Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, December 25, 1896, Image 3

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Kow tlio I.Ives of Men nml Women Aro
Iniluenceil hy tlio SIriis of tlio Zodiac
Itcvlvnl of tlio Ancient Art of tlio
ft ?
nrt or science en
ables the- astrolo
ger to read from
the horoscope, or
mup - of the heav
ens at the tlmo of
a person's birth,
many useful, twi
ous and Important
things relating to
one's life, charac
teristics, health, wealth, business, mar
' riage, etc. The facts and evidence will
Justify at all times and to all persona
the conclusion that some are natural
ly fortunate while others are just tho
opposite and somo just an average,
Tho astrologer alway3 finds a marvel
ous sympathy existing between tho In
dications of horoscopo and the life of
the person born at any particular time.
For the benefit of tho readers of this
diaper wo will publish FREE in those
columns: The zodiacal sign rising at
:your birth including your ruling planet
nud a brief character reading by As
trology. Thoso wishing readings
should send tho following data written
plainly in ink: Sex, race or national
ity, place of- birth including state,
county nnd city, year, month, dato,
hour ojirt minute of birth, A. M. or P.
M. as near as possible; also give namo
or Initials and address under which
you wish your reading published. If
you knov? the date but do not know the
time of birth nnd wish a reading send
two 2-cent stamps for further Instruc
tions. Letters will bo numbered as re
ceived and tho readings published In
regular order -30 those wishing to take
ndvantngo of this liberal offer should
write at once for w-3 can only allow one
column in each isiuo for this depart
ment. Addre,3 Prof. G. W. Cunning
ham. Dept. 4, No. 191 South Clinton St.,
Chicago, III.
Note: The following readings aro
given according to data furnished. Tho
description may vary slightly In some
points In ncaordanco with which sign
the ruling planet may be found. It al
ways partakes of the Indications of the
sign in which It Is placed at birth, also
the plauets in configuration with it:
Ittlis Mury, Detroit.
You have tho zodiacal sign Sagit
tarius, whlcn Jupiter rules, rising at
your birth, and therefore Jupiter is
your ruling planet or"isignlflcator. Sag
ittarius usually denotes a person above
medium height; n well proportioned
nnd commanding figure; tho complex
ion clear and healthy; the hair near n
chestnut color growing thin and form
ing a notch above tho temples; tho
forehead is full and broad; the eyes ex
pressive; the laugh is loud, merry and
cheerful; you are Jovial, happy, gener
ous and charitable; you aro kind to an
imals and fond of a fine horse; you aro
not as .conservative as you should, be
and are iiablo to get Into too large
deals; you arc a natural leader and
havo plenty of courage to carry any
scheme through that you know Is legit
imate; you always havo n certain kind
of good luck that docs not seem to
como to others; you may apparently be
on tho brink of a financial precipice
and Just ready to tumble over, yet
something will turn in year favor and
pull you through all right,
I'uul U., OlilniBO.-
You havo tho zodiacal sign Taurus,
Which Venus rules, rising at your birth,
and therefore Venus Is your ruling
planet or slgnlflcator. Tho sign Taurus
usually denotes a person with short,
but full, strong and well-set stature;
broad forehead; dark, curly hair; dark
complexion; broad.: full chest and
shoulders; short thick neck; wide pose;
full, pouting lips; you will havo a
habit of shaking your head sideways
whpn talking earnestly. You aro very
quiet, peaceabio and patient In your
disposition, havo great love for the
beautiful in art and nature; you arc
very fond of tho flue arts, such as
music, painting, drawing, sketching,
etc. You aro fond of good living nnd
generally manigo to get It; you arc
BUbJect to attacks of tho blues without
any apparent good cause. You seldom
lose control of your temper, yet when
you do you become furious. You dis
like to chantto your business or loca
tion and havo great lovo for homo and
Its pleasant surroundings.
Ho Found Out.
A good East Wlnthrop, Maine, deacon
got into a discussion the other day
with a newspaper .man relative to tho
size of a hole a horse could go through.
Tho solution came quicker than ho an
tlc.pated. Going to his stable, ho
found that his horse, weighing over
1,000 pounds, had fallen through a
eouttle Into tho cellar, ten feet below,
without receiving a scratch, although
thp dimensions of the scuttlo wero
fifty-four inches one way by 18 tho
other. Ex.
TflH Cmt tlio Only McKlnlrj Vote from
WyonilitB tier Husband's Democratic
lrlcnil Yotetl for Her She I t
Stanch nennbllrnn.
Oil the first time
in history a woman
will vote as a mom
bor of the electoral
college for a Presi
dent of tho United
States. This wo
man Is Mrs. Snrah
Malloy of Cheyen
ne, Wyo. Sho was
requested to run on
tho r c p u b 1 1 can
ticket and nccepted after some hesita
tion. Indeed, tho honor was tiiruat
upon her. When Mrs. Malloy -ft as
nominated her husband frowned, and
she told him sho would do exactly as
he bade her. Mr. Malloy mado some
inquiries, nnd found out that his wlfo
would not be called upon to do any
campaigning, and bo gave her his per
mission. Mrs. Malloy Is a nntivo of
Ohio. Sho was born in a little town
called Collego Center, near Columbus.
Her father was a soldier In tho civil
war, nnd was retired becauso of in
capacity dtio to wounds received on tho
field of battle. Mrs. Malloy has lived
in Wyoming since 1870. She is In full
sympathy with the Idea of woman suf
frage, which has been in voguo in
Wyoming ever since she settled in it.
Sho has served as a delegate to republi
can county conventions, nnd has al
ways done her duty In a creditable
manner. She never misses voting on
an election dny. Her husband Is n
stanch democrat, and a favorite re
mark with him is that ho has been
throwing away his vote ever slnco his
marriage becauso his wlfo always vote3
tho other way. While Mrs. Malloy
takes extreme interest in politics Bho
is a good housewife and a kind moth
er. Sho haB four children, tho eldest a
civil engineer 18 years old. Mr. Mal-
r" Vi VI r a i "H
loy Is superintendent or the Union Pa
cific Railroad from Cheyenne to Og
den, a stretch of GOO mlle3. Many of
his democratic friends in the service
of the road volqft .for the wife of their
superior ofilcer. Mrs. Malloy is being
congratulated for the unique distinc
tion thrust upon her. She will cast her
electoral vote for Major McKinley..
l'stlmnto u nil Cost.
The estimated cost of the Manchester
ship canal was $28,750,000. Nearly S80,
000,000 was spent before the canal was
ready for business. The international
commission reported in 185G that tho
cost of digging the Suez canal would
certainly not exceed $40,000,000. It has
cost ?94,500,000, to Bay nothing of
Egypt's gratuitous work, amounting to
S20,000,000 more. Engineers spent a
year collecting data for their report on
the Congo railroad, which they assert
ed could bo built for $5,000,000. They
now say that the total cost will be from
$12,000,000 to $15,000,0.00. The egregious
underestimate of cost of the Panama
canal nearly swamped that enterprise
beforo wholesale stealing completed
the ruin. Tho forts on the Meuso river,
estimated at $1,500,000, cost $1C,000,000.
The Corinth canal cost $12,000,000 In
stead or the estimated $0,000,000. A
harbor and a railroad on the Island of
Reunion cost $13,500,000 instead of $G,
800,000. The Senegal railroad, which
was to bo completed for $2,000,000, ab
sorbed $9,000,000. The Langson rail
road, In Tonkin, which was to open a
conquered province for an expenditure
of $500,000, bled the French treasury
to tho tune of $4,3G7,790.
A letter was received recently at tho
Cblcaco postolflce addressed to "Lamo
Water." It was sent to Cripple Creek.
At Mycenae the number of silver
coins discovered during the latest re-,
searches amountB to 3,500; they belong
to Sicyon, Corinth, Arg03 and other
towns of Argoiis.
Dr. A. B. Hamilton, of Laramie, Wyo.,
hiked Into a herd of wild cattle. They
resented the Insult and chased the doc
tor, ro got off with a broken shoulder
, blade and a smashed wheel.
i In Tartury, onions, leeks and garlic
art regarded as perfume. " ' '
Wl:at u Hobo I..
Dy the general public the term
"hobo" Is applied to all species of the
tramp genus, but among tho vaga
bonds themselves this appellation is re
stricted to a certain class. A "hobo"
is a tramp who begs, but will work
rather than commit crime. A crimi
nal tramp who does not hesltato"to'
commit larceny, robbery or burglAy
is known among the fraternity as a
"yag." Tho latter class never works
unless under penal duress. The "yag"
never afllliatea with the "hobo" nnd
each is proud of his exclualveness. The
usual salutation by which unknown
tramps recognize each Ib tho query
"Have you seen Johnny Cattleman?"
In the tramp patolB "Johnny Cattle
man" means a freight train, and tho
greeting Is practically equivalent to
'Arc you a tramp?"
Hoi Long Ago Thy Were Treated ar
tho Turkish Women Arc.
It la curious to think what a short
time it Is since the emperors ot Rus
sia treated their womankind In the
samo way they aro still treated In Tur
key, sayB a writer In tho Montreal
Dally Stat. In thoso days tho czar
choso lils wlfo from among his sub
jects, nnd Bho wns never considered his
equal. The matters wero arranged In
this way: On a certain day tho nobles
brought their young daughters to bo
looked at, and sho who took tho em
peror's fancy was forthwith chosen to
he his wife. The princesses were kept
with tho snmo strictness as eastern
princesses, and mnrrlago only changed
their place of residence, but gavo them
no more freedom. They were allowed
occasionally to bo present when guesfa
wero received, to whom they would
hand n cup of wine, and then lctiio
to their apartments, there being a sulto
of rooms nt the north side of the pal
nce reserved especially for them. If
they were ill the room wns darkened
beforo tho doctor was ndmlttcd, and ho
was not even nllowed to feel their
pulse, nnd when they tlrovo out tho
windows of their carriages had drawn
curtains. Tho first czarina who eman
cipated herself from this state of slav
ery, and so Instituted a new and hap
pier era for Russian women, was tho
beautiful Nnthalio Neryschkl, the sec
ond wife of Alexis Mlchaclovitch, nnd
tho mother of Peter the Great, and
her first triumph was when she ob
tained her husband's consent to drlvo
with him In an open carriago to tho
monastery of Troitzky. a proceeding
which nt the time, occasioned a great
scandal. Naturally, when the Russian
princes began to intermarry with other
Europeaa royal families, they v;cro
obliged to treat their wives differently,
but it was a long time beforo the court
of Russia became as civilized as the
rest of Europe.
boy au
A DUthu tlon.
"What will it cost?" asked
Cholly'a father, "to give
"Tho Lord only' knows." leplled the
proitiuor, eyeing the youth thoughtful- ' i""a Jnu.
I "but jo-i can put him through col India ink is made b some secret
'ege for about R000 Chicago Trlb- i process which Is closely guarded by Us
k"i' i Inventors the Chinese.
Illoniuors Aro Not tlio Smart Thing Any
Bloomers aro not tho smart thing
any more. Since tho smart homes re
fuse to mako this unbecoming garment,
tho better class of French ladles has
taken to wearing skirts; at least, apol
ogies for skirts, such as we see attached
to a bathing suit and barely reaching
to tho knee, soys a Paris letter In the
New York Journal. Tho middle-class
women still cling to the masculine at
tire, however. As to tho difference In
tho wheels themselves, the tin or metal
rims Instead of our wooden ones, arc
tho most notablo feature. A police reg
ulation demands a name plate, with
tho owner's name and address on every
wheel, so that stolen or lost property
may be Identified or returned. In
many cases the bells, which aro also
n necessity, aro rcplaccd'by largo-sized
rattles which swing from the handle
bars and jingle along the streets until
ono feels as though the seasons were
reversed and the sound was that of
diminutive sleighs spinning past. At
night thero Is a picturesque change
from our regulations. Instead of oil
lamps, gay-colored Chinese lanterns
hang-era the handlc-bais d!itiawny with
every motion of tho wheel. They do
not cast nB good a light on tho road
for the benefit of tho rider as do our
favorite lamps, but they are certainly
Immensely effective for tho looker-on,
and suggest at once the Idea of a "feast
of lanterns" on wheels. The more prac
tical part, of French bicycling is seen
in the inllltln. Gendarmes riding by
In their red uniforms Is a common oc
currence, while the sight of nn officer,
booted nnd spurred, with shoulder
capo and sword, receiving nnd return
ing tho salutes of his regiment, all on
wheels, Is something quite unique.
Archbishop Tcinnln uml the L'abiniin,
Dr. Temple, after coming out of the
house of lords one evening, hired a
cab and was driven home to Fulham.
He tendered the cabman the exact
legal fnre. two shillings. Tho cab
man, hoping the bishop would prove a
good "fare," expostulated with his
lordship and asked for another shil
ling. Tho bishop, however, firmly re
fused to bo drawn. Thereupon cabby
became abusive, and as a Parthian
shot to his lordship, who had turned
on his heels to enter tho palace, said:
"You call yourself tho head of St.
Paul's cathedral! D'yo think St. Paul,
If he were alive and wero living here
with ten thousand a year, would try
and 'do a poor cabby by giving him
only two shillings for n drlvo from
Westminster to Fulham?"
"No," said Dr. Temple; "if St. Paul
were alive he would live at Lambeth
palace, where the faro from Westmins
ter Is only n shilling,"
Cabby collapsed. Westminster Gazette.
I'retty Trlllea In folle Color.
Shopkeepers havo discovered that
Zltta for the young collegian at Christ
mas time, or when ho enters college,
aro much In demand. It Is easy now to
find many pretty trifles ofTered in the
colors of Princeton, Harvard nnd Yale,
and the smaller colleges are not with
out some representation In knlcknacks.
Exquisite etched glass loving cups and
tankards with tiny flags in tho college
colors etched on them and lettered
with '"Rah, rah, rah, Yale!" or what
ever It may be, are justly reckoned
handsome as they aro expensive Nu
merous other glass utensils In similar
designs are seen, and the choice ex
tends from them to tho. pretty shaving
balls of crepe paper in college colors
quite at the other end of the libt in
cost. New York Times.
' m
It ! tho irighctt Point on the Western
Side ot Africa.
Mungo Mam Lobe)., tho throne, or
place, of thunder, as tho natlvca call
It, the peak of Knmoruns, as tho whites
call It, is the highest point on tho west
ern side of tho African continent, enys
National Roviow. Tho first view tho
voyager gets of It, who, coming for
weeks along low shores nnd up tho
stagnant rivers fringed with mnngrovo
nwamp is n thing no man can over for
get. Suddenly, right lip out of tho pea,
the great mountain rises to ltd 13.700
feet, while closo nt hand, to westward,
towers the lovely Island mass of For
nantlo Po to Ito 10,100 feet, nnd, great
as Is Its first charm, every time you seo
It It becomes greater, nlthough It Is
never the same. Five" times I havo
been In tho beautiful bay nt Its foot
and have never seen It twlco alike.
Sometimes It Is1 wreathed with Indlgo
black tornndo clouds, sometimes crest
ed with snow, sometimes standing out
hard and clear as though mado of metal
and sometimes softly gorgeous, wit
green, gold, purplo and pink vapors
tinted by tho sunset. Thero nro only
two distinct mountntns or peaks to
this glorious thing that geologists bru
tally call "an Intrusive mass" Big
Kamerun and Llttlo Kamorun. Tho
latter, Mungo Mnh Etlndnh, has not
yet been scnlod, though it is otily 5,820
feet. Ono reason for this doubtless
Is thnt peoplo desirous of going up
mountnihu, a rather rare form of
human being ill fever-stricken, over
worked west Afrlcn, naturally try for
the big peak; also tho llttlo peak Is
mostly sheer cliff and covored with
almost Impenetrable bush. Behind tho
Kamorun motintalh, Inland, thero are
two chains of mountains, or ono chain
deflected, bearing tho names of tho
Rumbl and Omon mountains. These
are llttlo known At present nnd nro
clearly no relation of Mungo's. They
nro almost nt right angles to it, and
nro, I bollove, infinitely older in struc
ture nnd continuous with the many
named rnngo wo know in Kongo Fran
calsc as the Sierra del Crystal. In a
southwest direction from Kamerun
mountain, out in tho Atlantic, is a
series of volcanic Islands, presumably
belonging to tho samo volcanic line
of activity Principe, 3,000 feet; San
Thome, 4,913 feet, and, farther away
still, Ascension, St. Helena and tho
Tristan d'Acunha groups.
It Created Considerable Incitement In
n University City.
The Cambridge (England) Independ
ent Press retails the story of the hoix
perpetrated upon tho civic and univer
sity authorities at Cambridge on the
occasion of tho visit of the lato Bhah
of Persia to that country. It was on
Saturday, Juno 28, 1873, at 11 o'clock
in tho forenoon, that a telegram waB
.'ound lying on tho hallkccper'B table
in tho Guildhall. It was directed to
tho worshipful tho mayor of Cam
bridge, nnd was signed by Llcut.-Col.
Hamilton and read as follows: "His
Imperial majesty tho shah of Persia de
sires to visit your university town to
day en route for London by special, ar
riving at Cambridge station about 1;10
o'clock. Be prepared with escort and
reception as far as time nllow." In
stantly everybody began tumbling over
his fellow. Tho town clerk was sent
for nnd messages wero dispatched to
the vice chancellor, tho members of the
corporation, the volunteer officers and
tho cook of St. Peter's collego kitchen.
Tho vice chancellor hurried on Ills
robes, tho aldermen nnd councilors did
ditto, tho volunteers donned their iinl
forms nnd the cook began to boll and
fry. Nor was tho general public be
hindhand. Flags wero hung out and
crowds gathered in tho street. Dr.
Cookson, tho vlco chancellor (Irrever
ently known In those days as "Dis
mal Jimmy"), made his way to tho
station as fast as his dignity would
permit. Tho mayor, Mr, T. II. Naylor,
and tho corporation followed suit. A
guard ot honor and carriages were In
waiting and soon everybody was there
except the shah. Then tho news flew
around that the railway officials knew
nothing about tho special train, and
after a brief delay it was apparent that
the whole thing was a hoax. The per
petrators of tho hoax were never dis
covered, though two persons were after
ward freely mentioned in connection
with It. In tho year of grace 1873 the
era of practical jokes was past, but
had tho authors of tho shah's visit been
alive in the days of Theodoro Hook
they might havo lived in literature.
Wuter-Worki on Hit Farm.
L. W. Follis has finished putting in
a system of water works of his own on
hlB farm on Dry Creek. On tho hill
above his residence Is a never-falling
spring thnt he has piped down to the
house. He has run a line to the yard,
where he can Irrigate his lawn, and
has nlso taken It to the barnyard,
where It supplies abundance of water
for. tho stock. The spring is high
enough to give considerable pressure.
By attaching hose he can throw
water to tho roof of his big barn. It
it a great convenience, and Miv Follis
says he would not tako n thousand dol
lars for it. Garfield (Wash.) Enter
prise. Pity the Millionaire.
Austrian millionaires seem to be un
duly sensitive to criticism. An unfor
tunate capitalist in Vienna has com
mitted suicide. He left a letter behind
him explaining that ho could no longer
endure the attacks of the anti-Semitic
party, and especially the unfounded
allegation that he had Imported goods
into Vienna without paying the proper
octroi duties. It seems au excess of
simple Imagine un American mil
Honulre cutting his throat beaui'
fcoibcbody said he had been tiding to
dodge tho payment of his taxes' New
York Journal,
Hellene In Old Irln'tj-'s A Men.
Peoplo sometlinwj wonder why tho
smnll bom-heft arc placed In the alslos
of Trinity church. They oie for strang
ers. Tito four bnclt pews In the church
nil tho way ncrost tiro free, but they
are not ns satisfactory us cnts further
front t'nlcss thu Suxton Is notified in
ndvnnco that pow holders will not oc
cupy their Rents, ho holds them until
thu rendimr of tho second lchson. All
seats nro then free New York Tim 9..
rimnphtitn for ( lover.
Whcnovcr phosphate is sown with
(Train, a part of thu fertilizer is always
appropriated by tho clover seed sown
with lu Clover is 11 lime plant, nnd it
also needs tho phosphoric acid that is
so hulpful to the wheat. The phos
phate Is vttlunblo when applied to
clover that Is lo produce n" seed crop
Potnslt is also needed to mnlto clover
seed well, nnd should bo applied In
some form.
Hiiii'n Tlilal
Wo offer Ono IIiiikIuhI lollur imrnrcl
for tiny enfo of (.utnrrii Unit ciiiiuol be
cured by IIiiU'n 1 nliirrh Cum.
KJ Clli:M:V.V CO.. Toledo, Olilo,
Wo, tlio i'.iiiIui'hIkiioiI, httto known I''. .1.
1 iionov tor 1110 iiia 11 years, 111111 ixwiavo
him licifcclly lionoriililo In nil buitlnom
triiiiBiictlmis nnd llnnncliilly nblo to carry
out liny otillnutloiiH mucin by their llrm.
Wott fc Triuix, Wliolosnlo Druggists To
ledo, t).
Wtihtliii:. Kin nun A. Marvin, Wliolosnlo
DrncKlsIs Toledo. Ohio
Hull's Ciittiri'li Curo U tnKnn liitormilly,
nctliiR directly upon tho blood nnd mu
cous Miirfiircs of tlio nystom. Tostlmo
uliilt tent free. Price T."o per bottle, told
by all driiKKlMs.
Hull's I'ninlly I'llls nro thn best.
Apple of Hold.
Dr. .fames O. Mackenzie, beforo a
distinguished educational association
In Plillndelphlti, ashed American em
ployers to remember thnt "a man In
order to be of any uso to civilization
must earn money enough to pay his
board,1' This remark deserves to bo
booked ns a fundamental canon of po
litical economy, ltoston Globe,
Merchants Hotel, Omaha.
coiiMtit Kirri:i:.rii and i'aii.vam hts.
Street cars pass tho door to and from
both depots; in business center of city.
Headquarters for stato and local trade.
Rates S'J and 83 per day.
A Mlcllt Distinction.
At a recent Introduction of an Eng
lish bishop to his sco somebody noticed
a Dublin graduate wearing nn Oxford
hood. He pointed it out to tlio bishop
and said that the person stood thero
with a Ho on his back. "Well," re
plied his lordship, "you can hardly call
it a lie, but it is certainly a falso
For I.uuj? nnd chest dlseaee, Plso'f Curo
Is tlio lest medicine mo havo used. Mr. J.
I.. Kortluolt, Windsor, Out , Cunnila.
Tlio foot! nil benuty come in ffltb tlio
Car'. Cflitfrti lliiUnrj
' the olrit'tt and Ixit It will ijiwikun cold quicker
ban njUilrnr cite It l lwj6 rtllnlile, Try It.
Ono enn mako n show of himxolf, but ho
cannot co!te 't any admission loo.
' til
Itntr to Keep Wrinkle AWny.
A simple, preventive against tht ap
pearance of wrinkles in this; Saturate
n soft towel In very hot water, wring
it nnd apply It to the faco. kceplwr It
ftliero for at least twenty minute.
1 lien tiry tlio race very penny. This
must be done just bsfore froing to Wi
When traveling, if the nltln is sensi
tive, do not batho tho face except at
night and in the morning, and then
throw a few drops of tincture of ben
zoin Into tho water, so thnt it may b
mado soft nnd agreeable to the skin.
Ladies' Homo Journal.
Home Down With InflrmntUf,
Aro finds Hit surest rolnro In the benignant
tonic nld nITortlcd by llostotter'n Stotqteh
Hitters which counteract rheumatic tod
rnnlnrlol tcndonclo. relieves growing Inac
tivity of thn Uldnoyn, nnd I tho finest rem.
ody extant for disorders of tho KtomKcH,
Iher nnd botrels. Nervousness, too, with
which old peoplo aro very npt tobonfillcted.
Is promptly rellovcd by ft.
Colt tlnnft In au Apple Tree.
Mr Thornlly, who resides cast of
tho city, last week lost n fine Oudaa
colt in a peculiar manner. An apple
trco which stood In the orchard to
which the colt had access had a fork,
justnbovo which was n largo knot,
Tho colt got its neck caught and wan
unablo to extricato itself on account of
tho knot. In its struggle to get free
it hung itself. Marietta Times.
l'runliic I'otnto Vines.
Acting on tho notion thaCas pruning
was good for fruit trees it would bene
fit potato vines, a citizen of Portland,
Ore., clipped off tho vines in a patch
closo to tho ground, as soon ns they
wero well up, and somo of tho potatoes
grown thero wero, it is said, among
the largest and finest found.
Mrs. "VVInnlonr' flootfclRg- S;rB
1'or children ttethlng.tof (en the frumi.rr duct laltM.
tuition, llr iMti,curet wind colic. tctotbttlo
Tho man ulio Is waiting for n soft eaa
will likely have, a hard tlmo.
An ene
my stolel
into yourH
houcc one'
day last week!
and touched!
you lightly
passing. . You
thought little of the
matter at the time,!
for the enemy wasl
only a vagrant cur-I
rent of air. But!
now you are begin
ning to learn what
mischief the little i
intruder did. fori
your back isitiff and
painful. Your head!
aches, and at times I
you feel dizry. ,jj
. What
tas hap
pened ?.
. . Slmnlv
Fthb: the cold
us settled on
four kidneys.
. hcv arc over
charged with blood
and Inflamed. In
stead of passing the
waste matter out of
the body they arc
damming it up in
the blood. Every
minute, yes, every
heart beat adds to
the poison in you.
Normal action
of the kidneys
Iwill purify trie
Iblood. Nothing
Iclso will.
Holes in Your Health.
What docs that mean ? Sup
pose you arc taking in money
all day, aud drop it into a
pocket with holes ; you will
find yourself a loser instead of
n gainer by the day's business.
Same with your health. Yott
cat and drink and sleep, yet
lose instead of gain strength.
There's a hole in your health.
Some blood disease, probably,
sapping your vitality. Yon
can't beg' too soon, to take
the great blood purifier,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Comfort to
Lrory Thursday afternoon
1 tourist Bleeping car for
IJonver. Bait l.nko City, Han
Francisco, and l.os Ansele
IciircH Omaha and Lincoln
via tho UtirllnKton Route,
It Iscnrpotod, upholstered
In rattan, has sprint eat
nnd backs and In provided
with curtains, bedding, tow
els konp.otc. An experienced
excursion conductor and a
uniformed ullman porter
accompany It through to the
1'iicllic Coast.
While neither as exnon-
slvoly finished nor as 0 e to
look at m a palaco slceper.lt
Is Just as Rood to ride In. fc'ec
ond class tickets are honored
and tho prlcoof aborth.wlde
enough and bis enough for
two, Is only Si,
Tor a folder giving full
particulars wrlto to
i. Fkakch, Gon'l Pass'r A cent, Omoha.Neb.
Commlulon Met.
ebint. Omstis.
Buttrr. Etc. I'oul
try, tlsmr. Veal,
tildes Rte.
rtsTlBB been la tit prolate
builncu ! rer, sin well
4uitntrd with the wants ottsi
the highest prlcti. An proavl
In inklng returns, and reiaoa
Ible. Itefereacesi Aaybaak
In the state.
Rtv ivabI bbebYibH
III Hlril ImhII 1 1 M as if a m m tnnu ffa
' Btaht Teaches business by doing business.
Also thoroueh Instruction In alf branches
' by mall. Life scholarship U six month
; courso $30. Corner 10th and Capitol Avenue,
Omaha, Nebraska.
U the friend In need. It will reduce the Inllam.
matlon.ao that the grip on tho tissues ot tho
Mood-vessels Is relaxed, and the uric add Is
sent on IU way out of tho body.
Life botUe, cr bw style, tmitlct one t yu diutguu
Elimination (nd.Adrlceai ti rstenUblllty cf la
Tenllon. Srnd for"InTenton' (luldo, cr How toOsta
Patent." O'KAURELL, A SON, Washington, D. G
DrTkay's Lung Balm &Sd8KS
V afc '"1- ngH
Shows you 6ld not take a tablet of Cascarets
Candy Cathartic last evening. Cascarets,
prevent sour stomach, tone up the intestines, '
stimulate the liver, leave no chance for sick head
aches in the morning You eat them like candy,
and they leave your breath sweet and fragrant
Better send out for a box right now, f Oo, 25c 1
50c. any drue store, or mailed for price Write ;
for booklet and free sample. J J o J-
Cure Constipation.
Important Notice!
The only genuine Baker's Chocolate,"
celebrated for more than a century as a de- !
licious, nutritious, and flesh-forming bever- !
age, is put up in Blue Wrappers and Yel- ;
low Labels. Be sure that the Yellow !
Label and our Trade-Mark are on every ! .
WALTER BAKER &. CO. Ltd., Dorchester, Mass.