Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, July 31, 1896, Image 8

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flrfte Hbrald.
I'ntilUlipd flvrry Kriilnr and Mitcml M llio
pooillce In llrmlrmfunl. Nr-lirsftka, it pommi-
sVrm iwxlt mUof. The liun.,nll!VOt!d to
j f hn Iutervt ot ItomliiRlonl nml piox ltutto
J county, i
triOS. J. O'KDCPn, Publisher.
sunsciurriox iutks:
Mill YKA11..C SJM
SIX MONJriIB...i "ft
ya rf i -. ... inn. i.i i. ii .
'.M. PiiKtrn &t Ork.
A, M. MitLf-n .... Tronmiror.
ftjAH. H. H. Hewitt ..Indtf.
jM. 1. Hwkknky Blioriff.
Jm i OlIiM-si Attorney.
YWihsA. K.Mij.Unu Bnjiorlntundpiit.
. UnAti. UnAW burTcyor,
itPn. W. K. Mli.LEtt Coroner,
,,iB. li. W. HoWKAN ,1'lijrnlclan.
wanes IlAlinY Commlnslonorlut Din..
$Jab lloi.r.iNUAKr. ....rinimlioncr3ntl Hist.
M, W. Du.voAK CommlnnltmorOrdDigt.
fr...,,, .,,.,-. I, , .1 M ... ,
?' DemocratjC Ticket,
For President, ' v
Ppr Vico Prosidont,
. SiNCl&tiio Chicago convention.
the IIeuald has rmuainod quiot,
preferring to wait until al froth
jtt&'JCoara had blown off,1 that wo
. night hotter he enabled to judge
of the quality pfniatoriul in tho
, nqtual, mako-up of tho situation.
There, has been a groat howl
from certain quarters of tho
United States over what has
"bejm termed "anarchy." Upon
a clos.e examination wo find that
.this complaint ominatos from
fi.ijh sources as are under direct
control of, or under obligations
to thoso men whoso homes and
busjijess interests are nominally
,JnyniOrica, yvhilQ their general
abiding places aro across tho
Water, drawn thero by relation
ship purchased with American
gpld at tho oxpenso of American
ojicl human .liberties. "Wo cannot
fail to remember that Mr. Clovo
jlalid was lirst olectcd president,
by reason of assaults mado by
th3 people upon this same
plutocracy whom Mr. Clovoiand
hirnsejf denounced at tho time as
ou'eoachments upon the liberties
-of tno country. Upon this same
Jina Jio flpmocraUa party march
edta second victory, and not
until tho shameful ''sell-out" on
thf ariff by a democratic con
g$s.f? two years ago -wore tho
pjfoplo enabled to realize how
pp.verless.tho party was to ac
cotylish any rafona of govern
ment, until fir&fc securing a re
lease from dominating influences,
to whom tho word Democracy is
jaufpjous to start with. If it is
"anarchy" for a party whoso
boast it has always boon to pro
tect people from tho encroaching
powers of those who boliovo that
ja piosideiit' shoul'd assume all
powers to himself, rogarding his
sjftjjal advisers as merely clerks
Up agistor his will, then' -wo are
willpig to confess pip: ignorance
of-tho word ''anarchy." If it is
'anarchy for a party to attempt
toJfreo a great government like
purs from suqh partnership in
(thcybiiulnng ftHsinpss as often
tjmesiplacJBS our government in
the position of a suppliant beg
gar at UQ !cot of tho world's
bankers; f ' then wo aro still
4gnorantof tho word "anarchy."
iVe aro not satisfied that tho
howl against free silver is so
inuch from fear of repudiation of
fixisting contracts, as it is
.through fear that certain men
whoso ptitriptism is guaged by
tho quantity of gold in sight,
jiavo, in losing their grasp upon
jtho government. Repudiation of
public debts is so clearly incon
sistent with thq protection
guaranteed by tho constitution,
jthat wo cannot believe any man
pv set of men have serious fears
Ahat any president or congress
that may be olocted would be so
mviso or ignorant as to attempt
to pass sucl laws.
j, yo remember that at tho con
yontion nominating Govornor
Boyd, Mr. Bryan in his speech
Supporting free silver, which
jwas incorporated in tho platform,
vas cheered to Tog echo by all of
he same men wiq aro now de
nouncing him as an "anarchist."
h ho was a democrat then, with
kl. m t i . i 1 1. re ) n i 7-.fi-rirf.i 'i . f . T J 1T "- " "" - fmHf..
1 no chnrjro at his po.silfon, why Is
ho not as goqd ft democrat now .'
Tho charge that ho Is young and
lilexporioncod in Blntosmahship
may gfo down with a foV old
fogies whoso ideas of tho world
aro embodied in a lot of old
musty books and form, but all
practical men aro awarothat Mr.
Bryan is u clenr hqaded, con
scientious, and honest man. pos
sessed of "ft practical mind; that
ho is absolutely freo from any
and all dominating influences
'whoso solo worship is money,
and with thoso qualities to s,tart
with, thero is no doubt but what
his cabinet and official advisor
will furnish all tho oxpnrienco
and statesmanship required, and
rather than- a government of
"anarchy" wo would have a
government in which tho highest
enjoyment of liberties and free
dom would obtain. Viowing tho
facts from these standpoints, and
bolioving indomocratic organiza
tion and principlos, wo refuse to
bo led a stray by falso crys of
"anarchy," and Uio'Herald will
accord to tho present domocratic
ticke, tho same faithful support
as it believes all democrats
should accord to their party's
choice in convention assembled.
A snoivr timi: before the meet
ing of the republican national con
vention, Ilarpor'B Weekly, in an
artiolo headed. "Tho Advance
Agent of Bankruptcy," mado the
bold statement that all tho ills of
tho country could bo attributed to
William McKinley while ho was
in congresH. it attempted to prove
by facts and figures that a3 a presi
dent, the country would become
hopojocsly bankrupt under Mc
Kinley? ' Now that Bryan has boon
nominated this snmo papor states
that all good citizens must put
party lines aside, and for tho hon
of tlio country elect Mr. MoKinloy.
This is rathor a refreshing situa
tion. Some people may ho enthus
ed by such proceedings, but we do
not boliovo that patriotism consist
alono in voting for Mi. McKinley,
and indeed if tho first article in the
Weekly is true, it would be pat
riotism to vote against him.
Politics in Wisconsin
-4 V
Wo reproduce tho following in
teresting letter from rtho pen
of John G. Mahcr, and pub
lished in the last issue of tho
Ohadron Signal-Recordor.
MirVAUKmj, Wis., .Inly 10, '00.---At
u mass convention here today, uutde
up almost exclusively of silver rcpub
icuns, delcgutes Avero elected fuvor
thj iiomhiuUou of Ihyiui by tho bi
meUllist at St. Lours on the 22nd.
In conversation with ono of tho lcad
ng populist of. Wisconsin, who re
sldo'r here, iio says that Hryuu nnd
Sewall will surly bo no in inn ted at St.
Louis and that tholr election is as
sured. Ilo claims that Wissonsin
will t'o GO.O00 for silver; that the
Germans are nearly all for the white
metal; that VUks ami Hrngg: by their
bolting the ticket, strengthened It,
and their views were corroborated by
tho editor of the Milwaukee Diily
News, who is a leading detnocrnt.
In Michigan tlio stiver sentiment
seems much stronger and pslrly Hues
aro absolutely obliterated, and the
bankers and corporations are array
ing themselves ou one Md; and the
producers and toiling musses on the
other. It is bound to come, much as
it Is to be deplored. It is to be the
sectional and from now on it will bu
the east against the west. Neatly all
the great dailies in Chicago, New
York and elsewhere are against Mry
:tn and liuve bolted tlio ticket. Way?
Ueeausu they mo controlled by tlio
moneyed men. John It. Welsh of
Chicngo, absolutely controls every
dally In Chicago except the Dally Ite
cord and Evening News. In New
York It Ik tho saim; ani tliuy are
obliged to do the bi jdlug of their
masters. Tho rank and file of the
pc p c, however, aro opposed to sur
rendering America to English money
changers. What distinguished dem
ocrats have bolted Ilryan? Perry Bel
mont who is he? He is a banker
woo lives In Loudon after making
his money America. William C.
Whitney Who is huf The man who
has a corner on tho coal oh of the
world and who has more interest In
England than he has in America, as
his daughter married a duke or a
lord. JameH Pulitzer, of the World;
the man whom the American people
so roundly denounced for tho mes
sage he sent ti Lord Salisbury dur
ing the recent trouble between tlih
country and Chill. Mr. Camogle,
tho great sieel manufacturer who re
sides in a custle in Scotland, built
wHlf A-mcricim domrflMr.-ihttat
who edits an English paper nnd lives
in London In a mllljoh dollar man
sion, says he Is commg to America
to fight tho'silvcr fanatics, lunatics
am! Ignoramuses. Theso arc only a
few' but show mc ono and I will bet
10 to i that he is more lutorbstod in
the welfare of England than America
I would like the opinion of tho men
who took up the musket and unsheth
cd the sword in defense of their
country that America rnjght bo free
and Independent of any nation on
the globo what they tlilnx of tho
arty of Llnoln which is asking tho
aid of a country that tried Its best to
disrupt tills nation, hi making the
laws that govern us? They surely
hayo not forgotten that memorable
year of 1800, when our martyred pres
ident, Lincoln, asked theso tnep for
for funds to carry on tho war. that
the money was refused. What did
Linc'dlu then? lie caused the Issu
ance of money by the government
and everyone took it. Of course' these
men who are more attached to Eng
land than to their native country
prefer gold for as long as silver is
demonetized gold will buy more for
them. All their interests arc with
England. What do they care about
tho farmers, miners, producing and
aboring classes of America? Are
they as much interested in tlio wel
fare of the people as the men who
framed tho Omaha and Chicago plat
form s?
I have made careful enquiries
amnr.g the larmcrs and laborers in
the portions of Wisconsin, Indiana,
Michigan and Illinois that I visited
and unless a great ciiange comes
over the people, these states will give
thnlr electoral votes to Bryan. In
my udgment, the nomination is tite
strongest that could have been made.
Nebaaskn people, regardless of party,
should fuel proud that Bryan Is a
resident of their state Sonic of the
rankest republicans I met admire
IiIb great oratorical powers. Some ol
the best critics in the country who
heard his speech say it was tno gral
est ever deljvored.
John G. Maiikk.
Final -Proof Notices
llo.v. J, W. Wsun, Jit., lk-cUter.
Ho. F. M. Duoome, llocoUor.
Purtirs litiviiiK notices in tliU column are ro
n m-Btod to rtd tho name carefully and report to
tills ullica for correction uuy i-rror that may
exist. TIiIh will provont possible delay in
makfmr proof.
Land Office at Alliance, Nob., July 11. 18ft).
Notice 1b hereby giun that tho following
named eettler ha tiled notleo of hs intention to
makuilual proof in mipport of his claim and
thatxald proof will lx mado before HokIuUt ur
ltocelrer tit Alliance, Neb., on August "J, 18W,
viz: JE.NNIE C. ItOUINBON, nooEnns.
of Uox Dutto. Neb., who mado ii. E. No. ICTO,
for tho h o 4 bw H, t p 28 n, re SI w.
Bho namcM the following witnecsos to prove
her continuous residence upon and, cultivation
of Bald laud, vli: HukU li. Jonen, of rinminir
ford, Neb., JesBie Harris, of Marsland, Nob.,
(.joorKoLi. Taylor, of Ucralngtord, Hob., Ilcnry
Bltluiek, of Lawn, Nob.
J. W. WciiN-.Jrt.. KcuistT.
Land Office at Alliance, Neb., July W, una.
Notleo is hereby glvon that the following
named Bottler has tiled notice of his intontion
to malto tiual proof in support of his ciaim, and
that said proof will bo made bofore lte-'iter
and Uecoiver at AUianco, Neb., on August 2Uth'
1!1,t;z: FUAfiZ FltASK,
of La-4n, Neb., who mado II E No. S80, for tlio
s Y bw h & w H bo oo it , tp Zii, rt; Si.
He names tho following witnesKcsto provo his
continuous resldonco uiion and cultivation of
said Jand, iz: Frank t'aha, Henry Winton, Al
bert Kraupa. of Lawu, Neb., i'rank Krajiccl:, of
Alliance, ilcb. Also,
of lAwn, Neb., who mado II 14 No. 033 for tho
HOliwii 15, tp ai, rs &-'.
Ho names tho following witnesses to provo
jun KouiiuiiuiiFi reHiuencnupon aim cultivation
of said laud, viz: Frank L'aha, Henry Wlnten,
AlU'rt Kraal
, or Jjivvn, Neb., Frank Krajicen,
of A'liunco, Meb,
J. W. Weiin, ju HeKlstor.
U 8. Land OHico, Alliance. Nob., JunsH, 1S00.
Notice is hereby Riven that WILLIAM L.
CLAl'l', of l'airtield, Iowa, hits tiled notice ot
intention to make linal proof Iwforo L. A. Dor
riiiKton, U. H. li. C. I'om't at his oillco in Chad
rou, Neb., on tho 5tli day of bcpU ItlM, ou tnn
lr uulturo application No. 1)10, for t l.o S V, N 14
'4 iV. N H B K J4 of section No. 8a, In township
IK! u, ranito 1't w.
Ho names ns witnesses: Lord Herven Tow
ell, (.'harU's W. Mlnard, Thomas t; Ithyan, of
Hemiuford, Neb., (harlea W. Dorirau, of
ilougli, Neb, J. y. Wkum, Jb., llelster.
Land OHico at Alliance, eb., June 30, 18'JO.
Notice is hereby piven that the following
named settler lias bled notice of his intention
to make linal proof in support of his claim and
that wid proof will be made beforo tho Register
or Uiveiver at AUianco, Nob., ou August 1U,
ho made U. E.JKOOforthe nw H soo", tp29,
lluname$the following witnesses to prove
Ids continuous reti(leuconi)on and cultivation
of stiid lund, viz: I . il. Fhipps, t L. Caldron,
V. 11. Uoddard, Erick Koderstrom, all of Dun
lap, Neb. J. W. Weii.v, ju., lteuister.
U. H. Kind Office, Alliance, Neb,, July 28, 1890.
Notics is hereby eiveu that
DIXON s cuunv,
has tiled notics of intention to make final pr"of
b-.-fore. ltfKiter and l(ceior at Alliance, Neb,
ou tho &tli day ofBept, 1M, on timlwr col uro
application M. csii, for the oHae'A tV e U e
mc W, tp Ti a, r M w.
Uo iiams s witnesses: William Ii Ashbrook,
Harry A. Ahiroo.c, ot Hell, Nob., John V. llaz
ard, or Lawu, Neb., Charles Hall, of Canton,
Neb. Also
of Canton, Neb., who mado 11. E. l.ioo for the
b s w A w 'i s o 4 soo 4. tp 27 n, r 51 w.
He names tho following wirtiet-seH to prov o
his continuouHreslilenco upon and cultivation
ot said land, viz: Wilson L. Ashbrook, Harry
A. Ashbrook. of Hell, Nob., John 1. naiard, of
Lawn, Neb?, Charlo hall, of Canton, Nel.
J. V. Wkun, Jr., Heister.
U, . Laud Ollico, AUianco, Nub., Juno 30, 18W.
Notice i ht-nOiy tieu that, in purmiam'-o ot
instruction from tho Comiolt-Blonor ot tlio (jeii
prat Lauil Ollico, umlor authority vamUhI in him
by HPCtion Hi , U. b. IteviMil btutnliw, at
nmeiKlixl by tlio act ot connrot-s anurovtil Fel
ruar :t, IbtVi, vt will prootrd to oaer at public
ai on uu'cuiuay oi .iriKimi, next, at tiua ol
liif, tlio follow hit; tract o( land, to-wlt:-
boutlt nalt ot tin" noitliwet quartor of Bection
twelve, (12), township trnty-nvo, (2Si, north
o(ranKutitty,!W), vfwt of the tixth iiilnolpall
liRTiumii. in Nebraska
Any ami all prroui) clnlmilit; aclvrraMy to the
aboto-clcrtUl lauila mo adviAi-d to filo thoir
t'launi. la thisofuceon or ueioretho ilay aboo I
tit Hiunabtl for the commencement of mh nale, I
othynvike their riKhtu will be (orfoitoi.
J. W. Wbun. J b.. IWaiHter. I
Y. M IIroome, lUoaiver. '
PADS! PADS! Gull and got
your sweat pads of H, H. Gren.
Brown backs at 85 ots each.
v.v ;ttj in
. . Closin:
I have made up my mind to go
out of business, so I will sell all my
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Cloth
ing and Gents Furnishing Goods at
greatly reduced prices for spot cash.
Produce will be taken 'at top
prices. Your faithful servant,
. . . W. K. HERNCALL.
Dcclng ns n Flno Art.
Those who wlBh to Btudy begging as a
fine art are recommended to vlBlt tho
museum of tho Mendicity ooclety of
London, where they will And a curious
collection of the varied dodges resorted
to by the begging fraternity of that vast
city. The collection includes, over 200,
000 begging letters, many of which aro
models of Ingenuity, the work of pro
fessors of tho art of letter writing, who
supply the article to order, and a photo
graph album of metropolitan beggars.
The museum also contains a gallery of
pictorial appeals, with suitable Inscrip
tions adapted to catch the unwary. It is
full of curiosities of the most Ingenious
Stevenson In Demand.
First editions of Robert Louis Stev
enson are already fetching high prlcqs.
At the recent sale of Philip Gilbert '
Hamerton'a library and etchings, which
brought only ?3,370, a presentation copy
of "An Inland Voyage," 1878, was sold ,
for ?53, and tho first edition of tho !
"New Arabian Nights," two volumes, j
18S2, for ?40. P. Seymour Hadon's '
"EtudeB sur l'eau forte" sold for $150,
tho highest price obtained, Hamerton'p
own books and manuscripts obtaining
very low bids.
Luxarj In Flower.
Tho luxury Implied in tho quantity
of llowers ueed by ono of tho largo per
fumers of Cannes Is almost beyond Im
agination. Ilo uses yearly J40.000
pounds ot orange flowers, 12,000 of cas
rla flowers, tho acacia from which most
of tho violet perfume Is made; 140,000
pounds of rose leaves, 32,000 pounds of
jaamlne, 20,000 pounds of violets, be
sides rosemary, citron, thyme and c-thor
odorous plants in large proportion.
Decay of ItnuMn Noblntr.
Some startling statistics of the do
cay of the Russian nobility are given
In tho list of mortgaged estates fur
nished by the British consul at SL
Petersburg. At present more than
100,000 estates, or 41 per cent of the
entlro area owned by nobles, are bur
dened by mortgages, and the amount
of money advanced on them haB
reached $032,500,000, of which $586,000,
000 remains unpaid. Tho Nobility Land
bank, created by tho government to
make loanB to stranded landlords, has
advanced nearly Its entire capital of
$250,000,000, and received but little in
Mexico' Array and Navy,
Tho regular, army of Mexico com
prises 27,000 men of all arms, Including
a police of about 2,000' men and a gen
darmerie of 250. The navy consists of
two small unarmored vessels and three
gunboats. The annual expenditure on
account of army and navy is from $12,
500,000 to $15,000,000.
Triplets 4 Tenrt Old.
A set ot triplets 24 years old are liv
ing in the town of Inez, Ky where they
were born. They are finely built men
and remarkably alike In appearance
In every respect Two are married.
Zdlted by 3tx-Contrrem.n
It tin greaUst nacspaptr vstU
of the Mistouri Jiiver.
It adrocates FREE SILVER
at tho present ratio of sixteen
to ono.
Ita novrs Borrlco is the beat to
be obtainod.
Daily, fd 00 per year; 50 cents
per month. Weekly, $1.00 per
Subscriptions for th
received at this office
Out . Sale I
(B. &AI. Watch Examiner.)
Charges reasonable: bati-ifaetioti
pimraiiteod. Order left at the
Herald office will reco'vo prompt
Having purchased of J. M.
Trout his Shire stallion, "SAXON
KING" and his French coach
Btnllioii, QUINAULT, I wilUand
them during tho reason at my
farm, six miles west and two north
of Hemhijfford. Terms. So to in
sure. These stallions are too well
known to need further description.
A. S. Enveaut.
OLD PAPERS CdTii dozn, at
The Herald office.
The uiidermlmied will take catllo
to herd for the son-jun of 1806. f
Fnsheti's mncli. TVriijH, $l. fm . .
son, from May 1st to dpi. l.it'i
K 1) L'wi'Ai
of tho North vycat.
Will bo aont postpaid to any
addroao six days a weok for
ono yoar for
Tho Ohrenlolo Is tho moat
oohsplououa nowapoper auo
osaa of the day, tho dally cir
culation exoeodlns 70,000
ooplos and the Sunday circu
lation axooedlng 100,000 oop
l. It la a flrst-claa3 nowo
paporof 12 and lOpagos (Sun
day 40 to 48 pogoa) and
la a stanch aupportor of
sound domooratlo princlploa.
Bally (exeopl Sunday) 1 yoar $-1.00
Dally and Sunday, 1 year c.00
Dally, 6 monliis (campaign edition). . . . 2.00
D ily and Sunday, 6 montht 3.00
Dt ly, 2 months j.oo
Dally and Sunday, 2 months...., 1.40
uauy, i month. . 50
Dally and Sunday, 1 month 75
Sunday, 1 year 2.00
8alurday,l year , 1.00
Sample coplos froo on appli
cation. Addross
104-160 Washington SU,
Chlooaa. III.
Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and nil Tat-i
ent business conducted (or MoocnATC Fees.
oun Orncc 10 opposite U, C. PATCNTOrriccJ
and wo can tc uro patent in less time tcaa thuse;
remote from Woihfneton. . , , ,
Send model, drawing or photo., wltli descrtn-J
tloo. Via advit; il patentable or not, free ol J
charce. Our fee not due till patent Is secured.
A PAUPKirj, " " uuum ' """"' ......j
cost of same in ttie u. a. ana loreigu
sent free. Address, t
, patcnt orncc, Washington, d. c.
MH I -- - - -
Uf the neoent llepubllcun Victory In tb
Commonwenltti ot Kentucky,
It waa eomowhat early In tho morning
when tho Washington Star reporter
drepped Into the wot-goods department
ot n popular down-town hotol, where
thoro Is always to bo found a eouthorn
contingent--ln tho hotel, not the W.
Q. department and Btandlng at tho
counter thero he Baw a well-known
Kcntucklan of the older school. It waa
about ten dayB after the election news
had bten recolved from Kentucky, and
the Kcntucklan's brow was not crown
ed with sunlight or laurels. On tho con
trary, It waa swathed In heavy gray
cloudfl. It may bo explained, hero that
the reporter was not In that locality
after n drink, bu,t after a man who waa
after a drink. As ho stood talking to
him, his attention was attracted by tho
Kentucklan's talk to tho barkeeper, who
had shoved a well-worn black bottlo
out In frpnt of his customer.
"Take It away," Bald tho Kentnck
ian, gloomily, with a funereal wavo ot
his hand.
"What's tho matter with It?" asked
tho surprised barkeeper. "It's the
samo Kentucky brand you've been
using for years."
"I know It," ho Bald, regretfully,
"but over since Kentucky went repub
lican It doesn't seem to taste natural,
and I've got to try something else.
Supposo you glvo mo a little of that
Maryland rye."
"Certainly, sir," said tho barkeeper,
deferentially, and turned to get it, but'
slopped half way.
"Excuso me, oir,'' ho ventured, "but
didn't Maryland go that way, too?"
Tho Kentucklan thrummed on thl
counter with his knuckles nervously.
"That' so, that's so," he mused; theJi
he broke out fiercely: "I wonder If I've
got to drink water," and walked out of
tho placo Indignantly.
VTorlt Among Hie Leper That IIm Al
ready Produced Good Remits.
Valuable work is being done by de
voted Catholic priests among the lepera
of Burniah, says the London Timea.
The annexation of Upper Burmah In
18S6 revealed a terrible need for succor
to this unhappy class. Bishop Simon,
II. C, addressed the officials on tha
subject within two years after the coun
try passed under British rule, but It
wai not until 1891 that Father Johana
Wehlngcr was able to found tha St.
John's Leper asylum on a grant of slj
acres near Mandalay.
In Burmah lepers are not forbidden to
frequent public places and are not sep
arated from their families, as In India.
They Uo at the gates of the -temples, In
the food bazars and on the sides of tho
bridges, where they expose their hid
eously mutilated limbs to excite com
passion and obtain alms. An asylum
for theso miserable objects waa hailed
with gratitude. In two days after li
was opened the wards were crowded
and new buildings had to be com
menced. Father Wehlnger has made the Insti
tution a modol for all leper asylums
with a perfect system of hygiene and
measures for the alleviation or evea
curative treatment of the disease, sep
arata ward? for the unaffected chlldrea
of leprous parents and a vernacula
school for their education. During last
year COO lepers were on tho rolls and
the demand for fresh wards grow ur
gent Father Wehlnger came to tha
end of his resources. All that sclf
donlal and devotion could achieve ha
has accomplished.
He is now, wo believe. In England,
seeking aid to enable him to go on with
hie work. It Is a work which can most
effectively be done by celibate breth
ren, without the responsibility of wlfa
or possible children to whom the dia
aBe might be communicated. Johana
Wehlnger Is the Father Damlen of
Fat Wouldn't 11 Chested.
A well-known scientist, walking
long a London street, camo across an
itinerant astronomer, and applying hU
eye to the instrument was astonished to
sec a beautiful full moon, although a
the time tho moon was only in her sec-1
ond quarter. Tho instrument was not a
telescope at all, but simply a tube, with
a hole where the eye-piece should bo
and a transparent photograph of a full
moon with a light behind it at tho other
end. On the sclenti. I asking the exhib
itor how ho could so cheat tho public tbs
man simply remarked: "It's all right,
sir. I used to have a proper 'scope once,
but I turned It up for this after an Irish
man pitched Into mo for showing him.
pnly 'arf a moon. This way pays botte
and glvos rooro satisfaction.
Associate! of the Shark.
A small fish called tho pilot Is nearly
always found with tho man-eating
shark. Each shark Is accompanied by
from five to seven (always an odd num
ber, It Is claimed) of theso little vassals,
and while his sharkshlp seems to be In
cessantly looking for something where
with to satisfy his voracious appetite
ho never cats these little pilots, though
they kep very close to him. Another
frequent associate of tho shark Is tha
remora, or sucker flsh. Nature has pro.
vided It with a large, circular disk on
tho top of Its head. By means of this
"sucker" It attaches Itself to tho under
surface of tho shark and Is carried by
it vherever It goes.
Children Hrmnld lime Single rieds.
She Is a wise mother who allots to
each of her children a slngta bed. From
tho timo tho baby occupies the crib
alono on through childhood he should
have a bod to himself. Such pretty lit
tle affairs of white iron and brass come
for the nursery that It Is hard to resis'
them, even npirt from jyglenlc conoid
: J .
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