Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, June 12, 1896, Image 2

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    . YHiwill 'W4mJ
T1I03. J. O'KKCrrfi, rnhllshir.
Ei.oin will havo a fitting celebration
on the Fourth of July.
Tiikiir will bo running races In Rush
vlllo on Ju)y 2, 3 and 4.
Tut Arapahoo band has boon en
Raged to furnish music at tho stato
GiiKKLtiY county contributed a car
load of corn to tho Texas tornado suf
Jack Romnaui.t, ah old citizen of
Maine county, who left in the depressed
times of a couple of years ago nnd
west to California, and subsequently
to Texas, has returned to Nebraska to
stay, satisfied that It is tho best placo
after all.
A CAitt.oAn of corn for Texas torna
do sufferers arrived in Lincoln last
week nnd was sent south by tho Hur
lingtun. It carried an inscription tell
ing of its destination and adding "Com
pliments of 1694." Tho car was from
Greeley county.
A I'ltKB JlKTJiomsT cnmpmeotliiff and
conference will be held In Mr. Wolburn's
grove, two nnd one-half miles cast of
Wellfleet' Neb., commencing Juno 18
and lasting until tho 28th or over two
Sabbaths. A lnrgo tent 40x00 feet will
bo used for services,
Onj: William Halter war arrested at
wt 1 ,. .,,. .ir.-r. tl,M. . Lincoln liv Dcmttv Shcriu Jones 01
. . "'"r , . ... . i.u ift. ,i i.,.i,.
produced ono inch of moisture instdo of , Wahoo and brought back for trial. At
k minute. an unseemly hour UaUcr is accused of
t(typn will donate a going into 1110 uarn 01 imun ..
a to "o Tcin! cycIonSifn Valparaiso, and stealing ono et of
carload of corn
Ei-Gov. John M. Thavkh untted
wjth tho Methodist church in Lincoln
last Sunday.
IiaNcroft Is taking tho inltatory
stops for proper celobratlon of tho
Fourth of July.
Tub graduating class at Ashland
numbered twenty-one, fifteen Indies
and six gentlemen.
Kinmvir.t.i:, Gordon and Hay Springs
Modern Woodmen aro arranging for a
grand picnic in June.
Tiik assessment of Xowcastlo this
year shows an increaso In valuation of
several hundred dollars.
Small grain In Hurt county is so rank
that thcro Is some fear It will lodge."
Tlio fruit crop will bo fair.
Tnnnc wcro some thirsty, fields in
Nebraska until last week, when they
got a great wetting down.
A xuMiiKit of Nebraska City brick
layers havo gone to St. Louis whero
their services nro in demand.
Onk inch of rnin fell at Wayno tho
other day insido of ono minute. What
locality can break the record?
Tun Tekatnah Herald assorts that
within n few months a rallroud will bo
built from Tekatnah to Decatur.
F. W. Cot.MNH and W. J. Rrynn de
bated tho silver question at tho Orleans
chautuuqua to a largo audience.
liAViti City's tax levy this year will
necessarily bo a little larger than last,
owing to some special obligations to be
Onk implement man at Blair has al
ready sold fourteen self-binders in an
ticipation of a heavy crop of sraull
WM. Waonkh of Johnson county has
been ndjudged insane by tho local ex
amining board and will bo taken to the
Lincoln asylum.,
Tiik Augustann synod of the Swedish
Luthcrn church for tho United States
and Canada convened in Omaha last
week for a ten days' session.
Gkack Hancock, a, 15-ycar-old girl
living near Fontanclle, ate home pois
onous substance, nature unknown, nnd
died shortly afterward In great agony.
llUKOi.AiiH have of lato been quito
active in York, entering a number of
residences. Only money was taken,
watches and Jewelry being undis
turbed. John Dukxisi. was run over and killed
by a Missouri Pacific train while cross
ing tlio tracks about five miles north of
Springfield, His head was entirely
cut off.
Tub Grand Army of the Republic re
union for Cass, Lancaster, Otoe, Sarpy
nnd Saunders counties will be held this
year at Weeping Water, July 1 to 4 inclusive.
Tjik joint debate at the Orleans Chau
tauqua between Ex-Congressman Rrynn
and F. W. Collins was listened to by a
lnrgo audience, Roth madu magnifi
cent ettorts.
Tiik personal property assessment of
ltarneston township, Gage county,
ehows330 head of horses, 1,104 cattle,
forty-four mules, twenty-five sheep and
1,704 hogs, valued at 532,100.
Tiik Wllber Democrat thinks no
home is what It ought to be unlets pro
vided with a tornado cave. It may
never be needed, but in tho event that
it should, it will be needed bad.
AN attempt was made to burglarize
the safe of D. P. .Rolfe A: Co., lumber
merchants. Nebraska City. The handle
nnd lock wcro knocked off with a
Blcdge hammer, but an entrance was
not effected.
Tub mill damn at Martinsburg as
well as at Ponca was nearly washed
out by the storm of tho 24th ulu At
the former place it will cost considera
ble time and labor to repair the dam as
good as it was. '-
Onb of tho worst' storms of the sea
son, accompanied with torrents of rain,
wind and lightning, visited Hebron.
ihe people in general were very much!
ingmencu. Auout jour inches of rat,n
fell during the night.
(Tub hail storm that missed north
and ea-st of Loup City did' considerable
more damage than was first reported.
Much winter wheat and rye was des
troyed and Is being plowed under and
corn will bo planted oja'the ground.
Tiik Omaha company's elevator at
Stromsburg wus burned, together with
about 12,000 bushels of oats. The fire
originated In the engine room, lly
'hard work tho Hre department suc
ceeded in saving adjoining buildings.
Fueo W. llAitmtt, who has been sten
ographer in Superintendent Calvert's
ofilce, has been promoted to take place
ui cmei cicrK 10 uivision buperlutend-
ent Phelan at Alliance. Many friends of
Mr. .Harris rejoice at his good fortune.
IN the Morrison murder trial at Rush
vllle on tho 4tb, the accused hlmseli
Avas on tho witneea stand. He denied
'that he tired three hots at Von Harris,
and declared that he only shot twice
f nnd that those two were fired at a man
named Akeni and that Von Harris was
I killed by accident.
DuitiNO a terrific thunder storm .at
Bancroft a bolt struck tiie roof of J. W.
Watson's house, passing; down ihe
chimney and knocking a quantity of
plaster from the hallway. Luckily
none of tho Inmates of the house were
jujurcu. tun storm was the most se
hnrncsn and other articles
it. V. WooDHl'iT, ono of York coun
ty's earliest settlers, aged 74 years, got
up tho other njornirtg and walked out
to tho barn. His family noticing that
ho did not return, went out to look for
him nnd found him dead Heart
troublo was tho cause of his quick
Company K, First regiment Nebraska
national guard, was mustered in at
Columbus last week by Adjutant-Gen
eral Harry nnd Major l'ceiiot. ino
oiliccrs of tho company aro: J. N.
KUIan, captain; G W. Jones, first lieu
tenant; G L. Stlllman, second lieu
Vim 11 c Melton nnd Ono Other Unable to
llniliTitnnil Ono Word of tho Pro
ceedings Tho Interpreter I.lttlo
Used The Kmisii Hoy
Write From Prison of
Cuban Horror.
vere that ever occurred in the vicinity.
Thk prospect hole at Monroe, Platte
county, reached a depth last week of
675 feet, at which point, after having
passed through a strata of coarse grav
el for several feet, water rushed up
within twenty ft of the top of the
hole. The object of the prospectors
has been to find either .mineral deposit!
or artesian water.
A PUT1TION, -signed by fifty-seven of
ie bust and ablest neoplo of Fight
Milo prcslnct, was handed to the coun
ty commissioners of Cass county, ask
ing that that that body call a special
election In Fight Mllo precinct for tho
purposo of voting 84,000 bonds for
bridge purposes.
Dahsky LKWlScof TMcGook, last week
laid away tho remains of his only
child, a charming little daughter, .Rv
an cxtradrdlnary fatality and coinci
dence, this family has lost all of their
children with whooping' cough. Threo
died In Lincoln, 'whero .they formerly
resided, and three hava-dled since tney
moved to McCook, two of them within
a week.
Tiik Sovonth-Dny Adventlsts have
perfected nrrangomants with tho Fre
mont Chautauqua -association for their
state encampmont It will commence
tho 34 th day of August and bo in ses
sion hutil the 7th day of September.
It Is thought that thoro will bo in at
tendance from 1,000 to 1,'JOO people.
Tho meetings will be conducted by the
best talent of tho United States.
Tjik stato supremo court nas made a
ruling in the case of Morgan and Hoo
ver, two murderers under sentence of
death in tho Douglas county jail. In
each case tho verdict of the trial jury
is uphold. This means that theso men
will havo to dlo on the gallows unless
thcro is executive interference. Mor
gan ravished and then klllod little Ida
GaskllL Hoover shot and killed his
brother-in-law, a member of the city
council of Omaha.
Tiik Stato Druggists' association, nt-
thelr meeting in Lincoln last wcck,
elected ofiicqrs as follows: President,
John J. Teton, Nobraskn ,0ity; first
vice president, Theodore St.. Mnrtin,
Wahoo'. second ' vice president. A. W.
Huckhelt, Grand Island; third, vlco
president, J, F. Gcrko, Seward; fourth
vlco president, G L. Smith, Oma)in;
fifth vico president, F. 1 Carlton,
Palmyra; secretary, W. L.' Heilman,
Tecumseh; treasurer, Jerry Uowen,
Wood River; local secretary, G 11.
Smith, Plattsmouth.
Tiik twenty-first annual session of
the grand chapter of Nebraska, Order
of the Eastern Star, closed last week at
Fremont after a very profitable and in
teresting three days session. Tho fol
lowing otllcers wero elected! G. W.
M., Mrs. G. M. Stires, Columbus; G. W.
P., Rev. Plnkhara, Grand Island; G. W.
a, Dr. Eleanor Daily, Omaha; G. W.
T., Edwin Davis, Omaha; G. W. G,
Mrs. Maud lironson, McCook; assistant
G. W. G, Mrs. Clara Wright; assistant
G. W. M., Mrs. Raid win, North Platte;
assistant O. W. P., D. R. Howard,
A mkktino of tho county commission
ers of northwestern Nebraska was held
last week at Norfolk. - It was decided
to change the name of the association
to the County Commissioners and Su
pervisors Association' of tho State of
Nebraska, making -'it a stato associa
tion Instead of simply North Nebraska,
as heretofore. -The next meeting will
be held at Lincoln on the second Tues
day in December, 1890.
Makk Rubick, a batchelor about 30
years of age, living twelvo miles south
of Chndron, committed suicide by tak
ing strychnine. Rusick has suffered
for years with rheumatism and recent
ly with neuralgia of the stomach, lie
remarket! 10 nis bister inuu ie ucueveu
he had lived long enough and walked
out of the house toward the river.
Not returning In a short time, she
went to look for him and found him
lying dead upon tho river bank.
GovKitNoit Hoi.coMi) has received the
following letter, written by Mr. J. W.
Madden, privauc secretary to Governor
Culbertson: "Since the receipt of your
telegram of the -1st inst., in which you
so kindly tendered aid to the bereaved,
storm-stricken and home-wrecked pen
pie of our state, Governor Culbertson
has been unavoidably absent from the
capltol, and is so now, but has instruct
ed me to express to you on behalf of
the people of Texas thanks for your
very generous and benevolent offer of
assistance, and to assure you that tho
same is accepted in a spirit of the pro
foundest gratitude. Tho people of
Texas in general, and those who were
the immediate sufferers in particular,
will treuMiro in sacred remembrance
this manifestation of sympathy and
good will on the. part of yourself and
the kind and noble-hearted people of
your state."
RliiOi.AHs visited Alvo, nmall town
on the Rock Island, seven miles north
west of Flinwood, and effected an en
trance into the general merchandise
store of C, C. Rucknell by prying open
the frontdoor. Six pairs of shoes, sev
eral boxes of cigars, all the silk hand
kerchiefs and mufilers in the store, and
suae dry goods were taken,
A nitiNKKN man fell from the second
story porch at the rar of the building
occupied by the White Elephant saloon
in Hastings and with a drunken man's
proverbial luck escaped without more
serious injury than a slight cut on the
heud. The fall was enough to havo
! hiiitd cr cr ppled for life a sober man,
Washington, Juno o. Tlio testi
mony of Frederick V. Lawrence, re
ferred to by Mr. Morgan In tho Sen
ate, was taken privately beforo tho
subcommittee of tho Sonata commit
tee on foreign relations May "JO In re
gard to the situation in Cuba, Law
rouco stated that he had gono to Cuba
as a newspaper correspondent and had
been expelled. Ho had found it im
possible to sccuro much Information
from tho Spanish Authorities and
learned afterwards that what was
given out was untrue.
Rclerrlng to tho trial of Laborde
and Milton, captured on board the
Competitor, Lawrence said that
neither tho prosecution nor tho de
fense asked any questions, that the
five were tried at onco and that tho
trial, which resulted In the sentence
of death, lasted less than a day.
Asked If there was an interpreter
present, Lawrence said there was, but
that ho did not make his presence
known to tho prisoners until they
were asked whether they had any
thing to say in their own defense.
These long statements were read by
tho judge advocate In Spanish, rue
evidence was given in Spanish and not
translated in their hearing. "Their
defender did not communicate to them
the substance of It nor utter one sin
gle word to them,'1 said Lawrence.
"1 have every . reason to think
then defending counsel could not
Btieak English. Then they wero asked
what they had to hay In defense, but
not In English. The presiding ofllcer of
tho court martial there wcro ten of
lliein, what wo might call tho jury
the presiding ofllcer of that body said
to Labordo In Spanish, "What have
you to say?" Ho said a few words and
so It went on till the last man was
reached William Glldea and the pre
siding ofliccr spoke to him, nnd he did
not understand him, and then the in
terpreter got up and said: "Do you
wish to say anything?" Gildca arose
and said: 'All I have to say is 1 do not
understand ono word Unit has been
baid to-day for or against me, and at
any rato. I appeal to both the Rritish
and American consuls. There wero
two prisoners who could not speak
and understand Spanish Milton and
tnslat on Public II u II ill 11 c by n Vote of
AH to O Tlio Home Scored.
Washington, Juno 8. In the Senate
Mr. Allison reported a partial agree
ment on the sundry civil appropriation
bill. Ho explained that a number of
Items wero still open, Including thoso
for new public buildings at Salt Lake
City and at tho capitals of tho new
states of Idaho, Wyoming and Mon
tana and additions for tho public
buildines sit Kunsas City, Savannah,
Ga., and Camden, N, J.
Mr., Dubois made a vigorous plea
for public buildings at the now capi
tals. Ho said that it was notorious
that tho speaker of the house and the
chuirinaii ot tho house committee on
public buildings and grounds declined
to approvo nny new public buildings.
And yet Speaker Reed resided in n
place with 30.000 neoplo with a public
building costing SI, '."., 000 nnd tho
district represented by Chairman
Milliken of Maine, of the House com
mittee on public buildings, had fcdcrnl
buildings in five towns. The chairman
of tho House committee lived in n
town which would not make a suburb
of ono of these Western capitals. Tho
county steals in borne of these new
states were larger than any town in
the districts represented oy these gen
tlemen (Ucednnd Mllllkcn)
Mr. Vest said it was an established
policy to give tho new states a public
building at their capital.
Aftoi further detyitc tho Senate
conferees were Instructed to insist on
nil tho public building Items. To em
phasize tho Insistence a yea and nay
votowas taken, resulting 58 toO.
Flttr-Stx Mcmocr Oppoio and Onlr Fire
Htnnd by President Cleveland Mr. Vet
Make Another Hitter Attack on the
Chief MacUtratc III Veto Wm 8e
rrrelj CritlcUrd.
Governor Stone Oppcuoil to ActlnR Upon
Mnjor Wulbrlilce'a Itcqurat.
JKFFEitsoN Citv, Mo., June S. When
seen this afternoon, Govornor Stone
refnsed to say whether ho would call
lan ex try. session of the legislature or
not at tho request of Mayor Wal
bridgo of St. Louis. From an unoffi
cial bourcc it is said that he Is opposed
to an extra session; that such a call
would necessitate nt least a ton days'
session and that it would cost the
state S40.000 or SO.OOO.
One Year More forthu Sectarian School
Attorney' Claim Itoferreil.
Washington, June e. The confer
ees have made a final agreement on
the Indian appropriation bill. The
sectarian school amendment provides
for one instead of two years for clos
ing the government contracts with
these schools, und the claims for at
torneys' fees in the Cherokee old set
tlers' claims are referred to the court
of claims. The report was agreed to
in tho Senate.
Young Knnitin Nnir In n Cnban
Prison Write of tlio Horror.
Kr.Y West, Flo., June 8. A letter
has been recolvcd here from Owen
Melton, the young ICansan captured
on tho schooner Competitor and sen
tenced to death in Havana, in which
he describes the barbarities practiced
by Spaniards on prisoners confined in
Moro Castle and Fort Cabanas as fol
lows: "The world will never know
the barbarities that aro practiced by
the Spaniards on.. the suspects con
fined in Moro Castle and Fort
Cabanas. They are being tortured and
shot without trial almost -dally. On
May 30 Fuustrluo Pardone, 16 years
old, was captured in tho outskirts of.
Havana by Spanish guerillus and
lodged in Cabanas. It wus suspected
that the boy had been in communica
tion witb the insurgents. To muke
Pardone confess he wns stripped and
suspended by the arms, while a Span
ish lieutenant whipped the boy on the
bare flesh with a heavy whip. Par
done's back, shoulders and breast
were soon a bleeding pulp add he was
shrieking in agony. Then the ofllcer
asked Pardone if ho had done certain
things and in his terrible pain the boy
would scream 'yes, yes.' This was
writteu at the boy's deposition. Such
things are of dally occurrence in the
"At night volleys of musketry are
frequently heard. The next day the
prisoners know what these volleys
mean when they miss the faces of well
known prisoners and from ten to fif
teen are crowded in one cell.
"There are several Americans In
Cabunus, among them being the Amer
icans captured with the schooner Com
petitor. Part of tlieie are in one cell
und part in another. Julio Sanguilly
is also imprisoned here. He is given
a separate cell. Numbers of Cubans
havo been fouud nt their homes suffer
ing from wounds and have been
dragged awfully and thrown in tho
dungeons of Fort Cabanas.
Shot by on Angry Wife.
Foht Smith, Ark., June 8. About 0
o'clock last night Mrs. Fagan Hour
land, a leading socloty woman, who
had blackened her face for a disguise,
shot twice and fatally wounded Maud
Allen and then fired upon her own
husband, wounding him in the leg.
The shooting was tho result of an in
trigue of long standing between Hour
land and the Allen Woman, and had
been expected in vlow of less berious
difficulties from time to time, Mrs.
Rourland has not been arrested and
probably will not be.
More llnmbi la Hiirecloua, Spain. 3
ItAHCtr.oNA, June e". After the
Corpus Chrlstl procession here to-day,
two brass bombs, similar to those in
the Liceo theater 'Utrage in November
1804, .were found in a btreet near the
cathedral. Several Anarchists have
been arrested on suspicion.
Fatal Sturm at Loup tlljr, fir li.
Lot"P, City, Neb,, June !?, As a re
bait of a hurricane and a cloud burxt
here last night, seven members of
Joseph McCoy's faintly were injured
and ono child killed. Many houe
were destroyed.
Alliance ot tho Iteform Churches.
Nkw Yoiik, June 8. The American
delegates who will represent this
country at the sixth General Council
of tho Alliance of the Reform Churches
throughout tho world holding tho
Presbyterian system, left to-day for
Glasgow. The convention will open
on tho 17th. Tho constitution of the
alliance aims to bring together all
reformed churches which hold the
Presbyterian system. It will cin
bider subiects of evangelizatiou nnd
reform in tho Chiistiim church
throughout the world. Church union,
temperance, the Subbath reform, fed
eral union of all the members of this
household, beneficence, missions, etc.,
are the principal themes that will
come before this assembly?
Congratulations for Wale.
London, June 8. Telegrams are
still coming to Marlborough house
congratulating the Prince of Wales
upon the success of his horse Persim
mon in tho Derby Wednesday. The
queen, Emperor William, tlio czar and
mosftsjfM'0 crowned heads have tele
graphedHr'oithc,prluceI.w Tlitvodly dis
cordant note thui fareoraes from
Scotland, whero the Rev. Mr. Fergus,
at a meeting of the Religious Tract
society, suggested that they send col
porteurs to Epsom in order to induce
the Prince of Wales and, Incidentally,
Lord Roscberr.v, to "try for a higher
race than tho Derby."
The Itlvrr Hill a Law.
Washington, Juno 4. Ab soon as
tho Scnato met to-day Mr. Vest, who,
In tho absence of Mr. Fryo, is In
charge of tho rivers and harbors bill,
sought to have tho President's Veto of
thut measure brought up. This wns
opposed by Mr. IVttlgrew, in charge
of the Indian appropriation bill con
ference report.
Air. Vest urged that tho suspension
and possible destruction of the work
of improvement of International
water ways was of moro moment than
any other one subject, savo that of
the national honor. It was imper
ative that the question be settled now,
so that if the Veto wns sustained it
could bo determined whether any
other rivers and hurbors bill was to
be framed.
The bill and veto were taken up,
yeas 38, nays 10, the negative voto
being cast by Messrs. Rate, Chilton,
Harris, Palmer and Vilas, Democrats,
and Rrown, Morrill, Pettigrew, Prltch
ard and Teller, Republicans.
Air. Vest said that tho voto contained
statements which, however much ho
might respect tho high otiico of Presi
dent, ought not to go unchallenged.
He did not question the President's
veto prerogative, but tho frit mors of
the constitution never had intended
that this power should be used in tho
ordinary affairs of the government.
It was to be a power to meut extra
ordinary contingencies when popular
passion had led to hasty legislation
or whm u constitutional qne.stiou was
Involved. The early Presidents who
ctood nearest to the constitution ex
ercised the veto power but seven
tlmes-i-twice by Washington five
times by Madison and never by Jeffer
con or John Adams.
The President had, Mr. Vest said,
stated that the bill made direct ap
propriations of $14,000,001), while In
fact they aggregated S12.os.9jU, a
difference of. SI. 3111,100. This was
hardly characteristic of the emana
tions of Mr. Cleveland.
Mr. Vest took up other Items, show
ing that the totals were lew than tho
.President's statements would indicate.
As to the general charge of extrava
gance, in connection with the vast in
terests involved and the extent of tho
country, and the fact that Hie river
and harbor bill covered two years this
measure was reasonable. There wero
items open to question, but in all
legislation this was a result of com
promise. He hud addressed a letter
to General Craighill, chief of engineers,
usklng for the facts as to the state
ment of the President that he
had learned from olliciul sources that
the bill contained appropriations in
tended to serve private interests Gen
eral Craighill made no reply, but in
response to a telegraphic query
unswered that the letter had been
"referred to the secretary of war for
Instructions." Up to this date no in
formation had been given. "So, for
reasons best known to the administra
tion," he said bitterly, "It is considered
best not to go into details, but to in
dulge in-general and historical declam
ations as to the alleged extravagance
ind favoritism in it."
Mr. Vest said that he believed that
one of the present changes applied to
the Rrunswick. Ga.. harbor, one of
i,ho best and most economical im
provements in the country. Ite spoke
if cheaper,, rates of transportation re
tultiug from improvements at the Soo.
N'ew Orleans Hnltimore, New Yorlt,
Itoston nnd elsewhere. In the plat
form on which Mr. Cleveland was first
nominated was a strontr plank for
.vater Improvements, and his early
nessacre indorsed these improvements.
l'he speaker prophesied that in the
lear future legislation would be di
rected to further development of .in
.ernational commerce and cheapening
j"sn) W1TIJ, i.itti.e opposition.
After some furftrcr debate, the vote
.vas called for nnd the bill passed over
he veto, SO to ft, and is now a law.
tVcitcrn 6tatcs to Its Made the IUttlc
11 round of tho Campaign.
Washington, Juno 5. With frco
silver triumphant nt Chicago, It la
conceded by politicians generally that
the great fight hi the coining cam
paign will be in tho West, New York,
Now Jersey and Connecticut will bo
allowed to take euro of themselves.
Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and West
ern raining states heretofore Repub
lican will bo tho battle-ground. This
being tho case, New York la almost,
certain to be abandoned as the hend
quarters of the campaign committees.
Already a movement has been started
to make Chicago the Democratic head
quarters. While tho Republicans ex
pect to raise most of their money in
tho East, good politics suggests that,
they, too, pitch their tent near whero
the fight Is to be the thickest.
There Is a good deal of speculation,
being indulged In atpresentas to who
will be selected as tho chairmen of
the two great parties. Senator Quay
is thought to bo the choice of the
McKlnleyltes to succeed Thomas II.
Carter, If Senator Quay does not
take tho placo ho will have 11 good
deal to say about who will receive tlio
nppolntment. With a frco silver can
didate and a free silver platform, Mr.
Harrlty's usefulness as chairmnn of
tho Democratic campaign committee
will bo at an end. Senator .lone, of
Arkansas, Is being prominently men
tioned for the nlace.
Kuusits Democratic Pr?frnriM.
Topkka, Knn., June 0. The Kansas
delegation to the national Domocratic
convention is divided in it3 prefer
ences for president There Is not ono
oi the twentv who will support an.
Eastern candidate. Rland of Missouri
is the choice of V-i, Holes of Iowa ot
4 and Governor Matthews of Indiana,
of 4. Ex-Unltcd State Senator John.
Martin and David Overmyer, the lead
ers in the delegation, are for lilaud,
and will make an effort to give hi ra
the solid vote of tho delegation.
Senator Qimy Likely to Withdraw.
Washington, June 0. Nn one need
be surprised if Senator Quay with
draws from the presidential race with
in the next few days and tequesis his
supporters to cast their vote for Mc
Kinlcy. It is understood that lie has
already written a lotter to that effect
to a member of the Pennsylvania del
egation and is withholding it to con
sult f rlcnds.
The Uulii-fa 1ul1t 11 Myer.
London, June 0. Tho Meteor, the
new yacht of the Emperor of Ger
many, sailed its first race yostpnlay at
Cowes and defeated the Prince V
Wales' yacht Rritannla, tho Ailsa atir
he Satanita.
I)ougUa to Leave Kuma.
Topkka. June 8.1-George L. Doug-'
lass of Wichita, 'famous In 1893 as
speaker of the yDougiass house," has
made arrangements to go to Chicago
to practice law. He gives as tho rea
son for mnking the change that owing
to his hard fight to suppress the liquor
traffic he has made himself disliked in
Wichita. He says he is boycotted by
the business men and others nnd no
body will give him nny law practice.
Rather than stay and fight itoutlm
will leave while he has youth and
menns nnd inulto n new start In Chi
cago. Senator Petition for Wltiorg.
Pjhi.ahki.piiia, June 6. Counsel for
Captain Wiborg, late commander of
the alleged filibustering steamer
Horsa, have leceived from Washing
ton a petition to President Cleveland,
requesting his pardon, signed by Sen
ators Sherman and Morgan of the
foreign relations committee and fortv
two other Senators, and forty-eight
members of the House In addition to
tho 103 received a few days ugo.
Naval Hill DltTerrucei Compromised.
Washington, June 8. T.he con
ferees on this naval appropriation bill
havo agreed unon a compromise pro
viding for three new buttleships. and
fixing the price of armor plate at SI'.'S
per ton.
Lien Piled on the Urant Statau
TIhooklyn. N. Y.. June fl. William
Ordway Patrldgo, the sculptor, who
made the statue of General Grant, un
veiled on April 20, has filed a me
chanic's lien on the statue. He claims
that 8C.0S5 is due to him for his work.
Astor an fliigllshniaib
London, June 8.A London society
paper says that Mr. W. W. Astor was
naturalized as a Rritish subject some
.1 .. .. nnA nnHInk that he is fTOinir
Jnto politics or'is "fishing for a tale.
The Senate Acts on One of the Indian
Hill Dltputett Point.
Washington, JuneS. In the Senate
to-day a partial conference on the Iu-
dlan appropriation bill was agreed to
27 to 'JO. It covers a plan of estab
lishing Indian citlzenshlpin tho Indian
territory to bo carried out by the
Dawes commission Hhas bceu con
tested for several days.
Mr. Pettigrew, in charge of tlio Iu
dlan bill, then sought to have the re
maining items, including that of tho
Indian schools, sent back to confer
ence, but Mr. Lodge moved to recede
from the Senate amendment to Sec
tarian t-ehools. Tho House suspended
appropriations to sectarian schools,
but the benute amendment gave until
Julv 1. lb'jS. lor a change from con
tract to government schools. The mo
tion was defeated yeas 17, nays 31,
the nays beiug Hrown, Chandler,
Clark, Dubois, Galllnger, Lodge,
Mitchell of Oregon, Morrill, Piatt,
Quay, Sewell. Teller, Warrren and
Wilson, Republicans: George. Demo
crat, and Rutler and Peffer, Populists
Governor AltgelU's Tour.
Chicago, June 4. Arrangements
are on foot for a grand Altgeld tour
of the country during tho campaign.
He will make speeches in all the
Northwestern. Southern and Western
States. It is said tons of copies of his
St. Louis speech, which has been
edited nnd revised by him, will be dis
tributed from the train. 11 is iweiy
that during the latter portion of the
tour he will be accompanied by the
sliver Democratic candidate for Presi
dent. Public Debt Statement.
Washington, June 4. The public
debt statement shows an increase for
the month of May of $5,lf8,730, which
is accounted for by a decrease in the
cash of $'i,8D7,430 and an Increase of
63,17o,360 in bonds of the last issue,
naid some weeks ago and delivered
I during the last month.
Des Moines, May 20. During tho
year 160.1, the commissioner of patents
says, there haB been exceptional
activity in making improvements in
baling cotton, straw packers and
stackers, exeuvntors, extracting alum
inum, pneumatic drills, car fenders,
nnd couplers, gninns and toys. A copy
right has been granted to Will Porter,,
of Des Moines, for his "Annals of Polk
County, Iowa', and tho City of Des
Moines." Patents have been allowed an.
follows but not yet Issued: To Harvey
Is. Tlinms. of Des Moines, lorn movaulo
stand for bicycles, adapted to be read
ily attached to a bicycle in Mich a man
ner as to support it stationary, or
while moving it about. Mr. Timins
has a factory at Seymour, Ind., whero
he is turning out his improved bieyelcs
and various attachments. To Win. II.
Footc, of Cnsey, Iowa, for a wheel
cultivator in which teeth bearing bars
are adjuhl ably connected o thut tho
teeth can be inudc to move in parallel
lines close together or tho space be
tween them enlarged as required to
suit different kinds of soil and differ
ent conditions of soil. I'o J. Hook,
Jr., of Manilla, Iowa, for a two-horso
evener for vehicles that allows tho
doubletree Ui slide back and forth on
the pole, prevents concussion and on u,
down grade keeps the tracostuut. To
Smlsor Rrothers, of Webster City,
Iowa, for a type writer in which each
letter or character printed is visible to
the operator in.stmtly after tho im
pressioiHs made und in which upper
iiud-lower case letters can be success
ively used by striking' the saino
kev. Valuable information about
obtaining, valuing and selling patents
sent free to any addrebs. Printed
copies of the drawings and specifica
tions of any United States patent sent
upon receipt of 2.1 cents. Our practice
is not confined to Iowa. Inventors in
other states can have our services up
on the same terms us tho Hawkeycs.
Tuouab G. and J. Ralph Oir.vic,
Solicitors of Patents.
I.IVK STOCuAu t KUDUtK aiA.l.Ki:rS
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yuotutloiiK Ironi New Vor!:, Chlr;;o, St,
l.cul-, Umuliu uiul 1 liovThorc.
lhlttcr Crrntncry beparutor
llutter I' air u gou country
Kl'K l"reli
Poult ryl.ivo hen, perlt
Sprlnc ChlcUeiiH..... ...... ...
Lemons- Choice Messina....
tiruncus 1'i r bov
II. .......uo Vntdn klrvk
lleuns Navy, hund-plceu,uu I 40
iiiiv-l'nluiid. i-er ton a'
Jlos- Mued packing..
W, t,
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13 V-'V.
! 5J Qi U T.1
2i Mb t
kk I b
t5 II to
i a . :i to
llnr..-lllf,VV VfllflltH 3 0 8Dk)
llonf-t-teer J : It
Hulls i 5
Milkers and bprlngoM SMW
flUK ' '",'".',.
Calves. a
Oxen ...
Cow 1 5
Heifers 2 S)
Mockers und reeilera I J.1
Westerns J I'l
Hieep Muttons . U0
Wheat No. 2. spring .' " as i
Corn Per uu 24t
Outs l'cr bu , 1TV,
Pork... rji
Lard 1 00
Cuttle Heef Steers t 7,
Hoes Averages 3
fiheep I.ambs (IS
Sheep Muttons 3 23
new youic
Wheat-No. f, red winter to
ornNo.2. IK ft
Dam No.2. 22 ib
Pork- Sot
Lurd- i 3i
Wheat No. 3 red, caih 31
Corn Ferbu
Oats 1'er bu 17
lloss Mixed parking 2 75
Cattle Nutltestceri. 3D
Wheat-No. 2 hard "
Corn-No.2. it
Oats N0.8 H
Cftttl Blockers and feeders Jw
Hop.- Mixed ... 2 !5
Sht-ep Lunibs -J W
gheeD- Muttons ., .
1 w
a a m
cp :i r.i
a :i :
6 :t .'.
fc s u
. 17ii
n 4 iu
t 010
m is'.;
48 174
(ft 3 III
te4 73
et 5i
6 SI'S
kb au)
. 4 'O