Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, February 07, 1896, Image 1

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NO 50
VOL. 1
Facts Correctly Recited.
The Excutivo Committee of tlio
Alliance Boomerang are out in a
circular letter which shows their
red-handed cusseduess moro than
over. It is presumed that this
circular letter was sent to
each of their petitioners for
the purpose of still carry
ing out their hollinh designs,
but such slush'as this circular let
ter contains, is not whit tho farm
era and tax payers want. We
take it that you want tho Facts
Correctly Becitod.
rri. 13.. .i. n.i il. Ali:rnr.
Jill) i.MUH's HIO urn uiy ii.iim.iu,: -
i: i r:i ;,: ,...,.(. i I into tho hands of every petitioner.
OB . . II . I ,-,1 ln lli. 4',i ,iii'C tn
nun III! Iiiunu iuju uiunu iniw" "-'
sacrifice lis stock of groceries for
l,lJ "r . . x, ., . ,
the County Commissioners to call ; tlu'ir entire benelit. jnow u is u.o
uau iiiai biiuu ;i man iv.uuui
ho.K'st tax payors who are not in
arrears of their taxes to consider
this matter.
This paper latter on will give
you tlio full law; recited word for
word; then each of the tax payor
will bo able to say who aro resi
dent electors of llox Butte county.
Now it seems that aiiotlne- of their
executivo coiumittoo has gone
wrong. One V. 1). Humor who
is manager oE the' Chicago store
at Alliance, take this goldon op
portunity to send out a circular
price list of the closing out sale of
his grocery department and ho uses
overv endeavor to get this circular
to ba si:nad bv SI'S resident elec
tors of Box Butte county, praying
hi electa) i, tj, etc. Now wo
ilitningford people had four hours
in which to scan the petition,which
the Alliance gang had been four
months preparing and in that four
short hours our committee found
13.' names that were questionable
at least, we did not then nor do we
n iw protend to s-iy that w.i wore
correct in challenging overy man
named in this 133 for it, is more
thun probable that there are names
on the petition that we did not ob
ject to that are not resident elec
tors, for this reason we asked (ho
Board of Honorable County Com
missioners to continue the hearing
of tho petition to such a time as
would give us an opportunity to
should get tangled up with such n
gang as tins, out wo wager ine
statement that he will bo ready to
entirely close out if he still per
sists in coaching with this crowd.
Wo still have another sample of
their "facts correctly recited'' and
their willingness to stoop so low as
to oven blight the name of some of
the best citizens which today live
in Box Butte county, by casting
slurs at our fellow workers, I. E.
Tush, John O'Kcefe, L. Sampey
and G. C. Alexander and others.
Now in the name of all that is
good, can it be possible, even in a
county seat war. that men will
stooji so low as to try and harm
WOUlll glVC US III! umjuilliuil.) iw ! r l
. .. .., 4i. i i i tho cood name of such men as
(ixanuno personally uau uiuim- ... , , ,
ity of the petitioners. All this, those? e y.ll try, however to
lli; All ancj imnir r.'tuse I to ' .""J " . .
grant ug and asked tho b morable
Board to force us in to an election
fnrt hwith. and let it be saul to till
m' ttee. knowing that such meth
ods are tho only grounds they havo
to continue this boomerang. But
IOriUWIlll, Hllll 11.1 1L Uf sum iu nil-
disgrace of the commissioner from j "J l L E. Jb. i. Julm
Alliance, he was hearty in accord ! Keefo, L Ramp.y, G.C Alex-
illiuci iiuii i-uuiuiio """ -"a"
th.- remonstrance against this pe
tition, will appear as taxpayers of
plav. Now the papers I Joltl '" 'T v v 17'
I ar urging the petition- U ' Iil,to"' W" W(;V'
sign any remonstrance ll: roome ho fe.monsons, G.
with this proceedure, but all honor
to Metals Ilollinrako and Barry,
who rose above personal preferen
ces and gave us an opportunity to J
have fair plav
of Alliance
era not to sign any
or anything else. This is another
hhowing oE their dirty work. In
trying to so poison the minds of
die honest taxpayers and resident
electors, so that they will not look
to their own interests and tho in
terests of the community generally.
Now tho Hekald comos to you
in tho matter of fairness and fair
play and asks you to exercise your
judgement in settling the future
interests of Box Butte county and
jE after you have givau this matter
your careful consideration yon
conclude it is best to keep this
eouuty in a continued county seat
fight, then let this iin'ht and others
come but if you think it is time
vhat!U join hands to keep and hold
he bood name of our county nboi
uch contentions as juat to suit the
elliah designs of a certain corner
,nd click of this county, then
let us forever bury this matter
and go to work.
To show further tho unfairness
of this circular letter it stato.s that
tho Honorable A. L. Sharrock,
who stands at the head of the cit-
I this county when timo shall have
M. Sullivan, It. C. Nolemati, G
W. Clark, II. C. Braver and U. .1
Ellis from the records of our conn
ty, and will be known no more for-
iever, as "honest, delinquent lux-
payers' of Box Butte county.
in conclusion, we will say that
we are in this tight for our homes
and our brother's homes, Box
Butte county and tho fullness
thereof, and wo expect to lie treat
ed as American citizens, and ex
tend tho same blessing to every-
ono else.
Mortgage Record.
The following is a statement of
mortgages tiled and released in
tho clerk's office, Box Butte coun
ty, during tho month of Janua'ry.
Farm mt'gs tiled SlLl 00
Farm mt'gs rol'sed UiiBS 00
'IWn and fit ml'f'K tiled 12470 7'2
Town and city mt'gs rol'sd 1408 77)
Chattel int'gs filed 1702 53
Chnttol mi'gs rel'sed. . . . 800 4B
Total filed 5400 7.")
Total released 4772 18
Mi&s Maud Huot visited Miss
Addio Hood, several days this
"Walter Osgood of Cnllnwny.
Nob., is visiting his sister. M.rs.
Chirk Olds.
I . Mrs. J. S. Paradis of Alliance
visited friends in Ilomingford
tho first of tho week.
I Burt Si Davis. Qhio.f- Ghfrif in
Norton's Htore at- Alliance, fvis
I itticl friends in this city last Sun-
! J as. McLennan sovorod his
' connection with Lewis' store.
' and returned to Ilomingford
Saturday. ;
Thos. Killeen's family arrived
from Nebraska City, this week
and will reside in H. R. Green's
house on Choyonne avenue. '
Fred. Hucice. E. A. Hull, John
Armstrong and I). K. Spaeht de
posited money on subscription
this week. i
I. E. Tnsh orders Tub TlEitALp
sent to his father L. Tash and
B. J. Wilcox, both of whom re
side at Thayer, la. j
Miss Ella "Wilcox, sister of Mrs. j
I. E. Tash. arrived from Thayer,
j la., Tuesday morning and will
visit for some time. '
The Box Butte Banking Co..
of Alliance, closed its doors Mon-
I day and is m the hands of State
j Bank Examiner E. L. Boildur. ,
Ex-Sheriff E. A. Hall loft
Tuesday night for an extended
trip through tho south and west.
He will be gone several weeks.
The high school literary soei
cty will give its first entertain-
ment this evenmg."rNtr doubt
tho program will be an interest
ing one.
Mrs. Anton Jolinek died at
her homo J - miles northeast of
Ilomingford "Wednesday night.
Funeral will take place today at
t o'clock.
Mis5 Nellie Goodouough enter
tained several of her friends last
evening. It is unnecssary to
state that a pleasant time was
had as Miss Goodonough possess
es tho happy faculty of entertaining.
The Condition Box Butte Co.
Would be in, by County
Sent Removal,
tliu 1 1 ri'gg sellout lli.it he Hails tt ui-c-essiry
to f.ill every few days. Is
Unit Uiu loul reason for Ins liuunenl
Wo have often wondered if the
tax payers of Boone c.iuty wero
awrreof the fact that during the
past ten years, it has cost the
county alone for rent, $l2,s"00,
and that tho only thing they
havo to show for it is a small
stack of receipts signed by C. Be
Roberts and the First National
Bank, as evidence that the
county had paid its rent, annual
ly Wo have often thought how
muoh nicer it would b- if tin
county officials could have their
offices all on the smne floor and
in tho same building, and how
much nicer it would be if- the
i fifteen hundred dollars paid out
annually could be applied on the
interest of a bond, for the erec
tion or a court house, so in after
years the tax payers would have
1 something to look at besides a ,
lot of old worthloos receipts. '
iKind reader, here is food for
! thought. Think of it. Albion ,
(Neb.) Argus. I
i'' Tho rent vas 750.00 for two
years when it was raised to
'(1,250.00 per year. Tax payers.
! do you think it would be different
in Box Butte county? And from
all appearances your rent re
ceipts would also bo signed by
i the First National Bank.
There w.is r.itlier i uiilipfj sll?u
fnitiiii luuiKliitf In a m Ht ooiHpleiiiiiw
pliiiui on one of tin Maislaiid churches.
Two Ihiko bottles hill of sonii'lhinu
that Inokcil roil what viiiilals thulr
aiu la this world.
The people or Miuslanil mid sin"
riiiitullmr vicinity will soon bi'fjln
what tho financial consequences
may be. The Lincoln Land .com
pany has a splendid record tn
this regard, covering a period Of
twenty-five years from its earli
est existence, and is a corpora-'
tion that the whole west ta.proud
of, because of tho fact that it
stands solid for right, in every
Our friend and follow towns-'
work on their iirt.e-.lan wnll. Who , man, A. L. Sharrock, has bfiou
prominent for Hennngford, turn!
haa worked night and day for tlui
past two mouths in tho intercBtn
of that town, and to defeat the
people of Alliance in an attempt to
Btuldlj upon the comity, first, for
mU-, CuitIh l'.lssi'H will teach a calling and holding of an election,
sprhiK tei in of school south of Alii- second, for tho voting ol
knows but what Marshall will yet bn
the lianiii!!' 'own itlnni; the It. & M.
and why not, when we have two miuli
nerni'tlc iinil entorprlselng business
men as L. Himw nail It. H. CJick'U'.
Boac 33utto Sulltiia.
Miss Ainu Konner or Iloinhnjfonl
vlsltcil frlenild la this vicinity
over Smiilay.
There, Is to be a musical oa'er
laiiiMii'iit. on Hex Hutto creek sour.
Particular later.
Uobt. KiUelinan Is movinir bis
fuiully ami household Kuil from the
Ohilsoti to the .lacobsun farin.
for tho ptircluiBO ol grounds
ami tho building of a court
house, a Jargo amount of ii
dobtness should they bo sueresH
ful in their offartti. Ilomingford
haa a court house and a block of
ground worth a grunt many thous
and dollar which would bo en
tirely lost to tho county in easoAl
i lianco would get the county went,
and in such event it would bo neo-
The committee of Alliance
"representative business" men,
J. E. Bead bid adieu to Alli
ance and his creditors and loft
for Pacific Junction last night.
izens of that flourishing city Edge
, .. . , . ,r " ... 7.1. tor laciuc d
raont, (.being their .Mayor; imiue Ta.Ta. Alliance Grip.
:no suueinoni on iiiwiuiuy iiw,
"he could buy th petitioners for
tweutv live cents per head.'' Now
tho '"facts ciiTeafcly rojited'' are
that Mr. Sharrock does not stoop
to the use of such uncalled foi
Lot's see! This man Head was
ono of your "honest resident
electors" of Box Butte county,
wasn't ho? Seo if his name- is
not on tho petition, and see if ho
is not ono of the 13;l that wo ob
Where President Handier is so
popular sis in Homingford it is
hardly worth while to quote
press notices commendatory of
his ability as a platform orator,
yet tho following from the Dead
wood Pioneer will not bo out of
place: "Prof. Handier, at the
ATotl-imlisi. nliiivdi Sniidav even-
I ing, gave a most enjoyable lee-'
i tare on "Your True American.'
The people, assembled were only ,
too sorry when the lecture con- j
j eluded, and several of his hearers
j declared yesieruay umi uny
; could have listened for an hour
! or two more." President Han
j Cher will bo in Homingford next
'. Tuosdav ovonimr. Don't miss
this opportunity to hear him.
Supt. W. K. Siders of Alliance,
has our thanks for compliment
ary tickets to hear tho world re
nowned EH Perkins; (Melville D.
Laudon) lecture at the Phelan
opera house, Saturday ovening,
Feb. 15th. Mr. Perkins subjects
who have charged themselves
with the Herculean task of re
moving the county seat to Alli
iwice, - have . been Hooding .tho
country with canary-colored cir
culars in which they givo a
garbled statement of the status of
the question and of tho recent
action of the county commission
ers. Had it been printed on pa
per to correspond with the state
ment which it contains, there
would have been a large demand
for tar paper. Referring to tho
action of the commissioners in ,
postponing tho hearing until ,
Juno, this saffron-hued document
contains this quotation from the
stump speech of some sand lot
agitator, "This was one of tho
most high-handed outrages over ,
perpetuated upon this or any ,
country, and if this is not re
dressed by square actions" (won
der what they mean by that?)
there would be h -1 to pay, or
words to that, offect. This sounds
well, don't it, coming from a
town which on March 4th, 1890,
htuffed the ballot box to the ex
tent of over 100 fraudulent votes,
: and which would do it again
should opportunity otter, thus
outraging, tramplhtg under fool
this inalienable and dearest right
of tho American citizen.
A iliiiio.it was L'lvt'iuiL the home of
. i aim iu yuru uvum n uuiu "" '"-v
Mr. Xy's Ti.iis.hy oyiuilmr. the coca- j lho t lo )0 (Uip
s,n helm, M.m Alma -lliciUwlllmtisnovv OWIled, free of
l' , . debt, bv tho county. And again,
Wlilo Mr. and Jin, ji cjoon were ' u "J "" " - Tb ,
'" " '" K- - r" ",0C"mr" . r... S 1 c
coiujiauy nun iv nimi " .......
Site company with Box Butte
county is of such u nature
that in case Alliance should get
the county sent, or iu the event of
the non-continunnco, of the prop-
erly to ha used for county seat
puriiosed, it is to bo forfeited to
tho Lincoln Land company and
tho Inter State Town Sito. com-
Tho county conunisrfiouorn
their team broUe looso ami ran away
oani-luy ooasitleralilo (liimaito.
The Uox Itatte Literary Soulctv
rhiwh more InteresUnR an winter ad
vances, ami il" Mo.v Untie people ilo
not iiiKhTfltaml "Hon silver," "hl'li
MirllT" "woin ill's rights" anil oilier
important questions, il Is thulr own
The Facts in the Case.
e,,,. ,i nni! yior. tii Tnf.or-I'DanV.
stato Townsito company of Oma- wisely postponed action on the pe-
- ... I .... r III ,... II... .nlliiiir fT
1... 1 1,4 I,., II" ",tr.nkjt of m tlllOl Ol i.llllllll'1- UU ' .' "-
Lincoln L"ind company in the uu election. Hundreds of farmer
townsito of Homingford, with the
understanding that tho two com
wero present at tho timo of the
presentation of tho petition, hhow
uiuifinuuiuiiif, nniu inw .. j . l i
panics would use every endeavor ) ing by their presence and actiqns
. I.t . .1 - ........ ..I l Ihn 111.
lungmigo; but tho "Hon." lv. M. ' . o Q Now how tlo you hof.
jikiujiuu uu. ....v . '"""M((bi tax payors like to have a man
on the 17th day of .January Uko thls (l'icUamg tho policy of
1800". that tho petitioner to the 00unty? Just wait, they
number ot more uiau iuu cou
Kl OO , ,,.,. 1 T?.1,lc ,i,, Ihio .-.nli.
bought for 2 01 per head. "1'' Uon and we wm locato t!l(MU for
Or COUIhO llieiuuuil ma vi it 11 lining
and wo presume he goes on the
plan of judgmg othere by himself.
But wo do not want such liiroliugs
as lie but we want lo appeal to tho
you by the-June term.
At co t ovtuCiiuL, heavy suit,
Indies' ami t,':-tV Miufntoslies at
are, "The Philosophy of Wit,"
and "Pun and Facts in Japan and
China." The following are somo
of thoddiosyncrasies which ap
pear Qii tho ticket:
'Kit ByrkiuK. ittJurK." Ailmlt the )vx.ft or
wife, m ovu wir, to UU lVrUlni" l.tur.
anjrlir In vlio world, for ymm and yrBrn."
"Thq lt'lurr will tximmenan hi S o'clock nlnri,
mill roathuiM till omlKkly riiuimtH him to
fciojj." In eao of n: noclilwit to tli linstHror.
or if 1m hliouldtlieur l I.uhk lxrforo tlio in
iii4 al Xlm ilUturl nucf , this tioket will admit
thuUorer to a front stat Umi funwal. tlnfu
b ran bit aud iijr lilmwiif Uw nuw ax at lit
lJtjre." "Thw Idukekt priev.1 matA.UiuMiwar-tttlidor,.-vr)rtarved
for paitlutijar frtwule
cJ the jptakar." "OwilaiiyubniMcaitli Iw
I 8lt." rkaeoa'ttmnKitr.'
Serati Itoms.
The mUsw flaleoa Curtis umi K la
Mastruile listed MisK D.ivis' M'hool
hibt Tut'Mlay.
Miss Lulu Duncan, of aIIIhiiuo was
visitliiK will) Mr. anil Mi. V. T.
Johnson last Sunday.
Mis Duvls iiiirellli'lont schoolinam,
iniidu a trij) ti Alliance lust Saturday
visiting hor parents who live In that
Ml. -.8 Uiliei Johnson, came down
from her aolioul near Diiiilup lust
Krlday to visit, bur Tolks rt iirnin
on Sunday. Her many fRiunds j-ot
up a surprise party lii hot" honor
wlillj Imru.
Iailn.rsla.iicl Naws.
Mr. 'u. hiiow shipped a oar load of
wheat to Hauls Ui-os.4a.st woek,
Mr. White, who takes Mr. (.'larks
place n? teacher in tho Marttlninl
auhnnl is Klvhuj ww bfitikfactiuii,
wbiish pfoi'3 his ability a a twiohor.
TIiq man from Nova Suotln Likus
sp much iiiteicat In iht imtjuu of
to make tho town the county seat
of Box Butte county. Tins agree
ment was made in spite of tho
fact that the Lincoln Land com
pany exclusively ownod tho
townsito of Alliance, and "that it
would bo doubly to the intorost
of that company should Alliance
beconn the county soat. The
ajjraomont made between these
two companies was carried out.
and Nonpareil, romoto from tho
railroad, the then present county
seat, was defoated in tho three
cornered contest between Alli
ance, Hemintrford and Nonpareil,
and Homingford secured the
prize, notwithstanding 1110 ntut .
that Alliance had five hundred j
I more votes pollod than it had
voters. Tho recent county seat I
light, that has been raging in
.that county, was instigated by
1 Alliance in an endeavor to wrest
the county seat from Iloming
ford. It was bosun at a time
when tho farmers wero all away
from their farms, which is gen
erally the case during tho winter
months, during which time they
are pursuihg other lines of bus
iness, making a livelihood in the
mines iu the Black Hills, and
such other work as they eantind.
In this effort of Alliauco, al
though, as before stated, it
would bo greatly to tho interest
of the Lincoln Lund company to
havo the county soat at that
point, yet they stood uutlinch
iugly to their agreement with
1 the Interstate Townsito company,
' and have rendered no assistance
or encouragement to Alliance in
its efforts. This is in keeping
with the established reputation
with that company for a consci
entious compliance with tho very
letter of overy agreement.
that thev wore opposed to tho ef
fort made by Alliance to add on to
the county a debt that would b
burdetisoiu in thnto depressed
financial timed. It is practically a
favorable ending for Jlemingford.
The latter town will always re
main the county scat of Box Butto
county. There can be no question
on thut point. It is in the center
of the county, accessible to all cit
izens, and the force at work to
hold it' there is a strong as to be
absolutely unassntlable.
Alliance spent about $7,000, it w
.said, in its efforla the other time.
It ii doing the same thing now ami
it is likely to impoverish those
j who are at the head of the moVe-meut.--Edgemont
i "
First Shot Fired
Since the county seat will for
all timo remain in lloinimjford,
we have now added to our well
.stoolcHil store a full and completo
lino of Men Hoys and Children's
CLOTHING and furnishing
Goods, at prices so umn.ingl) low
that I want you to know that all
wo show is of the latest stylos out
and of superior labrics and mater
ial. Our Spring hats to suit our
spring suits are tho proper shape,
at hard time prices. Homo and
seo; ak to examine for yourselves
as w.i can talk a wholo lot hotter
than write. Our prices are for
cash or in exchange of produce for
which we always pay you the high-
jt oat market price.
stands by its frionds in what it i
thinks to bo right, nonnvttQrj
Your humble servant,