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Box Butte Rants First in Apiciil
tare aufl Stock Raising. AM
toil Poplatioa is at fort
Fecanse of the Wise Legislation of Cor
Comiai sion n and lfic Prompt Ac
' lion of uw Farmers; nil Merck
Oar and is Ricli, our rep? Gi?e Large re
lies, ur Exbfclts at tbe Fairs are Pin!.
T, ", t-
.C en- ertea Work, ood A5?srilsiig 'Ed Enconr-
ssemeBt to Visitors Will Mate Box BiHtt;
CcBHt? a ' jrr.an:e hrnni
At tho meeting of the commis
sioners and tax payers of Bo;;
Butte county Monday and Tues
day of this week harmony pre-
vailed and it was agreed that, in
view of all tho conditions it
would bo to tho best interests of
all concerned to drop ail mutters
in reference to county seat re
moval and by unanimous con
seut the order was mado and
Box Butte county stands united
and great harmony prevails.
Tho march of western progress
has been rapid during tho last six
yqars and the settlement of the
lauds in north-western Nebraska
and southern South Dakota has
truly beon magical. Tho great
Burlington system with its pro
gressive and aggressive spirit,
which no obstacles can daunt
worked- tho change- and to this
cause moro than any other can
this be assigned. On tho lino of
IheBurlington and inclosing forly
eight miles of their road, is., the
county of Box Butte, a county
destined to carry tho banner for
Nebraska. A. loug range of un
dulating prairio covering thirty
miles by thirty six-miles with a
black loamy son capamo or rais
ing any serial kuown, forms this
county. Its yield of every crop
that has been raised has taken
first place in competition . with
tho counties of tho stu'to.
Its varieties of grasses numbering
between 50 and 00 different kinds
capable of feeding an unlimited
number of cattle and horses, its
cattlo taken from its ranges and
put into actual competition with
tho corn fed beef of the eastern
states and hoi ling first place,
give it a class of resoureas
is truly in tho front rank.
The neonlo who havo settled
in Box Butte nnimtv nrosfinnlilir'
farmers, bringing to thoir assis- J
lance, experience gained from.
farming in the eust. Progressive ,
tr 11 bioli 1 i-f?riw. Willi nil tho
cr.crf y r nd prit that denotes true
westerners, they go in for every
thing that tends to build up their
.-aunty- Their methods of mixe4
arming and stock raising, havo
given them a prestige that takes
the f? inc of Fox Butte county into
all the nuulato of tho UniwJ
States. They havo their lands t The shipment of hay arc falling
Well tilled atld rtt tllO present timo short of the average increase of other
tho outlook for farm proiluco for shipments by increased fiomejekoit-
tho coming season, is the bright- sumption.
Out tho county has over Soon. A The returns front the Lund Office at
larger UOVtntgP of small grain, Alliance, taken from the report of till'
boots, katlir corn and alfalfa, will Commissioner of the General LHntl
make this county colebratod this Office, was received lately and shows
yoar ovor any of lior neighbor- the business lu'BbBnttc county com
ing sisters and this fall the gran- pare favorably With any iti the Unit
arios and cellars of tho farmers ed States. There were made during
will bo all llllod to roplolion With
tho fullness of the earth s bounti-
ful given by propitious nature.
Tn Iroon t.hi tnvninrs in hrnnft
Stuff, clothing and necessaries of only ouetUat spald the maxmium sal- Stiqjimenas Mr. IJurlcW are a credit
life and comfort, a elflS3 Of trier---ary of $6,000 per year, and this is to any community. Mr. Burlaw for
ehanlS havo formed themselves caltsedby the lands in the district be- merly resided in Wisconsin, and is
into COtenos, and bunt up Cities
for the easier handlins? of tho
material raised on these farms.
A glimpse of tho stocks car
ried by these merchants will
give an idea of the prosperity of the
county. Anything of luxury and nec
essary .use can be found in any of the
cities and by the class of stocks car
ried by these merchants, a fair esti
mate is made of the progressiveness
of their1 work. Flouring mills and el
evators arc erected along the line of
the Burlington at convenient places,
putting the Box Butte merchants and
farmers in close touch with all the
eastern markets, enabling tlijc farmer
to reap the benefit of an opctj market,
and the merchant quick frdight re
movals, helping him to keep his stock
to the highest class and giving farm-
ers choice of goods that in the states
of Illinois and Iowa was impossible,
when they were of the same age, and
at present the people of Box Butte
county can boast of having more pro
gressive merchants than several coun
ties in shtcr states of IoWa and Kan
sa.i. In western counties where the.
growth of the county was as rapid as
it has bcyu tu Box Butte county, enor
mous bojsded indebtedness has been
assumed." Several of the' counties of
Nebraska are now groaning under a
burdeh of bonds that in case of the
hard times prevailing during the la.st
threes-cars, hasjieenten-ibly 'lmrd to
War. VTlli the wfte leerlation of the
Cotiinilssioners of Box Butte, backed
by its level-headed settlers, these
rocks and quicksand, have been
weathered, and with the glorious fu
ture, with almost assured .heavy re
turns from their farns this year, the
fanners anil merchants can point with
pride to their present record of having
no particular debt on the county, war
rants atiax and not one cent of bond
ed indebtedness to pull doyn, with its
heavy pressure the fortune of the in
habitants. To this fact, the push and
energy everywhere in sight can be di
recti attributed, for with light taxa
tion, the far-cier can bank hi?, farm re
turns kno;ving that there is no eastern
syndicate clamoring for the iuterest
ion bonds. which were used for some
chimerical venture, got up by restless
individuals with the mistaken idea
that a big debt tends to increase the
importance of the county iu the eyes
of eastern people. The lauds of this'
county have been and are now receiv
ing attentiou from residents of eastern
btatcs, who having fatms whose every
acre is yalucd closely to one hundred
dollar; are closing out their realties
and. coming to Box Butte and taking
,up laud. They use the surplus money
for stock and commute their holdings,
paying the government SI. 25 per acre
for this laud from which they can get
as large returns as in their home
states, and have the benefit of ischools
; as gotfd and often superior to those in
the cast. This is irivintr our county a
forward impetus in every line of pro
duce and stock raising, and a most de
sirable claas of settlers, who are here
to stay with the county and amass
The shipments from the county in
the line of farm products and stock is
large and shows at what a rate the
county has increased in material
wealth. In the following statement
the difference in returns between the
years of 1891 and 1895 ar given, and
the ruts of increase are not nearly as
1 large as will brfthose of 1&S and 1896
1891. 1895.
' Cattle ,.
1,42Q head,
gjjp''.' '.' .'.
Wheat. . .
650 "
5,000 "
164.000 bu.
42,000 "
5,OOo "
6.750 '
- orn.
t Hay 3,523 tons 8,4 ton
The Urge roller mill in the
county are using up a large amount of
the wheat Of the vottnty for brcadatuif
which tioy t re shipping to the "ejjljir
b -ring murkt uf til JUtick Hills. . '
the ytar, 387' homestead ctttrieA and
42S final proofs, being an excess of. '. v
over fivahttiidred of any other offlm
in NMirtraMMn&1fflUVfflr
ing so much more favorable for the
settler in every way toother localities,
The Commissioner in his report stated
that the larger portion in the district
is watcicd by beautiful stream a, "l:ay
and irraart of luxuriant rrowlh is on
all wides, whilst there is everything
handy that is calculated to build up
fine homes and fine farms. One of the
Increasing markets for the produce of
Box Butte county is found in the won
derfully rich Black liills country
whose future is the brightest of any
mining country in the west. Every
day new mines are being discovered,
requiring more men to develop tbeni.
Reduction works are necessary for the
ore out-put, and this needs an increas
ed amount of labor. - Like the nails in
the horse slioe the whole number of
men is enprmous and tliey , have all to
be fed. Box Butte's becijnnutton,
pork, wheat and corn is required for
this and the market is great. The
Burlington system with Its net-work
of connections gives an added market,
and South Omaha, Chicago and Kan
sas City are-all close markets for pro
duce from Box Butte.
The climate of the county is dry,
bracing and invigorating, No heavy
feelings 011 the luuirs are felt in this
country, and all pulmonary com
plaints rapidly dissolve in tle pure
07.0:1c of northwestern Ncbra&ka.
The supply of water for the county
is found chiefly in wells, although the
'Nipanw iiasiaJj,jr4eviJcrks4itau Kotcl,ndrt(toiitU'0-4
through, the county and where posiil
blc their waters are used for irriga
tion. At a depth of 30 or 40 feet the
con n tv is underlaid with pure water
and the residents all have wind-mills
keeping water for home and stock use
all the'time fresh.
For investments in real estate Box
Butte county offers inducements to
outside capital unequaled in anv coun
try. For the capitalists now is the
time to invest iu realty in the county;
for the farmer, now is the time in
which to settle, and make the raise
that has been in perspective all
through your life. Advantages arc
offered here that the 'farmer will do
well to tafee hold of -at present. The
time is propitious for settling here, the
outlook for immense crops being such
that the fanner from the cast who is
renting a farm could do no better than
look over the situation and take ad
vantage of the present opening.
The farmers of this county who by
their stick-to-itiveness have made a
success in life, are legion, and below
is found a few of the most prominent
ones and they are taken from all over
the county, viz:
Hon. Eli Gerber, Barney Halber,
John Armstrong, W. D. and B. 13.
Johnson, C. II. Britton, J. A. Ball,
Henry Whiten, F. C. McCoy, L. Satn
py, D. A. Paul, G. W Jones, John
Leith, L. R. Corbin, J. A. Wilson, and
hundreds of others, any of whom may
be corresponded with and will give
their experience for the benefit of
probable settlers.
The'promlnent towns of the county
arc as follows.-
, Ilemingford the county seat is locat
ed in the geographical center of the
county, and is destined iu the nea.r fu
ture to become one of tl.e leading cit
ies of the northwest. She has the un
disputed right to cla.m the finest
townite in Nebraska, being located
on a gentle slope having a natural
drainage, with unlimited supply of
pure water for domestic and other use,
and inhabited by a brainy class of
people who are united iu the one
grand object to make Hemlngford a
city founded on a solid financial foun
dation, furninh capital a safe invest
ment, and above all, to found a city of
churcbs and of education. To belter
appreciate the future possibilities of
this rising western town, a short his
tory of the many industries and short
sketches of some of our biuiness men
and the enterprises already locatod
amount us, is ueaesary, and, for
l0k of space in this iiiic, it is impos-
1 alb tp jflve a complete a history of 1
everything and everybody connected
with the upbuilding of tin cltv that
really should be done, but the following-
will give the rcuder.a birds-eye
vtdw of what the citizens are doing,
j in future issues will give a broad-
iistory of what we expect to be. .
Stvhiong our successful business men
1 find C. A. Burlcw, Pridput and
stiier of .the Box BUttc Bauk,' who
iVttrict attention to business and
pting a conservative banking sys-
lias been able to hold out to the
tcss men of Hemlngford and sur-
cottntrv a safe denOsitorv.
..thoroughly hi touch with all the life
and progress of the west.
Few citicsof tteble the size of Ilcnv
ingfiird have such hardware stores
afe arc found here under the ownership
and liinnaircment of A. Uhriir and II.
'R.Green; thehC men with the push'
which only characterizes the western
men,' are destined to become the finan
cial Readers in this count' and iu their
particular line of busines.
. C J, Wildy the general merchant
ufclpJn everything, and is the' right
niaun the right place. This is prov
en tn' the, fact that he is the oldest
merchant in the county and has a
stock of goods second to none in the
county. For such men us C ,T. Wildy
there can be nothing but success, as
pr.ygrassivoness is his motto.
Atflic Hotel Pinkerton,' we find J.
T. PinKorton proprietor, who is anoth-
er man that shows by his actions that
he has the greatest faith in the city
and his house is conducted iu such a
manner as to bring credit to himscif
as wall as blessing to the town, j
wK. Herncail, general merchau-'
disc, deserves special mention, as he
is alwaya to the front with a full and
complete line of goods at reasonable
nrices. He takes nlcasure in lookinc
aftcr.thc interest of his town, and ai-
.though his duties in the store are
manv and diversified, he still finds
'time to entertain visitors to the city, j
Samuel Switzer. nronrietor of the
ddeftort by TK IIhkalk as he enjoys
the honor of being our chief executive
and Is acknowledged to be one of the
leaders iu the upbuilding of Ileming
ford. ' No city can be successful without
such men as Tuttle & Tash, V. M.
Iodcuce, B. F. Giliuau, and Judge
D. K. Spacht, who' each practice law
and are dealers in real estate and by
strict attention to business have laid
solid foundations for fortunes. These
gentlemen practice in all courts in the
state, and the bar of Ilemingford is
entitled to take front rank amongst
the legal fraternity of the Stale of
Nebraska. I
mention of this industry brings glad
tidings to every home. Under the
careful management of the owners,
Messrs. Miller & Wildy, this mill
holds first place in the northwest.
Having the capacity of one hundred
barrels per day, it furnishes hundreds
of homes with the best flour manufac
tured from home raised wheat. Mes
srs. Miller & Wildy are both practical
millers aud state decisively, that Ilem
ingford Roller Mills will always hold
its present enviable reputation, and
that the care and attention given this
business from time to time will be in
creased in the future I
H. H. Pierce, the prominent livery,
stock and feod man, is always at his
post ready to accommodate the travel
ing public at all times.
Clark Olds and Hichard Bcvin are
each in the front rank as plow manu
facturers and general blacksmiths,
and from the continual sound of ham
mers, anvils and machinery in their
shops, they are certainly doing a large
business. 1
W. J, Bean, druggist and pharma
cit, is always at his place of business
and always keeps ou hand a fresh sup
ply Of drugs; aud his prescription bus
iness is carefully attended to. His
drugs are pure, and as he Is a state
registered pharmacist, his business is
G. Goodcuough and D. A. Libby are
the tousorial artists and enjoy a lively
trade in their particular line of busi
nofcj, and arc always ready for any
work that comes their way.
G. C. Alexander, painter and deco
rator, B. L. Weed, butcher arid ice
dealer, M. II. Goodcnough, manufac
turer of boots and shoes, J. C, McCor
kle, grain-dealer aud manager of the
Hemlngford elevator, J. II. Shirk, fur
niture aud undertaker, M. Shindler,
proprietor of the Farmers hotel, Dr.
Blanghard, and a
hundred other pro-
net men, go to make
fiiyoul and buai
Ilemingford a metropolitan business I
The educational facilities of Hem-
ingford are the best lit the county. We
have one of the best graded schools in
western NtMmiskn with an el-gant
brick two-story school Itousw-, firt-proof
throughout, with all the latest improve-
menu In ventilation and seating capa-
city, and preparations arc now being
made for healing the building by a
furnace which will be completed for
next winter. The school is in charge'
of Prof. h. B. Fcttner, one of the fore-
most educators of the state; with a full
quota of nsslstant teachers, all of whom
arc thoroughly equal to their duties,
up-to-date In their methods, posted on
the latest ideas of education it is safe
to say that llomlni'ford stands first iu
the educational arena,
Among our churches we find the fol
lowing denominations, with good uieui'
bcrship and houses of worship: Metho
dist Episcopal, Congregational, Bap-
tlst, Episcopalian, German Lutheran,
Swedish Lutheran and Catholic; and
to say that the morata and future
guidance in good things of our cltlscna
Js putUliK It mildly. Hfiiilrixfortl
Ims M10 grout est reason to Itnltl thu
pririu of h.cr citizen, wlm from tint
.moonlit, of energy put foitli In tho'
piist, are c italn of 11 cltv of no mean '
pvnpot'tio s In tiio 11c r future.
Alliance had its first, inception
on Juno 2 ,1887, when at the
sale of school lauds of Box Butte
County and the lively bidding bo-
tweon ORStem buyers present for
sec. 815-25-48, indicated that sttid
section wasi'or some purpose other
t'ian at f farming as sevoru
40 aero tracts of what was then
virgin prairie brought as high as
15.00 per acre. Immediately
thereafter people became con-
.viiiced that tho B&M peoplo
tant point on their Wyoming OX
tension and began to flock to
this section and settled down and
"Of?'1" business in tents and tllO
runes iorms 01 ironiiersnanties.
-Danks wUlx.tOUBIin(lS of dol
lars of capital wore doing busi
ness in little 10x12 buildings
mado of nativo pine boards,
which w.?ro ufterwadi remodeled
into coal houses. Largo mercan
tile and hotel establishmnts were
carried on in tho samo manner
and this straggling wild west
village was called Grand Lake
and continuod to flourish until
February 25, 1888, when the
Lincoln Land Co. platted tho
town of Alliance, and put the lots
on tho markot. Ono lot at tho
junction of tho two main stroots
sold for $1,500.00 and afow years
later for 1,500. Immediately
then sprang upliko magic a city,
which ,has continued to prosper, ,
until it is nowamong tho leading
towns of tho northwest. Nearly
all its business raon are of that
young energetic class which to
day are working wonders aud
carving out names and fortunes
for thcmsolvo , in dovolopi?
tho west. Among them and
probably first among tho busi-
ness institutionsof Alliance, is tho
First National Bank capital
850,000, with average deposits of
StiO.000, the majority of its stock 1
being owned by W. A. Hampton,
president, and R. M. Hampton,
cashier; Bank of Allianco, F, M.
Knight, president; Thos. Beck,
hardware and undertaking; A.
L. Field, drugs and stationery,
C. A. Nowberrv, hardware and
farm machinery; Mollring Bros,
ganoral merchandise, Bell &
"Acheson groceries; J. E. Grabor.
exclusive boots and shoos; "W.
D. Rumor, general merchandise:
Allianco Grocery Co., Banks
Stuwart manager, wholesale gro
ceries; Mike Elmore livery and
horse dealer; CI. W. Duncan gro
cer, and many other active and
ontorprising busiuess men repre
senting all linos of business in
cident to an active and growing
community, also a full complo
mont of professional men among
-!,, ,J Wu,, tm;n. r
whom aro worthy of mention; R.
U. Nolomnn, G. M. Sullivan, Tv.
G. Siminson, Wm. Mitchell, L.
A. Berry R. W. Moutgomory,
and F. M. Dorrington attorneys;
Doctors Beliwood, Miller, Lewis
and Bowman. All the leading
church denominations havo ole
gant places of worship, with
faithful and earnest pastors in
chargo. Also a lino system of
graded schools
its4jr.- -iw i -!
.. ,.w e... ttt t o-j
lt 44AMJ14
aml his ablo corps of toaohors
. and la-t blt 1 3 nftt w ,
AlllllUCO iS a, division station. Ori
tho B & )I system and well sup-
plied with roundhouse, maohino
shop? etc. in chargo of Sllpt.
J. It. Pholftll whoso division OX-
tends from Ravenna, Nebraska,
to BSllingK, Montana, a diStatlCO
of 800 miles across thofOUr Kroat
statQS of Nebraska, DalfOta,
Wyominjr and Montana. He is
ably assisted by J. C. BirdSall,
trainmaster, J. Jf, Itoaraon mas-
tor mechanic and D. 0. McIntytO
road master Who'ai'G all residents
of Alliance.
Throe well edited wide awake
nawflpapors, Tho Pioneer Grip,
the Oldest pupor 111 the COUttty,
edited by Hon, P.
M. Broome
with W. II, TrainOV
as businfcss
The Guide n staunch
republican organ is ably edited
by Mr. J. . iJaractiB a success
ful newspaper man of many
years experience, also tho Times
publishod by H. J. Ellis, a young
man of nerve, energy, and grout
promise These "engines of
thought" aro doing their, full
share in tho upbuilding of Alli
ance i,u particular and Box Butte
county in genoral.
A mitiG vouna city, 12 miles
east of Ilemingford ts composed of
mr.ti -wliii nrn thnrniimilL fillVO tit
tho future of Box Butte comity and
nr0 mining every nerve to make
a rL,corj for theraSolvea, both as to
..mmmt nF , ,1., nnrt vnirvpBivn
worc XI. D. Atkins, the moat pro-
mjnent buine.sfl man and also puat
nmstGr, takes tho lead mid by pre-
COpt and example encourages overv
0ua to mako tho most from the rich
oum compvisimr the soil of thi
pi't of tho county. The farmers
dl.,j happy and contented, well sat-
Med with the outlook, and prepar-
in,r t0 put in immenso eropa this
spring, lho city is building up
and will have ciiBidet-able bearing
in tho wealth returns of the county
in tho near future.
la situated 12 miles-weat of Hem
inyConl, and has all the push of a
western town, and its interests are
looked after by the pushing aud
energetic poatmastor J. J. Lutsch,
Mr. Lutsch is a man of mauy re
sources and one who has tho wel
fare of his town and county at heart.
He is outhuiastiu aud hid neigh
bors have "caught on" and they
are coining to tho front in good
shape. They have tho greatest con-
ua?n"1IU "" ir scanty ommviug.
and with good cau8f, that their land
au.not 1,e beaten by any township
ft l!10 oouuty ua th.9 to" ftoni
thoir crops are bearing out thoir
fulth lu the country,
Is situated half way between
Ilemingford and Alliance-and itst
citizeus show the right spirit by
having correspondence in all the
county papers. Situated as is
Borea", it has prominence by having
tho Burlington railroad, running
into tho town, a fact that grain
men have taken great ad vantage of.
Two large elevators aro erected
closo to the track for the reception
of tho largo output of wheat, and
the farmer. tire correspondingly
happy. The chief executive of
tho town is Miss F. A. Strattou,
who is post-mistress and a busi
ness woman of marked ability and
enterprise who is pushing to the
front and already occupies a most
enviable position. The land a
rotmd Berea is certainly most pro
lific and the wheat returns havo
been such as to croats considerable
interest iu this township. Tho
farmers are turning ovor lots of
land and heeding down immense
fields of small grain and other cor
als. The city ha3 great prospeatu
as a strictly agricultural town is
rauking high.
situated on the Northern lino of
Box Butte county is one that will
' w,l,10Ul "? ao Docomeancn
town in the noar future, and it is
by the push of its inhabitants that
their present prospects uro ao
bright. By the amount of business
transacted through the Burlington
road "this town is one of tho few
that has not felt the stringency of
the times, a fact which is largely
due to tho efforts of R. B. Gregg,
L. Snow and J. Tyler, 'who all car
ry full lines of merchandise in
thair various stores. Two larce
' , .11 ll , , .
iusuu uuiir lmiib lurirnn uui u
rir,a mount of enow white flour,