Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, March 27, 1896, Image 1

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VOL. 2
NO. 5
ctxMcxtiMMrtf xm am9jrmnxwvMvimmmnm,
n wiPinffmmijMpo
V'Vrl ft a
The Herald.
PaMlshcd every Friday and entered lit tlio
post-omen in lioimncrora, rieumtka, tin seeouu
elH rnnll matter. Tub IIcram) in devoted
Clfca intercuts of
llomiueford nnd
llox Uutto
TIIOS. J. O'KREPK, Publisher.
- - ' - - i
r.M. Pnci.Tg Clerk.
a; M. MiM.n Treamr.
II. F. Oilman
SIibs A. E. Nf.ixand
Ohab. Branv
Dh.W.K MiLMtn .,
JB. L. W. ItoWMAN...
iTauea IUnitv
.Tab. IIoli inraf.k. ..
0. W. Du.ncan
.CommtsHiouer iBt Diht.
Commi"pliiir Slid UlsU
ConunkwioiierBrd Dlst,
UnUNnroltu postofflee. On weak day door
openn nt 7 a. m , jren' ral delivery opue nt S a.
m. mid closes at 8 p. m. Open SumUjs I) to
10. ni.
HttUVo:oiiD and Box BoTTr flUse daily except
JlKMiNoronD and llr.vnr stase, Mondty
Wednesday and Friday.
Olivircli TOirootory.
t'renchlim each ulter
ior JntuiHiv. I. lnni. at
Vnste .Sunday, bclnnlitK JmniHiy,
11 o'clock h in., mill of 7 p m Stmda School
at 10 ii m l'rajer Meeting each Wtdncsdiiy
At 7 p m.
LUTHERAN--Servlci-s Rt the
Vt outt
Ifoiifu. Hov. Vuudnrllcli, Piistor
1ATI10UO -Hov Charles Za!t Pastor.
METHODtSr:-Uev J,W. Kendall tustor
I'rcnchliit; tin- second mid lourtli Sunday In
each month nt 1 1 u in , mid 7 p. m.
TjU'JCOPALi-SfrvlcPg In the
I'iionm Church.
Services on the third Thursday In each month
SI I p. m.
MV. A. Roobr.h Camp No. WW. Meet
second mid font th Tuesday nhjht of c-nt'ti
mouth, Visiting Neighbors cordially Invited.
W. M. lODKNOV, Clerk. F. IIuot. V. C.
Now Short Line to Helena, Butto
Spok&nc, Seattle and Tacoma
Cr. I. & "W. C. Tlnao Card.
east Bouin. ,
No. il.'pnRifiriKHr arrives ui M:2." p. ni.
" freight " " -OOOp. ni.
" islrolKUt (irrlvijs ut lonon. m,
No, 11 paseehRHrnrrlvfts i
" freltillt . '
11 rrMcht arrlvos jit
.WEST 110 UNI)
e:2l a. n
l!:R p. n
3.38 n u
All train enrry pssstwwt.
., W. M' Ooi-elaxd, Atjrn
Physician and Surgeon
iiiimiji mi ii wn
Office rooms and residences in
Driller block, up stairs.
Special attention ivn to dis
eases o children.
The Box Butto County Teach
ers' Association will meet in the
Hemingford scliool building on
Saturday, March 28, 1896, at 1:30
p. m.
Recitation, Miss MamioHeal.
Paper, "Linking Together of
Studies in Primary work" Miss
Anna Callrins.
Discussion conducted by D. K.
Song Mrs. Blanchard.
Papor, "What Constitutes a
Good School?" C. L. Suedeker.
Discusoion conducted by Miss
Izetta Bonds.
Recitation Miss Carrie Bis
sell. Committee on music, Miss In
ice McCorkle and Ed Reynolds.
All interested in educational
work are cordially invited to be
present and take part.
Notice Is hen'hv given that on
7tli day of April 1868. tlteie will he
belrt at th oiiri hcjse Jn Hip viImka
of HeaninKfrd, Kb . .in elet!oa for
the iui pop of vI'cUhk Uve truit
to a)p"M the thm'd trm:i of sui I
Vill itfe fr lh t-nsniag fiiotl yt tr
K'lhl elouti.Di will e tienl up n
from 0 o'olouk a.-iu , to 7 o'clock p.
m., ot nil d i,v.
Daifd this 25ili d.iy of Maroli
3S66, Siiiiiui! Svizr, Cliniraii-n
of tlio, IkinnJ ul'TtxiUhva of
t'ue vllltijt" of Ueiningfoid.
Attest: W. M. Iodtmco,'
(i5euj) Yillpgo OJirk.
' "Millinors Social," at the court
houso tonight.
Henry Eadol, of Lawn, is a
new subscriber.
i D. F. Millor of Canton was a
. caller Tuesday.
Attorney Tuttlc returned from
Omaha this morning.
A. D. Alexander returned from
Kansas Saturday morning.
Miss Anua Foidlor was quite
ill a couple of days this week.
Eton. A. L. Sharrock returned
from Kansas City Monday morn
ing. Br. L. W. Bowman was in
Hemingford, professionally, Sun
day. Miss Rosa Parkin began a
term of school near Box Butto
Mrs. M. A. Bowdish of Craw
ford, visited friends in the city
! Mrs. M. Bass of Liberty pro
duct is trading with our mer
chants today.
Hon. Eli Gerbor, EdKinsley,
and Matt Beaumont visited Al
liance Monday.
Misses Nceland, Goodenough,
Wilcox and O'Kcefo visited Al
liance Tuesday. I
Don't forget tho entertainment
to bo given by tho H. S. G. U.
Saturday evening, April 4th.
Hon. W. R. Akers and Editor
, Paradis were- in the city Satur
day politically, we suppose.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Hollinrako, Monday, March 23,
a girl. All parties doing well.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. McLaugh
liu, of Marsland, were tho guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Tash Sunday.
Mrs. Fellows, of Missouri, is
visiting her sisters, Mrs. John
Lemons and Mrs.. Mike Elmore."
Messrs R. SShiploy, D. A.
Paul and Chris Hansen, of Lib
erty, were on our streets yester
day. Miss Bossio Ferguson, of
Chadron, visited in the city Wed
nesday afternoon, tho guest of
Miss Neelaud.
Robt. Pringle and wife came
down from Oelrichs, S. D., last
week. Mr. Pringle made proof
on his valuablo timbor claim
Some of Cal Wildy's friends
are anxious to know how he ac
quired tho title of an "M. D." in
Alliance this week. His expla
nation doesn't seem to be quito
Professor Worden returned
from Holdrege Tuesday and af
ter a days visit here proceeded
to Crawford. Ho is meeting
with good success in his art work
at that pldcj.
Messrs. Martiu and John Ma
hony, Pat Collins and tho Gra
ham Bros., of Box Butte pre
cinct, were on our streets this
week. They will put in a good
crop this spring.
Henry Liohte, R, McLeod, P.
H. Eensvold, R. C. Smith, Syr
acuse, N. Y., and Walter Young
renewed for The Hkraid this
week. This is a good time to
renew your subscription.
Messrs. Iodence, Herncall and
Pinkorton went hunting lost
Thursday. Iodonce shot a
duck, Herncall "ran down" a
musk rat, and Mr. Piukerton
wall, ho carried the game.
Owing to the fact that a very
large audieuoe is expected at tho
entertainment to be given by the
High School Glee Club, the
management has decided to use
the Cou regational church in
stead of the court "liouso.
Rev. II. E. Robbins, of Alli
ance, will hold Episcopal ser
vices in tho Congregational
church Monday ovoning, March
30, at 7:30. All aro invited to
hear him.
1 Pros. Ilanchor doliverod his
fourth lecture at this place hu?t
" Friday evening. His subject-
was, "Homeward Bound," and.
tho lecture was appreciated byf
I Jesso Lid, a stepson of D. L.
Goodwfh&yas yesterday ftdjiicl(j -
ed incorri?iblo by Judge Uowetu
' and ordered taken to tho reform
school at Kearney. Shoriff
Swoonoy departed With him last
I night.
P. H. Rensvold, tho Alliance
broom maker, and W. H. Hawk-
ins woro transacting business at
tho Hub vestordav. Mr. Rons-
void informs us that tho broom
I business keops up as well as ho
' expected.
I Wo aro in receipt of a letter
I from our friend, E. L. Beede,
formerly of this county and who
is well known bv many of the
, old settlers, He is now located
1 at Van, Oregon, and desires tho
Herald to keep posted on Box
I Butto doings""
Clyde Vholan, son of James
Whelan living six miles north of 3
town, was severely kicked by a
horse, in the face, last Tuesday.
While not dangerously injured,
his condition is critical, and he
will probably wear some bad
scars "through life.
Ex-sheriff E. A. Hall was
shaking hands with Hemingford
friends Tuesday. He is now
treasuror of the Lawrenie-
Sweeney Co., Live Stock Coat
teoutn umana, and js, meeting
With gOOd SUCOOSS, which THE
Herald is pleased to hear.
Mike Shindler, who has. been
in very feeble hoalth all winter,
wont to Hot Springs Thursday
in the hopes that ho would be
benefitted thereby. Mike was a
gallant soldier in tho late war,
scrying in the 8th Iowa Cavalry,
and his friends and comrades
wish him a speedy recovery.
Edna, the nine year old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. R. McLeod,
has been lying at tho point of
death for several days, suffering
from catarrhal laryngitis in an
aggravated 'form. One or tho
other of tho Doctors Bcllwood
havo been in constant attendance
and we are happy to say that
little Edna has rallied and is now
in a fair way to recovery.
rIsasa.rxt lildiso.
Mr. Gibson has rented the Joo
McMannis farm on tho Running
water for tho coming season.
Baxter Pierce ha-, become an
ospnrl row-hoy and says ho will
htrilto for Molilalia about April 15.
Muss Melvin returned to her
homu at Seneca this week. She
had been visit.ng her sister, Mrs.
Book, for thu past mouth.
Mi-s Curry of Chadron closed a
very successful term of school in
the Hun tor district last Friday,
giving entire satisfaction to tho
whole district.
Grant Agnow and Edward Clap
havo sold all their cattlo and in
tend to engage in the hheep busi
ness They havo sufficient range
ior ,uuu nauu aim m-eim starting
soon for Wyomiutr or Idaho to
buy Uk sheop. Some of our stoek-
. i. . " cj .. -i i.
'ien tin the river say they ought
to run out the sheep men or they
will htiva no range for cattle.
h'jiOKS of all kindf., stylos and
pr'.ctM. Can fit any foot and pocket
book- Y. K. llBRlKULU
iitygs wuuted dt Wildy's
Tlio Edgoinont Coumu'ruial
Club tendered Prof. L. B. Feunor
of Ilomingfurd and Hon. Joliu G.
Mailer of. Rushvillo a reception at
their elegant parlors in that young
nietionohs on thellth, and from
a splendid addnws delivered on
-that occasion by Prof. Fontier wo
extract the following, rogretting
that for want or -paco we can
tint give it in full:
' It peoirs to niu that your pro.s-
l,(,,s n 'y wonderful. 1 doubt
'if tll1,,o !a anotbor plnco in South
Hikolii. nul 1 might well say in the
United States, wore tho Almighty
Power which made and rules tho
miversp has bestowed, with hand
so"1avidh, tho resources so varied
mt xvil, heyond tho hlmdow of
fl (,ouM' wl,on full.v dcvolopcd.
,l)fll0 ll ci,y5 nd l "' city not
"ny in ,m,m b,,t ' fi. W
visited the grindstone Factory, and
found that wo were viewing an in.
stitution that has no competition
in tho whole world. Wo saw your
woolen mill, that mamoth stono
building that rears its imposing
structure towards tho risinsr sun.
Wo turned our eyes westward to
wards -nhcio tlio grandest effort
of tho Almighty Creator finds his
resting placo each ovoning, and
there to our mind wo beheld the
Ijgrnndcst enterprise of them all,
your canal that will bo tho means
of supporting hundreds of happy,
prosperous farmers and saw with
pleasuro tho comforlablo homos
that are being erected by tho score
to shelter them. In truth we saw,
and saw, and looked with increas
ing wondor and amazement, and
the thought came to us, "do these
people fully realize what wonder
ful things aro in store for them?"
This afternoon wo visited dozens
0f prosperous business houses,
nrl linmvl nti wm-d nf fnmnl.nnt
or murmuring. Nothing of hard
times, not a man in the whole city
even thinking of loaving; instead
we found now men coming hero
with families, and moans, to make
this their homo. Cars loaded with
household goods and farming
utensils and machinery ready to
be unloaded so soon as a placo can
be provided for them. Everyone,
who wants to be, at work at good
wages. God knows you ouht to
be a happ,y people and I bjliovo
you aro. Surely there is overy
evidence to warrant one in draw
ing such a conclusion.
In closing his remarks, the
Professor made .the following
btmdsoino reference, to our own
town of Hemingford which is duly
In bol'alf of my own town,
Hemingford, now and forever tho
county Buat of Box Butte county,
Nebraska, Loud and continued
applause. I extend to you our
grateful thanks and full apprecia
tion of your kindly interest in our
welfare, ma.iifest through that
princH among men, your worthy
mayor, Hon. A. L. Sharrock , and
pledge you oar good will and honest
efforts in whatever we may be able
to do to assist you in your wonder
ful strides towards the metropolis
of tho northwest.
Tho Professor's brief recital of
what he noticed in the way of
substantial improvements and
wonderful developments of tho
heretofore unnoticed resources of
Edgcmont, is important to the
people of Hemingford and vicinity,
chiufj becuuse ,bo 6arae poW( rf IU
combination of brains and canital.
L. . . ii" tV: o"T "'it" " '
knowu as the Inter State 'lown
situ Co., controls the sites of both
Edgemont and Hemingford and
ihe wonder-j accomplished by this
company at Edgemont under th.
management of ih.-ir able Supur
iiitoiidnt Mr. A. L. Shtrrock.
will bu i-H-eiueU'd at lleinin.ford
on a grander o.iL with u the next
few ) eaw.
At their mooting on tho 17th,
tho assessors agreed upon tho
following schedulo as a basis for
listing property this year.
Kxtm Rood maron to lio Tlul at ?49 00
Fair marts and entra Koldlnitii 330(1
llroiic!ioH nnd ponlM UfiO
American iuarpMnd hones, "J-year olds,. .10 00
'" " " unixpear olds. 9 00
Good ntalllonx, not rcKitd, but on stand.. 11)200
toet eta. lion, rrUt-redv SStOO
Couimon stallion, njrara old andorur OS On
w"rkoi,;"'mcl1 ww
C.1.VB mill ".r nht ulnar. In l1l
VHiriiii 1,-ifon. " ..... oo ! Music, Jb. Camiigton.
Tlitoo-jear-old Hteeth 2000 Recitation, D()ll liOSS.
Two-yr-old ni'lfer and jonrll n BtwjtN... 1SU) DilllogUO, "Malting BOtl Dn
Sr!uWU,UlM SS 'Song, S. Howard and help.
TA-o-yifar-o!dnndymfllni mules,. .21 01 to 1200 . WOOIiatlOU, AlIlO WllSOn.
Main m,nrt oin8 '. Kaoo Recitation, John Mauion
'mMw.Jiifc;-. 120M) ' Dialogue, M. and R. Howard.
Hokh. per hundred elBat , 311 nH P . f'
ClV.. ' ,,u Recitation, Mr. Grove. - ---
Hicyciei, first-class woo Reading, ta. liowuru.
liioyuicu, second-claw , moo Soiic, Mrs. Grove. Mr. Tavlorr
V'llontinii nf nnirlw confirm
ug a limited valuation, one-half
mile from Alliance, $52o, ono
mile S375. one and one-half mile
$300, two milos 202. 50, threo
miles $225. All quarters outside
three-mile limit from Alliance
from 8U2 50 to $187 50.
All quarter sections onodmlf
mile from Hemingford to ho val
ued at SloO, ono mile $300, one
and one-half mile 202 50,
mile 8202 50, two
miles 225. Outside tho two
mile limit to be valued at from
$yi; au to viay w.
Town lots in tho county at ono
fourth value.
All aoro property adjoining
Alliance shall bo listed at from
S15 to 35 per acre; and adjoin
ing Hemingford from 310 to $20
per acre.
All other property not men
tioned in this list to bo assessed
at one-fourth valuation. J
Assessors to assess all lands
that aro assossablo that may
have been omitted by tho clerk.
All property is to bo assessed
at one-fourth valuation as givon
above. I
Barea Sorn.pings.
Mrs. S. Mastru.l roooived the
sad novvs that her mother died Feb.
28th. Tho lady was 77 years old.
John Nelson has secured good
employment at Hyannia for the
summer and will move his family
down soon.
Mr. Brimacombo sold fivo steers
for $115. last week. It pays to
raise stock hero as this the only
country in tho world that a stoor
gets fat by rubbing his noso on a
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Johnson
started on an extended trip east
last Tuesday to visit relatives and
friends at Plattsiuouth. They will
also visit Lincoln Omaha and
other prominent points while gone.
Farraerd all around here inform
us that they will put in more acres
of ground this year than they have
for the lafit two or threo years as
thoy aro Batislied that the pros
pect for a good crop is such that
they will bo rewarded for their '
anxiety and pains.
3dk QAtta QaUo'.in.
Mrs. Brown is quito sick with
Box Butto Creek Literary olos
ed last week.
Hurdscrahblo Literary closes
next Friday evening.
Tho sowing society will moet at
Mrs. Bissell's Thursday.
Chirlij Wilsm will far'n for
Jason Sheldon this season.
Mrs. John WiUon has been
quite sick tha past week.
MNs Rosa Parkins began school
in the North Hall Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace returned
to their home in Boone, la., via
Messrs. Atkiu and Randolph
went on a wilde goose hunt last
M. E. Sunday school will hold
Ea-ter services ar eleven o'clock
April oth.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson
morjd to their farm eight miles
uorJiyest of Hoauuford Tusdiy.
Tho daneo givon by Mr and
Mrs. Joel Sheldon Thursday
March 19th. was tho social oveut
of the season. About 25 couple
woro present
Box Butto Litorary will cIobo
the evening of April 10th. Every
ono is especially invited to attend.
A good time is ussurcd. Tho fol-
I lowing programoiB being propared:
. 4 rt F I
' 1?..nit..ti-... tj.i..ln llto-.r.!!
Recitation, Berylo Bissoll.
Recitation, Maggio Ross.
Song, F. Abbot.
Recitation, I'loyde Johnson.
Declamation, lierrill Johnson.
Song, S. Howard aud heljl. .
Ik'Cilation, 0. L. Suedeker. '
Reading, Flo Strobridge
Recitation, L. Blair.
Song, "My Cotttige Home."
llt.l M.Tlin "'IM... Hlnrin,"
Recess. :
AiflJ NJtWAIAltf
Speech, "Real Dnrkov."
Sonu, Olo Gilbert.
' Dialogue, ''Our Awful Aunt.
Music, F. Oarriugtou.
Wo desire to extend our hearts
felt thanks to tho friends who so
kindly assisted us in our late be
reavement. Anna L NAOLEScnNEiDER
and Parents.
The Sentito today began anqth
cr week tho fifth on the duban
resolutions, but whether this'is to
bo tho last is not at all certain,
although it is probable. President
Cbveland has said nothing and.
those who presume to know, say
that he will continue to maintain
silence until he feels that there is
occasion to nay something, regard
Icsb of Congressional action.
The republicans of Nonpareil
precinct will hold a caucus at tho
Nonpuroil school housoat 3 o'cloek
on Monday. April 0, 1896, for thu.
purpose of choosing delegates to
tho county convention, at Heming
ford on April 11, 1896.
E. MabiN Committeeman.
The republican electors of Dpr
soy precinct will moot in cancan
at the court house in Hemingford
at 3 o'clook p. ra. on Monday,
April G, 1896, for tho purpose of
choosing six delegates to the coun
ty convention.
B. F. Oilman, Committeeman.
Herncall wants some dressed
20 lbs dried apples for $1.00 at
Wlltly pays seven cents for dressed
I want all the dressed poultry u
tlie county. W. K. Hehncall.
If you want a suit, overcoat,
overalls, cloak, cape, or shawl,
cheap a big line at Wildy's.
Wiltly sells you a nice suit for 95.00
Look at tuuse five ceuta prlati at
Wlldy lias received Ills first larRO
invoice of spring goods and clothing.
New lino of carpets at Hern
call's. PADS! PADS! Call and get
your sweat pads of H. R. Green.
Brown backs at 35 cts each.
See Wiidy before you sell your
nos, poultry, but tar, eggs, cheese
or potatoes.
The undersigned will take cattle
to herd for the season of 1899, at
Foawot's r.tneh. Terms, 91, for sea
sin, from Hiy 1st to Oji. 15th.
. E. D. PlPBB.
I iff or uy farming implements
'o! sal jh j.p. tt ai j iwta 1 mi.
! of liajiiaetocd..