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Jle S.iy the Irrrcai' In the Vnlne of
l'n rm Atilnmlx In Two Yearn lias Hern
Mil) 1,000,000 A l'htiiit From tho Wool
tirouorn Senator est Denounced In
Strong Words.
A littler Arriitgninent.
Washington, Jaii. 24. Senator War
fen of Wyoming addressed the. Senate
to-duy on his reoltition calling n'tton
tion to the shrinkage in the number
and valuu of farm animals and re
questing the finance committee to re
port appropriate legislation. The Sen
ator attributed the shrinkage to the
Wilson bill, which, ho declared, had
caused a loss of 5004,000,000 to the
American peoplo in live stock in two
years. Tho talk that wool growers
were more prosperous under free wool
was preposterous. The elcctious of
lSu.l indicated lhat after ISMl a corpo
ral's guard only of the faithful would
be left to mark tho spot "where onco
stood a triumphant, rampant Dem
ocracy fighting under the unpatriotic
black flng of Wilsonism the emblem
of protection to foreign industries ami
distress to our own. If the MolUnley
bill of Republican fame was a 'hoo
doo' " said Mr. Warren, "your own
AVilsou bill has certainly been a con
spicuously stomach trying 'Jonah.'"
The result of Republican and Dem
ocratic tariil policies Mr. Warren
summed up by saying that United
States live stock interests had thrived
under Republican ruie and hud de
creased always, both in numbers and
value, under Democratic administra
tions. As corresponding with our own
great national shrinkage, lie pointed
out an immense increase in the busi
ness of foreign countries in our mar
kets and that, while sheen of the
United States are worth little moie
than one-half what they were two
years ago, the wool exportation from
England to America in la'J3 was nearly
trip'e that of ISO I.
Mr. Warrun in strong language de
nounced Senator Vest for excoriating
the Supreme court for reversing tho
precedent in the income tax cases and
then him-self (Vest) glorying' in the
fact that tin economical law of a tariff
on wool had been, after eighty years,
overturned by the Wilson bill, that
crowning infamy that the Senate first
pitied then endured then embraced.
He closed by urging a change in the
un-American policy to stop the golden
drain by the collection of gold for
to nullify- sri:cn: paymknts.
Mr. Mills of Texas introduced a bill
'to repeal the refunding act of lS70and
the specie paymunt resumption act of
18?ri Mr, Mills said ho would call up
this bill to-morrow and seek a vote on
A resolution by Mr. Perkins of Cali
fornia was agreed to, requesting the
secretary of the interior to furnish in
formation as to the extent of tho
illicit tratlle in liquor in Alaska and to
suggest remedial legislation.
Mr. Vilas of Wisconsin reported
favorably a bill to prevent the carry
ing in the mails of obscene literaturo
from one state or territory to an
other. Mr. Call oilVred the following: "Re
solved, that a special committee of
seven Senators shall beappoin'"d who
shall bo charged with the duty of in
quiring into the imprisonment of
Kugeuo V. Dobs for an alleged con
tempt of court, and who shall report
to tho Senate and recommend such
legislation as may be necessary for
tho enforcement of the law and pro
tection of citizeus from arbitrary and
oppressive excess of judicial power."
Mr. Call said ho would call up the
resolution to-morrow.
It was disclosed at this point that
the l'ugh resolution for the payment
of bonds in bilver had lost its parlia
mentary status yesteraay and was at
the foot of the calendar. Mr. l'ugh
protested that this was contrary to
his understanding Mr. Hill said Mr.
l'ugh had been warned of this.
"1 deny that statement," said Mr.
"The senator is simply denying the
.record," answered Mr. II ill, pointing
out how the resolution had loit its
place of precedence before tho Senate.
He added: "Tho senator (l'ugh) walked
straight into the opening."
"I can easily be trapped," responded
Mr. l'ugh, "by such skillful means as
those adopted by the senator from
New York."
Mr. l'ugh Fought to get his resolu
tion restorsd, but Mr. Hill objected to
each move, causing much amusement.
Mr. l'ugh filially gave notice that
he would move to-morrow to restore
tho resolution, adding: "The senator
from New York will not be able to
avoid going on revord on that resolu
tion." Mr. Warren was then recognized
and delivered the speech given above.
f'tilxwi Itebel I,ot IIcully tit Tnlron.
Havana, Jan. 34. The engagement
at Tuirun, south of 1'inar tiel Rio, be
tween the insurgents under Maceo and
tho Spaniards under iienoral Luquo
Sundav last, was more important than
at llrs't believed. The bodies of 170
dead liae been found in different
parts of the ground abandoned by tho
Coloreil .Men for AllUun.
.Sax Axto.mo, Tex., Jan. 24. A
special meeting of the colored Repub
licans was held hero last night and ro
holved to support AUUon for the Re
publican nomination. N. Wright
I'uney, a member of the National Re
publican Kxecutlve committee, was
present and made a speech for Allison.
Arm on Inn Koolutloiu In tho Ilouto.
Washington, Jan. 24. Contrary to
expectation to-day's meeting of the
House foreign affairs committee did
not deal with any of tho several im
portant questions beforu the commit
tee except the Armenian mub&acru. In
response to demands from religious
unci .other organizations, resolutions
patterned after thoso before tho Sen
ate were adopted and Mr. Quigg was
directed to report them to the Hon:.
Nothing whs done about Ambassador
llayard s two speeches. The commit
tee udopted the diplomatic ' und con
sular appropriation bill without
cbuages from last year's allowance.
Qnlct llm llccn Itrttorrtl In Tniinv.-inl
linimrtlnt Trial for Prisoner.
Sax KitANcisro, Jan. 24. The Ex
aminer has received the following
telegram from President Krugcr in re
ply to n messngo asking information
tis to tho status of tho Anierienti min
ing men now imprisoned nt Victoria
for alleged participation in the upris
ing of the Uitlnuders: "Everything is
quiet at present Tho Americans aro
In no danger whatever They enjoy
tho full protection of the law like any
other foreigners, therefore there h
no need for protection from the
outside against any alleged revolution
ary moves. Kven if such protection
against revolutionists were necessary,
which is not so, the Americans are
capable to tako care of themselves.
The government regrets deeply that,
whilst almost nil of tho Americans
took the side of law and order, a very
few of them havo joined the revolu
tionary, so-called reform committee.
These, together with a majority, most
ly British, will be tried nccordimr to
law, and justice will bo accorded to
all without respect to nationality."
Anicrlriitu In London Adopt Itrolntloni
nt Condolence.
London, Jan. 'J4. At a meeting of
Americans to-day tho following reso
lution was adopted and telegraphed to
Queen Victoria at Osborne House, Isle
of Wight: "At an assemblage of
Americans it was resolved to commit
nicato to your Most Gracious Majesty
that they join m the deep sympathy of
Your Majesty's subjects in respect to
Ills Roval Iligncss, Prince llenrv of
Uattenburg's, death. (Signed) Charles
Alvin (iilllg."
Tho following answer was received:
' The Queen desires to sincerely ilianlc
you and your fellow countrymen for
their kind sympathy, which Her
Majesty much appreciates."
Tho court circular says of Prince
Henry's death: "The Queen is most
deeply affected at seeing her beloved
daugntcr's happy life crushed, and in
losing a most amiable and affectionate
son-in-law, to whom she was much de
voted." Emperor William has telegraphed
his condoleneo to the Queen and to
Princess Beatrice.
The Britisli cruiser, Blonde, with
the embalmed body of Prince Henry
of Ilattenburg on board, has sailed for
England from Sierra Leone. Tho
period of mourning by the court has
been lixed at six weeks.
The body of the prince will bo in
terred at Windsor and tho ceremonial
to bo followed will be similar to that
used at the burial of the Dulse of Al
bany, Queen Victoria's youngest son,
who died in 1884.
YVIillo the United h'tntc Arbitrates
C.ront llrltnln rortlfle.
New Yokk, Jan. ,"!. The World's
special from Caracas, Venezuela, says:
Michael McTurk, the head magistrate
of British Guiana, who has been iden
tified for year.-, with the usurpation of
Venezuelan territory, lias been re
lieved of ills magistral duties in order
that he may command an expedition
charged with fortifying the entire
length of the Cttyani river lj'ing in the
disputed territory. This news has
caused a great stir hero.
The English plan is believed to be to
fortify the disputed territory while
the American commission is investi
gating, and if its report is adverse to
Britain, to bo prepared to hold it
City Ofllclnli Indicted.
Ottawa, 111., Jan. S4. The grand
jury has indicted Andrew Hcbcl,
mayor of Pern; P. W. Matheison,
mayor of La Salle; S. T. Russell, presi
dent of the village board of Utica;
John Tallman, president of the village
board of Kaugley, and all the saloon
keepers of the four towns. The in
dictments aro based upon theprinciplo
that every oilicial is responsible for
his own acts. The executives aro
charged with malfeasance in oilice in
neglecting to keep the sal'oons of tho
cities and towns closed on Sunday.
Kllltitt in ti Tunnul.
St. Loris, Mo., Jan. 24. Two men,
supposed to be John L. Berridgo and
W. Kooning, residents of this city,
wcro instantly killed yesterday in the
Wabash railroad tunnel, near King's
highway. The men were looking for
employment and wcro eroising the
track through the tunnel when a pas
senger train struck them and tore
their bodies to pieces.
Yiiiir Vu Kecelwt New Honor.
Washinoiox, Jan. 24. Yang Yu,
the Chinese minister, has received no
tice of his promotion to the presidency
of the board of sacrificial worship,
one of tho most honorable olllces in
the Chinese empire. Ho will leave
here for l'ekin in June and it is under
stood that Yu Keng. now minister to
Japan, will succeed him.
Kdltor Ana.iulted liy mi Irate Iliislianu
Launui, Kan., Jan. 24. In his
paper, P. J Davis, editor of tho
Chronoseope. accused S. C. Eckert,
publisher of the Tiller and Toiler,
with whipping Ids wite and driving
her away from home. Eckert assault
ed Davis in the postotlice. The men
were separated by the mayor before
any damage was done.
Joseph Rigney killed himself at Dal
las becuuse his sweetheart's parents
insisted mat no wait until she was of
ago to marry.
The KiiUcr Will lie Ilefeuteil.
Rkki.in, Jan. 2 4. The German nd
mirulty has obtained confidential
replies from the leaders of political
parties in the Reichstag respecting
further naval credits. All declare
that no supplementary budget such us
Emperor William desire can be voted,
Murder in a Court IEoom.
Wavkkoan, 111, Jan. 24. Daniel
Gore shot and killed John Dillon in
Justice Shotwell's court yektorday.
Gore hud Intended to kill hi enemy,
Joseph lluuker, but as he tired the shot
John Dillon jumped between them
und received the shot in his left breast.
A resolution flint l'nirrrn C'otnlilJU to
Aid the .Vrtiienliin.
Washington, Jan. ;'3 In tho scWl
to-day Mr. Sherman of Ohio rcimrte.t
ndverselV from tbn fnrnlrrn fkIkIIaiw
i.. ., . . "'" i
couimiiieo inc resolution of Mr. Call
of Florida, Democrat, directing th
secretary of state to send to the sen
nto tho dispatches of United Slates
consuls in Cuba. At Mr. Call's request
tho resolution was placed on tho
Mr Cullom of Illinois reported the
following Armenian resolution:
"Whereas, the supplementary treaty
of Berlin July 13, 1S78, between tho
Ottoman empire antl Great Britain,
Germany, Austria, Fiance, Italy and
Riusta contains tho following provis
ions: 'The sublime porto undertakes
to carry out, without further delay,
tho ameliorations nnd reforms de
manded by locul requirements In tho
provinces inhabltated by tho Arme
nians and to guaranteo their security
ngaiust tho Circassians and Kurds anil
will periodically make known tho
steps taken to this effect to the powers
and willsuperlntcnd thclrapplicatlon.'
"Tho right of olllclal protection by
tho diplomatic and consular agents of
the powers in Turkey is recognized,
both as regards tho above mentioned
persons and their religious, charitablo
and other establishments in tho holy
"Whereas, Tho American people, in
common with all Chris' inn people
everywhere, havo beheld with horror
the appalling outrages and massacres
of which tho Christian population of
Turkey has been mntle tho victims.
"Resolved, By tho Sena to of tho
United States, the House of Repre
sentatives concurring, that it is an im
perative duly in tho interests of hu
manity to express tho earnest hopo
that tho European concert, brought
about by tho treaty referred to, may
speedily bo given its just effects in
such decisive measures as shall stay
the hand of fanaticism and lawless
violence, and as shall secure to tho
unoffending Christians of the Turkish
empire all the rights belonging to
them botli as men and us Christians
and as beneficiaries of tho explicit
provisions of tho treaty above recited.
"Resolved, That the President be re
quested to communicate these resolu
tions to the governments of Great
Britain, Germany, Austria, France,
Italy and Rmsia
"Resolved further that the Senate
of tho United .States, the House of
representatives concurring, will sup
port tho President in the vigorous nc
tion ho may take for the protection
and security of American citizens in
Turkey, and to obtain redress for in
juries committed on tho persons or
property of such citizens."
Mr. Cullom said the resolution was
reported by the unanimous voto of tho
committee, as ha desired immediate
Mr. Gray of Delaware said ho did
not anticipate any objection to tho
resolution, but that it wp.i of such im
portance that there should bo time for
consideration of its terms.
Mr. Culluin acceded to this sug
gestion, giving notieo that ho would
ask for action to-morrow.
Mr. l'ugh's resolution for silver pay
ments ot government bonds came up
under tho rules and went to the cal
ft Will Keoommeml Tlint Territory Or
KUllWiltlcin lln 1'oreeil by (,'nlif;re.
Washington, Jan. S3. Ex-Senator
Dawes said to-day that tho commission
of which lie is chairman had aban
doned all idea of persuading tho tribes
in the Indian Territory to organize
thcmsolves into a territorial govern
ment, and that they would recommend
that Congress take arbitrary and
heroic measures to accomplish that
Quotations l'roin New York, Chicago,
l.ouli, Oinnliii nnd klituwlicro.
Iluttcr Crenmcry separator.. IS ffl
Butter Fair to (jood country. 14
ICkrs l'resh H 6
Chickens Dressed, per ft 0V(?0
Ducks Per lb .' U j
Turkeys- Per ft 10 CO
Prnlrlorhlckens-l'erdo. 0 10 5 0
(iceso Per ft 7 ft
Lemons- I liolro Mcsslnns 4 (X) 64 4
Ornnses Per liox 4 vu
Apples Per bill 2 75
Sweet potatoes -Hood, per bbl 2 2.1
Potatoes Per bu IVi
Heans Navy, liuiid-tilckod.ini 1 40
Cranberries I npo tod, pr.bbl 0 00
Buy I'lilnnd, pur ton U WJ
Onions Porbu 2.1
llrooin Corn Green, per ft 2
Mnn. Ml ml tlfl.lnf. 11 W
lloits Heavy Wolirlits 4 00
He eves titnekers and feeder 2 no
Dresssd Fteurs :i 00
Hulls 200
MHRS 2 40
Ciiles 2 21
Oxen 2 21
lows 1 00
Heifers : ICO
IVosterns 2 21
Mieep l.ainlw It 71
Hiccp-Mi.eduatlvos 2 tO
Wheat-No. 2. spring f0)
Corn Per Im 27
Outs Pur bu IS
Pork 10 17!
Lard A 02
utile Common too.v bcovuit. 4 CO
Hors Avurueas 3ii
Sheep Lambs !i SO
Sheep Westerns 3 W)
Wliont No. ?, red winter
(iru .No. 2,
Ouis No. 2,
Wheat No. 2 red, cash
Com Per bu ,
Oats Per bu
Hors Mixed puckliiR
Cuttle Nut ItuLuevcM
Sheep Nutjves
Whoat No. 2 hnrd
io ro
0 00
i ran
El2 W
t 0 23
Corn No. 2.
Oath No. 2
Cuttl- blockers and feeders.
IIors Ml.ed Packers
Miuo ji Lutubs
, a ;s
.4 SO
Ucorso L. Wellington to Succeed Sen
ator Cliarlen II. nibiou.
Annapolis, Md., Jan. 23. Tho leg
islature in joint session to-day ratified
the action of lust night's Republican
caucus nnd elected Congrofcsman
Uoorgo L. Wellington to hiieccod
Charles II. Gibson us United .States
fcenator on March 4, 1&07. Of tho He
publicans sovontoen refused to vote,
and ono ost his ballot for Mrr Golds
borough. Klght Democrats also re
fuseUto abide by the. oauous nomina
tion of Senator Johu W. bmith, the
Gorman enndidate, but voted for
other candidates.
oinn Current Notes of the Jluden The
Kttut of n Wife the Atenico Mn
Seek -How to ljmiiiler limbroltlrry
Tim Jlnturhold.
MONO nil tho
quaint and pretty
toggery shown in
the Bhopn for chil
dren's wear, noth
ing obtains so very
generally mi pure
white; Hint is, for
y o it n g children
ranging from in
fants to 4 or f years
of ago. Nothing
FccniB to shit their pretty dnlntlncsH
bo woll ns the Hiiovv-whito, fur-trimmed
rigs they wenr bo universally nowa
days. A cunning llttlo sprite, who wears tho
dignified namo of Dorothy, nnd who
claims two nnd a half yenrs nB tho por
tion of her time spent on earth, Is n
most bewitching sight In hor snowy
elonk, hnt nnd fura. She looks like
nn invigorated snowllnko. Shnggy,
silky white iiBtrnkhau forms tho body
of her Bhort cloak, which haroly covers
tho chubby knees. It Is doiibe-brcast-cd,
and cut much ns our umbrella sklrtb
are, to Ilnrc nil about In n succession of
godots, while It llts the small Bhouldcru
smoothly. Immense mothor-of-ponrl
buttons fasten It down tho front. The
sloove8 are big puffs reaching to tho
wrist, tho thickness of the material
keeping them out in a very smart way.
It has a rlpplo Bhouldcr enpo of whito
angora, decorated about tho neck with
a lot ot tiny heads. Tho lnrgo muff
is all softly lined with palo rose-colored
velvet, to keep tho tiny hnnds from
feeling tho touch of Jack Frost.
An lmmonso Rembrandt hat of pearly
white satin beaver rolls jauntily off
the face, edged all about the brim with
narrow white tips.. The low, square
crown has a soft tint of white lnco about
it, run through a beautifully carved
pearl buckle, while townrd tho front,
so ns to fall over the rolling brim, Ib
a bunch of long, glossy white plumes.
Dorothy has glossy, b-own hair, which
Is smoothly parted nnd arranged In two
snug llttlo bunches of curls on each
side of tho forehead, and tied by narrow
whito satin ribbon. Thero arc funny
little leggings and tat-looklng llttlo mit
tobiiB of whito wool to keep her a3
snug as a bug In a rug. Ex.
Tho Kind of Wife Wanted.
An Englishwoman who Is not a very
new woman, says she knows a por
lect woman from a man's standpoint.
"Doing u woman," she said, "I know
exactly what sort of a wife I would like
If I wore a man. It would bo ono who
would never Bay. '1 told you so,' or
'You're not getting any younger, my
dear,' or 'You d-d-don't lovo mo as much
as you used.' It would bo one who
would never stay homo and sit up for
me when I went to the club, but would
take hor own ploasuro In a reasonable
way. One who wouldn't want hor mo
ther, her aunts, her sisters and her
cousins to Btay with her. nor havo a
family party on Christmas day, .nor
expect mo to go to church whon I want
ed to play golf, nor frown If I lit a cigar
In tho drawing-room, nor sniff whon I
bring homo Zola's novels or my chum
Smith to take pot luck. 1 would havo a
wife who would never get fat uor old.
nor bad tempered, nor Jealous when I
talked to pretty Mrs. UlHrnoyton! one
who never said silly things; ono who
always looked bright, smart, capable
and better looking than any other men's
ulvec; one who drosaed on nothing n
ear, who nover had a flirtation, and
who nover called In the doctor. This
In all I should want."
And the women all aald In concort:
"U that all?"
She Horn n Well-Knotm Niime.
A ramarkablo woman in ovory re
spect was tho lato Miac. Pommery. She
assumed tho entire management of hor
vast Interests upon tho death of her (
husband nnd It wns her llfo's nmbltlon
to mnlio tho wlno bcirlng hor nnmo
wino of tho ronl aristocracy. How well,
sho hns suceeoded Is nppnrcnt to alf.i
Her discerning Jmlgmont In appointing
tho right mnn to tho right plnco wns
ono of tho most striking traits of hor
churnctnr. Tho successors nnd prosont
owners of tho Pommpry ostnbllshmont
nro M. Honrl Alexandra Louis Pom
mery, Mine, Jeanno Aloxnndrlno Loulso
I'onimery Comtesso do PollKtinc nnd M.
Henri Dominique Vnshler, tho patriotic
I'Yenchmnn who distinguished hlniBolt
by Lis unostentatious work In charity
nnd as a promoter of tho higher iritUis
trlon of Franco, Jn recognition ot hln
services he was decorated by tho Into
President Cnrnot with tho cross of tho
Legion of Honor. In keeping with tho
system of tho Into Mine, l'omincry, tho
present ninnngomeut, confident that
I'onimery could rely upon Its own mer
its, uses none hut strictly logltlmnto
channels In placing It brforo tho public
and caters only to tho hotter class of
customers. Pommery See comrnnnds the
highest piico nil over tho globe.
The Monk' Hood Cnpe.
Very coinfortnblu aro somo ot tho
huge, roomy enpos, measuring several
yards about tho foot, and fitting smooth
ly over the shoulders.
Somo of the cloth anpoB are exceed
ingly smart, mndo ot medium-weight
melton, and laid in broad tucka from
collnr to bottom, tho edges of each tuck
outlined with tho narrowest heaver fur.
A broad collar of tho snmo fur, sot
out over tho shoulders, and wns stiffen
ed with wlro so ns to llnro up about the
fnco when desired.
Another charming cape Is ot thorich
est Lyons velvot, In black, mado In
tho samo roomy fashion, and made
gorgeous nil nbout tho foit by sharp,
deep points of chinchilla, set up on tho
velvet; deep points ot do Venlso lnco
edged this fur, and n narrow galloon
of open-work gold finished It. The ef
fect was extremely elegant, and tho
capo was worth an endless amount of
Ernilno Is used to a great oxtent in
tho capo mako-up, especially for car
rlngo wear, ono of tho most fetching
of which has a monk's hood nt tho
back, lined with a pale, dull leaf-green
velvot, which material is used as a
lining throughout the entire capo.
With it 1b worn a natty llttlo arrange
ment of coral pins, velvet ribbon on
tho hair completing u very stunning
carrlago toilet.
Somo of the smartest and most cost
ly carrlago wraps aro of white thlbet,
mndo with long Btolo fronts. A deeply
pointed yoke of rose-colored velvet, n
mass of richly jowolcd embroidery, is
set across the shoulders, and tho entire
wrap Is lined with rose-colored satin.
Cozy and UROful capes for olderly In
dlea are shown In rough boueles, chevi
ots, und a score of rough cloths, all
black, cut with two doep, wide capos,
sometimes trlmmod with row upon row
of graduated black silk braid, from tho
bottom up to tho shoulders. Those
cape3 aro very easily made, whon once
thoy aro cut, and can be had at a mucU
loss coat than tho shops demand.
Almost Crazed.
The Terrible: Ordcnl of n Mother Her
Llttlo (llrl AlmoU ! tided Auiiy
Hnted In the Nlelc of Tlmo
A Htiir Hint will limed
tho llrnrt of t'.mrr
Mot hor.
I'rom the Joumnl. Detroit. Mich.
A very grateful' mother li Mm. A. Ij.
llartness, ot C78 O randy Avenue, De
troit, for the wonderful cure- which her
daughter has reclvnl by the ue of
Dr. Williams' Pink I'IIIh. Said Mra.
HnrtncKs: "Yea, my itnughtcr' life has
been saved by using Pink Pills, thanks
to a kind friend who reoummonded them
to me.
"niancho wns sick for ovor three
years. She had the caro of th best
physicians procurable, and no- expense
or trouble was spared to give her relief.
She wns so thin that she wiut fairly skin
and bones, her digestion was out of
onler and she hnd tho most awful head
aches. We Kavo up. all hope ot her re
covery. Her long, thin, listless face
made me nearly half crusty, mid we did
every thing In our power to give her
strength and Induce her to taker nn in
terest In anything.
"Ono day a friend told mo about tho
rink Pills, und Mr. Hartncss wont down
town mid got three, boxes Shu" had
taken nbout one box, when, tti- my
timnzement, ono morning I heard' her
playing on the piano. I could hardly be
lieve It, for It had been over a year
since the piano had been opened.
"Soon she begnu to take short rides
on her bicycle, nnd soon sho went King
ing nrouiid tho house, our own happy,
hearty little daughter onco more.
"She thinks nothing of a npln on her
wheel over to Mt. Clemens or Poiiltiiu,
and Is ns well ns she ever wits.
"I had a girl living nt our house who
was a great sufferer from Impoverished
blood, und who received Instant and
permanent relief from tho use of one
box of the pills.
"If this Information can bo of any uso
to help some poor sick one, It is given,
with the greatest of pleasure,"
The proprietors of Dr. Williams' Plnlt
I'llls state that they nro not a patent
medicine but a prescription used for
many yearn by nn eminent practltlonor
who produced the most wonderful re
sults with them, curing all forms of
weakness nrlslng from a watery con
dition of tho blood or shattered nerves,
two fruitful causes of almost every 111
to which flesh Is heir. They are entirely
harmless and can be given to weak and
sickly children with the greatest good
and without the slightest danger. Pink
PIIIh are sold by all deal cm, or will bo
sent post paid on lecelpt of price, 50
cents a box, or nix boxes for J2.G0 by
nddifsslng Dr. Williams' Medicine Com
pany, Schenectady, N. Y.
The Unlet I'lirni Life.
Many complain of the confinement of
fnrm life, und especially at night they
must bo at home. Statistics show that
nine-tenths of the crimes committed in
the world are done between sunset antl
runrlRO. lilesscd rather is tho farmer's
family, safe from the temptation and
secure in tho pure inllticncu of home.
Let us build our homes, Bending forth a
moral and religious influence, a spot
that will be remembered with .pleas
ure by our children in the years to
oomo, a quiet retreat in which to en
tertain our friends, a rest for tho weary
traveler and stronger and an honor to
the community in which wo live, and
we enn say wo havo mndo the fnrm pay.
Farmers' Itcvlow.
A I'mmxylviinlit I'uritinr.
M. M. Luther, Enst Troy, Pa., grow
Inst season over 207 htiBhols Snlzer'B
Silver Mine Cats from one measured
aero! How is that for old Pennsyl
vania? Over 30,000 farmers are going
to try nnd heat this In 1690 nnd wiu
$200 in gold! Then think of 11C bus.
barley from ono ncro nnd 1,200 big full
bushels of potatoes and 230 bushels of
Golden Triumph Corn!
What's tcoslnte, nnd sand votch and
spurry and fifty other raro things? Well
Salzer s catalogue will tell you. Largest
growers of clovers, grasses and farm
seeds in America. Freights cheap.
If you wilt ent this ont nnd end
It with 10c postage to tho John A. Salzer
Seed Co., La Crosso. Wis., you will ro
ceivo their mammoth catalogue and ten
packages grains nnd grasses, Including
ubovo oats. frco. w.n.
"IJnrln DlckV Shopping.
"Uncle Dick" was out shopping with
the nicco to whoso bosom friend lie hadl
recently plighted his trotli.
"1 want a very protty Kmpiro fan,"
he explained. No, I don't think that is.
fine enough," as the saleslady, gather
ing in tiie situation, showed one murk
od SI 1- She produced a dainty trillo
for S2.1, and then a beauty, with inlaid
tortoise shell sticks, for 830. Rut
Uncle dick eonld not be satisfied. His
eyes roved over the counter.
"IIov much is this?" lie asked, pick
ing up a simple little black fan, With
tiny spangles.
"Ninety-live cents, sir,
"The very thing. Please send It to
," and ho gave tho address.
W PALN often concentrates all' W
its MISERY in W
TTsn at onco
X St. Jacobs OilX
If you want to feel It concon- B
jl trato its healing in a euro. ijlTjl)
W. N. V., OMAHA T-180a.
When writing to ndvertisere, kindly
mention this paper.
On tho I!r:iy Deep.
The encouraging and ever popular
bean, whether boiled, baked or por
porridogd, is thus alluded to by a cor
respondent at Lakeville, Conn:
"A family living in the city were vis
ited by relatives residing some distunco
off. Ono of the visitors remarked that
there had been a groat quantity of por
ridge made in his mother's family,
'enough,' suit! he, 'to float a "4-gun
ship. Don't you think to. Uncle John'."
appealing' to one of his relatives.
'Yes, yes,' rcpliwl that uncle, 'anil
the ship could float twenty-four hours
nnd not hit a beau." -Harper's Maga.