lions , reaching
back to the year 1803 , and immedi
ately commenced the ta.s * of pay
ing of the accumulated debts of
other administrations , and running
the business of the oily in such a
manner as to prevent the accumu
lation of other dobts. How well
they have done this the report of
W. D. Blaokwcll , city treasurer ,
made to the council last Thursday
night , answers. It is as follows :
'IS Oaah on hnnd.uonn Warrants 0' d'n$305
'U4 > and on hand.$1.82 OaUUad'K war. $3500
'B5-Caah on hand.none No warrants
'td-Onih on haucl.J2 00 Outstnud'g war. , $15.00
97Cagh on ban ' ,81,1.81 Outst&nd'g wn$70 00
'OS-Tarea da Feb.1,00 Outetanil'i ; war. , 78.00
6rrioBii'fl roND.
' 04-Oaah onh'd..945.31 Mowarranta.
' 08-Xo cuali. No narrauts.
' 00-Caah on hd..l30 82 Ontitand'g war , ItU.OO
' 07-Cftih on hd.$18.93 No warrants.
'B8-CiisUon bd.$150.91 No warrants.
' 94-Caau on hd . ? 2l. < ft No worranU.
' 115-Nocaeh. No warrant * .
' 00-Caoh on hd . . .fiSc Ontttand'gvrar . (4500
'OT-Canli on lid . JJ.38 Outitaud'g war.$55.00
' 08Taiea duo Feb.1,99 Ontetand'g Ttar.JQlB 45
'OS-Caition band _ $ (43 ca
' 91-Caihon hand $168.51
' 98.De ta of 1888 } Warrants M6500
By investigating the oity clerk's
records we find that to
this last item must be added
aeveral claims where no provision
has been made for payment , am
ounting to nearly $300 , making a
total debt of $1,105 coming down
from former administrations , which
will in the next year be paid. The
republican officials of our oity
therefore have run the affiirs of the
oity for two years , and now have a
cash balance of nearly $500 on
hand ; and adding to this cash on
hand the undrawn portion of the
eighty-five per cent of the levy the
law gives thorn a right to dra/
against , amounting to about $200 ,
it will permit this administration
to pay off all debit it has incurred ,
and still have about $700 available
funds in their hands at the end of
their terms , of which more than
half will be spot cash , The two
heavy Horns of liabilities in the
above report are $278 in street and
bridge fund of 1898 , and $24545
general fund of 1808. These war
rants are drawn against 85 per eont
of the levy for 1808 , and the taxes
for their payment have just fallen
due. It is probable that before the
end of the prosout officers' terms
they will bo paid. The oity there
fore has not run behind for the past
two years. Debts have not been
contracted nor permitted to accum
ulate beyond the city's ability to
pay. The affairs of the city have
been reduced to a cash basis , and
no one who has labored for the oity
has had to wait for his pay. It
needed junt such an administration
as the republicans have given us to
got the affairs of the city in shape.
We are now pa > ing our debts as wo
go , end credit is duo to Mayor
Graham and Clerk Moore for put
ting us ou a cash bam. They
found us badly in debt and the
affairs of the oity being run with
out regard to when payment of
doblH should bo made. They
chocked extravagenou and put ut
on the light track.BO that our in
come can moat our obligations , and
leave us a nest egg of $000 or $700
to turn over to our successors in
office , in lieu of $1,100 unpaid bills ,
And it will bo a hard matter for
the Chief to find a taxpayer in town
who does not endorse the r-form
made by republican officials in the
financial management of city affairs.
The republican tiokat is composed
of ncn who balieve in good city
government , and ara pledged to use
their ufl'ort to see that [ law and
order in maintained , Every leveret
ot good order will have no hosilanry
in easting their ballot for the
straight republican ticket.
Resolutions Adopted bj the Kepucllruni.
I'hu republicans of Iho onot Broken
II > vv In convention assembled hereby
cluolaro the following ns the basis for
our city udui'nlatrntlon for the ensuing
your , viz :
1st. Wo demand a strictly honest and
economical ( ultnloUtratlon of the ( loan-
clnl nffnira of our oity , to the end that
t * o revenues derived from the sources of
tnxatlon ( hall p&y the running expenses
of the city government.
! 2il. We drmnnd that the public parks
and .streets iiud avenues of the i-ity , and
uppcelnlly the sidewalks of Iho city ,
shall ho improved nod maintained In us
good repMr na the llnnncrs of the oity
will .allow.
3d. Wo endorse the enterprise of our
citizens In nrrniiKing to establish a tel
ephone exchange , which will bring nil
the citloa and towns of our county Into
closer business relations with ono an-
l'h. We nro In favor of an electrical
lighting system for our city on the most
feasible economics ! plan nvnilublo.
full Wu nro in favor ot submitting
the license question to the voters ot the
ally , with the understanding that the
will of the majority of the voter ? , ne ex-
preyed at the ballot box , shall be abso
lutely enforced.
6tli. Whereas , Gambling Is an evi
und pernicious habit , and especially in
jurious to and dentruotivo of , the busi
ness ability of the young men of our
oily , corrupting their morals and en
couraging dishonesty ; therefore
Keeolvcd , That w demand a strict
and rigid enforcement of the null gam
bllug ordinances of the oity nnd the
statutPB of the state g vornlug the name ,
and wo hereby pledge the nominees of
IhU convention to use all means withiu
their power to absolutely prevent gam
bling und root out this evil.
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