Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, September 04, 1896, Image 6

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Tieentjr-HlBlit Statements from Tlmt
rr All of Which Arn ContMtllciorjr
-Ullln Trutlii Vdilolt Strike Homo
Outer Flint!.
Tho Chicago TImcs-Horald, which la
rim by nn ox-plo baker, who knows
Just ai much about legitimates journal
ism as n hog docs nbotit Latin, and
whoso knowiotlgo of tlio financial qiios
tion Is limited to tlio rctuniB of his
bash counter, Is seeking to eavo lion--est
labor from tlio fifty cent dollar
calamity. Somo of the argumonta
rondo in the Tlmes-IIorald aro very
amusing, especially to laboring men
who never see anything but silver
money, or Ha paper representative.
Hero nro n few statements mimmod
up from articles In recent editions of
tho Times-Herald:
1. The present allvcr dollar Is only
worth 53 cents.
2. Ono cent Is tljo one hundredth pnrt
or a dollar.
3. If silver Is rcmonotlzcd gold will
jMirdutPo only one-half of what It does
.now. Arc you going to rob tho money
4. The present Bllver dollar Is worth
no hundred cents.
G. Tho Mexican silver dollar Is worth
C4 conta.
G. It takes two Mexican dollars to
purchaso ns much farm or other prod
ucta ns can bo bought for ono Ameri
can allvcr dollar.
7. Tho fanners nnd producers of
Mexlso got nothing for their products
Are you going to Mexlcanlzo Amor!
can labor by voting for Bryan and
8. American paper money Is now nc
copted In Englaud because tho English
know that they can pay It back to
-Americano for American products Im
ported into England,
9. England accepts only ono kind of
American money and that Is gold. Wo
muct maintain tho system that will be
receivable In England in payment for
Importations from that country.
10. Tho WUdou bill importations
from England are ruining American In
dustries. Wo do not wnnt English
made goods.
11. Amorlcan laborers aro getting
tfl.50 n day.
12. Thero aro sixteen men to every
ono job given out all over tho country.
13. Mexico Is enjoying an era of un
precedented prosperity (this slipped in
a dispatch from the City of Moxlco, In
rcforanco to tho recent election.)
14. Wages In the 'United States are
ciiBtalncd by trade unions.
15. If silver la rcmonctlzcd the pay
of labor will bo tho last to rlso to meet
the now condition of high prices.
(Editor Kohlsaat knows In hlB heart
tlmt Inbor will bo tho first to reap the
benefits or Jilgh prices. Organized lab
or Is tho foundation of society. Until
Jt makes a move nil other things re
main In abeyance. It is only unor
ganized labor (a small quota) that will
"bo effected by a sudden rlso of prices,
and then only slightly).
1G. Laborer la densely ignorant.
17. Labor is too intelligent nnd too
Sionest to accept two dollars for one
dollar's worth of work. Labor is for
sound money.
'18. Printers aro earning from $3 to
"45 a day. Thoy do not want tlio pur
cjiaslng power of their wages cut In
two, as would bo tho case under freo
allvcr coluago. Answer:
Yes, printers arc getting from ?3 to
$5 a day thanks to the International
Typographical Union, tho strongest
labor organization in tho world. The
union raises and lowers its scale of
wages to suit new conditions. Double
tho circulation of the currency nnd
thero would eooi bo a rlso in the print
ers' wago scale. If tho resumption of
free silver coinage could in any way
liarm tho International Typographical
Union or any other union, the Tlmes-
!Herald would bo preaching freo silver
just ns energetically as It Is now ad
vocating gold monometallism.
19. All the somlclvlllzed countries In
the world nro on a silver basis.
'20. Semlclvlllzcd Turkey should be
xvlped off tho map. (Turkey Is a gold
tnndard country.)
21. Egypt Is to-day a ruined country,
iAJi its wealth Is In tho hands of tho
few. It will never revlvo. (Envnt la a
old standard country.)
22. Five thousand Christians mur
dered at Crete. (By the soldiers sus
tained by tho gold standard of the
.Barbarous Ottoman Empire).
23. Russia has now bean on a silver
"basis for one huudrod years.
24. Russia only emerged from bar
barism 100 years ago.
25. It cannot be denied that the pow
er of England has been on tho wane
lor 100 years. Slowly but surely the
star of Empire Is traveling toward the
26. England adoptod the, gold stand
arrd 100 yoars ago.
27. Under free coinage policy holders
in llfo insurance companies would be
paid oft In fifty cent dollars."
28. President Greene of tho Life
Insurance Co., Is against free coinage,
because it would compel him to pay
lila policies In fifty cont dollars. This
i& a daisy, Does any ono suppose that
President Greene would be for a gold
astandard if ho thought that free silver
would reduce his debts by one-half?
REMARK The wage-oaruers and
producers can est for themselves.
Papers llko tho Times-Herald are doing
:reat service for free silver. Not hav
ing truth on Us side It garbles matters
in such a way that It makes the docop
tloQ plain to tho average reader, The
-wageearner known full well that or-
ganlzcd money capitalists aro not on
his. sldo In this struggle. Their inter
ests are opposed now as thoy over have
been and porhnps will bo for centuries
to come, Capital wnntB labor to pro
duco as cheaply ns possible. This labor
knows. Ae one republican paper puts
It, "If wo cannot quote labor as In favor
of maintaining tho present gold stand
ard wo ought not quoto capital; It does
more harm than good." Let us get off
this financial Isnuo onto the tariff. Pro
tection Is the campaign cry.
But thp democratic platform does not
oppose protection.
Tho populist platform does not oppose
Tho silver platform does not oppose
At tho Same time tho three, platforms
declare for freo silver.
Tho republican platform declares
against free silver.
The party papers must not rcccdo
from tho issue. They must fight us
along financial lines, It's a hopoless
fight of course and to tell the truth it
is pitiful to seo tho once great Republi
can party going down to defeat with
Wall street. EX-REPUBLICAN.
Beforo tho Democratic conventionof 1892 tho Atlanta Constitution ac
tively supported David B. Hill's candidacy for the Democratic nomination
for the Presidency. But Cleveland was nominated, and thereupon Clark How
ell, managing editor of the Constitution, in his capacity as member of the
Democratic National Commltteo from Georgia, and nlso acting for tho Con
stitution, wrote Mr. Cleveland, giving tho assurance that, yielding to tho ex
pressed will of tho majority of tho party, tho Constitution would support him
for election as loyally and zealously as it had heretofore opposed his nomina
tion. To this letter Mr. Cleveland replied In a letter which, as an essay on
tho "principles of party organization," so thoroughly fits the situation to-day
that It Is reproduced from tho Constitution, with the hope that It may again be
of Eorvlce to the Domocracy In pointing out tho path of party duty. Tho let
ter follows:
GRAY GABLES, BUZZARD'S BAY, Mass., July 16. 1SD2. Clark Howell,
Esq.: My Dear Sir The receipt of your recent letter has gratified mo ex
ceedingly. It has a tone of true Democracy about It, and is porvadeil with
tho sort of Democratic frankness which is very pleasing.
is what you so admirably express as an ACCEPTANCE OF THE ARBITRA
MENT OF THE NATIONAL CONVENTION, On tho other hand it is oa ful
ly the duty of ono opposed to shut his mind and heart to any feeling of Irrita
tion or resentment that might bo allowed to grow out of opposition based upon
fiuenco of the Constitution will bo deeslro for party sucess.
I am not surprised, though I am gratified, by the announcement that from
this tlmo to tho closo of tho campaign your own service and tho lnvnluablo In
fluence of tho Constitution will bo do-voted to tho fight for Democratic suc
cess. It honestly seems to mo that Democrats who are not at this time LOYAL
Personal advancement of man is nothing; the triumph of tho principles
wo advocato la everything.
Hoping that wo may congratulate each other on a glorious result in No
vember, I am, yours clncoroly, " GROVER, CLEVELAND.
Tho Mexican Dollnr.
Lewlstown News: Tho Mexican dol
lar containing a little more bullion
than our sliver dollar is worth but fifty-seven
cents in the United States
money. Some shallow patcd individ
uals deem this positive proof that the
freo coinage of silver by tho United
States would bo disastrous. Measured
by our 200-cont gold dollar our silver
dollar Is worth but 53 cents. Tho Mex
ican dollar 1b worth more than our sil
ver dollar. It Is not a flat dollar; it is
not a dishonest dollar. It only passes
current with us for what It Is actually
worth. It 1b not redeemable In gold,
but it is retieemaoio in useir. it is not
by the greenback process convertible
Into gold. It does not drain our treas
ury of the rosorve. It does not make
necessary tho Issuing of bonds. It is
an Ideal silver dollar. The freo coin
age of such dollars would be a blessed
thing for this country. Thimbls
bralncd demagogues will not scare
many peoplo by threatening to "Mcxl
cauize our currency."
Kz-Gov. l'eck for Silver.
Secretary Noel of tho democratic
stato central committee, of Milwaukee,
announces that cx-Gov. Peck Is now
for silver and will do all In his power
to secure the election of tho Bryan
electors in that stato. Mr. Noel says
that the ex-governor, who Is now away
on a short trip, told him to tell ovory
one who asked where he stood that ho
was "all right," and would respect the
will of the majority. Tho secrotary Is
qulto enthusiastic, and says that Chair
man Peck is now for silver, having
looked into tho matter and found tho
fallacies of tho gold men. He declares
that aftor a carerul Inquiry through
the state ho Is certain that tho sllvor
sentiment Is strong in Wisconsin, and
that it Is growing steadily. Associated
Teller (in n Hollar.
Henry M. Toller, In coming out solid
ly for Bryan and Sewnll, has proved
hiniBolf tho ideal bolter of this era of
bolts. Mr. Teller takes with him a
choice bunch, of mavericks ready to
offer their senatorial and congressional
Hanks to the branding Irons of democ
racy. Senator Teller and his confreres aro
tho only men so far developed in cither
of tho three parties or innumerable
sub-parties who have demonstrated
that they possess courage as well as
conviction. So far ns can be observed
tho other bolters have talked, threaten
ed, cajoled, Implored, demanded and de
fied, nnd then have calmly submitted
to their party collar with occasional
weak oplutterlngs of disgust. Not so
with Senator Teller. He neither
threatened nor expostulated, after ho
found the sentiment of tho St. Louis
convention against him. Ho shook
hands with the chairman, told the dele
gates ho "had been republican for
thirty-five years, but could not Bwallow
gold," and then left tho platform and
tho hall.
Once outside of 1i!b party ho has not
sought to gain control of It by forming
a new branch or by holding another
convention. He has simply accepted
the logic of tho situation, and, being in
earnest, has adopted tho surest method
of defeating that which he could not
support. Right or wrong on tho in
trinsic merits of the case. Senator
Teller has demonstrated the way In
which bolters from either sido of the
question should go. Ho believes free
silver is right, nnd is doing all in his
powor to defeat gold. Tho St. Louts
boltors are not straddling or attempt
ing to beg tho question, and their
courso cannot but commend itself to
fair-minded men for honesty of pur-
pose, sincerity ami courage. unicago
Lincoln'. Prophetic Word.
Springfield Monitor: No man over
predicted the present state of things eo
clearly, nor prophetically call attention
to a great wrong, than Hid Abraham
Lincoln at tho close of tho war. Said
he: "As a result of the war corpora
tions havo been enthroned and an era
of corruption will follow. Tho money
power of the country will endeavor to
prolong its reign by playing on the pre
judices of the people until all wealth Is
concentrated In a row hands nnd tho
ropubllc destroyed. Before God, I
fear move for Iho safety of ray country
now than when It was In the midst of
war." Were ever words pictured by
mortal man that pictured tho present
condition of the country better than
these words from Mr. Lincoln? Will
you not heed tho man who could seo
In what danger tnis country is in irr.ra
the condition of things be warned us
She mow to the game) What Is tho
umpire for? Ho (a rooter) To show
that there Is no pleasure without Us
alloy. Philadelphia North American,
How the Mnrk Ilunna 8100,000,000
Trait I Fighting Froo Sliver.
Hrnry C. Vw H.nirocl.
Wall Street Organ: If tho labor shys-
ters think they can force Payne off tho
ticket Just because ho opposed tho
street car anarchists of Milwaukeo in
their strike, they arc sadly mistaken.
This is a business man's campaign. Tho
ohysters' men soon find out whero they
aro at.
Now York World: This state lsalivo
with tho silver "heresy." Labor is al
most unanimous for cheaper dollar?
(dearer labor).
Only Ono Hunker for U.
New York Times: W. P. St. John la
tho only banker of tho east who has
seen fit to Join in the cry for freo sil
ver coinage.
I.ojrnl to tlio ltrltltll SyntfMii.
Detroit Free Press (Boltacratic): Wf
cannot support tho democratic ticket
(Tho Free Press has an edition printed
in England. Its staff and owners are
pro British in their Ideas as well nj
their convictions.)
The iloiirnnt of Civilization.
Harper's Weekly (always antl-Amorl-can:
Wo can swallow McKlnley and
protection rather than accept a finan
cial system that would reduce tho pur
chasing power of the money duo th?
creditor class (meaning England).
SoiiB of Sllvor.
By James B. Goode.
Tell us not In mournful numbers,
life Is but an idle dream; for we ceo
that wealth controls us and we are
not what we seem. Rights, that
once our statutes gave us, now no
longer can wc claim; for the Shylock
buys conventions and the candidates
doth name. What aro wo that wo
should grumble, o'er the platform that
ho writes; 'tis tho task of common peo
ple, to believe what he Indites. Cringe,
ye slaves, for Wall street Shylocks have
the g. o. p. In hand; you must vote for
Bill McKlnley and for gold, alono,
must stand,
Ah, but listen to tho murmur, of tho
thunder o'er tho plains; as tho peoplo
rlso in anger, to protest against such
claims. "Down with tyrant gold,"
they're shouting, "out upon those blat
ant knaves; wo are freemen and, by
thunder, none can sell us out as slaves.
Wo'ro for silver and for freedom and
our clans are brave and true; wo can
beat that Bill McKlnley and his Wall
street masters, too." Silver! Silver!
shouts tho chorus, from tho hill-tops
far away, while tho millions In the
valleys, Blng Its pralsco every day.
Silver will Increase our wages, it
will give us work each day; for 'twill
thwart the mighty Shylock and will
take his power away. Rising prices
for our products, business for our Idle
mon; all will como to bless the nation,
when silver's money once again.
Plenty will return to milliona and pros
porlty will reign, in tho home of every
workmnn. when silvor's money once
again. When tho ides of next Novem
ber, give to vs the chance to win, you
can bet your bottom dollnr, silver will
bo money ihen.
I Statement from Vlco-1'rnldont Nominee.
Shortly after his nomination' Arthur
Sovall dictated the following state
ment to a reporter:
"I am moro surprised than any one
olso nt my nomination. A few of my
frientla Intended to give me a voto of
a few states as a compliment and I was
satisfied with that. I hoartlly Indorse
the candidate for president. But tho
great Usue Is that of freo sllvor. It 13 a
relief that the country domandB. The
democratic party is tho-one to give It
to tho people. I am heartily in accord
with the platform. My wholo life ana
soul are In tho freo silver movement.
1 am an intense allvcr man and I want
to see the legislation of 1S73 repoalod."
A Nw
Kind That Has Become
lemla In l'arls.
A strange epidemic of mumps has
broken out In certain quarters of Parla. '
Thlu annoying malady, which aa a rulo
attacks only children, has in tho pros- j
ent Instance- attacked only grown per-
11 ... 1.-1 ii..i i
uuna, luuiuuy guuiuwuui, uiysiuymg
the Paris physicians, who aro unable
to account for tho present curious epl
domlc. According to Dr. Charles Lc
roux, one of tho most prominent phy
sicians of the French capital, patients
suffering from mumps should bo treat
ed very carefully. "While their HveB
may bo in no danger," ho says, "tho
discaso may affect certain important
organs of tho body, the consequences
of which may bo serious. Mumps nro
very contagious. A patient will catch
the diseaBO after spending only a few
hours with somo ono who has tho
mumps, aye, oven though the disease bo
still in a state of incubation. The
period of incubation varies from eight
to twenty-flvo days, so that a person
who has come into contact with a
mumps patient, and finds after twenty-flvo
days that he Is in his normal
stato of health, may safely conclude
that ho has not caught tho disease.
Another Interesting fact Is that those
who have had mumps In their child
hood will not catch tho disease again.
I have never heard of an exception to
this rulo. It seems also to bo an un
disputed fact that mumps como In tho
form of regular epidemics. Wo do
not yot know definitely how contagion
Is brought about in this case, but thero
is llttlo doubt that It Is the work of
a special microbe. Tho fact that the
disease la contagious and epidemic
seems to prove this. Physicians are
searching for this microbe, and It will
certainly bo found In tho near future.
Already certain specialist?, notably
Drs. Capltan, Charrln, Bouchard and
Olllvier, have found in the saliva of
persons attacked with mumps germs or
small microbes of a fixed shape, tho
nrcciso naturo of which has not vot
. Aniarm,ni,v Thn mn1n.lv la nf la
w . .. aovnniU ,,,, ln ,,
.. , , ... ', ,
thon recovery begins, so that within
a few days tho patient Is entirely cured.
As a rule, thero Is no danger, provided
tho patient receives good care, avoids
chills and is in a good stato of health.
At tho samo time, tho utmost precau
tions are necessary, no matter how
mild tho malady may be. First of all,
tho patient should bo Isolated, by which
I do not mean that he should bo placed
alono In a room whero all the other
mombers of a family can visit him,
for thus tho contagion would spread
rapidly. What I do mean Is that not
only should he be isolated, but also
that thoso who nurso him should keep
themselves isolated. If they cannot
remain all tho time In the sick man's
chamber they should wash their faces
and hands and chango their clothing
beforo they leave it"
Reatnnrnnt Unlit of I'npor.
An eating house mado of paper has
been erected in tho port of Hamburg.
Its walls are composed of a double lay
er of paper stretched on frames and
Impregnated with a fire an.d water
proof solution. A thin, wooden parti
tions affords further protection against
the Inclemency of the weather. Tho
roofs and walls aro fastened togother
by means of bolts and hinges, co that
tho entlro structuro may bo rapidly
taken to pieces and put up again. Tho
dining room Itself measures thirty by
six meters, and is capablo of accom
modating 150 persons. Thero aro
twenty-two windows and four sky
lights, and tho heating is affected by a
couplo of isolated stoves. A eido erec
tion contains tho manager's offices,
kitchen, larder, and dwelling rooms.
Tho total cost of tho construction is
said to havo amounted to 1.500 marks.
The aim of civilization Is to unify
tho race, and tho moat potent factor in
civilization has been religion. Jew,
Christian, and Mohammedan agree
that thero is one everlasting and truo
God, worthy of worship, whose laws
wo disobey at our peril. Rev. J. T.
Tho devil is very wicked, false and
untrue. Tho extent of his power and
knowledge is not known. Ho Is a per
sonality. Ho cannot be conceived as an
abstract Influence. He goc3 to church
and thrusts himself upon tho company
of the saints. Rev. I. F. King, Meth
The National Brotherhood of Book
binders has a membership of D.500.
American Flint Glass Workers' union
will start factories and build homes.
Chicago trades unionists aro agitat
ing for three-cent car fare night and
Tho American Federation has In
dorsed the label of the Amalgamated
Eugene V. Dobs says: "The time for
great strikes Is past; there will be uo
moro of them."
Tho canvassers and agnnts now have
twenty-one unions In Ohio, with a total
membership of 16,000.
A. G. Wines, secretary-treasurer of
tho International Typographical union,
is undergoing a severe Hlnes3.
Tho carpenters of all Now England
havo given employers notice that they
will Inaugurate the eight-hour day ou
May 1 ryixt.
Tho engineers of Aberdeen, Scot
land, have gained their strike for an
advance of ono shilling a day, iCl U
will be paid thorn.
What to Uo Willi Hnrd-llallrcl EC?.
A man sent his daughter to buy four
. eggs, fcsho bought them and ho put
them in a sauce pan to boll, saying to
1 his wife:
"Just look at those cpgs, will you
nnd take them out when they are
Uo went tuvny and caino back In half
on hour. Finding the egs still boil
ing, ho cooly took them off, put them
cold water, dried them and said to hia
"Take thoso ptrgs back and say you
wanted ducks' vggs, nnd if they hvo
no ducks' eggs, briny tho money
A tToiirfiTful l'l'oiioinenon.
Tho man wlio sliotiM pans through life
without t'.xjierlonclne twliico of Indigestion,
might bo litly recorded us u wonderful phe
nomenon. io doubt If such a privileged
mortal hai ever oxlsted. It i-o, wo h&v
novor scon lilm. Hut thousands aro known
to be dally relieved of dyspopvla by llostet
tor's Stomach Hitters, tlio popular remedy
for that truly nutlonul complaint, as noil aa
for fever and nci.e. debility, constipation,
rhoumutlsm and kidney troubles.
What n llrokcn Chain Did.
A broken bicyclo chain stopped the
operation of un entire street railway
system in Chicago recently. Tho chain
parted and foil from a wheel with one
end in tho slot of nn underground trol
ley line. Ono end of tho chain touched
tho trolloy wire, and tho other re
mained outside, forming a short cir
cuit. All tho cars suddenly refused to
work. Tho troublo was finally dis
covered by a track-walker, who saw a
bluo flame where tho chain and track
wero crossed. When the chain was
removed tho operation of tho cars vrti
resumed. exchange.
Two bottles of Plso's Cure for Consump
tion cared me of a bad lunc trouble. Mrs.
J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind. March 20, 1895,
A Census Expedience.
In tho recent census of the county of
London, tho occupier of a tenement
handed hack a blank paper to tho col
lector with a confused statement that
it did not apply to her. "And whor
do you livo then?" asked the bemud
dled enumerator, after a long struggle
to diBontanglo witness. "Where do I
live? W'y, w'ero should I live but In
my own 'omo?" "Woll, where is your
homo?" "This is my 'onto, of course
it is." "Hut you just now said that
you did not sleep hero Inst night." "No
moro did L I never slept a minute all
night long, and my 'usband '11 tell '
tho samo." Household Words.
II nil's Catarrh Cure
Ib a constitutional cure. Price, 75c
Many of the horse shoes used in Austra
lia are made of cowhide.
Man Is name of honor for a king. Chap
man. Tour nerves upon rich, red blood and yon win
not bo nervous. Blood Is mado rich and pure by
The One True Blood rurtller. All druggists. 9U
Hood's Pills nro always reliable. 23 cents.
Why pay the same
price for tho Inferior " just
as good " when you
can get
by asking and Insisting?
If your dealer WILL NOT
supply you wo will.
Samples shemns labels and iratirials mailed fret.
'Homo Dressmaking Made Easy," a new 72 Pag
look by Miss Emma M. Hooper, of the Ladles' Home
bookby Miss Emm
Journal, tells In pla
home without prevli
aln words how lo make dresses a
previous training; mailed for 25c.
S. H. & M. Co., P. O. Box 699. N. Y. City.
Omaha Business
Cohere. Fall Term Sent. 1.
Board (or three hour's worlc
Catalogue sad tpeclmr.uflree
3Totr Subis, Indlnnu.
Fall Csartrt in Glutei, Lrtun, 8tet, Lav, ttrtl, St
tftultil ami Htttrical LacUtfrlir. Ikorongh IViraUi7
a Ciirtlil Cvirwi, llnai frtr to all atudents who
car oompltUJ Uicntudleiequtredforemlslnlnto
th Junior or Senior Year, or any of tho ColUclata
Count. A. limited Dumber ot 0mlldat (or to
tcoliilMtlcal Ut wUl b received at apeclal ntta.
tU Mwirt'i tun, lor bora nuder is jeara la unlqua la
caaplaunan ttlta cqulpni'ota Th lt(th Tina ulll
tpa Siptk,r t, 1U'. C.t.l.inr. ,cnt Vnt on applU
cttUtn to Ttrtr iut. 1. noiiKisiicr, c s. c, rmuui,
Tho best fruit section In the West. No
droutha A failure ol cropj novcr known.
Mild ollmate. Productive soil. Abundance of
good pure water.
For Maps and Circulars string full descrip
tion of the Rich Mineral, Fruit and Acrlcultu
rml Lands In houth Went Missouri, write to
JOHN M. 1'UlUlY. Manaitorof tho Mlsvourl
Land and Live Stock Company, Ncoaho, New
ton Co., Missouri.
vranttncu crrjrliere to 8 ELI.
STARK TRFFS",""rt:i:
A ffXy F "aUoluUlyliesfSuperbontflta,
ll S H BV nowajatem. srjtltKUUOTllErtS,
" -r " LOVUIIXA, 110., ltOCJEl-OBT, Hi.
"ensions.'patents. claims.
Lata Principal Hzamlncr U. 8. tcuilon Sanaa.
S jra. la lait wax, U adjudicating clauaa, att, alata.
"Wator Tctnlcs
Wood or hiffl, nr size, all
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