Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, December 13, 1895, Image 1

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VOL. 1
NO, 42
if ; -v
Mad? by Alliance Agita-
tors and Schemers.
The Farmers to Be Misled on
the Tax Question.
The Alliance Times, in its issuo
of Friday; December 6, has an
article headed uAs a M-ittor of
Eight," and then proceeds with
the county soat argument that
Alliance should have tho county
seat What right has Alliance to
try and got the county seat? Tho
vory first definition of tho word
right is against Alliance. No one
has a right to anything not reason
able, and according to Burke right
;a that which ono has a natural
.claim to esact. Whore is Alli
ance's natural claim to exact the
county Beat? Jt is tho old cy of
might being right, that in barbaric
jtimes held the .sway. Hemingford
has the county Beat, court house,
vault aud paraphernalia tnat is
pertinent to a county scat, all cost-
insr the countv an immense sura to
keep up. Alliance thinks she has
tho "might," and like a barbaric
chief of olden times proclaims her
f'rjght" to take that which by all
decrees of richt bolonirs to Hom
ingford. It js in' keeping with
olden times, as told in holy writ in
tho second chapter of Samuel, in
which Nathan is sent to David to
toll him of two men being in the
city, ono enormously rich in herds
and flocks, tho other with only one
uwo iamb, that ho and his family
had raised by hund. A visitor
cotnes'io ujoTjcnman, ana io uonor
him tho rich man. makes a feast. , culated among tho farming popu
lar a portion of tho feast a lamb lutiou for signatures in tho near
is needed. The rich man, instead future Tho petitions are in the
of taking one of his own lambs, as hands of men who have received a
numerous-as tho blades of grass, special course of traiuing in the
sees the lone ewe Jamb of tho poor line of Allianco "grand stand" talks,
man, and by hia '"might and inilu-1 Don't allow their plausible stories
once" takes tho animal for his vis-' to beguile you into signing tho
jtor's refoction. This is tho at-' petitions. Tho lightning rod agent,
tempted action of Alliance, but tho Ions: note fakir, and all the other
anger of the taxpayors should rise ,
against tins unreasonable action. , th0 public, are as nothing in their J wefo nqt talking, however, of the
Allianco already claims tho trade ' long-reaching practices as tho J probable removal, but of tho
Of the county; in fact her papers smooth "Ephs" who will handle ' amount of taxes owed by each of
state if in plain words. What then these petitions. Their part has ' tho leaders of tho removal proposi
is her reason for wanting the been rehearsed to an admiring Al- tion, and tho unadulterated gall
county scat? Just for the pleasure , H-inco audience boforo starting. ' nossessed by them in taking tho
of taking away the one tiling wnicn
Homingford holds by right of loca-
tion, backed by election. Another
argument used by Allianco that
the county seat should be rapved is
bill of 390, whioh the county
commissioners allowed for repairs
on the court house at iiemiugford,
And they supplement the statement the gang quiet, for election pur
by tho words: "Paid to one firm." j vosei- another court house, for
Here is where Alliance's hand is i Alliance 'will nover be content until
shown. The money being paid to Hho has a big court house, consist
pne firm, Allianco faihd, to get its ent with tho dignity of tho county;
poud of flesh from the neighbor-1 un the road taxes oxpeuded for the
hood of Hemingford's heart. The , benclit of Alliance, and a whole lot
account of tho bill allowed is fol- j 0f etceteras too numerous to men
lowed by a statement that tho rent J tion. Besides, thoro will bo the
of the rooms in Alliance would hardships of a winter's travel to
cost 8300 per year; with a removal j the county seat, in the southeastern
of tho county seat that would mean j part 0f tho county, for farmers who
a cost of $G90 for the first year, be-' have business to transact. Thoso
sides tho cost of an election, which j are 80me of tho facts that will con
wpald not be less than 1,500. The j frpnt tho taxpayers if tho business
S390 already paid for the repairs js carved out as Alliance hopes,
made upon the present court house , HaY0 a caro farracr3 ,ind taxpayers,
Would be lost, und $300 additional ( i(iQV tho petition holders at bay,
would bo charged fop rent. j think of your homes and your
Tho Times states the fact that p0(ket, and work and vote to keep
the northwestern corner of the the county from the added debt,
county is depopulated, and from which Allianco wishes to crowd on
present appearances will remain the county. Homingford is strug
6of Avery patriotic statement for piiug for what belongs to her.
u leading paper to make, but it Alliance, with tho force of might,
only adds another coffin nail to . wauts tp crowd her wishes down
Allianco's aspirations. Granting ! the throat of the taxpayers residing
that the statement was true, which i AutsxillQ o Alliance. Think , of this
. - -, ., , , mi. . , i American freo wen, vote with your
n P false as tho rest of Ahance s prInciplwJ and k(je'p thu roHJ o
ilco8,.theii the tax for.rflMqvalwil Ancient tyranny from being perpo
loll all tlib harder on the r&s of 'tratedon the Bqr Buttg taxpayers.
tho county, who will have to pay
tho cash. It is u good way to settle
i up n county for a paper with tho
largest? circulation of tho Alliance
papers 10 puousn a siaiomoni uko
tho above, for everyone to rend.
The tirade against Homingford's
property is well taken by n news
paper in a town that carries an ad
vertisement that reads: "Desirable
lots in north Alliance will bo given
to anyone who will erect a suitable
dwelling thereon." Homingford
may ho all that tho papers claim,
but is not yet poor enough to havo
to give away lo(ts to induce men to
build on them.
But nil other reasons aside,
where is tho benefit to a county tho
size of Box Butte to tear down One
town for no practical advantage to
the other? Is it not for all reasons
better to have two business centers?
It is reasonable to think so, aud
counties only having ono town are
never successful; in fact could truly
bo called ouo-horso counties Is
this tho wish of the inhabitants?
Certainly not. Thoy want their
county first in everything, and
have not tho same eyo glasses used
by Alliance people, who cannot see
"''""'b' uuiwue ui i.m uu u.
limits. The taxpayers of tho
county will readily realize tho in
crease of taxable property iu tho
maintenance of more than one
town in the county. With every
! uusinc thoro comes residnnts,
! personal property is taxed, tho as-
sessineoi of the county is increased,
the percentage of taxation propor
tionately decreased, and hero is
where the intelligent voter will hes
itate a long time before allowing
tho blue goggles, used by Allianco
ople, to Oejmtoyerlns eyes.
- a J
; The Alliance petition wilrbe oir-
riff-raff that has been preying upon '
Gdt edged promises, with tho gilt
edge pointing always toward Alli-
ftnce, at tho cost of tho taxpayers,
will be made on tho quiet, but are
borne of the tempter's wiles. Un-
! derneath these plausible stories lio
the claws of the cat, and its scratch
raeaus increased taxation, to keep ;
scorned to
Ml', oliar
thd EdgO
mont woolen m.41 in tho interests
of Homingford for tho county
soat. Mr. Sharroclc informs us
that ho is not spending any of
his woolen mill money in this
campaign, and that tho wooloh
mill will bo built in Edgonibiit
regardless of how tho Box Butto
olection may terminate, but that,
tho Irttor-Stato Townslto com
pany will stay in tho fight for
Homingford until this fight is
forovor settled for Homingford,
and wo might add that it would
be well for ovory property holder
in the county to do likewiso.
In talking county soat tho AM
u,"- ato m.J. -vw,,
niinn -f.nl IrttTTO piri tTrMY Til
course, wo cant, ouor any muuco
ment for bringing the court housa
down hero, because tho courts
havo decidod that wo can't. If it
wasn't for that wo could easily
raise 615,000 for that purposo,
(from tho appearance of tho rec
ords it would take this amount to
straighten up tho dolinquon
taxes of tho village of Allianco)
and after this thing is settled
our favor wo will probably
just that vory thing. " 1
Yos, wo know well enough that;
they will do just that very thing,
if they succeed, (which thoy
wont) but tho taxpayers of tho
county would havo to foot the
bill, andjbhat is just what thoy do
not propose to do. The time has
como whon.'evenin these west
ern counties, it is impossible for
a few men to make, a ring of pol
itics, and hoodwink tho voters
into covering themselves with a
..,.,, ., . ;;. , .,.... &
ueuc map win eup-uiam
the balance of their natural lives,
and their children af tor them.
The article in last week's Times
in regard to the misfortuno that
befell tho editor of this paper while
ontsloigh riding was, in tho main,
truo. The accident, however, did
not occur jus; as reported in tho
Times. It is true that tho editor
and his fair companion were dis-
cussiuc countv scat matters. Thov
stand thoy have taken. Tho edi
tor was telling his companion that
a few days boforo ho happened to
bo at tho court houso on business,
and incidentally looked over tho
tax records, when, to his surprise,
he found that all tho Allianco
leaders in tho county seat question
owed from hrco to eiv years' taxes
each. Prcrious to this he hud
supposed that men with such "high
nims, spotless characters, and who
had the interests of tho county at
largo so much at heart, would be
out of debt, at least on the tax
question. When the lady was .in
formed of these facts she, too, was
very much surprised. While .ho
interesting talk was going on a
smooth-looking politician was scon
approaching, and when nearly op
posite the sleigh in which the
ThoAlliauco Grip
b6 worrying for fear
rock will "blow in-"
editor and companion were riding Elmore will not take an active
ho pulled from his pocket an Alii- J part; and that the Lincoln Land
anco petition, which he began to j company will not help her. With
flourish in a vory reckless manner, ' out the assistance of this strong
frightening the team and capsizing trio Allianco cannot posstbly win
tho occupants of tho sleiuh. Tho
editor was not as seriously injured,
however, as Brother Ellis hoped
for, and has now ' zegained his
normal condition. Wo do not
wish to be rude, but think wo aro
justified in tho assertion that
Brother Ellis could fall from the
top of a seven-story brick house,
and not injure, his brain in the
leastif he struok on his head.
Does Might Make Right?'
! TMa mmattnu Una 1ain tiulrnrl n.
thousand limns in bvcmno vonrs
by thoso that havo suffered from
its usos, and thoro aro millions
just' now who tiro still sufforlng
from this villainous practico.
And yot it travels on and on, not
heeding tho "supplications of tho
bassos, and tho poor wretches
thataro sotreHtodWoimado tho
tools of tho fdw to carry out their
fioKlsh designs. Is thoro not a
case of this kind right -In" our
midst? ThinU well boforo you
cast your lot on tho sido of what
somo people call might. But
carry this problem homo to your
self, and seo if you would like
your neighbor to crush you out,
just because ho thought ho could
Aud in viow of all that is
beforoyou in tho present trouble
trying to bo cast upon us, aud
answer tho auostion: "Does
might make right?"
4 If Homingford has no placo in
this vast universe, and hor peoplo-are
asking moro than thoir
sharo of your patronage, then,
and only then, join tho other
side, and bo placed on tho roll of
might against right. But, if on
tho other hand, you are for what
is right, cast your lot with ns,
and time will solvo your answer.
Wo are asking for nothing but!
what is right iu every senso of
tho term. Wo aro asking for
nothing that rightly belongs
our noignoors. wo oenovo m
neighbors. Wo believe
"livo and lot livo," and wo believe
that tho decalogue has some placo
in tho history of all civilized com
munities, and vb arpw.1 to all
fair peoplo to think carefully and
honestly on. tho present situation
Tlfo Allianco Guido is0f"flio
opinion thattho peoplo of Hem-
'Ingford, and especially TheHeu-
Ald, aro excited over tho county
seat question. When a sot of
men band together to crush our
homos into the earth, rogardloss
of tho cost to us, it is high timo
wo got excited. fi?ho peoplo hero
aro not as anxious as thoy should
bo. It is a wrong idea to think
that a few men can take caro of
this mutter as it should be done.
Every property owner and citi
zen, not only yf Homingford and
vicinity, but of tho wholo county,
should appoint himself a commit
tee of ono to opposo tho reloca
tion of tho county soat, and tho
exorbitant oxponso which must
necessarily follow such an action.
Tho Allianco men aro not sleep
ing; thoy aro at work, and good,
hard, honest, earnest labor must
bo dono to defeat them. The
Herald firmly believes that a
removal of tho county seat not
only means destruction to Hom
ingford. but it means diro disas
ter to every honest man, who
pays his taxes, in tho county.
Let us givo Mr. Paradis good
cause to think wo aro truly ox
cited, Alliance will find in her tussle
with Hemingford over the county
seat removal that tho latter has a
great many more friends than sho
counted on, and will also learn
that tho B. & M, will not back
Alliance in tho effort; that Mike
in tho contest. Crawford Tribune.
J An Allianco papor stated last
I week that "this tax business is a
scarO'Crow; don't bo afraid of it."
While looking over tho records
in tho county treasurer's office
wo noticed that a republican edi
tor in that little "garden of Eden"
owes 7 years taxes. Tho tax
! question apparently never gave
j him any trouble. Mr. Editor, if
I ypu can't pay, don't pluy.
Tho Allinnco coitiTseat boom-
oi-8 hold out as nn nrgUmont'tfutt
thoy ought to havo till) Colwitv
seat, that their poopkiVo tlio
majority of tho cour't&J rnd
consequently should havo- the
court house at homo. This is a
groat inducement for tho farmer,
How his heart must blood for tho
P001' lawyers, aud tho rounders,
thieves, thugs and harlots that
mako up tho bulk of tho criminal
docket, and forco upon tho county
tho heaviest burden tho taxpay
ers havo to boar. If Alliance
woro not so tough a placo thoy
would not ovorlaslingly havo to
bo in court. Yog, 'twould bo a
glorious idea for tho farmors to
build a $20,000 court houso in
f Alliance for tho benefit of this
chiss of peoplo. If anyono has
an itlea thnt Allianco paj's her
slaro of this burden wo would
uuvisu mum w uioic up mo ue-
linquont tax Ijst
for tho city of
Tho Allianco papers do not and
cannot produce ono word of log
ical argument on tho county seat
Xja.vn pHorxninsfa.
J. J, IJutscu
reports trnjla quite
Dancing parties are all the rage In
this neiKhboiliood.
J. II. Johnson took a buslne&p trip
to Marsland Tucsdny.
Tiio school of districts fifty-six and
twenty have ,eoiisollduted, for the
timo bulii.
Allen Walrod of Homingford wuu
In this vicinity on business tho first
of tho week. '
J. M. Trout was out rounding up
his horses, preparatory to getting
tliem pastured for tho winter,
Job Whipple of Allianco will oc
cupy tho Bildomoyor residence this
week and oxpocU to bu!ll o.i his own
property In tue spring. Thus Alli
ance loses ono mure vote.
Berea Sorapliags.
Young People's literary every But
urduy night.
W. T. Johnson is building an addi
tion to his houso this fall.
Roadmuster D. O. Molntyro Is going
to have a work train on his division
this winter.
Martin Logan had the misfortune
to get thrown from his hor,e Monday
night, receiving a badly bruised hip.
Robert Garrett and son, Frank, are
hnuliDg baled hay to Reno for ship
ment. It's a cold duy when Rob
can't find something to do.
Mrs. Mai tin Logan intends to visit
with her sister, who lives near Albion,
Buono county, this state. Mrs. Logan
expects to tnuke a protracted visit.
Sox Quito Bulletin,
Mr. V7. Parker of Alliance Is help
ing Mr. Rrltou butcher his winter
supply of meat.
Ben Johnson and Miss Miller were
Rox Butte visitors Tuesday evening.
A lady from Hay Springs, whoso
name we wore unablo to learn, Is vis
iting Mis. Ida Ross.
Mr. Hughes, who left Box Butte
for Clay county, writes that he win
be back next spring, accompanied by
several ot his Clay county neighbors.
There will be quarterly meeting
services at Clark Chapel December 22,
at 10:30 a. m.
Mr. Joseph Manloo bought 100
busheli of outa on the ''Rldgc," and
is hauling them home this week.
Box Butte voters say that they
want tho county sent to reni'iln where
It now is.
The Jlteiary Tuesday evening was
well attended. The subject for de
butes December 17 Is: "Resolved That
the Initiative und Referendum Would
De a Benefit to the American People."
1805 finds the genuine Round Oak
with greater sales than any year gone
by, and the number pf Imitations bus
become a multitude. See it nod. learn
the reason why. Vur sale ai Uhtlg'a.
C', hasty examination of tho
county records discloses thefact
that tiioro two at tho prcs8n timo
93,000 of outstanding county war
rants, and also that tho delin
quent tax list of tho city of Alli
anco amounts to 0,600. Th fact
that tho largo majority of thio
dolinquonoy is owed b&the prom
inent business lnen-'of'tko 'placo
suggests tho idea that if thoy
Woiud rustle one-half as hard to
pay? tho county what thoy owo It
instead, of trying to plungo tho
honest taxpayox-s deeper into
debt, thoy would be moro worthy
to bo called tho pvogrOsslvo citi
zens, which thoy assunio to bo.
Tho statomont as to tho above
facts can easily bo demonstrated
by looking Ovor tho records. It
is not necessary that anyono in
terested should tako our word
for it. Wo havo, however, a full
list in this oftlco, and aro ready
to publish names and amounts if
any of tho county sfcat agitators
aro disposed to deny what wo
have said.
1 ' i
Edwin Fonnor, the young man
who wont from Allianco to Now
Orleans with a car of horses, for
Joseph Kiino, and wbo was found
in tin insane condition at Merid
ian, Miss., was taken to the
asylum at Norfolk Monday night
by Sheriff E. A. Hall, assisted
by Deputy W. J. Eai'nest.
Ho loft Alliauce about a month
ago. Tho trip to 5KTov Orloans
vriMjlmudG In. safofy, arid b
started for f home by himself, Mr.
Kirao fpmainlng Jo disp6so of his
stock. A few days after Fonnor's
departure Mr. Kimo received a
message from the authorities at
Meridian, Miss., stating that thoy
had in charge a man named Fen
ner, who "was out of bis mind.
Ho was identified by tho. stock
man's pass ho had in his posses
sion. Mr. Kimo went at onco to
Meridian, where ho took charge
of tho unfortunato young man
and brought him back to Alli
ance. Ho was declared insano
by the county board, and brought
to this city for temporary doton
tion, until a placo could ho pre
pared for him in the Norfolk
asylum, and Sheriff Hall left, at
onco with his man upon receipt
of tho message from the Norfolk;
Calvin J. Wildy
New Qc ods
Low Prices
Quick salos is our motto-. Wo
aro now showing a hotter line of
goods than ever before, and wu
would call particular attention to
our now lino of Mens' and Boys'
Clothing, and Ladies' Cloaks and
Capes, on which wo nre"jnaking
very low prices. Wo aro 'not .sell
ing ont any old, bankrupt stock,
but we aro soiling cheaper, quality
considered, than anyone else. Wo
buy for cash, and sell for cash, or
exchange for produce. Wo are tho
oldest firm in the county. Ou1'
reputation is merited by our largo
increase of patronage, to hom
wo feel grateful, and for whfe'h wo
warrant a continuance of square
dealing, and a saving of money by
staying with tho undorsigucd
humble servant.
Your Truly,