Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, March 25, 1898, Image 4

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    mwJ 'Wmif.M wfnw.TpMifii
r CONKL.NQ in a jack POT. ,
Tery Much Ktnbarrimrd T7hrn HIi At
tention Win Colled to the ICrrnr flio
XJttlo General Wonted tlio Mnrj ttopt
Unlet, but It Wns Too Good,
"Iwiis in n poker game," writes n
correspondent of tho Washington Htnr,
"in tho winter of JoiO, win n tjfiinttr
CUhig and General Phil BIjerMou
fifo'V&ro nloyors. It was n four bonded
W' Kfno, mul Jobn Clinmberlln W..H tho
other player. Thie Rnn nt Cunn L.T-
5r2i ?
v'iv " ; . . ,, .. . ...
, . , . .,. i.,.
Ill )uuuiiuH ii, ..JUU..J .. ..rf.rv
UK) rciiiuviw ui iuu 11 in j i, 11 iiu Miuii'u
to. TllO Wl
bluffed each
tlon. Iioth
luck altogether
Rood unturutl
uud ns both
of war of bluflliiK neither of tlium could
lict nu exact linu on tho other, uud it
wan better than n plav to study tluir
faces at tho .how .loUa. Conkluiu w.h
part of tho night, and it was tun to
Lear Littlo Phil Bottly utter dark and
woolly thinpfl under bin breath whin,
tinio after time, Conkllnj: would tihtiw
n hand coutiitinK of uoihtiiKat nil alter,
ImviiiK Beared Miuridun out or prunueo
a RorgeouH set of louro or u full haiitl at
cuch times as Ehunduu, deciditif; that
tbo senator wiih blufllng, would call
Bito him. Sheridan, ' Cbamberlin
would eay amusedly on thcHo ncciibioiiH, '
mul Sheridan would tell LhuniLcrllii to
go to tbo dickcus aud cull tor uuotbur
deck oJ cards.
Wo started tho last round of jackj
pots with o now deck, bhoridan dealt
tho first mess hiniFolf, and utter it lutl
gono around nud uouu of thti three til ua
could open it Sheridan opentd it lnni-1
coif Koitber Chau.burlln nor 1 bad
any right to stay on our hands, so it
was loft between irheridan and Conk
ling, who fitaid. Conklliin took tbreo
cards and turned bin littlo pair into
threes. Shoriduu dished iiimself out
thrco cards aud bit bin cigar burtl when
bo saw his hand Ho mado u $ bot to
draw Couklinu. out, and tho htmator
raised him $.5 It pusKed between tlu-m
With theso ?'JTi bots until tbcro was
nearly $oOU in tho pot, both nun j?cru
tiuizing cuch other pretty careiully M-t
each bot
" 'I don't know so much about you
this tinio, said Conkliuu; finally, 'and
I think 1.11 just tn II you for mlety. '
i r........
Both laid their hands down at tho
nyConklliiK and Sbrridan .. " "'M ' , "' i"y " - .' ; " " wuaionii.vir iiofnce P. l'lnmoto. Joi7; iieri-ioius iu nnil J-i mouth old
other that ihcwH.ucnn- UlZ u ?" (' ''""H orgnnteu- jyH.Phm.ii.tc.ita.u-.ni ..i.f , mndl fo(r mik,8 ,
ineii Huoiuud to strlUo out " , li,' j" .i. ........ . Ii"'ip,und rel gioiit and oiIiui-mi-, j. w. Woim.Jr .UoKUter. i(1f.ntl v...,, . ,
uh nn element in their , - ' - ," -" ."""?'.. '' 1 Htti.lion.-.l ll.. bill ,..,,,,..,,.,,.,., ,. ". .'. . """ . '" .Viur out
plnynKBinst cuch other,' , ",,,,, ', ., ,..,. . known as thc'SVutiSvialon 'bill." i "otiroin i.wi.y km ut.u.0 folu.-iiic- 'b m PXclmiigc. U . K Hall.
nf tliptn rftiirht lino nniiila " t-.. ......... ....- ...... ,......,..... . nam u netlifriiBH i iimi ii' nn. m ih iiitnnt mi to .
,, '"..S ,h.u T, Jororcok,ia.too poor to purclnuo an. Ii a.ul urcl upon roiigivsR the cs- .,v.fi.mi,r ..rinH,,Ht ..M,., .Matm ,..l SBBUJ3-1 lvive secured thronM,
enmotimo Conkltng had thnouints, llut'rB' uuo veiling, glancing at tne o itlered anil piireha.,ed in the
nnd bo looked at fcliniduu strangely Programme of tho concert that wos to eoTTi-oF hi tra,iHit'tions. It tliero
when bo saw tho color of Sberulau's bo ldaycd at dinner, sho saw tbo an foI1 hisn11(.0 lr,Jnl
three r.cos. Both Cbamberlin and my uouncoment of a triumphal march etilo-1 ..onVplli(Mlt limri,., fol. , , fo,
celt also saw what was wrong at the brating tbo German victory of 1871 ,'"3
Eumo instant, but wo only smiled and "1 ' wto." bbo said to a fellow ox ti.iutlulrnt tik.ts, and likewise
lot tbo two men buvoitout kheridan countryman sittiug near, "that this u an ineeiitive and templatiou to rail
had ti broad gnu on bis fai'oand was -ot intended ns a dnscourtafcy to ns, but way employes lo. ihicugh the
just about to ruko in tbo pot Coukliug l (lon ' Cl,rul rin tuo ll,uch of P"trio medium of the t.eket broker, lie
was gazing nt tbo littlo man of iron not to express my disapproval of it in frunil the .-oiiip mie-i whom they
with n pozzlcd lock in his tyes. ? u way when they begin to play BP1.V)- Th . foiltu,.H or (h , ,lH.,H3'ri
" 'Oh, 1 soy, there. Mill, .ust wait a thb. pieco. Wait and see. f t f , t , , . ,f .
roinntis'rnitlfae 'Do you really think Tbo captain having caught ho gis , , , H1 '. l '' .'.
tbftt pot bolougs to you?' , of theso remarks and uuttciug tho great ipi. huouiu lOiuitmn ins tiai-
"Bcloups to iujV said Sbrridan. ' n"1'8 agitation, glanced ut tho pro- n.-tioiii, troni a moral Man.l-po nt .
'Well, it dues if tho nceu ou my tnce 8namo seo whut caused it; thou, L UP bu.xinetfh of the ticket tienlp-
belongs to mo. ' And again ho reached without showiug any surprihe, ho spoke or dom not appear It), in any es
over to hoo iu tbo pot. . to ono of tho waiters in a low tono. sential wav, -erve the economy.
"Conkling ran his hand through his
bair aud again btopped bheridau with u
" '1 don't remember ever having seen
that sort of thing betoro, ' bu mid. 'Did
you, Phil?'
" 'Seo what sort of thing before?' said
Sheridan 'What in blatisaro you talk
ing about, Conkling?'
"For reply Coukliug put ono finger
upon ouo of bhcridau's aces uud then
pointed to auotber ouo of tbo uces.
" 'I never knw n jt.uk pot wcu with
thrco aces, two of which happened to
bo aces of diamonds, ' baid Coukliug,
"Sheridan looked nt bis bund, lying
fnco up on tbo tablo boforo him, and
bis faco bcoanio ilery red. Tho coustcr
nation ou his couutouunco was really
'Why,' ud ho after a minute,
'blamed if 1 don't beliovo I'm notl.ing
better than un involuntary swinuler.
That other ace, you boo, is a club. 1
opeuod the pot on pair of red aces,
find they were, of course, thoho otes of
diumouds. Cbamberlin, turning to tho
amnsod bouifaco, 'turn mo out of doors
as a fraud and u short card pluyer, w ill
" 'And havo tho urmy firo n volley
over tho ruins of my hotuo? roplled
Cbamberlin 'Hurdly Anyhow. I'd
rathor 6eo ypn nnd Coukliug enutigo in
a rough uud turn bio light over the thing
Go ahead, tho pair of you Wo 11 bee
fair play, ' turning to mo.
"Of conrso tho oxtru nco of diamond),
had slipped into tho deck accidental!
beforo it loft the manufaetnier s ban(i
but Sheridan, when ho had in n meuM"
recovered from his surpriso oi tho r-
lution. mado a humorous preteiuu ..
that bo had knowu the whole thing all
along Hnd convulsed tho three of us Lj
feeliugly nppeahug to Coukliug to re
train from exposing bun to the voiii
for tho Bako of his iamily and nil tLat
sort of tbiug The band being toul. tbo
pot wuc of conrse divided. "
HIi UfglcnlDz.
Tbo wild yonug man decides to settle
down and become eitious To bigiu bis
reform he has counted up his debts und
,fouud the total 145,017 fraucs o5 cen
times. "What ore yon going to do about it?"
usked his friend.
"Pay tho 17 frsnes and 05 centimes
at once and make arrangements for tho
rest." Uaulois.
! the New Uruoin Tlmt Sweep Clean,
Tbo ouo tbiug iu which we don't
value experience ia & brotmj. Boston
OIT2B"k3tlt?!'E'RS.i',' '''Vnfldfnnd iotlio county ."inoftl
Sometime Until Ttiipni t tilrntmil
tli. Imvorui.c, H .Dl.c.,. e.
That tho , so l, 1 -'"
hUUJj j VCIXilJ iiuiiivi hum niiiwinr
rould flRlil history til ft. Hit lu He
trnntdtiaii stneo the I- i if mitmi 'hut-
tiuu tbul murks tliu iK.nu,vl;iiil
nil nnny nnd nn nn.ioi t. b wm r iffi
cult to grap uy niuu lu w tin tl b iiim
of pinonnl iiicjt.iiitlpuci.vn.foMr.ii:
xju uui itwu i tin uu uiuw ibiu wu
privato in tho villnfo titmi wl.it ii Uth
l.ntl. 1 nnil I ( eta iwif . iimu I f I U1
- VrdcrVd b hiV iu erh r
-,. ,: ... ...... ',
,ho r, Mim)J(1 rdorl. ..G, , cr
,f j , yt.BtUMiay lt-H , nur t , :.
od.y .BT1.1.V.. uof ln.n.i.l.tor ,
uiiivai iu iuii;ii ii uttviiivi. in uhiii hi hi
in tbo view of Ibo ruuk nutl ble, l i
nieroly tbo nortl0n of proper .p.,.
nf tllllllllllllKij
Thuro was another roldler of t:
Btainn, liocii uy nnuie. itnu was
,l '' . ,. i n V , ,
"'nv J ImSll U u im i
u"0.; f ollt,,."000,.. ,tl1 . , .
iuw uiid nielli iu ui riMiiu.ivii riiiiiiii
i i... ...... ..,i ... i..r.nn.n..iiH . t.ki...i iiik iiii ti tt hi ti i.nitwi. ii iitti.it nAiitiftiitiMM rniiiHnf'M mwvn ikni i i iirannn nr t n i - .
over n btiKRURU wnjtmi 'lbunt-utur "' wmmuifr, iiiooin
was cold untl wit 'ihis ut tho .uuiuel ,l1.'" '"'l'" "dv:iiicitl to the ealenilaf
ninhtiiK. Alter runiunui ii on puht for of the m nat . by it vote of 8 to .
half au hour bu called lustily ; and to the htmf by a majority of
"Corporal of thonardl" j lfi to 2.
The corporal camo and iurtulrrd what .,,, . . , , , ,, ...
wnswantt.m Koch w..hed to Lo r. 1 v ' . il,('. bl11 0'tomplutfS the aboll
cd for a few minutes, Ltuvit.-j somei. i IUM1 ' lia"11' h' U''' sponsible and
to bay to the oieer in con i uud U u.o uimuliiotiz. d person m tadfoad
post His wihh was giati .d, and in u or steaniKhip t.ckulB, and coiiline
few minutes be elood in tno preheuco t.f uc;li traiiH.tctious to the duly ' eon
General Wafpberbou I tuuicd agfiils of tli,j tr.nnpoi tn-
Oiiiioral.- mid bo, "what is tho ti unlimimb, m ,i lltl,tf n,
vnlno of that wiirou over which I am , ,. , ,
Eentiueir' (Coininou i-anierri to pioinpily and
"How should 1 know? Was that all tqnitl y lodeeui p.issagv ticket
von wanted?- resnuniled tht.uenual im-.
"-oiuuthing approximate. " insUicd
tbo soldier.
"Uh, well, $1,000 perhaps."
"Very will. General Mnepherscn,"
responded tho private "1 will write a
check for that amount, and then 1 will
go to bed." Youth 'u Companion.
An Kxcltlnc Dinner Tahlo Epl.odo on au ish ibcpUlC ice llllil limit Nlles of
Atiamio Liner. passage ii -liots to roHpomti. ile and
An nstanco oi what it calls "trans- p p . hm.j , llltlimi.lB
ntluntiqctiurtesy" is relatetl by Lo Gnu- .', ,i,v ,i ,. . ,, ,,
loisofkris. Olio of tbo greatest singer I, .Ahh r!""- ,lj;' IIljk?rt sc,l,P.pr yi.
of France, a woman whom it .ays every-;,,m pmviiicf of a Helf-fonatlluted
body will at oueo identify on a mo- ag.-nt, i.Munab!e. were he soilispoH
incut's consideration, was rctnruiun ed. lo ilifleriminate totiehinr the
, ..... ....
"om jnow ior on one oi tnu uermuu
l"u "i""" whi luuoermun m-
umphal march was duo to begin the t,.ilV..u,w. ,..i.i; . ....... . . i n
t- i i . . ,1 liae Hi I) iDIit'; eonve e v. the
Irtueh fiiupir, who could hardly con- ... fe i r i .
trol her agitation, prepared to leave the ",.,tan' an!1 -wrnl maiiipulatioii
table. Thulirbt chord was played, the or oxe.iifsion tickets to which he
artist aroso and Mocd, palo, agitated, '" -Ces.sarily refills lo obtain n
amazed, while tho olllcers aud other proiit frim the business, compe's
pusbiugersalbogot up and smiled sym- ni ways to .surrondsr sueh forms
pathetically ut her Aud tho bund play- f ransp.irtfttion w.th rostrietive
ed "Tho Marscilhusol" ( culuiiUo..s mil.taliug a-aingt eon-
How Senator Vr.t Obtained III. Ue.k. Y0"11'"1 nUl PCnoillit-al .ISO by le?-
Aliuiy (jootl stories could bo told oi -,t; ' pnu-linfTH. and not infre
the alertness which senators display in 'l'"''"''' Ihetlck't sen'per- ineth
becuring well placed desks, but tbo ex- " 's coin,iol the ru lways, in a
pcrieuco of Mr est is enj-uoially worth ie ison .blv protection of their in
relating When in llSbo ihucivil service loivsK to din'iino uieritorious an-
I. i -). l fi it- i . .
i;w wu uuiiik uibuuMieu, wr. re'iiuie-
ton, an Ohio Democrat, and Mr Dawet
bad presented bills By a slut wd Lit oi
politics tbo itepublicuus ubaiuleuea their
support ot tho Dawes bill ami voted tor
Mr. Pendleton's measure, their votos,
together with tho votes of tho Demo
crats favorable to tbo meusure, being
suilicient to pats it. Ah tbo bill was
nbout to bo voted ou Mr. Cockrell mov-
e . " nn . . . ...
reatl, "A bill to retain Ropnllicaus in
oiheo." As soon as it pa.mi. Mr Vest
tiled a claim for Mr Pemueton's seat,
'Tbo author ot such n bill, ' said he,
"will never come buck to tho somite. "
Mr Vcbt was right, aud at tho begin
ning of the uextcougrchs ho moved into
Mr Pendleton's vacant chair. Wash
ington 1'Oht.
The Curtain Wai Dunn,
A party of couutrvmen woro in town
enjoying the bights At last they came
by quo ot the theaters in tho Strand.
"Suppose wo go in,' said ouo
"Better seo bow much it is first,"
said auotber
After mquiriug tho price of admission
thcyducided to mini cue of tho p..i ty in
side to set) whether it was good enough
or not After leunuuiug tor boiuo time
tho dilegtito toturned
"How is it?" asked one.
"No good. A lot of tellers fiddlin in
frout of a big piotur' Come on. "
Strand Magazine
The man who bcuows iri.ublo geuer
ally gives his buj j.iuobi as btcunty.
Richmond Dispute!)
Tho Roman cetHcembu aro M) miles
In oxtent, and it is ittiit.atid ii,i.t tnr.u
C.000,000 to 15,000,000 dead uto tLtre
The mean sniuuipr tcmrerHtoro of
dew Yoik oity is ubeut 7-1 t.tgrees, that
5i Literpool about 89 dc-jres.
f,u d an the sum o; $ 0 fr m
tilt 1 OOI' fill Hi ill 11(1 1(1 I i( roillilV
,,..,.,, J XtJIlcl. Tho follow fil ofl
flc bond, were examine,! and
"l'1'00.'1; ,.
" ' I 'I'll
I.... T. i r ,i
Ion, .Justice Of thO
Fence. Kuiiliiurnviit(r pit cmct
Levi Rubottom, assessor,
Writflit piOfinct.
Whereupon ISouid adjourned
til March 10. !). in.
Goo V Dunciin. Chairman.
Attest: F M Phelps, Co. Clerk.
T.itr1i lUlli m'mo uicniiw.rl I...
to Hoard iti wii8idfr!nK clnims.
,, , . . , I
Uy formal IICI loll prilU'lflllly all
of tlio triiiiKporttiliuticiiiiiiitfcuiuH of
WitTSfVi-nii i-orapiviiriHivenuil
l'i ''' ".gs h tho s.-nato
"" - o-n...,itU-,H on intor-
A fter 8fVtral t'ornprehcuiivo nnil
. i 1 f .11 ii
wiien lor any rea.son nun ate un
imid in wmili! nr in nnrt
J lie lnlir-Htato coiniuprco com
uiiBB jii, it) its .nuual leporlH to
eonyri'S-, ha again aud again re
viewed tho fviN of tieki-t i-calpiup,
ami uniform y Ufctl uponeoiigrebt,
the ex pi. honey ami jutit-u to tin
travel n : public ami tlie ra lw.iy.i
of sueli am uitluientH lo the inter
state eomineriv act as would uhol
I , ...'..
'egimnaey or reuini'it. of liekeis
,.0iiveni. nee or Welfare of tin-
t,H ft I ins tor excili'.lon tin
es. on r-
eii arlv whi'ii Mieh coucessjions
iuv 'lvt iiiDoititnt coiniiierei.il eeu
i 1-.IM- liiuveiin nt.s of lurue bodies
"f pl'Ot.io.
Th.- mord inlhiiiceof tin, tickel
-."ilpi'iV aVu. ation is deplorable
fu.in wlmteVfli' point of view il
,,my ',.. Ooii :i.ro. I ; ami in tho in
"i-e.i of pub'ic morals ami fir
, i ,i i i-i- ,
',',,,!'s' ,1,P, '""''".inp and
'''''km t P'opln if th country
h'uiuKI raise tlu'ir voice nnd m-
lliience in the di'-cct'tiii of s cur
ii)Lr the I'linct neiit of th" measure-:
in iw under consideration by con-gro.-s.
$15 Rews x'd
I will pay tho above roWnrd to
any poison who will find my cow
and asce'lain this thief. Tho cow
is of medium sizo, tint?, yiars
old, dark red color, short horns
point n upward She was lost
M rob 'Qt'i, i:i tn uei- 1:1 or
u '. f hunis Le .viit'.s place.
Josopli Civish.
My w fo Katliarine T-. Imcher
ha o tin h nic ami all p t.-oi
r- ti. r by not tinl ihat I wdi ii.
ii.. ; i(.l IbU- hiring di bt. coi
t. Hit id by lu-r.
Andiow rsi'lu'cher.
Htwl Maivh 15, T9J.
I will liny your county war-
li. K. (J icon.
mill jiiriii.u )l MQ I'lllU'l .
.mil -iiiLiTiiiii fit (. ........ I lib nil ii linn I n .' iriiii'i.irirr i .1. '
M. . . r1TT , 1tx
Final- Proof
J. XV. WUIIN, JK.. Kejrtntcr.
W. It. AKUKS.RMrtrer.
I'artle liavltur untie In thb column ftrp re
ourMeil l mul lb sntne carefully ixml report to
llilft olllco for correction any errm-H that may
PXlL 'lid" Will
maklm proof.
prevent mI i dcln) In
Lftad Offli o nt Mltnnco. Nell.. Mch.ll, 1 OS,
Notice Ik i.e. eti v Kit on tl at tht follow-lntr-
tiKltMKt sotller li,- tllotl notice ( uia In ton Hon
to umke ilnitl proof In siipp rt f bis claim, unci
thntHMirt tiroi.f Mil lie mmle bMie T. .1 .,
O'Kfofe, U. S. fomralHulono, at IiomliiKford,
tMh on Ajtrll HO. !(!, vie:
Horace K L-illmore.
nf tfmnlriKfntMl Vfftlt ihIia .n.ln 11 Yft .. Man
"I iiruiiiwiuiui nuu., ill unuu ri. IS. ?IJ. Il.l. )
trthUfoK too . tii Vin.rN'w. .
lliiniiini-Mthn f..ll..wlnf nil. iMi.a. u, nM,,'
iieinliwfoti . i-oD. Alho
Albert S. Enyeart, I
of H'cmllwf.inl. nob., wlmmatloii n HWforloWi
lIb'm April aoXiCtaHT' nt n"minKrfl1-
Maurice IT Reed,
oflln-)i. voli.. wlionmclf lie 31.18 for the n tjr
fHH'.ii.iimnii.r Miw, t
iii'iimwH tlio fiiioVini;ltiiPfinritoiioviiiR
(oiilinnonn if'd J m iijioii ami ei lliintinn of
mill Innil, : Wllllnin J. Hinith. Lnlo J. My-
in'lil, Mpx UnliTtty or JIoiikIi, Isell. l)iinl
Notice in hereliy i;Itni thilt
Mary .1. Heed,
li" xuirnr. 11 riuiiRii hpii, miim nii'll noiirfoi
inlrtitlun In ni,i':iifiiiul iiriiiif t wuii'i tlnn' mul
i a.' on Ikii'i'T (ilture nplil'iat iiui no. liiS for
tl'iinfiivq sit qr u qr & nw qr hw qr hpi"
:h inH'ii. r.r si,iittitieMaHHitnnifH .inrni'd
II III.'! fl II?M1II1KM II. It'll EIIHK IJitlK'1-
ty Wl I'lini .1. Hm'tli of IIuikIi, NiiIi., IJiikhI
Alu.illlmti or I r.iHlotU Ken. i
J w- Wfhn.ir..itrnf.tr.
La ul Offlco ut AllUmce. eb.. Meh. 21, IMrt.
Notlco It liurcby bIvuii Unit
IL.rnia.ii Perlick,
of llox IKitto Neb., hn filed notice nf Inten
tion to iniiUo Uniil proof uoforo RckMit or lle
celv riilAlliaiu'e, . e 1., ou Aiull 3, IK'S, on
MmlKii'uultuioiiiinllratloii no. H.5U fortlioso!i
hou -tB. tp i'ui, r & w .
llonainosus ultncfhstix: Cnrl Woltr.. John
lleiiikluu, V.ll.lum Kuitz. Wlillmn IU'rn1;l:ui,
nil of AUiunci', Noli. J. W.Wuaii, jr., UeBisior.
i r.ml oniennt Alltancn, Neb., Mch. SH.ISa'H.
Notiin in ltcreliy uiven tlmt
Gcorgo W. Nation,
Wllley .').,. ,.f flliil nt-t'fi'of intotloiito
m. I.i' 1 mill iirnol t't'Foie ltisii,t'r or IIicoImt nt
Iiin o'j.i e mi .Ulinmv. Ne i.. on Mnv 'J. Ib'lx.
outuii.-.ri'.jiinroiiiipiicai ua.Vo. w t. tor ti.o
nw'i i kiv 31, U1 n.iMw.
ii.. immH ,-i wiiu-8.:s: i.tir m ai. ui-i ou-
ii ii, iiiiuiii unr" uuna uauuiui ii i i i'-r (
Wal.Ri-c, nil of Williy. Xcb. Also
Mat tie E. McCounell(nto Roberts)
of Willry, Neb, wlio m.Mlo H. K. !l 3 for tho
ii 't sw iii- mkc 80 tti'jri ii. r f3 w.
1 o iiiinios tlic follow liic ttltresfcs to prove his
eititlutiotis lot,OIo ujhiii nnl cultlvntlon of
mil lutid. viz." C!c ii ue W, Nntiuii, Arthur Huns,
jonnuuuuiH, twiuui i. niiimro. uiim tviuvy,
J. W. Woha. Uet-Wer. I
II. S. Land Onlce. Alliance. Nob. Mar. 17. !fW.
Kotlre is linioby Riven that the following'
nuiiii'il Mitlcr lias lllcil his Intention lo malic
tlrnl pioof In support of his claim, anil that
vald proof will lie ms'ile before T. .1. IVICcofo. I'.
S. CominKsioner, (it luniitiRfuril, Xeb., oliApril
25, K, lz:
Vaclav Vejraska,
of Ileinlnaford. yeb., who mado II E No. l'0,
o ur ycc 'M, tp '.'H n. r -IS w.
Ho mimes the following witnesses to prove his
contlnuouH ivslilc-iircuiion und cultivation of,
villi! Innd, viz: Henry rdt.. A'bert xelson.
John Jfllnek (Jrant Alermului'. all ir ItntnlliK
ford, .eb J. W. Wehn jr . llUlcr
AllWncc. Neb . Maieh 17, 1S-C8,
Notice Is hereby Kiion that
Thomas C. Morgan,
of Panama. eU. Has tiled notice of InteDtlon
to maVe Until proof bufoie T. J. O'Kecfe, U. S.
renimlsvlonor, ut lleniincford, Nc'., on Aorll
2fl. Mis, on tiinbercultu o upii'lcntlon No. I'JK)
for tho to qr sec lu. tp'.'7 ti, r.MJ.
iiu iiBincMnsMltno ve: i'hr.r'csT. Davison.
Joseph scliaflor. Fred W. ' uol'oef llemlnxfoid.
No ., i'liatlosi Lon Dnnlip, N.b., Also
Ndtlco Is 1 eiol y uln that
Charles T. DaviMin.
of IleniiuKford, feb..hs fled i.otlio of Inten
tion to make limit proof afrarne time unrt pluco
miTC iiilirntlnn no. I0WJ, for tho bir t ico
l.'i tp '.Ii o, r 4" w.
1 iinamus as -sitne'ses: I enry Llchle
C mr'CKi 'lvon, Dunlaii. seb , Uoi-unrd I endrlclc
John 1 uinon, of iicmiiiRfoiif, cb ,
J. XV. Wr.llN, Jit., licKlstcr.
Land r?n!-e at Alllnnco, Neb.. Match 10, lW
Nntlco Is hereby piion that tlio fiillowl'-ir
nainod .ettlcr has fileil netiie of lior intention
in i.al.e liiial piixf lu support of her el i.n and
tlmt said pre of will be made before T. J.
"Kcefe, U. S. Comiiiishloncr. at liemiiiBford.
ncu.,011 April 16. I W.vl7:
Elizabeth Keane,
widow of Kilwnrd Koane, of I'cmltiufonl. Neb ,
wlio mado hi: i:tS4 for tho.-.o X. seo Is, tp 'ian, r
SI. . names tho follow InK witnow-es to prove
l.ll luntlnuuiis lO'idemt uimjii and cultivation
f said land, viz. l-'ranl. Ilool:, (jeoipo L. Tay
lor, eii'i'ipo W rente. Mat Hoaumont. all of
LinnlmfouL Neb.
J. V. Wmin.Ju., Keflster.
U. S. Lai d Oftlfo. Alliance, Neb.. March 2, ISOi.
Notice Is heteby giien tuut
Mats O. Noreen,
of Idaho Falls. Idaho, has tiled notice of Inlon
Hon to mul.e dual proof l.oforo T. J. O'Kecfe.
I. S. Coinmissloner, at llemliiKfovd, Neb., on
ApillIMM. on 'I'. C. application Mi. 131s, for
ti.o nw qr w 88 tp29 n. r 4- w.
i o namo-, as w Hksm's: t hrls it Modiuo
Veto O. c'in!o.lieiY. ot Dunlap, Nob., Johtid
Karl Fi.rlrin, of iiemiiiKfcrd.
J. XV. Wolm. Jr.,KeKistur.
I ami Mlli-cut Alliance. Noli,, Fob. 19, Ibltf
Notice is hereb) toi'Ui that
A mil F. Miller,
of IIominKford, Neb., has filed notice of Inteu
,. ... p. -, .
lion to make linal proof lieiore I J. O Kwfi-,
U. H. l onimisiiiouor. at hirf olliio in llenilliK-
foul Neb, on April 3, n!). on timtier eul
tuieaplilieatiou No I "HI. for tlio 5jeovj.V
s.'4 KH) 1. tp 2-ii. rlti w
He niim-N as wiIiiimh'i. William DelsiiiR,
ChnrlOH V. Smith, .lolin Diini'leu, of I " oml nur-
foid soj , eiiilMOlrur u 'Jluo, or Dunlap.
J. W. 1 i.s JK, Uikis ii.
To liny K4JA l.KH, pnarntcc(t "AS JOOI AS1'
I'.MItltAMIs'. gr lc.i uiuiiei tlu-y ru i t lir
mule. Iion'i bur. iiiiIvm yiu Ki'itlm in i. a
cheap Scnle l the nisnt rxpciiflie Invr-linriit
yuu ran mukni It l unrcilahlK, unit un-uii llil
toiinrr urluii-r ) mast buy uaoin. Iluv only
K ccMlillli'. lilt est I in li rot eil t'.AIUUAMilS
wliti Ii will lu.l )inl a llfrOin.', nnd ppiva .lie
rlicniic.l in I he einl. S'"nr rnu linn illtnuto
ruurmiutiu. lir.n.titi'.oF i.uit.vti(mi
IIOU Farnnm St., Omnlia, Nob.
(Old tirulek Itruilll'ril,)
xTv&k fl r" 1 r f?V
Mass fleeting."
At HuanjjoFonn, J-atukda,
M Alien afl, 189S.
Every taxpayer in tho county,
should attend as questions of vital
importance to each niu everv one
will he coiiNl'ilni'ml Miiii.n.,.l
UMiaitlPIOd. .MlltlLM'S IVlnt-
inn lft nn .ii.. r
UIB "'0 qUi'StlOU of fOUIlty SOIlt
re-location will liinli,.iiBun.i
it . .
A Clay dOVOtod to tho Ullhlii' wol-
" " iu uuunmii
fi,rt'0w mny unvoymi many dol-
' "IXUS 1M tllO futtllV.
J 1ivo Bhoadot thor.Uirhbipd
the courtesy of Hon. W.L. Groon
a small suply of garden seeds for
Call at the shop
Clauk Olds.
and get some.
A B. Neeland will
soil your orders for you ami net
tly.' biliest price for them. Send
,1 1 ,
llieiU to 1101.
, r x iri
itimucr, L-oal and Ltmcl
dust reoe.vei
a ear of seleet
for tanks. AI.o
mrd wood, cedar
ens.tern lumber
all kinds of
i-hingles, lath, lime, and nil Kinds
of lumber.
Ready made tanks, or will rn:ike
tanks to order. Prico-i to compete
with anypno tho Northwest. Come
and sea us bifore buyinjr else
where. Tanks ami tank lumber
a specialty.
IIkmingkohd LuMBUit Co.
Road Overseer's Notice to Non
roMcleut Jatid Owner
Ktnte of Ki In s h I n. l nx i vtte Contity. pu:
To Julia t'. IiiRcrsoll non-rchidcnl. Janil
Yon jrn liorcby notifioil tlmt fonipla'nt
lin Iwtii inndeto mo tlint thoio Ihoii tho
southwest qiiu ter of section I, in townn'iip
So, nortli of rniiuo IK. wrtot.
nox nutto ( oiinty. Hat" or Neiiranka, an
i ,,1,1 i,,com nil well w tieli Ii ilanuero to
toclc. i t-aid 'ni'U l op"n. and a rnnininii,
a' (I Mm are notified that if mul well in not
fillitl. or frciirily coieicd. in twenty dajH
from thff date. I will fill nuid well hh reqtiir
ril by law. hiiiI tlini'iist tliensif will bo taxed
una II luiKdinit tin- ahoie drccritn-il Intnl. as
lin villi il in Srelioii U?, Article 1. i iiapter
4. o the cumpiled statue f of e'lT.
Itoail Oversivr Divtrti't N't). II,
nix linttei otuity. NcliiasUa.
Dateil Mar. H. IWH.
1'in.t pnlilicatloii Mar, 11. lbt-8.
Road Overseer's Notice to Non
resident Land Owner.
Statoof Nebraska. llo Untie county, us:
To S. Ii. llowo non-ri'Hidiiit Imul o.vncr:
Yon a ie hereby notified that complaint has
been iiiade to iiu that there Is on the Honth
east qiiarter of tei'tlon -'.'., in toTutliip
2ii, north of rai e 48. weet. in l:ox
r idle i niiiily. Stale "f Nelnal.n, ti old i n
coiered mi-iI which is ilam,'eroiis to stock.
sa;d In tui is open, and a common, ami joii are
notified that if said veil is not lilinl or secure
ly ci mtiiI in twenty (lii)s from tliisdnt" 1 viil
fill i-aid well as n qtiirod by ai ami the cost
thoniif will he taxed a a lien Hxaiust the
iiboip dfKcril id land, as prmiilMl in sei'tion
Itl.'ae article 1, 1 1 apter I. ul the coiiiplled stiu-
utes or ibin. xv. v I'vn'uiisoN.
ltoad OveiMx-r Distrio' No 14,
liox unite county. Net nuka.
rated !ar fi. IH'.H.
Fiist publication Mur. 11. -W-
Una. I OveiM'fi's Notice to Non-
icMilcnt. Lnml Owimr.
Stato of Nebraska. Hox Hutt. rotmtv. ss:
Too, J. .smith, ivon-iOMilent land owner:
Ytitt utebaieby notified tuut cmnplaiui has
been made to mo that tnero is on ti.o southeast
luanur of sec 'Jt. in township zYiii, of rauo4s,
rest, in llox lluttn ciiuiity, Matti ul No
hi is'(h. an old iiui'iivered well will 'b !- dan
Keioiii Ui toel.. Said bin I I h ini. ml
I'liiuiiinii. and you are iim.iicd tint If s ild
well Is not 111 Iff i or seeiiiely cover, d within
tin nly d i.v. rrom this dale. I will lill ttild
wol us leqiilrtil by l.tw. and tiieco-,1. t mreof
ivlli he Ihm'I ii, a Hen naln-it tlio above
lie-, rllieil 1 in-l. ii-iilufcrmeil in Sortlon Hl.i.
urih'lu I, chuulr 4, of the uomiilllod statutos
of 1MU7.
xv. f. pvrn-nisos
It nail Overseer IJIstj-iet No. II.
Uox liutio County, Nebraska.
Uated Mar. , ig!i.
First publication Mar. II, 1M.
Road Overseer's Notice to Non
resident Land Ownor.
To Itobert 1). itunsoll, Itecelv r Security
S'amus it liiiui Association non ru.ldent hind
'rtt ? ir Vomriv ftrtftflil tlmt . i?iilf1r.t Iiiil
I beoll ,nu,ie t )ui lhul tnero Uon tuo souiheast
qua.tor of veetiuu ... iu township'.' i u, r.me 47.
west. In llox Untie county Mile U .o
hiushii. au old nn nwri'il well nlil Ii is d.iu
Ifeiniis to -iln.'l,. said laud Is niieii. and a
common, and you are notllled Unit If said
well Is mil filled or securely coven it within
twenty d.iys from this date. I will lill said
....II .. .... ..!.... I I... I..... .....I li....,w. I I........F
iiliiimiiiiiiiiiil "J llin.illlil llli'lin i inikm
! w , ux, , lx i,m a.-iiiHt tlio almvu
rilieil I mil. us dost'ii wd In -ctlou U'i.i,
ai'liclo I. chapter 4 of tlio eoiiiiililud .UiUUci
if 1U7.
O. W Klill,
Rotiil Over-eer District No. 21,
Uox Untie Comity. Nebraska
Date I Ma- S. .8W.
First publication Ma-II. 1WS.
For Infants and Children.
Tit fas-
tittiiue cf
' ton
yyt mcsum
Tko fis-
Il ca
Ii n
r s ., u7--4-
iL 9
r2KArt.xv,rsie wxzxurzsaauim
Fill n bottle or common gla-ig
with urine and let it stand twenty
four hours; a sediment or sotllii.
iud.cates a deamul condition of
i lie-kidneys. When urine sta iiH
Mueu il isjiobtive evidenco of kid
ney troubrtj. Tiio frequent desirn
to urinnle or pain in the buck, is
iiIko convincing proof that tho
kidneys and bladder aro out of
WHAT TO 1)0.
There ia comfort in tho knowl
edge mi often expressed, that Dr.
KiluierV. tiwainp Root, tho great
kidney remedy fulfills every wish
in relievelng pain in tho back
kidneys liver, bladdor and every
part of the urinary passages. It
corrects inability to hold urine
and scalding pain in pnsinit, or
bad ellects following use of liquor
win ( or beer and overcomes that
unploiiKr.ut necessity of being com
pelled to get up many times dur
ing the niirht to urinate. The mild
aud the extraordinary effect i?f
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It
st a nils the highest for its wonder
ful cure, of the most distressing
cases. If you need any medicine
yon should have the best. Sold by
druggists price, fifty cents and ono
dollar. For a sample bottlu aud
pamphlet, both sent free by mail,
mention the Hkiiald nnd semi
your lull post-office address to Dr.
Kilmer it Co. Binghamton, N. Y.
The proprietoi of this pupor guar
antee the gomiinoness of this offer.
T. A. Sloctun. M. C, the Grat Chem
ist and .Scientist,, Oilers to Send
Free, to the A filleted, 'three Bot
tles of His Newly Discovered
Remedies to One Consump
tion and All Lung Troubles.
Nothing coald lie fairer, more phil
iiiitliiopic or carry more joy In its
wake than tin- offer or T. A. Slocum,
M. C . of 18.1 Pearl street, New York
Confident Mint he has discovered
in absolute cure for consumption and
.ill palm niaiy complaints, and to
o make lis gteat merits Known, lie
will send, free, three bottles (the
sliiciitn new .system of medicine) to
any render of the Herald who is suf
li'iing from chest, LhrtMl and lung;
ti.niLirs. or consumption.
lie invites those desirous of ob
taining the remedies to simply ecml
him their express and pnstnllice ad
dress, and receive in return the three
free hoi tics.
Abend this "new scientific course
of medicine"'' has permanently ffured
thousands of apparently hopctcas
He considers it his religious duty
.i duly which he o ves to humanity
io .Innate his iulallililc erne.
Offered frceb, apart Iviki its ad
herent strength, is enough to com
mend it, and more so i.-, the perfect
fuufldeiicc of the great chemist, mak
njr the offer
lie has p. oved const. niption to be
a curable disease beyond any doubt.
Thorn will be no mistake in send
ing the nilsiaiie will be iu overlook
ing the Doctor's generous Invitation.
He has on lllo in his American aud
Eiunpean hthorutoriex thousands of
testimonials of experience from those
ctiii'd, iu all parts of the world.
Delays are dangerous; mall your
ud.lii'ss io T A. Slociiui. Al. C, 18Ii
Pearl stieet, New York, and when
writing the Doctor, please mention
rending tills article in Tins Huuald.
A strictly IiIkIi-kmuIu Tamlly Sewtear
Slitihiiio, posiekhlnt, nil uiodcru
Guaranteed Equal to the Best
1'ru.H very roaionnble. Obtain tlieax
from your local dealer cud luuka
.-- J - ;l