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How Successful farmer Operate This
Department ot tlio farm A Vtr
lllnta.ui-to llio Cnro of lAxo Stock
nnd roultry.
ROM tho Dairy
World, London, wo
reprint tho follow
ing report of tho
mnrkot for Austral
Ian butter during
tho past year:
Tho past butter
season has wit
nessed tho flrflt
check to that ex
traordinary dc-
rclopmont which Iibb characterized tho
importation of Australian butter Into
tho United Kingdom slnco its com
mencement In 1887. For tho prevIouH
,flvo scasonB tho Import had gono on
with mnrvolotis rapidity until It reach
ed tho large total of 29,000,000 pounds.
Tho eovcro drouth, however, which
.lately nffllctod several of tho Australian
Volonlos, Iibb temporarily retarded this
development, and for tho season lately
closed only 17,000,000 pounda wcro re
solved. This shortngo was foreseen In
Uuropo early last AiigiiBt and produced
two Important results. Tho Danes, who
hovo boon watching with great anxiety
(the growth of the Colonial butter trado,
woro advised from Australia of tho po
sition of affairs, and bollovlng that
jthey had tho wlntor'8 trado very much
,in their own hands, In October rushed
jup tho wholesalo price of Dan Ink butter
,In Copenhagen to 133s, which was high
er tljan it had boon for years, whllo In
London It rose to 142s. The Copen
hagen committee overreached itself, for
'he rlso in values speedily brought In
largor Imports from other sources, no
tably from tho States and Cannda,
which togethor in October and Novem
ber sent 3,310 tous against C2C for tho
corresponding month of tho previous
'year, tho Bhortagc from Australasia for
jthoso two month3 being only 3S)C tons.
'Thin great Influx of American and Ca
nadian butter reduced values rapidly,
land Danish fell 25s per cwt. in Copen
hagen In fourteen days, but not before
tho rlso had done great harm to tire
gcnulno butter trado by giving an lm
pctuu to the salo of pure margarlno and
murgnrino mixtures. Thus, owing to
the uctlon of tho Copenhagen commit
tee, tho deficiency of tho Australasian
supply, instead of benefiting tho Danes
by raising tho valuo of tholr product
all through the season, did thorn irrep
arable harm. Colonial butter rpn
Danish very close In values, tho differ
ence for tho wholo ot last season aver
aging only Gs id per cwt. The quality
ot Colonial butter, on tho whole, has
shown an improvement on previous
(seasons, moro especially In the choicest
IlulUUiitr I'onltry llnuac
It 13 very difficult to give a design of
oatisfactory poultry-houso, as so
much depends on how much ono de
sires to invest, says American Poultry
Keeper. Of course, tho "best" may
cost too much, and thcro is a disposi
tion to economize. Then again, a win
ter houso may not serve for tho sum
mer. It Is as difficult to suggest a plan
of n poultry-house as It Is to attempt to
please all with a plan ot a dwelling,
owing to individual preference being a
factor. Thero should bo plenty of room
on tho floor, to enable tho hens to work
and scratch In winter, and also because
tho hens detest a dark poultry-house.
For 100 lions a houso fifty feet long and
slxteon feet wldo would not be too
large. It should bo built on a founda
tion, which need not extend more than
six laches or a foot above tho ground.
On this lay a cement floor to keep tho
rats out. Make tho houso eight feet
high In Tront and soven feet in the rear,
of rough boards, placed perpendicular
ly. On theso boards place tarred paper,
with strips on the paper, the roof to bo
of tarred paper also. Have four win
dows, the larger tho better, and divide
tho house Into four apartments, with
twonty-flie hens In each. Mako the
partitions of boards, running to tho
celling, and hsvc all boards abovo four
feet movable, so that wire netting may
."be used In summer. Place two roosts
at yc rca--, with dropplns-boardg under
tho j-oost, nnd ncstB under tho boards.
It Is bettor to bavo no passageway,
allowing doors to open into each apart
mont, thus securing moro room. Cover
tho floor with cut straw, and scattor all
grain In tho straw. A water-trough
may bo of wood and kopt In tho sun
light. A dust bath should bo near tho
window. In summer, vcntllato by leav
ing tho windows open, covered with
wlro nottlng. Such a houso will cost
from $50 to $100, according to labor,
location and prlco of materials. Thcro
should bo a yard in front of each parti
tion, 12 by 100 feet, and ono at tho rear,
changing tho hens from ono to tho
other, no necessity demands, which will
perm't of growing something In tho un
occupied yard, and will assist in keep
ing them clean by turning under tho
top soil. A ventilator may bo placed at
tho peak over each partition, but It
should never bo opened unless in sum
mer. Tho object In suggesting board
partitions is to prevent tho possibility
of drafts on tho fowls nt night. Tho
south or southeast 1b tho proper di
rection for tho houso to face. A flat
roof Is tho cheapest, nnd where tarred
paper la used, tho boards need not bo
Btnooth. But for tho expense wo would
advise plantcrlng also, as It better pro
tects against lice. If tho tarred paper
Is placed on tho outside, instead of on
tho inside, It provents the boards from
becoming wet and kcops tho house dry.
Cover tho paper with coal-tar and Band
two or thrco tlmos, and It will last for
years. It may also bo whitewashed
whenever it la dcslrnblo to do so.
Hnrnlnir nnil Swelled IInl.
Doth these are symptoms of roup, but
not roup in themselves, says a writer
In Poultry Monthly. Sneezing more
properly belongs to dlBlempcr, or a
cold In tho head, and In Itself Is only
a slight ailment, nnd common among
young chickens when exposed to sud
den changes of tho atmosphere. In
qulto young chlck3 tho trouble is best
treated by putting four drops of tinc
turo ot aconlto In a half pint of drink
ing water. Uso tho homeopathic acon
ite. For older chickens, tlo a picco of
nsatoctlda in a picco of muslin and fast
en it in tho drinking fountain or vessel.
Uso a piece about tho sizo ot a hazlc
nut. Swelled head very often comes
from a draft at night whllo tho birds
aro roosting, ouch as a crack in tho
wall. It also accompanies roup when,
In treating the disease, tho face and
head Is not daily washed with warm
water nnd castllo soap suds, so as to
removo tho matter. When neglected,
tho virus of tho matter poisons tho
face, causing lumps. Da tho tho head
and faco with strong castllo soap suds.
After wiping dry bathe with a lotion
mndo of ono part splrltB of turpentine
to six parts of glycerine, and well
rubbed upon tho head and face. Also
take a tablcspoonful of clean lard, half
a tablcspoonful each of ginger, cayenne
pepper and mustard. Mix well to
gethor and then add flour till the wholo
has tho consistency of dough. Itoll
Into slugs about the size of tho top joint
of the llttlo linger, and put ono down
tho bird's throat. Repeat tho do3o In
twelve or twonty-four hours, ns tho
case may require.
Shredding Corn fodder.
Nowspaper bulletin 35, Indiana ex
periment station: During tho past few
years unusual interest has beon taken
by farmers in tho subject of shredding
fodder. Many have hesitated to ehred,
thinking that tho shredded corn would
not keop well In tho mow or stack.
When shredding was first practiced,
mora or less fodder was shroddod in a
somewhat damp condition. When
such corn was need It invariably heat
ed In the mow, becamo musty and
gave unsatisfactory results. A knowl
edge of such unsatisfactory preserva
tion has restrained some people from
shredding their fodder, although had
the crop been properly handled thcro
Is llttlo doubt but what theso same per
sons would havo becomo lndorsers of
tho process. Fodder that Is shvedded
should not be run through tho machine
until It Is entirely dry and well cured.
It would be hotter ovordry than not
dry onough. Last season at tho Indi
ana experiment station we shroddod all
of our corn fodder (stover) and with
the most satisfactory results. It kept
well In tho mow, and wno froo from
muetlnosti. The cattlo and sheep ate It
freely, and It was used wall Into tho
spring with tho stook. This fall we
will shred nearly till of our 189G crop.
Shredded fodder presents sovcral Im
portant points in its favor:
FirstIt Is more economical to feed
thun tho uncut corn. Second It Is
oaten Up cleaner by tho stock than
most cut fodder is, thcro being less
waste, duo to tho absence of tho hard,
sharp-edged, short butt pieces of stalks
usually found In cut fodder. Third
Tho rofuco makes better -nalerlnl for
bedding thnn docs wholo stalks or cut
pieces, being finer and softer. Fourth
It handles far better in the manuro
pilo than does tho cntlro ntalk. Fifth
It does not mako tho mouths ot cattlo
soro, while that of coarsely cut fodder
oftontlmea docs. Sixth It packs more
economically In tho mow than docs un
cut fodder. Tho feeding valuo of
shredded nnd cut fodder 1b practically
tho same. Shredding is coming moro
nnd moro into practice, and many
farmers aro making uso of tho process.
Shredders nnd buskers combined aro
made, or the shrcddcrB may bo bought
6epnrately. Baled Bhredded corn hay
may now bo found In tho hay markets,
and It furnishes n valuable class ot
coarso food for horses, cattle, and
sheep. A ton of shredded fodder con
tains over three-fourths of a ton of
dlgcstlblo food for tho animal body. In
theso times ot low prices, tho farmers
of tho country cannot afford to allow
tholr fodder corn crop to go to waste,
so long as It can bo used Instead ot
other rough stuff. Shredded, it may bo
handled and fed to tho greatest advan
tage. C. S. Plumb, Director.
llxlliK tho Toultry House.
In tho winter your poultry In com
pelled to bo under shelter much of tho
time, nnd you should Bee to It that tho
poultry house Is put in proper condi
tion for them before sovero weather
seta in, sayB an exchange. Put on the
whitewash wherever it will atl-k,
wnlls, roof, nests and all; see that tho
perches aro in good condition, freo from
sharp edges, nails or any othor thing
that might injure tho fowl, llavo your
perches all on the same level to avoid
crowding at tho top. Don't have them
too high, ono and a half or two feet
la sufficient. Where perches are too
high, fowls, especially the larger va
rieties aro apt to mjuro mcrascivcs in
flying up or down
lown. See that tho nest .
right, easy ot access and
boxes nro all
clean, with good fresh straw In them
occasionally. It Is a good Idea to place
nest boxes In the darkest part of the
houso, aa it Is a hen's nature to hido
her nest, and tho more seclusion you '
can glvo her at the laying hour, the
better she likes it.
3111k l'remrratlvea ll.inserom.
Dr. M. K. Robinson of East Kent,
England, was recently requested to In
vestigate ti sudden serious outbreak of
Illnes3 in a religious house containing
five sisters, a cook and a housemaid,
says Hoard's Dairyman. Although no
fatal results had accrued, tho symp
toms wero sovero and convalesenco pro
tracted. Five out of the seven inmates
wore attacked within a short period of
each othor, thus indicating somo com
mon origin as tho sourco of tho mis
chief. Suspicion was attached to the
milk supplied to tho household, which
had been taken alone, blended with
tea, and In tho form of blanc mange.
To tho morning and afternoon supply
the cook had added a preservative
which was found to contain, as its
basis, boraclc acid. A sample as de
livered by tho dnirymnn was analyzed
and found also to contain u similar
substance. Thus, for tho same purpose,
a preservative had been added both be
foro and after Its arrival at tho house,
by which treatment an overdose had
been administered. Permission was
obtained to give the portion of uncon
suraed blanc mango to nine fowls. Five
devoured tho food 'with avidity, and
thus Bccurcd a larger portion than tho
remaining four and, although vigorous
pullets, thoy all died. 1 ho remaining
four suffered budly, but ultimately re-
nv,i nr Tinhinsn,, nnto , L.!
covered. Dr. Robinson quotes tho opin- I
Ions of Fere, bir Andrew Clark, Sir
Henry Thompson and Dr. Landor
Brunton ns to the poisonous character
of the admixture and urges that the
presenco of tho drug should be recog
nized as an Injurious adulteration. If
such resultr, ho says, can b produced
In the caso ot adults It Is not unrea
sonable to presumo that Infants can
not tafco with Impunity long continued
doses in tholr stoplo food.
fl Landlord In Knnsas Who Took the
Slrrint for IH-lnc Obliging.
"I stopped at a very small town In
Kansas a fow weeks ago," said L. M. '
Martinez at tho Rnlolgh. "I had boon
In tho town onco before, and knew
whoro tho hotol was. It was lato at
night when I got off tho train and went
to tin hote.. After repeatedly knock
lug and shaking tho door tho landlord
let mo in. The next morning breakfast
was not roady when I got up, but tho
landlord was In good humor about it,
saying: 'Everybody Is sick about tho
houso. You aro tho only guest, so I
didn't got breakfaat ready.' Ho wont
I found that my customer was out of
hour terved a very good meal for me.
I found that my tfuctomer was out of
town, bo had nothing to do but to
stay around tho hotel all day. Tho
landlord got dinner nnd supper for mo
and I asked, 'Who Is elck?'
"'My wife, two children, tho cook,
tho waiter and tho porter.'
" 'I should think you would get somo
ono else.'
" 'Can't. They won't come.'
" 'Why?'
" 'They aro all afraid of tho small
pox. I'm tho only one who hasn't got It,
and I feel tho symptomB. I'll bo in
bed to-morrow, but I think tho porter
will bo well enough to run tho hotel
by that time. Ho Is sitting up to-day.'
"I paid my bill very suddenly, and
put myself under medical treatment
when I reached tho next town." San
Francisco Chronicle.
Tho Wandorlng I'lsh.
Tho Baltimore Sun printa tho follow
ing: "A flkeleton of a fish Is prized
vory highly as a curiosity by Mr. Au
gustus Bonolt of the llttlo two-masted
schooner Ernest Dacasta of Halifax,
which arrived yesterday from the
West Indies. "That is," said Mr. Be
nolt, whllo Bhowlng his prize, "tho
skeleton of what is known ns tho wan
dering fish, and thcro arc not half a
dozen other specimens in tho world.
Tho name has been applied to it be
cause co fow have been captured. Its
wonderful featuro is that on tho front !
of tho skeleton there 1b a perfect out
line of tho sceno on Cavalry, Tho Sa
vior, with outstretched arms and with
His head slightly Inclined to the left
nhouldcr, 3 plainly marked. Near tho
left sldo of the head is a clearly de- j
fined heart. Abovo tho head of the fig
ure the vertebrae forms a crown of
thorns. Striking also," continued Mr.
Benolt, "Is the reverse sido of tho
flsh'o skeleton. With arms extended, as
If Invoking benediction, the figure of a
bishop is presented. Tho ornamenta
tion of tho vestments Is delicately
traced in tho bone, tho cross being rep
resented by seams running up and
down and across the back of tho chasu
ble. The bishop is bareheaded, but hla
mitro 13 supplied by a part of the okele-1
ton which la fitted over tho head of tho
figure. Another bone makes the cro
zler. Holding the skeleton up to the
light It appears transparent, with tho
human form outlined within it." When
the skeleton had been exposed, Mr.
Bonolt shook it, and from It camo a
bcll-llkc sound. The fish is sixteen and
cno-half Inches long.
New Stylo of Canranscrg.
The up-to-date canvasser now travels
In a bunch. Under the direction of
managers, and chaperons, companies
of lady agenta will soon ho touring tho
country, judging from tho advent of
such an organization here. They hold
rehearsals, just like their theatrical sis
ters, and each girl Is thoroughly
coached as to what to say and how to
say It. Early In the morning they
receive their assignments and scatter
over tho city or town, Watched by spot
ters, who report to the manager any
breach of contract on tho part of tho
canvasser. Tho rules are of the carly-
to-bed-and-early-to-rlse sort, the hotel
bills nd traveling expenses aro paid
by tho manager, and tho cntlro outfit
is an object lcston of the benuflt to bo
derived from discipline, drill and cr-
The female book agent
neeun t uo lonely anu neipicss any
longer unless she proposes to flock by
herself. New York Letter.
Two wealthy Hebrews of Bagdad
now own all that remains of the an
cient town of Babylon.
Throe hundred thousand tons of
vegetables, valued at $25,000,000, wero
sold in tho city of Paris in 1S95.
Six couples living within a circuit of
ono mile at Milford, N. H havo cele
brated tholr golden wedding anniver
saries. A floral bicycle was the funeral trlb
uto recontly made by a Lewlstou (Me.)
hot-house for bereaved cyclomanlac
friends of a young man who had lived
A stranger In Manlstlque, Mich., re
cently engaged eighty men to work on
tho railroad. They wero grateful, and
bought him drinks for a week before
they found out it was a trick.
Pralrio schooners bound East ax the
spoctacles to which Nebraskans around
Arapahoe are treated now. The peo
plo aro being forced away from tho
Southwestern country by drought.
Seaweed, though not tho diet for an
rplcuro, is, when dry, rlchor than oat-
mii1 r lnfllnn rnrn In nlfrnwnnnna
i constltuents. and takes rank among
the m0Bl nutrlUous of vegetable foods,
,, T ,,
The Japanese aro now getting used to
glass. At first, gloss In a railway car
riage window had to be smeared with
stroaks ot white paint to keep passcn
gors from poking tholr heads through
Ilefislan graves at Bennington, Vt.,
woro decorated recontly by a 10-ycnr-old
girl 'Whoso family Is summering
there. It is paid to bo tho first timo
that any Oawcrs have been strewn
I orer thijux.
Rov.P.J.ncrp.riwtor of tho Swedish M.EL
ihnrcli.Dea Molnc,lown,on March 4th.l800,
writes: "Lost yenr 1 wan tronb cd with a
I nd couch for about five months. I got
modlcino from my family physician una I
tried other remedies without relief. "When I
1 flrtt raw Dr. Kay's I.uujc Palm advertised
I thought I would try It nnd I am glad I
did. I boneht a Lox and took a tablet now
nnd then without any rou'arity, nnd alter
a fow days to niy great surprise tho cough
was gono. Ten "davs aio I had Roro thront.
I was out or tho tablets aud could not pot
them in Dps Moines, nnd I sonl to the
Western Ofllro of Dr. 11. J. Kay Medical
Co., Onmlia, Nob., for six loxos, and as
soon ns I took it a fow times that soronos
and hoarseness all passed away in ono
nlcht I I ollovo it Is also good for soro
throat" Dr. Kny'a Lunt Halm does not
eauso sickness at tho stomach liko many
remedies, and is moro effectual than any
other wo know of. SoM by druggists at
25 cents or sent by mail.
Napoleon's Army Itftfnrn Waterloo.
On tho eve of hostilities Nnpolcon
had 124,000 effectives, with 3.500 in his
camp train; Wellington had 100,000,
but of these 4,000 Hanoverians wcro
left in garrison; Hluchcr had about
117,000. Neither of tho two allied gen
erals dreamed that Nnpolcon would
choose tho darintr form of attack upon
which he decided, that of a wedgo
driven into tlio scattered lino nearly a
hundred miles in length upon which
his enemies lay, for to do so ho must
pass tho Ardennes. But ho did choose
it and selected for tho purpose the val
leys of tho Sambro and tho Mouse.
Allowing for tho dlfforonco In typog
raphy, tho idea was identical with that
which, nineteen years before, he had
executed splendidly in Picdmant. Oc
tober Century.
Gascarets stimulato llver.kldnoys and
bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe.
lllrmlnglinin' Turks.
Ono feature rather surprising to an
American is that every park is made
for use. thcro is no fear lest the grass
may bo injured, but in every ground
adapted for them aro cricket and foot
ball fields, picnic grounds, croquet
lawns, tennis-courts, bowling-greens,
tho nso of which is permitted for a
merely nominal payment. Every park,
large or small, has ono or moro con
certs each week during tho bummer,
paid for by a neighborhood subscrip
tion. Tho Centurv.
rm Miffii
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lVV$SS0g i (Jill j I n 111 J Council Bluff.,
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1 " itiuaas - pup.n IlRTnif bten ,n thp j
m Gmi.- do. .. IIUUI I Ull 10 tuMme2yrri, am well ac-
H LvfSEAS&Z OOES l30T $ Commission Mrr- qnalntrdwltu the nantsofttae
U v chant Omaha. traitesronncqurntlycnuobuin
. )S WASTJUU the highest prlre. Amprumpt
nTAMD Ci"rn i B flutter. Vest, I'oiil- In innlni; returpn, undroiiioa
" ' w"" ""''" E try, (lame. Veal, Rlble. lirfrrcnccs: Any bank
Iff Hlclcn Ktc. In tho Mute.
1 JSrery ono 13 either growing hotter V nno ill a cwrwir nrnnn iimrtfn
orvrorse. UEVIAHA 5 I UVt iitfAlll WUI1&5
m JToiV is it witlt vnn IK Bton Eplr for my kl4r iti mulr.
1 " r B. 120T SOCUJJkS ST., OMAHA. SB.
I ou are sau-erine from 1 GAMlWANTEOr ilt
1 KIDNEY. LIVER Uutter.rBw, Poultry, ,.-,, ,h ,
I navo tried doctors nnd medicine wltu- I ftoENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS.
I out avail, nnd havo becomo Utstfuateu. M fslOHN W. MORRIS, WAS!IINGT0N,D.C.
18 Hi 3tt.luUtwr, IS i)judkatia j claim,, ally, tiuca.
II 1 I riDIIIM "oMtCurril. 1(- In 1571. Thon-snrt.
.-v. Mtr' -. a. 1 ill llllfl curecl.Chcapcataixlbeatcuro.FaEBTaiAi.
I mate (lire msh oysters iss
1 ( W. N. U., OMAHA 45 1006
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say so. Glvo on lioucat inoUlclao au hon- J r5
1 Largo bottlo or new stylo emullcr ono t jffi rtoai'TKyls ff o "F
at your drusrtrlst's. Writo for freo treat- G Et n ivVnhHin: ftJi-i n &SJ
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g "The Old Soldier's Favorite " m
A little bit of pension goes a long
way if you chew " Battle Ax'
The biggest piece of really high
grade tobacco ever sold for 5 cents;
almost twice as large as the other
fellow's inferior brand
Th TTar TJHh ITkzIco.
Tho war with Mexico was n war of
conquest, and of conquest chiefly it the
interest of African slavery. It was al
so an unjust attack made by a power
ful peoplo on n fcoble one; but it lasted
less than two years, and tho number
of men engaged in it was at no tirao
largo. Moreover, tho treaty which
ended the war tho conquering nation
agreed to pay to tho conquered S18,
000,000, in partial compensation for
soma of tho territory wrested from
it, instead of demanding a hugo war
indemnity, ns tho European way is.
This treaty also contains a remarkable
clauso which undertook to impose a
mutual obligation to submit futuro dif
ferences to arbitration. Tho results of
the war contradicted tho anticipations
of both thoso who advocated and of
those who opposed it. It was ono of
the wrongs which prepared tho way
for tho great rebellion; but its direct
evils wero of modcrato extent. Octo
ber Atlantic;
to conn a cold in one day.
Takb Laxative Dromo Qulnlno Tablets. Alt
Druccists refund tho monoy 11 K falls to cure. EUd
Us Was No root.
"Are yon a single man?" asked a
lawyer of a stolid-looking German on
tho witness stand. "Now you look,"
was tho indignant reply, "bud don'd
you try to make no shoko rait me
shoost because I van green. Do I look
liko I vas a double man? Do I look
like I vs n Simeso dwin? Huh! lam
no fool if I am not long in dis guntry.,'
Harper's Bazar.
Vruil tilnswl n4- !.! ..... l. ..1.1 . rr ,
barsaparllla and you will not need to fr
pneumonia,, fbvers or tho grip. Remember
ts tho best In faotf ho Ono Trno Wood Purine.
Hood's Pills ?,ct harmoniously with .
i iuuu truia Hood-s Sarsjparllk S5c.
1,200 BU.