Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, August 21, 1896, Image 1

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VOL. 2.
NO' 26
i il f S
.Rousing Speeches by Hon.
R. C. Noleman and
Judge Greene.
Hon. W. L. Green, of Kearney,
the candidate of the People's
Indopondent party for congress
in this district, spoke to tho
people of Homingford and vi
cinity at tho court house Thurs
day afternoon. Tho hall had
been provided with extra seats
to accommodate the large crowd
which it was known was sure to
come to hear Mr. Greene but
soon after tho arrival of tho
.speaker the seats were all filled
and many were compelled to
stand in tho aisles and around the
door. Tho meeting was opened
with prayer by Rev. Wornom
which was followed by addresses
from J. M. Elingsworth of
Gothenburg and Mr. Mathow of
Loup City. Mr. Green then took
the floor and spoke for .over two
hours. He took up in detail all
the gold bug arguments and
showed the fallacy of each to the
entire satisfaction of tho whole
audience. It is safe to say that
nine tenths of tho voters who
heard Mr, Greene speak will
support him in the coming elec
tion. On petition of ono hundred and
forty voters of Hemingford, and
vicinity a meeting was t called ut
the court house last Saturday for
the purpose of organizing a Bryan
club. When tho time arrived for
the commencement of business the
hall was well filled and G. Mahon
oy, and old-time democrat uud an
ardent advocate of tho free coinage
of silver and supporter of W. J.
Bryan for President, was chosen
R. C. Noleman, of Alliauco, a
life long" republican was then pre
sented as the speaker of tho day.
Mr. Noleman hold the attontion of
tho audience during tho whole of
his address, which lasted for an
houi and twenty minutes. He
made a strong argument in favor
of tho financial policy advocated
by the democrats and populists
which appealed earnestly to all
good citizens who believe in the
advancement of tho interests of tho
farmers and laborers to vote and
work for the election of W.J.
Mr. G M. Sullivan was then
called for and responded by a
short speech which was enthusias
tically received.
A Bryan club wtj then organ
ized consisting of 140 voters of
Homingford and vicinity. Anton
Uhrig was elected president of tho
club, Sam Switzer, secretary; J.
M. Trout, vice-president and 0.
A. Burlaw, EH Gerber and Clark
Olds wore chosen as an executive
Judge Hamor was approached
by a Herald reporter yesterday
and asked for his views on tho
financial issue. Ho says:
"I am favorable to silver, as I
think a great many republicans
are, but J have not loft tho re
publican party but expect to re
main in it and continue the silver
light; while I am not insisting
on tho ratio of 10 to 1, I do not
anticipate any great danger from
it. Silver is ono of the resources
of tho country and wo should not
cut it off."
The Judgohas advocated silver
in his speeches throughout tho
state for .sovoral years past but
ho is not devoting much time to
politics as ho is a hardworking
lawyer and has a very largo
practice which demands all of
his attontion. However, the
Judgo has a large number of
friends in this county who aro
glad to know that ho is in touch
Willi the common people.
C. J. "Wildy was a Orawfoid
Visitor Tuesday.
Clydo Earnest is visiting his
parents this weok.
Prank Martin was a county seat
visitor Monday and Tuesday.
Asido from politics, this has
been an unusually quito weok.
Mrs B. F. Gilinan returned
from trip in the Hills Saturday.
Miss Jessio Sweenoy returned
Tuesday from Lakeside where
sho visited friends.
Miss Iola Devore, of Burbank,
was visiting Homingford friends
tho first of the week.
Messrs. Olds, Fenner, Spacht
and Iodenco attended tho con
vention at Crawford Wednesday.
Cliff Abloy came down from
Deadwood Sunday and will spend
a couple of weeks visiting
Thos. Killeen and wifo havo
returned from a week's outing at
Buffalo Gap and other points in
tho Hill.
Mrs. Ralph Jackson arrived
from Omaha Monday and is
visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Foskot.
A. M . Miller went Omaha last
night with two cars of cattlo
which he purchased of A. Mc
Ginloy. A marriage license was issued
by Judge Howett this week to
Frank Smith and Lizzio M.
Burke, both of Burbank.
C. Mahoney and P. H. Dillon
were among the Box Butto pre
cinct farmers who attended the
Bryan meeting last Saturday.
There will bo a union temper
ance meeting at tho Methodist
church Sunday evening at eight
o'clock. Spociul music and inter
esting recitations etc. All are in
vited. While the repairs aro being
made on tho Congregational church
tho preaching services will be held
in the Methodist church beginning
next Sunday morning at eleven
J. 0. Dahlman and J. G. Ma
her, of Chadron, Judge Hamer
and Chas. Scott, of Kearney,
and J. M. Ellingsworth, of
Gothenburg, spent yesterday in
this city.
C. Snow, a former principal of
our schools, who has been attend
ing tho state university for the
past two years, was shaking
hands with friends in this city
Tho social which was to havo
been given this Friday evening by
tho young ladies of tho Congre
gational church has boon postpond
until Friday Aug. 28th at tho homo
of Mrs. Gilman. A uuiquo pro
gram. Refreshments, ioo cream
etc. Everybody welcome.
Among those from Alliance
who attended the Bryan rally
Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. F.
Leslie, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Miller,
Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Rev Sham
baugh, F. H. Smith, A. ' S. Reed,
G. M. Sullivan, E. D. Payne, M.
L. Miller, Guy Goff, Jim Hixon,
M. Jodcr, Al Soiffert and J. S.
Tho Alliance Guide seems to
take pleasuro in roasting R. C.
Noleman for desorting tho gold
bug camp and declaring for sil
ver. Wo venturo that Mr. Nole
man is not losing very much sleep
over his "roast" but ho will cer
tainly (?) bo "pulled under" by
a few, who, in the language of
Judgo Green, "would voto for
tho devil if ho had a republican
label stamped on him." Bro.
Paradis, this year jt is principle
not party.
Sept. 1st and 2nd tho
will soil round trip tickots
Homingford to Omaha
For $5,50
This includes ono admis
sion to tho Fair.
Roturn limit Sopt. 5th.
Tho Sunday school of tho Con
gregational church will meet next
Sunday at the usual hour at the
homo of Mr. Sherwood,
Examination for pupils certifi
cates will bo held at tho court
house in Homingford, Saturday
Aug. 29th and in tho Alliauco
Highs school building Saturday,
Sopt. 5th. All pupils who wish
to attend tho high Bchools bo to at
tend these examinations.
Co. Supt.
Berea Sorapinfja.
Miss Lelia Johnson, of Lincoln,
is visiting at homo this weok.
Yo scribo was to Alliance tho
first of tho weok. Evorybody is
busy talking politics down thoro.
Martin Logan has gono down to
O'Neill after his family by team.
Thoy havo been visiting at that
place all summer.
Elmer, Alice, and Mamie Vaughn
Galena aud Gertie Curtis, Rollin
and Mary E berry, Ludwig and
Eda Mastrud and Marshall John
son made u trip down to tho sand
hills last week. They report a
good time.
According to Dr. Bowman's ad
vice, Oscar Mastrud will have to
bo sent to a hospital to bo treated
for dropsy ns the doctor did not
have convenience as to nursing
him after operation. Mrs. Mas
trud wil take him down this week
to "Bishop Ularkson's Hospital,
Omaha. It is to bo hoped that
they will effect a speedy and per
manent cure.
Miss Kent teaches the Manion
Clayton Worloy is working at
G. M. Banks will teach tho Box
Butto school.
Rev. G. M. Gammon preaches
at Claries chapel Aug. 30.
There will bo an ice cream social
at Mr. Heath's Friday Aug, 21.
James Hughes and family re
turned from Indian Territory last
Wm. Hall returned from Iowa
Saturday. He reports hiB mother
some bettor.
The Nebraska State Fair.
The best State Fair in tho
West, Best reached by tho
best railroad in tho West tho
Tickots and information
about low rates and special
trainsto Omaha on applica
tion to any B. & M. R. R. R.
That a Woman's
Heart Can Desire
to be Found in
my Stock cf
Call and see the immense variety
of Dry Goods, Ladies and
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Shoes, Notions,
Brand New and QHEAP.
Taken up by tho undersigned on
my premises sovon milcB south
west of Homingford, on May 15th,
18flG. Ono black horse, 0 years
old, woight about 1)00 lbs ; no
brands. JoiiK Lumon.
Taken up on Jan. 15, 1890, by
the undersigned on my promises 7
miles southwest of Hotningfoid:
Ono dark iron-groy horse colt two
years old; ono black colt, white
face, 2 years old; one buckskin
yearling colt. No brands.
John Lemon.
Bids will bo received by Dist.
No. 81, until Sopt. 10, 1890, for
building a sod school houso 21x10
iusido, walls to bo Oft high; all
material to bo furnished by tho
district. For further particulars
apply to oflicors of tho hoard.
Matt Rahmubsen, Director.
Don't make tho mistake of
thinking you can't afford to attend
tho '90 State Fair.
Tho truth is' you can't afford to
stay away.
It makes no difforonco what
your business is, your knowledge
of it, your interest in it, will bo
increased by what you boo in
Omaha, Aug. 27 - Sopt. 5.
And tho low rates and special
train service offered by tho
makes the mattor of reaching'
Omaha a very cheap and easy
Ordinanoo " 2Sfo. 33.
An ordinance lovyinR tuxoa for the
year 1890 and making annual iinpiop
riations for said year, entitled "Tbo
Annual Appropriation Hill."
Bo it ordained by tho chairman
and board of trustees of the village
of llcmingford, Nebraska:
j ftcctlon 1. That there bo and
Hereby is levied upon nil the taxable"
property of tho village of llcming
ford, Nebraska, for the year 18l)(i. a
tax of ten mills on each dollar valu
ation thereof, as shown by the assess
ment rolls of said village for the year
1890. to dofray the Rcnnral and Inci
dental expenses of said village for
said year.
Section 2. That tboro be and here
by Is levied against each male inhab
itant of said village, between tho ages
of lil and 50 years, except paupers,
lunatics, idiots and U. S. pensioners,
for tho year 1800, a poll tax of three
dollars each.
Section 8. That for the year 1800,
there be mid hereby Is appropriated
out of the levenues derived from tho
tuxes hereby levied, to defray tho
geneial and incidental expenses of
said village for the present fiscal year
tho several amounts for the specific
objects muned herein as follows:
For salary ot vtllaso attorney 60 00
" " " clerk MOO
" " " overhoor of streets.. 25 00
" " " treasurer 1000
" printing 2000
" Btnttonery , ! on
" Incidental oxponecs SOOO
Total 21500
Section 4, That this ordinance
take effect and be in force from and
after its passage and publication ac
cording to law.
Passed and approved July 21, 1890.
Samuel Switzku,
Chairman Board of Trustees of the
Village of llcmingford. Nebraska.
Attest: V M. Iouhnck,
(Seal.) Village Clerk.
Notice to Non-resident Defendant.
In the district court of Hoi llutto county.
William it. Abbey, plaintiff
Annio I. Fanninu, W. H. Panning and W. J.
Ilowdou, defendants.
The above named defendant W. J. Ilowden,
will take notico that on tlio Uth day of Altitun
1RW. William It, Abbey plaintiff herein filed his
IetiUou In the district court of liox HutU)
county against tho above named defendant, the
object and prajerot which aro to foreclose a
certain niortgago execafd by the dofemlant
Annie I Fanning to the American Investment
company upon Uie southeast quarter of section
1 in township?? north, ranuu 18 went of the
sixth principal meridian in liox llutto connty
Nebraska, to sccuro tho payment of one certain
promissory uoto for tho tun of H00.00, dated
aiarcn Mil leav, ami uuo anu
paabln Dec. lid
lh'Jl with intxretit thereon mi
and on which time of pa) mint wax afterwards
amo semiannually
iixtenueii nvo jearn irom maturity thereof.
Bald note and nioit'aso contains the condition
that If any interest outsold nolo la not paid
within twenty dura after tho ann liecomex due,
then the iirinolnal shall lmmM.lmti.lv Inmnu
dneandpajablo at tho option of the holder
thcroot. Said nolo and mortgage was lforo
the mmo became due for a valuable considera
tion duly assigned to the plalntilf who is now
tho holder and owner thereof.
All of tho interest which becamodno on said
principal uoto on tho hrnt day of Dee. Iy5. and
flnce that timo still remains uniaid and tho
plaintiff elects to ddolaro thn principal and in
terest thro on duo and iayable at onco. And
theieln nowduo tho plaiutitrouKtid note and
mortgage tho sum of feiou.uu, with Interest thoro
on from the 1st day of June 1NO, at ten per wnt
jior annum. IMaintllf prays for a deoreo that
thodefendontti horetiuircd U ay tho hams or
thm said premltMH may l)o sold to satisfy the
amount found du.
You ar required to answer said petition on
or lieforu Hie Hth day of Beptembar 1833.
Dated Augmtfi, lSUrt.
., v c W1KUAM II. A1JI1BV, l'talntlff.
II) D. K, tjpACirr, hi. attorney. fp i-" tw:
Calvin J. Wildy
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Purest in the Market.
Office 1007 Jackson
The Knights of Alc-Sar-Ben
Parude, Omaha, Thursday
evening' Sept. 3rd.
What a crowd it will attract!
"What a royal spectacfo it will
bo !
Ask the local agent- of tho
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State Pair trains and low
Stato Fair rates t Omaha.
Is tha greatest newspaper teat J
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I i.W UUYOCUVU3 ' UUU ui-f T .
at the presont ratio of alxteon
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I Its news Borrico is the boat to
be obtained.
I Dally, $0.00 per year; 60 cents
por month. Wookly, $L00 per
Subscriptions for the
received at this office
irewihg tfonpny
Street, Qmaha, Nob.
Attorneys - at - Law,
Physician and Surgeon,
Office rooms and- residence in
Draver block, up stairs.
Special attention given to dis
eases of children .
New Short Lino to Holena, Butto
Spokane, Seattle and Tacoma.
O. X. &o "W. O. Tim Cared.
y.u.11, passntiKer urrlvoa tit 1:18 a, m.
" tifrelht 6.0OD.IU.
" I rulcht nrrivus nt .two a. in,
No, 41 pnssenRor arrives ut 4:13 a. m.
" frlcht li:v t.
" T frnleht arrives nt 3;sa p. ut
All trulnu curry p-issencera.
W. M. CoriXAKD, Agent
IlEMlNnroiiD postulhre. On week days door
opens at 7 a. m, general delivery opens at 8 a.
m. and olusos at b p. in. Open rjuudays 0 to
10 a, ut.
ilUMlNOKOiiu AND Box Bottk stage daily except
IliuiixaroKD and Dunlap ttago. Monday
Wednesday and Friday. r