Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 30, 1899, Image 1

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, , MARCH 30,1899--EIGHT PAGES , NO 38
New Line of Spring Goods
Just Received at
We have Special Bargains
] j six days In the week.
Our Stock Is complete and up-
Prices the best In the city.
Call and "be " convinced.
l ' 'r
* *
. ,
Mi % * K& . - : : . MWiSTO ' . . . : . . . : . - . Kiv..i.v.1.'e. . : ' : . : ' . ! " . : . . . . " - . -i./.i. * . ; : l iCiiV.lft.V/i ; / : % le > i. > ; V.IuavV2 ; Vv : ! > A ! . > * L-
$ ® My Wheels Are Here and so | ijw
M Mi * Are mjr Sundries. 1 SSi i'r
$ g
Lot me quote } 0u Ris . :
m A'-- : ? :
J !
ftr1 . : .
j.- *
fee S itl' * tiaploftr1
$ tt
1 ttK il
1 -AT- * K
1I es PSfj #
ruan and Wreght j'.ires , 28 j'ncl * 0 50 , jrM
X Ray lamp .1 75. $ ;
Tourists Ciik > ; .1.00. |
1M Sj-okop per loae - . . .25. g&
Fiber niipa per p ir 15.
1Mm Too < 'li- < . .
[ ; IK r ii r.r - 05.
TrouscrunHf. .
m p r piir 02.
vT i
u $ BroRcn , ISIetr.
A10 per cent Discount for Thirty Days Only
To irtak room for our large Spring Slock , we will give a 10 per
cent discount discount off our regular low prices on all our Hats and Shoes
Si.00 Hats go at OOc
1.50 HatH ' "
go at $1.35
2 00 Hats fjo at ; . , . . . 1.80
3 00 Hats go at . . . , . : 2.'JO
$1.00 blioos o at , f. , 9uc
1.50 Shoes go at , . $1.35
2.00 ShoPH go at , .
3 00 Shoos go at. . . , 2 70
Standard I * L. J usliu nt bo yd
On our ft,600.00 Stool ? of Huts and Shoos you save $420 by this dis
count Hale.
Do not Miss this Opportunity.
Goods all Marked in Plain Figures.
Leaders in Low Pricea. i
Local Mention.
I want potatoes. J. N , Poale.
Cannon City coal at Diorku
Lumber Co'
A good farm to rent. Call on
Mrs. A. W , Gandy. 2
Look over the advertisements in
the RKPUUMOAN for bargains.
I have potatoes for sale from 15
ots per bu. up. J. N. Poalo.
FOB RUNT : Fifty acres of corn
ground. Frank Woisonredor.
The LxnausT line of ladies and
gents watches in the county at Ed.
AloComau' .
HORSKB Eight good work horses
for sale by , S. L. Gi.ovun & SON ,
Dry Valley.
NOTICE The Library Associa
tion will moot with Mrs. II. M.
Sullivan April 5th , at 2:80. :
The latest in LADIES Bui/r
received at Ed. McComas' .
Try my evaporated fruits.
J. N. Poa'e. '
FOR SALE A six room house
barn and other improvements. For
particulars call nt this office. tf
Just received another stock of
beauties. ED. McCoMAH.
FOB RENT Good house , with
barn , etc. Euquiro at this oQice , or
at Hrry Bangs' photograph gallery.
I buy and sell com and oats.
J. N1. Pcale.
Senator Currio has our thanks
for a copy of the Nebraska blue
book , which wo received the lirst
of the week.
I bavo alfalfa and millet seed for
sale. J. N. PEA Lie.
Rev. Father Duda is the name of
the priest recently located in our
jily as pastor ot the Catholic church
: it this place.
All kinds of bulk and , package
garden seed for sale at J. N.
It H to bo seen how many voters
of Broken Bow prefer a business
man of Berwyn to one of Broken
Bow for mayor.
Fresh vegetables and fruits for
sale at J. N. I'oalo's.
M. Shanlny has sold his hardens
business to G. W. Apple. Hie
failing health compelled him to
quit the business.
Why not annex Berwyn to Bro
ken Bow , since the demo-pops are
compelled to go tnero tor suitaoie
material for mayor.
Rev. J. W. Megan returned Fri
day from Arnold , whore he has
been holding a series of meetings
the past four weeks.
Miss Lena Moore left this morning -
ing for Geneva , where she will en
ter the district oiatorical contest to
bo held there Friday night ,
O. P. Per ley shipped stonk this
week to the wholosal firm of Gil-
crist , Manna & Co. , South Omaha ,
receiving satisfactory pncen.
Lewis Proper , of Bonoparte , la. ,
arrived in the city last uiglit to visit
his son , M. A. Proper and family ,
lie will remain several months.
B O. Sweazy is in the aslern
part of the slate semiring material
for the Commercial hotel. He will
raise the hotel and otherwise- im
prove it.
iMrs , Barrett " ; has received her
first invoice of millinery. Those
wishing huts will do well to call
and examine her stock. At Merna ,
Neb. 3-30tf
The snow of last Saturday night
is still with us , and a light snow
has been falling all the morning ,
but most of it molts soon after
reaching the ground.
Editor WiBelj , of the Sargent
Commoner , made this oftK'o a
friendly visit Tuesday. He antioi-
pales a bright future for Sargent
when the rail road arrives.
Attorney Moore , while out wolf
hunting Saturday , had his ankle
broken by his liorne falling on him.
Ho IH able to be around this week
by the assistance of crutches.
We are requested to announce
that on April 1st , at 7:30 : o'clock ,
in Berwyn sotnol house , there will
bo preaching by the cowboy preach
er , Rev. L. G. Brookei , of Grand
Inland , and also preaching in the
Alien school house , live miles nonh
of Westerville , April 8th , at 7:30 :
A complete line of LAIHKB
and SILK. .
GUAUD. Call and see
them. ED
Sergeant Walter Fliok has our
thanks for two copies of Manila
papers this week. They contain
highly complimentary repoits of
the First Nebraska in the engage
ments near Manila ,
The Kui'UULiOAN acknowledges
the receipt of two Manila papers
last weak from Lieut. V , C. Talbot ,
giving a detailed account of the
engagements of Feb. 3 , 4 and 6 ,
for nhioh ho has our thanks.
Fou SALK : Best residence loca
tion in the oity , two lots , corner of
block , ' 00x112 ft. Vacant lots just
west of J. Jt Wilson's now rosi
donee , Cash purchaser will receive
a rare bargain. t ( JUD KAT.
E. W. McCorklo , brother of II.
II. MoCorklo , was doing business
in the oity the first of the wook.
This office acknowledges a friendly
call. He is traveling for Frcol
Kaufman , merchant tailoring house
of Chicago.
The Junior Society of Christian
Eudoavor will give an egg hunt at
the homo of Mrs. Hunter , on Sat
urday , April 1 , between the hours
of two o'clock and four p. m. Como
and register , and kcopall the Easter
eggs you find. Price , 15 cents.
The Broken Bow Dramatic Co.
will present the "Gold King" at
An&loy tomorrow night. It is one
of the bent plays the company ever
prosento ) to a Broken Bow audi
ence , and wo can assure our Aueloy
friends they will be well pleased.
Remember the Methodist people j
havii services in the Hartley store
room next Sunday. Theme ot
morning sermon , "Tho Resurrection
of Christ. " Evening text , "Am I
My Brolhar'o Keeper ? " Theme ,
"Oar greatest duty in the present
city election. "
A. II. Copsey , one of the pros
perous farnmri * \Vc6torvilleoallod
Tuesday to inquire of the latest
rrpnrls on the wcathor , but as our
weather prophet was out wo were
compelled to defer diflinite information
mation as to when spring wil appear
until after caster.
A. II. Nash , who has boon a res.
idont of Round Valley for the past
four years , left this morning for
Chicago , whore ho informs us he
has a good position tendered him
with a jobbing firm. His work
will consist in auctioneering and
traveling on the road. The RE-
PUULIOAN wishes him success.
C. C. Gardner , the Nasby of Sar
gent , while calling on his friends
in the oity Tuesday , kindly remem
bered this office. Mr. Gardner in
forms us that a number of business
men are looking after locations in
Sargont. . He thinks that by the
time the railroad roaches there ,
which is now fixed for Juno 1st ,
the town will present quite a lively
as well as much enlarged appear
ance. Success to them is the wish
In the pant week the American
soldiers at Manila have soon moro
aolivo service , and the Nebraska
boys have accomplished many he
roic feats. Company M. has had
four wounded in the past woqk , but
only one from Ouster county ; that
one was 1' . S. Bnsio , of Ansley.
He was wounded in the forearm
The others wounded wore John E.
Itobinson , Nate Sumors and Goo.
L Soars , but none fatally. The
proBpoott ) now arc that in a few
weeks at most the Filippinos wtll
be so completely whipped that they
will bo forced to surrender.
Col. E. P. Savage , of Sargent ,
was a friendly caller Saturday. He
had just returned from a ten days
visit at Omaha , where he wont in
the interest of the contemplated
Sargont rail road. Ho informs us
that the officials of the road assure
him that within sixty days after
they commenoo work the oars will
bo running into Sargont. Mr Savage -
age mys that there is already quite
a demand for business lots in Sar
gent , that several who will put in
stores have already secured loca
tions. Ono elevator is already
there and Senator Currie's brother
IUIH secured grounds for another ,
and that Dierks Bros , have selected
grounds for a lumber yard.
on cor. south of P. O. ,
Watchmaker and Jeweler , formerly
north aide ,
The fallowing Interesting Bkctch of the h ittlo at
SanUMoft * hn boon iccvlvaii from \V lter
i lot , umtor lUtur iUlo ot Fob. H , Ki > ccM ! cor'
roapouduul of tlic Um-tnatOAN ,
The first shot was fired at San
Juan bridge by a Nobrrska guard.
For the past few weeks the insur
gents have attempted to force buok
our out posts and onlythu coolness
of the men prevented hostilities.
At last the shot was fired and thu
ball opened at eight thirty Satui-
day evening. Bugles called to
arms , and amidst the sound of load
sharing the touts , companion wore
stationed at thuir different pouts ,
Camp dantn Mesa is situated upon
a hill adjunct to Manila and over
looking the Pasig river. This
knoll is surrounded by old Spanish
block houses and barracks and gave
excellent opportunity for insurgents
to lire from three directions , which
they did , The Fillipiuos hive ,
upon two occasions before , taken
Santa Mesa Hill , when under Span
ish rule , and massacred some five
hundred Spanish soldiers and
seemed confident they could do so
again. Saturday afternoon it was
reported that quite a number of
mountaineers in full war regalia ,
consisting of a crimson broach clout
and long spotirs , wore seen at the
insurgent Headquarters These fol
lows wore to be mod to finish up
the wounded when the natives had
takou the camt ) . All ninlit the
American soldiers lay sleeping in
the underbrush waiting the dawn ,
and the Fillipinos wasting amuni-
tion in the darkness. The sun
rose and far to the loft and right
the war ships turned loose their
dreaded guns upon the block hous-
OK within range and heathen mou
going to their now republic by the
liundrods. At San Jnan btidgo
they thought victory was theirs ,
and with a tow cannon of the
joriod of 1778 , wore throwing
slugs at the Nebraska camp. How
they yelled , "Vivi Fillipino Rn.
publioa" ! Two guns of the Utah
ulillory knocked the little gun into
smithereens and ltUlopublioa" was
heard no more. General Otis then
ordered the companion to uhargo
block house number five , which was
taken. Twenty two inllvcs killed
ind two Ainerioins wounded. A
charge wad then gallantly led by
Col. Stotsenburg , of Nebraska ,
upon San Juan bridge and thu lingo
powder magazine was ours. Ten
nessee roenforccd , commenced
bushwhacking and FillipinoH could
not run fast enough. San Juan
cathedral and barracks word takou ,
all the bamboo villages fired and
the insurgent forces retreating to
the roar. Suudav niurht the sur
rounding country was a blazing
mass , and many an old enfeebled
native was pondering upon the
greatness of "Los Americano1' and
the foolishnosn at his raco. Poor ,
harmless wrotch. Monday morn
ing the road leading up to the water
works wore crowded. Capturud
cainages , driven by American sol
diers , cili/.eiiH and stray goldiors
from commands in the city , all
tioading toward the frond , deter
mined to be present during the
capturing of the water works , and
may bo have a chance to kill a
rabbit or two. Chitmmon wandered -
ed around picking up oirtridgoe ,
returning heavy laden with a rack
et store outfit and bushels uf empty
shells. Correspondents and kodack
fiends all busy seeking information
and taking shots at the boys bury
ing dead heathen , three to a do/.en
in a trmioh. At noon Nebraska ,
ono battalion of Tennessee and two
companies of Colorado advanced
toward the water works naturally
entrenched by largo rooks , giving
the heathen plenty of ahiinuu to
duok their nuts. The Utah aitil-
tiry had advanced during the night
and their shells Eont the iupureonlri
scudding over the country toward
the mountains. Many were dropped -
pod before reaching u retreat au < l
the country is ours us far as the eye
can see. Reports are that three to
four thousand insurgents wore
killed. They weru driven back
from all around the city and quiet-
none reigns , except the frequent
challenge shot from some sentry
They have started a ball rolling
that will bo hard to stop. Malolos ,
the Fillipino capital , "will fall and
those who do not surrender will
have to scamper to the hills bcyoudf
"FillipinoH Americanos
amigo" is a thing of the past.
M. 0 , Shipherd , whacked in the
log , at prenont limping about camp.
II. L Kerr , of Ausloy , slight
wound , with company aud an jolly
an ever.
, Corp Hugh Konoyer , wounded ,
doing nicely and will bo back with
the boys in a few weeks.
L , M , Clay , of Ansloy , grazed
hand. Ho will
not have even a
in irk to show when returning
Companies M. and L. made a
brilliant charge and will bo first
mentioned in Col. Stotsonburg'
official report.
Col. Slotsonburg fights right
along nido his men , and when a
heathen falle grabs his gun. Ho
knows how to load a charge and is
everywhere. Ho led four charges
and probably made many a native
bite the dust himself. The whole
regiment did nobly.j
Private Guy Livingstone , of
Plattsmouth , Nebraska , a son of
Gen. It. R.
. Livingstone , who or
ganized Nebraska's first regiment
of volunteers to serve their country
in the civil war , was oulistod at
Linuolu , Nob. , on May 0 , 1898 ,
occupation a lawyer , and was or
dered on recruiting service from
Juno up to December , Guy was a
main stay of company M , aud
ilvnys ready to favor any com
rade. Wo have
lost ono whom our
company will always remember.
Hugh Konoyor , who was DO 40-
vcroly wounded in the batilo of
Santa Mesa , luifl written the follow
ing loiter to III'H patents :
Manila , P. I. , Fob , 17 , 1899.
Dour folks : As 1 suppoito you
will bo very anxious to hoar how I
am getting along I had bettor write
to you again , i can only Bay that
I , and everybody olao , are surprised
at the way I am getting along.
1 am up and arouud all the time
now mid fool almost like I had
never boon Hhot. It is nearly hoal-
ocl up and my lung feels almost as
good aH over except it is a little Here
yet , but of OOUCHO it isn't entirely
healed up yet , but ono oau't oxpoot
a wound like that to heal up in a
wuokj Iloru in the Hurgoon's diag
nosis of it : Gnu shot wound ,
( Mauser ball ) enuring 2 In. extend
ing to middle llnu of body on level
.vith storioml olariovlar articula
tion , ranging downward and emerg
ing at posterioro uxillory line on
level of tenth rib , perfiration of
lung. Now you have it , and if you
will got a lawyer to explain it to
you , you will Know where I was
hit. Not so bad aH a person would
think from the amount of big
They are still fighting out along
the line , of course not all the time ,
but juat by spoils. List night they
had a fight up the rive. There was
lots of firing , we eould hear it plum
but we never had a man touohod
while their loss in killed wore esti
mated tit 200 and they don't know
how many more wounded. Oh ,
they oau't light , they haven't got
the gall to Bland up in front of us ;
they have found out what wo can
do for them if they do and they
don't fancy that very well. They
Hay it isn't fair to fight like we do ,
that wo should stay in our treuohoe
and lot them do the name , but I
guess when wo get through ,
tlioy will be rather fbw about do-
iritf anything again. dipt. Wilson
and thu Chapliin re down to see
me this morning. The Capt. said
the last time ho saw mo he did not
oxpoot to see me up and and around
so HOOD. The Chapl-un said ho
didn't know it ho killed any "nig.
yorn" or not , but lie shot in thai
direction. I will ulosu , hoping this '
liuds you all well an 1 pnnporous. . '
Love to all. liuuii. *
City and larm properly insured
against tire , lightning and torna
does. J. M. KIMBEKI.INO.
The readers of the RKPUHLIOAN
can save money by dealing with
thoHO who advortJHO in the RKPUBLI-
Doctor Diy huu located id our
city and has hiu oilKo over Ityer-
SHU'H grocery store south of Post-
The Broken Bow hospital is in
splendid condition for caring for
the sick. Trained nureon in attend
ance. Prices tblu. if
Lr. Graham's now method of
\j..iraoting teeth is abnolutely pain-
loss. No sore mouth , as in the use
of other local anesthetics. a25
Farms for si.lo and lands for rent.
Now is the time to got a farm clump ,
as the cheap farm * are all going and
prices are commencing to advance
rapidly , JG.BreniKor ,