Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, July 08, 1898, Image 4

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Mis lVtrr lUOjfiim Ims lptn on
tii.- t K lint .
Mr Urn .lu'iiwwi was buying
tH(tlc in tliU vjpniily Inst WhIuoh-
v tMisR Lemuels Sinys6r of A I li
nnets wns visiting IMKs Vrln John
sen Inst wok.
! Mi'fl. Vii: Kberly of Allianco is
Kjmiiiliiig n fow days with liur
. fnlliar Mr. Brhiiiii'onib.
Tho MissPB Liilti Duncftti, Mublo
ttenlc, Ktlitli GrilTotb, Wilmn Fruw
mid Uiutliii Herold wore visiting
nt wool; with Mitw Mitry JCborly.
- Mr. W. 'J1, iloluison, Mr. unci
Mm V II .lowptt have gonu to Ilia
ivm and uxppcl to visit tho Trims-
.Mississippi Exposition pitrouto.
Last Tlmrlay ovpniiir Win T.
Johnson rofoivod a dispatch from
4 I'laat month stating that hi, father
mii1? very ill, and for him to eonio
. nl onfp.
()!i tho buntilifiil rain (hut foil
Thurjday pvp.
)A Millpr took clmrgo of Undo
Bum's mail routo thu 2 hist, from
fUnnlon to Mujiujla,
NoNon llpurss and Oporgo
Zimmerman Ksq. wcroin Homing
ford Wodnesdny.
I). V. Millpr our road suporvis
or has ordered tho boyB opt to
Uicir'.road work whih tho ground
.(t.oiitH nice.
- rlhuv 15ass pold his 'entire
lyrrd ofrHhupp a low days a.ijo to
some purlins on Suako Crook for
j$l.i10 pur bond.
; Mr Mos.isBass Hold a tino maro
thi' first of tho wook, ho also lost a
row by lightning in tho storm of
Thursday cvoning.
' iiyron L'oskot of Snako Civelc
vjhs in thoso parts a fow lays ago
looking P omo bauds to iusist
rJniu in bis big hay contract.
' " ' la w
Miss .fo-iu Planansky is homo
roiu Alliance on a short visit. '
K 10. 13. fFord spoilt the Fourth at
Jjjiwii and ruports a pleasant, timo.
' llpiiry Shiiniik is onioying a
visit from his inothor from AVis-
- cousin.
iit Solcoup has a jiow wind
fall, i laiiKbinmoU MinoniHeml-
tlin york.
' Card" aiv out announcing tho
marriage of Mism Tillio Nilcout to
Mr. .InsM-illpr on the 20th hist.
W C Philip of Canton visited
tliibticH Iliohar over night this
u-;eJ'' aijit had his najno plactvl on
iiolockot a., a stand inj candidal
; for marriage. .
Thoro are no Hies on Lawn
wlion it ctunos to capturing prizes.
Who walked ofl'wih the beautiful
; American ibiK which now floats
ovur Lawn in honor of Admiral
,ianipsou'N jroat victory and
jConimandov F. KiKont on his ton
gallon milk can which lleiuing-
ford su'Ti'iidmvil to him.
" A blue pencil nmrlc nro..s the
face of fhi notice indiuatos. that
jfrou ba'o not paid for this paper,
find i)o ouVnso is meant but only
ji leminder to yOu that the debt
should bo paid without further
Uids will be received on or be
fore JnlyJJ, 180S, for building sv
Sd SobooJ house in district No -11.
.JMipis ?nd specilications may bo
seen at county superintendent's
.oflice. Tho Uoard reserves tho
jl'ight to reject any and nil bid a.
; ; , August Fklukk.
. KsSTllVY NoTlOH.
Taken -iti on Mayl2, 180S, at
uy play 0(n Heetion 21, Tp 27,
Jl. fL, onu yearling inarj eolt,
lirnwn color, with both bind faet
vhite, s;ay in forolujiid, no buinds.
Fok Salk.
Ono red I'olungii bull, four
yoars old. IL is a thoroughbred
uid u lino animal; ha never run
jii a burd. He cun bj Mvlj at
Jiuuug llolliyral,'b plucq,$ yiilos
th of Uoniiugfuvd.
" .
rw M-'bMO- WCC1 M1MMW I
. .. . ? .A . .
People ii IMrly ConBfelnnnl Con
, rniirii to'
A l)rlimtP I'nMrlillnti l ll'TClV
ttM'i'l In Hit illy o( llnikrii llou.im Tniituy
.Inly II irtw hi 2 ii tloi k .m. for llu luirpoM
of pliirhitr In liniiiliintiiMi u i umlliliili1 lor inom
Iwr iif I'Hiipiiwn to leiiri'KtMil tlio sixth C'cin
iti I'Mitimnl Dlhfrlctof Nclinisldi, unil to tninn
net uvli ntlu'rliiHiiifiK ux inn.r jircjMirly come
Itrfore flic r(in(intln)i. It Is rnoutninoiiilcd
Dint tlici cmuitv rimi)toii., In tlic cnutitlcH
I'liniiirlKllii; llitT sixth conurussloiiul illstrlcl, be
hold lit ttirlr roHpt'etnn rtniiity jntn on Sntur
ilnViJulx vih. 1MM. fur tho iurooof iOcctlii
(lilcu'iil( In tliN foiiM'iillnn. Tho rrprcKcn
tntlon friun llin vniimiMiiniiitlcii will hnhnsuil
iipou tho ()tc of lion. W h. (Irwji In thn
t'iiircvHloniil olccllon uf Mn, oiifl ilflruiitu
liolntf r)Uiil for oirry ono hunilri'il rotPHor
mtijor I ruction ihcreof. anil nno ilukimte nt
Inrui from t'acli county, which innLeu thu
follovvitiK upiiortliiiimviilt
. v .I t fc. T- - . -
ll.iniifr i llownnl 11
lllnltii- S Kolth s
llox llnttc 7 Ktn P.iha,..,., . 4
llol T Klinlmll .. .. ,. , . a
llrottii . ... 4 Lincoln , 14
lliillnlo ,. . 85 I.O(?iiii a
Cliuiyr . ., H l.oiin . ,
Ccojunint rt Mrl'lici-Holi a
I'llstrlUlllo . ,., S5 UoclC :t
Hiihm Ill Si-nttHlllurfH. 3
Oitwrou... . II Shurlitiin . .J,,... 1()
Uiiuol :t Mom 4
Onrllnltl II Shurmiin 10
(Iriint ...,, . ' Tllnnms ... . 3
(Iruolay.... , H Vnlli-y, ill
H.lt II Whidur II
llooliur ... . :!
It Is ri'iiiiiipnilcil thnl no proxloi he nl
loucd, hut Hint tin- ilulfirntOH picnnnt cust lha
full vote of tin' (lok'Kiitliin.
.IAmkh Stockiiam,
Chnlrinnti Coi'WK"sliiiial Committer.
Cult Tor a County Convention.
A Count) nvi'titlim of tho I'eoplo's Inilo
liKinlent l'nriy, of llox lluttn romity, Ih hnroliy
('nihil to nifut nt tho I'onrt Ilounn In llemtnK
fonl oi)Tii(iiln) July 12th, nt I o'clock p. in.
for llu imriioMo of p!cc(Ik (leJcKfttc to llio
HUtjiiuul ('onrcHliiiml roiiTHiitloint Anil
trnnnctliK ouch other himlni'Mii ns mny iironor
ly cotiio hoforn It. Tho mvnrnl lircclnrtHnro
entltloil to rrprcnoimtliiu nn IoIIiiwh, hnsnl
on tho voto fort'lnrk OliU, for County clerk
In 1oT.
Jl Dornoy 8
:i lilhorty n
4 llox ilutto it
4 AllluiHO. 1st. vnnl !l
4 Allluiu'c. 3ilnrtl 'I
6 Hnnkofrwk 'i
Tho wvprnl iiroductH will hold rnucnspR on
Moudny,.lnly II, nt UHiinl plnm-H of hohllio;
ennip, hi thouuniiiK Bxcciit I)ornpy nnd llojd.
wlilvh nro hy lliHlr conituittiH'incn culled for -o'clock
p. in. nnd lnt nnd "nd wnnU, Allianco,
timo to (mi fixed hy coniinltt(Hinpn. It hns lipon
dit'ldiil lo hojd a Inter coiivpiilion for tho nom
liintlon of I'onnly nnd preciucl nlliccrH.
It) order of county ccutrnl comiuittcii.
I'liAUK OliUS, (rhnlrnmn.
TIip otTH of tho 1poi1o'h Indppondcnt l'nrty
of Dorppy iiiwliict will hold a cniiciiHon Mon
dny, July It, nt tint court IiluhpIu H(nilnford
for tho iurOHiiof oloctitm picht dtiltntCH to
tho county couvuntlon to be held nt Hi'iutnu
ford on July 1.', 1W8. W. M. lODKNCli.
I'rcclnct Commit teoiunu.
Final - Proof Notices.
J. W. W13HJJ, JK . KirMer.
W. It AKintS, IloccUcr.
1'nrtlcH hnvlim uoticPH In thlx poltiinu nro ro
oui'Htiit to rend tliouniiiocnri'fully nnd report to
this olllcii for correction mi) error Hint limy
pxlnt. TIiIh will iireu'iit poHNiblo dehiy in
milking jirmif.
I.iiikI Olllco lit Allliinco, NpI.. June il, IMtS.
Notice Is Iil'ioIiv Kit t n tlmt thu following
niuncdsuttlm has lllod iiollco of his Intention
louiuhe tlnnl proof In support of hUt'lnlm, nnd
thnl said pi oof will lip inudo tiufnre llctf
Istcr or Itucclvcr, lit AUIuncc, M'h., on Auttust
1.1MW, l7t
M'innio M. Graham. ?
of llox llutto. Nell., wlmiii.iile h o Mt."0 fur tin
s w i Nv Ift. tn -7 n. r 4x .
Sho iiimies thu follow inn nltiipsscs toprovu hor
continuous it'Mdcncu iiihui tiiul ctiltlMition of
wild Intnl. vr. Jiimos Collins. Mnrv Collins,
JohiiAliihoii). M;u tin .Million), nil of llox llutto
Nul). AUo
James Graham.
of llov lluttu. !'' . who inado h c .so. 80.1 fcr
tho s w sec Ti tp '27 ii, r 4H w.
Ho nnmos the follow Iiik witnesses to prove
his continuous icslduncoupun nnd ciilthntlun
of sitld hind lr: JiiinosCollfiis. Murv Collins,
John Miiliouy, Miirtlu Muhony, nil of llox
llutto, .sell. Also
James Collins,
of llox Hut to. Ml., who made h c mi mi for tho
M ' sis-'i.', tp'JTu. r 4Hw.
liouniiiCN tho fnllouini; witnesses to prow
his emit liiuous restdcuco upon nud cnltlMitlnu
or c.ild land, vi; James tlr.ihnm. Mlniilo M.
Ornlinin John Mahouy. Martin Miihonv. nil of
Hox Unite. Nob. Also
Mary Collins,
of llox llutto. Noli . who nindc h e no. S5S Mr
thosw 4 sec HI. tpifn, r4Hws
He nniiics tho follow Ii p wltncsvuH to proe
his coiitluucus rehldciiceupoii nnd cultivation
nt Mild liuul It: .litmus Oriihnm. Mtiinlo M.
(ir.ihatu .lolm Mnluinj. Martin Mahou. all of
llox liutte, M'b.
J W. Wt-IIS. Jit.. IlcKlsler,
C.S Land Olllce. Allianno Neb., JuimU, 18KJ.
Notuo Is notfby nhcn that
John Kuudtson,
of llotniimford. noIi h.-sriUd notice of Inten
tion tomahu l.uul proof hufoie T. J. O Itetf.
U s Cominlsslaiirr, nt lliinlni-'ford, .mU , on
July Irt.lstis nn Umber culture uppllcatluli o,
I'.Ts Mr the s o hoc 34, tp VOn. r 4Wn
lie liaiiiesas witnosses; Peter Alulei ton.
Junius llolliurnUo. Knrl Kjiistroin, Otto (lib
sun, nil of licmiuKfoiil sek
J W. Wihn.jr., UeKlster.
I.utidonUo nt Alllaiii'o, M'b. Juno 0. IMM.
.villi o is herohv when that tho following
l'liiiifsl .ettler bus tiled notlco or his Intention
loi i. Ue lln.il proof in siippoilof his clnlm unil
thin said proof will ho made before ItoKlster
or Hocehernt Allium t Ncli . on ,lul Irt, lbti,
Vaclav Potmesil,
ol Dunlnp. Nob . who made H. K Mr the
w l se . e ' t hiv i4 sec 31 tp Sfln, r 47 w
Ho names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous icsldotire uihui mid ciiltlntlou
ofnld land. ir. KianU.l W Kcldlrr. Nor
lien A krriifk, Ned A. llr7ln:i. of Hciiuiik
Mrd Nh. Joseph I,ampIot. t Duwl.ip. Neb.
Frank.!. W. Feidler,
of HomlnRford. Neh., who made he No. 4V0
for the up sec ii tpSn. r4Kv.
Ho munps the followiiik' witnesses toprovo hU
continuous loslduiicu tnioii nnd ciililwillou of,
sld laiiil. i .x ncluv Potmesil. Joseph Lump,
lot. of Ihmlnp, Neb , Norbert A. Kreuek. Ned
A. llroidiia. o( llemiiiBford. Neb
Notice isheicby kIh'd.Iiiii
Wolfgang- Freimuth,
of llox liutte Neh . has tiled notice of Inten
tion tn mulio ttuul proof ut same time end
placo on Umber cultuio nppllcHtlon No. I4V0
lor the se sec d. liiSHii. r4s w.
lie imuitiK ns whmuiies' Kranlt J. W Feid
ler. Ned A. Uieidna. Not hurt A Kteuek at
' oinlnxforil :eU. Vncln Potmesil uf l)uu
Inp, Nob
J V Wbii.N.Jit. KoKlstur.
U S. IaiiiI Otllc. Alliame. Neh , Muy v5. 1698.
Notice i Iii'icIj) thnt
John II. Shirk,
uf Uemincford. Neh,, line filed untlcoof inten
lioti toliiHwetituil jirmif lpforo T .1. O'Kepfe,
V S toiiimisbiiiurr. nt, hin otlicu in Ileiuinu
ford . eb.. on tho Slid dn of July mi timlx.r
cultuie epplu'ntluu No. It)71 for the n k eec'Jl
tp St u r Wv.
lie liniiicn k witnfhhfs: Julm Mlchnelt-on.
Henry Mli'luielxon, C. V. ltotieiibvrcer, Fred
Alilrj, nil of Hemiuuford Neh. Aeo
Notice is hereby ieu thnt
Nelson 13. Shonquist,
of Omahn. Nob., hnn fThsl notice of iiiteptiou to
muks fuinl priHit nt same timo nnd pi are on
tinder culture Application No. 13MT for tho ke'i
kw3l. tp3u rw.
Ilriiaiiu'n na witnwops: John I. llftird, of
lleiuiuk'ford, Neh., l.o llranllii, Kdwlu E
I'uid, Louie Iloinritheusou, of Iawii. Neb,
J. W. '.n, ;., Itpwieter.
i i
Ilnit Otnrral
General W
Joe Wheetrr A'lie Cnptared
Wlictlcr lmil n mnM cxcitinir
icrvlco tliroiiKlioiu the war. Ho tins told
nio how his liortCH woro shot nnder him
ttRnhi nud ngnla and how ho pooaped
without iujury, although ho uhvnys
rode at tho head of hia troops. Of nil
tho oomiuntidera under JefTorgoti Dnvis
ho stuck olosost to him. Ho una with
Davia wlion tho cabinet moved from
lliehmond tq C'okcsborouKh, N. O., nud
lie then had eight brigadoR of cavnlry.
Ho told Davis that the Koldlers consid
ored tho war was over nnd thnt ho had '
trouble- it) holding his troops together.
Duyln did not uyreo with him, nnd ho
ordcrod 10,000 horsoHhocR sent there to '
equip hit) troops for flight through the
A short time Inter, however, when ho
got rendy to fly, Wheolor wns nbout tho
only commnuder wIiq could get soldiers
to go with him, and it was little Gen
eral .Too who followed tho Confederate
president with a troop of 500 mou.
Davis nud his cnbiuot soon saw, how
ever, thnt their hope wns n forloru one,
pnd they sout orders to Wheeler to disr
bnnd his troops nud taUo enreof himself.
This Wheoler did nud n short timo later
was captured by the Union troops nnd
wns sout with Jefferson Davis north to
prison. Alexnuder Stephens nud Post
master Gouernl Reagan wore tukeu with
him, nud on tho way uorth General
Wheeler snyB that Stopheus thought ho
was going to sure death. He said as
much to Geucrnl Wheeler, and tho gen
eral replied, "Well, Mr. Stephous, if
this (a to bo your fa to, what must bo
that pf Prosideut Davis?" Aloxnuder
Stephens raisod his bauds nndrepllod:
'Oh, don't spenk of that I His fate la
too horriblp to consider." Gouernl
Whepler caid ho hnd uo idea he would
bo killed, and tho way ho joked about
tho mattor of their Joint imprisoumeut
horrified Alqxaudcr Stephens), - St
Louis liepublio.
Waahlngton Wldovre.
I like gratitude I like to hear of
grateful people, nud an anecdote I henrd
rocoutly of ouo Washiugtou man ha?
ploasod mo mmeusoly. Ho has recently
married tho widow of a very wealthy
geutlemap, nud on tho proceeds of the
transaction ho hns built a handsomo
houso. When tho house wns finished
nud the moviug into it was accomplish
ed, tho wifo and her mother fell to dia
cussing just wherothoy should haug tho
portrait of tho former husband. They
hnd just docided to hang it in a small
room ou tho second floor when tho new
husband camo iu aud heard of tho mat
ter. "Hang him up stnirsl" ho said.
"No, sireo. No, sireo. That man wa3
my benefactor. I owo everything I havo
to him. He fehall hang in thu place of
And husband No. 1 now smiles down
from over tho mantel in the drawing
But that makes mo think of another
Washington widow who has rocoutly
bestowed herself and her belongings on
a secoud husband.
"It's fcp fortunate," said sho to me.
,''Aly flnt husband's last iinmp began
with a VY, you know, nud so does my
gcconcl husband's first name. All Mr.
W.'s handkerchiefs nro just tho thing
for Willie, nud I haven't even had to
havo tho initial ou them changed.".
Washington Post.
Ace of the World's Charters.
Miss Browning dilatca on a most
consolatory fact. Tho women who infln
eucod thodobtluiesof natious wero nono
of thpm "actually young." Well, what
does MisB Browning call "actually
young?" Nineteen is not old, and sho
who saved Franco from returning mem
bers to a British parliament was 19 at
hor death. There is a teudoncy iu the
male sex tu liko them young. Helen of
Troy was, it is calculated,, about 120,
but Bho was tho daughter of a god.
Cleopatra is put by Miss Browning at
nbout 60 when Antony reckoned the
world well loot far her. Iu any case
her medals mako her a plain womnu,
with a very lougnose. Mary Stuart hud
turned things upsido down beforo sho
was 25, and Diauo de Poitiers was 48
aud Mine. Scarrou 45 before they cap
tured royal lovers, Theso veteran charm
ers had health aud intelligence, but
Lady Hamilton was fat. as well as 40,
when sho fascinated Nelson. Loudon
Cod ou Aeli Wrdneedny.
Once a year, on Ash Weduesday, tha
tuglicauB of all tho middle class eat
inlt fish, and this salt fish is always
ood. Shrovo Tuesday is a kind of Lon
don fish shop festival, iu whioh tho
wbolo of the ''dpcoration" is salt cod
and half lentous. Tho cod aro salted in
the shops, boing split and. very lightly
but sufficiently salted, with a view to
impartjug flavor rather than to preserv
ing the tifeb. They aro then rolled looso.
ly and elegantly and a lomou laid upon
each. Tho origin of the loruon is diffi
cult to trace. Egg sauco, nud not lem
ons, is the traditional "relish" with
salt cod, the eggs beiug also a survival
pi the old Lenten list of fare. Possibly
the lemouB wpro originally part of the
surplus stock laid in for tho previous
fenst of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.-
Coruhill Magazine.
The Krly l'lnno.
The enrlieht known mention of tho
pianoforte was in a playbill datod May
10, 1707. The piece announced was
"Tho Beggar's Opera, "with Mr. Beard
as Captaiu Machcatb, Mrs. Stephens aa
Mrs. Peachum, Mr. Shuterns Peachum.
Tho principal attrnctiou wns given us,
"Miss Buckler will slug a song from
'Judith,' accompanied by a new instru
ment called pianoforte." Pittsburg
The annual consumption of paper used
In Amoy, China, is said to be nearly
110,000,000. Most of it is of local man
ufacture. The Chinese dou't liko fur
jigti mado paper.
One pouud of sheep's wool is capuila
it producing oua ytml of cloth.
r . i i
Vein of Arrnrncy. I
A man of businesslike aspect invaded
down town shoo shop yesterday morn
ing nud paid:
"I see you cUim to do invisible
patching. Can you put nn iuvisiblo
patcli ou this shoe?"
"Yes, sir," replied tho proprietor.
"Sure? I don't want it dope unless
yon can, because tbhj is ono of my swell
shoes nnd I don't Want it to show."
"If I don't put nn invisible patch on
it, I won't charge yon anything for tho
"AH right. Gonhotul,"
Tito shoemaker took tho shoo, nnd iu
nbout fifteen minutes brought it back to
him neatly ropnired.
"II'ii) I" ejaculated tho customer. "I
thiuk thp bargain wns that if you
didn't put nn iuvisiblo patch ou it you
wouldn't c.hargo anything, wtibu't it?"
"That's right."
"This is tho patch, isn't it?"
"Well, it'B perfectly visiblo. What
yon meant wns, 1 presumo, that you
could mako tho evidences of its boing a
patch iuvisiblo, but you ought to have
6itid so. A bargain's u bargain. Let this
be n lesson to you. Good moru"
"Hold ou. I can fix thut nil right,"
said thn shoomnker.
Ho took tho shoo again, ran n sharp
knife under ouo edgo of tho patch, up
plied n pair of sharp nippers, dexterously
ripped it off, throw it behiud n work
bench and hauded tho shoo back nguin.
"There," ho said, "is your shoo, nud
tho patch, ns yon'll notice, isn't visiblo
now. Lot this bo n les.on to you. Good
mor Oh, bo's gone!" Chicago Trib
une A Drought Iteelitliic riant.
The chief reason why alfalfa hay will
grow iu tho short grass country is that
it hns long roots. They have been kuowu
to striko 2G feet deep for moisturo. Tho
plant will not thrive, therefore in soil
flinr la tint: nnnti mid rlnor, A ti trliitil I
placo for its growth is along tho rivor
bottoms iu the western part of Kansas
land under which great lakes of "sheet
water," miles upon miles in extent, aro
found from 10 to 25 foot below tho sur
face. Tho roots of alfalfa readily push
down to tho water aud drink when they
ncod moisture, nud tho result is thnt
tho plant blossoms nud prospers and be
comes a never failing sourco of revenuo
to the man who cultivates it. Ou tho
rolling upluuds, whero there is scarcely
an average rainfall of 25 inches a year,
tho plaut will live and produce hay
nearly always. It makes good pnsturngo
uuder ordinary conditions thoro nud is
almost certain every year to produce a
lino crop of seed. All tho uplands uro
fertjjo enough, tho only troublo about
making uso of that fertility boing tho
lack of moistnro. Irrigation has uot yet
succeeded in bringing water in abun
dauco to the us.sistaiicu of tho tiller of
tho soil in this region, nud thereforo
only such a plaut cau live ns has deep
roots nud u pertinacity that even tho
hot winds of Knusns cannot shake.
Frnukliu Mntthows in Harper's Weekly.
Ono of tho Kulner'e Jokee.
There aro lnnnv ennd nnendntpq nhnnt
tho German emperor, nud it must bo
owned that they nil prove tho kaisor to
havo no small amount of humor. Tho
following, which comos from Horr
Ehlers, the traveler, is smarter than
most. The emperor nud Ehlers wero
oollego chums from Boun, nud tho om
peror uoypr forgot his old collego stu
dent. At Bonn, on special occasions,
tho different corps used to drink to ono
another, nud the following set form was
alwuysused: Thopresident of tho Pala
tia corps raises his glass, Eaying, "I
nnvo tuo great honor and plensuro to
empty my gluss Iu drinkiug to the corps
of Bonibhia." Tho president of tho lat
ter corps then replies, "Tho corps
thauksuud drinks." On tho birth of
ono of the sous of tho emperor Ehlers
telegraphed him, "I havo tho great
honor aud pleasure to empty my glass
in driukiug to the youuge&t Hohonzol
lem." The emperor promptly wired
back, "Tho youngest Hohenzollern
thanks nnd drinks." Toronto Chron
icle. The itVst of the Snn.
Accordipg to tho best authorities, less
than ouo thonsitnd-millioulh part of the
sun's rays roaches the earth. It is for
tunate that this is so, ns any consider
able concentration of tho rays upon our
planet would speedily destroy it. Ao
cordiug to tho samo account, if nil of
the ico nt tho north polo wero so piled
that tbo heutof tho sun could be focused
on it, it would dissolve at tbu rato of
800,000,000 miles of solid ice per sec
ond. The heat ia estimated to g'ener
nto euergy at tho rato of 10,000 horse
power to every squnro foot of space.
Tbo beginuiug of the radiation of heat
from tho sun must date back something
liko 100,000,000 years. Likooverytbiug
elso, it had its start aud must havo its
finish. It may continue for 15,000,000
or 20,000,000 years louger, but thero
ia a limit pud it must bo readied. Ouo
panuot hut wonder at the condition of
tho universe nttliat timo and what will
come after, New York Ledger.
Why Jtaln Falle In the fctreete.
Little Dot I dou't liko to stay in tho
houso like this. What makos it rain so
Cureful MarninaSo that the grass
cau grow and tbo flowers coaie out,
"Does tho angels send down all this
wet just for tho grass and flowers?"
"I suppose so."
"Well, what do they slosh it all over
everything for? There isn't uuy flowers
' in the streets."
"It can't bo helped, I suppose."
"P'raps thoy ap servant angola and
used to washing windows." Strand
'i . j '
Germau Professor (in his lecture on
fater) And then, gcutlemeu, do not
forgot, if we had np water wo could
never learn to swim and how many
people would bo drowned I Yieuua
tKlint nM hnJ ho for nil their
"Thin ring lurked, ru'ty bunch of kcjiT
Ah, this ono cloned hln vault of wine,
And tllli one opened up the tnlno
From whence ho look tho Htoro of thmtcUt
Thnt hero aro In his writing urounht,
But thin? WI17. I'fte ho held I1I1 llfol
Thi whu hli lntelikoj , nnd his wifo
Has tlmnkiil dour Hod to honr It turn.
tn plneo U 'lining (ho nhei In hi urn
William Iilnhtfobt Vltecher in Woman's flume
A Feeding Timo Incident of Life In the
llnlnnced Timlin.
Wlion tho decorator crab gots too big
for its shell, it does what many other
shellfish do it sheds it, emerging with
its now bholl already formed, but tit
that stngo of its growth pliable nud not
much thicker than paper. In its soft
sholl stnto it is comparatively defense
less, nnd it keeps out of thewiiyof other
shollilsh if it can, but its now sholl
soon hardens, nud then it goes nbout in
its accustomed manner,
1, iimuin-i. I
;or increusos greatly, por-
u 6izo, almost immediate- !
lg its old shell, which it ;
Tho decorator increases greatly, por
Imps n third 1
ly after leuviug
Bcnrcoly fcoius possible it could ever
havo inhabited, hut it gets out of tho
old 6holl nevertheless without damng
iug it nud leaving it ofteu disposed in n
most lifelike form,
Tho decorators nt tho nqanrium nro
fed separately, so that each will bo sure i
to got its portion. Tho food is put down i
to tlioin on the tip of u little stick,
which is shaken gently over tbein, nud
tho food, thus detached, falls within tho
crabs' gnthp. There is no current iu tho
balanced tanks iu which tho smaller
decorators nre, nud anything dropped iu
tho wntcr drops straight down. Tho
other day thoro wero found in ono of
tiioso tanks, cliuging to tho tilva, two
decorators, which wero supplied, aa
usual, by plncing their food in tho wn
tcr wjioro they would bo sure to got it.
Being somcwhnt pressed for timo thnt
day, howover, tho man who fed them
did not wait to seo tho crabs actually
oat. Ho placod their food within reach
and trusted them to do thu rest.
But glancing iu nt this tank on his
return from feeding tho small fibbes aud
things in tbo other balanced tanks ho
saw tho two decorators that ho had
found ou tho ulva still thero and iu pre
cisely tho samo nttitudes ns beforo, aud
then ho realised that they wero uot hvo
crabs, but sheddiugs. He hud been Teed
iug ompty shells. On taking thoin out 1
of the tank ho found iuside of ouo of
them the fragment of food which ho
had dropped for it, whicli had fallen
into it through tho opeuing between
tho upper uud tho lower part of tho
shell whicli tho crab had luado iu get
ting out.
It may ho thnt tho two decorators for
merly residing in these shells, but now
seenro iu somo distant part of tho tank
witli now shells hardening, on their
backs, smiled us they thought of tho
feeding of tiieir empty shells. It is cer
tain that tho man who fed them smiled
ns ho urrnnged them for preservation in
tho nqunrium'H collections. Now York
Tho Becret of having croquottcs firm,
lies in their being mixed for a long
timo. Tho meat should be chopped very
flno after beiug freed from all fat aud
gristlo, aud about n half pint of milk
allowed to each piut of meat. The milk
should bo put over tho fire whilo n ta.
blespoouful of butter and I tablespoon
fuls of flour nro rubbed together. Tho
hot milk is thcu added, and tho wholo
cooked to n thick, smocth paste. Mean
timo, to n piut of chopped meat is added
a tablespoouful of chopped parsley, salt
and pepper to taste, the grated rind of
a lemon, uud a tea&poouful of onion
juice, if that is liked, or somo cooks
simply rub n halved ouiou over tho
mixing bowl. Tho bea&oued meat is then
stirred into tho pasto aud tho wholo
turned out to cool. Tho meat should bo
allowed to stand fornt least 13 hours be
foro it is molded into croquettes. Dip
first iu oggs, then in bread cruuibs, uud
fry iu smoking hot tat. Powdered shred--ded
biscuits will bo found a plensaut
variety to tho bread crumbs. It is
caution, by tho way, in tho use of those
biscuits, whero bread crumbs aro re
quired, thnt thoy nro very unsuccessful
iu esculloped tomatoes. They aro too
starchy, ovideutly, to be of uso thoro,
aud they form a gummy mass that ia
uot appetizing. New York Post.
Sliuplo Iluhy Lamp.
Socuro an ordinary quart size
Rhine wiuo bottle nud by gently
plug on the bottom thereof break
enough glass to allow tho iutertion of a
candle. A hummer can bo used fur this J
purpose if n httlo caro bo taken. Then ;
wrap a piece of ruby paper ull arouud
tho bottlo, securlug samo by pasto or '
muoilngo. Tho lamp is now ready for
uso, unl by standing the bottlo ou a
triangle of burned matches nud lighting
thu caudle, will burn without uuy trim
ming of wick nud other oil lump incon
veniences. Tho littlo white light ema
nating from tho top will do absolutely
no harm. New York Muil aud Express.
Curloue Typographical Urrore.
Dr. Daniel of tho Toxnn Modical
Journal, referring tu a recent editorial
iu The Statesman on typographical er
rors, gives an amusing experience iu
that line. Ho says ho wrote, "Dr. Jno.
Bailybache aet 74 years, born July 32,
1822, uud died" Imagino his disgust
when it appeared in Tho Journal, "Dr.
Bollyacho nto 74 years of corn July 22,
1822, aud died." Austin Statesman.
It is claimed that tho X rays aro ren
dered harmless to tho human flesh by a
j process discovered by Elliott Woods,
j superintendent of thu capitol nt Wash-
I iugtou, which involves pa.siug the rays
through gold foil specially prousred fur
tue purpose.
The laud covered by now houses in
greater Loudou every year is 1,163
ntor Mukne Oat Conch nr
. . Millinery.
AUigntora on go a i'm, vay w,,
out eating, 1j-h when thv d t
cliunco ut whut i3 cillv ' v nro n
they ruulin short or!c f it It di"
Boetn to matter inn h to the nlllr,j:
what thu square meal constats 1 f
long ns ho can got it down. Anytta
that ho can devour without hurting r
teeth orunduly stretching-his swa !n"
inp- apparatus is food for hitu.
A number of people visiting the &
In Central nirlc, Now York, wero frm
ered nbout the alligators' tank nut
ing tho reptiles disporting tlu m lv
in ihe w.,tor. Suddui ly it gust of win
caught the broad-br mined hat of a
young girl in tho wnUdiing crowd,
whisked it off her head nud ltnded I
on tho edge of tho bank.
Before it could be recovered ono of
tho alligators caught s ght of it hi
attention wns nttructcd, no doubt, bv
the beautiful artificial roses with wliuli
it wus trimmed. Ho guzo.l nt it rapt in
nmni uuon ior an instant. 111s jaws
dowry opened and then .-l-vd with it
pnu over the hat, which di-apneuro1
down tho ceaturo's tliroatr-all octp-
nunii atton for nn instant ins javrH
n single rose, which, however, dl not
csoape, for in n moment the nllliruto-
cyo rested upon it. anil it a.s quick 1
followed tho rest of tho hat into tli
creature's capacious interior. Tlior
tuo uihgiitor winitod nia other eye, a
,nuel, as to say: "That was fine. (Ilvr
nie a dozen more." Every one enjoyed
the bpect tele except tin. voting- girl
ilu lost tho lint, who is still, as sho
was then, undoubtedly of tho opinion
that alligators are very impolite crea
tures, whatever other virtues they may
If Von
Happen to Hare Que,
Thli n
How tn Trent It.
A skilled pianist never allow? ltis
beloved instrument to stand up against
the wall in his room, a npaieof at lonsf
a foot being' allowed, says a masi
dealer. This is to prevent damp .1,1
allow a passage of tlry, warm air. ri
precaution is especially nocoasar iu a
brick houso wlrore the wall is nn out
' side one. llrteks aro anything hut
damp proof, uni unless th. wall is
1 "furred" there will be consider u '
I dampness, especially when the Mr it
I fire is lighted for the fall Dampuc-s
j is fatal to n piano, because, ninoi.
oilier reasons, tho rosewood u-ed 111
making' the fram-i is troa'toal wu.vl.
and not capable of resisting innistu1 o
for any length of thn
In it carelessly kept piano the polish
is bad, nnd tho varnish looks as tlunvh
nn army of insects h id b?en at wo It
on it. This is be 'attse thu wood hn
stretched and i-hrun'f with gTC.it
rapidity, owing; to g-otiintr damp nr-d
thon boing dried again, and n in i-i-cian
seldom cares to buy stn.li an i'.
strument. knowing that tho deli-.i'o
interior has buffered at leait to somo
extent with the exterior. Tnkm
care of a piano is half tho battle, nu J
the less dampness tho loss expenditure
necessary to keep it in tune.
Tlio Wonderful G'looic Tint OniamcnfJ
1'liiLiiiVlp 11.1'n Town 11.111.
The greatest huru!oicai wonder li
the world to day is tho gigantic clock
in th" tower of tho imtnanie "pub'ie
build.ng" at Philadelphia. When
everything" is in running order tlds
marvel of the clockm.i'.ter s art will bo
stationed u distance of 313 feet from
the pavement, its bell weighs be
tween -'0,000 nnd 2'i,000 pounds, and fs
.hu second largest bell of any kind in
America, tho grctt bjll at Montreal
bjing the largest, weighing 28,000
pounds. The dial of this Philadelphia
titan is twenty-five feet in diameter,
and tho strilt ng hummer is as large ns
a pile driver weight. Tho minute h tnd
is twelve nnd the hour hand nine feet
in length. The machinery is arranged
so that th' clock will stiike every fif
teen minutes, the quarter, half, three
quarters and hours. Tho ltonrin
numerals on tho faee are eaeli two
(cet eight inches in length, the dark;
part of tho figures being three aud
three-fourth inches in width. As it h
entirely out of the question tc talk of
winding such tt monster by hand, a
three horse power engine lias been
placed at the square of the tower for
that espeotal purpose.
A IIoino-Mude TnrUliti Kith.
Any one can fix up a Turkish or va
por bath in his own bedroom at Htt'o
or no expanse. A wood-seated eha'r
can bo placed over a tub of Loi iug
water, and thu bather has only tos'ton
the chair and cover himself from his
Bliouldors downward with a h-avy
blanket to get a first-class vapor bath,
Some people vary the arrangement by
putting hay into tho tub as well as tho
boiling water, but this is unnecessary
an 1 only adds to the trouble and mess.
The samo precautions aro needed
against catching cold as with a regu
lar Turkish bath, with the advaiit-ugo
in favor of tho homo affair tlmt you
cau get into bed without having to go
out of doors aftar getting overheated,
The simple Vath as described will euro
rheumatism and sprains us well as re
duce weight to an appreciable extent
lJluohu.il d's Cieile.
Few aro aware of tho oxistonce of
Ihe veritable Uluebeard's castle. Yet
a recent writer assures us that this is
inJeod sltuatod a milo or two beyond
Intyriaken, ou a lonely, well-shaded
m- tintniu road. Upon looking up thp
wuodvd hillside, just at a bond in tho
lit ne, one sees tho ruins of an old castle.
On y mose-eoverod walls now remain,
w h . h are the haunts of bats, birds,
and insects, but its stately columns in
i1 'ite .te oarly grandeur. Many doubt
.11 1 such a character us Bluebdan)
ev r lived, but in thut portion of the
world tho story Is believed and told bf
t'.o uativw, uutUne fancies ho sou
I'jtima s sister at tho tower v,-jndow,
ansiously awaltifff some s'jjjfVf kis
protaetw. , ,