Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, December 13, 1895, Image 2

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TI10S, J. O'KKRFFJE, l'nbllsher.
JlnviNAi. meetings of. groat intoreat
.aro being conducted In tho Methodist
church at Ashland.
Hksjawx Giubfom of Falrbury has
lost his reason, and will havo to be
confined in tho hospital.
FAmtEna of Fremont and vicinity
nro about to form nn organisation for
protection from thieves,
F. II. Pbavry & Co. arc building a
1.1,000 bushel grain Btorage house as an
addition to their elevator at Wakefield.
Dkki snow In Banner county caused
tlio death of numerous jack rabbits
thatircro caught out away from home.
Tub first mooting of tho Northeast
ern Nebraska Horticultural society will
to held at Schuyler" February 4 And 0.
Gr.KitaYAiKN In various parts of tho
tato have been paying their respects
to Col. Ingorsoll sinco his recent lec
turcB in this Btatc.
Tur.ouoii an enterkilnment given at
Beatrice by tho Charity tulnstrclB or-gantr-atlon,
S6&41 was turned over to
tho charitable association.
Tiik following fihowB tho mortgage
record for October In Casscounty: Farm
property, filed, 535,100; released, 833,
010 oity property filed, 513,205; re
leased, J2.760.
Miik ,T. L. Haiimon of West Point,
tho woman so badly burned by tho ex
plosion of a lamp, died from her Inju
ries. Sho leaves a daughter 15 months
old, and a husband.
A induction In tho working day,
changing It to eight hours, has been
carried out by tho Burlington In its
shops at Havclock, Plattsmouth, Hol
drcgoand McCoolc.
Lkmoin Young, a farm hand working
near Elk Creek, claims tho champion
ship for corn husking. His record la
nincty.llve bushels and thirty pounds,
husked in six hours.
Mm Dooor of Flatto Center stood on
tho hub of a wagon talking to a friend.
Tho team startod, ho lost his balance
and fell heavily to the ground, dis
locating a shoulder.
Mits. BKnsiioN, a woman who has
been nn inmato of tho Salino county
poor house for sixteen years, recently
received 050 back pension, and an
award of 58 per month as long as sho
Vam.ev county's mortgage Indebted
ness for tho month of November Is as
follows: Ten farm mortgages filed,
83.703: fifteen released, 88,300: city
mortgages filed, six, 81,823; eighty
olght chattel mortgages filed, 512,484;
fifty-one- released, 0,430. , ,.
ItKVEKUK officers and United States
deputy marshals soized nn Illicit still
on tho premises of Albert Placlty, a
liohcmlau, in the cast part of Wither.
Tho apparatus was veil constructed
for wliisuy distilling, but had evidently
been In use only a short time. Tile ap
paratus was tuken to Omaha nnd Plac
Ity was placed under arrest.
4 Dui-uiT Unitkd StATKa M.OtsUAr.
LinniAitt) of Ruchvlllo arrested Ste
phen McCaullcy, Hying near tho reser
vation, about ten miles north of Gor
don, on tho charge of stealing a bull
belonging to an Indian. McCaulley
was arrested on a charge of cattle
Stealing last spring but got off with a,
thirty days' semenco in tno county
A man named Alderman, working for
W. A. Gardner, a farmer living thrco
miles north of Auburn, camo to town
with a load of hogs, cashed the check
received therefor and also a SS check
which his employer had given him, and
then skipped for parts unknown. Ho
leaves a wlfoand child and his sudden
departure is supposed to bo due to too
much whisky.
Akikii a protracted session lasting
until nearly midnight, the State Hoard
of Public Lands and Buildings adopted
a resolution removing J. D. McKolvey
us superintendent of tho Stato Indus
trial School for Girls at Geneva, and
appointing In his place Kov. J. V. Sea
brook. W O. Palno of Long Pino was
appointed to succeed Chris Jenson, and
Mrs. Hohno of Mllford, matron, in tho
place of Mrs. J. D. McKolvy,
The safo of Perry fc Barton, who
run a livery and feed stablo at Wahoo,
was opened and 850 taken from the
money drawer. Nothing was mado
known to the public at tho time, as
local parties were suspected. Tho
services of a private detective were
secured, Tho detective pot one of tho
Mispocls to drive him to Weston, where
ho got him intoxicated, and while re
turning the detective alleges that he
obtained a confession from the young
Tin: commissioners of Insanity of
Otoe county examined Robert G.
Brovvnlee, a farmer who resides near
tho village of Douglass, and found him
to bo demented. The man some years
ago turned all his property into money
nd squandered it by traveling1 aim
lessly around, making a trip to Kuropo
und returning immediately, going clear
across tho country to California. Ho
claims now that tho government owes
him SGO.000,000, which ho will receive
in a few years.
FitEU II. Mki.ciikii, West Tolnt, deal
cr in agricultural implements, has mado
an assignment. Melchor Is city treas
urer, and was recently elected to tho
ofllce of clerk of tho district court on
the democratic ticket by n largo ma
jority. He has been a residentof Cum
ing county for nearly thirty years and
is highly respected. Ills failure was
caused by inability to make collections,
his business of agricultural implement
dealer being largely conducted on cred
it lines.
Mies Bessie Sexton, ono of Pierce's
popular and winsome young ladles, is
missing from the parental domicile,
and likewise Kd Sheldon has decamped
for .parts unknown. Both thse parties
were considerably infatuated, and that
tlio two have eloped to become hus
band wife is tho prevailing impression.
Mits. Meriutt Pjutt of Bloomfield
became suddenly insane, and has since
remained in a practically demented
Daveon county people aro signing a
petition urging Governor Uolcorob to
commute the death, sentence hanging
over J. B, Walker to imprisonment for
Canvassing th fltate'Votp,
ITho Stato Jloard of Canvassers com
plotodlts work with tho slnglo excep
tion of Furnas county, In tho Four
teenth judicial district It Is consid
ered likely that there will by two sets
of cortlficates.'retuitnod from this coun
ty, ono in favcr of Welty and tho other
for Norris, Then there will bo a dc
olslon bythe stato canvassers, followed
by a contest In tho supremo court. Tho
vote on supremo judgo Is as follows:
Norvnl.iroputillnnn VkYJl
Maxwell, pcopio inaepenucin.
Miilioney. democrat JirsfJ
.democrat ,:: M ";!!
ueraor. proniuitionna ?
Normal's plurality.. s,,
Voto on regents of tho Stato univers
ity i
Oonld. republican M.m
Morrill, republican "X'92?
Amos, democrat ..., .j.J
Aiiliby. democrat .... J'.'SiJ
iiincKuurn, uornncrav i'!"z.
Kittle, democrat M.
A Brother of Wheet II. I'eklmm, Who
Was Rejected last Winter, ondnt l'rec
ont a Member of the Now Vork Court
of Appesli Miscellaneous WashlDcton
Blatter of Interest.
njiuo, uumocrai .... fi'Ssi
IlayMoti, pnoploVs independent. 53'. i
I'oattto, pooplo's Unit-pen jont. W. 7
HryHtit! prohibitionist
Wood!)?, prohibitionist .W
With the exception of the Fourteenth
judicial district, tho followlngis tho re
port of the board of canvassers on tlio
result of llio judicial election:
Pint districts ..
Lctton, rept-bllcau W.3I
Hlult, republican .!
Hush, pcoplu'H Indepoiulont K20
Knllon, people's Independent bM
Itatnojr, people's Independent.. 4.jHJ
Clinpman, ronubllcau m. .0J3
Third: ' t ,,,.
Cornish, republican , ".Ml
ii an, rupuuiirnn ,
Holmes, rupttbllcnn ?'
Hlbbottf, domocrat....... J.;!
ose, pcopiu independent j.voj
ICc?)crny,,peflpIo'iliidepundcnt J.;;'
OclsthardC democrat .... , Mw
CallliiH.ilemArrnt..... - w
Mnck. prohlblllonNt , , Mil
Ulttcnbundor, prohibitionist M
.Kourtlit .,.,
Jlakor, ropubllcan 13,,HJ
iTr Jnoh. butln vlow of the lilgh rcnuta-
I'owoll. rotiubllcan I3.!i tlon of Judcre Pcckham, it is believed
Hcott, reuubllcan; , 1J2 ".onflrmatlon will follow as speedily
Itufns Tackham Nnined.
Wasiiinoton, Hoc 4. Jnat as had
boon prefigured, the President to-day
sent to the Scnato tho nomination of
Judgo ltufus W. Pcckham of tho court
of appeals of New York Stato for tho
vacancy on tho Supremo bench caused
by tho death of Justico Howell R
Jackson of Tennessee. Tho new nom
inee Is a brother of Wheeler H. Pcck
ham, tho eminent Now York lawyer,
whoso nomination was rejected last
Judgo Pcckham Is a resident of
Albany. His namo has been men
tioned frequently for tho office. It is
boliovcd his nomination will bo satis
factory to Senator Hill, whoso oppo
sition was successful in preventing
tho confirmation of Mr. Horn-
blower and Whcclor 11. Pcckham,
for tho placo now hold by Justice
White- of Louisiana. Senator Hill
on several occasions spoko very high
ly of tho nominee. Tho nomina
tion will go first to tho Senato judi
ciary committee, which always
scrutinizes closely the records of per
sons named lor tno bupremo court
hlulianirli, republican l-'tgy
IiuRlo, cttUenH-dom-pop ii-l'A
Ferguson, cltlrons-tlem-pop ,s,"
Hopewell, clilrens-dom-pop.... YxT!
Koysoron all tickets) , 20.SSI
Mnunoy, clllcns-dum-pop ,ft?,'?
JteldleW,citltn-dompop , "153
Wakeloy, clllionn-Uem-pop ll,0,o
I'lftfis .
FodeiYlclf, republican...., WW
Kollostr. republican W?
'ItVff. KV)IIUI IHUU'UllMVlll'.t.,,,,i I'"' , n.A
miccicr, peopio s lnuopcnuoui
,. .... .......
Cain, domociat..
Marshall, republican...
Patterson, republican..
Minivan, uomccrat
Mallonback, democrat
Kwlntr, pcop.'o'n Independent.
HustlnsH, people's independent.
is is consistent with tho importance of
i tho ofllcc. Judgo Pcckhnnvs turn on
tho New York uoncli would navo ex
pired December dl, 1000.
Tho President also sent in tho nom
inations of Richard Olney to be Secre
tary of Stato and Judson Harmon to
bo Attorney General.
tfr. IVods;e mings Up th Monro Doctrla
and Mr. Call th Cabaa Xronble.
WASittiniToK, Dec. 4. Tho Senato
galleries were again woll filled to-day
but thcro was not the struggle for
places incident to tho opening. Tho
doral offerings continued to como In,
Mr. Burrows' friends sending a great
eiuster ot yellow chrysanthemums to
hlin. After tho opening routlno Mr.
Prtidon, tho President's exceutivo
clerk, presented tho annunl message
Tho reading was listened to with
marked attention. Thero was notice
ablo interest on tho Republican sido
in tho refcrenco to tho Waller case.
When tho Bohrlng sea claims wero
readied, Mr. Morgan, who had been
conspicuous in opposing tho claims,
smiled at tho announcement that a
now treaty had been mado, nnd leaned
forward for an animated whispered
conforenco with Mr. Gray. Tho treat
mont of the British Venezuela ques
tion also recolvcd marked attention.
Tho statement of tho status of the
Cuban conflict waB specially interest
ing as It gavo tho first ofllcial utter
ance on tho subject
An soon as tho reading was com
pleted, Mr. Lodge of Massachusetts in
troduced a resolution forcibly approv
ing of tho Monroo doctrine, and Mr.
Call of Florida a resolution directing
that tho insurgents of Cuba bo recog
nized as belligerents.
Mr. Cullom of Illinois presented a
communication from Evanston, 111.,
asking government action concerning
tho doplorablo condition of affairs in
Turkey, and Mr. Gallinger of Now
Hampshire offered n similar communi
cation from citizens of that state.
A resolution of tho Idaho legislaturo
urging tho election of United States
senators by popular voto was pre
sented by Mr. Dubois.
The senate then went into exceutivo
session and confirmed the nominations
of Richard Olney as secretary of stato
nnd Judson Harmon as ntttorney gen
eral and at 8 o'clock adjourned until
to-morrow, shutting off dobnto from
sovoral senators who wero primed with
speeches on Cuba and Venezuela.
Mr. Stewart introduced tho usual
free sliver bill.
A Circular Defending Ills Coarse In Ito
fusing to Make Gratuitous Distribution
to Constituents of Members lusued.
Mr. Tickler nnd Other Members Stirred
Vp Over tho Mntter.
, T.WJ
b'enrlc, republican
Evans, republican , 4,5i
Crawford, democrat , .. 4,431
ltoso, people's Independent 1,017
Ninth; ,
itobliison, democrat ,. n.3
ltobortson, republican 0.111
Ilcall, pooplo's Independent .. 7,133
McNony, republican .. ........ 0.410
Thompson, democrat
eiQ'jqnru, r.cinion.-. . .... v
Dlliomp'oo, pcopto's Independent. ..... Mi
I. rcntibl can '"J
Doyio, pooplo's Independent...... o,lljs
1'lorco, ropubllcan ..,.., Mli
Twelfth: k rmM
Orcen. people s independent ".ra
Sinclair, republican , . V"
flrlmos, republican 2,"?!
Neville, peoplu's independent ?,boJ
wWtover, people's independent.. .KH i hag failed
Hurtow, ropubllcan 4,lf 'consideration
uomiui, copio s iiuicpcnucut
KliH-nld. ronubllraii... ,
ii .;"' T" . .v v. - :., . ,.:...
following is tno looting oi tno jour
tccnth district, minus the voto cf l-'ur-up
VVolty , 3.K)
Norris..,. - U.'-;"
Hanigrover , Si
Rl.port of llellef Cmiimlsstoii,
r 1. Luddcn, secretary of tho State
Relief commission, has delivered tho
iirst installment ot tho bound copies of
tho Until report of tho commission. The
names of twenty-four employes of
tho commission, headed by W. E.
Jones, appear In tho front part of tlio
report. From an examination of tlio
total cash exhibit it appears that tho
otllco-cxpenscs amounted to 88,440. 8".
Tho cash donations from privato
sources foot up S28.090.3a Of this sum
0,573. 11 was spent for transportation.
Tho cash appropriation by tho stato
legislature was 850,000, Of this $23,
008.50, or nearly one-half, was expend
ed in transportation. In addition to
this S4.327.S7 was paid for freight from
eastern cities. Of tho cash donations
8148.87 remains on hand, audSS78.S3
remains of tho legislative appropria
tion. Tho cost of printing tho report
Is 8000, or S.VJ4 with discount on war
rant. Of tho cash donations 52,209.70
was paid for freight outsldo tho state.
Other printing bills figure S075.50, and
traveling expenses 5514.77. Recapitu
lection: Received from stato and other
(sources 5 77,(12.0 )
Paid for provision, coal and cloth-
Inc.... '
Paid for transportation, olllce ex
penses, printing and travelhiRox
peases - 4(Xtnc2
llalance In cash on band to make
up t otai 9 mci.w
Tho report also contains a full de
tailed statement of tho disposition of
tho 200,000 appropriation for counties
by house roll No, 525.
Mercer Starts Ills Mill.
Washington dispatch: Congressmni.
Mercer has Introduced the following
bills: To authorize tho location of a
brauch homo for volunteer disabled
soldiers nnd sailors at or near tho city
of Blair, Neb., and for other purposes:
to establish a branch mint of tlio United
States at Omaha, In tho stato of Ne
braska; to Increase tho appropriation
for tho mirchaso of a 6lj.'ht und tlio
erection of a building at Omaha (this
bill contemplates an increase of 32,000,
000); to establish an assay ofllco In tho
city of Omaha; to amend sections 14
and 145, and repeal sections 143 and
144 of the revise'! statutes of tho United
States relatlne to nresldenteal elec
tions; authorizing the pay of ofUccrs of
customs performing duty after tho ex
piration of their terms; to provide for
the continuance in oilico of custon otll
cers and assistant treasurers until sue
ceskors shall have been appointed and
Ur. Idvlngstono of Georgia l'rcsents a Res
olution Rebuking England.
Washington, Dec 4. The first
movement in Congress upon tho Vcn
tznolnn boundary dispute camo to-day
In tho form of a resolution Introduced
by Representative Livingstono of
Georgia, whoso namo has been some
what identified with tho question by
reason of his resolution commending
trbitratlon, which was adopted by tho
last Congress, and his recent visit to
Tho resolution recited that by a reso
lution of tho last Congress it was rec
ommended that tho boundary dispute
bo submitted to arbitration and that
tho action was brought to tho atten
tion of Her Britannic Majesty's gov
jrnment by the President, courteously
tnd with kind intent, and declares
that Her Majesty's government
to glYQ tho prompv
to tho imnortant
i'oSl I tcnucst contained in Inat joint reso-
uiviun or vo uiiswui mu buuib u
iny mannor, such as was duo and
becoming to tho dignity of the United
states as a great nation and to
llio friendly relations existing be
tween tho two governments." It also
-ccltcs that after thla communication,
tho colonial secretary also instructed
tho Governor of British Guiana to
lako forcible possession of certain ter
ritory of Venezuela Involved in tho
iisputo, "an act which has been ofll
slally declared to be tho manifesta
tion of an unfriendly disposition
toward tho United States."
In conclusion, tho resolution pro
vides for a joint committee of two
tonators and threo members v In
vestigate tho facts and rccomniond
proper action to Congress, to vindicate
ind preserve tho dignity and rights
of tho United States In tho premises.
Territorial Court Rights Urhelil.
Washington, Dec 4. In tlio case,
of Stephen M, Folsom, " who,
as president of the National Bank
of New Mexico, had been found
guilty by tho tcrritorloi courts of
Now Mexico of falsifying tho books of
tho bank, Chlof Justice Fuller of the
United States Supremo court delivered
tho opinion of the court yesterday,
holding that the Federal courts did
not possess tho riirht to review tho
judgment of tho territorial courts in
such cases.
"Will Not I'rosecuto Chlsholm.
TjAWRKKCK, Kan., Dec 4. Mr.
Thouvonal, father of tho girl who
eloped from Benton county, Missouri,
with Fred Chlsholm, is here, und is
trying to get some ono to adopt tho
child that was born to Chlsholm and
hlB daughter, and then to take his
daughter homo with him. Ho wants
tho girl, but does not want Chlsholm
taken back to Missouri, and will prob
ibly not prosecute him.
Kansas Convicts.
TorKKA, Kan., Dec. 4. The warden
of tho Kausas Stato penitentinry at
Lansing has tiled a report which shows
that there aro now confined lu that in
stitution 874 prisoners, classified as
follows; Whites, 50; blacks, 227; In
dians, 5; Mexicans, 2; femules, 14; Ok
lahoma prisoners, 103; United States
military prisoners, 2; United States
-.Ivll prisoners, 0.
Suicide ot a Young Woman.
Bimxn. Ma, Dec 4.- Fanny Phil
lips, daughtc of Judgo J. U. Phillips,
tme of the most prominent farmers of
this region, took rough on rats and
died. Sho was 19 years of ago and un
usually intelligent and winsome. Her
pnrents' objection to her marrying tho
nan siio loveu is tno omy cause.
England Repudiates Decrees Granted in
Oklnhoma Courts.
Wichita, Kan., Dec 4, Her Mnl
esty's empiro has taken Issuo with
Oklahama over tho divorco laws of tho
latter Territory, according to a dis
patch from Oklahoma City. Recently
Poter Ncilson, a wealthy English gen
tleman, camo from London to Okla
homa, and at' the end of ninety
days mado application for a di
vorce from his wife, Edith Nell
son. Tho papers in tho caso wero
served on tho defendant by moans of a
registered letter sent to her address in
London. Sho cousultcd tho legal de
partment of tho English government
on tho subject, with tho result that
Her Mnjesty's government held that
the, Clvorco lawa of Oklahoma would
not bo respected in tho Quoin's do
minion. An elaborate opinion on the
matter was forwarded to the judge of
tlio trial court in Oklahoma, repleto
with bluo ribbons and gilt seals. As
a great many woalthy Enjrlish people
have secured divorces in uklahoma,
the position taken by the English gov
ernment is important to them.
' Kansas Roomers In Cblcngo.
Chicago, Dec. 4. Kansas greeted
Chicago last night, and tho plains of
the Western Stato blossomed liko tho
fairest of gardens under the eloquent
praise and burning words of her sons.
Tho one disappointment of tho evening
was the non-appearance of John J.
Intralls. He was to lmvo been tho
orator of the occasion. But John J.
Ingalls did not como. no telegraphed
that he was snowbound somewhere In
Wisconsin and that ho could not pos
sibly reach Chicago in tlmo for tho
Kansas meeting. Tho Kansas mcot
ing was arranged by thu Kansas Mil
lion Club, which was organized with
tho sole idea ot bringing a million per
sons to tho Sunflower Stato. Oov
ernor E. N. Morrill was on tho plat
form, and ho It was who led tho
praises of his State.
llattlcflcld c f HuK Run.
Manansab, VaM Dc-c 4. Pursuant
(o a decree of tho Circuit court of
Prince William county, over 5,510
acres belonging to tho McLean cstato
and lying on both bides of tho Bull
Uun and udjolningtho Bluckburn ford,
wero sold at public auction yesterday.
Tho greater portion was sold at an av
erage of something less, than 0 per
aero, while some went at gl and S'..50
per acre This land embraced a largo
portion of tlio historic Bull Bun
A Ltely Contest.
Washington, Dec o. Acting undor
an opinion rendered last summer by
Attorney General Olney, Secretary of
Agrlculturo Morton has practically
done away with the time-honored sys
tom of seed gratuities to tho public
through members of Congress. Ho
rejected all bids mado for furnishing
seeds to tho public and in October last
practically abolished tho seed division
of tho department. Sinco them mem
bers of both houses lmvo been plan
ning to tako aotlon to compel him to
carry out tho law according to tholr
interpretation of it, which was mado
plain In the course of a long debato by
the last House.
In anticipation of a Congressional
request for an explanation which was
initiated by Mr. Baker of New Hamp
shire to-day tho Secretary of Agricul
ture had printed a circular explaining
his course which is being distributed
to members. Tho circular quotes tho
Attorney Generals opinion that tho
law contemplates the use of seeds rare
and not common to this country, nnd
also tho Secretary's order closing tho
soed division.
It is not yet apparent what action,
if any, will bo taken by Congress to
have its intentions In making clio ap
propriation carried out, or whether
any action is taken. Mr. Fielder of
South Dakota is one of tho members
who thinks that tho falluro to dis
tribute seeds has injured his constitu
ents. To-day ho called on Secretary
Morton to discuss the mntter, but did
not receive any assurances which gavo
him hopo that his quota of seeds
would be forthcoming. Ho speaks
very Btrongly of the Secretary's course,
saying that tho intent of tho law was
explicitly expressed in the debato,
which preceded its passage, and that
the failure of tho executive branch of
the government to carry it out is
plainly Illegal.
Mr. Plckler and the other members
holding the samo views are somewhat
at a loss, however, to provide any
method of coercion by which thoy can
compel tho department to furnish
seeds. They say that tho next appro
priation bill will contain a seed clause
so ironclad that thcro will bo no pos
sible loopholes by which their allot
ments can escapo thorn, but they
trreatly fear that this year's seeds aro
not to bo secured.
Secretary Morton has been very
plain in his statements to members,
lie says ho believes that tho seed dis
tribution is an unconstitutional form
of paternalism, and decs not intend to
bo instrumental in it if lie can help
Tho American federation of labor.
New Yohk, Dec 0. Preparations
avo almost completo for tho fifteenth
nnnual convention ot tho American
Federation of Labor, which will open
next Monday and continue for per
haps ten days. The session will be
hold in tho Assembly hall of the Mad
ison Square garden. About 130 regu
lar delegates aro expected, but tho
number of labor lcadors and other in
terested persons who will attend with
out havlnir the rit;ht to voto will
swell tho number considerably, and It
Is expected that this convention will
be larger than any previous meeting
of the organization. During the last
year the membership of the order has
Increased about 100,000 by tlio acces
sion ot several national trade organi
zations and WO dolcgatcs will repre
sent about e00,000 members.
Mayor Strong will doliver tho ad
dress of welcome. There will also be
addresses on the opening day by J. W.
Sullivan, author of "Tho Initiative
and Referendum," and Professor Felix
Adlcr. Among tho other well known
persons who uro expected to address
the convention nro Mayor Pingreo of
Detroit, John Swlnton, James R.
Buchanan and others prominent In thu
labor movement and otherwise. Eng
land will be represented by two fra
ternal delegates, J. Cowey of the
Miners' union, und James Mawdsloy
of the textile workers.
The eight hour day will bo the prin
jlpnl subject of discussion at the meet
ing. Tho question will be brought up
by a set of resolutions which will be
Introduced by ex-President Oompers
lu his capacity of delegate from tho
Ibo Market Somewhat Gorged on Ac
count ot Eseesslvo Ilujlng.
Nkw Yohk, Dec 0. R. G, Dun &
Go's weekly review of trade, says:
Business is still sluggish, as If
gorged by excessive iudulgenco of
appetite for buying when prices were
ndvnucing. In nearly every brunch
stocks, not yet distributed to con
sumers, stand in tho way of new orders
and competition of a producing force,
Inrgcly exceeding tho present demand,
puts down prices, that retard declin
ing purchases yet more. After tho
holidays men look for a larger do
inand. For tho present the springs of
now business is running low, but
enough is doing on old order to keep
most of tlio works employed in part
and a good proportion fully. Financial
influences have not hindcrcdatid rare
ly hus tho opening of a session of Con
gress affected business so little
Wheat has advanced about a cent
for the week, though Western re
ceipts have been 7,014,011 bushels,
against 3,727,788 last year, and Atlan
tic exports (flour included), again ex
ceed Inst year's, 2,326,0'Ji), agalust
1,887,737 bushels, Tho best Western
estimates of the crop havo been raised
Corn moves from farms less freely
than a year ago, and low prices hin
dering, exports wero 1,203,774 bushels,
against 178,813 last year.
Failures In tho United States for tho
week have been 324, npainst J85 last
year; fifty-two in Canada, against
forty last year.
atcrrlwether Romarrlort.
St, Louis, Mo., Deo. 3. Labor Com
missioner Lee Merriwethor of tills
state and Miss Jessie Gair of Brooklyn,
N. Y., but formerly of St. Louts, wero
quietly married at Brooklyn last Wed
nesday. The wedding took placo at
high noon at tho residence of tho
brldo's parents, only her immedinto
relatives being present. Tills is not
Mr. Merriwother's first matrimonial
experience. His first wife, from whom
he separated about five years ago,
went to Berkley, Cal., tho home of her
parents, and thcro secured a divorco
from him. Desertion was alleged,
and the case went by default Their
0-ycar-old daughter is with tho
Aerial Navigation Trlzn.
Washington, Dee 0 Senator Lodge
of Massachusetts introduced a bill in
tho Senate designed to encourage ex
periments in aerial navigation. Tho
bill provides that 3100,000 shall bo
paid to any person, from whatever
part of tho world, who shall at any
tlmo prior to January 1, 1901, con
struct an apparatus that wilt, on tho
verified report of threo members ap
pointed by tho secretary of war, dem
onstrate, within or near tho city of
Washington, tho practicability of
safely navigating tho air, at a speed of
not less than thirty miles an hour, nnd
capable of carrying passengers and
freight, weighing a total of at least
400 pounds.
A Trolley l'utcnt Uphold.
Nkv Haven, Conn., Dec. 9. Judge
IV. K. Townscnd, in tho United States
district court to-day, decided in the
suit of tho Thompson-Uoufcton
Electric company against tho Win
chester Avenue Street Railway com
pany, really an issuo botween tho
General Electric company and tlio,
Wrcstinghonso compauy, for an ad
judication of tho Vandci pool patents,
covering tho under-running trolley, in
favor of the complainant. This gives
to tho General Electric company the
exclusive right to manufacture and
tell tho under-running trolley. The
caso will probably go up to the Su
preme court of the United states.
Quotations Trom Now York, Chicago, St.
I.ouli, Omaha ami hUowhero.
flutter Creamery separator.. 13
lJutter l'alr to good country. 12
nggs Krcsh , lj?
Eprlns chickens, live, per lb... 5
Obtckons Dressed, per n
Ducks I'cr id,.., '
Turkeys-'l'cr V. ....... 0
l'rulriuchlcknns l'ordoz 5 00
CSonKn IVr lb
T nmnns ChoICO MeESluaS
Oranzes lVr box 4 00
Apnles-Per bbl .... ............. 2 .'
bwoct potatoes -Uood, per bbl 1 is
I'ntntnps Per bu S
Cn io
5 00 ft COO
7 & 8
4 25 (to 4 SO
Ut, 4 Ml
t3 SO
3 10
Heans-jsavy. nanu-pic..ou,uu i oj k j .;
L'ranborrlcj-tnpo Cod, pr.bbl H 00 JW
liny Upland, per ton..., 0 W) u w
nnr.ins-Prifbu S-1 M
Hear Makers' Un'on, and tho discus
sion will bo ehlni'v on ways and means
for bringing abouo the desired result.
State Immigration far (St-rmanj.
Washington, Dec 4. United States
Consul Monoghan at Chemnitz re
ports to tho Slate department
that it is proposed to crcnto
Stato emigration ngeucles to re
place all of the conscienceless private
emigration agencies, to furnish tho
emigrants with all Information neces
sary for their guidance in selecting
their new homes und to procure this
information by branchra in foreign
A MUsourl l'olsoner Must Ule.
Jepfkupon Citv, Mo., Dee 4. In tho
supreme court to-day Emil David, of
Osage county, who poisoned his sis
ters' intended In January. 1804, was
sentenced to bo hanged January 10.
1600. Frank Woodwurd, of Jackson
county, who was under a tentonce of
five years In tho penitentiary for rob
Uery, will havo a new trial.
Half n Million lold for South America
New Yokk, Dee 4. Half a million
dollars in gold were engaged to-day
for export to-morrow to
Infanticide In St, Joseph.
St. Josei'II, Mo., Dec. 4. Tho corpse
of a threo weeks' old baby was found
concealed in a small wooden box at
Twelfth and Faraon streets this morn
ing. Evidences of murder wero plain
ly apparent. Suspicion points to high
ly connected personages.
Sho I.eft Her Ticgro Husband.
Skdalia, Mo.. Dec 4. 0. N. Thou
venal, the Benton county farmer
whose daughter ran away with and
married Fred Chlsholm. colored, re
turned from Kansas this morning,
South i bringing his daughter. Her child was
given away in Kansas City.
Tho Rev. Mr. Carpenter's Case Dp.
Nevada, Ma, Dec 4. The Vernon
connty grnnd jury begau this morning
the investigation of tho reports circu
lated regarding Rev. W. J. Carpenter
of tho Centenary M. E. church and a
woman. Carpenter appeared fltst bo
fore the jury. Warrants have been
issued for Minnie and Rosa Shouse,
nnd a number of other witnesses will
bo summoned.
Fell Headlong;
Oak Gkqvk, Mo ,
morning Richard
known as "Dura"
Into Ills Well.
Dec. 0. Yesterdaj
Davis, fumiliarly
Davis, was being
drawn from a well on his farm when,
within threo or four feet of the top,
he grew dizzy and fell forty feet to
the bottom. Ho was brought to the
surface alive, but only lived threo
hours. He was a bachelor farmer,
about 40 years old and was raised near
Snl Mills. He Is well known.
llrootu Oorti Orocn, per E,
llos Mixed packing..
Hoes Heavy wolKlits.
3 0
1 7.i
1 65
U 00
1 .10
1 10
Tho public debt btatement shows
that Unclo Sam owes a total of $1,123,
000,000 and, less cash in tho treasury,
$048,407.01 1.
At tho opening of the House not u
negro was in tle galleries. Admission
was by card and no negro got one
Tho Kansas delegation havo pre
onted a request to Reed to appoint
Congressman Curtis chairman of tho
Indian committee
Dr. E, II. Winn, a young physician
of Sherman. Tex. commltUd auUiide
j by taking prusslc acid.
The Goulds Not Gothamlteg.
New Yohk, Dee 0. Justice Russell
in the special term of tho Supremo
court to-day hauded down a decision
which exempts from taxation tho
property of Oeorgo J., Howard, Edwin
and Helen M. Uould In this county,
on tho ground that thoy are non-residents.
The residence of George J.
Uould is slated as being at Lakewood ,
N. J., and that of the others at Irv-
ington, N. J.
AValter OlrU Slaves.
London. Dee 0. The way in which
! many London waitresses aro compelled
to work was shown during the week
by a suit which a pirl, 13 years old,
brought against tho proprietor of a
"coffee tavern" for wrongful dis
missal. Sho was discharged, it np
pears, for coming down from her room
at 5 o'clock in the morning instead of
at 4:30, and it was developed that tho
clrls never retired until 1a.m. ror
over twenty hours of labor per day
they were paid twelve shillings (S3)
per month, and wero glad to get it, as
many hundreds wero ready to tako
their places if vacancies occurred.
lteovcs Htockers and feeders.
llcof fcteera
Hulls -
O.xeu..... .... .............
I OWR .......................
Slinoti l.iimln 'J 03
Sheep-Mixed natives... 2 2i t
Wheat No. 5, spring...,, i
Corn 1'orbu..... 35V
Oats l'cr bit li, '
Pork 7 u
J.ard 6 '
uttlo Westsrn rango steers. J 00
Christmas Hcovcs ............. S VO
lions Avurases 3 40
Sliee t.ambs , .j oo
fcheup Westerns. .. W
Wlioat-No. ?, red winter....
orn No. 2.......
Dti,, Nrt k? ..... ......
.. . ..... , ............ --. .--
Pork '", .A
Lard- - 6 "
Wheat No. 2 red, cash
Corn l'drbu
Oats Per bu
Hoes Mixed packlliK
Cattle Native steers..., -
Sheep Muttons. ..."
Lambs -
Wheat No. 2 hard 67VG4
Corn-No-2 Kll
Oats No. 2 li
nnitl- Stocltcrsund feedurd.. 2 fiO &
Ross-.Mixed 1'ackurj .T 31 S 4 471
Sheep Lambs a 00 4 25
q ft eav;
sti to M';
22 S 22!!!
12 7.
17 k
2 to $n
U73 a
Savings Ranks In Schools.
New Yonic. Dee 0, Tho boan' ol
education of this city will at its next
session prov.de for tho opening of the
branches of tho penny provident fund
in tho public schools. Thero are now
twenty stations of the fund in the
public schools, and they have met with
surprising success.
Cardinal Icnailo J'erUco Dead.
Romk, Dee P. Cardinal Ignazlo Per
isco, prefect of tho congregation of lu-'
dulgenccs and sacred relics, is dead.
He was born in Italy In 1823 and was.,
created a cardinal in 1893.
inn . . .-
4-7,n ; -',
- JJ
23)4 ,
n mi . !.
xoiswim j m sm wwtfcsfti
. fc T ft. I