Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, October 09, 1896, Image 8

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MA tfftBrvlM4lM "I WHIHIM
The herald.
I.. .
l'nbllfhrd ovory Krklay nml mUrrd nt the
fwwt-iUHc In IlMtiltisfonJ. Nrlirakn, n k4im1
riagiiMtl niittfr. Tint JlBnu.n lud'irolnil to
' the iliwrtf l ir llvmlnnfurd mid llox Untie
THOS. J, O'KtlOPlJ, Publher.
j1" '" j " ''t
Mintantmott iuimji
1X MONIlfSL, ....,., .78
F. M. Pum.ni - Clerk.
A. M.Mtt.t.fcn Trrnkiircrf
Jak. It. II. IJuivKrr .....ImlKf.
li.r.HWKSET. MherlfT.
' II. V, (iHAlflf AtUiriiHy.
AmttA.u. jittiiANi) .; Biipertutundont.
Tin. W.K. MlM.Kn :.,. .. Coronnr.
1)H. Ju W. KowMAM ...( ... PJijnlciMi.
JAMExlHunv (nmtitlaHlowrli.tlllf.t.
Jah. Uoi.mnii4.kk ... rommUMpiicrSnilllliiU
W. DuXQAS ('tinimlitM(mer:irlI)lflt.
,' ''. ')' y11., t
Democratic Ticket,
, For President,
! WM. J. liilYAN, of Nebrnskn.
ForTIro "President,
AitTIlUIl SKWALL, or Maine.
P'KISD METS5, Sit., or Douglas.
i). W. PALM, of Lancaster,
R J. HALI3, of MndlMiii.
X. J'lASCJiKI, of Howard.
U O. AL1IKUT.S, or Cluy.
'ft. L. KOSTIIYZE, f Saline.
M. P. 1IARKINGTON, of Holt.
, J. N. OAMI'lllSLL, of Xnuco.
For Governor,
f SILaS A, IIOLCOMH, of dialer.
For Lieutenant Governor,
JOHN M. HAUItlS, of Nemaha.
For Secretary ,or State,
WM. F. POUI'KU, or Merriuk.
"For Auditor,
J. F. CORNELL, of Ricliardson.
l)r Treasurer.
; J. B. MKSEUVE, or Red Willow.
Jir Sup't Public Iimtrnotloi),
"J VM. It. JACKSON, of UoP..
Tor Com'r Pub. Lands and MullJInus,
J. V. WOLFF, of Lancaster.
For Attorney General,
, C. J. SMYTH, of Douulns.
For Supreme Judge, (4 vears),
WM. SEVILLE, o'f Lincoln.
For Supreme Judge, (2 years),
.1. KIUKlATRICK,of Lancaster.
For Hcaent State University,
. s A.'Af. MUNUOE, of Douglas.
For Congressman. Sixth District,
' ( WM. L. GREENE, oi BuUalo.
For County Attorney, '
W. M. IODENCE, of Dorsey.
For Comnilssloncr Second District.
Judge Green is niakiug bpoeches
every day and, is making ton votes
whoro tlio St, Paul hankqr makes
one. Green spoke at St. Paul Inst
'"week and was greeted with the
Jnrge.sturJiunco that has over ns-
'bombleUn' the town.
I have-boon called nu anarchist
because I havo opposed the
trusts and syndicates which Avould
mrfuago this country. I am glad
no.have tho opposition ' of these
mqn. I am glad that if I am
folected thoro is not a trust or a
syndicate that can como to mo
i and say, "Wo put you there- now
pay us back. William Jennings
A. p. Sheldon, of Ch-idrqn,
pppuhst candidate for representa
tive and Judge 0. B. Mutz, of
Koya Paha county, candidate for
staju sbnatoi, yjlll address, the
popple of Hemingford and vici
nity on Tuesday, Oct. 13th, at
1:30 o'clock on the political is
sues of the day. Also at tho sod
church in Lawn precinot Tuesday
evening at 7:80Jand at Box Butte
hall on Wj.liwsl-.iy oyanhrj at
Several days agq thirteon'hoad
of cattle belongiug' to Jas, Hunter
and two belonging to Wm Hollin
vako wore taken from Hunter's
pasture north of town. It ap
pears that they wore stolon by a
party or parties who reside in
tho Sand hills near Hyannis, aud
while driving tho cattlo through
thoro Ira Nulson wus arrested by
the sheriff of Grant county. Mes
srs, Hunter and HoliinraCo wont
own to Hyannis and identilied
tlio stock. The prispnejr is now
in the custody of Sheriff Sweon-
Tli" following-named gentle
men luivo been selected ta servo
ns jurymen during tlio coming
form of tln district court which
convenes on Wednesday, Novem
ber 18th:
A. M. Drake, II. M. Anderson,
Geo. lluli-ioks Chas.McKinuey,
Albert Nelson, John Kaufman,
L. K. Leavitt,
W.A, Hood.
G. W. Jones.
S. A. Curtis,
Win. Matzat,
J. J. Lyon,
G. II. Clayton,
Jas. Connoloy,
Win. Randolph,
Tobias Brown,
James Robinson, Fred Pnhlow,
J N. Clark, Ed C. Reck,
'J'om Bock, D. C. Molntyro,
P. W. Adams, Z.T.Cunninham,
N23-W OOODS atTtlio IUIH
litiei'y ptorta. .
The Mission announced to bo
gin hero on tho 2"th inst., in tho
Catholic church, is postponed to
a later dato owing to inability of
procuring all necessaries for tho
mission on said date. There will
be services at the church Sunday
Oct. 11th, at 10 o'clock.
Box Buttp Items,
Clarence Snodckerwas visiting
friends hero Sunday,
Tho farmors aro busy hauling
wood- from Pine Ridge.
Mr. Bank's moved on Harry
Wilson's place last Saturday.
Charloy llamas has secured
tho school in tho Kont district.
A largo number of the Bryan
men attended tho speech at Hem
ingford Wednesday.
Thoro was an ice cream social
givon at the homo of Mr. Nye's
Friday ovoning for tho benefit of
the Sunday school. A largo crowd
was present and all report a good
Mr. Iodonco, candidate- for
county attorney, mado a speech
hero Saturday ovoning, after
which 0 Bryan club was organ
ized. Bis argument against tho
vagaries of the gold standard was
exceedingly strong. Mr. Iodonco
will receive his sharo of tho votes
of this precinct.
On Sopt. 28, 189(5, from sec. 20-28-48,
one black steer calf; one
one black heifor calf; both spring
calves; both mulies. Liberal re
ward will be paid for information
leading to their lvcovory.
Albert Nelson,
Hemingford, Neb.
Bring in potatoes on subscrip
tion. For sale or trade, a good houso
and 3 lots in David City one of
tho best towns in eastern Ne
braska; population 3,000, electric
light, waterworks etc. This
is desirable insido property, well
located, on corner, east front,
nico lawn and trees. Will sell
cheap or trado for Box Butte
realty. Apply at The Herald
That a Woman's
Heart Can Desire
to be Pound in
my Stock ( f
Call and seo the immense variety
of Dry Goods, Ladies and
Gouts' Furnishing Goods
Shoes, Notions,
Brand Now and CHEAP.
Physician and Surgeon,
Office rooms and residence in
Braver block, up stairs.
Spacial attention given to dis
eases of children .
I jiml OUico at AlUtkneo. Neb . St'!U ISO, MK.
Nollcv In lierrtiy ien tlmt Uin fullowirw
ilium! bnttlr Iihh lUttl notUv of lilt- intimtiun
io make final ircmf in wupiiort ot lii claim und
tlmt raid proof vill bo nmcle tefon lWtatar
mid lU-Hdvtr at Alliam-r, f.ek, on Nov. U, lvU,
of Hpratncforil, Noli , who inailo H It No. 310
for tlio b r mc y. tp 'is li. r -ID w
Hnuauio tin fnllowjiitf vitnwHw to provo
liih CDiitiimoiiBrpHliIenye uoon ni onltlvation
i of tuilil laml. viz:' Muhtttl H. Murphy. t
, 1'ronapfel, Juih F, Wlntjau. William i'rM, all
oi jiuouunioriv, miu, .
J. V, Vrrv. J., IlrsUter.
nwmw ai'JWMwmnninnriwmiiiiiim ni
-TTTr,iarwvwiti i
Notice to Non-rcsldent Defendant.
t..1.H.,,,n ,.v"lr.lrt ro".rt ,of )lox l,He countx.
Wlllinm It. Ablx-y, plaintiff
Annlo U Fannlnu. W. H. FannlnK and W. J.
Ilowilen, itafonilanto.
'11i altovo namptl ilpfendnnt Vf, 3. liowilpn,
will tnkn n)tin tlmt on Uin nth ilar or Atitftut
1MW. William H, AJiIkt tiUlntlfT Jifroln AIM Iiih
tuition In tho dlRlrlrt cjiirt of llox llutto
connly aitninxt tlio altovo namnl (I'foinlniiU, Hip
onjpctnml prnyorof wliirh are Io fori-clui a
rensin mortKaito cxpcui! by tho dpfpnilnnt
Annlo It. Fnnninc to tlm Amrnran Invostiii'Mit
company ntioti Hip noiitliPAHt quarter of i"Ttion
Kiln tovnc)iii)'J7 north, rantrn 1H wont nt thu
KJXth prinnipalmprldlnn in llox llntto county
Nplirnxkn. Io ppcuro thopayment of onncprtnin
proinlfKory ni.tc for the mim of VIOil.WI. dated
Mnroh Mh IHs", and dnft nnd paynlili. l)r. t,
IMH with Inb-rcht tlicrcon payalilp iumtannnally
and on mIiIcIi tlinoof payinpjit wan aUvrvrardit
oztrnded JHo )trH from maliirity thereof.
Said hotoand niortKann contalnti tlm condition
that If any infrost on rnld note in not paid
within twitit) tlnys aftir tlm rami Women duo,
thPii 1h prlni'lial flinll lnimpdiatly liccomo
iiiii' rum jinjniui" ni. ini fipiion OI llio IIO'OGr l
iniTtspi. nam now aim mortitaffA wrth ntrofo
tho nimn Ix-raniB dno for n tnluaiin connldera
tlortuulyns'lnnpd to tho plaititilT who is now
tho holder and owner thereof
All I) the IlltPrPHt which iMirnmn dun on until
principal not" on tho ilru day of Uc. lm5, and i
dincninat time huh renialiiM nnpold anil tint
plaint itrKlpct" tn dv!iiro tho tirindpal aud in
tprcdt thoro on duoaml pninhlp at once. And
thoro In now iluo tho plaint Itf on xald noto and
mortKHK" tho nm of $l(W.H0. with intcront. thro
on from tho lutdiy of Juno lKi'i, at ten pr cent
pprnnnum. l'laiiitlfF prayn for n decrw that
thoilpfondpiilK ImTcunlrcd to nay tho namo or
tliat raid tiromlHpR may bo Hold to Katlnfy tho
amount found duo.
You arn required to answer paid petition on
or Ixiforo tho 11th day ot BopU'inhor lb'.iu.
Datfsl aiiciikI II, 18 ni.
. . , WIIjMAM II. AI1I1UY, l'lulntlff,
Ily I). K. Bi'Aciit, his attorney. fp iJ lv.
In tho District Conrt of llox llutte Connty.
Ansa (1. Ueed, l'lalntlff.
Ci.rMESTiSE A. JIcKinnkv, Dcfonilant.
Clomontlno A. MoKlnney defendant, wilt tnko
notlco that on tho liith day of AuciiHt. lll, An
na (1 RpmI plalntilT heroin filed her petition In
tlmdixtrlct court of Hox llntto county, Nehnn
ka, iigninst) on tho paid defendant, tho ohjout
and prayer of which to to forocloHo a curtain
mortKaito oxecutr.1 by tho defendant io the
American Loan and Trupt Company upon tho
northwott iiuarler of section !, In townxhip i"i
north, Tnni I'.) went of tlio flth p. nt., In llox
lliittu county, Nebrnska. to pecuro tlii payment
of out) promfpRury noto dated May S, IMK), for
tho sum of J:i(l, nnd duo and p:ynlilo on tho lpt
day nt .May lhltt, btarin Intorett at thu rato of
7 per cent per unniim from date Sr'ald nolo and
mortKHKo win for a valuahlo conpidpratioii, lx
foro tho panie liecaino due, duly Hold, aicnod
and delivered to tho plaiutilf, wlin in now tlm
owner thereof and of tho money duo thereon
and thoro Ir now duo the plaintiff from tho do
ifmlnntuiMin paid noto and mortirneo. tho sum
ot Jjnuo, with interodt thereon, from tho lt day
of May lB.'!, at tho rato ot ton per cent por an
num, nnd the further mim of $11.01 for ta'sep
paid on paid premises to protect her pecurity
with Interest thereon at ten pr cent p"r Annum
from tho l-.'tli day of July 1MU, fnb which biiiuh
wlt'i tlm Interest thereon. plalntilT prnys for n
decron, that tho defondnnt lie required to ay
tho same, or that Paul mortuairo may lw foro
cUiHPtl nnd said premium may be sold nccordinu
to law tii satisfy the amount loiind duo.
You aro required to anHwor i-aid iK'tltlon on
or lieforo tho tfnd day ot November J8U.1.
Dated Sept. 'Jl, lf..
ANNAd. Rkku, l'lalntlff,
lly W. M. IiKlencc, hor attorney.
f P Sept. i'l
Notice to Non-rcsldent Defendant.
In tho District Court of llox Ilutto county,
William N. Pfarson- )
p. y
M vny A I'EAnsoy. )
Mary A. Pearson, dpfendant, will tako notice
that on tho mh tlay of Splcnilier, ISl-J, t io
lilalntilT herein illetl his pptition in tliedlstiict
court of llox llutte county, Nebraska auainst
paiil defendant, thu object nnd player o? which
is to procure a divorce from the bond of matri
mony oxlstinir between tho turtles hereto, and
nuy flirt her rcllot which tho court may deem
You aro required to answer paid petition on
'or hc-forritliK I'-Uh day of October, lh'.HI.
Dated Kept. III. 1SIM.
Ey h, A. IlKlittY. his attorney.
Final Proof Notices
W. Weiin. Jit.. Itwitter.
M. llUOOMK, Receiver.
Parties havlnir notices in this column are n
(luegted to read tho same carefully and report to
this oillcii for correction any errors tliut nm
exist. This will proent iosslalo delay in
nmkhiK proof.
lind Olltco at Alliance, Nob., Kept. 11, ln!M.
Notice is hereby alien thut the foliowius
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his olaim anil
that said proof will bo made before Roulstor or
Recotver tit Alliance, Neb., on October iil, IK'.W,
of Ilemimtforil, Neb., who madoT. C. entry Mo.
70J for ihe w U ' J!5 tp i r to.
lie nainOH tho fidlowmu wituesi-es to prato
his claim to sn:d land, vk: Samuel II ilarrison,
h'rod Abley, James Curry, U K. Itosonberttcr,
all of UemiiiBtord, Neb.
J. W. WEltw.Jn.. l(eBlBtr
Laud Olllco at Alliance. Nob.. H-Mit. 28. 1KH5.
Niitico is hereby len that the followina
nameii set tier Ims tihnl notice of his intention
to make final proof in support o'hU claim, nnd
ti.atsaid proof will lo mado befor Rejjipter
and Receiver at Alliance, Nob., on Nov. U, 1MW
of Marsland, Neb., who made HE No. S022 for
tliQ a i no , nw bts li & no U sw 'i kec -'?, tp
-It n. r ) w.
lie names tho following witnesses to provo his
continuous resident o upon and cultivation ot
said laud, viz: Fidelia L. llon-yman, Emma
l'urdey, Alliert Palmer of MnrHlaud, Neb., Si
mon II, YYricht, ot lielmout.lxisb. Also,
of Uarsland, Neb., who made 11 Ji No. !W07 for
tho n w 14 sec 1. tp LM n, r fD w.
Sho uames tho followintr .witnes'Ps to provo
her continuous residence up and cultivation of
paid laud, viz: Fidelia Ij. lloneyman, JameC.
Wooil. Albert Palmer of Marsland, Neb., SJmon
11. WriKht, of Relmont, Neb. Also
ot Marsland, Nob., who made timber nullum
entry No. iMi for tho o K uw U .V lots 1 it'.', seo
:io. Hi 'M n, r 50 w.
Hill) names tho following to Drove har rnntln-
nous residence uiK)n and cultivation of said
land, viz: Emma l'urdey. Jamas C. Wood, Al
lien Palmer of Marsland, Nob., Simon B.
Wright, ot llelmout, Neb.
J. W. Wuns, Jr.. RcBUter.
U. 8 lind Offlce, Alliance, Yob., ScpU 2.", lb!.
Notice is hereliy ghen that
of Clarkson, Neb., has filed notice of Intention
to make final proof before Register or Receiver
at their othoe in Alliance, Neb., Novemlsr Mb,
1WW, on tlmlKToultnro application No. C!1, for
lie names as witnesses: Jacob Lauicrick, i
James Jtcl aw. Aloxanaer l;. Koas, Daniel .Mey
ers, all ot llox llutte, Nob.
J. W. Wehn, m. Ufjilstor.
XJ. S. Land OUioe, Alliance, Nob , Sept. 23, lMsl
Nutlcn is heroliy glcu that
has filed notice of intention to mike final proof
Ix'foio County Judgtof llox llutte Co.,Neb., nt
his ollice la Hemingford, Neb., on November 1,
1AW, on timber culture triplication. No. 41H, for
n U ko U. n ' sw U it lot ti, sou C t it su. re i-w
llo uauioii as witnettpoo; Auuut'is H. Mo
I.RUKhliu. Edward Crigler. of Marslaml. M'b.,
Anton Zajic, John Zalic, of Hemingford, Neb.
J. W. Wkhm, Jh., KfKlster.
U. S. Land Ollic e, Allinncis Neb., fcept. 2B, lln
Notice is hereby that FOSIER NORTll. ot
Kpwnnee, 111 , has lihit notice of intention to
maUelinal p'oof before Clerk Circuit Court,
htarkCo.. 111., und wilnoos vill give testimony
boforo Rneihtr and Receiver nt Allinnoe, M'b .
on xavemlierYt. Uti, on thnlier culture applica
tion No. UU, for the s vr U seo 20, tp ! n, rUv,
fee nrmes aswitupstk: Eilirar Swoey. Henry
Hweezey. David A. Paul, of lieiuinKforil, oo.,
Robert ti. bhlply, of Alhauee, Neli.
J. W. Wbun, Jl!., lUviistw.
U. 8. Land OUlce, AllinnoP, Neb., AuktTiMW
Nuticois hereby given that
of Vauoleva. Iowa, has filed notice of iutnntion
to make mia- proof lkforeltwlstr and lteelvr
at Allianop, .NVn . on thu nth day of Ootolier.
Iri on tUnlMi. culture cppllctitiou No. ifcT for
tii lou l A, 2 A i ii It sec , p iT a. r IB w.
He uim as vilneMsi Auust Fellr. Har
ney IlsRuir, John Armtitrong, Julin Rakrak, nl
of llrmluiifurd, Neb.
I have made up my mind to go
out of business, so I will sell all my
ury uoods, Boots and Shoes, Cloth
ing and Gents' Furnishing Goods at
greatly reduced prices for spot cash.
Produce will be taken at top
prices. Your faithful servant,
. . . W. K. HERNCALL.
.Proprietor of
Livery and
Wo have first-class stock and douhlo and single rigs, which wo
furnish at reasonahle rates. Our facilities for accommodating boarder
aro unexcelled in tho city. Give us a call.
BS5"" Stable Cornor Box Butte Avenue and Sheridan Street.
STYLE 201 Is sold by agents as high as $195
You can buy It at tho factory price from ug for $88
Height 75 Inches, French Plato Mirror, Patent Fall Board, Mouse Proof, SOLID WALNDT
or OA K Guaranteed for D years by manufacturer and by us. Wo pay f rolght to
any point in Nebraska. fYo furnish stool, book nnd chart. Write for terms.
ORGANS from $20 Mid up.
P. S.-Our D2d year,
(Mention tblacacor.)
Com'o-t to California.
Every -Thursday morning, a
tourist sleeping car for Salt Lake
City, San'Franaisco and Los An-
rrilncn lrirn.nc Oln'ilin o-n1 T .lnfnlii
BV.ll-U i...- -""'" H. .VI ...W.V.i.1.
via the Burlington Route. t
It is carpeted; upholstered in
rattan; has spring seats and backs
and is provided with curtains,
beddings, towels, soap and. etc.
An experienced 'excursion con
ductor aiid a uniformed Pullman
porter accompany it through to
the Pacific coast.
While neither as expensively
furnished nor as fine to look at
as a palaco sleeper, it is just as
good to ride in. Second class
tickets are honored and tho price
of a berth, wide enough and big
enough for two, is only $5.
For a folder giving full par
ticulars, call at tho nearest B. &
M. It; R. ticket office, Or. write
to J. Francis. Gon'l.P:is'r Ayont
Burlington Koute. Omaha, Neb.
New Short Line to Helena, Butte
Spokane, Seattle and Tacom..
a. i. &s w. a. Tim oeira.
Vo.13. intSHtincor nrrivofa ill i2a. m.
4flfrKht fcton.m.
" is Iiiilklii uirivos nt iO:Ku. m.
No, 11 imwscnKururrlvcjH tit ' ' u-
" Wfrelt'ht " " Il: p. ib.
" 7 frfticbt urrlvoH nl mHi P- in
All ictjulur traia eairy pfnirs,
' T W. il.COmuASO. Aeon'
lllHilll lllHfcW I II l
ale ! . . .
$195 LIST
...FOR $88.
One-Third Cash,
$5.00 per Month.
I Kimball
PIANOS from $40 and up.
Omaha, Neb,
of tho Northwest.
Will bo sent postpaid to any
address six das a wook for
orto yoar for
Tho Chronlclo Is tho most
conspicuous newspaper auo
ooss of tho day, tho dally cir
culation cxcoodlng 75,000
coplos and tho Sunday circu
lation exceeding 100,000 cop
los. It Is a first-class nows
paporor 12 and IGpnyos (Sun
day 40 to 48 pagoa) and
Is a stanch supporter of
sound domocratlo prlnolploa.
Bally except Sunday) 1 yaar $4.00
Dally and Sunday, 1 year 6.C0
Dally, 6 monlhs (campaign edllion). , . . 2.00
D.lly and Sunday, C months 3.00
Dc'ly, 2 monlhs i.oo
Daily and Sunday, 2 monlhs 1,40
Daily, 1 monlh go
Dally and Sunday, 1 monlh . , 75
Cunday, 1 yoar , 2.00
Caiurday, l year i.oo
Samplo copies froo on appli
cation. Address
I64-IG0 WoshlnBton St.,
ChlopQo. III.
the Silendld Gift or tlm Ormt Si .- '
A beautiful diamond tiara w'lic1'
bo proucnlcd to Mint1. Nordic i l
ndtnlrera among tho box and evat
ers of tho Metropolitan Optra 1'
has been put on exhibition in
York. Tho corouot contnliw 2s .. i
nionds, which range in bIzo froi:. i
cdrata to 1-8 of a carat. Tutiv ,r
about n dozen of tho larger Btonoa. m 3
the total weight of tho diamond I- ti.
tiara is about 30 caratB. Its co3t vnt
not be far from J5.000. The niylo (,;
coronet is that of Adams, in the :.i.e
of the first empire. Tho liara i? ' uiit
upon a baso band of gold, which -lu
rest upon tho wearer's head ni'd u.p
tho cllamond-set crown from air .u-ijr
into the hair. This band Is, how. - r,
only a round who of gold about 1-:: .r
ati inch in diameter. At its ends .m
loops into which hairpins or rib" -may
bo fastened to secure the or ..
to tho head. Above tho base and i
Ing on wire uprights Is the base pr,. r
of tho tiara. This consists of a do
line of diamonds, containing la . .
about seventy-live stoneu, Inojoslr .
row of iarger stones. Above thi.-
either sldo 13 scroll work of dinibom:
conventional grasses, nnd bet,vt
these conventional flowers, ail o ' ..
monds. The tiara stnnda very high i
front and tho center piece is a remar..
ably effective specimen of jewel i
work. U is an open, graceful cluster
of sprigs and flowers, and .contains It
nil sixty-six diamonds. Tho tinsot tl
sprigs contain tho largest stones in th
tiara, each sprig holding a single stoat ,
and the centers of tho conventional
flowers are also formed of single stout-s
of large size. The center piece of th
crown can bo separated from tho rest
and used by itself as an ornament fcr
the hair. For this purpose it Is provid
ed with a gold comb, which sits at right
angles with tho front. This comb
serves to steady tho tiara when the en
tire Jewel la worn. Tho idea of making
a gift to Mmc. Nordica 13 said to havo
originated among some of hor admirsro
at the "Waldorf, but It did not tuk
definite form until Mr. James Otis tccH
it in hand. He Invited the grent sing
er's frionds to contribute for tho pur
pose but limited the contributions to
?10 each. The date for the presenta
tion has not been fixed, but it will prob
ably take place on one of the blguightt
wliri rrl'ca Finrs during the comins
i of opnra, which
'i i ... on .1 13. New York Sun.
I,i.,ittii5r riN of Tru'ru.
rrr rscullrr rircing nnd singing
pel- node y the running of trains
rs c .:-on brilgps is annoying to many
": - i-a. To v'o away with this noisg
r; ' n crg.ncer has devised the fol
i,v -yc puts a decking of 1V4
irc. ,! rks tewen the cross girders,
c . i, on 3-iuch timbers laid on tho
be loa; ranges. On the planks a doublo
layer of felt is laid which i3 fixed to
the vertical web of tho cross girder.
At the connections with tho girdor a
Umber cover Joint is placed on felt, and
two hooked bolt3 connect tho wholo
firmly to the bottom flange. Four
inches of slag gravel cover the decking,
Khlch Is Inclined toward the center of
tho bridge for drainage purposes. A
lajcr of felt is laid between the planks
J the UmLors they rest upon anl
-u Irc:.,.o.. in coiitnct with the deck
- S auu ..ilaat la r.ajuialted. Tho deck
ing cu.iis (j i oiiuca por yard for a
brldgo 11 feet vide and costs 23 cents
a square foot. It is water tight ami
has proved very satisfactory in prevent
ing noise."
Monrlpk J Sony.
A French physician who visited tho
Abyssinian king Monelok's camp, In
February, writes that Menelok has ex
pressed sorrow at tho great bloodshed
resulting from tho war. The Shoan
army was in excellent condition at that
timo and had been placed under strict
discipline, an unusual thing for such
troops. They- wero reported also to
havo acquired a certain dignity of char
acter and bearing, which had previous
ly been entirely wanting. Old Mene
lek expressed no doubt as to tho final
outcome of tho war. but Btated that
he hated the bloodshed, and had only
acted on tho defensive. Ho scarcely
had any idea or the great slaughter of
Italian troops which his soldiers would
1 so soon make.
Woulil Not Kt tlio Flair.
An Englishman In Washington at
dinner declined to eat an ice Irozen in
the shape and colors, pf tho American
flag. This he did becauso he held it to
be bad form to absorb, the national em
blem. Tho Incident was significant
as showing tho distinction and differ
ence between tho British Idea of patri
otism and our own. Englishmen lift
their hats when their flag is carrlod
past, and rise when the national an
them is played in theaters and music
halls. No true Briton, in trado or out
of It, would uso tho flag nf his country
for advertising purposos. Boston Sat
urday Evening Gazette.
Aro Grttlnp Srnrrr.
Pines are said to bo getting exceed
ingly scarce In the pine tree state. In
deed, it has been advocated that a
i grovo of pines Just outside of Augustaj
Me., should bo purchased for park pur
poses, In order to preserve a few speci
mens of what was once the mouarch jf
tho Maine forest.
Tommy Agruml with Illm,
"Thoro are many things in the world
to which we must rhut our oyes," said
the paternal Gibson,'
"Yes, pa. and soup Is one ot thorn,"
said young Thomas, who had ruoei l
a "thorough good acrublng" at tho
handB of bio mother.
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