Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, November 29, 1895, Image 7

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Woman's Wit.
Somethtnsr About Morphine, Sulpliur,
Mnltusra and Other Tliln:.
from tho Evf nlrg Notr Newark, K. J.
Amour tlio popular society lcade- iEas
Orango, N J., Emma J. Stoll.rt i.-nnlng
young maiilr-n. stands in tho foremost rank.
Kite is of a lovable disposition and tho light
of tho social set iu which alio moves. For
two years she has been a sk-1: girl from in
ternal troubles peculiar to women, and liar
lug recently recovered, has given our
reporter tho following interesting account:
"InBtcud of improving under tho caro of
my physician I becamo worse. For llvo
weeks 1 vns ut-vble to get out of bed nnd
nbout six O'clock each morning I suffered
horribly. My lips were noro nnd lacerated
from tho rnni-Ks of my teeth, frr in my efforts
to keep from screaming I sunk my troth
deep into my lips. At such times I rolled
nnd tossed until tho bed shook likocnaspcu
leaf and it finally got so serious that tho
doctor I won't tell you his name gavo mo
porno morphine pills to take. The very
thought of them How uinkes mo shiver.
These morphino pills simply put mo to sleep
for awhile and when 1 becamo conscious
n pa in my agony was rcnowed.
"Tho rain in my stomach and back was
moro than I could stand. 'Your blood is
poor.'said tho doctor, 'takosulphur mid mo
lasses, nnd 1 did until it was a great won
der that I was not a molasses cake. It was
tir.io wasted iu taking it bceauso I was not
benefited in tho least; my suffering con
tinued, but by n mighty effort after being in
bed so long. 1 got up. Oh, but I was a sad
Bight then. From 112 pounds I had fallen
to ninoty ; my checks vcro palo and sunken
and I limped; yes, actually hobbled from
tho extreme pain in inv sldo Then I read
of Dr. Williams' Pink tills for Palo Pcoplo
nnd the testimonials in the News inspired
me with hope. I got tho pills nnd took
them. Before many days I began to im
prove and before I had llnUhcd ono box I
felt as if I cmld go out and walk for miles.
I toon stopped limping and through tho
Pink Pills 1 soon bid goedbyo to my head
cches while, tho pain in my stoimch nnd
back slowly but surely succumbed to tlia
influence of theso pills that seem to bo able
to pcrsuado ull pain to leave one's body.
Now I am as I used to bo; well and strong,
llghthcartcd and merry but nover without
tho pills. Seo I havo got some of them
now," and from a nearby desk sho handed
out ono of tho bjxes.
Dr. Williams' Pick Pills contain, in a con
dosed form, all tho dements necessary to
givo now lifo and richness to tho blood and
restore shattered ncrve3. They arc also a
specific for troubles peculiar to females,
such us suppressions, irregularities, and all
forms of weakness. They build up tho
blood, and restore thoglowof health to palo
nnd sallow checks In men thoy effect a
radical euro in all cases arising from mental
worry over-w ork, or excesses of whatovor
nature. Pink Pills are sold in boxcs(novcr
In looso bulk) at GO cents a box or six boxes
for 2.&0, nnd may bo had of all druggists,
or direct by mail from Dr. Williams Mcdl
ciao Comuanv. Schenectadv. N. Y.
A quaint littlo costumo for a child of
four years is made of white cashmere.
Tho skirt Is plain, save for three bands
of satin ribbon. The waist is close
fitting, and n yoke is outlined by rib
bon bands matching tho skirt. From
shoulder to elbows the sleeves are
trimmed with tho ribbon. Over tho
sleeve tops and across the front and
back is sot a very deep fall of open
work embroidery or Irish point lace.
A bow of ribbon on either shoulder and
a ribbon ash ore worn with it.
A child ot five years has a dress with
skirt made of cambric elaborately em
broidered. Tho waist Is gathered Into
a yoke and belt, tho sleeves are full
puffs to the elbows with wide ruffles
of embroidery below An Eton Jacket
of velvet and a very wide velvet saah
tied with long loops and ends, make an
appropriate and dressy finish.
A dainty dress for a doll has a vel
vet -petticoat and silk skirt with an
embroidered edge. Tho waist of silk
Is close-fitting, and an Eton Jacket of
velvet is worn with It. Tho sleeves are
largo and havo close baifds at tho
wrists. A sailor hat with a wing is set
on over the yellow curls.
A bonnet for a little girl is mado
with the crown of solid embroidery.
Tho brim is of openwork embroidery
and lace, and is sllgatly plaited over
the top and falls almost straight down
either sldo of tho front. Ribbon strings
are tied in a bow under tho chin.
A hat Tor a tiny girl is made of plalt
Ings of taffeta set one over another to
form a brim. The crown has an up
Tight trimming of the plaiting and
there aro very large bows on either
A drpss for a tiny girl is made of
crepon In accordion plaits from the
yoko to the feet. Tho sleeves are very
large puffs from shoulders to elbows,
with fitted bands and a rufllo of em
broidery below. A collar of embroidery
extends far out over the sleeves and In
finished at tho neck with a ruching of
plaited ribbon.
A dres3 suit for a small boy is made
of -velvet. Tho knee trousuS and coat
nro of this material. Tho vest is of
white satin or silk, nnd there aro em
broidered turned-over collar and cuffj
of lino cambric.
Wear a clean apron whllo lrbning or
To clean bamboo furniture use a
brush dipped In salt water.
Theeyesshouldbe bathed every night
in cold water Just before retiring, and
ther 'Will do better work the followlnc
When very tired Uo on the back, al
lowing every muscle to relax, letting
tho hands go any way they will, and
keep the ejes closed.
Oil Btalna may be removed from wall
paper by applying for four hours pipo
clay, powdered nnd mixed with water
to tho thickness of cream.
If you 'have to cew all day, change
your scat occasionally, and so obtain
rest. Bathing the faco and hands will
also stimulate and refresh.
For stains in matting from grease,
wet the spot with alcohol, then rub on
white castile soap. Let this dry in a
cake and then wash off with warm salt
Where It is desirable to seo the
tongue of a very small child tho object
may be accomplished by touching the
upper lip with a bit of sweet oil, which
will cause the child to protnide Its
A San FrancUco Olrl Mnrrletl to a Man
Elm Did Knt Ixitp.
A complaint filed with tho county
clerk lh San Franolsoo furnishes evi
dence that somo men havo peculiar no
tions as to what constitutes a Joko. In
this caso tho funny man stnndB an ex
cellent chanco ot bolng soundly casti
gated by Borne malo relative of his vic
tim, who Is a young lady whom tho
Joklst tricked Into a m'nrrlage. MIsb
Inez Mercer, a young Now York girl,
was traveling through Oregon in Mny
last with her parents. Tho Journey
was of tho dawdling variety, tho tour
IstB having means and time at their dis
posal, and a rather lengthy stay was
mado at Portland. Thoro Miss Morccr's
I talent ns an amateur actress becamo
', known and somo socloty people Induced
tho young New Yorker to take part In
a play which was to bo performed In
1 aid of charity. Tho affair was placed
In tho hands of ono It. B. -Vcstc.ott, who
! hod exporionco in somo matters, nnd
during rehearsals which preceded tho
, performance it was noticed by other
' members of tho company that ho paid
a great deal of attention to Mes Mcr
i cer. Tho young lady neither encour
' aged nor repelled, feeling no interest
j wh.-.tcver in tho man. After tho stnnd
' ard play, which formed tho greater part
of tho evening's entertainment, had
I been performed the performance con
cluded with a farco, which was espc
' daily written and produced, for the oc
! caslon by Weatcott. In that farco a
marriago ceremony was to take place
between tho hero and heroine, playeu
by Westcott and Miss Mercer, respec-
tlvely. So, under the Impression that j
tho vliclo affair was purely fTcical.Misa
Mereer wtnt through the marriage cerc-
I mony on tho Btago with Westcott. This
I occurred on May 24 last and on Sept.
15 Miss Mercer learned for tho first
tlmo that it was no farce, but a genu
ine, binding' ceremony that took place
between herself nnd Wcctcott. Tho lat
ter had a marriago license in his insldo
pocket and tho nuptial knot wns tied
by no amateur actor, but by a real llvo
clergyman engaged for tho purpose. On
learning tho facts In the caso Miss Mer
cer's parents at once took stops to annul
the mairlage, tho first step being the
filing of complaint with tho county
clerk at San Ernncisco, where Westcott
at present resides. Tho latter affects
still to regard the whole affair as a Joke
and Bays he will tnterposo no objection
to tho annulment. Miss Mercer's broth
er, an athleto of somo renown In his
circle, says little about tho nffair be
yond expressing a deep conviction that
should ho ever meet Mr. Westcott tho
latter will bo likely to hear and feel
something to his disadvantage.
In Utuli There Is nn Artificial T.ako
with WnYB Like thn Ocean.
Out in southwestern Utah thero Is an
irrigating reservoir covering so largo
an area, in the open sandy desert that
tho wind has a sweep sufficient to raise
waves five or six feet high. About eight
miles ot the border of this reservoir is
an artificial bank, nnd unless a method
of keeping the waves oft thl3 bank
wore adopted the owners of tho prop
erty would somo day find that most of
the stored water had escaped through
a crevasse.
To provide the necessary protection
an inexpensive breakwater was con
structed, which was recently described
1 by W. P. Hardcsty in an article on tho
Swan Lane works, of which the reser
voir is a part Tho inside slope of the
banks is ono foot rise in a horizontal
dlstanco of fivo feet, and tho faco is
protected by cobble-stone In some places
and by wIIIowb in others, the latter giv
ing tho liest results. They were ob
tained early In tho spring nnd fall,
when they will sprout A square trench
is made In the bank down to the high
water mark, and the butts of the wil
lows laid In it Dirt Is then thrown
over tho butts and rocks luid over tho
projecting ends. ThiB hn3 been found
to make a fair temporary protection,
and tho cuttings begin to grow imme
diately, reaching a height of four or
flvo loot during tho first year. This
protects tho bank from ordinary waves,
but to keep tho unusually high ones
from It, which aro pretty sure to cause
damage, a floating breakwater is em
ployed. 'This wa3 constructed by first
driving a dine of piles into tbo reservoir
about fifteen feet from the too of the
bank. They were driven from twt-nty
to iwenty-flve feet apart, and a row
of cedur logs about twelvo inches
in diameter was strung along on
to? of tho water between them.
The end& of tho logs aro fastened
together with chains, and the
logs are fastened to tho pile3 in such a
way that they rise and fall with the
waves. This boom has been found to
break tho force of tho waves qulto ef
fectually. Tho fastenings to the piles
are sometlmen broken loore in Btormn,
and to protect tho bank in such cases
a simple plan has been adopted. A
wiro about the iizo of a telegraph wlro
is strung at Intervals from tho piles to
tho bank. A loop .or rider of wire Is
then passed over the first Hue and fast
ened firmly to out) of tho logs In the
boom. Iu caso the log breaks loose It
is guided by tho wires straight to tho
ehoro and still offer somo protection
to the bank-
Quulltr. Sat Finer.
Said A, "Whene'er I stand between
Thi letters B and D.
I'm In the midst of all that'fl BaD,
I As you may plainly sec."
"How strange'." said merry, laughing EL
"When I between them am,
I'm tucked up comfortably In BeD,
And happy as a clam."
"It's quality within ourselves,"
Then mused tho letter A,
"And not tho place wo occupy,
That makes us sad or gay,"
Education is an acquired habit.
Highest of all in Leavening Powcr.-
PHSs Powder
Dmicor From Dint.
The Italian physicians who have
been making a study of tho component
parts of the street dust of Turin, ono
of the cleanest cities iu Europe, by the
way. report that the germs of almost
every dlsense known to science are dis
covered. On tho eundles exposed for
sale in the streets, nnd on tho surface
of food sold In the open air, thoy found
tho germs of tuberculosis, anthrax nnd
hnlf a scoro -of other maladies. Noth
ing can bo really safe to enl if thoro is
danger in dirt. The wax fruit that is
kept in glass eases is probably as un
healthy ns nuythlng that is oflcrcd for
low's ThUl
We offcr One Hundred Dollars reward
for nny ense of Catarrh that cannot bo
cured by Hall's fntnrrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO , Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, anil be
HcVo him perfectly honorable In nil
business transactions, and financially
nble to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internnl
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system. Testi
monials sent free. Price. 75c per bottle.
Sold by alt druggists.
Hall's Family Pills. ISc.
1'arm values in England are much de
preciated through tho low price of pro
duce, and innny holders of estates aro
disposing of their property, not infre
quently at unction sales. An estate- of
1,200 acres located near Winchester sold
recently nt a prico equal to ST5.78 per
acre, 2,701 acres nnd mansion located
on the Hiver ltulc have changed hands
at S71. 15 per acre. An auctioneer has
just sold under the hammer 130 acres
at Weston, Notts, in small parcels for
3.704, equal to SH2 per ncic, a prop
erty which twentv years ago cost 10,
000. A Child L'njoys
Tho pleasant flavor, gcutlo action and
soothing effects of Syrup of Figs, when in
need of a laxative, and if tho father or
mother bo costlvo or bilious, tho most
gratifying results follow Us use; so that It
is tho best family remedy known, and every
family should havo a bottle on baud.
Uy niul by Mnrlboroii i h will ro to
Dunraven nnd o will Le nt rest.
Knnulnr; Double Capacity.
In the year lf.04 the Do Kilb Fence
Co. of De Kalb, 111., doubled tho ca
pacity for producing thoir Hnea over
1893, which gave them nn output of
20 miles per day. Tho demnnd for their
goods has been bo great tho past sea
son, that in order to be nblo to supply
their trade, they have been compelled
this year to double tho capacity of 1894,
which now glvea them an output of 40
miles per day.
This in itself speaks well for their
product and merits tho attention and 1
inspection of our readers, and nil that
are in need of smooth wlro fencing of l
nny hind, and it will bo to your inter-
est to write for their catalogue which
describes in detail their goods, com
prising tho largest nnd moBt completo '
lines of smooth wiro fencing now pro- .
duccd by any om plant in tho country.
Seo their ad la another column oi una
bhe 1 nm hnddeht when 1 iu;j. He so
aro the neighbors.
Tho Funny rnn Lulu VuIIpj
FOU SALK The best Improved
ItanchP (farm) In Southern Colorado.
320 acres. Address F. P. Baker, To
peka, Ka3., or N. II. Dakcr, Alamosa,
Drcatnsof weitlth don't como truo ns
oitcu s -work lor it doos.
An ICnlRinntlciil lll'.l or t'nre
For a3mner served on tho dining cars
of the t'lilcago, Mil'viiukeo fc St. Punl
Railway will be sent to any address on
receipt -of n two-cent postugo stump.
Apply to Georgo Ii. lleaford, general
passenger agent, Old Colony building,
Chicago, 111.
AtiRtrolia has n population of less than
r,000,(XiO. but o onomiHtH do -laro it tould
supirt 1 00,10 J.000 with oaso.
Coi' fougli Hulantn .
I tlrrildt uuU Ih'U It will break up a Cold quirk
erihin unit Line el4C ItlaulwayamlablH. Trytu
Solf-riglitiouhUCMi h ns bnrd to curo ns
"Hr.mon' m&gla Corn Oalvs."
Warranted Iu mie or mor.ey rafundeJ. At yojr
dnitfci.t lor It. l'rkt Uteiit.
Wltatot er lovo undcrtul.es to do it does
Billiard tnb'e, ne ond-hautl. for fcalo
clictjp. Ari'ly to or ndiiresH, H. C. Amv,
til K. j'.th St.. Omaha. 'o.t.
i Grace kf
There's a difference between being full of thanks
giving, and being full of Thanksgiving dainties..
But the one thing generally leads to the other. How
can it be helped when the turkey is so good, and the
pie so enticing? Here's a helpful hint. For that
full feeling after Thanksgiving take a pill. Not
any pill, mind you. There are pills that won't help
you. Take the pill that will. It's known-as Ayer's
Pill and it's perfect. It is sugar-coated, pleasant
to the palate, and its operation, like that of nature,
is effective and without violence. Keep this in your
mind if you want to enjoy the holiday season:
Grace before meat, but a PHI after Pie.
Latcst U.S. Gov't Report
Sntnrte of Hull l'lKlitorx.
Spanish bull fitjhtcrs got salaries as
largo as those of exceptionally great
mtorS. "First swords," like Marunn
tani or Guorrlta. nro among tho richest
men In Spain, tluerrltn, whoisnotyet
30, enrns tin Income which is nover los
than S40.000 in one year, nnd owns near
Cudlr, a villa nnd park, where in tho
winter ho entertains his friends with
lavish hospitality. Mnxznntlnl Iibh
$100,000 invested, anil It Is n bad year
when he does not enrnSfiO.OOO. Hovorte
once, after a triumphant corrida in San
Sebnstlcn, lighted a clgnrotto with a
spill rolled out of a French bank note
for 1.000 francs, to show his contempt
for money in gencr.il, and French
money iu particular.
Tnlnct YVttneitM-ii.
Thoro nro knaves now and thou met with
who toprusunt certain local bitters and pol
Hinou.s htimull lis Itiouttcnl with or possuhs
ln liroixjrtle nl;!7i to tiinsa of llojtuttor's
btomtich lllttcro. Thcso tctitiis only suc
reon In foltlun tliilr truhy roinpoiiiKiH
uponiicoplo uimrnunintod with tho scnu
inv in tide, will h U iismticli their oppdillo
lis any Is lonipht k ntul tlvUono suiisU
tiilo for tht grand remedy for mnlurlu. dyn
pepsin, cousiluatlon, rhuumatlim and kid
ney trouble.
Sooner or Inter j ride i louud to step on
FITS -A1IFltDtorrMl rrrrhyttr.rcilnr'KOrrnt
fi'rm Jieistorrr. J.nHtKn rtinim-Miin.Vninc
jlnrv. loucurr. TnatlvciinlO-trial l)!ll"liriti
HI nut.. bjUiHoDr.Kll!H,KIlAlclibl.,l'Ula.,ra.
When wo glo grudgingly wo do not give
at n'l.
1 1 ellovo I'lso's Curo
for Consumption
mmimcr. Mrs. K.
raved tnv bov's lifo last
C. JIOti.TON, Xcedhnm, MnsH., Oct. S2, 'IM,
All tho lots on n yacht rnto nronotp'aced
on tho htnku t out.
It tho llnby is Cuttliirr Tcotn.
! So (tiro ami lire that ul J and veil ttlod ifmodr, Una.
3!nur ncon'o fail bv not tnukln: a cood
Iluny Influence romblnn tn rctl'irn liriiltli
to ilrj danger tmlt T ii ruvlrlni troti'Mo oX
renter's Gliuo Tonlo bos.t uvuiojiuu tbvU Ills.
Labor is diudj;ery only when wo do not
put heart in our worl..
Kvcryone knniv hotv It I" to
auGcr wll.i curiia, and thojr mo n it cuntlutlro to
k'rdceful walkl,itr Itomorotti m with liUdorcurna.
Tho imyortnnt thing is not hotv long wo
nro going to live, but how.
Do You Specnlntn?
Then trend for our Look, "How to B?ocu
Into Bucresslully on Limited Unreins in
(irnin nnd Stock Markets." Mailed free.
ConiHtock, Htplics & Company. Hlato
Uui ding, thlcajo, III.
llumrerdlnk has written au otrcra.
namo probacy Buggostod tho plot.
Is a prise fighter
It knocks out in
. - .
WT lneM
"52 Times n Year." Subscription, SI. 75.
The Volume of The Companion for 1890 the 70th' year of its publication will give weekly entertainment nni
instruction in abundance for every member of the family.
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K IJcsl l'uubIi Ujruis Vsttn uuiai. UiorjS
Pc In tlmo. Holil by druggists. Igj '
oeoae88oHD cooa$e$
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"l t-UKil." X
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s u n n 0 0 m on ft
Z1 ':rMIiyIl:r:;
vrmiimfMtumooinplU lln of Kniootlt Wr nclnir nd rrante trtlcl to U tn rtpr
tented )!oucvulderquil!x w t n tar jou uoajr. Caulu(u (iru.
De Kalb Fence
Tho groat succoss of tho chocolato preparations of
tho houso of Walter Baker & Co. (established
In 1780) has led
many misleading
of their name, labels, and wrappers. Walter
Baker & Co. are the oldest and largest manu
facturers of pure and high-grado Cocoas and
Chocolates on this continent. No chemicals are
used in their manufactures.
Consumers should ask for, and be sure that
they get, the genuine Walter Baker & Co.'s goods.
IS mm
WALTER BAKER & CO., Limited,
Tim AKtWOTOU CO. doo tolf th -worM'S
7tmlmlll biMimm, twranta u Um tMumJ tin con st
ttinriroworto iuwt:ui:M.t niina mar branch
uonsne, nini kuppilrjt IU E"l ftnrl irpcirs
atjouruoor limn unanwM f.irmma
, ix-iitr ai nan tar irxa tnonf ;iiin
ftllirm. It iaUifB r-umMmr amt
Uvarrtl, ntfrl. ntlr-uiued ullnr.
Ooinnlellml Windmill", Tlltlns
XlxiMl Mff 1 Tern rm. Kf t Ifti .Hi w
I"rraPS. RirM l"rd fuller ami rent
(Irlndeia. Oimpl'llrHtluMltTiiM nimntm
ot Uicno Article 1ML It will fnnil.h until
ttMiOMT 1st nt fA Urn DMitl rrlcf. It alio tnxkea
Tanks end rumps nt till klnda. Bond tor eaiAkwo.
Factory t Ulh, Rockwell red Klllcacre Strait, csiaio.
hair bal8am
Olrtrtrt awl Wutllln u ttlf.
l'rutnotel a lturumtit (trollh.
MtiTr Palla to Hntcv Oray
Hair to lt Youthful Color;
who .iii iuT.tr. n umiw laiiuir,
lc,nd 1 Ul f)ni;ti' I
RAVI lnn! Krutt I'ltla VonttWaly rvtoovn
ul all trnt!uN'ltio, (Mm lmlrcau 1'ilee,
11.00. OaTl Mfrtieal Co , II DcarUim Btriet. Uirrttco,
.f( ,
Tb Lul Oood lami to tir had la Uo "Cro Ililt"
at Law I'rltl.
ForlNKOUJIATION rcKonllnjr lanil In Unrry Vo
ft. V. M1HHOVKI, writo to CUrr (Iru A.
I'l'RDT. I'lerco Utj, Mo.i 3 Q. UAUtoTT, t'nnlr, Ho.i
T H. Vliocr, Catlll, Ma, or 1 U. SI&Wivauuj
HAS Monadnuclc HUff., Clikasv, 111.
- - e9a
tim ilitr jtut."
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tH& Family.
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week's Issue amusement and education
in the Serial and Short Stories, in its
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