Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, January 01, 1897, Image 4

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.vMmw 4vIi-it, ititi rnu.'i f.r I,-, ritrr. 'mri-ii).l,riMto-fcni . ij
Aa AU$vr-r M-trjt it i.unuh oti
' Milliner;
AlHffftUlrs cob gTol6njr wny Hh
out eatlnjf, tint iflpiieu lluy do rH a
ohnrieont wlutt U cnllM a square jural
jhoy malt short worft f It It lb n't
pecin to matter rault ta tho nlllyator
what tho square mwil eonalsts of ko
long1 as hojcnn tfct It down. Anything
that ho dan devour without hurting' his
tcoth or unduly htrotohlnjfhfa shallow
ing nppnruluit is food for Him,
A number of pcnnlfrvtailtmr tlio Zoo
in Con trui pirlr, New York woro gnth
Wod about the alligators' Uuik, wnti'h
ing tho reptile disporting IhenwlvoH
in llie w.ttcr. Sudd.' ly n gust of wind
cnutriit tho broad-br mined hat rf n
young gill in tho watching crowd,
whinlted it off bur )ictul and landed it
on tho edgn of tho bnnlr.
Uoforo it could bo recovered ono of
the alligators caught n ght of it-, his
attention was attracted, no dbubt, by
the beautiful nrtlllelnl roses with which
it wr i trimmod. lie guvod at it rapt In
mlnii njion for nn iustUtiU Ills juwh
nlowly opened and then closed with a
Minoorortho lint, which dlMippeaicd
down tho e rotiiro'a throat all except
uMuglo rose, which, however, did not
escape, for in moiiuuit the olllgiitor'H
oyo rested upon it, and it n quickly
followed the rost of tho hut into the
creature's - capacious interior. Then
tho alligator winked his olhar eyo. as
much us to pay: "That was fine, (live
mo a doreu moro." Bvory ono onjoyed
tho spectacle ovcopt the young girl
wlnlrfittho hat, whtj la still, ns bho
wns thru, undoubtedly of the opinion
that alligators oro very Jmpolllo crea
tures, whatever othor virtues they may
If Von
lliippon to Jlivo O14B,
How ti Trent IT."
A skilled pianist nevor nllcws Ills
beloved instrument to staud up against
the wall in his room, a ripawsof at loast
a foot being allowed, nuy a music
dealer. This is to prevout damp and
allow a passage of dry, warm air. The
' precaution is especially nojcssary in a
briolc house where tho wall 5b 'an outr
fildo one. Ilrtclcs aro tiuything but
damp proof, and unlovi tho wall is
"furred" there will bo considerable,
dampness, especially when tho first
flre'ls lighted for the fall. Dampness
Is fatal to a piano, because, among
other reasons, tho rosewood used in
making tho frame is tropical wood,
,ar.d notcapab'o of resisting uioisturo
for any length of Unit.
In n carelessly kept piano tho polis.li
is bud, and the varnish looks as though
nn ai my of insets had been at work
on It. This h bo 'nnso the wood has
, stretched and shrunk with gre.it
rapidity owing to getting damp and
than J&liig dilcd again, and a musi
cian seldom enres to buy huefi an in
.sthinrtfnt, knowing that tho delicate
interior has buffered at least to some
flxj,eht with the exterior. Taking
,barb of 11 plnno is lialf tho battle, and
llie less dampness tho less expenditure
iiwTT&.sury iu ucuv u m uuie.
The Womtnrfol OloeU 'TJut Ornnuionts
IlflliiilMpliU's Town Hull.
Tho greatest horologlenl wonder lr
the world to day is th-3 gigantic cloak
in the tower of the immense "public
bulld.ng" at Philadelphia. When
everything is iu running order this
.marvel of tho cloekmalter's art will bo
'stationed a distance of 315 foot from
tJ'C pavement. Its boll imighs be
'Weau 30,000 and 23,000 pounds, un.l is
the second largest bell of any kind in
America, the gre'it ball at Montreal
peing tho largest, weighing 28,000
pounds. The dial of this Philadelphia
tifin is twenty-flvo feet in diameter,
,&mj the btrlk nj hain.nier llJ as largo as
ivpllo driver welgiit. Tho minute h tnd
i uvclvo and the hour hand nine feet
MtSdqntjth. The machinery is arranged
so tha't tho clook will srjko every fif
teen minutes, tho quarter, half, three
quarters and hours. Tho Homsin
numerals op the faee aro cash two
"e,t.'elg'ht Whw in length, tho dark
part pf tho figures beiug three and
jtdireo-fourth Inehos in width. As it is
ehlirelj out of tho question to talk of
.winding puch a monstjr by hand, a
'tlneo hors "pqj;er engine has been
pHced at the' square of tho towor for
that especial purpose. ".
A Ilnwo-Made Turklih llith.
Any "ono can fl up n Turkish or va
por bath lu his 'own bodroom at littlo
or no oxpenso. A wood-seated chair
ton be placed over a tub of boi ing
"Xatbr.aad tho bather has only tos'ton
fhb. chair and cover hlmsolf from hls.
hould.rs uovn wards wttli a heavy
blanket to get a tlrst-class vapor bath.
gmo people vary the arrangement by
putting hay into the tub as well as tho
titling water, but this is unnecessary
nijd,oiily'adds to the trouble aud mess.
Tho same precautions aro neoded
against catching co'd as with n regu
lar Turkish, bqJUi wltlj tho udvantajo
i,n favor of ttie homo affair that you
1riiret Into bed without having to go
out of doors after getting overheated.
The simple '"bath as deaorlbod will cure
ilieuraatism and cpratns as well ns re
duce weight o an appreciable extent-
. -'B'uebcarU'4 Oaitlp.
Few are awuro of tho oxlstcnco of
the veritable Bluebeard's castle. 6t
a recent writer assures ua that this is
jw.lt-cd situtttod a mllq or two beyond
in rlakep, on a lonely, well-shaded
ta uataln road. Upon looking up the
svuodud hillside, just at a bond in the
lnue, owe-'noea tho ruins of an old castle
Vu y moss-cov.eced walls now remain,
which are the liaunta of bats, binls,
viol inieets, but Its btately columns in
(i it.-iu ourly grandeur. AInny doubt
i tueh'C oharaeter as Hluebeawl
'ived, but hi Uiut portion of th
d the storj is believed und told by
.tivfts, until one fancied lie hfeg
ia ft slater nt Uie tower window,
1 "" '"'et.
A G7
h - y &ivcltiur eonjo eiga of Uer
r , ' t '
I Final Proof Notices
Jlo.v. tf. W. Wwix. .7 iu Itolttor.
IfoXi l'. M. lluooar, ltwwlver.
IVtle linrtmrnrttl(Blntiiliitliimti aw re
nuerUft) to rMl tlipwuiwonrelullv ami rwrnrt lo
Hit olllfl: n
oilpl. Tliln
for wirrwliw fthr Mrpr yibtwr
fill lifPtonl vumudiq upihj
tnnklna nof.
'.anil oifiro nt Alliuiico, Nob., Dio. 17, IttuO.
Hottco lictobj IMj that
John W. Piorce,
of Hrmlnttfortl. Nob , 1ms fll il notlco of inten
tion t iiinka Dual rooMtrfonJti j Icr or Ito
cotvrrat Alllat.c. f'ol... on tlin Stday jT Jijn
narj 1WJ7. on tlintH'r nilMinl iitiplifatlon No IK I
Ilonnmm R w'!1C"'w'I,.J'Vn ' J'n.18'
Jainw A lluuUrr, WIMiorn 1). Crowi, Hnmlltoli
JUII. Ml ot Hcmlnfor.l. Nnn.
I ....1 fllllfn n( llttnnr-o Vol) . t)(T. 7. lMM.
Notice In hereby lwi tlist tlipfollotii imm
1 wttlor linn (llnl notlcn ot Ids intention to
niaUc final ltroor in suppori oum ," 5
Hint wild proor will lioitjiido lforo ltilj tcror
ltecc'lfrrnt Alliance, Ncti. on Jan. 10, IWW, Mt.
Vojtooh CJhltulolr,
of Diuilnii, Nob., wlio mndfl II K. No. 26M for
tlmii o li pe S5, li.n, r.
Iloimmvn lit foUowliiir tvltn.Bci lrvo
IiIk continuous rwlilwicnutMin and riiltlTAtion
of Hiiid land, vlra Upiii Mi hto John l'"e
ll, (IlirlMoj.h Molitn. Ilprnard I ondrich, All of
Diiniaii, Noli. J. W. Y, t UN, Jit., II winter
Und Ollici'. Allhuire, Neb., Dec. 2, 13W.
Notlco In ln-robi nt veil tliat
Tohij C. Aloxandor,
of Anlmoro.8 I)., has filed notlco of Intention
to niaku final proof Ix-fore M. J. Illowctt, clerk
diMrlct court wU M l1Iiw- In Harrison, Nob., on
.1finniirytMM)7; oil llmlM'r culture- nppllention
No Mil, for Hum w U of hou 14, IpVSn.rlS
WilneKM'H will u'Uc toxtimony beforo relBtT
or rwotiorat Alliaticn, Neb. H tiaines at wlt
hwm' '11ioman li. HopkiiiH, Win J. llritlon,
Joint Jdllnek, Win. I). Johnnon, nil of Hemin
fonl, Neb. J. W. Wkhk, Jn., UettlBter.
Inml Ollleoat Alliance, Neb., Nov. 25. 1800.
Notieo Ih horeby (,'iliiii tout
Hosier A. Fallot1, noo Ilnrkor,
has filed notice of Intuition to make final proof
beforo Iti'MlMt r or Hocolier at Alliance, Nob., on
January 4, 1M7, on timber rultnro application
No. KJ1, for tho n w H boo 21, tn 20 n, ru 10 w.
Bho luimeH as wIIemmoh: Is. Vauuhn, J H.
Jowett. W. It.JpwBtt, of Herca, Neb., (I. W.
Yountt, of Alliancfl.-Neb ....
J W. WniN, Ju., Henlstor.
Iind Olilco nt Alliance, Nob . Nov. 18. 181W.
Notice is heroby Kicn that tho following
named settlor liax filed iiotk-o of hih intention
to make final proof In mipport of bin claim and
that said proof will bu tnaito beforo Keclstor
or Ucceiver at Alliance, Neb., on Dec. ', lbVO,
Josoph Duhon,
of Hemlnatford, Nob., who tuado II E No. 8617
for tho o U seo tEl, tp '2H n, rni w.
lIoiian"K tlio following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon ftli'l citlliiation
of said land, viz: Anton ('li)tka, Jnincs Torek,
Hubert Anderson, Henry tihimek, all of Luwn
J. W. Wees. Jn., IteslBtor.
XI. ft. lind Otfin, Alllaneo, Nob., II o v. 18l)0.
NotiLO is nerooy civm mat
John C. Livmmors,
of llnhhi llle, Nob., has filcsl notlco of intention
to make final proof beforo KeRisler or llecetvor
at Alllaneo, Nob., on Deeomlwr 'il, lbflO, on tim
ber rultuioappliention Ni. P08, for tho n o U
bpo SJ, tp 27 n, r 47 w. m
Hu names an witnexsos: Christopher C. H"B
Bles, Albert Marundy, O. II. Webster, of Hox
Butt", Nob., I'etcr i Borensou. of Uiisliiille,
Nub. J. W. Wtnw.JK., Itetjistnr.
Dunliip chee&o is tho best on
the marlcot Try it.
Bushnell & Sherwood will
pay .ho highest market price for
All parties desiring to make
final proof can hayo their papers
matlo out at Tim IIekald ofllco,
freo of charge, and promptly
transmitted to tho land offlco. '
' Tioro will ho hold in Hemjn.g
ford, Nuhraskn, a Bihlu institute,
conducted hy Rov. Frady, begin
ning Jan. 20, 1897 aud continuing
in sijsskm four days. The work of
the institute will ho a study of
four 'Gospels :tho life of Christ.
Circulars concerning the institute
may he had from Rov. Ilazelton.
Rov. Preston, 0. J. "VVjldy or Mr.
Shorwcol. Everyone is invited to
attend. A largo class is desired.
A meeting concerning tho in
stitute will bo hold at M. E. church
next Tuesday ovening Nov. 24,
7:30 p. fa. Everyone come.
Anna Ncoland, Sec.
While your family is all at homo
and in health why not havo thoir
picture taken together mayho
you. would, not part with such a
picturo at any price in a few years.
W. T."'0aldwlu:,
Photographer, Alliance.
Comfort to California.
Every Thursday afternoon a
tourist sleeping car for Salt Lako
Cjty, San Franoisco and Los An
gelcso leaves Omaha and Lincoln
via tho Burlington Route.
It is carpeted; upholstered in
rattan; baft spring seats and backs
and is provided with curtains,
beddings, towels, soap and etc.
An experienced excursion con
ductor and a uniformed Pullman
porter accompany it through to
tho Pacific coast.
While neither as expensively
furnished nor as fine to look at
as a palace hleoper, it is just as
good to ride in. Second class
tickets are honored and the price
of a berth, wide 'enough and- big
enough for two, is only 5.
For a folder giving full par
ticulars, call at tho neatest B. &
M. It. R. tickiH ofriee. Or, write
to J. Francis. Gen'l.Pass'r Ajient
Burlington Route Omaha, Neb.
I have made up my mind to g
out of business, so I will sell all my
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Cloth
ing: and Gents' Furnishing Goods at
greatly reduced prices for spot cash.
Produce will be taken at top
prices. Your faithful servant,
, . . W. K. HERNCALL.
The ladies of the Congregational
clutrcliAwilI hold a fair next Friday
afternoon and evening Dec. 18th at
the church. Everyone come and buy
a Christmas presenter friends. You
can find indoles both useful and
ornamental 'moic beautiful and
cheaper than you can make tlioni.
Como and co tho display, ltcfiesh
nients will be berved from U o'clock
to 10 p. in
T. A. Slocum. M. C, tho Great Chem
ist and Scientist, pffers to Send
Free, to the Afflicted, Three Bot
tles of His Newly Discovcicd
Ilemcdics to Cure Consump
tion and AULung Tioublcs.
Nothing cuukl be fairer, moro phll
anthtoplcor carry moro J joy In its
wake than the offer of T. A. Slocum,
M. C, of 183 Pearl street, New Yoik
Confident that he has discovered
an absolute euro for consumption aud
all milni.'Hiurv comrdaints, and to
to make its greatj merits known, he
will send, free, tlnce bottles (the
Slocum now system of; medicine) to
any reader of the Herald who suf
fering from chest, throat and lung
troubles or consumption.
He invites those desirous of ob
taining the remedies to simply send
him their expiess and postotllce ad
dress, and receive in return the three
free bottles.
Aheady tills "new scientific course
of medicine" lias permanently cuied
thousands of apparently hopeless
He considers it his religious duty
a duty which lie owes to huuniiity
to donate. Ids infallible cuic. '
Offered freely, apart fiom its ad
heient strength, is enougli to com
mend It, and moie so is the perfect
confidence of the groat chemist mak
ing the offer.
He has proved consumption to be
a curable disease beyond any doubt.
There will bu no mistake iu send
ing the mlstaKo will he In overlook
ing tlio Doctor's generous invitation.
He lias on llle in his American and
European laboratories thousands of
testimonials of experience from'thoso
cured, in all parts of the world. '
Delays are dangerous; mall your
address to T A. Slocum. M. C, J8.3
l'carl sticet, New Yoik, and when
writing tlio Doctor, please
rending tl,i.s utUle in 'Jhb IIeua!,
(B. & M. Watch Examiner.)
Charges reasonable; satisfaction
guaranteed. Orders left at tho
Heuald ollice will reco'vo prompt
rrptnpt antwer and nn honott opinion, vrtlto to
IU I'NNit CO., who ha o bad nearly flftx jcara!
cjperlenco Id the patent bintneis. Comiuunlcu.
ttona nrlctlr connrtentlnl. A 1 1 nndliooU of In
formation concernliui Patents and bow to ob
tain ibomeont free. Also a catalogue of moclutu
lorn and MlentlHo hooka tent freo.
1'atcnti taken tl'roush lutm & Co. rccclro
Ff orml notloeln the Hrlrnllllc Amerlriiii. and
tecs are hrontiht wldeir belnrotbq public with
out coft to tlio InTCntnr. this aplendld paper,
fuued weaWlj.elecantlf lllujtrBte.l.h!i by fur tlio
larutat nrculatlou of any eclentldc work Iu the
world. S.J a year. Mmple copies ant frea.
nrm. j.i a year, hampie copies ant 1
Hulldlnu KdltlOD. luonthlr, tiJUia year
inioju J.l ccnta. KTrr numha.r rtnntnli
llulldlna Udltlon. luonthlr, tlJUia year. Blnslo
tlful platea. In colors, and photographs of new
liouko. with plana, enabling bulldor to show the
laleatdenlgna and secure cent rnria. Address "
UVXX COMrnr Yout, SU1 BuoADvri.y.
'I B 9 k wljf
ale ! . . .
Photographic Views.
Photographer W. T. Caldwell
of Alliance has made arragoincnls
with Mr. W. T. Andrews, a pho
loraphorMiavingryears of exper
ience, who will take views of tho
country within a raclius of fifty
miles in all directions "from Alli
ance for the next few months.
Ho is equippodwith a lirst-class
outfit aud all tho work will bo fur
iiishcdj atjtho popular Caldwell
Studio, aud willbo furnished the
same us tho best jmcle of portrait
work. Parties wanting work of
this kind done, by dropping a 'card
to either of the above panics at
Alliance- will bo notified'when Mr.
Andrews isjjxpected to bo in this
Tho executive sonfmlttec have de
cided to posponc the meeting of the
Box Butte County Tlieacers associa
tion, which was to be held in Alliance
December 12, 1800, until the last
Saturday inJnnuary, 1807,
Ina I. Mausiiall, Sec.
Wo havo a uow Kimball organ
for sale at a bargain .
of the Northwest.
Will bs sent postpaid to any
address olx days a vvook for
ono yoar for
Tho Ohronlolo la tho moat
conspicuous nawapapor suo
ooss of tho day, tho dally cir
culation oxcoedlns 75,000
coplos and tho Sunday clrau
latlon oxooodlng 100,000 bop
loo. It Is a flrat-olasa nows
paperof 12 and lOpagos (Sun
day 40 to 43 pagoa) and
Is a stanch supporter of
sound domooratlo prlnolples.
Daily (cxcipt Sunday) 1 year S4.00
tt&lj!";;' I' Sinn
Diiiy and Sunday, 6 months 3.00
D&'ly, 2 month 1.00
Pally and Sunday, 2 months 1.40
Dally, 1 month DO
Daily and Sunday, 1 month 75
Sunday, 1 year 2.00
Saturday,! year 1.00
Samplo ooplos froo on appli
cation. Addroaa
164-166 Washinston St.,
Chics ao. III.
00 YCAR8
Anyone eendlnR a nketrh and dPsrrlptlon may
quickly ascertain, free, nhctbcr an Invention li
l.rotuibly liatontablo. CommunlcoUona itrtctly
connaentUU Oldrat ncency forM;urlipateuti
tn AuiBrtoa. Wo have a ablnstpn offlco.
i'atonu taken tbroujU Munn X Co. recclva
ipeuu uollco lu the
beautifully Illustrated, largest circulation of
ny cutlflc journal. wckly,teiTOJ.0O a yearj
SlJualx tuoutha. fpoclmen coplei and I1AMD
Loou on I'ATCNTa acut froo. Addrca
3G1 Drouttnar. ftuT York.
time octTTHBHH
STYLE 201 Is sold by agents as high as $193
Toucan buy it at tho factory prlco from ua for $88
Height 75 tnchos, Fronch Nato Mirror, Patont Kail Board. Mouse Proof, BOLID WALNUT
or OA II Guurantcod for 6 years by manufacturer and by ua. Wo pay freight t
any point in Nebraska. Wo furnish stool, hoolc and chart. Write for terms.
ORGANS from $20 aud up. t
P. B. Our S2d year.
iMentlca thlacaDsr.)
Three Opinions:
f'The CHICAGO RECORD is a model
newspaper in every sense othe word,"
Harrisburg (Pa.) Call. V
"There Is no paper published in America
that so nearly approaches the truc journal
istic ideal as The CHICAGO RECJpRD."-7
From t4Newspaperdom,f (New Yor). m
" have come to the firm conclusion, after
a long test and after a wide comparison
with the journals of many cities and coun
tries, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes
as near being the ideal daily journal as we
are for some time likely to find on these
mortal shores.1 'Prof. J. T. Hatfield in
The Evanston (III.) Index.
Sold by newsdealers everywhere and subscriptions
received by all postmasters. Address THE CHI
CAGO RECORD, 181 Madison-st,
A High Grade Lager Bee r
Purest In the Market.
Office 1C07 Juckcon Street, Omnha, Neb.
jlj. .i. .te. At. m. v. sit. -w&fl' A'&"' ''i!'&i-)i- fifiiiti &zgi&'i&lkk!k,ife
MEANS.,. 1
16 PatGh8s to 1 Pair of Pants
The gold standard means low prices, low wages, hard times. Tho bimetallic
standard meaus good prices, good wages, permanent pro.spcrity for the producing
classes. ,
The Farm, Field and Fireside,
A 32 to 4-0 Page Weekly Farm and Family Paoor. Prloo, 81. OO a year
While not ucglecting s superb Agricultural, Horticultural, Ilve Stock and
Family Departments, eta, lus at the same time, for many years, upheld tlio
P ..indnrd of the people against trusts and monopolies, more especially against
dint nioU itiiquitons of all monopolies, tho single gold btandard, All who read
it agree that it Is the beit paper of its class on earth.
'e will scn4 the above great journal in connection with
'nrszEJ :e3::s:es.x-j:d 331.50
U0U1 one ye&r, postpaid, at the extremely low price of $C-i$ ....
in advance, and will give to each subscriber to this combination offer who pays
tea cents additional for postage and packing,
These seeds are the best in the mar
ket. They cousist of Farm, Vegetable
and Flower Seeds of your own selec
tion from a list of 200 varieties. The
packets are as large as seedmeu's mail
The seed alone at retail prices
r worth 1 OO. Call and see us
about this Breat offer at once, or
end remittances to till offloe. 1
$5.00 per Mouth.
I KinibaBI
PIANOS from $40 and up.
Omaha. Hef
'" "