Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, July 03, 1896, Image 7

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llnina o? Meep.
A healthy infant sleeps mest of tho
time ihiruiK' tho flm fow weeks, nnd In
the curly years pcoplo are disposed to
let children sleep us they will. Hut
from six or seven years old, when
school beptiis, this sensible policy
comes to tin end, and sleep is put olt
persistently through nil tho years up
to manhood nnd womanhood. At tho
npo of ten or eleven the child Is allow
ed to sleep only eipht or nine hours,
when Its parents should insist upon Its
liavinp what it absolutely need",
which is ten or eleven, at least. Up to
twenty n youth needs nino hours'
sleep, and an adult, should have eight.
Insuflieient sleep is one of tho crying1
evils of the day. The want of proper
rest and normal conditions of the ner
vous system, and especially of the
brain, produces a lamentable condi
tion, deterioration in .both body and
exhaustion, excitability, and intellect
ual disorders are gradually taking the
place of the love of work, general well
being and tho spirit of initiative.
New York State Medical .lour mil.
Unit's Catarrh Cure,
Is a constitutional cure. Price, 73c.
htrautierry Soiiflle,
Put half a pint of the pulp of fresh
strawberries passed through a sieve in
an enameled saucepan with an ounce
and a half of butter, seven ounces of
sugar, half a gill of cream, and a little
more than a gill of milk mixed with an
ounce of Hour and half an ounce of
arrowroot Stir till tho ilouriscoo'.ccd;
beat in the yolks of three eggs and lot
them thicken. When tho mixture Is
cool stir In tho whites of five eggs pre
viously beaten to a stiff froth, a tea
spoonful of lemon juice, a tcaspoonfttl
of maraschino, and six ounces of straw
berries cut into dice. Color with car
mine and bake In a quick oven for half
an hour. When done dredge with
castor sugar. Servo quickly with a
good sauce. St. James Gazette.
l'Iso's Cnro for Consumption has saved
mo largo doctor I ills C. L. linker, 4228
Hegent Sq., Philadelphia, Pa , Dec. 8, 1MI5.
When one Is low enough to insult you, bo
too high for him to reach.
It is of moro profit to hnvo a contented
spirit than a tat lank account.
If tlio lliiby is Cuttlug Tcotn.
Re sure and use that old and ell-tried remedy, Hu.
WiMiLoWa SooTiiixa Briar for Children Teething-
"Marriage is a lottery," wheu It Is a cor
ner lot-ery. "
Thero is not only an art but an eloquence
in silenco. Cicero.
FITS Mopped free nnd veinwiert'v eur il. No
Ills ufirr llrt iluj vi is of Ilr. Kllno'iiilreat rscrvo
ItcHtorcr. yrref2lral Umleaml tieatie 'ar.
eloua cures Di:.Kunk,B31 Archfct. l'M.aJelpUla.l'a
Those who favor revolutions only dig a
tomb for themselves.
fine Thousand Farmers Wanted
To settle on ono thousand choice farms
on the line of tho Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul Hallway hi Dakota.
These lands nre located in twenty
different counties, and are to be had
now at prices ranging from S7 to SI 5
per acre; a few months hence their
value will bo doubled.
For n. home or for investment no
luckier chance in tho West has ever
before been offered. Now is the time
to invest. No better farming land ex
ists anywhere. No greater results can
be obtained anywhere.
Schools and churches abound every
where. Nearby markets for nil farm
products. South and North Dakota
are the banner diversified farming nnd
stock-raising states of the West
Everything grows in Dakota except ig
noranco and intemperance. A new
boom is on. Tune auvantago oi the
tide which leads to Dakota and to for
tune. Vov further information address or
call upon W. E. Powell, General Im
migration Agent, 410 Old Colony IHiild
ing, Chicago, Ills.
(Jive your neighbors rope enough nnd
they will eventually attempt to hang you.
The Wauasii, tho shortest nnd quickest
route lias I ecn selected as tho lino from
Nobrnska lor do'ogates and their irlcuds to
travel. All trains are equipped with Re
clining Chair Cars, Free, und Pullman
Sleei in j? care. Connecting Line vi 1 fell
tickets over tho Wabash at Haw-Fahk.
Parties desiring through cars or Seeping
car accommodation can arrange same by
cnlliu? at the Wauasii ticket ofllce. No.
1415 Knrnam St., (Paxton Hotel Block), or
write O. N. Clayton,
N. W. P. A., Omaha, Nclr.
Statistics t-liow that the
louger than tho Germans.
French live
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of the
transient nature of the ninny phys
ical ills, which vunish before proper ef
fortsgentle efforts plcasantefforts
rightly directed. There is comfort in
tho knowledge, that so many forms of
hickness nro not duo to any actual dis
ease, but biinplj to a constipated condi
tion of the Bystem, which the pleasant
family laxative. Syrup of Figs, prompt
ly removes. That is why It is the only
remedy with millions of families, and Is
everywhere esteemed bo highly by all
who value good health. II beneficial
effects are due to the fact, that It is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
orguuu on which it acts. It Is therefore
all important, in order to get its bene
ficial effectr, to note when you pur
chase, that you have the genuine arti
cle, which Ib manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only and cold by
all reputable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
aud tho Bystem Is regular, la.xativei. or
other remedies are then not needed. If
afflicted with any actual disente. one
may bo commended to the most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
one should have the best, and with the
well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
osed ami gives most general satisfaction.
IIott Surreistnl fanners Operate Hits
leinrttnent of tlio fnrm A 1'oiv
Hints us to the Cain of I.lvn Stork and
Department of Ag
riculture says: Pri
or to 1S'.)4, tho na
ture of this disease
vn.s unknown. In
tho fall of 1S93,
Prof. Samuel Cush-
W KJS mnn- of tlvo UU0U
KjlfViO Island Stato Exner-
n 4 lment Station, sent
a few BnecltnenB
of tho diseased organs of turkeys which
had died of "black-head" to thlB lab
oratory, whero thoy were carefully ex
amined by Dr. Theobald Smith. In the
summer of 1894. Dr. Smith made a care
ful study of thin disease at tho Rhodo
Island Experiment Station. Ho found
that it was caused by ono of tho pro
tozoa (Amoeba moleogrldls Smith) and
ho published a full description of the
disease which, In accordance with the
lesions, .ho designated infectious cnte
rohepatitls. This report shows that the
disease usually attacks tho young tur
lceyn. Tho walls of ono or both caeca
become thickened, nnd tho liver is mot
tled with areas of varying size, having
a brownish, yellowish, or perhaps
greenish color. These peculiarly col
ored areas In the liver oro of diagnostic
value, as they have not been found In
other caccal or intestinal troubles. Tho
microscopic examination of the affected
parts showed tho presence of largo
numbers of the protozoa In the cells
and Intercellular tissue. Tho Hie his
tory of this parasite and the way by
which the turkeys become Infected with
It were not determined, but from tho
facts elicited, Dr. Smith thought It
highly probable that the micro-organism
Is transmitted from turkey to
turkey without passing through an In
termediate host. Tho nature of the
diseaso Indicates that inquiries Into
the means by which It is transmitted,
with the object of determining methods
for its prevention, promise more speedy
and practical results than investiga
tions into its medicinal treatment. Fur
thermore, it Is of much Importance that
Its spread Into non-Infected localities
should bo checked.
Tho Heat Floor.
Tho best and most satisfactory floor
for a hen house is dry, clean dirt upon
an earth floor. Tho earth In the house
should bo filled from six Inches to one
foot above tho ground surrounding tho
house outside; this will prevent It from
becoming damp and disagreeable to the
occupants. Under tho roosts should be
thrown a shovel full or more of loose,
dry dirt every morning, and tho drop
pings icmoved at least once a week and
tho floor swept or scraped. A scratch
ing space should be divided off by set
ting up boards a foot high, making a
pen In which should bo kept loose straw
n- chaff in the denth of four or six
Inches and all loose grain fed fowls
thrown In thla pen. This will keep
tho hens busy and tho busy hen lays
eggs. This should not bo allowed to
become foul, but should bo renewed oc
casionally. A liberal supply of air
blaked lime scattered over the floor will
do much toward keeplng.the house in
a good wholesome condition. Inter
state Poultryman.
Oround Hone.
Probably no people in the world
waste so much as the Americans, simp
ly because no people have so much that
can be wasted. It seems a great loss
when we consider the vast quantities
of bone going to waste every day.
This can be easily ground with small
outlay for a bono grinder or cutter.
Tho elements that are found In green
bone are those of great value to the
hen. She uses a part to make bone and
a part to make egg shells and some of
It even goes to make muscle; for lime
is not tho only thing found in the bono
in its green state. Bones can be ob
tained from tho butcher at a very low
price, and In country places can doubt
less be had for tho asking. We as a peo
ple should save tho vast amount of
valuable food matter going to waste In
the form mentioned.
Cotton-Seed Steal nnd Hulls.
A bulletin of the North Carolina ex
periment station gives the following
directions for the feeding of cotton-seed
meal and hulls:
1. For Maintenance. "Where It 13 de
sirable to feed an animal just sufficient
to maintain it without loss, the follow
ing directions may bo followed: Hulls
from rather green seed may be fed
alone, tho particles of seed kernels re
maining accidentally with the hulls be
ing counted on for maintenance, or.per
haps, even for slow fattening. Depend
ence, of course, Ib placed on the amount
of kernels left in the hulls. With well
cleaned hulls, however, pome cotton
seed meal must be used, depending
somewhat on the animal fed. With a
cow weighing 950 pounds, 1 pound of
meal to every 7 pounds of hulls haB
been shown to maintain the weight and
produce about 20 pounds of milk per
day. Probably 8 or 10 pounds of hulls
to 1 pound of menl when fed In quan
tity (as much as can be eaten clean)
will support life and maintain the
weight of neat stock.
2. For Milk. For tho greatest flow of
milk we consider It a doubtful practice
to feed exclusively on hulls aud meal,
though both may be prominent articles
in the ration. If cotton-seed meal Is
fed in quantities sufficient to support
a cow giving a large flow of milk It
may occasion danger to her health, as
it certainly does where fed to pigs and
calves in like manner. When a cow
has passed about four or five months
t of gestation, and tho flow of milk has
j" am
greatly diminished, she may bo put un
a ration of hulls nnd meal, which may
be varied from 4 to 1 to ns much as
7 or 8 to 1 of hulls to meal until Bho has
dried off. This will Btipport tho cow
well. It would be well nil this tlmo,
however, to bo feeding once per day
somo hoy, stover, straw, or let her
graze part of each day.
For two or three weeks boforo calving
tho cow's ration should bo chanced by
substituting n succulent diet of brrfti for
tho cotton-seed meal. A week before
calving, If not already affected by the
succulent diet, tho cow should bo thor
oughly purged with Qlaubor'B or Ep
som salts, In ono pound dose. Care
should bo exercised to seo that tho
bowels remain loose; if not, repeat tho
doKo at Intervals, ns needed, until the
cow has como to her full yield of milk
after calving.
3. For Other Stock. -To other than
ruminating animals, the uso of cither
cotton-seed hulls or meal Ib yet of
doubtful expedience. Hulls aro consid
ered too bulky for horses, but cotton
seed meal mny often bo fed In small
quantities to good ndvnntngo with tho
usual wide rations. Its nctlon, how
over, on tho nervous system is yet un
tried, so far as wo aro Informed, and It
would only bo safe ob a Bmall part of a
ration to bo used, much ns linseed meal
or flaxseed Is sometimes used. This
meal, in small quantities is not so laxa
tive as linseed meal.
Kxpcrlnncn Necessary.
Having decided to establish n cheese
factory, select n man to take charge of
It and send him to somo institution of
tlio kind that is in successful opera
tion, and keep him thero for at least
six months, or until he learns the busi
ness thoroughly, if his services aro not
needed as an assistant; better pay lib
erally for the privilege of staying thero
and learning the business: it will be
found In tho long run that the money
spent in thiB way is tho best invest
ment of the whole institution. A mnn
to operate a cheese factory should he
sufficiently posted so that ho can tell
at a glance, when he enters tho checso
room, whether his cheese maker Is
making good merchantable cheese, or
whether ho is making something that
Is destined to he used aa fish-bait, or
aa a tramp exterminator in the free
lunch Baloon. Wo think this class of
cheese la what gives tho Chicago people
their opinion of Missouri as a dairy
state. O. C. Beach.
Horses In Itussln.
According to tho Gazette of St. Pe
tersburg, Russia possesses 30,000,000
horses, or half tho total number blip
posed by ono authority to be kept In
the world. About 80 per cent belong
to tho peasants, nnd there aro grave
fears of tho rapid decrease of these ani
mals unless something Ib done to ar
rest the dccllno that has set in. Tho
depression In agriculture has impover
ished the peasants, and their horses are
growing fewer as well ns poorer In
quality. At present, It Is estimated, 30
per cent of tho peasants who cultivate
land nro without horses, and the gov
ernment are urged to devote moro at
tention to the encouragement of cart
horse breeding, and loss to that of the
breeding of racers and other light
flrocerr Ituttr.
Every man takes good, sweet butter
to market. (Ho thinks he does.) He
knows he does, because his groccryman
tells him so, and ho puts it in the box
with all of the good butter, and his wife
made It; how could It bo otherwise. But
he has to take a low price for it, there
was so much of the same quality on the
market, so they do not try to make it so
good the next week, for It did not pay
to work so bard for so little money.
If grocerymen could be a little moro
particular in testing the butter they
buy, and take nothing but good, poor
butter would be very scarce, as there
would be no place for It. But Just eb
long as there Is a place where It can he
sold at all, it will be made, and lots of
It, too.
Games. The game fowl Is probably
the oldest breed known to the world.
They were bred and fought three thou
sand years ago, and will be bred and
fought three thousand years after date.
Wo allude to the true game, not the
stilted variety, bred for supposed ele
gance of form and station. There la
no better fowl for the farmer than well
bred and steel tested games. They nro
generous layers and tho finest table
fowls ever Invented. The latter fact is
never disputed and never doubted. Af
ter full feathering they are the hardiest
of all, and will return homo to rooBt
with promptness. Not only will the
males fight anything that wears feath
ers or hair, but tho femaleB will pro
tect their young to the last feather and
the last gasp. Thoy are the best of all
mothers good sitters and good pro
viders. Ex.
Ducks In the South. The south is
the land for ducks. In Texas, Louts
ana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama,
Tennessee and several other bouthern
states, thero are hundreds of lakes,
rivers, creeks nnd bayous that are na
tural harbors for ducks In many of
the states named the wild ducks gather
and forage and in the late fall and win
ter season, affording fine sport for the
huntsman. In tho more thickly set
tled and cultivated sections of -the south
the streumtr and lakes still exist, but
the wild ducks have forsaken them be
cause of the too frequent appearance
of man and the fixtures and appliances
of modern life. It is the duty, then, of
the home-builder to restock the water
ways with ducks. Southern Farm.
Fences. ThlH generation of farmers
is not spending as much for fences as
did our elders. The stock laws have
come Into general favor. Since Block
Is kept at home cattle improve, scrubs
diminish, cows give more milk, calves
thrive better, hogs are of better breeds;
but. best of all, the old feuds over fence?
are a thing of the past,
Hie IteninrbuMe Testimony of n Httnhnnd
nnd Wirutu the Virtues or Or, VUtllnins'
I'luk rill for 1'ntc feuplo.
From the Wave, Odell, NebrnHkn.
A reporter of the Wao having
lienrd of the great faith Mr. and Mis.
1. O Uince, or Odell. Nebraska, have
In the curatlvo proportion of Dr. Wil
liams' Pink PHIh for Pule People, de
termined to see the parties In person
and ascertain tho truth of the report.
With that purpose In view u drive
wan taken to their tine farm a row
miles wet of town, whore Mts. Brace
was found busily engaged in assisting
her huHbtind make wire fence. No
doubt noticing our surprise, she apolo
gized, saying "that the children were
old enough to be of much help with the
housework, nnd she thus had time to
aBlst her husband.
"But Is It possible thut you have re
covet od so us to do work requiring the
constant use of your arms, without
suffering?" asked tho reporter.
This question elicited the following
wonderful story; "I do not wonder
that you are surprised, Bald Mih.
Brace, for ns every ono In thin vicinity
knows for several yearn I was nearly
crippled and suffered constantly from
rheumatism. When 1 first felt the at
tack I got medicine from a local phy
Hlclun, but Instead of getting better
I grew worse, until 1 suffered Intense
agony, which no one who lins not had
,the dread dltouso can understand. In
nopes or reuer, lending pnyHiciuiirt in
other towns were consulted, nnd they
all agreed In pronouncing It a severe
case of muscular thcumatlsm, and as
their proscriptions were taken month
after month without beneficial results,
they ceased to give encouragement,
pud said tl"t 1 was eradually becom
ing pa.ulyzid.
"I had by that time become so eilp
pled that 1 had to give up nil work,
nnd the only way I could carry my
tight arm was In an upright position
Any attempt to lower It caused ex
cruciating pnln. Constant suffering
caused general debility, and life seemed
too great a burden to bear. It is said
a di owning man will catch nt n straw,
and so It was in my cane, as 1 rend a
testimonial In n newspaper 1 happened
to pick up. of a case similar to mine,
which had been cured by Pink Pills
for Pale People, and I determined to
give them a trial.
"I ndmlt my faith was weak, for I
had alwayn been prejudiced ngalnst
so-called patent medicines, but by the
time I bad taken three boxes the relief
was so apparent that I determined to
continue their use. In a few weokn my
general health improved, and I could
move my arm without difficulty, and
by the time ten boxes had been used I
felt better than I had for years, nnd I
can now say with confidence that I urn
cured. I always keep the pills In the
house and take a box of them overy
spring as a blood purifier, and nt nn
time that I take cold and fear a leturn
of my old trouble."
Continuing, Mrs. Brace said- "I give
all the credit or my recovery to Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People,
und both my husband and 1 shall al
ways be reudy to speak In their praise.
We tell our neighbors on every occa
sion of their virtues, and if you think
this It pufilclent Interest we will be glad
to have this testimonial made public,
hoping that It mny bo of benefit to
thopc who otherwise would be life-long
To confirm her utory 1-oyond all
doubt, Mrs. Brace made affidavit.
Subscribed und sworn to berate me,
F. It. Joy. u notary public, on this 2Sth
day of March, 1ES6.
(Seal.) F. R. JOY, Notary Public.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in
'cosiatnauiS Mtttii 'Hit MP Oh'tiAlhti'
necessary to give new lire and i IcbnePH
to the blood and restore shuttered
nerves. Pink Pills are sold by ull deal
ers, or will be sent post paid on receipt
of price, 60 cents a box, or six boxes for
2.fi0 (they are never sold in bulk or by
the 100), b uddreslng Dr. Williams'
Med. Co.. Schenectndy, N. Y.
Godcj's Mncazlno for July.
Godey's Magazine for July begins the
i:i3d volume of the well-known old
publication and is a good 'specimen oi
the pioneer in its modern form. The
number opens with two timely arti
cles. The first of these is from the pen
of a traveler in Persia, and describes,
with the aid of numerous pictures,
some of the characteristics of tho coun
try, which is1 always an important
factor in the Eastern Question, nnd hat
recently come into particular promi
nence on account of the assassination
Shah; while no less timely und inter
esting is a description of the Training
and Life in the New York Fire De
partment, from which a delegation
went to the International Firemen t
Tournament that began in London
July 10. The (odey Company, 52 La
fayette Place, Now York.
The July number of Horner's Macra
zine (to bo published next Monday)
will open with a paper on General
Washington and the period of tlio Kev
olutlon, by Wood row Wilson. Barely
has a historic person been made so real
and human as Washington here ap
pears, in cumonnd on the battle-field
no less than in the Virginia House ol
Burgesses or at his Mount Vernon
plantation. Mr. Pyle's illustration oi
historic scenes worthily accompany
Professor Wilson's udmirable studies
of colonial life and politics. In com
memoration of the centenarian ol
Cleveland, the number will contain an
illustrated paper on tho distinctive
characteristics of Ohio, as shown in the
development of that state, by Presi
dent Charles F. Thwing, of the West
ern Reserve I'niverslty,
General Fitzhugh Lee, Consul-Gen-eral
to Cuba, has written to the July
Century an account of The Failure ol
the Hampton Conference," which was
held in February, 18d.', in the oHort to
bring1 about peace between the North
nnd the South. General Lee introduces
an unpublished letter from Jefferson
Davis, and one from Robert M. T.
Hunter, who was one of the three Con
federate commissioners.
A court In Franco has decided that
It Is not unlawful to aid and abet or
Influence worklngmen to strike.
It Is proposed to change labor day in
Ohio from the first Monday in Septem
ber to the last Saturday In August.
Boilermakers and Iron ship builders
may affiliate with tho American Fed
eration of labor after tho next con
vention. Fifteen hundred employes of tho
tube works at McKeesnort. Pennsvl-
. vanla, have Joined the Iron and Steel
Hotter Tlinti 10 tn 1.
A person went to tho postofllco tho
other day and asked whnt a money
order for S3. 50 would cost. Tho deputy
said tli r co cents, llo said ho would
taho one. Writing It out and giving it
to him, he handed over tho three conK
"You owe me S2.fi). please," said tho
other. "Why, you said it utn throe
cents." An explanation set in. Ilo
gave up tlio order, but will always
wonder why tho man changed hiB
mind. That happened In Roanoke,
nnd dutcs nnd names can be given, us
several were standing by. Armstrong
(Ma) Herald.
If llenuite from Mt-dlrnl Help,
Doubly essential Is It that you should bo
provided with ROnio rcllntiln ftiiully uicdl
I'lliu llosiutter's Momich lltttciN Ik thu
host of Itm'hisH, rtimmlyliu; throughout imlt
duct hiicIi common utltnciils us IiiiIIcomUom,
constipation und hlliouHitoi nnd iiiTorulhK
sufo and speedy linlp In iiiiilnrlnl cumm,
rheumatism una limcm Ity of tho Kidneys.
The Kolf-couccltod man hntdcni to his
enemy to bo entcn. W.ukiitnnkl.
Did you over seo anything ns queer
ns a robin trying to feed its own reflec
tion on ti window glass'.' That sight
has been going on at my house in Dor
chester for a day or two. The poor
deceived bird gots a worm in Ur bill
nnd then runs up to a basement win
dow, where it has seen its reflection,
and thero taps, taps, taps, nt thu glass
trying to feed its shadttw. I had heard
strange noises In tho basement, nnd
had begun to think the house was
haunted, as at first I could not ascer
tain tho cause of the sharp sounds,
lilto tapping on metal, but finally dis
covered tho robin at Its puzzling at
tempts to feed a ghost. Boston Transcript.
Now Open to
Thry ore fertile, well w.ltrfj liMtllr llmhrrcii una rroJuee ruln, B'M". frulU unil vRelM1n In
.bum). nee. ortli Alk.iuai ilfn.ie noli. I Tlir tllinMo 1 ililiitlittul. wlnti'ru mllil Ami i-burl Tl
l.iulii r ubject lo liumrntciiil nlry ot HO irti c.rli. son IS TIU. 7J1IK TO UiT A IIOBK. For f mil aril.
turni.tlon .dilretii
Ln.ti.. lotc.ui. sii.tr. E. V. .V. POWELL, Immigration Agent, Harrison, Ark.
tV llofem lo n.nk of llnrrlxni nni! Uoone County llnnk. Harrison, Ark.
SSp. !5,$J$
ES STOP I Yo" have run
fl MKKtm. mMf""8! F'tMMw
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j some things sell so well is because they f
are good. That is one reason for the s
great sales of "BATTLE AX." s
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H The other half is the size of a 5 cent piece,
It is as big almost as a 10 cent piece of ss
E other and poorer kinds. g
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9 Years Experience
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Branch Storea and Aeenciea in almost
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ThoiiKlit That Oncht to Settle Them.
Old Negro Woman (pouring coal oil
ntuong a nest of cockroaches I Jin
reckon I's goin to fix you ills tlmo l'sot
tried liinc, insect poddnh and hot wnt-t
tab, an hain't dono no good; but now
you'd jls' as well gib up, fcr yon rnn'b
buck rte Ktun'nrd Oil company Truth.
Ilegvlit tin's I'limplior lex Ivtl II Olyrerlim.
Win e l IibiiixhI llnml ntiil Fscb, Tender ur Sum Keet.
Chilblains, rllct.ir. C II. Clark U) .New lluvui.Ct.
The world in full of rooplo with loth'
hands extended to wo'como any tuiuptn
tiou Unit iti out of n Job.
Pndorowskl, sweet ns is hln music cannot
footho hliusolf with it.
"Mend it
or End it,
litis been the rallying cjry of !
reform, directed against abuses
municipal or social.
For the man who IctB hint-
self be abused by a cough the J
cry Bhould be modified to:
xr..,.1 l - lull .,t .... v.. M
...l.,Jl t) Ul .V Villi JTUIIt uu
can mcud any cough with
Cherry Pectoral.
From Uncle Sam.
Nearly 2,000,000 Acres of Government Lands
up against a Good Thing.
no uncertainty. He knows its
right the Columbia sdznllUc
every city and town. If ColumbUa are not
your v.cinity, let us Know,