Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, January 17, 1896, Image 1

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VOL- 1
NO. 47
Is' l Han
, 4
kg' -ri- r.i iVa wjlTOsav;v3
Have Met the
Enemy" and they
Are Ours !
If you can't play don't fool with
.the band wagon.
Rumer says wc did not want
the county seat anyway.
Look out for the Herald of
.next week. Good news coming
Hampton says For God's sake
.where did all these fanners come
Ho is a pea warmer-! that is
what Mr. Sullivan says of Judge
Hauier .
Mayor Broome, .how' did you
find TJillctt, Wye? Yqu caiv't
fool ns.
Poor old Editor Ellis looks as
if ho had had a row with his
Tho counsel for the Allitmco
petition . tank into nothingness
before. Judgo Hamer.
The voters of Bo:; Butte Co.
will now have an honest chance
to declare themselves.
"An honest count, and a fair
ballot!" Say, haven't you heard
those same expressions before?
Now we are going 'if tor them
in proper .shape. They are on
record andVm'tget away from
Poor "Bobbie" and "Goorgio" leap year and it seems that that
say they are not, old enough to the young ladies of Homingford
practico law only on. a small are going to inprovcthis oppor
scalo. tlinity-
A. J. Simonson says that if ho TnE Uruald has been award-
was in a barrel he would
.souio body five dollars to drive
in the plug.
The Alliance special car "gang"
got lost in tho crowd of honest
voters who had congregated at
tho county seat to demand a fair
chance. '
Wc have said be fair, and now
wo will have things fair and
Homingford will lo the same old
couuty seat as of yore.
The Alliance Times can tiro an
other tramp printer at Mr. Shar
rock if ho chooses, hut his Balary
will still go on. "Come again."
Judgo Humor twisted tho tail
of tho "little bull dog under the
wagon" and poured hot soup into
"Irish Orator" in a way that
tickled even tho Allianco "labor
It will cost tho Allianco men
30ts a piece to get- shaved for
tho next two wooks as their faces
aro "Qt least one third longer
siilce thdy triod to force their
bogus petition 'bri tlje-- voters of
Btrc Butto connty.
j The special car gang say they
1 got a free rido up, but wont him-
j jjry for dinner as the Atlianeo
boomers were all broke.
Boys, hovv do you like us
Hemintjford follows any way?
Isn't it u fact that we are a pret
ty lively corpse? In fact we aro
only just now wakeing up and by
Juno wo will be "rod hot stuff"
to fool with.
F. II. Ruhter returned from
Hastings Monday.
Keith Pierce was quite ill Sat
urday and Sunday.
Miss Neeland was on the sick
list tho first of tho week.
Miss Vol ma Dada entertained
a few of her friends at dinner
Mr. and Mrs. B. Q. Fenner
were trading with our merchants
Mrs. Ben. Price was visiting
Mrs. H. N. Earnest for a few
days last week.
The Hkhald is a little late
this week on account of an extra
rush of "job worlrt" '
Editors Ellis of tho Times and
Paradis of the Guide were up
from Alliance Tuesday.
"VY. D. Oldham, an attorney of
Kearney, had legal business in
this vicinity Wednesday.
Mrs. J. V. Nichols has been
quite sick for a few days past
but is improving slowly.
Mrs. Johnson, mother of Bon
Johnson has been under thoi
weather for several days.
Tho Alliance flouring mill and
elevator were completely destroy
ed by firo Tuesday night. Tho
property was insured. '
Samuel Harrison loft a muff in
the post office which ho found
iu town last Monday. The owner
may have tho same by calling
for it.
Our friend Dr. F. M. Knight,
of Alliance orders Tile Herald
for a year. The Herald is get
ting to be quite a "popular"
paper in Alliance.
Crawford experienced the
greatest tire it has ever had on
Sunday. It is reported that the
loss amounts to about 20,000
with only 8800 insurance.
There is to bo a leap year party
at J. C. McCorkle's to night. -It
will be eight years beforo anoth-
contract iyr luniiouiiig niu
couuty omcers stationery nuu
legal blanks this year, and for
printing tho board proceedings
and legal notices and was declar
ed to ba tho official pipar of the
A very pleasant party was giv
en by Mesdames Davison and
Lemons at tho homo of tho latter
Friday evening. Dancing and
card playing woro the principal
amusomont of the oveuing. An
elegant supper was served at 12
o'clock. At3 o'clock all departed
for their resnective homes feelinff
that they had been royally enter
tained. Beroa Itoraa.
Robert Garrett has bought tho
team and buggy of ex-sheriff Hull.
August Moyer, section foreman
at Lakeside, i visiting his brother
near Berea.
B. A. Mo Carthy has been ten
derod a posilion as traveling aent
for a laud company in St. Pail,
Minn., bul he has uottti'oepiw1 yet
The young people have now fix
ed up a commodious houso for
their Literary whero they will meet
us heretofore Saturday nights.
The program for next mooting is a
mock trial. Frank Garrett stealing
a dog from Will Antol. Prosieut
ing attorneys W. II. Jowott and
J. II. Garrett and for defendants
L. S. Mastrud and R. J. Eborly.
a goon tune is nntioipnieci.
Lawn aieanlnsi.
J. Lutch hua received his appoint
ineiii as V. M.
Mr. Whiten of Liberty. va buying
a bill of goods or our merchant this
Mr. HaS8, who recently purchased
the Proctor wind-mill, removed the
Name tliis week to his homo in Liberty
A great many farmers from this
precinct will go to Hemlmjfurd to see
the pohticana present their petition.
J. H. Johnston spent the week ndj
slating A. II. McLaughlin hauling his
iKlv from tils much to Mainland, shin
piugit to Knit Hoblnsou.
P. IL, Ruhter has returned from tils
extended trip through Kansas, Okla
homa and as far south as Huston
Texas, and from reports seems to favor,
the country near the Gulf.
J. Lutsch had a genuine Riirprlso
one night last week, when u load of
jilting people with their violins came
in upon him, disturbing his bnchelois
reveries. A general good tune was
participated. In.
Box Butto Bullotiri.
Mr. Kurd is on the sick list.
Mrs. Atkin nas a tine, now music
Dame Humor says II. Ti. 13 after
big gnine.
Mrs. Johnson has been quite sick
a week pant.
Missionary dinner at Mrs. Reynolds
Tuesday, the UlsU,
George McOutciieouspent the week,
with Willard Cowlin.
M. D. Atkin ttnds, that with two
pair of skates, ho is rigli't "In the
Miss Anderson resigned hcrposltion
us teacher in the FeilcU'r school. C.
L. Snedekcr will finish the term.
Ben Johnson laid the lines over the
dash-board (hands cold, yon know),
tho team ran away, smashing the
buggy aud now Hen carries his head
in a sling.
Hox Butte people will bo mighty
glad when the Alliance ''llon-toiis"
tlnd they munot move the county
soat, so wc may have at least the
necessary nightly rest.
(ItrcAlvcd too Into for last week.)
Mrs. Howlaud is seriously ill.
Miss McLean has returned from
Miss Brown is quite sick with
Tho Box Butto literary society
will meet Friday evenings here
OniTUAHY Mrs. Luania Wilson
nee Kelsey, was born in Rutland
county, Vermont, May 6, 1832,
died Jan. 6, 189(1. Sho .moved to
Ohio with her parents when ton
years old and was united in mar
riage to Hiram Wilson Feb. '12,
1856. Mrs. Wilson united with
tho M. E. church while in Iowa
and has live a christian life. She
leaves a husband and seven child-
ren, four of whom Hto in tho vi-
cinity of Box Butto. Rev. Wor-
nom preacljed the funeral sermon
and her remains were interod in
the Libby cemetery.
Herncall wants some dressed
Wildy's received a now lino of
Order your atove repairs at Anton
A now lot of Bhoes just received by
W. K. Ilernc.ill
2p lbs dried apples for S1.00 at
Saissj A fioo lii.e of- ivv
- p.fcatos
just received at JL It.
i Grccn'a Hunlraro Btvm.
Commissioners' Proceedings
January U, 1S96.
Board of county commissioners
, , , ,-,
met as required by law. Pros-
ent, Geo. W. Duncan and James
In nbsenco of James Hollin
rake, and on motion of Barry,
Geo. W. Duncan was olected tem
porary chairman.
On motion, "L. A. Berry was
appointed justice of tho peaco for
second yard precinct, of Alliance.
On- .motion, S. M. Smyser was
appointed justice of tho peace for
first wnrd precinct of Alliance.
Following official bouda woro
examined and approved. Edwin
P. Sweeney, sheriff.
On motion, adjourned for din
ner. Af ternoou session, there wero
present, Duncan and Barry.
'Pl.n fnllrkwintr limitrc mnrlit nil.
pliqaWou as depositories for tho
county funds: Box Butte Bank,
tv.i3-...i. n l. ah:
JL .AW W.V IT .'3 fc...V ....4V.W '
nomifpuui, " ..,
auimuuu, ric utiuitut uuu,
TAU..1. f r t ...-. yh.nv. ..n?
and approved, and with the cpn-
sent of, the county treasurer, funds
wero ordered distributed as fol
lows-.' Oco-fourth with tho Box
ButteSBank, Homingford; three-
eighths with Bank of Alliance,
Alliance; three-eighths with First
National Bank, Alliance.
On motion, L. M. Kennedy was
appointed justice of the peaco for
Snal:e Civek precinct.
On motion, bond of T. M. Law-
ler, assessor of Boyd precinct, was
reconsidered on account of tho
amount not being sufficient.
Bosignation of James M. liuys,
justice of the peaco of Boyd Pre
cinct was rcud and accepted.
PiSJfft-tiinrinn. Iildn .Toder wasnn-
pointed assessor of second ward
precinct, oi Ainanco.
On m.tfmn P. A TJnwriorrw w!M
appointed assossor of first ward
VAA AAlV&W&lf - - avv w'' ".'
precmott ot Alliance
Following otlicial bonds wore
examined and approved: -
W. A.. Clark, overseer Bist. No. 1.
r. li.inley,
John A. lleist,
Fred Bauer,
W. A. Hood,
Win. O'Mara,
John W. Brorihar "
Geo. W. Itagim "
Anthony Morava "
Moses Johnson
Albert Nelson
A. Sehaumberg
G. W. Pairott
CluiB. A. Itohder "
Christ Hansen "
J. E. Hunt
Iddo Joder, asPessor second ward t. M. Jbawler astiesBor uoyu pro
precinct, Allianco. I cinct.
W. B. Heath assessor Box Butte W. G. Zedikor overseer Dist. No. 23
precinct. L. A. Berry J. P. second ward
Moses Wright assessor Wright precinct, of Alliance.
precinct. The following reports wero ex-
11 1 ll.nnm. t'nnarxv I InVaAV
j. u. ouuuouu udocdoui viwj
W. D. Johnson assessor Running
water precinct.
H. 11. Pierce countable of Dorsey
Clark Olds justice of the peaco of
Dorsey precinct.
J. H. Johnston justico of the peace
of Lawn precinct
Frank Fronk justico of tho peace
ot Jjiueny preciuct.
id V Tmmj iiioliin jif flin nonnn
ui juuntj uitun uvuuvi
On motion, clerk was authorized
tO appoint a deputy.
Atinnintmont of James H. H.
Ilewptt as deputy clerk was read,
Dona ot dames a., ii. neweit a county ior mo year iouo.
deputy clerk was read and approv-, Bond of Tho lemingford Herald
ed- for tho faithful performance of tho
On motion, board adjourned to contract was examined and ap
rneot at 9 a. m. Jan. 15, 1896. . . proved.
Attest: ' Ou motion, board ndjourned till
F. M. Phelpa, Geo. W. Duncan, 9 a. m. January 17, 1896.
County Clerk. Temporary Chm. Attest: James ilollinrake,
F. M. Pholps, Chairman.
January 15, 1896.
Board of county commissioners
mot as per adjournment. Present,
Duncap and Barry.
t i .. " t 1 -
afflTSSto sS'toi
the bridge lund and 410.01 from
tho county road fund and 636.06
fio i f.ifi ioi :irf4 ;jud 'ft
-'tuij tis il furiJ
Uu motiou, Oouia ttdjouruea t4
.. r'
At tho afternoon session there
were present, Duncan and Barry,
1 olio wim; claims were examined
d Mow and warrants ordertd
drawn on general fund for their
paymontf &.wit .
Honrv Sliimok cloik of election
Novciubor, 1895 S 4.00 knowledge of Drawing and will
V. E Hull judgo of oloction and nmko a good ponman of each one
taking care of booths Nov. 'DC, COO who will persistently follow in
B. F. Oilman Com. of insani-' structions. 1 will givo to each a
ty 4.20 set of copies of my own which I
Emmott Johnson judge of eleo-' challongo any man iu tho U. S. to
tion Nov. 181)5 4.00 equal, that would cost in any C( mi
tt. W. Jones Judge of eloetion mercial College in tho land double
Nov. 1895 4.00 the price I shall charga for tho
E. A. Hall, convoying E. E. Fen- whole course which is !$-. In this
nor to Norfolk 830.50
E. A. Hall, State vs Dora Duun
E. A. Hall, arrest and custody of
E. E. Fenner felOp'
A. Hague, juror, Aug. special te
or court 511
D. K. Spacht, court foea, caso
State ys Dora Dunn Sll
Miller & Wildy, lumbor for stalls
Nov. 1S05 $1.50
B. F. Oilman, salary as attorney,
i... i .-.. ionr cHnOKn
list qunnor xouu, oiu-.uu
"William Drefko, judgo of election,
Nov. 1895 , . &L00
W. J. EurneBt, assistant in E. E.
FnniM.,.0lBU $22.00
H M Arnold, clerk of oleeti
i Nov. 18s)5
T T. nj.vn I niiinn i.l , rr tnv llar
1895 3224.80
A. M. Frew, clerk of election,
Nov. 1893, 1.00
Geo. W. Duncan, poor farm sup
SI. 55
Gillospio Bros, poor farm supplies
W. L. iiumer, y.o
"Win. O'Mara, road sup'visor, 21.75
Ann Shindler, boarding E. E.
' Fenner.. $3.25
W. K. Miller, Com'r of insanity
and examining physician SS.00
W. W. Norton, supplies for iooi'
farm and room rent for jlection
J0.U, Dai. aisauowea.
F. YundeM rant for ejection
'purposes $3.50, bul. ahaUbWed.
uiiuuwuuiimi wu.. DuauuHv.jr .
i.i ,i:. .li i
t?ii...: i-:,, :D..11rt,.l.
V, A" . T-Tn.ll Rortrintr distress War -
X'UIJUlH(j VI'.IIUO uioimui)wi
- -r--. w . "D " '
On motion. It. "V.
was appointed justico of tho peaco
for second ward precinct. Alliance.
On motion, John Pilkinglon was
. i I p jL- r
appointed JUBUCO OI ino ijchcu ior
'.. .,..,..,! .. ..,w.!.i. .t nf Allinrwtn
U1Bi .mi Hlu..vv, . .M......VU.
Oil motion, board aaOUrnea to
meet at 9 a. m. Jan. 16, 1896.
Attest: Geo. W. Duncan,
JL . M. Phol ps, Temporary Chm.
County Clerk.
January 16, 1896
Board of COUllty COinraisSlOUOrS 0f Dnnlap, Hb.,on8ofth8hslrs of Hans Ris
.ni nb t,n. .iri;ni,i-timmf Pn.ooiif iwll,ilo"d, for His lot l,H B N B M a" S,
met as nei luuouinmont. i resent, ,., n .viV v .mi innn. ww.
James Hol)iurake, chairman, Dun-
call and Barry.
Tho following official bonds wero
examined and improved:
..... -- .-.,
i, .rniui mm u u.u.n..
nviif.il n.irl n ntirnirnrl
J. K. Neol COUnty Clerk, report for
vpnr ThOfi
'. . .. . - ..
E. A. HdU sheriff, report for year
H. F. Fillinoro Supt., report for
year 1895.
D. K. Sp.icht judgo,rcport for year
S.B. Libbv treasuror, report last
half of 18D5.
Bids for furnishing stationery
oiwl nvinlinrr nfTifilnl nnllPl'M WIrA
.,..il...wl u,M..0rl nonlr..,,.!
iiv:.iuuitiii4 ,vf.d..w.v. wu........
was awarded to The Homiugford
HeIULD, of Heillingford, Neb.,
and that naner was desianate.'l as
the officiul paper of Box Butto
Couuty Clerk.
c, .c , :Ml
Sheriff Sweeney had appointed
i r . j ,l IK
Frank Martin as deputy. Mr.
See Wild,
y before you sell your
r, nuitoi, ogs, cneeso
!oi, pou
j prices, dm hi any futii. and poonui.
IjMjyk.. ' AV. IC llKUNCMlIA.
1 wish to announce that as soon
as I can procure a suitable room
that I will give a series of thirty
lessons iu Truo IWeotivo D'aw-
nig and Penmanship, 10 lessons
unh This wil ivo 0llch porflo
uildnp tho full course a thorough
connection I wish to publicly thank
Mr. A. Uhng for the advanced
ideas ho has for tho education of
the young people of Iloiningford
aud viciuity, which ha has evinced
in uomg nirt utmost to procure ior
our use the school building for these
lessons but has not nuccoeded on
tho account of tho personal feeling
of tho other persons having chargo
of the Banio. I will take in pay-
ment for this course? of lessons
.1.: :.. ... l!i I
any uiui" iu siuiu train, uuy
or wood, any thing for family uao
of thoso who do not hiivo the S2 in
mono v to spare. Beforo lessons
commence I almM give another even-
inir to the public which will far
Biirpasa tho one recently given.
Yours truly.
W. 8. Worden.
Final Proof Notice?
Hoy. J. X7. Vkh, Jr., HwUter.
Ho. V. U. Hoom, BceWr.
Prt!o hnlnrnotlc In thli column or r
aucstnl to mut tlio ptsu mrcdilly and report to
thin onion for correction uuy errors tliat mT
oxiiU Tills will prtrout ponlulo dWay In
rnakinn proof.
UnJ OiKfo nt AlHno.. Nob.. Jn. 0, 1833.
Hottoatn horcby ttivon thit tho followiwr
nuraod aHtlf r lin- lilf4 nutlco of his lnt"Mlou to
in.bn flnl nrnf in mnimirt of till olulm ani
f hut anli
..... ...,.. r. -- --- -..-.. r - - - - .,..!
and HoceiTor at AUWnco, Nob., on February IS,
aiil proot win Domaiin oeiortt iuo uaioi'ir
I -?.--. U.I. wUnmiJalf 17 fir, Ifflt fn
for the s w u ee. , tp 2a u, r is. w.
i upon ana ouiuvauoa
PotmMwil, John l'otih.
' v,"""'"r.'.,""-v,"v,'"..M"v:-
""h jf" UnnTa r Ne-I... MMnhart .tro?B14
I. lnn Un Mli Malnharf i(rtxltatt.
I J.W.Wk.i,Jb.. Ibglst-r.
1 .. fjindOlfiwiitAlHanpftNab.. Jan
Motion 1 heraby slvon that tho fjllowlaj.
m Aliiiurf, No.. Jan i.uw.
named Bottler ha ftlod notlcoof his Intention
to mak" final proor in supp;rt o: ma ciaira. oncx
that said proof irlll l. mads b.-fora UouUtcr or
liwo.vor at Aiiiww, Nab., on Fi , ibj, vix:
f5.SS.. hoi.H.E.Ko..
forth9ioini42A;S!4NiJ )t soe n.tpsju.ra
il ur.
j,(;ni,nl(..liJe follnwlnit wltnese to prota
. his piiiitlniinim rpolilpnni udoii and Cllltlvatlon
f.;r,ljr,T,l,ir Martin K. Kl-ren. Olo J.
Moo. Andrnw J. Johnsou, Ualor O. Fulle&a,
nil nt HAminivfnffl. Nltli.
J. W. Wciim. Jb., Rfglster.
Land Offlcoat Allionso. N-)h.. Jan. 8. VjM.
KotlaoU hrrty glvon that tho following
named sttlor has filwl notlca ot hU Intentiort
to mko linal proof in support of his olattn. aid
that aid proof will be rnado bofore th llcistr
orllooelroratAUIaneo, Neb, on tub IB, li),
continuous resulinco upon and nnltivatiou ot
' said land. i P.M.Johnson. P. O. Slr-
SxitMSSiltKt&9' Nob" Jba
J. w. Wxum. Jn iuiitr.
Notice of Publication of Sum
mons. Jolia C. Insnraon vs. turwi. M. Williams, Ira
it. Tash and Era M. Tah his wife, and W. J.
Dowden. . . . . , , .
I...J M William, iinil W. .1. nnwilfll clpfpnd
ants, will talco notice that on thnVitb dayof
1mI 1ktt .fnlia.1 - TnffAr.dl. nla
""': "::,'.,. LT, .7.Z. "ai.,T7 V. ..f llnr
Jiiir. imm. J una . juKori"j. uibiuuu iiiwniu.u.-
liMio county. Nebraska, sjtalnst said defnd-
' clos'Bcortain mortMM executna by the do-
frudant lvris M Williams to TIih Aroorlcan
I inre-lraent Co , upon the eoutbwfst quarter
(s w ) of section four (4) tovriiahlp tw;nty-six
'nr.n. Inrtv nlffht M0 WPBt of 6th P. M. In
Box Uiittfl county, Nebrailta, to sreuro the pay
ment of a oertaln roapuu bond, dated Marcli U.
1887. for the sum of iiVi. and tn coupon Inusreat
..rn Ihnrnln at lurlxxl lit HVdn diti. tlierWlth.
ot Sli 34 oaah, tho flrst falllne duo Juno 1, lffs,
land onsovory six months thorcait"r and alo
tan intorcat coupon noUs prold9i for in t He
'umintorcat coupon nous proi
oxtonnlon airemnsnt. entflrod Into betwaoutno
d(fondaat t. K. Tash and tho said American
Investment f'otapaur of Mirii eaoh, the firt
inniha hArM.ffnr. whioK ft&iii I
falliwt duo Dtwmber I, ls3i, xai omowr six
Intort not.s. and morUago d was on Ovto-
uuuu, vuauu
ttcf j0i jswi, sola, t'nuoro'Ki, asniKua uu un-
with intt at the rate otlOercoutr
"Tt5.?A...fn2;Mnn!indff0nravB for a,
UJHB.ur lllv win yiriMi-p i
l.w .Via ra.min. Fitnnit HllA.
Xou aro riniri to answer said petition on or
rWow tu 17th day of t'ebmao'i lt.
Dit6d VULUO. INOEB30L. Plaintiff.
1.10 By B T. Giiausr, her attorns
In the Matter of the Estate of
James ilcCulloueU, dweaeeil. 5
In the district oourt of Box Butte county:
This causa oomlu? on tolw board upon tho
ptltion of Johu 11. Shulc. administrator of the
estate of James McriUlouehdPCtftPfa. prayin
for license to soil tie norUietnuttec ot sec
tion SI, in township 0s north. rauo 51 weet ot
tUO Otn I. i. in iiox oum cuuuijr, i""'
sutilcient thereof to bripK the sum of 1. the
jj0bt alloi?l asainst said estate and tho cost of
administration. there not boimjr eunicieat pnr-
i. '.. i ... fArj...t.,..l r.i.t rn.ll tv- .oils In
, .. ,a vt.. ,w.ww.. . . . '
Ll bers at n.y oco In HiuhviUelu tmn
county. Nt rn. oo tbo lwh ilwol ifcUtfcry
i-.d, c oud o'clock-p. m.
,aiaftdramtitoi tbte.:
.a eo; t. Liaucd xo
bed fo much oi tho a Oo
dcrlUd n estate as than be neceetavy tovay
aid dotits and fxptnt, and turtutr.tlutt tutu
,ird . - ii t.ishtu ior lour auceccstva wctka
..-iy prior to tto Naring. In tUoMtn
injlora hriiD a tcv t ipcr uailod and j.fr.
iylAuttliiiicjitosdil.itkav ;
Cttttf tWu Htbdf.ywt Jat,oni-KV -