Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, December 27, 1895, Image 8

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.i&M-- ;!tnlfflrr,rvr,-,
OHUrolx Dlrootoi'y.
I ONGW?U ATMNAL. Pnchliijr;ch niter.
1 hMeSitiiilsr.liilnntnK January. 1. MU.
, II tt'clittk n. nt.. ond 7 p tji JJjin 'Solifwl
it to a. in. vTrftycr. Aloetlflff t'ttcli'Wtfdnrtday
. JEKMAN LVTHi:ilAlt-BervJfn t tl
JUT Conn Houp, Nov- npdprlteUt I 'ntor.
n.VTUOt.!Ctl!cr. Clirlc'Zk Jnt6r.
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1IWKWW il m " l- inn i-i- 1-j " - -
MirTHOnJbT:Ho J,V. Kendall iVtMor
l,nchlnittliooronil nnil lonnh Suiidr lu
t-RCli u!(t)t!i iu 1 1 m.,-tiYl T i. nt. ' "
lU'lSCOPAIit-ServlW's In tho Comtrrgat
Ivtnnnl Chifrcll. ller. 3 , Cnalor,
twiew on tue mini 'ynnny in cncu moniu
,Mt? ! m- ,
V. A. JlowimiA Camp Np, MIO. MwU
epcoml nnd fourth Ttimiday nlnht of roh
month, YiiftuUi NXiliborH cordially Inrltml.
W. M. lqbtncic. Olcflt. , y.JlMor.Y. U.
' NAtL plUtftTOHY.
IlrMtHoroHft fwto(fitri On wenk day door
KD at ? iu (. Rttjtral delivery on"hs nt 8 a.
tu. and close at Hi), m, Op5n Sundays ,0 .to
10. tti. t
HvMiNOronn amp Uox Bmrjs elasadaUy vscvpt
. Hundyrii ' f
'llrMJNoroitn jw PtJSUip ataije, Monday
Wcducjdsx and t rlda) .
ilif'l diet,Work.
Rot. Til -IU Hlrka, tli coJebratml torm
firopliol of Et. Lout. 1$ now n hotiu-liuld nsnip
nnwh'ffforyhomoln America. Ill wonqer-
r.tlraony of a lares number nt enrf fuf obatrvorit la
tl.rtt rSlwrcnt. of Ulrica' nri-dfetlmi , arn fill.
tilled tu tlip letter, Uln Ptin AT annual nl
tiianaco Hrr now well and fnforAMy knodn in
all partR of tliln country nnd'ln forrlfin latuK
,Tlii ww nlmanaofor iMVile the mot practical
and limtrncMtp, well an tib ftrtttloet, Of thin
sidnndii) kori((. It contains 100 vn-ncn, prlntol
on fino Iniqk ri)er, with cov'orolfitaut ly nrlutnl
tn colorH Tim matter, nltliougn wldnUfio. la
' written In popular Htyle, thera lieiutf notlttiift
diflicult tu nntieratand atxml It. It la glo (lni'lj
Illustrated. Dou'l r3nfopn'J Jim with rome
' riatent inedtcln lmnphlett i(h nothlui; of
Jtln.it. iml l a fmn book, which sells at all nowa
!tniiilB for 2.V. TMm fiini ftlm;niio It elven n a
in-mltimtoToryyrarly atibnoritter to tho llor.
rl li. IllrkiO woll-knioMi and duaervrdJy poptM
!r pap'r. Word and Wqrku, Ihla undiuo Jour
nal la a liberies indicator of tho rnaMn. and In
fr.xt liooomlnuaihotiKfliolil Kiiardlan nnd iiece
alty in tbu liorjira of Amcrlrd. lliootl who want
to krep up with thn ndvanft-d thousht of tho
tiro In linc rfillloh, and all social, romtner
.t'lal, Intoltectiinl nnd doritPRtlo fuibjerta, ahould
'puImitIIw for WoriT and Work. Hnl)crlptlou
' only 1 1 m year, xuh ban m-nd for both dlrixst to
.Word nnd Work t'uldliihlmtromnany.Bt. Loula
' JMu. Hlnsle copies nt Word and Worka, 10a
, i- .
' You enqnot tlml In thaeo United
fkiitcs tlc equal of tlio genuine
f Htiunil Oak. Yon may try; you'll kol
.'loft. l(cmctqliar It's Hie combiiuitjon
"pf K"Otl jioluta tlirtt ni)Hcs lio rjerfect
Ktovo. 1luy tlio ptinti'Inc nilA h$ satis
ncd. Sep tm nanio on tlio leg. J For
fculfa UtUlirlgM.
.' '-'
President OJovolnnd's message
pn thd Wiicuolaii quostiou loaves
Mo room for criticism It Js' n
pxhibltion o American backbone
which pyory trjip American will
applaud ."-
' "- -
Proslclfnt Cleveland is still re
ceiving 'congratulations for his
fpalriotic mossago on (lie Mon'roo
'doctpiuo, ai)d -while thoro s less
'outward exbitoment u "Washing
ton than existed for the first two
ox-jthreo days after tho message
Avont to cQngross thoro js a stal
wart 'belief in tho absolute cor
rectness of the position taken by
President Cleveland, and a deter
mination; to maintain it at all
lmvds. Instead of being shakeu
or weakened by tho attempt of
4ho British capitalists to frigljton
us by unloading their holding of
;American securities, with tho
hope 'of creating a financial panic,
hoso attempts have sti-ongthened
that determination, "While it may
be a temporary misfovtjuie for
.)ho United States to have all rail
road, state, and federal securities
now. xjOld in Great Britain dumped
nppX.tho inarkotj und sold, it
oud bo .equally disastrous for
ihejr lioldors.. ind iu thg end it
mighj; prove a great blessing for
isf as thoro avo lots of pooplo
whp ahink tho United States
n'oods a financial declaration of
Judependeuoq moro than jjf needs
any other onp thing.
Cjilvin J. Wildy
New Qc os
Loy Prices
Quick Bales is our motto,, "Wo
aro now Blifiwing a better lipo of
'goods than over beforo, nnd xp
would cal prjrucilar attontion to
pur now' Imp' pf Mens' and Boys
piothiag, and Lades' Qloaks and
Capes, on whidi w'o aro making
Yory low prices. '"We aro not soil
ing ontany old, bankrupt stock,
hut wb ar"e Belling cheapo'f, quality
consideredthan an'one olsa. Wo
buy for cash, diid sell for prbj, or
exchange oj; produce. "Wo 'are' fho
'oldest llrrh ip the county. Our
reputation i? m'erited by our largo
increase of' patronage, to whom
V'o'feel grafpfpl, and for which; wo
warrant a. cbntiunahco of squaro
clealing, and asaving of mondy by
ttayikjg TV'ithf 'the' undersigned,
fhumble sen'aut. '
' ' v 'Toun, Truly,
iui airr.apacprruins mo wrninpr lor a year
Iicadiu6f correctly and accurately ttmn any
, other nttbllratliiu or nnr otlior bvrIc.tl. Tho It.
Mrs. Dliincliurd litis been on tliualck
list fursecMl tlnys.
Horncall wnntu somp "(Uessed
Wiltly s rcceiycu n i)0w uno'ot,
Mrs. W. X Boan nnd daufflitor
Willa, aro 'visiting atf Broken
Order your $UVo repairs it Anton
Uhrig'H. " .
A now lot of Bliops Just received by
W. K. Ileincall. ' '
Prof. Fonnor is spending his
vacation in Lincoln und Omaha.
20 lbs dripd apples for $1.00 at
California, canned onii IS cents it
can at W. 4v; Uci'iiciili's.
Santa (Jlaus' first appearance at
Wildy's old utand. r
Prof. Sjdors was up from Al
liance Tuesday. The Ueuald
acknowledges a call.
I want, ull the dressed poultry iu
the county, W, K. IIkuxcali..
SKATps A fmo lino of ieo
skittcs gust received at H. 11,
Green's Hardware store.
Miss A nutl Nf eland departed for
Lineolt) WeiliieMlay night, tu ntteiul
the state teachers' meeting,
If you want a spit, pvercoat,
overalls, clonk, capo, or Bhuwl,
cheap u big lino at Wildy's.
Professor W. fc. Wordon will
give a free art exhibition Friday
ovonpi at the M. E. church.
Everyono invited. See bills.
Seo Wildy beforo you soil your
hogs, poultry, butter, eggs, cheosu
or potatoes.
lluv. 0- 0- Files will hold surrlrct
at tho .M. 11 eiiureh Sunday ntoinl v;.
December 20. U.tptlst euvenunt meet
Ing at the lioiiij of Mr. Hunt bitliir
lay evening at 7 o'clock,
Shoks of all' kiiulf,, ptyles apd
prices. Can lit any foot and pocket
book. W. K. llllNOALL.
Tlio fojlowlng are upw Hiibsirlbers
to Tiik IJkiiald: John Phillips, Al
limice; V. iloitouilehl, .Myrtle, S. p.;
joplilo oettgr.m, llchlaiid; C. A.
Hohdcr, L.twn; O. li. Iruujan, Jolpi
H.inisteaij, lletnlugford.
1805 duds ti.o genuine Round Qak
with greater salt's than any jeur goitu
ly, and the number or imliaiioiin bus
liceomo a multllude. See It and leant
the iciteun iy. For sjflc at Ulirlg's.
Jiilin Pljilbps, the Alliance livery
man, wiu in town Monday trausuetr
nig btitjitiess at the uouri Injure. AJr.
Pulllips h:h that he is satltlled to
let Uiu coiitityae.it iii&luoss alone, and
Utfcie aro a great niany otueis lu Alll
unco who- uto of the same opinion.
Pjlutt Glass and pls or all kinds
sold according to tlu hard times
cheaper than the cheapest, nt
Am'QN Uiiuia's.
We acknowledge receipt of tho
L'iugley (lu.) Yh'dh-ator, w'lji'h is
published by our friend, 1. y. Wat
saliaugli, whoJpts lust none of his
newspaper; ability, and whose paper
beats blgus of ptosperity. His many
I!eu)li)e,ford friends wish him mtccess.
The Heiiald and the Omaha
soini-weokly World-Herald both
one" ywir for S1.75.
Mr? E. "W. Alexander received u
Chrislmus present from her daughter.
Nellie, who Is at Fresno, Cal. Tlio
ptescnt was. a .box, weighing 105
pounds, und containing 12 pounds of
honey, six kinds of dried fruit, an as
borluiuntof lemons and oranges, and
a demljnbn of fue.
The genuine Round Oak costs no
move than an Imitation. Why mil
buy tlio one that evcryqoe knows is
right. Uhrlg sells them.
Tho Epworth League of llemlng
foit Juts secured PicMilent llHtieliej;
of tho Black Hills Oijllego for u course
of three lectures. All who have had
the pleasure of listening to this eloT
quent orator will beespvcially plcaseil
to learn that no is again to visit our
town. The dates of his lectures have
not yet been decided upon, but wll.
be given sometime during the winter;.
NOTICE HtTlnir mada arrangements to
leave the city Jan. let, to bo absent louie time,
tboea wishing ' Jewelry work done will plcato
brinff fame aoen. fall and Ret Koodi cheap for
next 30 day. Thankiui; jou for past fMur",
1 rohittn renpectfutly, Eo. L. Jpu.isa.'.
Tiie great social event of the bea
sou will take place on the night of
January 1, In tho shape of u grand
ball, to be given at the court house
in tills city. All ye who trip the light
fantasilCi don't miss this opportunity,
as it will positively be the grainiest
social ttmilr of the kmmui. The com
mittee on ntriingements h'lve pre
pared an extensive and excrulrut pro
grata A bountiful mipper will be
served, Tickets fur couples; including
fit tr, tfl. Everybijd- luvi'cd.
R",':v -T
Farmer's Voices.
Here Is whni some of our fanners
pay and tl.tuk about the removal of
I lie county aent:
l'ostiu.iHtrr Iickwood of Cniitop
snys: "I run umvo up on tm cUlin
in xt car. but if Alllatieo should stu--cetd
lu getting the eounty nCHtlslmll
not do so. oor shall I lemalti In thy
i-ouniy. kt-mv iti'ingh Jtbotit living
ill a boudid county, ni d this' will U
low; I do not euro what Mllunco peo
ple promise-."
Leslie I'rlce, as prosperous a farmer
its lives In Nonpareil precinct, biijsj
"If Alllaiico Is given tho county scat
1 shall not pay another oeu of taxes
on my land. I would rather put my
money into cattle, which cm muvo
wu n I want to. While the land will
he sold for taxes 1 can live on it just
i lie stme. Alliance will bankrupt tile
county its fst as they can, fur the
few farm rs who nto lefteatinotstantli
the hutdeii."
That is ilglit, fnrmers; spenk out.
It will piohahlv bring these Alliance
tiicksteis to their mmihc. A good
word from our bet farmers (Might tq
set all interested iu p.ljlug tuxes tu
Tho Great Farmer-aVicj Tax
payer, 'Henry F. Mathcs" 'Is the
highsqundiug title of tho gentle
man (?) who had an "article" in
last weok's Allianco Times.
While tho man in the moon wrote
as much of tho articlo as Matb.es,
yet tho man who allows his name
to be connected with it is respon
sible (?) fqr tho same. Ho starts
qff by saying '-'as the county seat
is up on wheels again and overy
body is having their say, and as
I am a taxpayer and an old set
tlor, I think I aro entitled to
mino," and continues with a half
column of rotten slush-r-tho only
kind of argument that Allianco
can produce. He uses tho lan
guage of tho Allianco editor,
"this tax business is a humbug,"
"and if thero is a tax, iSmrvill
iug to stand my part." Let us
seo how much Mr, Mathos would
have to stand 5 His taxes for tho
year 1893 was 81 cents; SI. 49 for
1894, and fifteen cents for 1895,
10II tax excluded'. 'Dear reader
lold your nose, Wo are wasting
.00 much sxaco on the subject.
The only thing that wo can find
out about the gon'murt is that he
is jio good on earth- for himself
or anybody elseand tyo aro in
formed by a roputablo person,
that ho (Mathes) is in charge of
a neighbor who is "working him
for his board," Wo would adviso
our Alliance frionds to scare up
a live "suspect" in their next
Box Butt a 33 alio tin..
Mr 8. Ourr is dangerously ill with a
cancer. '" . J
Santa Claus grows better looKlng
every yeir. "
Miss Emma Texley has returned
from Edgemopt.
Miss L177.I0 McLean went to Chad
rou to spend Christmas.
Miss Katie, Sredeker is visiting
friends iu tills vicinity.
Mrs. Hiram Wilson is recovering
from her protracted 11 In ess.
Miss Delia Han s canic up from Al
liance Monday to spend thc holidays,
with friends.
L. Snedckcr nnd Charlie Wilson did
nqt sun t for Tine Hinge Thursday,
owing to inclement weather.
It is not probable that the literary
society will hold a meeting Tuesday
eveplng, as $01110 object to a meeting
durrmj tho holidays.
Mi1;' np(l Mrs. Wilson, and their
daughter. Ms. Hamlet, returned
ftom the Hlack IIUIs, tospund Christ
niHs with relatives in Box Butte and
A mistake was rnndo In last wepk's
Issue in regard " to thn supper to he
given -ut Mr. Mamon's. It will be
glveiMitt New Year's eve, December
31, instead of New Year's evening.
January 1.
Holiday Rate
Via the Burlington Trputc, Decem
ber 24, 25, 31 and January l.betwren
stations not more than 200 miles
apart. Bcturn limit January 2, 1890.
Take advantage-of this low lato
opportunity and spend Christmas with
tlio old folks. They are counting on
you. Tho Christmas, turkey and the
Chtlftmas pudding aro all ready. Eat
them where thoy should be eaten at
homo with your own people among
your owp frionds,
Tickets and full Information nt the
B. & M. depot.
1 J. Fkancib,
G. P nnd T. 'A.
One dark, bay horiip, aboqt 7 T'ra old; two
whit hld fet, cut mala anil tail, ell ibont
t&0 po,und; brauded: jl-,
Taken up onlhe 10th day of December, on nw
U of .. i, twp. 27. rr. is. Owner can hate
eameby proiw( proport and pajinK chareca.
('. A. ItOUDBn
Itooeivor'a Notioe.
To all whom It may concern, purapant to an ot-
AnyKndallporFon8hain,hoIdlnl or own.
hjtf claim aBalnat tho liank of r cmnutotS.ot
5tt5i f "i',x "i"" ".""I NM.fMka.arp
hereby nutllied and rorjulifd to prewnt nm!
makn proof of, amf to Ira E Ta.li.recelrrr ..!
?,, D k'lH?ttilnford, llox HntW con ty
JtecelTer qt Hank or Hemlmrford,
.... , , ., , rHen'InRford.WebrttkkA.
Urat publication Not. 1, ISM.
Statu IjNiVEnsiTV op Iowa 1887.
Chicago Fqt,KOi.iNio 1804,
'rnn Nosk and Thicoat a
Alliance. - - - Nebraska
Attorneys - at - Law,
AMiiAsrcE, -:- NcmtAsKA.
B6rOillce fn Fletcher Block.
Physician and Surgeon,
Office in Norton's BlocUt"
Calls attended promptly.
Chargi'B reasonable
Attorney : at : Law,
Alliance, Nebraska.
Prtcticcs in all the courts and be
fore U. S. Land Onicc.
Now Short Lino to Helena, Butte
Spokane, Scuttle and Tncomn.
Q. X. 3s "W. O. Time Card.
Vo.413. nnsBoncrurrlMiB at
" tu f rolcht
' 48 freight nrrlvw nt
ll:i5p. m.
n 00 p. m
louoit. in
wrsT noujjp.
So, 41 passeiiKornhrlvosut 0:21 a.m.
" 4ftfroh'bt " lt:0 p. ni,
" 7 frolKht nrrtvp nt 3:3 p. m
All trains 1'iirrr papsencors.
Y. W. WllUATLkY, Ajfont.
W, K. Herncallf the rierchaflt.
Winter has come, we arc aware,
Witty ijs wind and drifting snpw,
And tho.pluce forsuch woati6r to prepare
Is whut wo all jvant to know.
Whore we can satisfactorily trade
Our produco for coffee ana bread,
Hats, caps, mittens,' gloves, bilks,
Boots, slioes, overshq'pd and quilts,
Clothinfr and xmderwear,
Ovoraliiita and jacketsi
And all kinds of neckwear,
' Where did you
A Beautiful Wqmap
Attkacts Attention Eveuywheiie.
Gold -;- Lecjf,
After Giving it a Trial
Slieli & Heavy Hardware,
This Card is to fjienefii Cash
20 I 25
100 I 100 ) 100 I 100 J ion
IJ20 I 25
20 1 as
nniV r civp
an 1 25
r a . ya f j 'j AiVA LX X
Read What TJiis Card
20 I 25
w" ....oavs
Wlion you pay Cash, lot tho Clerk punch out
tlio amount; and when you have paid us
Iwestv Dollars in oasli, will givo you
One (Dollar In Goods Free of Charge
20 I 25
20 I 25
20 J 25
20 125
CrOn all goods czeppt Rarb wlro
PU I 60 I 50 I 50 50 I
We will not be undersold Mivays bring this Card with you.
The Mammoth Stock ol Dry
Goods, Groceries, Boots & Shoes
Hats and Caps, Belonging roNthe
Bank of Hemingtoid and Known
Will be Sold
Sale will Commence Nov. 27,
1895. and Continue until the
Goods are Disposed of. v
You Should Not Miss This Op
portunity of Supplying Yourself
Vv ith Underwear, Overshoes,
Warm Dres Goods, etc., etc., at
Unhead of prices
. 1 Receiver,
Can Make
Gold -
You wilfyronder How You Er.-r
buyers. (Don't Lose It.
I 100 I 100 I soTso
15 I 10 J 5
15 I 10 5
15 I 10 I 5
15 I 10 1 1 '5 .'
15 j 10 Vg
I 10 I
' is' 1 id j" 6
and )InTnpa by tho net.
15 1 10 j 5
Done up in a nice packet.
n Ugly Wonjian
Betteu Bread With,
Legjf - Floqi-
Got Along without it.
-r ' , '
' V