Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, November 29, 1895, Image 6

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    night he-
glvlngl And how
It snows!"
Matthew Tor
rance slipped
the little cabin
window back over Us channeled
grooves. Tho prospdet of turbid green
ish waves below, and whltq, fast-railing
wlldcmosscs of snow obscuring tho at
mosphere above was scarcely so enliv
ening nB tho cheery coal flro within, and
tho lamp swinging roftly from tho low,
arched roof.
Tho Falling Leaf she was only a lit
tle Balling vessel, hound to tho bleak
shores of Molno from a Sicilian port
was within a day'a sail of homo, and
her two passengers, long exiled from
tho rocky coast of their nativity, wore
nlono togathcr, trying to realize that
their Journoy'6 end was so near.
Matthew Torranco wnlkcd up and
down tho warm cabin with folded arms
and downcast eyes, whoso lambent flro
contrasted strangely with the streaks of
llvor In his luxuriant black hair. Sud
denly .ho paused, and turnod nbruptly
to tho old man who sat directly under
neath tho clrclo of light thrown by tho
swinging lamp.
"What aro you reading, Mr. Hayes?"
Tho old gontlonv.n looked up with n
tran&ill smile.
"Tho book I read oftonc3t, Mr. Tor
rance tho book that nnswers to ovory
want' and niood of my nature."
"Ob, tho Bible. Can can you find tho
parablo of tho Prodigal Son?"
"It scorns as if I should llko to hear
that to-nlgbt."
Samuel Hayc.3 turned to tho placo
nnd softly read aloud tho sweet old 131
blo story. As his volco died away Tor
ranco drow a deep, long sigh.
"I onpposo that parablo Is meant to
Illustrate God'a patience and long suf
fering?" lUndoubtedly."
"Ah! but that prodigal son only
spent his substnnco and wasted his llfo
foolishly. Ho was not beyond the palo
of forgiveness."
,Thy old minister pushed his spec
tacles up on his forohcad.
'"What do you moan?"
Matthew Torranco stopped In front of
tho tablo,
"I had a frlond once a near and dear
friend, who well, ho had his faults, I
wonAt-dony that. Ho was a wild, pas
slonato follow, but there woro good
points about him, too. Ho had a twin
brother, and one day, in a sudden gust
of rage thero was plenty of provoca
tion, for both loved tho samo girl, nnd
shq was a heartless coquette ho raised
his hand against this brother, and"
"And murdered him! killed him!
Struck him down as Cain struck Abel.
Then he fled tho country, and has nover
been heard of since. But, if I know my
friend's nature, ho has repented it long
and bitterly since repented It with an
anguish of despnlr that 13 past description.!-'
Now tell mo, Mr. Hayes, is thero
mercy and forgiveness for such as he?"
" 'Though your sins bo as Bcnrlot they
shall bo white as snow! though they
bo rod llko crimson, they shall bo white
as wool! softly repeated tho old cler
gyman. - "Yes," replied Matthow; "but such a
sin! My God! Cain bora tho accursed
mark of murder to bis grave!"
Iri2i HB
-3S&?l u rsi f o r o
Tho Pride of the Farm "How now, Monsieur Reynard! Are you taking
chickens, when your preference for turkey la so well known? I consider that
personal slight!"
wafHM iiiWIWWWiWj(WM'J'iiMttiHl'iiy '" 1IWPJI'WW'WI "W I HMHff
"Thero Is forgiveness tor all within
tho limits of lnftnlto lovo!"
Matthow Torranco resumed his walk
and said no more; and through tho tem
pest and dnrknosa of tho November
night tho llttlo Falling Leaf plodded on
towards tho beacon lights that stnrred
tho far-off, rock-bound coast of Maine
And when tho lurid light of dawn flut
tered Us sullon banners athwart tho
east Ihey ran merrily Into port, "with
snow-covorcd rigging and bulwarks
ridged with royal ermine.
Matthow Torranco was homo again
after twenty long yearB of cxllo and
"It's a perilous business," said Mat
thew to himself, "but I can't enduro it
any longer. I nm changed In ovcry re
spect; my own mother would sacrcoly
know mo now; nnd I must brcatho In
tho air of homo onco moro or I shall
Matthow plodded up tho hill whero
the hazol copses grow, and tho dead
leaves rustled softly In the hollows un
der tho road. Half-way up tho hill a llt
tlo church nestled among tho low-growing
pines nnd sprucos, with whlto
gleaming stones sloping down tho de
scent behind, Matthow Torranco
turnod away his head with a shudder.
"Ho lies burled there," he murmured,
with a faco that was paler than nshoa;
"he, tho fnlr-halred brother Paul, that
was almost llko a portion of myeclf, tho
brother that I murdorcd. Oh, God! tho
years of anguish and remorso that I
have endured might almost have atoned
for It, and yet yet why did I r6turn
to re-open tho old wounds? Shall I turn
back oven now? It Ib not yet too late."
Ho stood a moment Irresolute.
"No I will go on I will tako one
peep Into tho old window whero tho
cinnamon roses grow tho window of
tho keeping-room and then I will go
forth onco moro Into my cr.l!o and soli
tude. Alas! It Is a hard punishment to
enduro for ono act of heedless passion
a hard, hard punishment and yot I
must bear It to tho blttor end."
"Shall I light tho candlss, Uncle
"What for, child? Isn't a Bight picas
antcr to sit hero by tho blazo of these
hickory logs? What do you say.
Mrs. Torranco started.
"I I don't know; what was It you
asked mo, Ebcnezor? I was thinking
about something else."
Sho was a mild-faced matron, with
lorgo hazel eyes, onco bright as jewels,
but now dim with many tears a ma
tron whoso silver hair lay In shining
bnnds over n furrowed brow, and Eben
czer, a bowed down old raau, sitting
opposlto in hlB easy-chair, had some
thing of tho samo troublo In his face.
But Clara Willis, kneeling on tho rug
botween them, with her bright face
turned to tho flro, was lovely enough
to redeem tho darker shadows. Bluo
oyed, with hair of reddish brown, lit up
with golden gleams, cheeks velvet red
and dimpled, nnd lips llko cut coral,
you never would havo believed that
Clara had passed her thirty-sixth year.
Thoro nro somo faces to which caprici
ous Nature has granted tho boon of
perennial youth, and Clara's was ono of
"Well, Just ns you please, uncle," said
Clara, straightening the folds of the
ruffled whlto apron that sho woro. "Sup.
per la all ready."
Sho locked around with a glance of
housewifely prldo at tho daintily gar-
KawBreawMiiiw m nimi m hum
nlihod tablo that was spread In the can
tor of tho apartment. It was a vory
old-fnshlonod room, with a home-mftdo
carpet, and curtains trimmed with
knotted fringe, while tho window coats
woro full of thrifty geraniums and
petunias. A tall clook In tho corner
ticked monotonously, and tho brass can
dlesticks gleamed from tho mantel as
brightly as if thoy had been fashioned
out of gold,
"A quarter past flvo," said Ehonescr
Torranco, adjusting his Iron spectacles
to glance at tho clock. "I don't sco
what koops that boy so. Clara. I 'most
wish you could havo mado up your
mind to marry him, and then wo
shouldn't ha' had him chasing down to
Squlro Doan'o after Margaret half tho
tlmo. There, child, you needn't turn so
palo I'm not In earnest."
Mrs. Torranco put out her motherly
hand to smooth Clara's golden hair, as
tho fair woman shrank na from a blow.
"Clara, Clara, It wasn't your fault."
"But It was my fault, Aunt Miriam
It was my fault. Do I not know whoro
your thoughts hnvo boon nil this day,
when other mothers havo tholr happy
families gathered around thorn? Oh,
Aunt Miriam, If I could only have died
At this momont, whllo tho firelight
was filling tho homoly room with such
a glow and fulness of ruddy llfo, Mat
thew Torranco was slowly tolling up
tho road, In tho chill gloom of tho fast
(inrKcmng night. As ho paused a mo
ment to rest agnlnst tho gnarled trunk
of a deformed willow, where ho had
mnny and many a tlmo played as a boy,
a tall, straight ilguro passed him, strid
ing Bwiftly along and whistling an old
fashioned air. As It passed, Matthow
shrank back as If a sword had pierced
his heart.
"Ho used to whlstlo that tune. I havo
not heard it in twenty years before"
So Matthow tolled on.
Thero It wns tho old familiar light in
tho old familiar window", gleaming out
like a star.
Torrance hesitated.
"Am I right in presainc on? Who
knows but ono covoted Blanco may
bring sharper pain than yoars of silonco
and doubt? Who knows but that tho
choirs aro empty, tho hoarthstono sur
rounded by other fncos and forms?
Wcro It not best to lcavo tho old home
stead shrouded in morcJ'ul uncertainty?
No; I havo dared too much to pauso
Ho softly lifted tho latch of tho Ear
den gato and passed up tho narrow
Yes; there was his father, old and
silver-haired, but living still; and' hl3
mother sat opposite", with tho halfifln
Ished storking on tho gleaming needles,
just It had been twenty years ago, and
the black sUK noituay dress fastened
at tho throat with the llttlo gold pin,
fashioned llko a sea shell, that ho re
membered so well. And Clara, as beau
tiful aa ever, with a ripened, mature
loveliness, how royally the flro turned
her heavy coronals of hair to coils of
gold, aa alio bont to light tho tall can
dles In tho polished brass candlesticks.
Ulco a sleeping giant tho old lovo roso
up onco moro In his heart as he looked
on tho faco of tho girl whose syrou-llko
charms had maddened him to tho ono
despernto act of his life. And Father
of all mercies! was ho dreaming, or was
the great horror of his darkost antici
pations overwhelming him madness?
Even as ho looked, a tall figure passed
from an obscuro part of the room into
tho full glow of flro nnd candles, stand
ing with ono hand on the old lady's
"Paul! Paul!"
Tho words strove to Bhapo them
selves, but tho parched tongue refused
to glvo them utterance. Matthew Tor
ranco struggled like a man under the
dreadful spell of nightmare.
"Hush!" said Clara, suddenly paus-
MIli tlWrtsHjIW(WIHvwi -
bumlumii bow
hum i ! ii mmiMWMiLLi.aini
lag to ilsUn. J,What nolso la'that out
Bldo?" "Only tho wind among tho bushes;
bow nervous you are getting, puss."
"No but, Paul, do, plotfse, look; I
thought I hoard somo ono'r. volco."
Paul Torranco burst Into a merry
laugh, half derisive, half fond, nnd
strodo to tho door.
"Of courso there's no ono here; I told
you so, Olara, but hold on, though!
Hallo, you! what aro you doing under
our windows?"
Ho made a step forward, but stopped
suddenly, holding his hand to his
breast as if a ball had pierced if. .
"Mother, it's Matthow! It's our" Mat
thow!" ,', , '
And tho two brothers, separated by
Song yoars and racking doubts; wero
in onch other's arms before Clara could
reach tho door.
In after years. Matthow Torranco
never could havo told how ho roached
tho wide, cheery flre-placo, nor how ho
found his mother sobbing on his breast,
and his father clasping both his hands,
whllo Clara foolish llttlo Clara, hid
away behind tho bjg geraniums, and
cried as If her heart would break. Ho
only folt that ho was at homo onco
more free, safe, happy.
"Paul!" ho stammered, "como hero
nnd let mo look at you lot mo feci your
hands. Oh, my brother! I thought I
had murdered you!"
Paul burst into a laugh.
"You didn't hit quite hard enough,
old boy; my skull was thicker than you
thought for. Oh, Mat! why havo you
hidden yourself away from us all those
And Paul's laugh becamo a sob.
"But wo won't bo fools!" said Paul,
resolutely. "Clara, como here, you
llttlo goose! Don't bo afraid to tako
her hand, Mat! Sho loved you best,
and she has been waiting patiently for
you twenty yonr3."
"Paul!" faltered Clara, reproachfully.
"Woll, what's the matter? If you'll
only expedite mattors a little, wo can
havo two weddings at once, for I'm to
bo married to Maggie Dean next month,
old Mat."
Tho twenty years of trial were over,
and Matthew Torranco kept Thanksgiv
ing under his own roof-tree, with a
heart that needed no proclamation to
stimulato its intensity of gratitude.
Whnt if the gold of the corn lands
Is faded to sombre gray?
And what If tho down of tho thistle
Is ripened and scattered away?
Thoro's gold In the gathered harvest;
Thore's homely and heartsomo cheer;
And so wo will bo full joyous
Tho day of thanksgiving Is horo.
A sigh for tho vanished splendor
Of the autumn's purple and red
For tho go'.den-rod that Is whitened,
For tho gentian bloom that Is dead;
Thon turn to tho hearthstone cheery;
Behold, 'tis tho time of yoar
To count our blesalngs and morcles
Tho day of thanksgiving Is hero.
Daro and brown In tho shadows,
The meadowland meets tho gaze,
Whero tho bold, blithe bee went seed
ing Its sweets In tho summer daya.
The honey Is stored In plenty
So what if tho winter la near?
Tho tlmo is not ono for repining
Tho day of thanksgiving Is horo.
Tho fruit has matured In its season,
The sunshine has ripened tho seed.
Then sing to tho Lord of the harvest
A song of thanksgiving Indeed.
Tho morn and the noon have passed by
'TIs the sweet afternoon of tho year;
So let not your tribute bo lacking
The day of thanksgiving Is here.
An JJiprhnlfn Dinner.
A trio were sitting on the postofllco
guard rail ono night telling stories.
One of thom related this: "1 know of
a follow who hnd spent n. very quiet
lifo in tho country nnd had never boon
to tho city. Comirifr into a llttlo money
ho suddenly dovclopod n de&iro to be a
(.port and immediately departed for the
city. It was his habit after nrrivltig
to lounge around tho corners in tho
central part of the city, and ho natur
ally heard tho gilded youth talking
about tho amount of money they
" 'Say, T had a great dinner Inst
night,' ho heard ono say, 'and it cost
me S20.'
"Many other remarks like this ho
heard, and the rustic sport decided to
get into tho swim too. He madeup his
mind at onco to get an expensive- din
ner, not realizing that tho most of tho
money spent by tho boasters ho hud
overheard had been for wine. Walk
it g into a swell restaurant, ho called
tho waiter over. 'Say, look here,' said
ho, 'I want au expensive dinner llko
tho best of tho bloods. Urlng mo 520
worth of ham nnd eggs.' "
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V. N. U., OMAHA, 18, 1S05.
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b iL Timm
dSo Tli (
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WJ 9
' i
' i'