Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, June 12, 1896, Image 7

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A Yoonu Womnn's fumnipr VTnnlrolie.
Krama. M. Hooper In answer to n cor
respondent who inquires concerning a
uyartiroDo tor tlio summer (in Jiay
"Louies' Home Journals "Have four
dnhcinsr Rouns of net over Bilk, chiffon,
whito Dresden silk and a snamrlcd net.
Whito and pale bluo pique suits, sev
eral fancy silk waists, a doited Swiss,
a ilowcrcd orpundy, blue, duck and
bright bluo ontiiifr pown of twill; then
n golden-brown cheviot for traveling;
blade satin and white silk separata
skirts; shirtwaists, and a tan mohair
suit Add a pretty taffeta silk of
medium hues of changeable green, and
you have the array in which cxpence is
not an object"
A I'rolltulitu lmcntlnu.
While- a great many inventors arc
able to invent and perfect new ideas
but few of them possess the business
toct necessary to introduce their inven
tions after they have been patented.
Occasionally, however, an inventor is
enabled to devise a valuable invention
and is at the same time able to realize
a snug sum on the same.
One of these successful inventors is
Thomas S. Ferguson, of Omaha, Ne
braska, who has invented a bit, within
i which is embodied a removable and
I adjustable simper so that oval, 6phcr
liical or irregular openings can 'bo drill
Ted, the bit being urranged to automat
ically utljust itself as it feeds forward.
Inventor Ferguson further devised an
egg carrier which is the simplest and
cheapest egg crate yet invented and
placed upon the market and both of
these inventions he was enabled to dis
pose of to a company with unlimited
capital, the patents being procured and
sold through Messrs Sues tCo., United
States Patent Solicitors, of Omaha,
Clarence II. Judson, of Council Muffs,
Iowu. has received a patent for an ex
ceedingly clever device, which can be
used both as a toy and an advertising
medium. The invention consists of a
peculiarly constructed metal frame
which can hi made for a few pennies
and which is adapted to hold a square
piece of card board such as an ordinary
business card, and which when thrown
backward will expell the card with a
force sutlicient to send if fully a hun
dred feet straight upward, the inven
tion being practically a card shooting
Inventors desiring valuable free in
formation as to the luw and practice of
patents, may obtain the same by ad
dressing Sues & Co., United States
Patent Solicitors, Bee liuilding, Omaha,
Nolrn of tlio Slmles Knlny Wantltar
Cnttuiurs Sutnc Snwtnor lllinicinn
Answer to Correnpomlentu Itliils for
tlio HoineJioWl llomn Clrrlr.
Only Mndo It Worse.
A country editor, wishing to pay a
high tribute to an old soldier vising the
village, wroto of him as the battlescar
red veteran. When the printer got
through witli it it appeared next day
and the old soldier was referred to as a
"battle-scared veteran."
When the soldier read the paper he
went up to have it out with the editor.
The scribe explained that It was an
error of the printer, and he would cor
rect it in next day's edition. When the
next day's paper appeared to the old
soldier as a "bottle-scarred votcran,"
the printer being responsible as before.
The editor had to unswer for this at
the pistol's point Louisville Commer
cial. Hall's Cntarrh Curo
Is taken internally. Price, 75c.
Is always Intruding
upon us. Wc can
not get rid of it.
Such being tho case
we may ns well bo
propared, for at no
time is it so Impor
tant that a woman
should bo well
dressed ns on n
rainy day. Strive
against It aa we will, our linlr becomes
flabby, and when that Is accompanied
by a homely gown, the result is de
plorable. These remarks doubtless seem super
ficial, but is there one business woman
in ten who, when she buys her gowns
for the season, thinks of a rainy-day
Bicycling and tennis aro slowly but
surely affecting cloudy-weather dress,
for the knickerbockers which are so
useful in these sports serve equally well
in keeping one dry on a rainy day.
They should be worn under a short
walking skirt. Cheviot or ?ergo, of ony
color but blue that turns green after
being wet a few times is best for the
It's a pretty idea to have a tam-o'-shanter
designed to wear with tho suit.
It should he trimmed with a couple of
quillo, which weather cannot spoil.
Over the costume should bo worn a
long, sleeveless circular coat, or thin
tweed or gingham. These coats havo
capes and narrow turnover collars.
Perhaps one prefers a tight-fitting
coat, In which case puff sleeves are
worn and jacket fronts. Theso fronts
are Intended to conceal a largo rocket
on each side. The entire effect is very
To return to materials, one cloak
was of brown "and white fine checked
gingham, lined with changeable taffeta
In brown magenta. Another was of tan
tweed, thin enough to allow the glow
of a pink lining to shine through.
A cute idea in this cloak was Hie
tiny pockets placed at each front cor
ner of the cape. They were entirely
concealed by ornamental flaps.
Above all things, have a handsome
umbrella, and learn to properly furl
it. Unless you do that you can never
hope to he chic "The Latest" In Chi
cago News,
placo In la hod when burglars arc In
tho house. They rarely get anything
of any value, assuredly not enough to
justify anyone stnklng his life to save
the stolen articles. Of course, It ho
should happen to capture a burglar ho
would be called a bravo man, but bur
glars ai solilomed captured by pollco
men. On the contrary, If ho catches n
bullet Instead of a burglar, ho will bo
called a fool for not lotting the burglar?
havo their own way.
With a terrible cold In his bond, nnc
his eyes heavy and sore, the editor sat
on a broken chair, and earnestly, bit
terly swore. A youth had dropped In
with a poem, a man was thore with a
dun, and a chap wns thcro to toll him
how tho paper ought to bo run. An
Irate subscriber had told him that his
paper was not fit to be rend, while nn
othor had carefully promised to punch
tho editor's head. The devil was calling
for copy, and the wind whistled In nt
the door, and this with a few other
reasons, Is why tho editor swore. Dut
the nngel took it to heaven, and record
ed the verdict there: "The jury finds
In the present case It waB a Justitlablo
swear." And who can doubt It, In -the
Ienst, that when Gabriel shall Bound
the trumpet tho editor will havo n place
right up In the center aisle.
Is of ramltr Tlint Ilns Mono Much
Good rlclilliiK Srrvlco for tlio Island
Hatred of Spain n Traditional
Items Aliont Ilrrs.
Adeline wants to know on what day
of tho weok was December 20, 1879?
How should a girl of seventeen wear
her hair? How to trim a short circular
capo? Will light eerii rlbboni look well
on a blnck chip hat? Answer: De
comber 20, 187D, camo on Friday. A
girl of seventeen may wear her hair
in a rather loose knot nt the back of
her head or In a braid tied with a rib
bon, if she is small for her ago and
looks young. A short circular capo
should be trimmed according to the ma
terial of which it is composed. A vel
vet cape may be trimmed with lace,
featheiB, embroidery or passementerie,
a cloth enpe may have embroidery,
galloon, braid or silk trimming. Ono
OSE Antonio Ma
ceo, tho Cuban gen
eral, was born nt
Santiago do Cuba
July 14, 1S48, says
tho New York Sun.
Ills paronts wcro
Marcos Maceo nnd
Mariana Qrnjales,
mulnttocs of that
city, nnd well es
teemed for their
honesty nnd lu
Macco's mother was
married twice. By her first mar
rlago with N. Roglleferos sho had four
cons, Felipe, Mnuuol, Fcrmln and Gus
to. Tho three latter died on tho field of
battle, fighting against Spain during
tho Inst war. Felipe waB so ser
iously wounded by tho Spanish that ho
Is now an Invalid. By her second mar
riage Mariana Grajales had sovon son6,
including Jose Antonio, tho elder; Jose,
Hafnol, Miguel, Julio and Thomas.
Jose was, during tho revolution of
1SG8, one of the bravest Cuban leaders,
und is now a major-general in the Cu
ban army, well known slnco the fierce
battle of Sac del Indlo, which ho won
from General Canclla, Rafael was ser
iously wounded In tho last war nnd died
in exllo from Cuba. Miguel wns killed
in nn encounter nt El Nuevo Mundo,
nnd ThoraaB, like Felipe, Is now nn
Invalid on account of his wounds. Hat
red of Spain and tho Spanish Is, there
fore, a traditional ferllng nmong the
family of Maceo.
Maceo himself was wounded twenty
three times by tho Spanish troops. His
chest Is pierced through and through,
and it is n source of wonder for every
physician who has examined him how
Tho Modern llrnuty
Thrives on good food nnd sunshine,
with plenty of exercise In the open air.
Her form glows with health and Iter
fnee blooms with Its bentity. If her sys
tem needs the cleansing notion of a lax
ative remedy she uses the gentlo nnd
pleasant Syrup of Figs. Mnde by tho
California Fig Syrup Company.
flown for n tllrl Urmluiitt-,
A dress of white crepon made with
a live-yurd skirt interlined with stiffen
ing to u depth of fifteen inches. Hound
waist In back, pointed in front, lorgo
lcg-of-imitton sleeves, belt and collar
of live-inch taffeta ribbon bowed at tho
back, ltox-tilaltot tho goods down the
center front os the waist llrctollcs of
ribbon trosn belt to shoulders, back
and front, with short bow of four
loops and four ends.
Cue's Cough Itnlsnm
Is the olclcM and t't. It will trenk uit a Cold tmloto.
entail aiu tiling else. HUulwnys reliable. Try It,
Kxcupt iu the littlo differences ill crnukl
uev, nil iiieu nro oxnrtly alike.
MrM. H. cTAycT oMtfch"ford Vt. writes:
"Alter having lever 1 xmih very inurh de
bilitated nnd lintl dyxpupNlA no lad 1 ootid
ficnn-ely cut nuythliiR. A litt.o food entisod
blunting mid burning In the utomncli with
jmin nnd much jort'nchs lu my Klilo nud a
great deal of licndurluv My physician
eeetnud uuublo to help mo nud 1 continued
in this (onditiou until I took Dr. Kay's
llestovtitor which completely cured me."
Sold by druRglits nt2."5 rents and I, or
neat by mnli by Dr. U. J. Kay Medical Co,.
Oinalin, Neb. Send for Iron yrunplo nud
Settlement day linnlly comes to overy
ni nn.
1 I now thnt my life was snved by l'iso's
Cure for Consumption. John A. Miller,
Au Sui.ie, Michigan, Airll 21, 1K9.V
An empty head and n rattling tonguo
go veil together.
DON'T let your money rufcls make It,
works 5100 Invented In our iynti'ui of in
oMrncnt will enrn youSJ iier day. Aitoji
porMinlty of u life time. Address for iar
tlciiliir . 'handler & Co., Hrokom und Hunk
er, Kiisota Hlurk. Minneapolis.
Mokcow, Huesln, has tlio Inrgcnt lull iu
tlio world, !: rounds,
It tho llnby la Cutting Teetn.
Bo sure and ma that U J and well-tried remedy, Urs.
IVlvtLow's SooTMixa BrrtOr far Children Teething.
Untitling a Mother.
Tho ntgrcttcs that wo wear In our
hats nro the feathers from the bacty ,
called the dorsal feathers of tho whito
herron. They come only when tho
llttln mother bird is getting ready to
build her nest nnd lay tho eggs which
sho will caro for so carefully, thtt '"""
littlo birds may help to make the world
n irioro beautiful place. Tho hrintcrs
know they can get these feathorrfonly
when tho mother herron is on hetVncst,
and that sho loves her babies bo dearly
that sho will not lcavo her nest. Then
tho hunters shoot hor, pluck her bean
tiful fonthors, nnd lenvo the tmuy .hints
to starve nnd perish In the nest for
want of care. Outlook.
ltcspnnsUo Until to Marsh nml Stvctot
The nerves ate of on painfully ncite. Whnn
this Is tho rase, tan licst thlmr to ha done Im,
toMiak the tonic and irnnminllsinte nttMlst
nnruof ItoMlettrr'n Htotuncli lltttrs, i. Ml
Ihtu tiervlno. No less htuefldnl l It, for
(lysimpile. bilious lnnlarlitl, rhouninth:,
bowel und kidney roinpliilntn. u-o with
porslslont tes.titi.rlty. A wliuRlasfiil lo
torn retiring confers nlco).
Thero'a nothing agree worso than a
proud mind nud I cg&nr's purse.
Ml Ml!,HHrrtliMlll-m.c nutrc.
nernj lirMi'rrii ,tif run.....-! .., " -....p r. or...
MartHuiurunw. TrHutlMmml HUtr.wl millAri. t
c Ileum. biiiJ Uiur.Kluiv.KU Ai lUbU.l'i.il.i. 1'.
lirst lnclfer match was mntlo in
fnrtf nrn(tti nnnn tti lwnliln1 nliriltf f Ml r
Incta ami T lie lo eto; .iotUor 1?""- 'h:.?"?,.1" "'. "!.'
l'liysloliigy as Mio Is Tnii;ht.
A 12-year old boy wroto the follow
ing composition on "breath:" "Breath
is made of air. Wo always breathe
with our lungs, and sometimes with
our livers, e.copt at night, when our
breath keeps lifo going through our
noses while wo are asleep. If it wasn't
for our breath, wo should die when
ever we slept Hoys that stay in a
room all day should not breathe; they
should wait till they get outdoors.
For a lot of boys staying in a room
make carbonicide, and carbonicido is
more poisonous than mad dogs; though
not just tho same way. It does not
bite; but that does not matter ns long
ns it kills you." llristol Medical
Tlireo for a Dollar!
Three what? Three charmingly exe
cuted posters in colors, drawn by W.
W. Denslow, Kthcl Iteed and Ruy
Urown. wl'l bo sent free of postage to
uny address on receipt of One Dollar.
All who are uillicted with the "poster
craze" will immediately embrace this
rare opportunity, as but a limited num
ber of the posters will be issued. The
scarcity of a good thing enhances its
value. Address Geo. II. HeufTord;
General Passenger Agent of the Chi
cago. Milwaukee & St Paul Railway,
Old Colony liuilding. Chicago, 111.
Hummer Kxciirstutis Via. the Watiash It. It
St. LouIh June 13th to ICth.
HALF St Louis Ju.y 41.
FARE ) w atihineton Ju y I'd to 0th.
UuiTa o July 5th and tth.
Now on ba e. Ktimnier Tourist Tickets to
iih tuminer resorts good returning until
Oct. ItlHt. Ihos. Cook & Bons Bpecfnl
tours of Europe For rates, itineries, sail
ian of .Steniners and lul information re
garding tuminer vacation tours via. mil or
water call nt tho Wauaah Tfclet Office, No.
141fi Kariinm 8t, (Paxton Hotel block), or
vrite O. N. Cluyton, N. W. P. A., Omaha,
Nclr. ,
To Mukci Ptravrbnrry drily.
Roll three-quarters of a pound of
sugar in half n pint of water, pour it
lxiilin'- hot over three Dints of straw-
'S" liprrirs In nn nrtliprn vessel, ndil thn
juice of two letnons, cover closely, and
let it stand twelve hours. ThenEtrain
through a cloth (flannel is the best
thing); mix the juice which has run
through with two and a half ounces of
gelatine, which has been dissolved in u
little warm water, and add sufficient
cold water to make tho mixture one
quart Pour into a mould and bet on
the ice to cool.
A Summer Itesort Hook Free.
Write to C S. Crane, general passen
ger nnd ticket agent Wabash Railroad,
8t Louis, Mo., for a summer resort
book, telling all about the beautiful
lake region reached by the Wabash
The grateful heart has music in it that
angelb cannot slug.
A good character is in all cases the fruit
of personal exertion.
All About Western Farm Ij.nds.
The "Corn Belt" is the name of an
illustrated monthly newspaper pub
lished by the Chicago, Hurlington &
Qulncy R, It It aims to give informa
tion in an interesting way about the
Joistn's Philosophy.
Men who complain of their homes too
often overlook tho fact that they them
selves aro more or less responsible for
the atmosphere which pervades Jt.
Consideration for a "wife is one of tlio
sweetest flowers which a husband can
grow and nourish in the home garden.
It will do more than tho costliest bou
ts embroidered; a third is trimmed
with alternate rdfiles of the cloth of
which It Is made ahd glace silk. Light
ecru ribbon will trim a black chip hat
Freshening ITo llressca.
M. M. has more ambition nnd tasto
than' many girls, and while she likes
to look nice, is unable to Indulge her
self In now and pretty costumes. She
asks what she can do to make present
able a light colored wnlst that has been
a good deal soiled. Answer; Puffings
of chiffon or lace shirred very full may
bo used to conceal the silk that is soiled.
The material should bo adapted to tho
ground work, and much of Its beauty
will depend upon the careful way in
which It Is applied. If It 1b liked, black
lace may be gathered over the light
c"lor, or white, which Is more dressy.
Rosettes and loops of laco or thin ma
terial can be put on the shoulders and
at the lower edge of tho bodice. The
sleeves can be covered with thin ma-
. x, 3i tc slCll1'' V I
quets which he can bring home from
the florist. It is the little things in this
world that make life attractive, and It
is the little acts of courtesy atid con
sideration on the part of tho husband
which deepens her love for him, height
ens her respect for other men, and
makes her dally and hourly grateful
to God, through whose Infinite wisdom
her life and that of her husband were
brought together. Marriage is never a
failure in a home where consideration
fills the minds and lives of the hus
band and wife. It is a golden bond be
tween them which brightens years, and
binds them together when they are ab
sent from one another.
Kind words arc tho music of the
world. They have a power which seems
to be beyond natural causes. It seems
as If they could ulmost do what In
reality God alone can do soften the
hard and angry hearts of men, No one
has ever been converted by sarcasm;
crushed, perhaps, if the sarcasm was
clever enough, but drawn nearer to
God, never.
I think that a person wno tries lo
shoot a burglar in hlB own house is
foolish. It Is even more hazardous than
running ahead of teams on the street.
Suppose one should tumble down. No
driver has such a command over his
horses that he could stop them soon
enough to prevent an accident. It al
ways makes me nervous to see some
smarty go dodging under the horse's
nose. Now, a burglar has nine out of
ten advantages over theman being bur
glarized. The burglar Is wide-awake,
on the alert for danger, has his means
of escape perfectly planned, and Is
around for anything that may threaten
him or cut off his escape. The man
being burglarized is usually awakened
from a sound sleep, if he awakes at
all, and is naturally in a dazed condi
tion. This Is proven from the fact that
about three-fourths of the men thus
aroused, who shoot at burglars hit
tome member of tho household instead.
In tivn rfl(fl nut of three nt thn rn-
way about the . . .. . ' ... .
fnrm Umic.nf the weit Send 25 cents i maining iourtii, are tnemseives nit by
ic postage stamps to the Corn Belt, 20 the burglnr. In other words, about one
Adams St. Chicago, and the paper will out of every twelvo who enter a houee
be sent toy cm address for one year. iz shot at and rarely bit. The safest
terlnl; and if there are spots that must
be concealed, placo a rosett- of the
fabric over each spot, and put a cor
responding one on the other side. Across
the shoulders, where there is frequently
a good deal of discoloration, the mate
rial may be shirred on quite closely and
will conceal all defects.
A small, close round hat has a turban-shaped
brim of fine Jets. The
crown is puffed chiffon. The trimming
Is of very short ostrich tips curled into
rosette shape. These are set around
the sides of the hat, and a long plume
falls over the back.
A round hat of satin braid has a
moderately low crown and a trimming
of at least ten loops of wide Dresden
ribbon Eet at one side and falling over
the crown. Three very full ostrich tips
are set at the other side of the crown
and foil toward the front.
Chatelaine belts of gold and stiver,
with numerous pretty but useless pend
ants, In the style of those worn fifteen
years ago, ore revived, but the tinkle of
silver trinkets makes music for envious
ears. Scissors which refuse to cut, thim
ble cases never opened, vinaigrettes
without any salts, fan and bouquet hold
ers, are all in their accustomed place.
But the new chatelaine bag made of
various kinds of fancy leather is a thing
for use as well as beauty. Bags of liz
ard skin and tan suede, with gold, silver
or aluminum ornaments, are especially
desirable. Some are fastened securely
to the belt and others are held by u
metal elacp.
To make ordinary cloth waterproof,
put half a pound of sugar of lead in
a pail of rain water, with half a pound
of alum; stir at intervals until the wa
ter becomes clear, and then pour It off
Into another pail. Put the cloth or gar
ments into it and let them stund
twenty-four hours. Then hang tho
clothes up to dry without wringing.
Garments treated thus can be worn in
the wildest storm of wind and rain
without the wecier even getting damp.
The rain will hanglu globuleB upon the
cloth, and cloth that Is waterproof Is
vents him from speaking very loudly,
His voice is bo low thnt It Is necessary
to approach him closely to understand
what he says.
When the war of 1808 bigan Maceo
was working In the country ns n peas
ant, employed on a farm. Ho Joined,
with his brothers, the rebel ranks, and
was admitted as a soldier. By ills
bravery ho reached tho rank of major
general, nnd, after Gomez, was the most
Important chief of the last revolution.
Two of his more important battles In
tho former war were those of Dema
jngua, In Holguln, nnd La Galletn, In
which ho defeated General Martinez
His campaign at Baracoa was also
very brilliant. In 1878 ho bad his
greatest triumph at San Ulplano, whero
the Spanish column of San Qulntln had
to retire before Maceo, leaving 100 dead
vn the :.'"W,.-.Ia that action the Span
ish were commanded by'Fldel Snnto
clldes. the same one who was killed In
this war by Maceo's forces at the bat
tle of Peralcjo.
When the peace of Zanjon was ar
ranged, Maceo did not llko to agree to
any treaty with Spain. He continued
fighting two months more. General
Martinez Compos, under date of March
19, 1878, wrote thus to tho prime min
ister, Canovas del Castillo:
"It is very difficult to arrnngo the
peace In Santiago do Cuba, whero
Antonio Maceo rules. Ho was a peas
ant, and is now a general. His ambi
tion is enormous, his courage great, his
prestige Immense among his country
men. He is a man of high natural tal
ent, and for him nothing could be done,
notwithstanding the wishes of the Ju
ban government. He has convinced
Vicente Garcia that to yield is dis
honor." Maceo was compelled to leave Cuba,
but ho did not sign the pence. He
camo to the United States, and after
ward went to South America, conspir
ing always against Spain. In 1890 l.e
tried to renew tho revolution in Cuba,
but unsuccessfully. In 1894 he was at
tacked at Costa Rica by a group of
Spaniards as bo was leaving a theater.
He was dangerously wounded, but he
killed one of his opponents. In March,
1895, ho landed in Cuba again, followed
some days after by Marti and Gomez.
His lifo since is well known to Ameri
can leaders. At tho battle of Peralejo,
by defeating Spain's first generul, ho
added a page of glory to his biography,
Ioblto, Mai Tlempo, Sac del Indlo,
Candclaria, are his most brilliant ac
tions after Peralejo, on account of his
wonderful two Invasions of Plnar del
Rio, coming from Santiago do Cuba the
first time, and tho second from Las
Villas, as reported by his staff chief,
Brig. Mlro.
Genera Welyler is now very anxious
to catch him passing ths military wall
the SpanlBh have established from
Mnriel to Majana, but the Cubans aro
confident of Maceo's courage and abil
ity. Maceo's feelings at present are the
same as in 1878. He says that death is
better than nny treaty with Spain not
based on the absolute independence
of the island. He will never accept au
tonomy or reforms. He hopes only in
tho final success of the war, and with
respect to the work of the Cubans in
this country to obtain belligerent
rights for the patriot army he wrote a
few days ago to them: "I am more con
fident in the force of arms than in the
abilities of diplomacy."
Mod people, do not want to know tho
truth, it it is ditngrecnble.
Dolus good Is the only certainly btppy
notion of n man's life.
Cousrehs declnred war with Mexico, May
10, 1M0; closed Fob. 2, 18-iH.
Wj BaneV
KWa BeaufyV
y 7
1 VI JS&Z.
' H-ji
llcnuty's basse is
the fading or falling of
ttie hair. Luxuriant
tresses urc Jar more to the,
matron than to the uiaiil whose casket,
of charms is yet tsuriflcd by 'timet
Beautiful women will be glad to be
reminded that falling or fading hair
is unknown to those who use
Ayer's Hair Vigor.
Sometimes quality is sacrificed in the
effort to give big quantity for little money.
No doubt about that.
But once in a while it isn't.
' For instance, there's "BATTLE AX."
The piece is bigger than you ever saw
before for 5 cents. And the quality is, as
many a man has said, " mighty good."
Tnere's no guess work in this statement.
It is iust a plain fact.
You can prove it by investing 5 cents
S T 1
He Fslt Confident,
"Do you worry about meeting yosti
notes?" Eald the victim of pecuniary
"No," said the person who Is indis
criminately flippant. "I don't worry
about meeting 'em. Experience has
taught me that I cm Just sit down ano
better and more healthful than rubber J trust to 'em to run across mo." Wash
goodu. 't incton Star. (
1896 Hartford Bicycles
This is the best value for the money
oifcrcd in medium grade machines
Patterns Not. J and 2, $Qf . $C
reduced from . . OU to OD
Patterns Nos. 3 and A, $l( . $CC
rtducedfrom . . OU to OU
Patterns Nos. 5 and 6, $Cf
reduced from . . v
acknowledge no competitors, and the price
is fixed absolutely for the season of 1896 at
If you can't buy a Columbia, then buy a Hartford,
All Columbia and Hartford Bicycles are ready for immediate delivery.
Branch Stores and Acenctcs In almost
every city and town. If Columbias are
not properly represented In your vicinity,
let us know.
General Offices and Factories,