Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, July 31, 1896, Image 7

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ClinoRn tlm Ilcnt Lnniliu
Southwestern Missouri lands arc tho
most fertile ia the country. The soil
is produetlvo and n good crop always
assured. An nbutuluiice of tho best of
pood, pure water. Special, inducements
nrc being offered lust now for thoso
desiring to secure hinds in this part of
tho west. For particulars, regarding
the rich mineral, fiuit tind agricultural
lands of southwest Missouri write to J.
M. Purdy, manager of Missouri Land
and Llvo Stock Co., Neosho, Missouri.
Seo advertisement in another column
of this paper.
To Mrnln .lell.r.
An ingenious woman says a good
strainer for jelly may bo mado by us
ing a wooden chair without rails on
tho inside. Turn it upside down on
tho table, take a perfectly clean cloth,
tie tho four corners on the legs of the
chair, sotting a crock or pan under
neath to receive the jelly. The cloth
should bo dipped in boiling water bo
foro using. Jellies may be strained a
third timo if necessary. Pittsburg
Hall'a Catarrh Cure
Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75c.
"No," Bho warmly rejoined, "I will
not admit that the spheres of man and
woman are essentially distinct Cer
tainly not It is true that woman can
not at present nail down a carpet, but
you don't imagine, therefore, that she
could not. were she nrorjcrlv educated.
tj, lnttain to a sufllcient command of Ian-F-
iruairn" T)ntrn!t Trtlnino.
We will forfeit $1,020 if any of our pub
lished testimonial nro proven to be not
genuine. Tub Piso Co., Warren, Pa.
When E. J. Qlavo died on the Congo
last year, after having crossed Africa
in tho interest of Tho Century, it was
announced that his notes, journals
and photographs had been saved.
From theso u group of separate papers
has been mado up, and tho first one
will appear in tho August Century.
This tells of tho ndventures of Mr.
Glavo for nearly a year while ho was
with tho British troops, who were
chasing tho Arab slave traders.
Hour to Ormv 40c Wlient.
Salzer's Fall Seed Catalogue tolls
you. It's worth thousands to tho
wideawake farmer. Scnd4-cent stamp
for catalogue and free samples of
grains and grasses for fall sowing.
John A. Salzcr Seed Co., LaCrosse,
McCluro's Magazine for August is to
bo a mid-summer fiction number, with
stories by Octave Thanet, Stephen
Crane, Clinton Koss, E. W. Thomson
and Annio Eliot. Stephen Crane's
story will exhibit the hero of his suc
cessful novel, "The lied Iiadgo of
Courage," grown and old man, but
still capabto of a flno act of bravery;
Clinton Ross' will deal with Perry's
historical fight and victory on Lako
Erie; and Annie Eliot's will depict a
sprightly love episode in a Yule and
Harvard boat race.
Kureerlos. this city and Itockport, 111., is a
veritable, hcolilvo. Tlio propagating plnnts
of the "Two I'lkos" cnlaiued. "Old Mko's"
salesmen work from Now York Westward.
1 ho oltlco force Is hurrying out ft U) new
stylo canvassing outlits, photos of fruits,
trues, orchards, packing, fruit painted from
nature, otc. b'oeral departments give all
their time to securing sidesmen. Mark
Hro's have room for energetic solicitors.
With such progress, and millions of fruit
trees, dull times unknown. Louisiana,
Missouri, i'ress.
Fifteen years ago the Atlantic Month
ly gave Mrs. Stowe a breakfast on her
seventieth birthday at which a nota
ble company wus gathered. At her
death it pays a tribute to her in some
ways quite as significant The leading
article in the number for Augusb is
Reminiscences of Mrs. Stowo by Mrs.
Jumes T. Fields, who was her intimate
friend during tho whole period of her
ANY ONE who has been benefited
by the use of Dr. Williams Pink Pills,
will receive information of much value
and interest bv writing to "Pink
Pills." P. O. Uox'lM)2, Philadelphia, Pa.
Ill I nciitlim.
"I live in a town," said tho bewhisk-
ered man, who was tilted back in tho
hotel chair smoking a. rank cigar,
"wiiere a father, two sons and an
t unci?, till memners of the samn family,
' ran for unlet at tue lust election."
'Pardon me." ventured u bystander,
"i ut what part of Ohio tire you from."
.New Yurie bundtiy VorliL
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of tho
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills, which vanish before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed. There is comfort in
the knowledge, that so many forms of
sickness arc not duo to any actuul dis
ease, but simply to u constipated condi
tion of thu system, which the pleasnnt
family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt
ly remove. That is why it is the only
remedy with millionsof families, and is
everywhere esteemed bo highly by all
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects are duo to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which it acts. It 1b therefore
all important, in order to get its bene
llcial effects, to note when you pur
chase, that you have the genuine arti
cle, which is manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by
ull reputnblo druggists.
If in tho enjoyment of good health,
and the system 'is regular, luxotives or
other remedies arc then not needed. If
afflicted with any actual disease, one
may bo commended to the most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
one should have the best, nnd with the
well-informed everywhere. Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
Used and gives most general satisfaction.
HAT is tho amount
"You mitBt not bo
disappointed if tho
sum is much less
than you havo nl
wayB had reason to
"I shall not bo
disappointed, no
matter how tho es
tate turns out. I
wish to know tho truo stato of affairs,
that I may shape my future by tho ro-
"When all tho dobts aro paid thcro
will ho a little over $2,000."
Perhaps Mrs. PcrklnB had been pro
pared for a shock. She was not ex
pecting such a shock and covered her
faco with her hands for a few mo
monts. Sho was strong, however, and
when sho raised her eyes it wan to
look tho attorney full in tho faco and
say: "I had hoped It would bo moro
than that, but I shall do tho best. Tho
furniture will realize, or should real
ize, ?2,000 more."
"Tho furniture is covered by a chat
tel mortgage, I am sorry to inform
Again there was silence. Mrs. Per
kins smoothed the wrinkles out of her
black dress and pulled a little nt tho
Jet pin at her throat. "I shall leave
tho place by tomorrow noon. If there
is anything to be gained out of' tho
property that is left after tho mort
gages aro paid, I shall bo very glad.
But you?" Mrs. Perkins turned to her
attorney, who had been a warm friend
of her deceased husband, "who 1b to
pay your bjll?"
"Of pnllt-cA wa Inwvftra nltvftva Innlf
out for No. 1. I have not withhold an
exorbitant fee. and if you so desire wo
will go over the accouuts together."
"I assure you that you aro very kind,
and also that I have perfect confidenco
In you, so that we will not take up tho
timo in looktng over the accounts. If
you will return tomorrow noon I shall
turn over tho keyB to you, and you
may have charge of the affairs, while I
look out for something which I can do
to make a living."
The attorney proffered his services if
he could bo of any assistance. The
next day, however, sho had gone be
fore he reached the homo of his old
friend, which had been weighted down
with mortgages until there was noth
ing left. Tho wife did not know how
things were going, and had no inti
mation of it until the death of her hus
band, when - bills began to pour in.
After tho funeral she called Bascomb,
who was about her husband's age and
who had been a college chum of his.
Sho did not know it, but tho lawyer
fought the claims from every quarter
until he had saved the widow tho littlo
legacy, and this was without charging,
any fee.
No ono knew where Mrs. Perkins
had gone. A single servant was in
charge of tho house and let Mr. Bas
comb in. The next day tho auctioneer
hung out his red flag and a day later
all the comfortable furnishings and
paintings and works of art were carted
One day In November, when tho
leaves were scurrying over tho dusty
road, a dark-eyed woman stepped
from a north-bound train to the depot
platform in a neat little Kansas
town. Brighton had a squaro in the
center and around it the stores woro
arranged. Mrs. Perkins walked up tho
main street until she came to the office
of a lawyer who dabbled in real es
tate along with his legal practice.
There were many houses and lots to
sell, and the purchaser could take her
choice at her own figure. That after
noon and evening were spent in look
about the town, and also a part of the
next day. The next evening the deal
was closed for a houso toward the
edge of the town, and that night a load
of furniture was moved In. A week
later a kindergarten was inaugurated
in this place and Mrs. Perkins had the
means of livelihood. A year passed
and tho winter was well on again when
Mrs. Perkins received the first bit of
mail that had come to the office for
her. It was a letter in a yellow envel
ope. It had remained in the postofflce
for several days, and probably would
have remained there longer had not
the postmaster's little girl attended
the kindergarten. Mrs. Perkins was
nervous when she broke the seal, as
who would not havo been who had not
received a letter for a year and was
not expecting one. The communica
tion was short, and read:
"Dear Mrs. Perkins: You will par
don me for writing when you learn
that for a year I have been looking for
you. When I returned to your house
you had gone none knew whither. I
did not put detectives on your tracks,
for you left none. I stumbled upon
your hiding place by purest accident,
which I will explain at some future
time. I wish to know if you will allow
me to visit you during the Christmas
week. I expect to bo In the vicinity of
Dalton, as I have business at the
county seat. I have aiuch to tell you
that you will be glad to hear. Yours,
That night Mrs. Perkins -bought tho
first stamp and mailed the first lettv
at the posto&lce. It was to the effuct
that sho would "be very much delighted
with a visit from the lawyer, as lony.
as be was coming eo near .her littlo re-
treat. Another letter came in a few
days in reply to hers, sotting n timo at
which Mr. Bascomb would bo at her
"Why did you run away?" said tho
attorney, who was not bo old, after
all, when ho sat thcro in tho light of
the shaded lamp In a cozy parlor In tho
Kansas town on tills night boforo
"Why should I havo stayed?" wna
the answer. "Thcro was nothing left
for mo. My money wns gone, my so
cial position was gone; I had no right
to ask for further recognition from tho
social clrclo in which I had moved.
There wns nothing left for mo to do
but to bury myself somowhero and find
something that I could do. I can teach
a kindergarten and I am doing it, mak
ing a good living. Tho past I havo
practically forgotten and I like this
life of nctlvitr far hottor than tho for
mer one of idtauesH. Tho only thing I
brought with mo la n bundlo of worth
less bonds that wero bought for mo
with my own money and to which my
late husband's creditors had no right."
"Bonds, did you say?" The attorney
hecamo moro interested than before
"Perhaps they may bo of some value.
Would you mind showing them to
me?" Mrs. Perkins brought out a
writing-desk and from it took a bun
dle neatly tied with blue ribbon. Tho
attorney examined the printing.
"If I am not very much mistaken
It Is this very same security that has
gone up 100 per cent above par in tho
last six months. When I return to
the city I shall find out for you and
A light snow had fallen during the
day and the previous night, tho first
snow of tho season. That evening Mr.
Bascomb drove around to tho widow's
residence, and a few minutes later the
two wero whirling over tho prairies
with the great white flakes striking
and sticking against tho robe and tho
wraps. Tho widow's chcekB glowed
under tho veil. Again camo tho
glimpse of boulevards crowded with
gay turnouts and tho Jlnglo of many
bells. For a moment sho eat. in si
lence. "How do you liko it7" asked Bas
comb. "It reminds mo of "
"Of tho city?"
"Yea," laughing. "I can cnslly imag
ine mysolf on the boulevards. Would
you believe me, I was thinking of that
same thing when you spoke?"
"You can go back."
"I like this better. What Is tho 'city
to me now7"
"It can be more than it over was.
You could have your horses and coach
man." "Are tho bonds to valuable as that?"
"I was not thinking of tho bonds."
"What then, pray?"
"Of my own horses and carriage and
Mrs. Perkins felt her cheek burn
hotter, her breath came quicker and
her heart beatfaster. Again tho picture
of affluence contrasted with the scenos
she had recently left In the little
school-room. She mado no objection
when tho lawyer drew her to him, ex
cept to say, in a voice that trembled:
"Why do you tempt me?"
"Because I want you to yield. 1
have loved you for well, since your
'coming out.' You wero then in the
first bloom of youth and I hesitated
too long. Perhaps you will listen to
me now. Perhaps you will consent
to bo my wife?"
"I am poor. I can bring you noth
ing unless it Is the bonds."
"I want you, just as you are. I have
money enough to go around."
"I will go with you."
So they were engaged and, as the
lawyer was prompt to act, on New
Year's day there was a quiet wed
ding in the village and two days
later the furniture was sold and the
lawyer and his bride left for the city.
The bonds were worthless, yet the law
yer was glad. Ho did not marry for
The Dancing Men.
The dancing man is a luxury at fash
ionable summer resorts which is be
coming more and more rare every sea
Bon, and the landlord who can adver
tise the required quantity of this de
sired article has a financial success as
sured in advance. Dancing 1b such a
lot of useless exertion to the modern
young man taxed to the utmost with
all sorts and conditions of athletics.
To bo sure he can sit up until morn
ing drinking whisky and soda, devour
no end of champagne suppers and play
ball, tennis and ride, row and run un
til it is a wonder that he lives at all,
but dancing well, that is too laborious
for his physical being, and altogether
too frivolous for his superior ideas of
rrofrmlou Etcurt Doty.
The fact that many riding school
professors are called upon every day
to accompany young women who are
without beaux and want an escort so
badly that they are willing to pay $1.G0
an hour for one, suggests that herein
lies a golden opportunity to turn an
honest dollar to the young men who go
into society to "entertain" for ?5 per
evening and supper thrown In, or who
do the agreeable to the young ladies at
tho summer hotels for their board,
washing and cigarette money. Thero
is a field for the "professional bicycle
escort." Exchange.
Given Food Through Ilia N'ottrlW.
Otis Hurley, the young man of Day
ton, Ohio, who was committed tn the
ntyltim and subsequently discharged
( cured, and recommitted to Jail to an
jswer a charge of bicycle stealing, is
I again fasting and refuses to eat Hur
'ley pursued that course formerly and
i was saved from death by" starvation by
forcibly injecting food into his stom
ach through his nostrils. He is men
tally weak and has an irresistlblo
mania for stealing bicycles.
Hut tho l'nrclmtcr Wns a Clrciit Dent
Up In tho 11th ward a. thrifty Ger
man makes a good living peddling llvo
carp, says tho Philadelphia Inquirer.
Tho fish are hauled about tho streets In
a small tank set upon wheels, tho
wholo outfit being propelled by tho
energy generated from tho German's
muscles. If thero 1b ono thing moro
than another tho peddler prides him
self on, It Is that his wares, being alive,
nro necessarily fresh.
Yostcrday morning tho carp mer
chant was stopped by n woman who, It
tho well-filled hnskets which hung
from her fat nrms wore any indication,
wns on her way homo from market.
Tho woman loaned over the cart and
sized up tho swimming fish carefully.
"Aro they fresh?" she finally asked,
The look of disgust that sproad over
the German's countenanco would havo
fitted well upon the features of a sound
money democrat who Is being told that
n freo coinage candidate Is sure to bo
nominated at tho Chicago convention.
But ho choked down his Indignation.
"Yah; dey ish fresh!" he replied.
Then he reached down Into tho tank
and pulled out a sample, which ho
held up for tho woman to see. Sho
gazed upon it for n moment, her noso
high in tho air. Sho wasn't satisfied,
however, nnd tho next moment shoved
one of her own fair hands Into tho tank
and grnbbed a carp by tho gills. She
yanked It up In tho nlr nrter tho man
ner of ono who doesn't proposo to bo
fooled in so important a matter ttB
buying a fish, and hold It out at arm's
length for Inspection. At least, sho
started to hold It out. Unfortunately
sho had picked up the biggest fish In
the cart. It was a carp that didn't caro
much about women, anyway, and par
ticularly a woman who considered her
self well enough acquainted to run her
fingers through his breathing ap
paratus. Ho at once begnn to go
through a contortion act of tho most
Intricate and vigorous description, his
mouth wide open nnd his tall marking
out three-foot circles at the rato of
forty a minute. The suddenness with
which the fish Btarted In on this pro
gram waB too much for tho woman.
In her hurry to let go of the carp sho
forgot about her baskets and their
contents. As her arms flew up tho
baskets flow down. In tho 11th ward
tho sidewalks are as hard as, if not
harder than, In any of the other wards,
and eggs havo very little show In a
contest with them. There were eggs
In one of the baskets two dozen of
them. Unless the rain has washed
them away, thoso eggs are down on tho
11th ward sidewalk yet. They wouldn't
havo been of very much UBe to tho
woman after they struck tho walk, ex
cept ns scrambled eggs. In the other
basket there wero strawberries and a
steak and a roll of butter. All of these
were saved from the general wreck,
however, with the exception of tho
steak. An enterprising llth-ward dog
feasted upon that. Tho woman didn't
stay to buy nny flsh. Perhaps she had
loBt her appetite for carp. Anyway,
she gathered up tho remnants of her
marketing and sailed majestically
down tho street. The flsh peddler
gazed after her a moment. Then ho
chuckled to himself: "Yah; dose carp
ish fresh but not so fresh as dot vom
ans, py chimminy!"
A I.ong-Tntleil Snake.
From the Cincinnati Commercial
Gazette: The town of Denver, Ind., a
few miles north of Peru, has contained
a greatly agitated set of citizens dur
ing tho last few days, owing to the re
port concerning a monster snake in the
woods near town, which is mado by Eri
Gustin, a reputable citizen. Mr. Gus
tin says that he and his wife, and an
other lady, were coming home one
evening In a buggy, and just about
duBk passed through the woods a little
to the cast of town, when their horses
became frightened. They looked past
the animals Into the shadows of the
trees ahead and saw a monster snake.
Mr. Gustin says: 'It lay on a twelve
foot log, extending its body the entire
length of the log, with its head ele
vated about two feet, shooting its
forked tongue out at us. Its tail
reached from the log six feet or moro
to tho fence, and from that through
the rails as far back as I could see into
the field at the side of the woods.
llalloon Came In 1'arl.
The newest sport in Paris is the bal
loon game, which is played in thsl
fashion: A number of toy balloons
aro entered for the competition, and
in each of them Is placed an envelope,
containing a postal card, which is ad
dressed to the judge of the contest.
The little balloons are then set free,
nnd after more or less timo come to
earth again, in different parts of the
country. Those who find them see
the envelopes and notice thereon a re
qust that the time when each balloon
was found and also the place, be writ
ten on the postal card, which Is then
to be dropped In the postofflce. At
the end of a week the various postal
cards are compared and the prize is
awarded to that balloon which travels
the greatest distance in the shortest
time. Not a costly sport this, and one
which Is likely to give a great Impetus
to a new Industry, tho manufacture of
racing balloons. Chicago Chronicle.
What More Dellnlto?
Society Editor "Mr. Willis tolls me
that his family will spond the sum
mer In the mountains and his wife says
they will go to the seashore. Had I
better defer mentioning the matter un
til I got more definite information?"
Managing Editor "I don't Eee what
more definite Information you want.
She told you they were going to tho
ccashore, didn't 8hc?"-rC!ncinnatl Enquirer.
llnr MaJMty ApprnTrn.
Quocn Victoria has bestowed her
grnelous countenance on women's
clubs, nnd they nro Increasing in num
bers. Tho Green Park Club is ono of
tho best of thoso organizations in Lon
don, and is nt the same time ono of thu
most aristocratic. To this club the
queen has sent her portrnlt, with her
autograph. The Ladles' International
Club Is one of tho newest clubs in tho
English metropolis. Its homo is in
Bond street Its avowed desiro Is to
entertain friends from all parts of
England nnd from foreign countries ns
well, particularly tho United StaCcs.
New ork club women have, therefore,
a warm personal Interest In tho new
London International.
A Veil nt MUt
ltlslns at morning or ovonlng from somo
lowlands, often curries In Its folds tho scedi
of malaria. Whoro mulnrlnl furor pruvall
no one It safe. umIchh protected by some
ulllcleut modlclnul snfuguard. Hoi tetter's
Momarli Hitters Is both u protection and a
remedy. No person who inliatilu, or su
Jouriis In a miasmatic region or country,
should emit to procure this fortifying agent,
which Is iiIro Uio llnost known remedy for
dyspepsia, constipation, kluney trouble and
If tho hens aro well card for whlio molt
ing thoy will lay lioforo winter.
The dust bath Is absolutely necessary for
It the ltnhy Is Cutting Teotn.
Bouro and nre that oM and vrrll-trled remedy, Mitt
lVluvr' EooTMIMO Brncr fur Children TcotLlnff-
A diet of fruit and milk, It is said, will
reduce llcsh nt tho rato of llvo pounds a
f Y V V Y Y Y V Y Y V V V V V V ,
v Judgment I !
Em V wfc 'fl'F H Pfe flK tBair
The umpire now decides that
"BATTLE AX" is not only
decidedly bigger in size than any
other 5 cent piece
quality is the fine
the flavor delicious
know iust how
try it
The Quality
Pay $100 you have a Columbia the
result of 19 years' experience J
Pay less you have experiment, at your 5
More Columbias
Catalogue of Truth, free at Columbia agencies
by mail for two 2ent stamps.
Pope Mfg Co Hartford, Conn
In Future Warfare. ,jj
"Firo low!"
Tho general was experienced (n war
fare, and his troops trusted him.
"It will bo a hard fight," but wc,wjll
win if you do as I say. Firo low nnd
puncture tholr tires." New York Sun
day World.
Ilnrrnia n'li Camphor Icotvllli ntrrrrln.
CurrnChnmwtl llnnui and fact?, Tendi-rur Horn Vert,
CUIblatii.,nii'i.Ac CO. Clark Co., Kovr Haven, .
Wo all havo our ttudorstudios, nnd wa
nil hato thorn.
there i3 no need for you $
to contemplate a wig
when you can enjoy the,,!
pleasure of sitting again w
under your own "tliatcn."
You can begin to get
your hair back as soon
as you begin to use
Hair Vigor.
of tobaccor but the
ever sawt and
u will never
ol.I it is until
of Experience
the result of competing
each successive year.
1 1
) '
) '
k2, :