Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 16, 1899, Image 5

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\ I make the correct fitting of Glasses
a Specialty.
Jeweler and Optician.
O o
T 5 f > THfe T T * " \ / Has a very complete
rh/KLc/Y *
Qiieensf are , Mm , Dry Goois ,
j oots and Shoes , Wagons , Buggies ,
AndLcr10 , : FAR M MPLEMEN1S ,
Come and sec me , and 1 promise you good goods and
prices as low as the lowest.
O. DP * .
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yotr Have
Always Bought
slmilating U\cTooclandEcqula- \
ling ItieStQiiiflcbs aiulDo\vcls of Bears the i *
1 Signature
nessandltest.Coalcilns nratlvcr
Opium"Morpliinc nor Mneral.
Apcrfccf Remedy for Constipa
tion , Sour Stomach Dial rhoea.
Worms .Convulsions
ncssaridLossoi You liava
TacSimile Si nnlurc "f
t Sj & *
. .
S. II HfHNIIAM. I'ru-ldiMil I Inc. In , Neb H O. HOGKRS , Cashier , Broken Bow.
O. I1. IMSHLKV , V 1'rt'i , Hi lu n How J M KIMUEIILINQ , Am't Cafblcr
First National Bank ,
General Banking Bininoss Transacted.
a. II. liurnlmm. L. U. Jowcti H C. Tallmt. o. P. Pcrley. II. O. Hogen.
United Statct Nittloml Uank , Om iha nil mo Natlonnl Unn'c , XB\T Tork Amerlcnn
Kxclmnnii llnnb , Lincoln. Plrat Nntlonm Uink Ornnil Uland , First National Unnk ,
North I'lntto. Neb
F. C. WOH AU < . I'tooideiit J. A. \niI3 ( , Cnihlor.
A. J. KOMKHTSON. Vlro I'nm. W D ULACKWELL , Ass't Oasblor.
Farmers Bank of Ouster County ,
Transacts a GonerJinking \ Busineas. County Claims and
Its Easy Writ Ing
If its a BHckensderfer No. 5.
The universal favorite \ \ ith all classes of
operators who desire a simple and speedy
JVore "Blicks" In use among Iowa and Ne
braska newspapers than all tlie rest of the $100
machines together. The only Typewriter on
the market doing hundred-dollar work that is
sold at a popular price.
DnrtHiaiS 28 hT3' , ° ' Characters , and Letters ;
Portable , weighing but Six F'ounds with case.
, .Cofies ! ana Manifolds peifectly.-rs carbon
copies being easily taken at one writing.
Py ! one pn e M : ° ° netOn ten days ap
proval to any responsible man in Iowa or Nebraska.
General Agents.
90.f910 Alain Street , DUBUQUE , IOWA.
U. S. Land Office ,
lH. . YOUNO , - . - - itconlvor
0. SUnil | Onic . IJroken IloNeb. . , I
fcl. fiUi. 1HK . (
Notice la hereby Ki\tn that , " MK1" A HOOD ,
of 81. l' nl , Neb. , has filed notice of Intention to
mike flnal proof before He glitor find Heoclvor t
their nfflro In Ilrohcn Va\r , Neb. , on Thursday ,
he I6h ! day of .March , 1809. ou timber culture
nppllontlon No. 7048 , for the Lots 1,2 , 3 And 4 ,
In ncctlon No. 14 , In towtif hip No It * N. , range
No. 18 W. He nm08ltneiicx : J on K.
Kvan , noctor U Kvnnn , Henry Mete , Weldy
LUeruiore , ft lot Sargent > eb.
Land Offlco at IJrokon How , Ncl > I
Feb. 8 , IhVii. f
Notloo Is lioroby given that the follow Itm.nam.
oil settler has flleil iiotlco ot Itlit Intention to
raako flual proof In npi > ort of his oltlm. and
tlmt Bald proof will bo mailo before Hoylntcr nd
Hccclvor , At UroKon How , Ucb. , ou March 18Ui ,
1BW , vie-
Hiiiiiuul Ilonlmvr ,
ot Broken How , Nob. , for the oVi to'i i c. J3 ,
and WK awK tec. 84 , tp IB N. , IL 81 W. Ho the following \vltne cs to proru his con-
Llnnons roJldruconpon and cultivation of. tald
land , viz : Hcnjatuln Holcomb , I'cter Slohat ,
UuTld Alspaugh , Frank Porter , Ml of Hrokon
Uow , Neb. JAMEi WHITKHEAU , HogUtcr
U. S. Land Offlco , Uroken Uow , Neb. , I
Feb. 15th , 1899. (
Notice la hereby glren that I.c-roj II
Acklo , BS heir and for heirs of Warren Ack.
ley , deceased , has filed notlcu of Intention to
make final proof bcforo Heritor and ItcccUcr ,
nt tholr office In llroittn Uow , Nob. , on bntnr-
day , the 18th day of March , 1809 , on timber cul
ture application No S3 , for the neM'oM BO } ncW
eectlon No. 38 , In tonnfhlp No. SON. , range xo.
21 W honutnoj witnesses : Frank rccry.
George I'cery. Thomtit > tmsty , Hath Gcoycl , nil
of Auselmo , hcl ) .
Land Ofllce at North Platte , Neb , I
February 8th , Ic99 |
o Notice la hereby kivui that the followlng-iimn
ed foltlcr has fllou notice of lila Intention to-rankc
On 1 proof In suppirt of his clnlm , and tlmt ealil
| iion' will bo made before the ( ounty Juil o of
Cnstur county , at IJrokcu I3owNcb , on Atari h 25 ,
1890 , rlz : MulterC. 1 etcrson , 11. E. No IGISS ,
for the noM aoK eve. 17 , twp It N. , K 21 W. Ho
nnines the following wltriCMo * to prove MB rtcii-
Llnnous residence upon and cultivation of , sa'il
loud , vlr : Christian Ororgard , Nlcl ) Joiuipon ,
Jacob 1'otOMou. George < ; . McMullcn , nil or
oconto , Neb GKO , U FHKNOll ,
Land Onica at North Platte , Neb. , I
febrnary 81 h , 1M)9. ) f
Notice Is hereby glrcn that the following nnm-
cd 8L tiler lias flled notice of hi * Intention to
mane final uronf In suppurt of his claim and
that Mild proof will bo made bcforo tin ; County
Jiulpe , Cnitur conuty , Hrokun DonNub ,
on March 25 h. 1800 , TZ ! : IN nry Draper , 11. K.
No lt5Sf ! ) , f. r the vrH nw ! < and \WS cwtf tec. 'JO ,
twp UN , II. 81 W Ho irunes the following
Mltneeeoa to prove his continuous reslilcncu up"-
m and cultivation of , f aid land , viz : George U
MrMullen , GodUlb Hrnilor , llarrlsuu .MoOwcna ,
Frank Majo , all of Oconto , Nrb.
QKO. K. FUKNCH , Ileglster
U. S L nil Cinro , Uroken Dow , Neb . I
Feb. Oth , ls > 99. f
Notice In hereby glTfii llml Homer T Sco
field , of Auro'u , Nib. , has llled notice ot Inton
Ion to make final proof before llcglBtcr and He-
cclver , t tlinir > < > 'co ' In Uroken How , Ncl ) , oil
I'rlduj. tlio 17tb day of March. IsPO , on timber
rultiiro upplicntlon No Iii35l. for 1 ts 45 , 6 mid 7.
Hcctl n No. 13 In townsol ) ) No. 21 N , ranio No
Jj. lie iiuines usvltnci > eet < : James H Lunghinn
minis LiuiLliruii , Jr , of Dunning , Haivuy U
Andrews , James Llndlcv , of Ausrlmo , Neb.
I , S. Lund Ofllce , Broken How , Noli , I
March 4th , Ibu'J f
Notice IB hereby Riven that In pureuanco of
iit-tru , lions Irom the Cominla-luucr of Hie iion-
ernl Land i lllco , under authority vo < * ed In him
by Section B4.r > 5 , U H KIT | , . | t-t tllten , BH
nmcndcd by the act of Oongroes , approved Fub
! ( ! ( , 1895 , vo uill proccot. to offorat I'ubllc Sulo
on tlie 17th day of j.rll , 18W , next , at tlilH ofilco ,
lie follotvlng tract of liuul , to nit : Au } { au > < see ,
11 , toniifhlp 18 N , 11,82 W
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
a'ONc described lands nro advised to tile tliolr
claim'in this lllceono befor the dix ubo\c
dc lKinited for the commoi cement of Raid sale
othciwlHO tlulr rli his will bo forfeited.
FltANK II. YOUNU , lacclvor
March 4th , 1&09
tr. S. Land Ofllce , IJrokim How , Neb , I
March 4th , 18'JO ; )
Notice U her by g vcn tlmt , la pursuance of
InstiuctloiiH from uiu Coinm f loner of the ( itn
cral Land OUlcc , under authority vested In him
I y brctinn 2155 , U. 8. Ituv. Ht t. , as amended b )
tlitittctof Congress , approved Feb SBth , 1895 , we
will pr ci-cd toolfurnt public a e on the 14th
dny of April , IbW , next , at this office , the fo'-
lowing t act of Is d , to-rrlt : uw1 sirK sec , M ,
tplHN. , U.23W.
Any and all persons claiming adverseljr the
abovu described lane's are advised to file their
claims In this ofllco on or before th day above
dcilumttcd for ti u coiumtnceraent of said sale.
01 h > rwlto their right * will bo forfeited.
FUANK II YOUNG , Uecolver.
Match 4th , 1899.
U. . Land Office , TJroke i Bow , Neb. , I
March 4tn , IBU'J f
Motlco Is hereby gl on th.t , In pursuance of
Instructions from the Comm < eiionor of the Gen
eral LaiJ Ofllce , nnder authority vested in him
by section 2155 , U. S. Her. SUt. . as amrndtd by
the act of Congress , approved Fob 20th , 1685vf e
will proceed to otTe > at pub tc rale on the IMIi
day of A all , 1809 , next , at tills ofllec , the follow.
Ing tract ot laud , to-wit : no ! > i swX eec < " > 'f
IV N , U. 22V ,
Any and all persons claiming edvenrely the
above dcroribed lunils are ndvUcd to fllu their
claims In lulu ofllce on or before the day above
designated for the commencement of said sale
otherwlro their rights will bo for felted.
JAMES WH1TKUEAU , Itegtster.
FKANK H. YOUNO , Receiver.
March 4th , 1839.
U S. Land Offce , North I'la te. Neb , I
March ; M. IHU'I I
Notice Is hereby given that Joet > h II. Qrahtm
has filed notlcu of Intention to miVo ilnal proo
beforn County Judge , at 11 * ofllco In Hrokci
How , Net ) . , on Tnei-dav , the 18th day of April
1899 , ou timber < ulturc implication No. IJM7 , fo
the 'WJi of tectlon Mo , 27. in townhip No 1U
N. , rniiRC N . "IV He names IIH wltnoaHes
W li. Wllils , jHtues Led kh , Vlncen J Stodry
Ileemmi H. r'qulin. allot Hiokcn How. Nub
QUO. K. FHENCH , Itegleter
Land Ofllcn at North Pintle Neb . I
March 3.1899. f
Notice Is hereby given that tlio following u&m
ed eettler hai flleil notice ot Ills Intention to make
final proof In support ot his claim , and that sail
Eroof will bo made before County Judge , nt Uro
en Bow Neb. , ou April 18th , I8U9 , vln : Charlr
A Hich , H. E No's 17265 and 17089 , for the o !
n\\H noU awK of IHC. 20. and suM HW ( of eec
17 , towni'lilp 14 North , range 21 West n
names the. folloivlhg witnesses to prove hi
conllnuonn residence upon and cultivation ol
liald land , vlr : Harvard Lomax , Andrew Snyde
of Ilroktn Uow , John Uonluy , John Mlddleswart
ofOcouto , Nrb.
QEO. E. FltKNCH , Ueglster
U. S. Land Olllce , Ilroken How , Vel ) . ,
March 14 , 189U ,
I > otco ! U hereby given that OILI1EHT Ot YLK
of Nnlworth , Neb , tits nlcd notlco of Intention
to make llml proof bcfore Ib-gUttr and Hccclror ,
at their otn o In Ilrokon Uovr , Noli , on Thursday -
day , tlio 15M dny nf April , ISKt on timber culture
application No 80. for the nw' < of ccctlon > o
IU , In township No ill N , rangn No 1UV Hv
iiami's as wltntppt'BV ! II Tout , Arthii * II
Kurd , gf G ICB , Neb , tiiorve II Cochran , I.onls
IKai-iT , ofesl Union. Nub
JAMKS WIIITKHBA' * , Hi-gliler
Land Ofllrc at Ncrtli Plattu , Ni-li , I
M rch Utb , iby . f
Notice h licrtby glrcn that tlio following nain
ed M'ttmr has flltd notlcu of her Intention to m ko
Unal proof In support of her claim , and tlmt sad
P'oof will bu inailn Imforc J. A Arinoui , County
Judge at Ilioki'ii Uow , Nol ) on April 81 , IBOU.Uz
jHnu Thornbnr. ' wldon f William C Thorii'
burg , H E No ] 6i 7 , for the u\\M of see. ai , T ,
HI N . It ill W.
Bho names the following wltnoati'i to prove her
continuous roolJcnce upon und ciiltUiUloii of
raid land , viz : Charier 11. JelTonls , Setia tlHii
Neth , Uharlea Sliov , Jumcn Kmn ail ot llrokun
llow , Neb QEO K. ritUNCII Itcgluter.
The Htnto n' Nebraska I c onnty C"urt fo
Custcr County , f said County
Atarcarlo of thu County Court , hold at th
Oounty Court Room , In and for sai [ C'ocnty , a
Uroken How , on the 2Mb daof February , A
I ) , 1899 Present , J A , Armour , Co. Judge
In th matter of the oatate of John Growler ,
Whereas , I.ettcrc of administration have thin
ay been k'ranto.l to HebastUn Noth , us
rater of the ritatan'Joh' > Crowlor. Ordered ,
'nnt rlxrnontln 1'nllowrtt for creditors to precut -
cut their claims against Mltl citato for adjac
ent and allowance , mid one j-car bo allowo I
aid ad InlMrntor to settle up raid estate , from
IIP 3d day of March , A.D. 18W And It Is fur.h-
r ordered , That notice ho pivca to the creditor *
f raid estate to appear before u o. at the county
ouri room , in BalJ county , on the 7tU day of
April 1F99 , on the 7th day of .Two , 1899. and on
ho 7th dat ol Botitombcr , 1899 , at 10o'clock n. m.
ach dayby publication In the lli-tmbllcan , a
uewspanurpilnttd lu raid county , fear weclir.
uccestlvely prior to thu 7th day of April , IbW ,
or the purpose of prviontlne their claims for
ndjuitiLent and allowance , Truocony.
J. A. Alt.MOUH. Connty Judgo.
The Stale of Nebraska , I . .
B >
Custet Oounty , (
Ala i-ension of the County Court , for the county
ot Castor , hold u at the County Court Koota lu
Uroken Uow , on the 13th day ot February , IBW.
Prudent , J A. Armour , County Judge. In the
ntr c ! th estate of Adalluo D. Johuion , de.
On application by petition ot W , J. Woods , of
Irokon Uow , Neb , , representing among other
hlngs that Adnlluo D. Johnson , an Inhabitant ot
ahl county , on the 3d day of February , A. D.
899 , In raid county , died lnteiUtolotvloir oittto
o bo ftdmlnlatorcd. Tkat the petitioner li crod-
tor of said deceased , tnd prayn that admlnlstra-
Ion of raid deceased bo granted to J. M. Kim
icrllng or some other suitable porcou. Ills or-
ored , That raid application be heard at the
County Court Hooiu. at the Court Uouie , In the
Ity of Ilroken llow , on the 9th day ot March ,
bV9 , at 10 o'clock a. m. It Is farther ordered ,
hat notice thereof bo given to all notions by
mbllcntlon of inch notlo * at least thruo wookn
ucccsslvely , pr vlou to the time appointed , In
ho Republican , n weekly nowipapor pabllohcd
n said county
True copy.
Seal. ) J. A. AIIMODR. Conntv Judgo.
n the District Court of Custor Co.i Nebraika.
( argarct Campbell , plalutlll , 1
vi , I
Hugh ( i. Clark , Katy Clark , Lebanon I
National Hank , The Olobc Investment I
Co und Henry A. Wymnn , Hecolver of
snld Olobo Investment Co. , dotendants. J
.D the Lebanon National Hunk , Olobo Invest
ment Co. , and Henry A. Wynmu , Its Receiver ,
non-KHUlcnt defendants :
You , mid oncli of yon , will take iiotloe ( that ou
he 28th dux ot Ftbrutiry , IS'J'J ' , the rlalntllt lu the
bove untliliMl ncflon tiled bur petition lu the
Mstrlut Court of Cuxtor county , Neb. , the object
nil prnyor of nhlch petition are to foreclose a
urtnln murtgage , txcctitcd by Hugh U. Clark
lid K lu Clarke to tlio Olobo Invoslmout Co. ,
nd dul ) usMgncd to this plaintiff , upon the fol-
owldg durcrlbcd prcmUci , to-wlt : The uwM of
action II , to\Mililp 18 , north of range U4 , woat
t thoGth P. M , c'tuntcil In the county of Oua-
cr nml nte of Nrbriiska. t ald inorlgago given
0 secure the payment of a certain promissory
ote , with coupons attached , dated on the fl'st
ay ot Oc'ober. I80J. and duo and pavablo on the
1 stdayoi October. I HOT ; said principal note bo-
ig for the sum of SSUO.X ( ) and flvo unpaid coupons
f i-8 OU each That there li now due upon the
aid note , toupons and mortgage the sum ot
I 003 W , togethui 1 h Interest thuroon nt ten
ler cent from the. llrwt day of March , 1890 You ,
nd.cnch of > i IMI'U required to answer said po
tion on or bc.fore Monday , the loth day of April.
809. MARGARET ( AMPIIELL , 1'lalntlll ,
lly Holcomb Hros , AttorueyH
n the DlaTlct Court , Cuiter County ,
Vllllaui K Qry , 1
> s. J-
i in in ft M. Gruy. )
'o Kmma M. ( Irny , non-renldonl defendant :
You are hereby notified that on the 16th day of
lurch , 1809 , V , illlam F , Gray riled a petition
giilnst you lu thu llstrlot0ourt ; of Custur Co ,
Nebraska , tbo object nii'l p n > or ot whloh nre
o obtain a dlvorou from j u , on th" ground that
ou have wlllully abandoned the plalntllT with-
ut good canro for the term of two vtara lait
) 'at. Yon nro required to nnswor said petition
n or bcforo Mommy , thu 24th day of April , 1899.
DatoM this 15th ( Ny of Mnrch , 1S99.
10-4 WILLIAM T GRAY , Plaintiff ,
lly Holcomb Bros , his attorneys.
In the District Court of CiiHter''ounty , r > cl > r.
n tie matter of the estate of Jesse I ) . Hhjrwood ,
deceased Order to bhow Canfe.
This catieo carao on for hearing upon the pollen -
on nf A , a , llollman , administrator of the cs-
ate of Jeirn I ) Shernood , deceased , before mo ,
1 , M Grimes. Judge of the District Court of
i-e l.'Uli JiuMcliU DlHtrlct of the Htuto of Ne-
iraekn , elttlnu in open court , hold at the Court
louse In uroko How , tufter county , No'irnska. '
aid pott ion i rnylng f r license to soil the no'X
f t-octlon Jl , In township 17 , north of range 25 ,
not , and the a r ! < of sec 9 , in tp 10 n. ot r 25
V' s ( , nil In Cnhtor county , Nebraska , or a eufll-
lent amount thereof t > bring the aum of $300.00 ,
or the pn ) n.I'M of dohts allowed agalnet said
s'ate ' , anil the costs of administration , there not
icing aufllclcnluirsonal property to pity aald
cbtn und oxpontes.
It arpcnr.nR thit H M. Snlllvan , Judge of the
ith Ju icial district of the Stnto of Nebraska. Is
disqualified frm sitting and hearlnp ; the pctltlo ,
lercln , by ronson of interest In said estate and
tie property to ho sold.
U Is by mo ordered that all persoui interested
n sold estate appear before mo , or such other
ludgo ai the same may be heard by , at the Court
lousn , In Urokon How , Neb , on the 1st day ot
May , 189'J ' , at 10 o'clock a. m. on said day , to
show cuuo why a license should not be granted
to i aid administrator to sell the above dtscrlbcd
real estatti of said deceased , or so much thereof
asahallbi necessary to pay said debts and ex-
> enies. Notice of this ordir to be given by P b-
Icatlop , as required bp law.
Uat. d thle 9th day of March. 1899.
mavl li. U. GRIMES ,
Dlitrlot Judge Presldtnt.
Frazer Axle Grease
T .
Not affected by Heat or Cold.
Highest Award * at Centennial ,
Paris and World's Fair. . pRAZER LUBRCATOB | o0ij
Factories : Chclago , St Louli , New York.
Uurllngton Koute Calllornia Excursions
Cheap ; quick ; comfortablo.
Leave Onmhii 4:35 : p. m. Lin-
doln 0:10 : p. m. and HaatingH 8:50 :
p. in. every Thursday , in clean ,
modern , not crowded tonriet sleep-
era. No transfers ; cars run .right
through to Sun Franoiaco and LOB
Angeles over the Soenio Route-
through Denver and Salt Lske City.
Cars are carpeted ; upholfltored in
rattan ; have apnng woatH and backs
and are provided with curtainH ,
bedding , towles , soap , etc Uni-
formi'd porterH and exporiflnood ox-
ourKion conductors ncootnpany each
excurriion , relieving paHuengerH of
all bother about baggage , pointing
out bVijuotH of interest and in many
other ways helping to make the
overland trip a dolighlful oxper
iuncc. Seoond oladH tiekota nre
hnnoro.l. Borthri | ; s.
For folder giving full informa
tion , call at nearest Burlington
Route ticket office , or write to J.
FranciH , general paHBonger agent
Omaha , Neb
Job printing of every description
neatly and promptly executed at
thin oflioo.
You Now Have the
of cotifliiHIniMHii'of Iho lending phy i-
cinns ntul Mir Honp ( in the troaitnidit ot
clironlu ntul nervous dls nsefl ) of thu
country ,
Hu Inwoll knov\n In NVbrnHkn , ntul lt >
lelUblu HA well as ominunt In his pro-
fi'Bslon , ntul IIRH but fiuv Btiporlora In
his line of busluoec , nnd from ropo'ts oi
tdo press , hla rooms nro crowded wher
ever ho Rtops. By thi ) request ot hit !
ninny friends nnd patlouls who Imvo us-
unity KOIIO n IOIIK dUtitnce to too him. ho
has decided to visit HllOKKN UOW
nnd will bo nt the ( WAND CEN'TUAL
VKJoJ , 1809 one dny only , nUuriiliiD
every four weuke ( or olx months. Con-
Biiltutlon nnd cxiuninntion FREE to nil ,
DR. HE < V.
Ills TREATMENTS nnd nxmuinn-
tiotiH wo tindcrstnnd tire bueetl upon new
nettiodB , nnd tire slinllnr to those Iven
lu the Eni'oru ' and Soutliern hnspllnl
where he lonrni'd hla IniHlneaH.
lie Lrrula chromo and nurvoutulieuusce
otironlo ontarrh , dieonuus ot thu cur.
noeo throutnnd IUIIKH , dlcnepeU , UrlRht'c
dlseaoe , dlahotop , livur titomnuli , conatl-
pntlon , rlieutnntisui , ehroulo futunlo nml
oxitr.l dlsuitst'H , neiiralKlit , BCliitieti , illxi
- ss , norvou nt'e ? , slow growth In chil
dren nnd nil wanting ( ItfunaeH In adults
deformities club foot , curvature of tbn
spine , dieortsoa ol the brain , ( mralyalB ,
heart disease , OCKIMUII , viiricoouln nnd
hydrouvle. Cnncern , tuniori < , wens aud
birthmarks removed ,
Y ting , middle ntfcd nnd old , nmrled
i r single men , and all who suffer with
lost manhood , nor-ous debility , Bpcrtmi
torrnoen , comiii I louses , decay , liullnu
memory , weak e > os , tuntcd dovelope-
mcnt , luck of energy , Impoverished
blood pimples , also blood und akin dls
Eruption , hnlr fulling , bone palt >
swellings , P ire thront , itluoro , effect ol
mercury , kidney and bladder troubles
oalc hack burning urine , Incontlnece
gleet , Blrleuro , receive sonrchlng treat
inont , prompt relief.
13oth sexes treated conlidentlnly niul
privately. Piles , llstuln , liesuro nnd
rupture by our new method
Throuch Tourlstl Seepcra to tlie northweBt.
The Burlington Route liu uHtab-
Ijahod a twice a week touritU Oar
1'tie from KinniH City to ButU > , Spo
kane , 'I'acomti and Scattlo * CarH
leave KatiHuH City , Linuoin and
Grand Inland cvtry Tuorday and
Thursday , ariving ut Seattle lollow
ing Friday and Sunday. They an
upholstered in rattan. The bud
linen and furnirihingH are clean and
of good qiulity. The heatingven
tilating and toilet arrangomeniH are
all that can bo desired and each car
is in charge of a uniformed Pullman
porter , whose aolo duty is to attend
to the wants of passengers Cars
run through without change of any
kind and the berth rate froniLincoln
to Taoorua or Seattle is only $5.00.
To intermodule points , it in proper
tionately low.
Montana and the Puget Souiu
country are now enjoying a poriot
of unexampled prosperity. A a
consequence , travel to the Norlli-
wo t in rapidly attaining large pro
portions This now tourist car line
has been established vrith a view o
caring for ih Burlington'H Hharu o
it in the beat possible manner.
Berths , tickets and fell infounation
can bo had on application to an ;
Burlington Route ticket agent or it ;
addressing ) . Francifl , G I'.A
Omaha Neb Juno 20th
TJieV * y To Co To California
is in a tourist sleeping car person
ally conducted via the Burlingtoi
Route. You don't change oars
You mike fast time. You sue tin
finest scenery on the ( . ; lotx > . You
car is not so expensively
nor BO line to look at as n palac
sleeper , but it is just as clean , jut
as comfortable , just as good to rid
The Burlington excursion leav
every Thursday reaching San Fran
cisco Sunday and Los Angeles 01
Monday. Porter will : each cai
Excursion manager with oaeh party
For folder giving full informatioi
call at nearest B. & M. R. R. de
pot or write to J. Francis , Genera
Passenger Agent , Omahi , Neb
C )
Anyone nonitlim n * ki
quickly tui'crtn n i .
. .
Jnvontlon u iir i.u '
tlonniitrlctlyc'.i tlupnii tl I
ieiiilri'0. it i i in i
1'ntontB taUtu tlinnu ' . \
t , witli 11 t cli i.
\ Imnilnimii'i'
cnlutlon of n
fonr : four .
Uruucli OHIro. 025 I hiV i'ii. . n ,
Wm. F. Hopkins ,
Plani and Sppclnratlnni ; on short notltt. Ma-
orlal fuinlshpil and buildings comn'ctwl ' ctiiawr
ban any manln the itato. 8 llKf cUou nara -
cod ai to plant and rpcclflcntloni.
Clinton Day ,
Urokun Bow , Neb.
Ollloo over Uyerson'B grocery , Rwly
enoo ( Hh houao west of .Baptist ohurob.
Dr. Chas. L. Mullins ,
Oll'mo ever pout oflioo. Rosideooe ,
north Bido.
K. II. . U.
promptly nttondod day or night ,
Ollleo ever poatollloe ,
Chas. W. Hakes , M.D. ,
Buccenorto UrJM. C. Ulyitont.
Office over Chryslnl Drug Stort , Calls prompt
ly Biiswired from otuce , day or nlghU
Doctor Pennlngton ,
lomlier N.A.H.8. Rx-AsMilant Bargeon 81. J
nd U. I. It. K ; Mao K. .t O. H. It. UU grad.
nto of the Unlroriltr ot 1'onnirlTtnlft : tOfflea
ircu doors foiitli of Id McComan drnc Itort.
Allciillallllud , day or nlRht.
The City Mills
K. I'1. ' McOuiBB , Prop.
lyu Flour and tirnhnm , ground on
tone burr. All kinds of grinding
QUO for toll or uzohango , to mil
iiHtomorAuunt for oondonted
* * , * * '
Stock Food.
All < liuls of work In our Una done
iromptly itiul In llret-oldBs order. Red
ih.ip on the corner , west of ilio boiv
Glvo us n trial.
J , J , SNYDER ,
- Notary Public , -
and Justice nf the Peace. Snooltl atUutloi fflr-
K tn collection ! ! . Depositions takoi , iitnilou
vouchers neatly ozrcatod , and all kinds of ltf l
inpurs wrlttou. Ofllco weft ild iquari. Brok
) iiw. Not ) .
vrrous vrt .t couNdttLLorts A.T LAW.
KOI ins rt-Vlti | < nlty tilnck , Hrokon Uotr , H k.
Thos. A. Turabull ,
faithful work done , pnues rcftion-
able anil all vTorit guu iYlee < l.
Bow , Nebrtikiv.
School and.Church ,
For School Furnltiiio , School Hupplle *
> r Clituoli Furnlturu , J oUor th beat
( unnattio markut affords.
Broken Uow , Neb.
? nud oetltnatea on | flborl no
due. Urokon Uow , Neb.
Lincoln , Denter ,
Omaha , ,
Chicago , Dulte ,
St. Jocotili , Portland ,
KSIIBUB Oltj , HMt Lak City
ijf I.ouls , and alt Han Franoltco
points tact and south. and all polnti weit
No. li. Local oxpresa dally , Lincoln , Omaha ,
niul ull poliitH c ul . -.8:80 : .m.
No , 40. Through freight uaet dallT..6fil : a. m.
Nit. 48. Local froitjtit eait eaeit dally 'J.\ ' > p. a ,
DupnrtB at . 1.03p.m.
Eicopt t-uiulay.
No. 41. Local fxpreux dally , lleUna , UatU
I'ortland , nil poliitB wwt . 10l7p. in
No.ll. . " " wtft " 10-68 p. m
No. 47. " " " " 2-1B p. m
UeiwrU at . a.45p , m
Except Hiinilny.
SlcopInK , dlnliiK und rucllnlnt ; chair cur * ( neat !
Irco ) on thraigh trnlnn. Tlrki-d sold and b g-
KiiL'u chocked to uny p < Inl In v < u United SUitui
nnu Caimdu ,
No. 4H haft invroliaiidUo cm * Tuosdayi , Tlinr -
duyR iinilHaturdayu.
No. IB u III carry | in4 onger for AnMuio , Hal
wy , btnocii , Whltmnn nnd MhMi , e.
wo. < il will cnrry i a.ocr for IliTonni
tinnitl Ihliind Y"rl , s-i'wi < nnd Lincoln.
( iiforiiia'lini , niiipr' , liiur lublm ctid ticket
fall un or rllc t 11 L , drniBby. ji.iit. ; or J
KrnnuK ft. I' . A , Oimihu. Nuiiranku.
11 1 . OliMB > . An-tjt
I'or l. ( > rl | | te
Vl'iHl-l-f * Co. , 240 \ ? ibhhh
- , corner .luckron airtet , onO of
oldivt nnd most prominent
reeooimnndid Chttmberlniu'i
itt'inedy ( or lagrlppo , as It not
only Kivee a prcuniU ami ocmipleto rellof
but ls > countcrHcte itnv tendoncv'of la
Krippu to result m pueumouia , For aU
by nil tlruggleta ,