Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, December 27, 1895, Image 7

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Paralysis Follows Blcoiilessness
and'Neivous Prostration.
Bhe TclU now at Lait 8I10 Wns reriuu
nently Cured.
Trora 1 ho lie, New York City.
For moro than fifteen years, Mrs. A.
Mather, who live at No. 411 East Onc-hun-dred-and-twclfth
Street, Now York, was a
sufferer from anajtula, which, in Bplto of
tho treatment of physicians, gradually dc
vooped Into nervous prostration until
linally marked y tuptouut of paralysis set
In. Mrs. Mather glad y gave tho reporter
her experience,
"For many years." Mrs. Mathor said, "I
was n constant nuffcrer from nervousness.
It was about fifteen j oars ago that my con
dition began to grow worse. Soon I be
came so affected that I was prostrated and,
until about two years aqo, wns 11 part of
tho tlmo unablo to loavo my bed. I em
ployed several physicians from tlmo to
time, my bills at tho drug storo lor pro
scriptions, tomotimej, amounting to ns
lniulins :o a month, hut all tho doctors
oia lor mo Hid not scsra to help mo nt all
My blood became greatly impoverished and
utter years of suffering I was threatened
iui naraiys s
"When I walked I could scarcely dracr
my fcot along mid at times my knees w,ould
kiiduiiu; tu mm. xwuuiu almost nuiuowii.
Keeling that doctors could not help mo I
had little hopo of recovery, until ono day I
read in n newspaper how a person, afflicted
almost tho samo us I was, had been cured
by Dr Williams Pink Pills for Palo Peo-
nln. I nnrrlinnr1 n. linv nwrl tuiftnn tnUlntT
jitho pills. The effect of this first box pleased
mo bo uiucn mat. 1 uougnt auotnor. iieioro
I had taken all tho pills in tho first box I
began to oxpcrleneo relief and, after tho
third box had been used, I was practically
cured, It was really surprising what a
speedy and pronounced effect tho medlclno
had upon me.
'I always keep Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
in tho house now, and when I fed any
symptoms of nervousness find that they
givomo certain relief."
Mrs. Mather's daughter, Mtss Anna, cor
roborated her mother's nccount, and told
how she horse f had been cured of chronic
indigestion by theso pills; nnd. too, how
her cousin had been cured of anremia in
tho same way.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a
condensed form, all tho elements necessary
to glvo new lifo and richness to tho blood
anu rcstoro shattered norves. They aro
also a specific for troubles peculiar to
females, such as suppressions, irregulari
ties and all forms of w eakness. They build
up tho blood, and rcstoro theglowof health
to palo and sallow cheeks. In men they
effect a radical euro in all cases arising
from mental worry, overwork or csccssos
of whatever nature Pink Pills aro sold iu
boxes (never in loose bulk) at COo. a box or
six boxes for &.C0. and mav bo had of nil
' druggists, or direct by mail from Dr. WU
Hams' Schenectady, Now York.
Mnrr Jnne'a ltnmnncc.
Mary Jane Holder of Lonnconing,
Md., is tho heroine of a romance.
Nineteen years ago Abram Laird, then
aged 2l, rode from Lonaconing into tho
west to seek his fortune, vowing some
day to return to wed lary Jane, then
a baby of 2 years.
lie settled near Eureka, tvhero ho be
came one of the owners of a lead and
silver mine. About two weeks aao ho
kiitermined to go back and visit his old
1" Mli o me. Among the first upon whom ho
failed were tho Holders. Here ho
j again taw Mary Jane, who had becomo
Laird was cordlnlly welcomed and
proceeded at once to "fall in love. The
courtship was short and vigorous.
They were married and loft for their
western home.
The I'llcrini.
(Holiday Number.) Full of bright
sketches prose, poetry and illustra
tions by bright writers and artists.
Entirely original, new and entertain
ing. Mailed free to any address on re
ceipt of six (0) cents in postage stamps.
Write to Geo. II. Henfford, Publisher,
415 Old Colony building, Chicago, III.
Kloctrlo AYeltllnc.
At the gun works in Perm. Russia,
welding have recently been successful
ly carried out A bell, si feet in
'"""height and six feet across tho mouth,
that was cracked from top to bottom,
was rondo quite solid again and its
original touo completely restored
This would have been quite impossible
before the electric welding process was
Comfort to California.
Yes and economy, too. if you rntrouizo
tho Uuriington Route's Personally Conduct
ed oiKo-n-weok excursions which leavo
Omaha overy Thursday morning.
Through tourist sleepers Omaha to San
Francisco and Los Angeles. Second-elats
tickets accepted.
800 tho local nzent and arrange about
Ik-Lots and tortlm. Or, write to
G. P. & T. A., Omaha, Neb.
The Latent Slot Machine.
A penny-ln-the-slot machino has
made its uppearanco in tho Berlin rail
road stations. A city directory can be
consulted by tho outgoing and arriving
passengers by depositing a penny in
tho blot Upon insertion of the coin
the box holding tho directory opens
automatically, and is held open by a
lever upon which tho depositor of tho
coin places his foot Upon walking
awuv the little lever Is released, and
the box closes, omy to bo opened by
l the next penny.
Mup of the Uultett State.
The wall muii fanned lv tho liurlincton
Routo is three foot wide by four feet long;
is printed in eoveu colors; is mounted on
roLers ; shows every state, county, impor
tant town and railroad in tho Union and
forms n very doslrahlo and usoful adjunct
to any househo.dor business establishment.
Purchased iu large quantities, the moj s
cost the Burlington Route moro than fifteen
cuts each, but on receipt of that amount
In htampa the undersigned wilt bo pleated
to send you ono.
Write immediately, as tho supply is
limited. J. FiuNcin,
G. P. &T. A. Burlington Route,
Omaha, 2Teb.
Every land Howl g with milk and honey
has giants in it.
Mrs. Charlotte Embden, a sister of
(he poet Heine, is still living, at the
-age of 95.
Ellen Terry is passionately fond of
tlldren. and delights In telling them
Ijiry stories.
EllsaStnnlnv ITnll mi AimtrnMan erlrl.
MHM.vrf ..., .... ..-.. ... H ,
has received tho Mendelssohn scholar
ship at the Leipzig conservatory.
Tienas of Mrs. Agassis havo rounaea
t $6,000 RChnlnratiln nt TJnilrlHTn colleee.
iO bo called tho Rllz.-Uteth Parev Aeaeslz
fatlietto Stor of a Dear I.tttte Womnn
Wlio Wii Weditad to tier At
A One Tlirouchout Eternity" A Sail
N THE third floor
of a business and
tenement building
comblnod lived ray
artist friend. She
wnB a dear llttlo
womnn, with a
smile and a pleas
ant word for every
one who went to
her door. Like
nearly all persons
In this line of work sho took up paint
ing, first for tho love of it, and after
ward ns a means of livelihood. To bo
sure sho loved it, yet, but sometimes
sho had to work at it when her hands
were weary nnd her eyes pained. It
was at tho close of the year. Sho had
had a hard month's work filling Christ
mas and Now Year's orders, and when
New Year's evo came and others wore
enoylng themselves in various ways sho
sat alono in her llttlo room, which
served both as studio and a living
room, too weary to light .her lamp or
prepare her evening meal. Sho gazed
at n picture Just finished, a scene of her
childhood and young womanhood
haunts. Her thoughts went back to
those happy days when not a thought
of caro cast a shadow on her young life.
Sho thought of herself when, in the ex
uberance of youth, she pictured her fu
turo in brightest colors. Sho had
hoped in those days to reach tho fame
of Raphael or Michael Angclo.
Friends, sho had scores; lovers, she
had not a few; but sho answered to
their supplications:
"No, I am wedded to my art. It 11113
my heart, my life, my being. I have
room for naught else."
But there came a day when she met
( one whoso lovo sho reciprocated and
sho waB happier than ever before. Sho
I asked herself; "How can I glvo him
up; and, how can I give up my long
cherished hopes to devote my lifo to
this work?" And she pondered over
It until sho became palo and thin and
ambition finally conquered.
It wns to thja part of her Ufo in par
ticular that her mind reverted. "Be
noath the spreading branches of this
stately elm," she murmured, as sho
gazed dreamily and tearfully through
tho growing dusk at tho painting be
fore her, "he told me of his lovo. Tho
sorrowful expression upon hi3 face, as
I told him I could never be his wife,
haunts me still. Oh, was I right? I
have not succeeded as I desired. My
fame has not reached foreign countries.
I have spent many lonely hours here;
no husband to encourage mo in my
work, to cheer mo with his love. No
loving llttlo arms to encircle my neck;
no lips to press my own. No ono to
Bympathizo with me, when I am weary
and discouraged. Oh, have I mado a
mistake? And where is Gcorgo? Has
his life been wasted? Has he been
truo to mo as he said ho would be?
Ah, I have not only misled something
in my own lifo but havo perhaps mado
a wreck of his. O, Father, I pray Thee,
forgive mo if I havo been too ambi
tious." Tho little artist clasped her worn
hands in her lap and closed her eyes
in slumber- Tho flro in the grate
burned lower and lower; but tho moon's
rays shed a halo of light about her head.
Sho dreamed that she, was onco more a
maiden fair and her lover was with
her, but when he commenced to whis
per to her the story of lovo ho was
suddenly called away. Thrice did ho
attompt it, and tho last tlmo her heart
thrilled with his burning words but
she bado him go. Then she heard a
voice saying:
"Woman, knowest thou what thou
hast done? Thou hast outraged not
only thine own heart, but that of the
man. For this sin shalt thou suffer."
Sho dreamed again and sho thought
she was at Heaven's gate. "Enter,"
said a voice, but it was not that of her
first dream. It was low and sweet and
said. "Sister, thou hast fulfilled thy
tasks on earth. Thou couldst havo
made a happy home for thyself; but it
was rejected, and instead thou hast
dono many deeds of kindness to weary
and despondent ones, which loving acts
have, like tho ripples of tho sea, gone
on and on, only the Master knoweth
whither. Thou hast comforted the
sick, helped the poor, made happy tho
little children; but still thy lifo is not
complete; thero awaits for thee a great
Tho vojco ceased, but sho heard the
sound of sweet music and far-off bells
like silvery wedding bells. Suddenly a
beautiful light shone above her, so that
she closed her eyes and then sho felt
tho clasp of a hand and heard the voice
of one of long ago saying
"Those on earth who aro united In love
Ccaso not to caro for each other nlovo,
For their souls then united shall bo
And they'll be as ono through eternity."
Sho awoke. Tho distant chimes on
tho cathedral were joyously ringing In
tho new year. Tho sound of sweet
music could bo heard from afar, but no
hand clnspcd hers. Sho knew then It
was a dream. But who will say that
tho llttlo artist will not find when she
reaches tho pearly goto tho ono from
whom she has been separated In this
The New Vcar Drtun.
The New Year dawns tho sun shluoo
strong and clear;
And all the world rejoices nnd Is gny;
Tho city-loving birds from spray to
Flit busily, and twitter In my oar
Their llttlo rrozen noto of wintry
From ruddy children with the snow
nt piny
Ring peals of laughter, gladder than
In Mny,
While friend greets friend, with "Hap
py bo thy Year!"
So would I Joy, if Thou wert by my
So would I laugh If thou couldst
laugh with mo
But left alone, In Darkness I abide,
Mocked by a Day that shines no more
on thee;
From this too merry world my heart 1
My Now Year dawns not till thy face
I see.
Louise Chandler Moulton.
A group of pleasant faced children
were playing in tho sunny corner of a
door yard on a bright New Year's day
Susie was saying, "Yes, I know my
doll is littler than yours, but I do love
her so! Sho'o my own dolly! my own
dolly!" And sho sung It over and over,
cuddling her dolly close.
"Yes," said 'Lola, "my doll is bigger,
but yours is ever so much prettier, for
mino is only a cloth dolly, and yours
1b wax with real hair. 1 love to look at
It, but I'm afraid to touch it for fear
it would break. I supposo a dolly that
won't break Is best for me. Mamma
says I'm pretty hard on a doll."
Roy was looking nt Johnny, ploying
with his Jumping Jack. Johnny said:
"I did want a rocking horse, nnd I
was most sure Santa Claus would bring
mo ono. I thought ho'd know I wanted
ono so much. But this jumping jack is
a dandy, though," -and ho pulled the
string hard.
Tho little figure turned two or three
somersaults, and ended by standing on
its head. Johnny giggled, and little
Roy, looking a trifle sober, said: "Your
Johnny Jumpor is nwful nice, and I
liko to eco you make him go it. I
didn't got anything this year, but I
hopo times will bo a lot bettor for our
house next Christmas, nnd then I'll get
enough to make it all up. But," said
he, smiling now, "I'vo got all my mar
bles that I had last year, and my top
is most as good as new, and I'll tell you
she's a hummer! Come, Johnny, let's
have a game of marbles."
What Wilt lie Offer?
What will the Now Year
Offor to you, dear?
Spring's daffodilly.
And summer's Illy,
Ripe nuts when tho autumn winds aro
And Bnowballs white and frost flowers
When he's grown to an Old Year, and
then, good night!
That man Is dying whoso life Is not
greater to-day than It was yesterday.
-Ram's Horn.
yitv SfccJTaW fcf s
JXsS '
Itmr tit 1'opuUr Irlih Ballad "Robla
Ailalr" Cania to lie Written.
Of nil the old English ballndB nona
is better known nor moro popular thaa
"Robin Adair." It la a Bong whoso
pathos has appealed to listeners In
overy land where tho English tonguo la
spoken, and unlike most of tho old songs
of Its kind It hns not boon crowded out
of recollection by nowcr inolodles. Al
though usually classed ns an English
ballad and sometimes roferrcd to ns of
Scotch origin, "Robin Adnlr" is In
icallty neither English nor Scotch, but
a genuino Irish ballad. Tho air, through
which as ns woll ns tho wordc tho tears
run, is based in n very nnclont melody
of similar Btylo known ns "Ellnoli
Aroon," nnd dating back beyond 1450.
The moro modern of tho two sdnga hna
its origin In an actual occurence. Thero
was a real Robin Adair, an Irish gen
tleman who claimed descent from tho
Desmond Fltzgernlds. He wnB n hand
some, dashing young follow, and It Is
no wonder that Lady Carol Ino Keppell
fell In lovo with him, oven though sho
was tho daughter of tho powerful carlo
of Albormarlo nnd ho was ns poor as tho
proverbial church mouse. Tho wooing
of tho handsomo Irishman was Im
petuous, but tho family of Lady Caro
line, truo to tho traditions in noblo
families in all well-regulated families,
opposed tho match. Lord Albormarlo
sent his daughter away to cure, her of
her folly, but sho absolutely refused to
be cured, and it was whllo sho was so
journing at Bath, in order that sho
might not meet Robin, that sho wroto
tho song. Sho pined for her lover and
hor health beenmo bo poor that nt last
tho father relented, as most fathers In
romantic stories do at tho end, and Lady
Caroline Keppoll becamo Lady Caro
line Adair. Adnlr, who was a surgeon
of more pr less ability, afterward be
camo qulto distinguished in hla profes
sion. All this happened in tho last
century, tho song having been written
in 1758. Strnngely enough, Its proto
type, "Eileen Aroon," was also tho out
come of very romantic circumstances,
tho tradition being that It was written
by Carol O'Daly, after his sweethoart,
Eileen, had been compelled by hor
family to marry his rlvnl.
She raid the 1)111 for an Iguoraut Hay
eo! I.ovor.
Standing In a Cincinnati florist's
store, vainly striving to come to some
adjustment between capital and roses,
one of that city's belles glanced out of
the window to sco a hack dashing up
the street. A young man look.od out of
tho carriage door, tho coachman sud
denly reined in hie horses, and two
country follows jumped out nnd ruBhed
into the store, ono exclaiming to tho
"I want to give you a carto blancho
order for somo flowers."
The clerk looked at him and con
tinued talking to the young woman.
"I am In a desperato hurry; must
catch a train no tlmo to loso and will
give jou carlo blanche," tho youth In
terrupted. The young woman consented to wait
nnd tho clerk replied:
"What kind would you liko?"
"No matter what they aro, bo they
aro handsome somo rosea and other
things something pretty for her to
wear," ho nnswercd, as tho blood
mounted to hlB face, "and I glvo you
carto blanche." '
So much Btress was laid on tho carte
blancho that, tho salesman seemed en
couraged and asked tho address.
"No. West Seventh street, nnd
havo them thero by 8 o'clock. Sho la
going out. Something handsome, carto
blancho, and here is $2." With theso
words ho put down tho cash, slammed
tho door and waa off.
The clerk looked at the young woman
and Bald: "American beauties are
1.50 apelco and roses aro $4 a dozen."
"Never mind," sho laughed, "make It
right for the girl and send tho bill to
Doubtless that youth thinks that city
prices arc not so bad after all.
Politics and patriotism aro not al
ways synonyms.
It la not hard to forglvo a Ho told
with a good intent
Every man believes ho carries tho
heavy end of a log.
Thero aro many men who are kept
poor by life insurance.
If you want to please a man, toll him
ho looks liko an actor.
Man's idea of economy Is In telling
his wife how to savo money.
Thero aro somo things which even
the young people do not know.
To mako a successful partnership a
wlfo must be ono of tho firm.
The steps of faith fall on the seeming
void, but not tho rock beneath.
Tho "nower" tho woman tho greater
her chances of becoming an old maid.
A sure euro for the hiccoughs is to ask
tho victim for tho loan of five dollars.
Some women think moro of a sealskin
eacquc than they think of their souls.
A lying tonguo never crushed that
man whom good fortuno deceived not.
Tho man who advertises bis busi
ness can't bo scared out by competi
tion. Domestic economy consists in cutting
down house oxpejisos nnd smoking 10
cent cigars.
People get wisdom by experience A
man never wnkos up bis second baby to
eco it laugh. Tho South West.
Seek the sunlight Is the advice of all
present-day hyglenlsts. Patients on tho
sunny side of tho hospital ward recover
soonest. Tho person who always walks
on tho sunny side of the street outlives
his shade-seeking brother by ten years..
Sleep In rooms where the sun has shed
hla rays all day. Bask In the sun all
you can.
Itow'a ThUt
We offor One Hundred Dollars reword
for any case of Catnrrh that cannot bo
cured by Hull's rntnrrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the lait 13 years, nnd be
llevo him perfectly honorable In all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
WholeKAle Druggist, .Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure It taken Internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood nnd
mucous surfaces of tho system. Testi
monials sent free. Price. 70c per bottlo,
Bold by nil druggist:.
Hall's Family IMIIs. tCc.
Nut el Corn Crlli.
A novel portnblo porn crib is that In
troduced by W. .1. Adam, of .loliet, Illi
nois. It ould seem to commend itself
to tho corn grower. Tho main points
claimed for it are cxtroino simplicity
and cheapness. It is mado simply from
slats wired together ut top. bottom and
center. It is shipped in rolls, is set up
round, nnd the polntH of mooting
hoc'je.l together, and thero you are,
nil ready to shool in the corn. Tho
purchaser can regulate the sizo of tho
crib by the length of tho original roll,
nnd it height by tho length of the
slats. It Is easily transported to any
part of tho Hold anil can bo rolled up
and packed nway under shelter when
nut in use.
Whole family Iteaeuoil.
North Huron, N. Y. (Special.) O. II.
Sunt of this city had nearly become a
physical wreck through excesslvo ueo
of tobacco, and hlB brother-in-law, feon-In-luw
and father-hi law were also la
111 health from tho same utm The
four men all begun taking No-To-Buc
nt tho s.inio tlmo, and thotiga rcpiu
sonting greut dlfferonceH of ago .ind in
firmity, they have not omy been ea'itcly
cured of tho tobacco habit, but arc now
In tho best posslblo physical condition.
Tho quartctto nro proud of tho Jesuit
and recommend No-To-Bac with tho
greatest enthusiasm. Hundreds of to
bacco users nro following tho exampio of
tho Sum family.
Canned Keen.
Uggs aro now imported from ltussiu
into England in sealed tin cans. Eggs
In this country aro used by paBtry
cooks, and the advantages claimed for
tho system are freedom from damage
in transport und long keeping quali
ties, luich can contains the contents
of ono thousand to one thousand five
hundred shells, (ircnt caro is necessa
ry in selecting I ho eggB to bo preserv
ed, us ono bad ono will spoil tho whole
Mil r.tJlTOic-Toll olliors) ot mv nucrcM.
riftion j ears farmtu? itnit hustling dUcouruKCd
mo. My cousin undo 3,(xu lust war plutloit
tnblcwaro, Jouiilry. etc 1 ordered 1111 outllt
from (irov & Co.. 1'liHlni: Worlw Uopt.. in,
Columlmt. O, It wnx complotr, all inmerlnli,
formula, inwlo necrot.inmUrmtriictlorm Tlioy
teach nKCMts free. Uoodx cany plolod, nice us
new 1'iianintocit ten yearn. Muito (3 J llrt
weak, fir second, 3v.l llMt month, uotall work
1 van do; liroihcr tniulo (75 aclllnv outtltn,
wltol!rm for s-itnplo. 11 l bllAW.
Great Britain manufactures evoryyear
.10,000,000 of iron and XM.Otfl.Ol'O of htee'.
The man who hits down and waits for a
go'den opjortnuity to I nock nt bis door
will need a thH: cuclilon on his chair.
Coe'a Cough IlaUnm
IttLt onU'.tun.l I---1. It will brcali up .1 Cold riulolt
crir.AC am tUInz clso, Hli always rellabln. Trlt.
Iho ileinrtmeut of Lot, in Train e, pro
duce a tutacco with uear.y 8 per ccut of
Iho leading crnln rrop in Quneiis'nnd in
nialce; the leading minora' product Is coal.
Lllllnrd tabo, toroud-lmnJ. for sa!o
cheap Arply to or address, H. C. Akiv,
CU B. nth Ht . Omaha, Neii
CT SAfTlRCtf"lIf
Timely Warning.
Tho great success of the chocolate preparations of
the house of Walter Baker & Co. (established
in 1780) has led
many misleading
of thoir namo, labels, and wrappers. Walter
Bakor & Co. are the oldest and largest manu
facturers of pure and high-grade Cocoas and
Chocolates on this continent. No chemicals are
used in their manufactures.
Consumers should ask for, and bo sure that
they get, the genuino Walter Baker & Co.'s goods.
1 ft
WALTER BAKER & CO., Limited,
Great Prize Contest.
1st Prize, KNABE PIANO, style "P" $800
2d Prize, Cash, - I00
3d Prize, Cash, ----- 50
IO Cash Prizes, each $20, - - - 200
15 Cash Prizes, each $10, - - 150
28 Prizes,
Tho first nrlzo will be clvon lo
sentence, in Knglish, containing all tho letters In tho alphabet. The other
prices will ko In refjulur order to those competitors whose sentences atanil
imvt In iiolut of brevity.
The length of u bcntenc Is to bo mensural bv tho number of loiters H
-contains, ami each contestant must ludlcuto by figures at tho close of his
sentence just how lonjj it is. Tho scuteuce must havo somo meaning.
Geographical names ami names of persons cannot bo used. Tho contest
closos February 15th, lSOfl, and tho results will bo published ono week
later. In ras two or moro pric-ulniiliig sentences aro equally short tho
ono flrst received will bo Kiven preference. Kverv competitor whoso
sentence Is less than 110 letters In lenjjth will receive Wllkie Collins' works
in paper rowr. including twelve complete novels, whether he wim a prize
or not. No contestant can enter more ihun ono sentence nor combine with
other competitors Residents of Omaha are not permitted to take- any
part, directly or indirectly, In this content,
Tltls.n-marknbly liberal ofror is made bj tho Weekiv WonLD-lTKim.o,
of winch the distinguished ex-congressman.
WILLIAM J. BRYAN, is Edittr.
and it is required that each comiiettng sentence be enclosed with onedojlar
d for n year's subscription. The Weekly World-IIeualii Is Issued in semi.
nJ weewiy sections, ami nence is nearly
Q champion of free silver coinage
it rteurasua. AUilress,
pj woomu
The Moderti Mother
lias found tlfat'lfcr'tfttlo ones are Improved
mora by tho pleu-unt laxative, Syrup of
KlfVs, when In need of the laxntlvo offeutof
a gentle remedy, than by any other, and
UmtltUmorc licocptnblo to them. Clill
tfrcti enjoy It nnd It benefits them. Tho
lino remedy, Syrup of Figs, is inaliufltc
tured by tho C.illfoml.i Fig Syrup Co.,
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Whip a poorly nourished
horse when he Is thoroughly ,
'tired. He may go faster for a
few rods, but his condition
is soon the vorse for It. Bet
ter stop and give him food.
Food gives force. If you are
thin, without appetite; pale,
because of thin blood; sind
easily exhausted ; why further
weaken the body by applying
the whip. Better begin on a
more permanent basis. Take
something which wUl build up
the tissues and supply force
to the muscular, digestive, and
nervous systems. ' '
of Cod-liver Oil, with hypo
phosphites, meets every de
mand. The cod-liver oil is a
food of great value. It pro
duces muscular, digestive, and
nervous force without the aid
of any whip. Every gain is a
substantial one. The hypo
phosphites give strength and
stability to the nervous sys
tem. The Improved appetite,
richer blood, and better flesh
come to stay.
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